Nikon D600 pre-order options *UPDATED*

Amazon pre-order options (with shipping date of September 18th):

It seems that the D600 is eligible for the Nikon instant rebates:

B&H pre-order options:

Adorama  pre-order options:

Jessops (UK) pre-order options:

Amazon UK:
Other pre-order options:
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  • MB

    Basically this is D7000 with slightly larger sensor and viewfinder that Nikon is trying to charge twice as much.
    They tried to do the same thing with D3x but not too successfully and back than there was no other option available on the market (24Mpix pro camera).
    I am really not so sure how successful D600 will be, in my opinion D800 is far better camera and it costs only a bit more.

    • pablo

      This is not a D7000 with slightly larger sensor, this is an FX camera.
      This will blow away the D7000, justa like the D800 blows away the D700

      • MB

        It is D7000 with FX sensor that is slightly larger than DX, and slightly better but not as much.
        D800 can blow D700 all the way down but is not all that better too.

        • FX is NOT “slightly” larger. FX is TWICE the area of DX.
          Know your facts before you post.

          • Zograf

            MB is right in terms of gain. All other things equal FX has approximately sqrt(2.3)=1.5 noise advantage over DX..

            • Bob

              1.5x advantage over the D7000… for 2.0x the cost

            • Not Surprised

              Not to mention that you need to use twice as expensive lenses. D7K is still the BETTER value. Hell, a used D700 (hundred) is still the BETTER value.

              This thing should be no more than $1699 at launch.

              Until the price is $1500 by real life…. If you are a pro, better to get a used D700. If you are a consumer, better to get a D7K.

            • FX DX

              Most users who upgrade from DX to FX realize quickly that ROI is not really what they hoped for. I upgraded to FX and I wish I would have saved my money and used it on something better. DX to FX upgrade is not worth it, IMO. Obviously, if you are a PRO and make living through photography, by all means use FX. For prosumers, DX works just as fine as FX in 90% of the cases.

            • Does it really matter anymore? FX vs. DX? Everyone knows that 99% of every picture taken by anyone anywhere in the world will never been seen larger than 2048, posted to Facebook, Instagram, or some blog somewhere.

              If 1% of anyone anywhere actually made a print, and one larger than 8×10, then who the hell cares anymore if that iamge was taken with an FX or a DX lens.

              All this full frame vs. APS argument is just a pissing contest over who has the bigger dick! And in the end, who really cares? Show me two pictures, one from a D7000, and one from a D600 and lets see who can tell them apart? I bet 90% of the pixil peepers can’t, and surely the other 99% of the general population can’t, nor would care, including clients.

            • PS: I have to apologize, this is Red Fez, shashinka’s life partner (we’re both photographers, sharing the same studio flat) I hadn’t noticed his PC auto filled in the fields. Please direct any replies to me, as he is unaware I am using his PC.

            • Mirroless Fan

              @ shashinka.

              That’s the most sensible post I read here. 🙂
              And do not forget, OM-D holds its own to the D7000, without the bulk. So if, DX vs FX doesn’t matter for somebody – casual enthusiast shooter – why they should not try M43s are beyond me. Prejudice? May be better marketing. 🙂

          • AGA

            You fellas can call it any way you like, but it is nothing but the D7000 with a “slightly” larger FX sensor.

            Let’s see – you get:
            -D7000’s AF module (sensibly inferior to D300/D300s/D700)
            -flash sync speed limited to 1/200th
            -no AF-ON button
            -no flash-sync socket
            -1/4000th shutter

            Overall, a great buy for average Joes lusting for an FX camera, but not so great for these who expected a cheaper D800.

            Hell, from the “work-tool” point of view the D700 is still a much more capable camera. At least for sports-shooters.

      • chk

        no this will not blow away the d7000.. at all, this thing will suck hard.. have you seen the focus point relatively at the image area?
        You can have 39 af points (WOW! same as d7000, so none of them will work well with fast primes!) all concentrated in the center, and just the center, of the frame.. what kind of use could this may have?

        You’ll go from this:
        to this:

        For me this kind of coverage of the frame is way insufficient… we should get instruments to allow us to be more creative not more limited in af zones.. yes you can re-frame the shot with af lock.. so why not have 1 single point of focus in the middle then?
        Other players in the market aren’t so limited in innovation (real one, not just megapixel..)

        I’m sad, really… my will to change brand is still less stronger than the love that I have for my 105 micro vr, 50 1.4G and 28 2.8 Ais.. but I’m sad.

        • Erica

          I can’t understand all this critisism. The D600 is NOT a professional DSLR, but a prosumer model. If you want professional specs, buy the D800. For a lot of enthusiast amateurs the D600 will be a great camera. I have a D7000 and a Leica M9, but I’m going to buy the D600 too.
          For me it will be a great camera, it’s an upgrade from my D7000 which I will keep as a backup (or sell it if I can get a good price for it together with my DX lenses).
          I don’t understand why a lot of people are bashing this camera before they have even had a chance to use it (or at least until it has been tested (for instance by real world testers like Steve Huff))

          • Michael Laing

            I think people are bashing the camera because the price is rather high and a lot of people would have preferred a D400 instead of the d600. Definitely the D600 is daftly priced in the UK, with only a £300 price difference between the D600 and D800. Showing 2 things. The price of the D800 has come down massively in price over the last couple of months and that the D600 is massively over priced.

