Nikon D600 price drop in the UK, Germany

The originally announced price of the Nikon D600 in the UK was insanely high. Today Amazon UK started selling the D600 for £1,613. That's over £300 less than the original £1,974.44 (around $3,200) for body only (the D600 kit currently sells for £2,204.76, down from £2,467.26):

The price of of the Nikon D600 also went down EUR 150 in Germany:

The D600 price on Amazon Germany is currently EUR 1,999:

Nikon D800 has a 320 EUR discount on Amazon Germany:

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  • iamlucky13

    So about $2615 USD, or a little more than the US price + VAT.

    But seriously, what was Nikon thinking in the first place?


    • Darkness

      Dealers decide prices, not Nikon. When WILL people understand this?

      • photo-Jack

        When will you understand that dealers can only decide prices within their margin (lower price is lesser margin) Second Makers with market power can press dealers to stay within a close price bracket (see Apple or Bose for instance)

        Third, customers, if in masses, have a say about prices – and that is what we have here. I suspect that sales did not exceed too much beyond the typical early adapters who buy any new product to be the first who have it. (In this rumor there are some who take even pride in being the first to post …)
        Apparently after being surprised by the huge demand of the D800 Nikon probably thought to get it a second time with the D600 and took care to be good prepared (by having a large number on stock) .
        And now they are finding out that their expectations and the pot. customer expectations (concerning the price) do not quite meet.

        • Koseng

          I also think the demand for so called prosumer FF is overestimated. People who really need a FF have already got one or two. For the rest there are so many nice cameras coming to the market and trying to grab their money. So competition is good. Hopefully the street price would settle a bit lower further before Xmas, then I may get myself a Xmas present 🙂

          • Limies

            Here’s a thought: There are 300,000,000 Americans… and about 65 Brits. Market of scale issue?

            Even if making pennies on the dollar, Nikon USA will surely be able to cover costs. Then again, advertising and distribution is probably 5 times cheaper. So what do I know.

        • Thanks @Photo-jack for clarifying that for @Darkness.

          What concerns me is that Nikon sets the ultimate cost price and the recommended retail price. RRP in US is $2099 USD and Australia is $2799 AUD (over $2920). Presumably the cost they supply the bodies at must mirror this to some degree, creating a minimum price below which no dealer can afford to go. I haven’t seen any “whitemarket” bodies available in Australia for lower than $2350 implying the Australian wholesale price is more than the US retail price.

          @BartyL made some good points explaining some of the price differential. GST also plays a part. But unfortunately greed seems to be the major factor here. Its depressing but I don’t see there is anything we can do about it other than wait. I’m hoping that prices will drop, Nikon will offer a rebate, or both.

      • Rob

        Also, in the US manufacturers can legally restrict the prices that resellers charge for their products. See Apple, NIKON, etc. You do remember when Nikon implemented this policy last year and every single authorized dealer raised their prices to what NIKON required, right? If dealers don’t charge what Nikon asks, Nikon just doesn’t let them sell their products anymore.

  • Andreas Theodorou

    Finally! I was expecting a such price drop before Christmas, originally the 200 pounds different between a D600 and a D800 made the D800 a no brainer… now I may start looking at a D600 again, without having to import it from Hong Kong….

    • DogOnABoat

      Finally! That took a whole 7 days!

  • David K.K. Hansen

    Yay, keep pushing those used D700 prices down!! 😀

  • tomas to-mas halasz

    In Slovakia its START at 2000euro. So the german first price was just to make some extra cash on first buyers.

  • Tsk Tsk to the neutered D700. Stick with the D7000,D700, or just buy the D800/e

    • Joven

      When I first saw the specs, I was prepared to go with the D7000 over the D600, but I think I can live with the 1/4000, especially b/c it still has HSS. Plus the high ISO comparisons with the D700 show me that it’s fine for low light (esp with an extra 12MP to use).

      If there comes a time that I need to upgrade to the D810 (or whatever comes after it), I’m sure I’ll be more than happy that I have the D600 as a second body.

      Maybe I’m too much of an amateur?

