Nikon D700 is gone in the US

The Nikon D700 is already listed as discontinued at B&H and is out of stock at Adorama and almost every other major US retailer (Samy's, OneCall, Cameta, Abe's). You may be able to find some D700 at Amazon from third party retailers. J&R indicates on their website that they have some on order, but I think this is a mistake, the D700 is now gone... forever.

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  • fxed

    Great glass. Wish they would have updated that lens instead of 16-35 f4.

  • It’s out of Chinese market as well, practically. Some online retailers do have some stock but they are selling it at a premium.

    D700 will remain a highly sought after camera for next 2-3 years.

    • WesternPrairie

      Not at THAT price!!! $3k for a a freaking camera with no lens??? I can buy 8 good cameras for what that thing costs.

  • with the output of d700, the supremacy of Canon in wedding photojournalism and will only grow.

  • David Berkowitz

    I was at Penn Camera (now owned by Calumet) in Rockville this afternoon and they said that Calumet has an order for for 100 D700’s that they’re waiting to receive.

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