        • Rich

          There are many reasons this camera is being criticized, I’ll list a few:
          1 – Fools that have placed their identity in the brand they use, so anything from a “rival” mfg can’t be good.
          2 – Fools that feel that every camera released has to fit their personal needs & if it doesn’t, then it can’t be good.
          3 – Fools that have no idea how to differentiate between a pro camera, an advanced amateur camera and an entry level camera – so any new camera that doesn’t have that spec (1/8000) theyarelloking for must not be any good.
          4 – and lastly fools that feel the price should be xyz because that’s their budget and if it doesnt meet that price point then they are being ripped off… Such strong opinions without any knowledge about costs, price points, and competitors pricing.

          Where else can you get a state of the art full frame DSLR for under $2,100?

          • Brent

            Have to agree that it is a great price. Heck I paid $2100 for my D200 body way back when. While it isn’t a body for me, I will certainly promote it as a viable choice to people wanting to step into full frame.

          • Dakota

            That has got to be one of the best posts I have read in Nikon Rumors.
            You nailed it with your various Fools Categories.
            This pretty much covers 99% of all naysayers posting here!!!

          • dhanys

            well said.
            I stick with Nikon, because I already have some of Nikor glasses, not because of Nikon is the best. Im sure there are other mfg that better on some area and not better on the other area. But hey who cares, there always be competition. As long as there are competitors, it’ll improve, than I’ll stay with my system.

          • +1

          • Rudi


            5. Fools that don’t know how to use AF or MF

        • Rudi

          lol, before AF we focused manual. Seems that some people don’t know this? Dispite this there are some techniqs to AF and recompose… I guess some are better of with P&S.

      • Nonono

        First of all, not only is this not in the same category as a DX camera, this FX camera, based on the mp, is probably going to score higher than the D800 on DXO Marks sensor tests, soooooo no, this is not like a D7000 at all.

        Based on the images I’ve seen on Nikons site, this camera’s dynamic range and low noise performance pretty much blows the D800 out of the water.

        • chk

          Well, the fact is, the sensor is not the camera..

          Even if the sensor of the d600 was the best in the world, you can’t judge the whole camera just on that.

          This is because if you go outside to USE the sensor you worship, you’ll see that you will be limited in some facts that won’t allow you to use such marvelous technology in the way you could.

          The AF of the d7000 is already limiting on a smaller and possibly worse sensor.. increasing sensor size and quality that limit will only increase.
          Yes, you can focus and recompose like someone said, but that’s what we have to do years ago and photography is evolving, photography instruments should do so too.. don’t you think?

          That said, anyone can spend his money as he wants, but this camera, with this AF system and general specs, with reuse of materials (so less expenses in research and warehouse) is not worth a price so close to the d800 (in europe d600 is about 80% the cost of the d800). This is a FACT.

    • iamlucky13

      Still less expensive than any other FX camera. $900 extra for the D800 is not “a little bit” to most people.

      And you get a better selection of lenses than DX offers…hmm…maybe that’s why Nikon has been ignoring DX.

      • Rj

        In Denmark the difference is actually only about 200 bucks!!! It is never going to sell in eu.

        • Ke

          Similar story in the UK. The D800 is only £300 more. Which isn’t much if you’re already going to spend £2,000.

          • stu

            depends where you go, someplaces its less than £300, more like £150 diff have a look on camera price buster!

        • quag

          Same problem all over EU the difference D600 body – D800 body is aprox 300 euro. In romania D600 kit = D800 body :))))

    • Josh

      Exactly! FX or no the D600 is a $1200-$1500 body when you consider the build quality and features, some of which are actually better on the D7000. Unfortunately Nikon has chosen to keep the insane mark up on FX going. It’s sad how many people are gullible enough to believe an FX sensor is $900 more expensive than a DX sensor.

      • RonBenson

        Josh, you sound like an expert on how a company should do the pricing of their products. You also sound quite versed in the costing issues… Silicon wafer losses are like 3 times as much as what is seen for APS-C format. Defects are 2.25 (surface based) more frequent. So, a FX sensor costs a lot more to produce than a DX sensor. Consider too the mirror and shutter dynamics that require more attention than in the case of a DX. For my part, being a design engineer and a researcher, I’m just amazed how cheap these cameras are when you consider what’s in the box.

        • Josh

          The fact is the D600 is has the specs of a D7000 and the price of a D700. I don’t see how anyone can’t see how this is a problem.

          A cursory glace and the wildly different prices of different cameras with the same sensor indicates clearly and definitive that the sensor is not even close to being the most expensive component in the camera and has very little to do with determining the price.

          • Plug

            Have a look at Look at the pattern of prices. All new cameras start at a significantly higher price than that at which they settle, which is often 30% or more less. Be an early adopter and pay through the nose, and accept that there may be teething problems. Or be sensible, wait a while and use the undoubtedly still capable camera that you already have to get out there and take some pictures.
            OK, D800 prices have not come down yet presumably because demand is so high. But it will happen. The rate at which the D600 price comes down will be determined by the market also.