  • Rebel

    in Italy (San Marino) € 1845,00
    + 24-85= € 2235,00

    • Timo

      As prices are falling already in the introduction phase (and during Photokina) I bet we will see prices around 1,500 Euro in a year or so. The D600 is certainly a nice piece of technology but the strategy is obviously not thought through to the market reality. I think customers would have been willing to pay even more if a D600 would have come as a worthy D700 successor meaning in a pro body, with 51 point AF, 9 step bracketing, 1/8000 sec, and accordingly flash sync.
      But Nikon marketing tried to milk the market twice hoping on a lot of DX upgraders at the same time trying to avoid to cut into the D800 and the D4 sales.
      In the end Nikon would have been better counseled to bring out the D400 first and a D700 successor in a year or so.

      • JJ


        I couldn’t agree more with you.

      • Cyclop

        Bro I’ll place my bet that Nikon won’t be release any d400 or d710 or whatever. Face the facts. There will be d7100 end of this year, d5200 at the first quarter next year. I don’t see any one would like to choose a d400 in these strong lineup.

        • Timo

          You may be right, that to make a D400 was not on the schedule of Nikon anymore and probably it wasn’t on Canon’s schedule to make a 7D successor. Both went the same avenue and future will tell if it was the right strategy.
          However, since it became clear that there wouldn’t be a D400 at Photokina prices of the d300 went up by approx. 300 Euro and going by the rule of offer & demand, demand must have increased. Many people would and will take a D300 over the D7000 and its successor if carried out in the downsized body and functionality.
          We may have hardly any influence on what Nikon produces but we have full control over what we buy or not. Period.

  • Let’s hope the price reductions are catching. SRP for D600 body (only) in Australia is $2799 AUD, effectively $2923 USD. Even if you cut out Australian taxes (10% GST) that still equates to a price of a little over $2650 USD. Don’t understand how they justify increasing the price over 25% just because we are in a different country. Are they trying to grow the grey market for their goods?

    • BartyL

      Digidirect has it for something like AU$2500 and claim to be an authorised Nikon reseller.

      Digital World International is a grey-market reseller, and have it for around AU$2400.

      Ted’s, who list it for AU$2700, may be willing to price-match or at least get closer to the DWI price.

      It really seems on the face of it that we get ripped off. However, businesses require larger margins here because our minimum wage is better than the paltry $4/hr or whatever crap deal US workers are on. Corporate taxes might be higher too, but that helps fund Medicare and many of the other things that make life less precarious in Australia than in some other supposedly ‘first-world’ countries.

      • $hafted by Nikon Aus

        @ Matt – Yes I think they are trying to grow the grey market in Australia.
        I am Australian and for the last 2 years I buy ALL my Nikon gear online from Hong Kong. I save 40 to 60% doing do. I have brought over $2k worth of gear ( over $4k if brought at Teds ) through half a dozen or so orders without any major drama. I have had more drama with Nikon gear brought locally through authorized retailers than I have from HK.
        I have saved more than enough money to pay for repairs myself if I get sold a lemon and still be WAY infront.
        I hope you a reading this Nikon Australia, you don’t get my money no more, you’ve been ripping me off.
        BartyL – You raise very good points about minimum wages and higher taxes paying for better social services like Medicare. For these reasons I would like to support the local economy and don’t mind paying a premium but twice the cost is not right and I will not support extortion or cartels. I don’t believe this is Teds or other retailers fault – It is Nikon Australia having exclusive control on the import and distribution. A Teds manager confessed to me 6 months ago that they pay more wholesale from Nikon Australia than what I would pay online from Hon Kong. I believe he was being honest with me.

        • asdf

          Guess Nikon Aus are spewing BS over and over.

          Jb Hi-fi started selling grey import, and Nikon Aus agreed to lower the price or atleast close to the grey import.

          Back to square one again.

          I buy ALL my gear grey imported. I can’t give a flying fk about local dealers. They need to smarten up and start selling import. There’s no need for them to suck up to Nikon Aus.

    • CC

      I’ve seen a couple of authorised dealers selling for less than AU$2500

      • BartyL

        DWI now have it listed as AU$2135 body only.

