Nikon D700 is gone in the US

The Nikon D700 is already listed as discontinued at B&H and is out of stock at Adorama and almost every other major US retailer (Samy's, OneCall, Cameta, Abe's). You may be able to find some D700 at Amazon from third party retailers. J&R indicates on their website that they have some on order, but I think this is a mistake, the D700 is now gone... forever.

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  • mike

    RIP D700.

    • texasjoe

      RIP??? Like hell it is! Both my D700s are working harder than ever. 60 weddings with the same of bridals/engagements this year and they are holding up like champs with no sign of slowing down.

      • Troll 3.14159265359

        U mad bro?

        • James

          D800 AF issue still rampant.

          Ordered one in mid July. It had the left focus problem. Sent it back for refund. Ordered another one in late July. Same thing–left focus issue. Also sent back for refund. Amazon customer service is excellent about this, but it’s still frustrating and time consuming. It’s a shame they can’t test for this before they ship them out.

          Still want a D800–but at full price, just want a defect-free one out of the box. Will try again in a month or so. Apart from the focus issue, it’s a remarkable camera. If its durable, it will be well worth the money.

          • D800 FAIL Big Time!

            My camera was defective as well, the left focus point is terribly miscollaborated especially on the 14-24.

            In my opinion, which might be wrong, all D800-d800e are defective but some folks just don’t do proper testing or don’t need manual focus point accuracy, such as landscape photogs. If you want to get the full use of your camera and want to reserve the possibility of doing macro or advertising work, you gotta verify your focus sensors. The camera is basically 3/4 good to go.

            Either way, it is very frustrating and be-angering after waiting a million years, you get a defective 3k camera. I am currently awaiting a response from Amazon costumer service.

            • Mike

              I am returning my second D800 because of the widely reported bad left focus point. Unfortunately, Nikon is still producing defective cameras and has not fixed the problem.

              Besides the poor quality control, the camera has wonderful ergonomics. I wish they would fix the problem.

              As a side note, Amazon has been great at returning and replacing the product and covering shipping costs.

          • f off trolls

            You never owned a camera and You work in Canon’s marketing department.

            By postiing your BS in EVERY thread regardless of subject, you look like retards, campaigning by payment.

            You cant be taken seriously.

            Take your imaginary D800’s and get them fixed at Nikon and then shut the F…. up.

            If you where photographers you wouldn’t have time to sit and post diarrhoea every day.

            Go back to your Canon P&S!

            • Arkasai


              I’m pretty sure a lot of these people are paid to astro-turf for Canon. I doubt you’ll see any of the above D800 ‘owners’ respond with proof of their repeated faulty purchases. The fact that they keep popping up similarly worded in nearly every article, D800 related or not, is pretty ridiculous.

      • LP

        Hey Texas Joe, you mad? Take a chamomile tea and relax.

        • texasjoe

          Not mad. Just that my D700’s like tanks. I’ll get a D3s when go out but I’m not shelling out for a D4. I’m allergic to tea ๐Ÿ™

      • porkchop

        60 weddings a year? Dont get me wrong the D700 still takes great photos but if I was doing 60 or so paid events a year I would be sporting a D4.

        • Why fix what ain’t broke?

          • porkchop

            You ask why? Well the way I see it if you really are pulling off 60 paid events a year that is pretty much a business. Like any business you 1. can claim some investment on tax 2. You need to stay ahead of the competition.

            • Fal

              Stay ahead of the competition in what? 16mp? 11Fps? Video?

              Business is not about having the latest tech to stay a head. It’s about getting results to stay ahead. I know pros that use D7000 for weddings. Why? Cause they get the job done. Brides don’t care what camera you used, they care about the end results.

            • porkchop


              Yeah it all adds up, plus low light. Probably not 11fps for a wedding.

            • Fal

              If you can justify spending so much just a have a few stops more in low light then by all means.

              You have no idea how hard life weddings photog is. Read the post below.

            • BW

              Business is about making a profit. It is not about which camera you own, how big your studio is, how many employees you have or your gross billings. The ultimate goal work less and make more! Spend too much on cameras and work more , makes no sense to me! If a D700 does the job and the clients are happy your all set!

            • Lord Vader

              +1 for Fal

            • dwd

              D700 is 35oz. D4 is 42oz., now carry it around all day, times 60. Take it even further and you’ll see why a lot of event photographers like shooting with a D7000, it literally is a pain in the neck to carry the bigger bodies.