          • Andy

            I agree….D7000 being at $1K now…replacing the DX sensor in D7000 (which by the way is also awesome) to FX cannot possibly be more than twice the amount. On top of that, other features on D7K are even better than D600. While those might not matter to many (or they forced themselves to think those are not impt), am just stating the fact that D7K has some features that are more superior than D600. As a consumer/buyer, I think $1.5K should be the right price for D600.

            • Andrew

              Yeah, I think Nikon missed this one! This is the one camera most Nikon lovers will avoid. This camera makes the D800 more attractive and D3200 more desirable. That is, attractive (D800) for its features and desirable (D3200) for its price, though the D3200 will not support your older lens. So it is time to wait for the D7200 to see what Nikon is cooking up. Hope it comes with a bigger buffer.

            • Dakota

              To both Andy and Andrew…
              Just take a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

              Q:What current cameras does the D600 compete with directly?
              A:Canon 5DMIII, Sony A99, Nikon D800

              Q:How much are these cameras?

              Q:How much of a savings does this represent by buying the D600?
              A: $700-$1400

              Q:1/8000 vs. 1/4000 really?
              A: D90 is 4.5 fps and only costs $750, D800 is 4fps and costs $3000, so the D800 is overpriced.

        • Rob

          Actually, it can easily cost 10 times as much to produce a full frame sensor. Because of the larger size, not only do they take up 2.25 the space, there is also more wasted space on the wafer (wafers are round), and each defect reduces the yield by a much greater percentage than DX (5 defects/10 sensors is much more significant than 5 defects/30 sensors).

        • Sahaja

          According to Thom Hogan, the price difference between manufacturing FX sensor and a DX sensor is around 10:1.

          So to get just over twice the light gathering capability, etc. you pay ten times the price for that most expensive component of your camera.

          Whether that price is worth it to you – especially since DX sensors are still improving – is another matter.

      • Dakota

        This is quoted from Rich’s post above, it seems that you sir, fall into FOOL Category #4; Congratulations!!!

        “4 – and lastly fools that feel the price should be xyz because that’s their budget and if it doesnt meet that price point then they are being ripped off… Such strong opinions without any knowledge about costs, price points, and competitors pricing.”

        What FF camera is out their new with the spec list that this camera has in this price point? None
        You can go ahead and compare it to whatever camera you want in DX format but the fact of the matter is, this camera competes in the FULL FRAME ARENA and as such this camera represents a bargain!!!!

    • DDDD

      D600 isn’t advance of D7000 but it is a small D800

      • monkey

        is that why theres such a small price diff between the two here in the uk??

    • KnightPhoto

      Not to be rude, but I never realized “Price elasticity of demand” involved so much bitching, whining, rationalizing, irrational price setting, and hating – very entertaining guys and great lesson in marketing 😉

      I realize everyone is a little shell-shocked right now (especially since the D600 experienced the opposite of the lower than expected D800 price!), but make no mistake about it – FX is BETTER than DX and is worth every penny. I realized this the very first time I shot my D700.

      Not just for large prints, but for high ISO too. Those of you who take the plunge from DX will realize this right away. And YEP, there is a size, weight, and cost penalty, but no one here should be surprised by that.

      I still want a D400 too, but I’ll leave that dead horse for another day 😉

  • Sumit

    Amazon is not giving $100 instant rebate on the camera + kit lens:(. B&H is. NikonRumors should correct it.

    • okay

      I see “$100 Off 24-85mm” when I go through the links for Amazon.

    • corrected already yesterday

  • Confused UK

    In the UK…

    D800 £2200
    D600 £1955

    D800 in US is $2100 = £1300 by exchange!

    I’m confused 🙂

    • Confused UK

      … so confused it should be;

      D600 in US is $2100 = £1300 by exchange!

      • Sahaja

        £1300 +20% VAT £260 = £1560

        £1955 – £1560 = £435

        So the camera is about £435 overpriced in the UK

  • Michi

    In Germany the price is 2150€. Are they crazy?

    • Rebel

      same in Italy!!


      • ronbenson

        In Canada, it’s $2180 CAD + 15% taxes= With the exchange rate, it’s $2594US. Converted to euro, it’s around $2075. The difference is not so large. Considering the cost of life in Europe and social laws that cost a lot to the employers, no surprise that se MSRP is set a little higher.

  • boysetsfire

    D600 Body in the US and the UK…. wtf, look at the price difference!! O_o

    1955 British pounds sterling = 2441.0521 euros
    2099 US dollars = 1625.8707 euros

    Around 800 € price difference?!?

    Anyone know the price in Germany (with source please) ??

    • boysetsfire

      Ok found it….it’s really 2149 € 🙁

    • LeadWrist

      Everyone is forgetting import taxes/duties/tariffs for various countries. Electronics especially are targeted as a government revenue source and some countries will bend you over a barrel and enjoy themselves without lube…

      • Steve

        Not all countries around the world for example there is no import duty if I were to import it into Japan from America. However I contacted BH and they are not allowed to because of restrictions from Nikon America.

    • Manuel

      US prices are usually given without sales tax.

      2149 Euro in Germany means it is about 1800 Euro without sales tax (19%) for comparison.

      That’s still a lot more expensive, of course. Besides that, in most places in the US sales taxes are much lower.

