Nikon New Zealand got some exciting news coming on Monday

Nikon New Zealand posted on Facebook that they have some exciting news coming on Monday. I don't think they have the D600 in mind, because the announcement should be on Thursday, September 13 (± 1 day based on your timezone). Maybe NPS will be coming to New Zealand, as some of the comments suggested?

Update: this is probably the surprise from Nikon New Zealand.

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  • VelviaFTW

    Could it be that they finally filled all the D800 pre-orders, and can now actually get some stock out to NZ retailers?

    • Ronald Paterson

      Close 🙂 Nikon NZ received a large shipment of both current and promotional new models from their ‘parent’ Nikon Hong Kong this Tuesday. Amongst them were a large number of d800/800e cameras…I picked my d800e the day later.

      Call Ken from TA Mcallister sand ask him directly, he may be willing to divulge some of this sensitive info to you over the phone, he’s a great guy. 😉

      Let’s just say that “some” of recent rumors are indeed true…;)

    • No Products but…..

      No new products.

      Nikon are finally going to come clean on THAT ISSUE.

      Explanations, apologies, a FIX and those responsible will commit seppuku at the various press events around the world.

      Then we can all move on: once all the dodgy bodies are finally fixed.

      • Markus

        First try to save enough for a D3200, and after you can handle that camera come back and try not to behave like a retard.

      • Too Soon San

        You mean once Nikon stop shipping dodgy bodies AND when all the bad ones out in the wild have been fixed.

        Long time down the road methinks.

      • Nikon Newbie

        Hello All.

        Um, I’m new here, I know what seppuku is.

        But what is “THAT ISSUE” ?

        • Markus

          The only issue is ‘no products but…’

          • Nikon Newbie

            I still don’t get it.

            Can someone get me up to spped?

            • Michel

              I am not sure what “THAT ISSUE” is either, other than often it is something lurking in the minds of some hypercritical respondents to this column or perhaps some trolls. One of the “issues” irking is a focussing problem found on the D800 on the LH focus sensor, another is perhaps the success of the D800 has meant a shortage of that model as the company struggles to keep up with demand due to catastrophes such as the floods in Thailand that shut down the factory there for many months, and the Japan earthquake of 2011. Perhaps that is the “ISSUE” maybe not. Hopefully you will get a more comprehensive list of the “ISSUE” but then you might have to be wary of trolls. and of course the very informed but rude sorts who will say read the archive or something generally unhelpful like that, instead of just listing their version of “THAT ISSUE”

  • So they found some wild zebras in NZ.

    • zinza

      Runaway zebras and elephants are a common sight in NZ…didn’t you know?

      • rogues

        I want to see more of the LandCruiser in the photo. It should have more prominence than some stripey horse.

        • Ljn71

          Couldn’t agree more,rogues! 😀

    • BartyL

      Zebras are in fact native to New Zealand.

      During Captain Thomas Cook’s visit there in 1776 four ‘strypie horses’ were captured and taken on board HMS Endeavour. The Zebras were taken aboard with the principle aim of supplementing the dreary ship’s diet of ‘hard-tack’ biscuits and ‘briny spinach’. Recognising their scientific value as un-described species, Ship’s Doctor Herbert Gusset was able to prevail upon Cook to preserve the animals.

      The Endeavour docked in the Port of Cape Town on the return journey to Britain, in 1778, to re-stock supplies. Against Gusset’s protests Cook traded the Zebras for fresh supplies. The animals were traded into the possession of ‘a Mr. Van Der Hoor’ who could see financial opportunities in the ‘horses’ (as they were still being called) status as curiosities.

      What became of Van Der Hoor’s enterprise is unknown, but articles in the Cape Town Voice from 1801 note that ‘the small band of southern horses known from the hinterlands here about is lately reported to have become much greater in number owing to the excellent conditions with which we are currently blessed’.

      ‘Zebra’ is thought to be a corruption of the Zulu word ‘Se-uh-be’ara’, meaning ‘interesting story’, a form of entertainment popular in the fringe camps surrounding Colonial Durban and Cape Town.

      • You’re funny…

      • Fishnose

        Very well written. And far more convincing that many politicians/leaders I hear or read.

        • Big J


          Cool story bro

      • F200

        Wow, all that effort…

      • Markus

        Finally something interesting to read, thanks for the share 🙂

    • Geochallenged

      Er where is New Zealand?

      Why would Nikon, or anyone else lauch anything there?

      • Ronald Paterson

        “Why would Nikon, or anyone else lauch anything there?”

        Ask Trey Ratcliff of, who just moved with his family there permanently.

        I guess you live in a country where “Nikon or anyone else” should launch their products before any other countries, do you, you moron.

        • Jack Graham

          Hey, this is a photography forum, the awful HDR abominations of Trey Ratcliff have no relevance here. ;-))) I’d agree though – he is a moron. 😉 Probably thinks The Lord of the Rings was filmed in Hollywood! ;-)))

          • Ray Tatcliff

            You’re funny guy…not.

