Nikon D7000 listed as discontinued on

The Nikon D7000 listing on is marked as "discontinued by manufacturer". I don't know if this is a mistake or the first nail in the D7000 coffin.

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  • Snarl

    It’s not for sale in the NikonUSA store either, I noticed the other night.

    • Peter

      The Amazon text says: on offer since july 2007. ????

      D700 introduced end 2010, see nikon Rumors

  • jason lyseight

    what i waited so long for my d7000 2 years ago, and now it’s gone.

    must be a mistake

    • gt

      My guess is it WAS a mistake. The D700 was discontinued less than 24 hours ago. Someone with poor attention to detail at amazon must have mistook the D7000 for the D700, and changed the wrong item to “discontinued”.

      Innocent mistake –> hundreds of thousands of Nikon nerds in an uproar

      • Nikon Shooter

        Yep. Clearly a mistake. Nikon is very slow to officially discontinue even their oldest products. I think they had the D50 hanging around their website until about 2011 and that camera was released in 2005! A successor to the D7000 has not even been announced yet (it is just around the corner though), so I’m sure we will keep seeing the D7000 as a part of Nikon’s official line-up at least throughout 2013.

        Obviously they meant the D700 and not D7000. An easy mistake to make if you are not camera-literate. Even Adobe makes those kinds of mistakes in their official release notes, so you can hardly expect perfection from a 5-second sloppy website update.

        • Sahaja

          The D90 is still there – and many people said that the D7000 was a replacement for that camera.

    • Rudi

      just one “0” more or less ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • looleylaylow

      Agreed–a mistake. The same screen cap also says the produce has been offered since 2007, so something is badly amiss.

  • aham

    what happen next..?

    • roy

      I guess D600.

  • jacob

    I bet you it’s a mistake, they meant D700.

    • Baba Ganoush

      The D700 was first released in mid 2008. The D3 and the D300 are listed on the Nikon DSLR timeline on Wikipedia as having been officially released in mid 2007.

      • Zeke

        Announced five years to the day before your post. I remember it well because I immediately ordered one.

  • Baba Ganoush

    The Product Information part of this announcement doesn’t make sense to me. It says that the camera–apparently referring to the D7000–initially became available from in July 2007. However, I believe the D7000 was officially released in late summer of 2010, which is when I bought mine from Amazon.US.

    • roy

      D7000 was released in July 2007?!

      • OMR

        D7000 was in 2010. It must be an error. I think the correct information is for the D700.

      • Cedric

        The Canon EOS 7D would be available since 2007 as well. I think Amazon has a database problem. The D90 is not flagged as discontinued.

    • gt

      their product information is all sorts of messed up. this isn’t an the “first nail” in the D7000 coffin at all. Just the result of some lackey updating information on amazon who has no clue what he’s doing

  • Owen

    Shady reporting…

    This is clearly a mistake.

    • michel

      I disagree. It is not shady reporting, it is reporting what has been flagged. It is clearly presenting facts for readers to interpret without putting a slant on it in editorial. Indeed the possibility of it being an error is stated. Good work NR

      • David Schembri

        I’m with you on this one Michel.

    • Royl

      Shady? This is the best place in the world to get early info on Nikon gear, bar none. NR passes on nearly all the info they get, I’m sure, and they usually give it a plausibility comment. So watch your mouth (or in this case your keyboard).

  • roy


  • Anonymous Maximus

    D400 soon?

    • Camaman

      Annoyingus Maximus?

      • Anonymous Maximus

        Youannoyingus Camaman !

        A professional D400 is better than a D7000-like D600

  • elph

    Clearly the Nikon D5 is on the Horizon.

  • rich in tx

    mistake or no, it is a pretty exciting year for us nikon dslr’ians. Lots of change which is always good. Love my D800 and if the D7000 is going away its going to be replaced soon by something which is better I’m sure. Plus now I will be able to afford a 7000 as my second body (hopefully soon)

  • D400

    What planet are these people on? July 2007? Cearly a mistake

  • Miss J

    First poster correct. No d7000 listed for sale on nikon USA store

  • quickcheck

    The Nikon store is odd. They have the d90 still. They do have a refurb. d7000

    (search d7000)

  • chris

    yup it says first offered for sale july 2007 so this is supposed to be d700. that being said the d7000 needs an overhaul if the d300 class body is to be no more. poor dynamic range, softness at high iso, small buffer, etc. these things must be corrected if this is going to be nikon’s ‘flagship’ dx body.