  • Bob dickens

    Nikon could of easily had a sale today instead I’m on the fence. looks like I’ll get some new glass instead. Was thinking about the 24-70 but I have to assume that’ll be update soon with some vr in it. So Nikon you put me on the fence don’t know what to spend my money on, 70-200 or some primes.

  • vanity

    This is quite entertaining. Let’s just boil the facts down:

    1. Rumors throw out an “estimate” for $1600.00
    2. Rumors subscribers like it because it sounds attractive
    3. Nikon develop the product and announce it.
    4. No one has yet been able to test it for performance or image quality
    5. Yet, everyone is complaining about the “disappointing” specs and “over-priced” camera.

    Since when do users have the right to define the pricing policy of companies? I also heard about the specs and decided to buy the D800 instead. The price was also a bit high for me, but I do not regret it one bit. I love my D800 after having it in my hands and think it is work every penny.

    I would suggest that everyone settle’s down a bit and waits to try this camera out. It might turn out to be the next best thing after all. And if it’s not, then that will show it sales and Nikon will be developing new products to meet demand.

    On a business side of things, Nikon is actually quite brilliant. They are closing a market that has not been touched by other camera maker. I am sure they have done their marketing homework and know that many consumers will buy this product because of the full frame element. They also know that ambitions photographers will reach for the D800 now instead of the D600 because of the difference in specs, yet the not too big of a difference in price. Nikon is changing the market in an innovative and courageous way.

    Whether we all like it or not, the “gap” has been closed. It’s either a D600, a used D700 or the D800 for this segment. For the other segment, it’s the D3s or D4. Think about it, it’s pretty business smart. And also very brave.

    • LeadWrist

      Playing devil’s advocate, it’s called supply and demand and what the market will bear. Customers can grip but if enough people spend it doesn’t matter how hard you whine it won’t change. Now if no one orders, then sure, Nikon will be forced to drop the price otherwise they will simply kill off the product and move on.

      • vanity

        🙂 Thanks for the info about supply and demand… but that is EXACTLY what Nikon is counting on.

        I would not buy the D600, even if it were for $ 1600.00, that is why I went for the D800. See what I mean? But, I know many people who would buy it for 1600 or 2000.

        However, I am really interested to see how this camera performs and am feverishly waiting on the reviews rather than the price at the moment.

      • btdown

        I’m voting with my wallet and waiting for D710…..

        • KnightPhoto

          I waited three years for the D710. Don’t do it, seriously. It might be, and perhaps the D3S sensor never coming out as a D700S is a clue, that the D4 sensor is not coming out in any other camera. Look how well, from Nikon’s perspective anyways, they have separated the three FX cameras by features, abilities, and pricing. It’s your job to figure out which one (or two cameras) you can make work for you.

          Anyhow, yes the UK/Euro situation will have to work out, as I agree that pricing structure makes no sense. Just means all the first sales are going to be North America/Asia, at least until supply matches demand.

          One day a D800S will come out with EXPEED4 and 8fps. The D800S will then be the “true D700 successor”. By then everyone will have bigger hard drives and processors, so 36mp won’t be a problem.

    • umesh

      Don’t you ever muse about how the politicians are screwing us or how the government should be run? Maybe how to achieve world peace? We do it aloud on a much smaller scale in NR. Helps us relieve acidity and heartache. Btw I have a D800e so no need of 600 but it’s fun to have a go in the arguments.

    • Andrew

      I am not so sure Nikon got this one right. When the D800 came out, everyone was saying that it was priced right. The sales proved this sentiment. But in the case of the D600, most people are saying that it is priced wrong. And some of the features (i.e. the shutter speed at 1/4000) puts it in the category of consumer cameras like the D3200. Even the D7000 has a shutter speed of 1/8000. One can justify all they want that the ISO drops to 50, but that argument will be mute to a lot of people. Sure, people said that at $1,500, a shutter speed of 1/4000 is something they can live with for a full frame camera this cheap. But at $2,000, the justification quickly vanishes. So let me echo the general sentiment, Nikon got this one wrong!

      • RussB

        I fear your assessment is correct.

        • dhanys


      • Dakota

        Just take a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

        Q:What current cameras does the D600 compete with directly?
        A:Canon 5DMIII, Sony A99, Nikon D800

        Q:How much are these cameras?

        Q:How much of a savings does this represent by buying the D600?
        A: $700-$1400

        Q:1/8000 vs. 1/4000 really?
        A: D90 is 4.5 fps and only costs $750, D800 is 4fps and costs $3000, so the D800 is overpriced.

      • Dakota

        As far as your theory that this camera was a mistake.
        It is currently on Amazon’s Top 10 best seller lists for all electronics products, No other camera is on this list…

        • KnightPhoto

          Very interesting Dakota, top 10 seller for all electronic products! I suspect if this continues as a trend, we may see Nikon pass Canon in world DSLR sales with the line up they’ve got coming.

    • Please read my post again:

      The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500


  • krr

    Just have a look:
    IQ is good even at ISO 6400

    It’s a good camera guys, stop complaining!

  • Uragly

    Sorry but I prefer very much a D400 with better construction, 8fps, big buffer, built-in 1.5x teleconverter at full 24mp, for $1500 (that’s the price D400 will have more likely). Yes, DX sensor but differences are negligibles nowadays. D400 will be a more rounded camera at the right price.