        • Nikon Shooter

          Budget weddings is the new trend (the high-end photographers that I know don’t shoot even a third of what he is shooting in a year). It’s very likely that after taxes and all the expenses he won’t even break $35k-$40k. That’s barely enough to buy new shutters for his D700s let alone a couple of D4s if we take the living expenses into account.

          Times are tough on the wedding photography front. I know guys who shoot 100 weddings a year and barely make ends meet (granted they are working for somebody else.)

          Digital wannabes really fucked it up for everyone. Funny thing is most people are too ignorant to tell the difference anyway unless their wedding photographs are completely ruined, but by that time it’s already too late.

          • We shoot around 10 weddings a year with a pair of D700s. Can’t imagine doing 60. Work life balance and all…

          • +1

            • texasjoe

              Well 60 was this year trying to move up the ladder with different photo companies. Next year I’ll relax and do less. But also not all were full “Saturday” weddings. About 15-20 are small weekday venue weddings.

    • pierre wajeman

      RIP D700 or Texas Joe and his weddings…

      Who cares ?

      D700 is out of stock in Europe and in Japan for a long time… and what ?

      • umesh

        Discontinued was the word.

    • KnightPhoto

      D700: Landmark camera!

  • OMR

    Welcome D600 and D400.

    • nuno santacana


      Anyway, D700 has been the best camera (all things considered) for many years. Way ahead of its time, so much so that even today is still one of the very best.

      • dwd

        I agree, it was/is very much the digital F100 that everyone had waited years and years for.

  • Andy

    Without even having a successor. Lame.

    • Brian

      No successor? What do you call the D800?

      • Brian : i call the D800 a toy for stupid rich people.

        • Jc

          I had the D700 2 years ago and have the D800 now, and I’m not even rich or stupid. Its amazing.

          • Andrew

            I think he is resentful of those who can afford the D800; and he is not aware that for many, it is a business investment to perform their craft/trade.

            • MegaMo

              Nikon said that the D800 isn’t the successor of the D700 (although the numbers make sense).
              We’ll have to wait then. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Foolishcfo

            Enjoy your Coolpix!

        • Andrew

          Good to know that the Pros have become rich. But “stupid”? You need to reboot your operating system, it seems to be failing!

        • ninpou_kobanashi


          • WYS

            ^ this. So many people seem so bitter about the average, non pros or rich buying a D800. What does it matter what other people buy?

          • ME

            Who cares what other people use to take shouldn’t affect any of your lives whatsoever. If you do care then you really need to get your head checked. What people use only affect them, not you.

        • Rich?

          What do you call the Leica M9 then?!

          • Calibrator

            The M9 is for old people with too much money.
            The special editions from Leica are for rich people and investors that don’t actually use them but will sell them with profit.
            They are luxury goods more than anything else.

        • john stevens

          I guess I am rich..but not stupid…If you want to continue to buy out of date products from Nikon..go for it.

        • I dunno. It seem to be the best camera I have ever used. To each their own.

        • haters gonna hate …
          36 MP, who need it ? some pros ? for landscape ? Studio ? ok i agree, its a good thing.
          But the average personn with a D800 dont need this sensor.
          Pro with D800 ? Dont have seen any. Only D4.
          I was waiting for a D700S, and the 5D MIII did it.
          D600 is not enough, D800 is too much.
          I keep my D700 and wait.

          • I’m with you, bro. 5D MkIII is more D700 replacement than D800. Sadly, there’s no sign of coming a D4>D710 downgrade, so it seems we should stay with our D700s for a next few years. D700 is gorgeous and I’m loving it more and more.

          • By the way, D700 was the reason why I switched from Canon.

          • Michael

            What did Canon do? Absolutely no increase in resolution or image quality. The D800 trumps it in every single category except FPS, and yet its cheaper than the Canon.

            • Michael Laing

              Canon decided to go down a different route. The 5Dmk3 is a more all round camera now than the D800 and is much closer to what many D700 owners wanted. The D800 is great but slightly less, an all round camera and I say this as a D800 owner.

          • just a

            …but I have not heard anyone with a D800 complain. I own a d700, d800 and a 5dmkII and have serious glass and I find a use for all of them. If you don’t own a D800, how can you complain about it?

            • Rikard


              And where are all D1/D2 owners? Do they complain about D700!

              If the D800 had more fps, I guess nobody would complain, even those who still not have a D800 ๐Ÿ™‚

              Come on! D700, D800 etc is great cameras! Stick with what you have, and be glad. Buy a new if you want (and can afford), and be glad as well!