  • hi

    Don’t know about amazon, but this site doesn’t list it as discontinued:
    according to the site the 7000, 5100, 3200, 3100 are only current DX, and 800, D4 only current FX

  • viraj

    it’s a mistake.. now it shows “IN STOCK”

  • Shane

    It may not be dead yet, but I’ve been watching the new price of the D7000 on Ebay for some time, as I agonise over buying one or holding out for the D600

    In the past month or so body only has goe from around !200 down to around 900, and I have even seen some listed for high 800’s. These are new, grey market imports from Hong Kong.

    It would appear that suppliers are clearing stock pretty agressively

    • Royl

      D7000 and D600 are two completely different animals. I just wonder how your choice comes down to that. Something to remember: the D600 is going to be all new with all the hassle that comes with new models. If you go that way be prepared to do the work involved. We have so many cry babies carrying D800s around already, people unwilling to learn how to use the camera before shedding tears all over the internet. It gets disgusting.

      • whmitty

        A hearty amen to you Royl.

      • Sahaja

        Two completely different animals? From the rumored specs and images the D600 looks very much like a D7000 up-scaled to FX.

  • Snake Plisken

    That’s it, I’m switching to Sony!

    • Aldo

      I’m switching to sony too… wait! I already have I have a D800…

    • Try switching to milk

  • Peter Davies

    There is something odd going on at Amazon: has stopped selling the item as it is ‘Under Review’: “This product is not currently offered by because a customer recently told us that the item he or she received was not as described.

    We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you may still find this product available from other sellers on this page.”

    • michel

      Probably just a case of some lackey packing the wrong camera into the box. Maybe he sent her a D700 instead of a D7000. I might see if they have any stocks of D80 left over ๐Ÿ™‚

      • BartyL


  • Udo

    When this would be true, why they donยดt set the D7000 with the kit lenses to discontinued. That makes no sense and is definitely a mistake.

  • Noir

    Hmm, the “discontinued” Mark is gone on the page, but still present on

    • Rudi

      timezone man, timezone! I don’t think amazon has one central server worldwide!

      • Rudi

        btw. was just looking and everything is fine on D7000 is on store and no hint that it is discontinued….

        • No Me Conoces

          It is still listed as discontinued on Just checked now. You have to scroll down to “Produktinformationen” where it say in german “Auslaufartikel (Produktion durch Hersteller eingestellt): Ja”

      • shane

        Royl, whmitty

        Thanks so much for your on topic contribution…

        Full frame or crop is a pretty common question for photographers to pose in my book, tied in most cases to aesthetics versus cost.

        And I am quite intelligent so rest assured I can manage the learning curve of a new camera without the need to spill any tears.

        But hey, you have a great day.

        • BartyL

          That would have worked so much better if you’d actually replied to either Royl or whmitty.

          • Shane


            Correct, but that’s what happens when you try to navigate a Blackberry to respond… three failed attempts later I still could not get it right!

            However, I am not spilling any tears ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • The End is Nigh

    Apart from D3200, DX will soon be discontinued everywhere……….

    • Shawn

      Nikon is definitely going to discontinue DX, I mean Canon is obviously better suited to fulfill all those millions and millions of sub $1200 DSLR orders. Nikon must really be gunning for that #3 top camera manufacturer spot, and they’ll get it too when they cede the #2 spot to Sony.

      Obviously this is sarcasm. Nikon hasn’t done a great job supporting DX, but they have given us a few great DX bodies and lenses. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to give up a high volume market to Sony and Canon. Heck, if their P&S strategy is any indicator, I expect MORE DX bodies forthcoming!

      Also I don’t understand why everyone thinks FX is for everyone. How many amateurs would be ripsh*t when they can’t take a picture of more than one person at a time because they get paper thin DOF at f/8. FX is great, but it’s not for everyone.

      • The End Is Nigh

        I use both DX and FX.

        D300 for the reduced field of view at the the long end and D3s when the D300 AF can’t cope or the ISO is north of 800.