    • Uragly

      Plus DX lenses are smaller and cheaper, and FX lenses get better performance as the usually weak corners are not used.

    • Zograf

      If it comes out D400’s price should be about $1799 as D200/300s before..

    • Rich

      If I hear about the construction one more time… You want construction buy a D4! I own a D300 that I paid $1799 for when it was introduced… Why would the replacement cost $300 less? ‘Cause you said so?
      You Will never get all the features you want at your unreasonable price point, otherwise, the Mfg would be out of business & prices would go even higher because there would be less competition.

      If you want a BMW, buy a BMW, don’t criticize VW because it doesn’t have the features of and handle like a BMW.

      There is no comparison between a DX & a full frame camera (all else being equal!)

      There are many reasons this camera is being criticized, I’ll list a few:
      1 – Fools that have placed their identity in the brand they use, so anything from a “rival” mfg can’t be good.
      2 – Fools that feel that every camera released has to fit their personal needs & if it doesn’t, then it can’t be good.
      3 – Fools that have no idea how to differentiate between a pro camera, an advanced amateur camera and an entry level camera – so any new camera that doesn’t have that spec (1/8000) they are looking for must not be any good.
      4 – and lastly fools that feel the price should be xyz because that’s their budget and if it doesnt meet that price point then they are being ripped off… Such strong opinions without any knowledge about costs, price points, and competitors pricing.

      Where else can you get a state of the art full frame DSLR for under $2,100?

    • DEEbo

      I wish people would stop comparing DX D7000 with FX D600… It’s like comparing sharks to dolphins because they look similar… they are completely animals… BTW the fact that this camera doesn’t fit you needs says very little about this camera itself and a lot more about your needs as a photographer… just so you know

  • pro-amateur_photog

    YAY….Just what I need……A fast and light weight FX camera at an affordable price point. I wish it had the same rounded eyepiece/view finder as the 800 but oh well………..Its still a beauty. I can’t wait to molest it with my hands 😉


    • Poof

      Me too!!
      How will I fit my round eye into that square hole?

    • Land

      Yeah well the D700 has been at nearly the same price as the D600 is now for a long time and it’s a lot faster with a grip and the whole thing is metal and with a round eye piece so… and the D600’s lens mount is screwed right into plastic. 🙁

      • Rich

        Get your facts straight before making yourself the fool… It’s a metal mount… The D700 was only reduced when it became a close out after the D800 was introduced, the D800 while better made cant hold a candle to a modern full frame camera!

        • Poof

          The D800 is obsolete??

        • Land

          As I said, the mount is screwed into plastic not that the mount was plastic and isn’t the D800 a ”modern full frame camera”? I think you need to get ‘your’ facts straight before making ‘yourself’ the fool.

    • Quag

      I belive you can buy a DK-22 Eyepiece Adapter and a round eyepiece that screws in the adapter 🙂

  • Another I AM

    Costs less than the D800, has lesspixels, less feature…
    but it might still have the LT focus bug! Wanna bet?


  • Rebel


    • RussB

      I am every Canon product for the last 2 years…

  • Pope


  • Dave

    The uk price seems artificially high. Regardless of exchange rates or vat, in the UK the D600 is nearly 90% of the cost of a D800. In the US it’s 70% which seems a fairer proportion. Maybe in time the prices will level out a bit and then Nikon will sell more of these in the UK. I can’t see many people buying this over a D800 in the UK at the current prices.

  • GL

    I would be tempted if the price drops (which I’m sure it will in 3-4 months). If I were to buy today, given the prices in the UK I’d go for a D800.

  • IQ

    Nikon instead of trying to increase lenses IQ…
    should better address those of top management 🙂

    I AM | DUMB

    • RussB

      I am the person who paid full price for the 7 year old tech in the 5DIII.

  • Rebel
    • Mike M

      You think that because at 100% at 12800 (7 stops above “normal”) it’s noisy it’s a flop? I hope this is just flame bait, seriously.

      • Rebel

        too noisy for 2200€ camera IMHO (that it’s a D7000 with a FF sensor)

        I’m disappointing because it’s too expensive !

        2200 € it’s about 2900 $ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KnightPhoto

      Maybe for people not used to looking at twelve-eight that is a flop.

      Look at the 800p version, it’s gorgeous and 1024 and 1536 look great. Anyhow not sure where it’ll rank in the DxO scheme but it looks decent.

      Here it is at 2048 pixels wide. I lost some detail when I reduced quality, the original is sharper at full quality. No NR.

  • Sammantha P.

    OMG, if you don’t want to buy the new D600 camera thats great but please stop being NEGATIVE NANCY’S and COMPLAINING, relax its just a dam camera, wait and save your money and buy the new D-NEVER-EVER-COMING-OUT-345678910S


    • koolmoedee


    • Sammantha P.

      Sorry I’ve got the painters in.

      • RussB


    • Rich

      WOW! Couldn’t agree more, if you like it awesome; if you don’t like it, then stay with your Canon, Sony, etc. or buy something else.

      We as photographers should be rejoicing, when in the history of photography have we had such a phenomenal arsenal of equipment to choose from? Most of which is far better than anything we would have dreamed of just a few years ago!