            Why don’t you show us your photos, let’s see what the guys say here or are you aftarid someone may called them “abominations” ?!

      • ashwins

        It’s so interesting to see how the comments in this thread change from humorous and light (when USA is sleeping and Europa and Asia & Oceania are awake) to angry and offending. Sad..

      • Gary

        In case the word “east” confuses the Geochallenged, it means “to the right” (assuming you’re holding the map the correct way up).

      • syd

        Er……I’m sure the dude is joking….

      • GeoExpert

        It’s one of those county thingys that they have in England.

        • Stan the Man

          No. Nothing “New” in England; it’s all olde there!

          New Zealand is a Canadian province, y’know like Noo Brunswick and Noo Hampshire.

  • Bernard

    A V2 at last !!!!!! 🙂

  • ghf

    Please let the D600 come in at $1,500. Make it happen Nikon.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      We all wish, but that just seems a bit low. :/

    • Roberto


      • David

        Can somebody kindly explain what “+some number” means? Also, what does the guy mean that always says “DRINK!”?

        Thank you.

        • BartyL

          “+ some number” – this is widespread as “+1” and simply means ‘I support your comment’. Larger numbers are used to indicate a greater level of support.

          “DRINK!” – a regular here called ‘Ric’ got tired of the constant harping on about ‘a well-known issue’ with the D800. Especially tiring is the probability that most (not all) of those expressing frustration with the issue are trolls. So he invented a drinking game. If you mention ‘the issue’ and someone calls you to ‘Drink!’, you must drink.

          • David

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • Michel

            That drink may of course be water, coffee, tea, anything you like…

    • Anon

      No, not before I sell my D700 to buy a D800E. That will put pressure on 2nd hand D700 prices.

    • Romney

      I’ll be happy to pay $3000 for the D600. Just give me plenty chrome.

  • john stevens

    I get it…the Zebra is in Africa…and the Camera guy lives in NZ, and is using the new D600. That is it!!!

    • pointshooter

      It’s a new telephoto lens. 😉

      • Fishnose

        No, it’s a new 100,000x teleconverter.

      • ashwins


        Safari… a new telephoto lens makes a lot of sense.

  • xt

    I brought one comment from fb: “News is that Nikon is importing Zebras to NZ and starting a safari park so you can test out the new 800mm 5.6.”

  • Dotin
    • Geoff_K

      It is probably the used one (they sold as new) they sent me last week that I returned Friday. ;-P

  • Dwight F.

    It’s just the 18mm/3.5 PC-E.
    I guess it was our turn to “do a minor announcement” here in NZ… Yawn.

  • Benno

    They are introducing the latest digital camera for pros, I give you NZ…….

    NIKON D100

  • DiverDan

    Nikon is launching a 35.000.000 mm 2.8 so we can shoot zebra’s in kruger park from Mount Cook?

  • ashwins

    Nikon will launch the D600 and it will be available with Zebra stripes, too.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Maybe they are hinting the D400.

    * 20mp new DX sensor showing low light performance better than D700.
    * D800-like body, 100 g lighter due to DX prism difference.
    * $ 1800

    • Anonymous Maximus

      & 10 fps !

    • Anonymous Minimus


    • ashwins

      If there’s another DSLR, it will be the D7100.

    • ashwins

      “* 20mp new DX sensor showing low light performance better than D700”

      Keep on dreaming, Max, but it can not happen because there’s no sensor technology out there that could make it possible. 10fps would be nice, though!

    • Bob the Builder

      16 mp DX sensor with low light similar to D700.
      Was going to be released with D4 but delayed

      • Anonymous Maximus

        D4 + D400 combo could have been sensible, like the D3 + D300 announcement years ago. Both at the same mp count but one FX, the other DX. Who knows what stopped Nikon from doing this.

  • Gareth

    nikon has been bought by fonterra.

    experts say this is unlikely to make a big change in market.

  • Shokland

    It’s a purple iOS7-based coolpix – on a stick.

  • Plug

    Ny-con users say Zee-bra and Knee-cone users say Ze-bra. Who is correct?

  • michel

    In NZ its pronounced Nah-ken
    as Fish and Chips = fush n chups, the word between five and seven is sex, and a man with three hundred girlfriends is a shepherd…

    • JED

      Um, the word between 5 and 7 is pronounced ‘sex’ in Australia.
      In New Zealand it is pronounced ‘sux’

      • An Aussie

        Actually in Australia we say six as the way the Brits (inventors of the English language more or less) say it and the Kiwis (New Zealand inhabitiants and expatrirates) say sex with a slight sux influence…

      • An Aussie

        Its funny comparing the written word against the spoken word, how you say the word is different to the way you might say it anyway. six sex sux… hmm I guess it does. Its like Canadians say ra instead of roar for the word raw… very confusing as I thought “ra” might have been a term indicating great support for as in a cheer like yay! or “ra team ra ra ra” I am tempted to phone Nikon New Zealand and listen carefully to the way the receptionist speaks when she answers the phone and pronounces “Nikon….” Of course she might not be a native Gnu Zilander 🙂

    • Michel

      She is! As I am sure your mum is proud of you…

  • d

    what’s with the zebra?…

    • Michel

      Its one of those new pimped D600s….