        I hope I’m wrong, but the logic of Nikon’s recent teatment of DX is that there will be no D300 replacement. Nothing else adequately explains their putting the new 24mp sensor in the base model. That’s it. No more DX above D3200.

        Who ever said that Nikon’s marketing or PR made any sense?

        • Shawn

          Maybe they will normalize the sensor in all the DX models (to 24mpx), and just sell the bodies based on features and software. Canon seems to have settled on 18mpx for all their APS-C models.

          Why not? They’ve reached the point of diminishing returns on a crop sensor. The megapixel “war” seems to be over (Canon fanboys being the first to admit it after hearing of the D800), after all 18 to 24 is only a 16% increase.

          Having just one sensor to manufacture makes it cheaper and easier and probably would increase profit margins.

          It’s just a thought, I don’t really know what they’ll do.

          • bigfast glass

            Dude, where did you learn math 18 to 24 is over a 30% increase

            • plug

              The square root of 24/18 is approx. 1.16. To 3 sig figs he should have said, linearly speaking, 15%. He should have made himself clearer, but a bit of thought by you might also have helped.

            • Shawn

              That’s what they call the megapixel myth. I thought it was well known that camera marketing departments chose to push “megapixels” as a measure to confuse novice buyers into buying higher resolution cameras than they really needed.

              Myth: 12 megapixels sounds twice as many as 6 megapixels
              Truth: 6 mpx is 3008×2000, 12 mpx is 4290×2800, that’s not even a 50% gain in image size vertically or horizontally

              Myth: 24 megapixels sounds like over 30% better than 18 megapixels
              Truth: 18 mpx is 5184×3456, 24 mpx is 6008×3995, that’s a whopping 824 pixels horizontally and 539 pixels vertically, both of which are only a 16% increase from 18mpx

              I think the rule is you have to quadruple the megapixels in order to double the image size. Sounds pretty misleading to me.

            • Shawn

              Yes, I should have said “linear” resolution, or “image size”.

        • Shawn

          Another thought came to me. Nikon knows we buy cameras not just for their MPX count or even their image quality, but for the features they offer (buttons and software). They use this to their advantage and our annoyance. Look at the D5100 and D7000 for example. Both have the same sensor, but different features. Since they have the same image quality, you’d think everyone would buy the cheaper model. Clearly not. Those extra buttons, dials, modes, and AF points are a deal maker for a lot of folks.

          This concept can reassure us that there will always be differentiation of models and probably at least 4 different APS-C product lines. I think the D600 is creating a new product line and not replacing any others.

          If they did choose to eliminate one product line, say the D300/400 series, perhaps it could be a consolidation of lines. Perhaps the D7100 will be bumped up to exceed the D300(S) in every way. Perhaps some of the D7000 features will trickle down into the D5200. Consolidation could be beneficial for consumers because it could give us more features for the same prices we’re paying now. That would make people like me very happy.

  • John Harding

    Obviously a factual error.

    • boisis

      yes I thinck so. this rumor concerns the 700 and not 7000

  • eggzz


    No “AF-issue”-idiots yet !!

    can’t be long though…..I guess within a couple of hours we’ll have them whining in his thread…..or maybe Canon assigned them to other tasks…..

    • Fred

      I guess that’s called ‘focusing on the future’?

      By not bringing out a D300(S) replacement I also think Nikon are saying ‘foc us’ to.

      This is an automated response, please do not reply to this email.

    • D800 AF no change

      Well, just for you.

      New D800 body arrived on Monday with the same old left AF problem.

      In transit back to the dealer as we squabble.

      • eggzz

        You never ordered, received or even touched a D800.

        You don’t even know how to check the focus-system and surely you wouldn’t post about it HERE, every day.

        What was this ? your 10th D800 with a “focus issue”….?

        Now go back to your Canon boss and tell him that people are laughing at you stupidity and resign.

  • alex

    I have just been on Canonrumors, they will release new printers soon …
    See, Canon too can focus acurately … on his job.

  • Dimitrii1130

    I expected the D7000 to stay for a few more years and the D7100 to be more “pro”, but now… if there is only the D7100 there is a high chance for a D400/500.

  • T.I.M

    The D7000 is replaced by the D600
    There will be NO D400

    Only the entry level DSLR will have DX sensor.