      I’m all for a good discourse, love to talk about the merits of buying something else and why, but this whiney negativity is just pathetic people – get a life!

  • don

    Ahh, my studio camera has finally arrived.

    Let the rumpus begin!

  • don


  • D600 on Europe is…

    Dead. This camera At. This prices is dead. A nice camera To sell at 1500€ Max. This camera should át. Least half price of D800. Nikon are crazy And mor crazy is the people who buy at current prices

  • Hmm

    I’m excited to step into the FX world and ditch my D90.
    Should I go for the D600 or sit tight for another FX release, perhaps the 710?

    • btdown

      I’m waiting for D710…..D600—not enough….D800–excessive….D710…expected to be just right!

      • john d

        Maybe a dumb question, but when is a “710” supposedly going to surface?

        • DRag

          I haven’t seen any specs floating around on the “D710” either. But I did read one’s comment on another thread about Nikon having a spring announcement that may include the “710”… True or not, who knows…

  • Gael

    On amazon, you can see video of the D600 SLR

  • Greg S.

    I was excited about the D600 when I first heard about it’s rumored price. Now I will wait until next spring to see if the D800 price will drop after it has been out for 1 year.

  • Aldo

    Great camera… price a disappointment tbh 1799… 1899…. Keeping this camera under 2k would have been a true “break through” It’s gonna be interesting to see how this camera turns out in the long run (as we have seen with the d800) I wanted to buy this for personal use and as a video camera… looks like I’m gonna continue taking pictures with my cellphone and picking up a video camera for 1k or less… 🙁

  • sgts

    Announcing – the DOA 600 !

  • roberto

    i want the nikon d700S with 16mp and i will be happy to pay £2100 or more , and the 135mm 1.8g for £ 1300

  • EastOfGratiot

    I ordered mine. Aside for the false hope that this camera would retail for less than $2,000 USD I find the spec’s to be IDEAL and the price to be perfectly reasonable. I ditched my D700 for a D7000 when it came out because it is the ideal size, plenty rugged and had improved DR and resolution. I adapted to the smaller sensor/pixel size with faster shutter speeds and missed my FX lens angles of view but overall found the D7000 far superior to the D700 in terms of controls. The Nikon “pro” menu bank system is a joke that often caught me off guard with unexpected camera settings. The “new” U1/U2 is a far superior settings memory system (I wish there was also U3 and U4). The single AF button switch control is great once you adapt to it and the “new” D7000 (and noe D600) feature set is everything I need (weather-sealed, old-lens capable). SO, the D600 should be as perfect as the D7000 with the HUGE benefit of the larger sensor, higher MP with lower pixel density, better auto ISO adjustments, maybe even better DR – all for less money than the old D700. I’ll bet most of the complainers here just aren’t the D600 target customers. I AM and I’ll bet there are MANY more who will find the D600 the perfect camera for them.

    • Nikon John

      Well said. I ordered mine, too. I’m upgrading from D80 and I’m sure I’ll be pleased. When the D7000 came out I said it would be great to put those features in full frame, so now it’s here! I just discovered the D600 has HDR feature in camera. I am interested in testing that out.

    • Andrew

      Well, you definitely will not have to wait 6 months for your camera, there will be plenty on the shelf, so that is a good thing. Sure Nikon will sell a few thousand, but nothing like the D800. My guess is that someone at Nikon made the decision not to hurt the D800 sales and decided to price this camera accordingly. Going from a D80, the Nikon D600 is awesome in comparison. So in your case, it will be money well spent, especially for a full frame camera. But as you are aware, most consumers will be judging the D600 on desired features that Nikon left out and not on the many great features it will have. Anyway, enjoy your new camera.

    • Laughing


      “ditched my D700″…

      You will have to pry my D700 from my cold dead hand 🙂

      • EastOfGratiot

        well – “ditched” wasn’t a deserving choice of words – but I DID sell it at the right time. During my ownership of a D7000 I actually sold my D700, missed the FX advantages and bought a used D700, then sold the second D700 when the D800 started to ship and the used D700 prices started to fall. I miss FX. I LOVE the low sensor pixel size of the D700. The D700 just isn’t ideal for what I use a camera for – mostly urban landscapes. I value the D7000 dynamic range and appreciate its more advanced memory settings more than I value the D700 attributes. I really wanted a D800E but was put off by the dumb old-style menu banks and frankly just gave up waiting to receive my pre-order (over 5 months – no camera). The D600 should be ideal. No offence to the landmark D700. It was the best value in FX until now.

  • Aldo

    d700 and f4 old news…. come on people get with the times…

  • Aldo

    amateurs waiting for the camera will break the piggie bank to buy this camera and throw in the cheapest lens possible…. end result = bad quality photos

    • Big J

      Bad photos are taken by the photographer, not by the camera itself.

      • Aldo

        “amateurs”…. “lens” never referred to the camera mah friend….

        • rjgeek

          That’s exactly what it implied as you wrote it in your incredibly pretentious comment, but I’m sure you were too distracted with your own awesomeness to realize it.

          • Aldo

            cheap lens + amateur could result in bad pictures… reading comprehension… that’s why we are photographers cuz we failed the sat’s LOL

            • Big J

              You can still take great photos with a “cheap” lens (eg: 50mm 1.8). And amateurs can take great photos also. You don’t have to be a pro to do so.