        • LesM

          As far as I understand things (I could be wrong, but my checking so far says that I’m not) DWI are not an authorised Australian dealer – they only sell grey imports. One giveaway is their warranty offerings – they don’t offer the two year Nikon warranty but a local 12 month offering instead with someone other than Nikon as the repairer.

          Although I’m happy to buy lenses that way, I’m a little apprehensive about buying the camera without an Australian warranty – particularly considering the various debacles about left side AF issues, etc. etc. with the D800.

  • Ehehehe

    Who went to buy a D600 and be the first to be fooled? There is always someone in a hurry.
    Keep running that is what the manufacturers want!!

  • I doubt there will be any change in the US for quite a while. What are you supposed to use for raw processing with this baby?

    • BC

      I assume the updates will be out soon for Lightroom, Camera RAW, etc…

    • Jabs

      Use UFRaw, Raw Therapee and other such Open Source programs.

  • Stop whining USA

    Close to Hong Kong prices (which comes to about €1800). Still expensive compared to the US.

    And the USA guys complain about prices. LOLOLOLOLOLLLLLLLL

  • Tiger1050Rider

    Even before the price reduction comparing it with the spec for the Canon EOD 6D, the D600 comes out a clear winer.
    Now that they are almost identical in price…

    Just for starters
    AF points D600= 39, 6D = 11.
    Mpix D600=24, 6D=20 (approx)
    Viewfinder % D600=100%, 6D=95%
    Flash D600= Builtin (useful for a bit of fill in and commander mode), 6D None

    Canon do seem to have lost it wrt bodies recently.

    • CanadaOne

      You cannot just compare simlpe numbers.

      I like the 100% Viewfinder and BuiltIn Flash. And i also like the idea of the 39 Point AF, but does it really do a better job than the 11 Point in the 6D? As far as i know a lot of people complained about the 39 Point AF in the D7000 and the 9 Point AF in the 60D, with all CrossTypeSensors, works really well.
      I´m just disapointed because i expected the 7D AF-System in the 6D. And now i´m gonna wait till my dealer have them in stock and than i will try it out, but right now if my 60D would die on me i would prefer the D600.

      And the Number of Pixels? Who cares about 4 MPix more?!

      • asdf

        There’s only 1 Cross type af pt in 6D.

        • CanadaOne

          REALLY? OMG

          I can´t believe that. I think i really go to Nikon.

          • xt

            that’s ture. It is a FF 550D. The D600, which is a FF D7000, looks better in spec.

      • Jabs

        I posted this here at another area:
        The D600 has a better AF system than the D7000!

        Some details about the D600 as compared to the AF module of the D7000: (from dpreview interviewing the Nikon European Rep)

        The AF system is taken from the D7000 – have you made any changes?

        Yes it’s the same module, but there have been refinements, especially in terms of the sensitivity. With this camera you can focus at a combined aperture of F8, which isn’t possible with the D7000.
        Is that because the AF array occupies a smaller area of the image circle in the D600? So there’s no light drop-off towards the edges than there might be in the D7000?

        No, it’s really the internal technology itself, which has been changed. This is something new that has been developed for the D600. Thirty three out of thirty nine focus points can offer AF down to F8. This is incredibly good for an enthusiast camera.

    • Mike

      The number of AF points and megapixels are really not interesting to me.

      The 95% viewfinder and the 3 fulls stops reduction in dynamic range of the 6D make it a shitty camera to me. My D7000 does better than this. Just another camera aimed at rich tourists.

      It will take more than a D600 or 6D to convince me to switch to full frame. The high ISO advantage has become moot. The dynamic range gap has been closed. With prime lenses the DoF is shallow enough on DX. The difference in DoF between the 17-55 f/2.8 and 24-70 f/2.8 is minimal (55/2.8 vs 70/2.8 is only a 20% increase of out-of-focus blur). I need tele lenses far more than wide angle. I almost never use wide angle, and I’d rather carry a Tokina 11-16mm than any of the FX monsters Nikon has on offer. As an amateur, I don’t really see a huge advantage of switching to FX. As an amateur, I really don’t see the advantage of investing so much money in a body rather than lenses. I’d rather just buy cheap bodies seeing how fast technology evolves.