          • George Altus

            I own a Porsche 939 but I’m not Mario Andretti.
            I buy because I can.

            • Banned

              Wait wasn’t that the poor man’s Porsche that looked and performed like a Toyota?

          • john stevens

            It is nice to have dreams…No there is no D700s coming. The Nikon D600 will be announced in a few weeks.

        • Joe Jaro

          Brian, what a silly observation. Professionals are opting for the D800 because if provides them with a (cheaper) alternative for a medium frame. It has one of the best sensors ever made.
          If others (non-professionals) want to buy them, hey why not. For some this is like spending a fortune on it. For others (whom you call rich) not.

        • Ricardo Sรก

          “…i call the D800 a toy for stupid rich people.”
          What the hell of a comment is that?
          Have you had one in your hands and tried it at least?
          I think the only stupid thing here is your comment…

        • CajunCC

          Ooooo, I like this game.

          What do you call the F100?

        • jorg


  • deacondavid

    My D700 remains the best camera I have ever owned. Sadly, neither the D4 (too heavy and too expensive, plus the weird and hard-to-fill XQD card slot) nor the D800 (36MP with no improvement in ISO does nothing for me) really works as a viable replacement for it.

    Curious to see if the long-rumored D600 might be able to be able to shove the D700 to back-up body status or serve as a reasonable second body.

    • bratvlad

      I doubt D600 will replace D700. Small body like the D7000 and SD cards is not making me buying the camera if it ever be released.

      • PHB

        I much prefer the SD format to Compact Flash. I have a slot for SD cards on my MacBook Pro, CF requires an adapter. SD cards are cheaper and available in more than adequate capacities for my needs (32Gb). The Class 10 cards are more than fast enough for still photography.

        Other than the snob factor, there really isn’t anything to be said for CF these days. Sure I have half a dozen of them I still use, but it is a couple of years since I last bought one and so the largest is only 8Gb anyway.

        I have been using CF cards since the D1 days. They are more than overdue for retirement with their easily bent pins and their huge form factor.

        • BartyL

          +1 WRT CF cards.

          At the rumoured price-point a D600 with D7000 construction & twin SD cards will be perfect for my needs.

        • WYS

          Completely agree, one less thing to carry around is a good thing.

        • Joe

          I lost that write protection pad of an SD card the other day because it just fell off in the middle of nowhere. Too bad, no more writing new images to the card. And another SD card just fell to pieces. Both where quality Sandisks. No, I really prefer CF.

    • Thom’s #1 fan

      D800 has no improvement to the ISO?!

      Are you kidding me?!

      You obviously don’t understand how ISO/printing is measured. You need to compare prints/same file sizes not look at it at 100% full size.

      D800 downsized to 12MP DESTROYS the D700’s high iso. Also even at “the same” iso it can be cropped an amazing amount and still have more resolution than the D700.

      You need to look into this again bro.

      • People miss this simple truth.

      • Drazen B

        Spot on, brother…

      • gsum

        Agreed but shooting with the D800 in FF small (about 9mp) or FF medium (about 19mp) gives even cleaner high-ISO results than downsizing as the pixels are combined in-camera.

        • WHat u mean?

          Wrong camera. D800 doesn’t have these modes.

        • Lost Me

          The size and resolution options are for JPEG only… If the D800 had RAW size options, I would look at it again and scratch me chin.

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            Downsizing = taking more information in the first place and producing a smaller image

            Cropping = never taking the information in the first place
            Canon provides two options for small RAW images. The sRAW 1 setting produces a RAW file that has about half of the total number of pixels from the imaging sensor.

            The sRAW 2 setting provides the lowest resolution RAW image possible (at about a fourth of the total number of pixels.

            Nikon folks can just use DX mode instead.

      • Yes. But if you downsize to half or the same size as 12mp of D700, u will lose the resolution advantage if you do cropping.

        Another thing is, why only now you wanna talk about downsizing? Why not when the D3X was launched?

        Peopleare trying to make D800 performs like a superman, where obviously it isn’t. I’m happily shooting my D800 at full resolution. Or at DX mode, only when i need to multiply reach with my zoom, not just because i wanna make the iso better than D700. Seriously, no point buying 38MP to do that..

  • tony

    Welcome D710

  • Anonymous Coward

    Still listed on and available (refurb) in the Nikon online store. Get ’em while they’re hot (er old and cold).