            • Aldo

              The term “great picture” is as vague as the experience and technique of someone’s take on the art of photography… that of which good quality glass may give you better results than investing more money on the camera… again… reading comprehension.

            • Big J

              Yes, can give you better results. But then again you don’t NEED the latest glass to get the best. AF-D style lenses hold their own well (105mm, 80-200mm, etc) or VR I lines against the latest ones. Plenty of people still use and love their “old” lenses and produce images that make people awe at them. Are you a FOTY kind of photographer or one that’s content with what they have already?

  • Guest

    There is also a GP-1A GPS-unit? A new device to be expected?

  • Alex

    I don’t know why Nikon is excited about the D600. They didn’t build it! Somebody else made that happen! Joking of course 🙂

  • Spain anounced the price at 2000€

    thats more rational with a 21% VAT that we have…

    i think UK people will order it at other countries as 1995 sterling are more like 2400 euros…

    waiting for the germany price.

  • Don

    It seems like a lot of folks on here unestimate the significance of full-frame over crop sensor. To me, if it just like the D7000 but full frame, then it’s completely different.
    Full Frame advantage is HUGE!

  • Andrew

    The reason why NR admin believed the rumored price of $1,500 was because after seeing the specs, it made sense. I am sure he is now as shocked as the rest of us. Nikon got this one wrong!

    • Rebel

      I agree

      so disappointing

    • Dakota

      As far as your theory that this camera was a mistake.
      It is currently on Amazon’s Top 10 best seller lists for all electronics products, No other camera is on this list…

      • Andrew

        Dakota, this camera is not a best seller. It may well become one, but that is yet to be seen. You cannot make that assessment based upon Amazon’s list. We currently do not know the criteria for the selections. If it is based upon daily sales as opposed to weekly or monthly sales, then a new item that is just released may have a good showing for a day or two; that is hardly what I would consider a best seller. There is no doubt that there will be a brief pent up demand for something this new and with its nice form factor – that is, its relatively small size for a full frame camera. But only time will tell whether it attains to the level of the D800 in terms of sales.

    • Dakota

      And if that doesn’t convince you,
      here is the D600 in the #1 spot for the top selling photographic products.

      “How do you like them apples?”…Good Will Hunting

      • Poof

        I am glad the 1% got their holiday shopping for the kiddies done early this year.

    • Again, I said “The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500


      This doesn’t mean that the price was going to be $1500.

  • rip_off_britain

    The UK price for the D600 is a joke. UK retailers are asking £1955 for the body only which at today’s exchange rate is US$3200.

    If I order one from the US and then pay the 20% duty on it, it will still just cost £1560. Even flying to New York, buying the D600 and flying back is cheaper than UK retailers.

    Also, at £1955 for the D600, it makes much more sense to buy a D800 at £2290.

    • wilt

      WTF are Nikon thinking with UK pricing?
      I don’t need the 36MP of D800 but @ £2000 the D600 is far to expensive for me and too closely priced to the D800.
      Upgrade from my D7000 will be a while yet.

  • bramms

    Nikon D600 has very good shadows like Nikon D800 –

  • General Photog

    I AM – confused

    Really seems like a great camera, but I think I’ve decided that it isn’t worth giving up my D7000 and 17-55 to get it.

    In most cases the images won’t be appreciably better. I could upgrade the lens, but that’s a lotta donuts to get photos that will be HOW much better?

    • KnightPhoto

      “In most cases the images won’t be appreciably better (than a D7000 and 17-55). I could upgrade the lens, but that’s a lotta donuts to get photos that will be HOW much better?”

      Depends if you are shooting in low light – every FX photo will capture 2.25 times more photons. This does make a difference, which is why FX is taking over a lot of genre’s.

  • macsbello

    2000€ for a d7000 with a FF sensor? Are they drunk or crazy?

  • sgts

    my goodness – going from a d80 to a d600 ?

    thats a pretty awesome leap !

  • Big J

    Don’t complain too much guys about pricing around the world. Here in Buenos Aires it’ll be $4200+ USD for the D600 body alone when it hits.

  • Steve

    Well in Japan the D600 is 2500USD so I contacted BH to see if I could import it but due to manufacturer restrictions they cant and Amazon cant send it either.Price in Japan drop soon though so not really an issue. Glad I dont live in Europe or UK for that matter. UK wow. What a FIASCO. Sony A99. No thats only sold with a Japanese menu in Japan and nobody will send that from America either due to, you guessed it manufacturer restrictions. Pentax k52 looks interesting but I just read about to new Tamron lenses and they dont come in Pentax mount. Oh these first world problems. Poor me. Seriously Nikon what are you doing????????????????

  • MonkeyMoonShine

    It is already #1 on Amazon digital camera’s best sellers top 100:

    • Big J

      Never even knew such a lost existed let alone accessible by the public.

      • Gary

        FAKE! There’s no 5D MKIII on the list 🙂

        • Big J

          Maybe not (on Amazon), but there’s a bunch of Canon’s on that list. Plus I think people bought from other camera stores since usually you tend to get deals and stuff from them.