    Again, Nikon used FX sensor in his pro and high level DSLR because there was no “cheap” FX sensor available

    • Sam

      D700 and D3X is replaced by D800
      D90 is replaced by D7000 which will be replaced by D8000?
      D300s will be replaced with D600

      That’s what I think, no more DX pro bodies

    • Shawn

      I don’t believe this for a moment.

      1) D3200 is not feature rich enough to satisfy all users between D3200, D5100, and D7000.

      2) D600 is not cheap enough to replace the D7000

      3) As I said in an earlier post, Nikon is not stupid enough to cede a high volume market to Sony and Canon.

      4) Do folks here really believe Sony and Canon are better at making crop sensor DSLRs than Nikon? I don’t for a moment, but that’s what they would be saying if they just left this market.

      5) Nikon makes lots of crap that no one buys (reference: 25 different coolpix models now available for purchase), why would that be any different for DSLRs? People do buy them, Nikon is constantly on the top seller DSLR list on Amazon and those models sell out!

      I would believe you completely if the following were true:
      1) Nikon releases a full feature DX camera with nearly all the options between D3200 and D7000 (though maybe not rugged construction).
      2) D600 were priced at around $1200

      This is a bad strategy unless you price these models lower than your lowest competitor. Do you really want to lose potential customers because you don’t have a camera that fits their budget? The big 3 all have 4 cameras in the same crop sensor range:
      Nikon: D3200, D5100, D7000, D300S
      Sony: A37, A57, A65, A77
      Canon: T3, T4i, 60D, 7D

      If any of this wild death of DX speculation ever came true, then I actually would HAVE TO switch brands. Seriously, if Nikon no longer made a camera that met my needs, fit my budget, or worked fully with my lenses, how could I give them my money?

      Most people making this speculation probably don’t own DX. I can tell you from experience that the D3200 is nice but it’s not in the same league as even the D5100.

      • Shawn

        I think I may have been responding to more than one post at a time, so I apologize if I appear to have misread some of you. I’m responding to the concept that there will only be one DX body going forward.

      • Shawn

        Heck, even if the D5100 becomes highest level DX body, then I am sorry that I will have to look for another brand to satisfy the price difference between the D5100 and D600. The D5100 is not enough for me, but the D600 is too expensive for me. The D7000 was the perfect price range (still a reach for me, but one I was willing to wait and stretch to reach).

        Now, if the D5200 comes out with 50 point AF (all cross point sensors), magnesium alloy weather sealed body, 3 custom User modes, 6FPS, all the metering and focus options available via buttons on the body, external battery grip with wheels and control pad, and all at the same price point as the D5100 then COUNT ME IN! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ben

          That is a good point. nikon is shifting the models around.
          If the low end d3200 is 24Mp with audio in put for video, then the d5200 will move up in features.

      • plug

        Well said. I do a lot of bird/wildlife stuff, particularly in Africa. A top end DX body with high build quality, fast fps, top quality autofocus etc. ie a D300s replacement is a very strong desire. I have a D800: great. But a D400 with the speed and reach with a 300f4 and 80-200f2.8 + teleconverters would be amazing. Actually I have the latest 300f2.8 but halfway up mountains it is bloody heavy and the D800 pixel count is overkill. High end DX is so much more logical.
        There must be many more like me. Bring on the 300f4 DO. If Nikon think that by restricting pro bodies to FX is clever, that everyone can afford the big supertelephotos, then they are, to their discredit and cost, taking the piss.

      • D400


      • umesh

        I think that nikon is trying to be HTC phones equivalent in cameras. Caring only about high end fx market . For easy money they are catering to p&s .

  • I just went to the Amazon site and looked up the D700. There is no mention of it being discontinued there. I have worked in the photo retail industry for 12 years. It’s been my experience that Nikon does not discontinue a product for some time after a replacement model has been introduced. I have seen this happen again and again. They may stop manufacturing it, but they don’t officially discontinue it. Look how long it took them to remove the D90 from the active list!

  • Francesc Genovรฉ

    Amazon Spain has only two for sale. Kinda creepy.

  • Not Happy with ADMIN

    By now you know this was an error, the one discontinued is the D700!
    But you don’t update your post nor remove it just letting people chat about an empty topic: is this to keep people visting? I’m not having fun losing time here!

