Nikon D600 shipping to retailers five days after the announcement!

Yes, Nikon did it! Five days after the Nikon D600 was announced, the Canadian dealer got their first shipment of the new full frame camera. Heck, this achievement is even faster than the Apple iPhone 5. Expect the first D600 cameras to start shipping in the US tomorrow.

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  • Spy Black

    Glad there’s not going to be a bum’s rush for this, stock-wise. I’ll wait till KatzEye puts a screen out for it before I get one. Might even be cheaper by then. 🙂

    • Spy Black

      One thing I won’t get is that kit lens. Looking at shots done with shows an insane amount of pincushion distortion. Otherwise a really nice lens, but the distortionis killer.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Pincushion even at the wide end? I doubt that.

        Whatever, it is unfortunately not the only Nikon lens, that shows insane distortion. I recently bought the 16-35 4.0 for my D800E and shot it against the Tokina 11-16 2.8 on my D7000.

        At the wide end both have roughly the same angle of view on the given cameras. The Nikkor shows about three times as much barrel distortion compared to the Tokina. Insane indeed.

        And there are other flaws, like the insane CA of the oh so famed 24-70 2.8.
        Nikon could do much better on some of their lenses, thats for sure. And they could really have some more refreshments and additions to their lineup done.

        Well, at least their DSLRs don’t leave much space for complaints IMO.

        • Spy Black

          No, it had typical barrel distortion wide. What surprised me was the amount of pincushion distortion after ~45mm. You would think the lens would be fairly corrected in this range, and only displaying pincushion towards the higher end. By ~50mm it’s pretty bad. There’s a link here a few posts back called Low light Nikon D600 samples images from ImagingResource


          Have a look at the images there and you’ll see what I’m referring to. It’s unfortunate because the lens is very nice otherwise. It may be good for people or nature shots, but that’s it.

    • marcus

      Simply to expensive this d600.
      1/200 sincro flash
      usb 2.0!!!!!
      plastic body
      1/4000 shutter speed


      • CanonUser


        Not for me, I am happy I have a choice. I’ll try this piece.

      • twoomy

        I’m glad so many people are poo-poo’ing this camera; that means I’ll get mine faster.

        High resolution in a very light FX body = perfect landscaper’s camera. I’ll be happily hiking with this and the 16-35mm. I could care less if it doesn’t do 1/8000 or have USB 3.0.

        • Erica

          I’m with you Twoomy

        • true.

          But for landscaper’s camera, 1/2000 is enough.

        • If you are a…

          … landscape photographer, buy a D800 for more +-$700. Worth the price, and now are really cheap compared to this D600. And you got a a substantial advantage qualities. no excuses.

          • Erica

            @If you are a…..:

            buy a Leica M9 with a good Leica lens.
            That way you have the best optical quality and a low weight camera/lens combo.

      • LeadWrist

        let’s see, last time I used USB to camera was never, except for remote capture software. USB 2.0 is 60MB/s, Class 10 SD card is 10MB/s, with the newer class 10’s they are up to 40MB/s. I just don’t see how USB 3 will make SD cards copy faster to take pictures faster. USB 2.0 isn’t the bottleneck.

        As for shutter speed, Leica new camera does 1/1000 and Phase One only manages to do 1/4000. I’m not saying you don’t need 1/8000.

  • Joe

    D600 kit with 24-85? Lame.

    • AM

      Stop whining, and buy the body only and the lens that you want.

    • Actuqlly, I kind of like this lens for a walk-around setup. Small, flexible sharp and no zoom creep. Yeah, it’ll never replace a 24-70/2.8 but for what it is, great.

  • jake

    does any one know how good is the kit lens?
    I like the size of the kit lens for walkaround but I am afriad it might be a cheap old lens with old film coating.

    why does it not have famous Nano coating?

    • Paul

      They’re trying to keeps costs down.

    • Spy Black

      Read my posts at the top of this thread.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      It sucks. Get whichever 50 you feel like paying for. You’ll be a lot happier.

  • Paul

    The D600 will be a good alternative to the D800 for a lot of people.
    It’s somewhat comparable to the D700 and D3 situation.

    • I adamantly disagree here. It’s nothing of the sort. This is more akin to the D5000 – D3000 relationship (not that the camera’s low-grade, just that it’s not in the same class, whereas the D700 and D3 have the exact same sensor).