  • Photoguy

    Buy a D600…I already have 2 EN-EL-15 batteries…
    Why would I need another ??

  • adriano

    still not gonna buy it….
    way to pricy for a piece of plastic camera.
    The only good thing is the D700 price is going down even more 🙂

    • Nikon Fan


    • Big J

      It’s not completely plastic

    • Howie

      Where is everyone finding these brand new D700’s ??

  • redlanternsplinter

    d800 in south korea is US$2500.

    • Discontinued

      Interesting. And what is it in North Korea? A bowl of rice?

      • Yota

        Dumbest comment I’ve seen in a while, although I’ve red many stupid things here.

        • Mike


      • Big J

        No one who really lives in countries like N. Korea or Cuba would bother owning a camera like it. Because it’s more important to eat and have clean fresh water than to have a hard to attain “luxury” like a DSLR.

    • BC

      Are you sure about the currency conversion on the South Korean D800? I only ask because my experiences being there was that any products from the Japanese camera manufacturers were always more expensive than in the US because of the sort of the heavy taxes on Japanese goods (due to the historical dislike that the koreans have for the Japanese). I was surprised by this the first time I visited Korea because I thought stuff would be cheaper than in the US. Do you have a link for the $2500 d800 from a Korean store by any chance?

  • RdJ

    Today’s price in The Netherlands €2049 incl KE ProPack (5 years guarantee, Lowepro Slingbag, and €100 voucher for next FX lens)….. I guess a further price drop expected within the near future….

  • Ben Dover

    I just got my D600 body yesterday at 1.950 euro + free extra 3 year warranty(on top of the standard 2 years) + free Lowepro slingback camera case + free cleaning of sensor en lenses after one year + 100 euro discount on the purchase of my next FX lens in choice. Thought that was a serious sales action. (I’m living in Belgium)

    But even at the RRP price without all the extras I would have bought it. It is really an amazing camera. My search for the (or better “my”) perfect camera has finally ended! Hurray Hurray !!!!

    • mehmet

      where in Belgium did you buy it?

  • Koks

    Hey, since the price is dropping – the strategy to hold our horses and not jump on this camera asap seems to work out great. How about holding off for another month or two? With such a quantity lying down in resellers warehouses the price may even drop to the rumored 1600$/1500€ 🙂

    Let’s hope for the best!

  • Colin

    Good news for UK buyers but, honestly, what on earth is going on at Nikon? It hardly inspires confidence in Nikon UK when they basically have to admit that they got caught trying to rip off consumers by pricing it 50% higher than in the US. Now they chop £300 off the price within days of launch, presumably guaranteeing more bad publicity when people who ordered at the higher price start to complain about being stung. What with Hasselblad also totally losing the plot with that pimped up Sony abomination, my 2 favourite camera manufacturers seem to be doing their best to shoot themselves in both feet at once.

    • cuius

      THis is a repeat of Nikon UK’s pricing for the D7000 – overpriced then dropped by 15% within a month of launch. Clearly Nikon and their UK dealers like to show they are selling at a large discount on recommended price. You can fool some of the people all of the timw

  • ChrisP

    Clear proof that Nikon Europe and their subsidiaries read what is posted on sites like Nikon Rumours; although I think the main pressure has come from the UK retailers, as the price that Amazon and others are selling at is now quite a bit less than the dealer cost price would be at a retail price of £1,955.

    • yes

      Then it is best to bitch about new Nikon products on a Nikon Rumors site. I mean, a balanced king of bitching, where you favor the older ones and state explicitly that you will NOT buy the new ones (and hold off buying for as long as possible). That should force prices down sooner. 😉 Don’t give them a reason to think they’re Apple.

  • Colin

    Breaking news – there are 2 used D600s for sale through for £832 and £990…! How they managed to get ‘used’ so quickly is a mystery. Hmmm…is that a rat I smell?

  • Yota

    Funny sometimes to see americans whining about the US price… in France, Nikon conversion is 1$=1€, and everybody finds it normal. That seriously gets on my nerves.

    • Big J

      That’s BS…. Not for what you commented, but for the seller to use such a bullshyt conversion.

