Weekly Nikon news flash #177

  • New industrial lens from Nikon: Rayfact VF 91.7mm f/4 /5.6/8 (used for visual inspections).

  • Nikon released v1.2.0 of the Short Movie Creator. Short Movie Creator can combine movie footage, photos, motion snapshots into one short movie.

  • Nikon ranked very low in this report on using conflict-free minerals ("conflict minerals" are minerals sourced in regions of conflict).
  • Usain Bolt with a Nikon D4 (video):

  • The Fotodiox WonderPana Systems is a new filter solution for Nikkor 14-24mm lens.
  • Stunning star trail photography taken with Nikon D3100 and D7000 cameras.
  • Japan Times has an updated story on the controversy surrounding the "Comfort Women" photo exhibit by Ahn Sehong and Nikon's response. The court ordered Nikon to hold the exhibit. Unfortunately, Nikon continued to introduce obstacles along the way.
  • Rumor: Nikon Canada shutting warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto.
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  • texasjoe

    Would a company know if they were using conflict free materials? I’m sure that would be bad pr if they knew they were.

    • Shawn

      Who cares. Most people just want their goods as cheap as possible.

    • Nikon Shooter

      Does a bear shit in the woods?

      • M Fairbanks

        No, does the pope shit in the woods?

        Are bears catholic?

  • texasjoe

    Canon has a lens bling for the 24-70 but not Nikon?

    • yrsued

      Because that is the ONLY way you can make the Canon 24-70 be worth something!!

      You put a $9 Rear Lens cap on it and now the lens is worth…..$9

  • T.I.M

    The caps with lens focal write on it are a real joke.
    When I switch lens I take the cap from the one I want and put it on the one I put away.
    I don’t even use front caps.

    • Jesys_sti

      +1 … I can tell you wich lens you use from 30 feet away … jsut learn your material and you will be ok …

    • If you can remember where you put your own lenses, you won’t even need one of those.

    • bigeater

      The focal-length caps aren’t for you, they’re for your assistant.

      • Nikon Shooter

        I’m pretty sure you can’t call an “assistant” someone who can’t tell a 24-70 from a 50.

      • If my assistant is stupid, I`ll tell him to use paper stickers to mark lense caps )) = $0.01 ))

        • yrsued

          When I assisted 27 years ago, I had a degree from Brooks, I knew more than some of the shooters I assisted!! I actually DID the Photography for some so called Photographers back then.

      • Steven Georges

        Time to get a new assistant. 😉

    • mikils

      we discussed the item already some time ago, and most of the posters found it lame. I guess a fluo marker could be just as good, if one must really label rear caps.

  • Any idea why Nikon Canada might shut down warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver? Their main repair depot is in Mississauga, part of Greater Toronto.

    • Merv

      Was the Mississauga repair depot a separate location from the Toronto warehouse?

      Commercial property taxes in Toronto are higher than commercial property taxes (the reverse is true for residential property taxes) in Mississauga; maybe they are consolidating the Toronto/Mississauga locations.

  • jason lyseight

    I love you nikon but shame on you nikon for its conflict minerals usage.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      How is it Nikon’s fault? I will not stop drinking water, just because there are conflicts about it.

      • jodjac

        Lame. Take some responsibility. We live in a global community and the people in that community deserve the same amount of respect that you expect from others. Have you seen the photos of nine year old children in South Africa sifting through industrial waste for scraps of copper? I don’t think you really want that copper, even if it costs a tiny bit less.

        • BartyL


        • snarfy


    • Greg

      Looking at the ranking top to bottom, this is clearly a US/European concern. Asia either doesn’t consider this a priority, or they’re not following the accounting procedures this particular organization would like them to.

    • Ralph

      Where are you Jason? In the US, the UK, Russia, France…?

      Before screaming about conflict minerals, start screaming to your politicians about their arms sales to tinpot countries just to make a buck. Later the rest of the world is asked to support wars fought against them with these same weapons.

      • NyconNeoColonialist


  • bagholder

    I like the bag, what brand is it?

    If you can give good suggestions please share. What bag do you use?

  • William Baker

    The bag is a Domke F-series bag, looks to me like an F4 as I compare it to the one sitting next to me. It’s a pretty fantastic bag.

  • burak

    so using conflict free minerals is a bad thing and thus marked with red?

    • I believe it means that only less than 10% is from a conflict region as oppose to Sony which is over 30%.

      • Rob

        No. Read the text below the graph so you know what it represents.

      • Oops, I meant to say that less than 10% is NOT from a conflict region.

        • Rob

          No. Take 5 seconds to read the caption. The graph has NOTHING to do with what percentage of their minerals comes from or doesn’t come from anywhere.