  • wilt

    £2000 in the UK and the D800 can be had for £2200.
    Somethings not right with Nikons pricing.
    I’ll wait for a few months, until it drops to the £1600 mark it should have been from the start.

    • Gary

      … or the D800 goes up in price!

  • Rebel

    in Italy 2150€ means 2900 US $ !!!!!!!!

    too expensive for a D7000 FX

    D800 costs 2550€ !! only 400€ +

  • Only fools rush


    A D600s or whatever. 1/4000, no wireless inside, no 250 Flash Sync.,39 Focus points, and this price +2000 euros or dolares!? This camera is not for me. Pass…

    • I feel that too.

      I understand the disappointment. Also’ll wait for another model that is more convincing to me and my needs.

    • Camera Man

      We need a new professional camera: D400. The D600 is a nice consumer camera. That’s all. That’s part of the frustration.

  • Reading all the great comments above and face-palming at the rest of them, I can’t stop myself from adding my own $0.02. Here’s what I think: from Nikon’s point of view, introducing this camera and pricing it at 2.1K is an ingenious move. Look at your own comments, some of you say “blah” and intend to save some more for D800, others say “blah” and say they’ll wait for a “true” D700 replacement (and let’s face it, it mostly likely never happen after D600 introduction) and yet other see it as a great step forward from pro-sumer DX body. Nikon’s marketing dept did a brilliant job by dividing the market so none of their new dslrs steals market from the rest. There is no “sweet point” and you can’t make everyone happy, so instead Nikon tries to introduce a wide range of models for different consumers. And pricing the camera at $2100 is a smart move, too. Sure, I thought it would be less than 2K, but seeing it now it makes a lot of sense (at least here in US where price difference between D800 and D600 is $900). If you want a very serious camera built like a tank with a sensor that changes the way we look at small format cameras, buy D800. If you want to save money for a good FX lens, choose D600. Don’t like the features? Stay with D700 or wait another year, maybe Nikon will come up with the EXACT model you dream of. I’m not trying to bash anyone here, but some of the comments are ridiculous- when you compare D600 with D7000 you have to take note that D7000 is a GREAT camera with some awesome features, notably U1, U2 modes, rugged body and great price among many others. The focusing system in D600 may not be not as good as D700, but if it’s even exactly the same as in D7000, (and I’m sure they improved it), there’s nothing to b(*(ch about. I saw the sample high ISO exposures and I don’t know about others, but I am impressed. What I really don’t like is the max 1/200 flash sync and only three brackets in auto bracketing (please Nikon, unlock at least 5 in a software update and I’m sold). Other than that, I am excited about D600 and can’t wait for first professional reviews.
    I was waiting for D800 and almost bought it but 36MPix it’s just too much for me and I can’t afford D4 at the moment. I am an event and architectural photographer and even that 36Mpix is great for architecture, none of my clients ever asked for anything larger than a 20×30 print and the file size from D800 could be a real pain for me in the long run. A little over 24MPix is perfect for my needs, period. An one more thing- to all those who cry about the D600 having an “amateur” command dial wheel with an AUTO mode and how it’s not a PRO camera- please just stop and realize that in today’s world thinking that when you step in a room with a big-ass, heavy as brick camera body with command dial dressed only in letters ultimately makes you a PRO, you are a fool. It’s just another brilliant move from Nikon staff to aim for larger audience. Don’t need it, don’t use it. I never used it on my D7000 but I still think it’s nice to have it in case someone else who know less about photography can use it. I find myself using the D7000 more than D700 on many occasions as balancing a heavy FX body with a huge FX lens in a expo full of people sometimes just doesn’t work. I love FX and with a compact body and features (I hope) improved compared to D700 (hunderd), D600 may just be an excellent upgrade. I hope that my point of view makes any sense here.

    • Rich

      Great comment, much more eloquent than I could have been, not that it’s going to do any good, way to reasonable for some of these posters!

    • Rudi

      Great comment. I think the real Nikon users see it the same way.

  • Joe

    Too much money.
    I’m waiting for the D5200 with it’s next gen sensor.

    • Big J

      That will be a sweet camera the D5200. Let’s hope it has rumors soon about it, because so far I think there have been none about it’s release. Chances are it’ll be around $999-$1099 with a kit lens. The D3200 is pretty lonely at the moment in my opinion (although the D5100 came out not too long ago).

  • photog

    YAY NIKON….I can finally upgrade my dated 300S to the 600. This camera is affordable and fits all of my photography needs. I shoot with high end prime lens anyway, so I am ready for the leap to FX. September 18 ship date is fantastic!

    I AM FX

  • trialcritic

    For anyone in US, the D600 is a fine prosumer camera. It is priced fine. It is the same price as the D200 when it was released. If it is expensive for you, buy a different one.

    I got a D800, yes it is expensive (and slow for some people). The difficult part with the D800 is that you have to update all your infrastructure, computer, lenses, memory cards etc. However, once you have it, it is superb. Here is a funny article about the D800.

    I am a landscape amateur and the D800 is perfect for this as speed is not an issue. The body is rugged. I was on a hike and fell flat on my face with the camera on my neck. The camera hit the ground quiet hard, nothing happened to it. I do not think that I need to upgrade after this. Unless I break it or see some other magical camera, this might be my last camera.

    • Poof

      Especially if you tend to fall when hiking.

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