    • Mike

      It’s normal because the $ prices are before taxes and the € prices are after taxes.

      €1 = $1.3

      The usual sales tax in Europe is around 25% so the Euro prices are fair. If you don’t like socialism, go buy in Switzerland 7% sales tax.

  • Fred

    Here in the Netherlands you can buy one from stock around €1939, which was €2099 just two days ago. It will probably go up a little since our sales tax is about to increase from 19 to 21% in Octobre.

    • John Carew

      Fred, do you can give the link?


  • guista

    In Paris, France, the D600 (body only) is now available at Objectif Bastille at 1 973,05 €:

    All other shops sell it at 2099 euros.

  • French Baguette

    D600 in France:

    Phox Aix : 1990 euros

    Muller photo Service : 1959euros (!)

    Wait guys prices will drop a bit more soon….

    • Simon

      These prices are getting older quicker than a French Baguette…
      (I am sorry… I could not resist).

  • jas

    in Slovakia, i found a price of 1881 euros for the body since yesterday. its the lowest i could find.

  • jack

    in Switzerland you can get the D600 (body only) for 2017,- Swiss Francs which is currently 1667 Euros …

    • doorman


      will you buy me one, cross the border and send it from Germany to me ?


  • papacondo

    it’s 1,799€ in spain:

    • boingo

      Dude, anybody can post a price on a website. They don’t HAVE the camera in stock, so that’s not saying anything…

  • boingo

    I received mine last night, bought it for an upcoming trip to the southwest of the US, so no time to wait out the price slide. I got it for 1900 EUR, that’s ok.

    But regarding Nikon’s price rollercoaster: Interestingly, some official Nikon dealers who offered the D600 for less than 1950 EUR on Ebay hiked their prices up back to 2.200 yesterday evening– all of the at the same time.

    Doesn’t that smell of Nikon trying to stop the rebate spiral?

  • MartinFlyer

    After a year of hesitation I decided to switch from Canon to Nikon. Reason? As petty as it might sound for some, I wanted to have popup flash on my future FF body. I do use external flash, but it is convenient to have it build into a camera if I need just a bit of fill light while strolling in the park with my three years old. The canon 6D has been announced and it doesn’t incorporates flash… My Nikon D600 has been delivered to me yesterday, I bought online from for 1955.95. Five minutes after the delivery my good friend, who bought all my Canon gear from me called saying about the price drop on amazon uk! Since I didn’t open the box, I rushed to John Lewis store to returned it. No problem here, they have the best customer service from all high street shops. I buy all electrical from them and I have felt embarrassed to return the camera. I am working from home today while waiting for my Nikon D600 from Amazon uk at the much reduced price. I am starting my adventure with Nikon today.

    • Hezza11

      I was waiting for the d600 announcement for a few months but when I saw the £1995 price tag I thought it was only a small step to £2250 for the d800 so I might as well get that.

      Not saying I regret getting the d800, its an amazing camera and I’ve taken some lovely shots with it, but its slightly on the bulky side (moved up from a canon 550d) and I could have saved myself a fair sum of money if I’d waited a week :/ I didn’t think the d600 would be getting this kind of price drop for 3-4 months from now.

      Oh well, live and learn 🙂

  • nikonjunkie


    I BUY MINE WHEN IT COSTS 1300 EUROS.. i do not care about the
    dealer-asshole who sells it… if he does not want..die out

    • Richard

      the d600 will never cost 1300€ … (ok, wait 2 or 3 years…)

    • Simon

      These people need to make a living. I have no problem paying a modest premium to a local dealer that can show me camera before I buy and provide me with other camera services.

      We know who the “asshole” is here.

      However I agree that the pricing yo-yo on a new camera is very dumb: it does nothing to inspire confidence on the value of the product.

  • ericnl

    in Switserland, just outside the EU, I saw one on line (and in their shop, I guess) for only €1690,-
    I think that’s including tax (don’t know, I’m not Swiss)

    • ericnl

      and this was last week, before the price drop…

  • jon doh

    now back at £1885 through amazon UK

    • Trevor Nelmes

      This is because Amazon UK sold out, and their system reverts to 3rd party prices. Wait till they have stock again and the price will drop again. Thier D800 price has been gently falling for days now also.