  • Well now. This is interesting. I’m REALLY hoping that the D600 isn’t the D700 successor as an “entry-level FX” model. If so, I smell a fourth FX line in the works with the D3s sensor or similar.


  • Nikon Shooter

    You won’t be missed.

    Long live D800!

    As well as now quite affordable used D3s.

    • comparing the D700 to the D800 is just STUPID. Nevermind comparing the D800 to the D3S.

      • Nikon Shooter

        Dude, you shoot with a D7000 (per your website), yet you are somehow a D800 and a D3s expert as well as superior to me? Think twice before calling someone else stupid.

        Btw, I am qualified to say that your website is really stupid. One more thing, and don’t take this the wrong way since more than likely you are just an aspiring amateur, but I’d be embarrassed to show what you’ve shown as your best work. Awfully framed, noisy, pretentious garbage is a one-sentence summary of your accomplishments. It’s 2012 yet you still don’t know how to edit. Is it because you’re lazy or just stupid? My guess is a little bit of both.

        My critique usually costs money, so you’re welcome Jerry Milton of Central Texas Area.

        • Jon Jones

          Dude, there is also a picture of a D700. Kook.

        • Ad hominem

          Attack the argument not the man.

        • Critique Man

          Post your website bro. We can all give you free critiques.

          • Nikon Shooter

            I don’t think I would get a fair one after my angry outburst ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • gsum

              You’re probably right although I wouldn’t use the word ‘angry’ to describe your tantrum. ‘Ridiculous’ would me more appropriate.

        • How are you guys seeing any photos? All I see from the link is a picture of a bed, and one of a couple by a window. Nothing else..


          • So it wasn’t just me who couldn’t find more than three photos?

          • BartyL

            When I went to the site I saw the images you saw, plus a few others scrolled by, a girl-couple on a lawn and some interior shots (of buildings, not the girls) and a guitar player.

            Also, one of Slayer live for which I will give him a bonus point for being into Slayer.

            • Michael

              Agreed! Slayer shot definitely gets bonus points.

          • It takes forever to open this site…

        • Fred

          Your response just shows what menatality you have. Maybe you’re one of those that upgraded from a 1 MP mobile phone camera to a D800?
          Seems that there plenty that have.
          “I just got my D800 now I are a pofessional fotografer. Here’s a picture of my cat, look, you can even see his eyes! The camera is presise, aren’t I great?”
          or how about “I just unboxed my D800! How do I switch it on?”
          Ergo, many of the D800 photos posted on websites are some of the worst I’ve seen – ever.
          It’s the photographer, not the equipment that makes great photographs.
          D800 is a good camera (when it works to spec) but it’s not a panacea.
          This advice comes free.

        • Anders

          I don’t mind people post unders pseudonyms as “anonymous”, “Nikon F**kers”, or C*ck shooters”. I usually do it myself, but you can’t count on people taking what you’re saying seriously, you dumb f*ck ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • damnyou

          aspiring ameteurs usually can’t get that close to Tom Araya

        • Mark

          Nikon Shooter, your type of comments are the reason I rarely visit this forum anymore. You must be a child or very defensive and filled with a deep sense of inferiority. Learn to appreciate that everyone has a dignity and everyone deserves respect. Maybe learning that lesson will lift your sense of inferiority.

  • Me

    Still a great camera. If none of the new september replacements are full magnesium pro size bodies, i’m going to try to pick up a new d700. Hopefully still available somewhere!!

    • BartyL

      I agree that brand-new is preferable, but second hand ones with less than 10k clicks are commonly available on eBay. These cameras have a lot of life left in them and will probably still be turning up for sale for another 12 months (some folk seem to spend a lot of money on gear they hardly use).

  • Will Christiansen

    If you’re looking to buy one, I’m selling one one eBay ๐Ÿ™‚

    27k actuations.

  • Art

    Not gone forever … yet.

    If one of you NR readers out there will make a commitment to buy say 10,000 D700 bodies, I’m sure that Nikon would be happy to make a special run just for you! (You could probably even convince them to throw in a set of the “holy trinity” lenses as a perk.)

    Any takers?

  • John

    I bought a brand new D700 from Adorama back in June. Fabulous low light rig. I’m using the 700 on all landscapes now, The D7K on floral and bird shots. Makes for a nice combo for what I do. Would love to add the D600 if it ever comes to pass. Small body doesn’t bother me. Full frame wither 24 mp would be ideal. Cheers

  • peteee363

    i really love my d700, but i must believe a d800 or a d600 might also be impressive over the now 4 year old technology. but as a digital camera, i must agree the best digital camera i have ever owned. some of the images i get are so impressive, and super sharp. 20 years from now i am positive i will speak of the good old days, like i do now about my nikon fa shooting days.