    • Leadwrist

      Admin posted an article that simply stated a website had flagged the D7000 as discontinued. Regardless if Amazon made a mistake it is still news and the Admin is correct in reporting it. Just because Amazon fixed it doesn’t mean the story is less relevant. As for people yammering on about this, well they have nothing better to do…

      • mark

        Well, admin always updated when the error is fixed. but in this case, he just deliberately avoided it….stirring the pot

        • No Me Conoces

          The error is not corrected yet in The d7000 is in stock, yes, but still marked as discontinued by manufacturer.

        • no, I was just offline for a while

  • ISP

    I am very happy with your work Admin ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nikon Reality

      So is Nikon, that’s why we keep feeding him!!!!!!!!

  • Yagion

    Click on Admin’s link. It says “IN STOCK”

    • Yagion

      My bad. I didn’t scroll down to see “discontinued” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BryanL

    Maybe it is not a mistake,,, and some idiot didn’t get the time frame memo to list it discontinued… Yes d700,,but d7000 is coming to and end as well…It was such a popular camera from Nikon,,,but the new d7100-or d8000 is coming…24 mp but built like the d7000.. If u are thinking of getting rid of your d7000.. now might be the time to do is lower even now with rebates.. I was gonna get rid of mine when I got my D800,,,but it has been such a great camera…I decided to keep to say anything now Nikon makes,,(with exception to D4),,is gonna be either 24mp or more…

  • JonMcG

    I don’t understand why all the DX fanboy and lovers dont just buy a D800, put it in DX mode an enjoy 6fps along with a great 16Mp + resolution… It comes with the bonus of being a free FX upgrade if/when you want it..

    • ben

      cost is too high for them.

    • Phil

      Errm. Probably because it’ll sting them around 3K for the privilege you absolute imbecile.


    • enesunkie

      Because size and price is important to us. If size and price are irrelevent to you, does this mean you have a D4?

      • KnightPhoto

        Size Price and digital reach of DX are all important to various buyers. I have a D4 and I absolutely positively want a D400. My primary kit would then be D4 and D400.

        It frustrates me that all these non-sports shooter, non-wildlife shooters think DX is dead because an affordable FX is on the horizon or we can just get a D800E. Top-end DX isn’t dead. Thom’s posts elsewhere in this thread are bang-on.

        And don’t give us D400-awaiters some argument about 300mm f/2.8 pea-shooters and using a longer lens. The big glass shooters are not a market segment that Nikon should dare lose again. Who do you think buys the 500, 600, and future 800’s? Nikon knows this. Or at least they better!

        And the 7D is not a great alternative, so let’s not go there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Smudger

          Totally agree, and I would add:

          It frustrates me that NIKON thinks DX is dead because an affordable FX is on the horizon or we can just get a D800E

    • D400



    • No Me Conoces

      A DX body has still its advantages over FX and not only in the price area. The whole system (DX body + DX lens) is much lighter and compacter than FX.

      If I’m in vacation and want a dslr to carry around the whole day, I surely would prefer a D5100 (560g) + say an 18-105 (420g) than a D800 (1000g) + a 24-120/4 (710g).

      • No Me Conoces

        BTW I bought the Sony RX100 exactly for this reason. Its very light and compact and still very powerful. I always carry it with me even when I go to office, something that I can’t do with my D7000, and the jpeg quality out of this camera is unbelievable! Looking forward to test its RAW files when LR adds support to it.

    • SKartch

      I have both the D800 and the D7000. The thing that never seems to be mentioned in this discussion is that the DX image size in the D800 viewfinder is MUCH smaller than what is seen through the D7000 viewfinder. So while the D800 can shoot in DX mode and have close to the effective pixel pitch of the D7000 in DX mode, the DX shooting experience with the D800 is simply not as pleasant as with the D7000.

      • babola

        Yup, it’s because the field of view fills the full frame of the viewfinder in D7000 and only a small portion in the middle of the D800 viefinder when in DX mode, with either unsightly border or black frame around the DX area. I also have both D800 and D7000 and noticed this as well. For that reason among others I decided to keep the D7000 at least for little longer.