  • LesM

    I don’t know what it’s about, but my D200 is still taking great photos while I wait patiently for my D400 announcement.

    However, Nikon New Zealand should use their own software, or Photoshop, or any one of the alternatives, to get the horizon level in the zebra photo.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      The terrain could be inclined as well.

      • LesM

        Have another look – the terrain is NOT inclined. The photo needs to be adjusted.

        • Mock Kenwell

          No it doesn’t necessarily.
          You seem to get stuck on 40 years old hard composition rules.

          The world of photography has moved on, you should too.

        • Michel

          YOU take another look. If you go to the facebook page and have a look at the full image you can see that the terrain may well be inclined and that the camera is horizontally level. Of course it might be a camera level device ISSUE. Looking at the full image it doesnt look all that bad with the horizon actually being a massive mountain range, while the foreground landscape is just a sloping hill, perhaps leading down to a river.

  • AM

    It will be the new zebra line of DSLRs and lenses.

  • A Zebra’s rear end at that.

  • Ben

    Its not just a zebra it’s a zebra’s ass. Meaning Nikon is making an ass of all of us because there’s no D400 coming out!

    • LesM

      Ben – I understand your point of view. I am a Nikon user since the early 1970s and have always felt – until recently – that Nikon would not lead me up a blind alley.

      So, with my two Nikon F’s safely tucked away (they’re not worth anything anymore, althought they were world leaders at the time – consider your D800 purchases in the same light) my D70 and D200 are still providing excellent service.

      I believe I am entitled my firm belief that Nikon will not abandon me. I have no need of the resolutions of the D800 (or even of the D600 – which I believe they will shortly announce), but Iwant to see a continuation of the DX line – after all Nikon gains most of its income not from professionals, but from folk like me who want the best they can get for their non-professional photography.

      • fjfjjj

        Buy a D700 and go make some pictures.

    • Anon

      D400 IS coming, and very soon !

  • amien

    dedicated F mount APS-C video camera ? with dedicated video sensor and global shutter ?

  • JLK

    They are announcing the whole office staff is going on holiday in Africa.

  • scurvy hesh

    Please Kneecone. Give us an 80-400 replacement. Or at least a 400mm F5.6

    • Landscape Photo

      A 400mm f/5.6 would be nice. I have a Sigma 400mm non-apo version which is quite small for that focal, providing corner-to-corner sharpness with zero distortion. Yes, general contrast is a bit lower than desired, but it can be tweaked later anytime if the image is devoid of noise.

      I’m sure Nikon can do better than Sigma.

  • Kwik

    NZ frequently gets products and services first, and has been used as a test market for ages due to its small population, world-leading education system, higher media consumption and tech ownership and having more data available on the population than other countries.

    NZ was first with the Iphone, but because Vodafone overcharges for it, NZ is now last.

    • Kiwifella

      Well said, spot on.

  • MB

    Let us hope that new product (what ever it is) will have more success than importing zebras to New Zealand

  • FussyBob

    They are announcing that there are no D800 left AF issues, down under it changes over to a right AF issue.

  • et

    Guess this could be exciting news:

  • mop

    the car’s not moving the zebra is, => it’s a zebra crossing
    zebra crossing is used in the uk to cross traffic safely
    traffic could be internet traffic as in rumours
    so it’s news that will not displease the rumour mill.

  • Adi

    My guess is that Nikon will introduce some new photo editor software that will replace Capture NX2

  • Anonymous Coward

    Actually they are changing the name of the country to New Zebraland.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      It’s not actually a zebra. The picture is of a horses ass, painted to look like a Canon 70-200. Kind of like lipstick on a pig…

  • Bharath

    I think it is already Monday in NZ.

    • Kerry

      it is now.

  • Demere

    Here’s the “exciting” news from Nikon NZ…

    • This must be it. Thanks.

      • Michel

        Was ET first at 6:56?

  • Michel

    If the surprise is the draw for purchasers of DSLR from Nikon NZ then sweet! Its a nice prize and considering that NZ has such a small population (if you dont count sheep) then probably you have a one in three chance of winning. So I expect a large number of overseas people buying a Nikon DSLR camera from NZ. Even third prize is rather good, free passes to NZ zoo, INCLUDING air fares… So if you are in the UK, thats not a bad offering…

  • Anthony

    Buy a DSLR for a chance — is this legal in NZ? In the US it is considered gambling and is not.

    • An Aussie

      I guess it must be legal in NZ. That sort of promotion is common in Australia too Seriously is it illegal in US? Wow, can carry handguns but can’t have a harmless promotion such as this. Shouldn’t be surprised I suppose

  • Joe Jaro

    The new Nikon Z(ebra)-1.
    Notice the moiré pattern!

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