      • JS


        I absolutely agree with you.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Right on. From what I can see the cheap sensor outclasses every 24 and under mp sensor made before it.

      • LeadWrist

        Sigh, I wish people will stop doing the whole D600 vs D7000. FX has a high-end, D4, and low-end, D600. DX has a high-end, D300s and low-end D3200. These are two different product categories. It’s not High-End D4 and low-end D3200.

        Everyone wants a 60 seater bus, but can only afford an 8 seater mini van. But bus vs mini van is stupid comparison.

  • Sharon

    My supplier has there’s and I’m picking up mine tomorrow

  • Sharon

    Darn autocorrect

  • T.I.M

    don’t forget to order you D600 from B&H if you need it for the next summer.

    • Ha!


  • AM

    In one or two days we’ll start hearing about the AF issues of the D600 or something like that, you bet.

    • More than likely, it will be the fact that the AF system only covers a MINUSCULE portion of the frame. It is horrid, really. But, that’s the price you pay, for getting that price you paid.


    • BartyL

      Now, be fair, AM was talking about the D600, not the ‘other’ camera…

    • That’sIt

      Focus? No, that’s an old entertainement, no longer funny!
      How about a yellow-cast LCD or a wrong shutter speed in A mode instead?

  • c

    this should be a great camera for the enthusiast who likes to shoot landscape/architecture, portraits, etc…i just hope nikon hasn’t forgotten about wildlife shooters who need the reach of a crop body…dx is not dead. i guess the full frame race has taken the place of the megapixel race…but as the technology gets better a larger sensor becomes more unnecessary. so nikon please give me a dx body with a high frames rate, large buffer, and 16 or 18 mp please!

    • kyle

      “i just hope nikon hasn’t forgotten about wildlife shooters who need the reach of a crop body…dx is not dead”

      Which is precisely why Nikon has included a DX crop mode on their FX cameras. If that isn’t good enough, there is also a crop feature in photoshop.

      • .df@

        Wildlife photos did not exist with film for this same reason?!!???

        • LeadWrist

          Until Apple invents wildlife photography with their iPhone it doesn’t exist!


          As for DX crop, aka digital zoom. Yes D600 has crop mode, and yes, so does photoshop. This fake zoom you talk about actually isn’t a benefit. Just like digital zoom isn’t actually a benefit. Just sayin.

      • AlphaOne

        We need at least 16mp cropped image.
        The D3200 and D7000 doesn’t cut it. We need it in a D300/s or D800 body.

        Don’t hate on DX users, we know what we need. The D800 frame rates is nothing to write home about.
        D7000 maybe a stop gap solution, but it’s getting old.

        Wildlife photographers appreciate the cropped sensor. You don’t need to be closer to the subject, you respect the space the wildlife needs.

    • Matt

      They want that market of people to use the DX mode on the high end full frame cameras.

    • Zeke

      “as the technology gets better a larger sensor becomes more unnecessary…”

      Sensor technology doesn’t change the resolving power of the lens, which is one of the advantages of a larger sensor.

      The ability to make full-frame sensors more affordable _is_ the major technical improvement to small-format digital photography.

  • Quick availability!

    That is exactly the way any camera manufacturer should plan a new product that is to sell it just a few days later.

  • One More Thought

    This will eat Canon’s lunch with their 6D showing up sometime in December. Nikon will have the playing field to themselves during this time, and will clean up heading into the holiday season.

    I think Canon has gotten too complacent; they seem to release boring products with lackluster execution in shipping. Every time they announce a new product, it seems to take forever for it show up on store shelves.

    • Rudi

      That’s just to tell everybody after Nikon has released new cameras that they are also here and will release something someday…

  • NotFair!

    While I am very happy for folks who buy it, I am sooooooooo upset that Nikon doesn’t give a damn about the D800E non-availability. That’s not serious.

  • s

    It will be nice for full frame photographers who don’t want to haul around their big cameras when travelling

    • Kirk

      I think the weight can make a difference too. It is a small body plastic camera and it makes it easier to carry it around.

  • HowCome

    They didn’t make a D600E?

  • Oh nononono… I´m not falling againg in the same tramp, B&H got me for 5 months waiting…. I will wait a little more.

  • I just got mine form Harvey Norman in Adelaide, Australia. They apparently got two in their stock delivery today.

    • BartyL

      I’m in Adelaide. What did you pay?