  • Tim Shahady

    R.I.P D700 . Even with the D800, this is my more trusted camera.

  • Andrew

    Then the D600 must be the D700’s replacement. It is time to see the D600’s specs. But would Nikon put the D700’s replacement in a D7000 body?

  • is the bottleneck in the production of Nikon (post tragedies of nature) another camera equivalent d700 surely only next year. I’ll wait.

  • T-om

    I just checked here in Canadian online stores, while it’s still listed as available on the Nikon site shops such as Henry’s, Future Shop, Best Buy, and a few locals no longer show it as available.

    Exciting times ahead, and with D700 prices dropping ๐Ÿ˜€

  • T.I.M

    The D800 is gone, discontinued at B&H and Adorama, the new D900 with it’s 48MP is now replacing the old D800.
    But the D900 is still out of stock at B&H (nine months after it’s release).

    • Andrew

      Then it is time to upgrade to the D600… I will pick mine up on Monday.

      • Drazen B

        You lucky sod you…my D600 son’t be in before next Wednesday ๐Ÿ™

        Can’t wait to hold that baby in my hands, finally!

  • Remco

    It is still listed on the Nikon site in the Netherlands as a current model, but according to price compare sites almost no shop has it listed, and those who do, have no stock. No European Amazon shop has it, it is only available by resellers.

    Can’t be long before Nikon annouces something to new ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rob

    I was hoping the D700 would stick around for a bit longer. Based on what Nikon said that the D800 wasnt a replacement I would assumed that would be the case. Canon is still selling the 5D2 and lowering the price at the same time.

    I want to sell my D300s and go full frame but I like the ruggedness of the D700 but cant afford a D800. I sure hope there is a D710 or something down the road.

  • Rich in TX

    the D700 is a great camera. I loved it. Sold mine a year ago and saved up for the D800 which I have been using for a couple months now. I can honestly say those of you who dont think the D800 is a worthy successor to the D700 are smoking crack.
    The D800 is better in every single way, and in most cases, much better.
    So far I am loving the video and the USB 3.0. And it does better in low light than the D700 did. Some of you must simply be jealous.
    I hope someone doesnt rip my photos like the last dude who made someone mad lol

  • Damn.

    I want a semi-pro body like the D700. I don’t want 36Mp, nor do I want a “Entry Level” FX body. I’m sick of only being able to afford “Entry Level” gear. I want something to hold me over until I can save enough money for a D5. I was hoping to buy a new D700 in the near future, but it looks like I’m going to be forced to head to the used market.

    I know, first world problems.

    • Andrew

      Brian, Nikon has been on a roll, haven’t you noticed? Think of all the major new releases and pending one: Nikon 1, D4, D800, D3200, and next the D600. OK, it makes sense that the next release after the D600 will be between January and March of next year. By that time they most likely will come out with a baby D4 with the same 16 MP sensor. That might be the camera you are looking for. But of course you will have to wait a few more months. But then again, Nikon might surprise you with the D600 having specs that improves on every conceivable D700 spec.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    Bought a D700 in March after the D800 was announced. Impressive for sure. Planning to get a D800 sometime early next year. I dont know if the left focus issue is genuine or just made up. But it does worry me that Nikon’s QC is not up to scratch. I mean if I wanted to buy a product today I would want it to be working perfectly straight out of the box. I dont want tot send it back for repairs and then hope they get it right. Some of you can live with this… but i’m sure most cant. I dont know if D800 is a true successor to the D700 or not (i dont wanna get involved in that discussion)… but given the line up right now if I was to upgrade from my D700 today it would be the D800. But thats just me. I dont shoot sports.

    • D800 and D800E owner

      If you want it, then buy the D800/E.

      I recommend the E to all photographers. The D800 if you want to shoot serious video – meaning moire might bother you in video. The D800E is better for photography for sure. You can see the sharpness difference and because it needs less sharpening than the D800 you get less sharpening artifacts and therefore can add more noise reduction if needed. I owned the D800 first and loved it so much I sold my D3s and bought the D800E. The D800e is better for photos but the D800 I keep as a second still camera and as a video camera (I do both stills and video, my main video camera being a Canon XF300).

      Don’t let the reported issues scare you. There’s many more very happy D800/e users than the handful that got problem cameras (or THINK they have problem cameras… let’s just say 36MP shows up the mistakes you didn’t think you were making).