    • umesh

      It says PROGRESS in using conflict free materials. hence……

  • Zeke

    Enough isn’t scoring how much companies make use of “conflict minerals,” they’re scoring how much companies perform tracing and auditing; and how much they support certification, new laws, and organizations like Enough.

    This is somewhat misleading because one organization could use an order of magnitude more of these materials than another and still outscore it.

  • Camaman

    Conflict free materials? Are you kidding me??
    Who makes these stuff up. And who makes up these fake jobs and pays for douche bag statistics like this?

    How about conflict free oil or gasoline!
    Thats the nex hit I bet. 30% for a easier conscience…

    • Ric


  • MB

    Kenko is T mount adapter not m4/3.
    It allows you to mount Kenko T mount lenses and telescopes on Nikon 1 body not micro four third lenses.

  • Those caps are good, I always get my 50mm and 500mm mixed up.

    • No joke. I’m always mixing up my 85mm F1.4 and the 14-24 F2.8 in my bag… So hard to tell those pesky things apart from each other.

      Funny thing, some tape and a good marker could easily do the same thing for cents.

    • dgs

      Jep. I hope they come up with something similar for cameras. Always getting the D4 and P300 mixed up… Maybe the neck strope: “Big camera” “Tiny camera”.

      • Worminator

        Nikon is so helpful. The D700 neck strap already has “D700” written on it in bold yellow letters, just so you don’t make a mistake.

        • Calibrator

          A D700 strap is also incredibly useful for people attending weddings as it signals that the wedding photographer is using outdated equipment.
          For the wedding organizer this might also be a clue that he is charging too much…

          • Jesus_sti

            D700 isn’t an outdated camera is a little bit older camera than D800. You know the word light right ? I can only judge a photograph by his portfolio… and you ?

  • nawab

    Please advice me on a system of lens adapters (with product code and
    manufacturer) for attaching a nikon p7700 on to an universal trinocular
    microscope head or eyepiece. The system could be compatible with all microscopes (preferably Zeiss, Olympus and Nikon make). Thanks.
    P.S. : Dear p7700 come out soon.

  • kin notwell

    ok the cap marked rear goes in the back part i think at least on my 50 it does

    • Worminator

      There’s a joke in that comment somewhere, I can feel it.

  • peterw

    how about this movie software?

    if you recorded in 3:2 aspect ratio, it will turn it into either 4:3 or 16:9.
    is this satisfactory for people who make movies with their camera?

  • Monday, and no new rumors. Maybe Apple will sue Nikon. After all, Apple probably has a patent on everything by now.

    • Pro Camera

      Nikon should have his own version of Linux and not use Android. Nikon is a great company and I am sure they can do something better. And they will be avoiding copyright issues too.

  • KitHB

    Conflict minerals.

    One Nikon (or Canon) in the hands of a well-aimed war photographer documenting and bringing back hard evidence of atrocities in Congo is far more effective than any amount of campus angst.

    Nikonos (waterproof cameras) were made in green as well as orange because they stood up to the hideous conditions of 1960’s & ’70’s jungle wars. I’d venture to suggest Nikon (also Leica and Canon) products have contributed a great deal more to ending conflicts than continuing them.

    • peterw

      allow me to look at some paralel cases…

      a traffic policeman, whose daily work is guiding the traffic savely,
      should be pardonned when driving his private car with 100 km/h through town?

      a politician who saved the national economy should be pardonned to have token state money for private benifit?

      a priest, who saves many a soul by praying, consolation and advice…
      … should be pardonned for his abuse of children?

      You may tough a valuable point,
      but it doesn’t make a winning argument in this case.

      • peterw

        (please excuse me for the stupid language mistakes)

  • ric
  • BartyL

    I’m bored (not really, I’m having ‘internet problems’ at the mo’ and I’m just seeing what I can and can’t do. And I’m bored.)

    • BartyL

      Ok, so that works then…

  • Paul Everitt

    Child labor –

    At the turn of the 19th century in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, many children worked in the mines. This is was PRIZED job! The younger children would sort coal above ground hoping to EARN the opportunity to work below ground for more money! We get REAL self righteous when we forget our own history.

    Conflict minerals –

    Resources have been fought over since the dawn of time. Europe used to due this on a regular basis. The coal bearing regions along the German/French border changed hands MANY times in the 19th century. You want to see CONFLICT over minerals!? Let Canada decide that it is in their best long term interest to STOP exporting oil and keep it for their own long term benefit. With the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA receiving more oil from Canada than Saudi Arabia, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would be in a world of hurt very quickly. We would either BUY the place, INVADE the place, or make marriage to a Canadian citizen MANDATORY to get free health AND be able to buy gas!

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