      • BartyL

        Never mind, I looked it up. Really? AU$2700? Did you haggle?

        • Michael W

          $2449 body only at Digidirect (got mine today… feels very nice).

        • No haggle, I did actually pay that price, blah. Didn’t want to pay so much but put it on interest free and I have some photography work to do on the weekend I’d love to use it for… plus it’s all tax deductible anyway.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Maybe now they can start think in actually assemble some D800E !

  • Jade B.


  • Jason

    Was just at a Best Buy in the San Francisco Bay Area and the D600 was sitting on the shelf next to the D800. Salesman said they just got it a few hours ago. They had 3 and he was willing to sell it to me right then.

    • Fausto

      Must be a funny salesman… actually willing to sell… Well, I’m glad Nikon seems to be on track delivering the new camera this time. Now let’s see how stocks cope with the initial demand.

      • Jason

        I wasn’t expecting to see it on a shelf or for sale until tomorrow, the 18th, which is why I was surprised. I wasn’t sure if they were allowed to sell it until the 18th.

  • Just shoot

    Think we should take the camera and start shooting nice some photos… 🙂

  • Put down a deposit (500-bucks) at George’s Camera here in San Diego. Waiting for the call telling me it’s in. Said they were getting an initial shipment of 20 and that I was the 10th person to reserve one I sold my D300 back in april in anticipation of its replacement and have been on pins-and-needles ever since. So far I like everything I’ve been reading online.

  • Gabor
    • Greene

      Gabor, it is nice that they have it in stock, however their price is way too much for the D600 (~2350EUR). Daylight robbery.

  • When will I get mine from Amazon? 🙁

  • Alain2x

    What a great piece of news !

    Most suppliers had their starting lot of D600 last saturday, i.e. 15th.

    Ho, sorry, that was not in the center of the world, only in Paris, France.

    Officially, they should have been on sale today, but here everything is slow and inefficient, as everyone knows, or says.

  • Michael W

    Mine arrived in Sydney Australia today and is sitting here on my desk! Feels a little heavier than my D7000 but nicely balanced. Can’t wait until the weekend…!

    • fOA

      Why wait?

  • Alain2x

    By the way, in my store in Paris, the starting delivery was a hundred bodies, on D600.

  • krr

    Anyone from Germany got it already?

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Now, time for D400 & D750 !

  • I saw it in Hong Kong.

    Prices were $18,800 body only and $22,980 with the kit lens. That’s $2425 USD (often prices are inflated in HK when a camera first comes out) and $2964 USD (for the kit).

    In perspective, the D800 cost $27000HKD new ($3482usd when first out) and the D800e was inflated to $31,000HKD when I bought mine ($3998USD).

    Still gonna complain about the price in the USA? 😛

  • Some guy

    Saw it in Hong Kong.

    $18,800HKD body only ($2425usd)
    $22,980HKD kit ($2964usd)

    In perspective, the D800 was $27,000hkd when first out ($3482usd) and D800E was up to $31,000hkd ($3998USD).

    So don’t complain about Nikon fixing the prices and not allowing this sort of price gouging in the USA. It’s to your benefit. 😉

  • Valdemar

    A mate got a call yesterday, they have his pre ordered D600 in stock and he’ll pick it up today. Södermalm in Stockholm.

  • 8 D600’s appeared in the lock cage at a Best Buy in Honolulu today. Some of them disappeared in the 20 minutes after i saw them loaded into the cage.

  • Koseng

    Good stuff! Where is your stuff Canon? Hahaha…

    • jojotheclementine


  • Kit lens, my aorta. I see people walking around with a 24-70 f/2.8 on D5100’s. Beats me. I wonder how long until B&H shows them in stock instead of pre order? This camera was not a very well kept secret which is the likely outcome of delaying the announcement until it was ready to ship. What amazes me is how many people didn’t get it that no D400 was in the pipeline.

  • In stock at Amazon!

  • Andrew

    Just saw two at a small shop in Kuala Lumpur. Nice camera.

  • Joe Jaro

    In stock as of today in Warsaw, Poland @ Fotojoker and ABFoto.

  • Michael

    seems like most Canadian retailers have stock now. I’m picking mine up at henrys later. good thing i preordered.

  • MJr

    Well yeah, if you announce it 5 days before shipment this is what happens …

  • Gale

    In Thailand, there are D600 bodies and kits in stock in every top camera shop. So fast.

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