  • Steve Starr

    Looks like it was meant for the D700 as it is no longer shown on the Nikon home website. D7000 is still there.

    • KT

      I’m surprised the D3s is still there, wasn’t there an announcement just a couple of months ago the D3s was no longer in production?

  • John

    I’d love a new D7100 with a new 16-85 DX II.

  • neversink

    Anyone want to buy my D7000…. I have no need for DX anymore….

  • Epic fail, as they say.

  • Miss J

    Last d400 rumor was June ( July?) 12 2012 it gave full specs on the camera and mentions fall, late fall announcement. These specs were not the same as the d600.
    I have not given up hope, nor do I believe DX is dead.
    Just to give hope to the rest of you d400 folks. Someone out there is test driving one now.
    D7000 still not on the nikon USA store line up. Perhaps they are making room for the d600 and d7000 replacement or d400.

  • georg

    It is still listed as discontinued on 25.8.2012 22:40 UTC+1

    I hope this is true, which means there is a new DX body on the horizon. I agree that DX need a professional body (D400?) too, but for me a replacement of the D7000 would be enough.

    And yes, it is because of the small body and the reach, because I personally do not like the handling and battery life of the D800 and will stick with D700. I would definitely take a close look to a new (D7xxx whatever) DX body with improved sensor and AF. I shoot outdoor and need small and light gear – and better batteries.

    Nevertheless I want a mirrorless DX and FX body ASAP. :o)

    • neversink

      Each to their own. I love the D800.
      D700 was a great camera, but the IQ is definitely light years behind the new D800 and D4 — which I also love to shoot with.

      Why go backwards.
      PS.. There is no more reach with DX than with FX, particularly with the D800. It would be better to shoot with the D800 and crop for more reach, than to shoot with the D7000 DX….

      • georg

        “D700 was a great camera, but the IQ is definitely light years behind the new D800 and D4”
        For sure. But if you ever try the handling of other cameras, it is my personal opinion that Nikon did a huge step backwards compared to D700, D7000 and 5D. Just my opinion, others may have a different point of view.

        “There is no more reach with DX than with FX, particularly with the D800. It would be better to shoot with the D800 and crop for more reach, than to shoot with the D7000 DXโ€ฆ.”
        I wrote above, that D800 is no choice for me, because of handling, and – don’ forget that – costs.
        If the replacement of the D7000 meets and/or excels some minimum specs (eg. light sensitivity and noise, AF, handling, size, weight, battery life) I definitely will prefer this to a FX body which does not meet my personal requirements.

        Just my 2 cents.

        Nevertheless I want a mirrorless DX and FX body ASAP. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • neversink

          @ Georg
          We just have different needs. I still stand by the reasoning that the D700 is dead (although a great camera which I am probably holding on to.) and that with the D800 I feel DX is history (at least for me.) The D4 is a beautiful camera, although I have no idea why Nikon refuses to have decent custom settings banks that are easy to use and can be easily saved and are quickly accessible. Nikon needs to concentrate on this aspect. But I still love shooting with my Nikons….

  • maddin
  • boisis

    I thinck it’s a mistake,the rumor concern the 700 and not the 7000

  • MB

    D7000 / AF-S DX 18-105 VR Kit is not discontinued but is also offered on from 2007 or 3 years before it was actually announced ny Nikon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mapper65
  • Mapper65
  • International

    Uh… for the Americans in the audience… means Amazon Deutschland (that’s Germany to you). In Germany they speak…. German! Not American.

    So the screenshot is a total fake.

  • KnightPhoto

    I noticed a $996 D7000 Ad on dpreview yesterday from Amazon.Com

    To me this low of a price would imply something is indeed up with the D7000 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I guess its also possible Nikon is just being aggressive with sales. Interesting…

  • I noticed the $200 price drop at Adorama also. Not a bad price for such a great little camera.

    I think Nikon is probably heading to just FX cameras…with maybe 1 or 2 DX in the lineup for those nature/action photographers who want the extra reach the crop bodies offer.

  • Markus

    Now the D7000 body is available again on

    • georg

      Yep. The “discontinued mark” was removed.

  • pframpton

    I have my cursor on the ‘add to cart’ button just waiting for the D300s price to drop as soon as the replacement is announced…$1700 is ridiculous for this body

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