      • Doesn’t Matter

        Don’t have the money mate. :)). Just a hobby photographer.

    • Ric


      • KnightPhoto

        What does “Drink!” mean? Can someone please spell this out (see it commonly here ) in detail?

        • BartyL

          Ric invented a drinking game. Every time someone brings up ‘a certain issue’ with the D800 (you know the one I mean), you have to drink.

          • KnightPhoto

            OK, then Drink! it is ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • jaderiver

    Well, i just sold my 3yrs old D700. Great camera for ISO performance and great ergonomic control. SC 150K. Well used. Hopefully there will be a D700s or something…

    • ATXrich

      I knew this day would come. I bought a used D700 a couple months after the D800 was announced. The picture quality and overall performance of the body is a huge step up over my D90 kit. Other than the added weight and bulk, I love-love-love this camera.

      The D700 is a classic and revolutionary camera for Nikon. Though I’d wished Nikon would have introduced a D700s with the D3s’s sensor, video capabilities, and locking dual card slot, I love my D700!

  • Neutronman

    The D700 isn’t gone forever. In fact, there is one sitting next to me right now… next to its’ buddy, the D4 ; )

  • Paul Bonnichsen

    I’m sure Nikon has it’s reasons for discontinuing the D700… but I guarantee it is one great camera that I use for my commercial photography. Many have posted about the D800 and while I’m sure it will be a great camera once Nikon gets the focusing problems adjusted, the D700 and RB67 will remain in my lineup of commercial cameras.

  • John

    Glad I got my D700 the day it was marked down to $2199… knew they were blowing out inventory and jumped on it. Awesome rig and just a stellar performer all the way around.

    Btw, there are some really poor attitudes in this thread. Take pride in your hobby/profession and help other photogs out rather than calling them jealous or poor. We all have equipment envy from time to time no matter what the skill level.

    • JohnT

      Likewise, calling people who buy a D800 “stupid rich people” (not you but still the other side of this) shows a poor attitude Sure, I’d prefer a D800 or D4 over my D7000, but I’m happy for those that have one already and can provide information about it so I’ll be better prepared when I hopefully upgrade one day. Jealousy does no one any good, especially not the jealous.

  • D700 was a hell of a line, proud of Nikon for producing it. Might be hard to remember today but it was brave at the time to produce a 12.1 MP camera in order to deliver such quality without compromising. And quite impressive how long it lasted as a flagship. But time ticks on, very excited to see what is in store!

    • umesh

      Sadly there is nothing available in STORE(pun intended). (If you think that D800 is not it. )
      -A D800e owner.

  • JR

    The D600 will only wish that it could become the studly workhorse the D700 is and will remain to be!

    • Hopeless but alive

      I don’t think so. I think D600 will have a D7000-type body. Great IQ for sure, but cheaper construction, tiny buffer, smaller viewfinder and some crippled features in order not to compete against D800.

  • Michael

    Why do all these people always get in pointless arguments on here. Hah, Hopefully a d600 will be on the way!

  • I sold mine right after I got my D800. It was a truly great camera and its long production run was totally justified.

  • I dropped my D800 off at Nikon to get the focus fix. They have a display of “current Nikon Products.” I noticed a weird thing: They still have the D700 on display, but no D800. I guess the curator needs to get to curating!

  • neversink

    The D700 is dead. To me, it looks like the D4 and D800 have replaced it. Take your pick. It doesn’t matter. The D700 and D3s had the same sensor. The D700 is dead. RIP….

    Long live the new King, but is the new king the D4 or D800???

    I loved my D700 and D3S .. sold the the D3S… Kept the D700 as backup. Beautiful camera it was. But the D800 is lightyears ahead of the D700 in IQ and so is the D4, compared ot the D3s (which is basically one and the same as the D700). I use both the D4 and D800 for my pro work and am thinking of getting the D800E. Not convinced it will actually be any better than the D800, but will rent one for a day or two.

    Look, I loved my Nikon Ftn,2 & 3, Leica M6, Mamiya RZPro, Hassy 500 cm, and my 4×5 but I rarely pick up film anymore. Occasionally I’ll load the Mamiya 7ii with some Tri-x or fuji print film — but not as often as I could.

  • Funduro

    Got my new D700 body on June 5, 2012.

    • Enduro

      The fun will endure, Funduro…

  • 103david

    Okay, everyone, one more time…the cameras are 100 percent disposable…invest in the lenses.