  • Kondalini

    Nice, but what whith D400 and D7100??? I am waiting for good DX without AF issues.

    • Kindaluni

      Me Too !

    • Big J

      It’ll come out…. if not, something damn near one.

  • Richard M

    Amazon UK now have D600 at £1599. Wex (a large UK on line seller) have it at £1885 so they won’t sell many unless they reduce their price further. Wex also have the D800 at £2249 (significantly less than even the initial price before Nikon’s post announcement price rise). This shows how much the initial UK prices were inflated as usual.

  • Makes you wonder just how many nipples the average cat really has. I’ve counted 8 but I’ve heard numbers ranging as high as 10 or 12.

    Also makes you wonder what the D605 is gonna be like. Because it will probably be nice. Like, super nice. With a sync speed of 1/30th.

    • BartyL

      Two of those answers WRT cat nipples are correct, and none of them. The average cat has nine nipples, but no cat actually has nine nipples. The fact is that every first cat has eight nipples, and every second cat has ten nipples. So, on average, cats have nine nipples.

      I know nothing about cameras and am therefore unable to make an informed response to your second paragraph.

      • I am just happy you are able to make a thoughtful contribution to the discussion. People often overlook this issue in their day to day life. It really is a shame.

        Who cares about cameras anyway? is down, as usual.

        But I can’t wait for the D605. I want to take pix of street cats in octakinis.

  • Flo

    Don’t want a D800 for free, but 1900 euros for the D600 are still too much. Way too much. It’s a good camera, with too many cut here and there..
    Acceptable street price could be 1600E…with 1200E or less you can get real good cameras with aps-c sized sensor.

  • rhlpetrus

    Not in France, just went to a large store in Paris. 2,049 Euros.

  • Rodderick Spode

    Amazon UK price is up to £1885.

    • Richard M

      Amazon UK are not selling the D600 themselves. Perhaps out of stock. The prices are coming from others selling through Amazon. Lowest is currently £1595.

      • Rodderick Spode

        Wrong. It is currently in stock at £1885. Look at “More Buying Choices” on the right hand side of the page.

    • That was quick.

  • Hansueli

    talking about EURO prices – right about 1680 EU all included. You will find the body on stock at different resellers (Nikon authorized sellers), no imports !

    best from CH

  • xt

    Still too expensive. In HK, we can get it by 15000HKD, which is ~1950USD

  • starsc

    Yes, it’s a pity that most of the e-shop there in CH send only in CH or LH..

  • The price is now the same as D700!

  • Cyclop

    Britishnen just fine with the price. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  • Pierre in CHeeseland

    If you check that list of CH resellers, you might find one shipping outside of Switzerland:

  • doorman

    BUY NOW ! C’mon 😉

  • Peely22

    I,m thrilled I looked at NR this morning! Ordered it at the £1635 price, it’s dispatched, and yes, the price is back up to £1795 now!
    I held it yesterday in jessops, and had a good play with it, and loved it. Had a look at the D800 too, as there was only the £250 diff. I’ll be honest, I’m no professional, and I’m still learning, but what swung it for me was I am still an Aperture or Shutterspeed junky, and leave most of the rest to the camera to adjust. The D800 I felt was too much of a leap for my knowledge level. I just couldn’t wait for a D400, but I think only my bank balance will regret it!

  • gregorylent

    shanghai price today … no receipt/warranty $2300 … china only warranty $2400, global warranty $2473

    went for it, though if i was going to hong kong soon, i would have waited.

  • Juan

    In Madrid, Spain, in a very know shop 1970€. Taxes included.

  • Vin

    I think we may see the 10-20% drop in price of the D600 in the next 90-120 days. Around black Friday-xmas we should see a nice drop in price. Especially scene this is being marketed as a high end enthusiast camera, the quantity should be high enough coming from Thailand.


    AMAZON DO THAT ON PURPOSE to get coverage in media, which is exactly what they have got. Actually its price has gone back up. they have theses “surges” of prices so consumers look out, check their site.

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