    • benji2505


    • Spiritey Spritey

      All matters are disposable… Invest in your soul.

  • Max M

    It is very sad. I love my D700 from 2008.
    It was and it is a great camera and it is an “era” that fly away.

    • Rich in TX

      little dramatic?

      folks, the camera was fantastic (and still is to those who have held on to it)
      but get real, it’s 4 year old tech. Newer cameras will come out that will be better.
      The d800 is it for me; it is better in every way I used my D700. What I loved about the D700 is that after 3 years I sold it for $80 less than I paid brand new! That’s awesome.

  • Kino

    I sold my D700 for almost the same money I got her for, the truth is that the market price at this point is higher than it was when I got her.

    It was probably the best camera I have ever used in my life.

    With the money and a very little more, I got me a D800 (does not seem to have any issue, cross fingers)

    The D800 is just amazing. Unbelievable IQ. Even whith third brand cheapo lenses, the IQ is greatly improved.

    I still miss the D700, probably will pick up one in the future as a second body.

  • Hopeless but alive

    It’s a shame D700 is discontinued. A great camera, a classic of all times. But the good thing is we’ll see many D700 for $1000 when D600 is out, and many folks will be able to get one true classic camera at a great price.

    • Hopeless but alive

      Also, we have to keep in mind the D700 is the last of a kind. The last full-frame DSLR without video, therefore the last full-frame DSLR 100 percent oriented to photography. This is, and will be, more valuable over time.

      • Nathan

        You’re right, it is the last of a kind. However I don’t see it becoming more valuable as time goes on. The public have spoken and they want video to go with their cameras. Heck, I’ll even take video if it came with it and I love my D700.

  • me

    I’m sure there are quiet a few D700’s still on the shelf’s of the mom-n-pop camera stores for awhile, but, it does look like it’s days are numbered.

  • Adventure Photo

    The D700 was and is a great camera. I predict the D600 will be coming out for sure but not as a replacement for the D700. I believe Nikon’s naming convention is starting to be consistent. The camera that will will replace D700 will be the D710. D600,610,620, etc will be entry-level full frame. D700, 710,720,etc will be standard, low-light full frame and D800,810,820, etc. will be high-megapixel full frame. I also predict a Nikon D900, 910,920, etc, which will be high-speed and moderate megapixels.

    • Rich in TX

      wow. had to toss some more embers on the fire. I’ll bite.
      You realize the D800 replaced the D700, and is as good or better in low light than the D700. Other than that your classifications look ok.

  • Zachary Davis

    Some very passionate response to the D800. I have one (D800E)…got one of the first units shipped to Australia. It’s beyond awesome, ticks all the boxes for what I want to do. Low light performance…pretty damn good considering pixel density.

    I see this camera as a D3x replacement more than anything. I think Nikon took a look at the average sales of the D3X over the duration of its life span and were like “well we aren’t selling many of these…what do we do to get landscape photographers and studio photographers to buy our high res. FF body?” When the D3X is $10kAUD and a pentax 645D w/lens is $14KAUD and a Hasselblad H4D kit is $16KAUD i know where i would be spending my money. D3X too expensive. So they make a small body ff camera with a sensor proven to be one of the best in the world and make it, relatively, cheap as chips.

    The D700 is great…but lets face it, for modern standards 12MP is not enough. The reality is that these type of cameras are not just targeted at professionals, but also cashed up enthusiasts as well. For many many people $4KAUD is disposable income, if they can afford it why not? These type of buyers are attracted by big numbers and 12MP doesn’t really cut it when at the same price point you can get 22MP (5D MK II)

    I have these conversations daily (I sell cameras at a leading Australian camera retailer) and have sold stacks of MK III and whatever stock of the D800/E that my store can get there hands on. Someone earlier hit the nail on the head, the MK III is a more all round camera and is targeted at the cashed up enthusiasts. The D800 cries out to medium format users saying “Hey i’m a lot lighter than your Hasselblad” and backs it up with image quality that in certain applications is equivalent.

    The reality is Nikon will never bring the D700 back into production…and as a side not Canon are no longer shipping MK II. Why? They’re a business in the end and need to continue to innovate to move forward, they can charge a premium for new technology…why bother producing outdated products when they can barely produce the new ones?

    Is the D700 good yes, is the D800/E good yes, comparing the two now is a waste of time. Go pick up whatever camera you have and take some photos!

  • I purchased the D700 last year and at first after the D800 came out had a very small amount of buyers remorse…but not because of the D800 but because the D700 dropped $500 bucks overnight! Dont get me wrong the D800 is one awesome cam and after my buddy just got one have had a chance to shoot with it and it really does take some amazing photos…but not so much where I notice it from my D700 body. Everyone knows that good pictures come from good photographers using the right settings and glass for a given situation…not from having a “better” or newer camera then the next guy. I started out with a D5000 a few years back and those pics taken with the 50 1.4D turn out just as good as with it mounted on my D700 and I KNOW that when mounted on the D800 the image quality is not noticablly any better. Only really thing I wish the D700 had was a built in video function…then in my mind there truly be no difference from the newer D800.

    • Funduro

      =:-D WHAT ! the D700 doesn’t do V I D E O !

      • Nathan

        It sure does timelapse movies pretty well though.

  • BEST camera I ever had (2 of them), all brands and formats together. Beautiful machine, superb performer, a dream camera. RIP.

  • JonMcG

    I have a lightly used D700 I bought back about 4 months ago brand new from J&R I am willing to sell. Anybody interested?

  • Lead Wrist

    After reading all these comments, all I can say is; D700 owners are worse then Mac or Linux fanboys… It’s actually comical reading their comments.

  • WOW, that was alot of bullshit comments.. Now, lets go on to disscussing what the D700 replacement will be or if the D600 IS the replacement instead. Thankyou.

  • rhlpetrus

    D800 is the best/fastest selling FF body ever, if the Amazon best-selling list measn anything. It’s been among the top20 best-selling cameras (all types, from p&s to FF dslrs) for the past 6 months.

    We heard people here complain, for the last 4 years, that they wanted a higher res D700. Nikon not only did it, but made it a real MF competitor. Now some here complain it’s too much. Not the Ks that are buying it. This is avery small sample, a few hundred posters, doesn’t mean anything. Unhappy personalities are always the more vocal ones. Satisfied ones tend to be quieter. Just human nature at work as usual.

    The D800 and the D800E are amazing tools.

  • MB

    D700 is not available to order anywhere anymore and Nikon stopped its production quite some time ago, one may find a couple of leftovers somewhere but that’s it.
    D800 is D700 successor and Nikon only claimed otherwise to be able to sell the D700 they had in stock and now that is over.
    D700 was great camera (and still is) but D800 is better at any ISO, hell I know some people will hate me for saying this but D800 is better than D3s at any ISO if you look at the whole image and details D800 produces.
    D600 is much lower class than D700 (or D800), and so is D7000 when compared to D300 but it seams Nikon does not care about pro DX anymore.

  • fxed

    The D700 when first introduced cost $2999.00. The early adopters bought in and who could blame them. Then Canon comes out with the 5D mk2 for $300 or so less than D700. Does anyone remember the squawking that was posted on NR and trolls that instigated the “it has video” which brought Nikon to lower the D700 price to $2699.00, great. The dust settled and both camps were satisfied, for the prosumer folks that is. Let’s face it both were not pro cams like the D3 and the 1D MK IV. The D700 was revolutionary for Nikons venture into FF. Years pass and both Nikon and Canon introduce the new FF models. This time Nikon puts video into a high end prosumer camera the D800, price $2999.00. Next thing you know, they drop the price of the D700 to 2199.00. It was a real good deal for those who put the $800.00 difference into good glass, that is smart. A proven camera with a sensor that will live in infamy. Albeit 12mp, it still kicked butt for us who owned one or were buying one. Can you compare 12mp to 36mp? Of course not. Now some posters here may be thinking what’s it worth now? One guy said a grand. Sure if your dumb enough to bail out now? If you recently bought it or even if you bought it at inception, I would think it prudent to hold off a year or 18 months. Maybe Nikon has that replacement D700 up its sleeve. If you decide to hold off the time period mentioned, I’d bet with an accessory or two thrown in you could get $1k to $1500. Think of your purchase as a rental for a year year and 1/2? Don’t let shivers roll up your pant leg. Look at what going on, Nikon comes out with an android camera. Get my drift!

    • Funduro

      “Next thing you know, they drop the price of the D700 to 2199.00. It was a real good deal for those who put the $800.00 difference into good glass, that is smart.”

      That would be me. Nikkor 17-35 f/2.8D

      • 105 lover

        105/2 DC for me!

  • Anjans

    d700 – my buddy, RIP.

    First camera D50, changed to D700 and started doing weddings. The camera delivered everytime until the mirror failed, then got D800.

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