Nikon D800 + Nikon D7000 = Nikon D600

The German magazine Fotomagazin has a special Photokina report that includes also a new front view image of the Nikon D600. The picture is probably photoshopped, but it's a very close representation of how the real D600 will look. You can see the entire article here (in German) - the text is just a repetition of what I have been reporting in the past few months.

The upcoming Nikon D600 DSLR camera will probably be a mix of D800 and D7000:

Nikon D600 compared to the Nikon D7000

The D600 seems to have a dedicated video recording button and headphones jack like the D800.

Here is a Nikon D800 and D600 size comparison sent by a reader - it's not the best in terms of proportions due to the angle of the leaked D600 images:

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  • tomhawk

    ah..s***t comparison!

  • Well, this was kinda cool, and kinda pointless. I’m stoked to see the real specs and photos after they’re officially released,with a PRICE.


    • Michael

      PRICE? I can tell you that. $1799. Done.

      • Phil

        If that is so, now would be a good time to sell old D700 bodies before the value really drops.

        • Jerry Milton

          maybe you mean sell the D7000?? I have both the D700 AND 7000…and you’ll pry the D700 outta my cold dead hands.

          • cliche

            It s ^%$#ing camera… “cold dead hands” really? So I guess you will never upgrade? Stop being so dramatic.

            • Harold Ellis

              why would one sell D700? It is perfect. Just keep it as backup or downgrade to family camera role.
              I am sure i will not get D600 unless it hits €1000 barier because i would rather get D700 or D800 if price difference is that low

            • He didn’t say that cliche. You are a moron.

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                  <People class=”anonymous”>
              </People >

            • PHB

              When Charlton Heston died, I met one of his nurses in the lobby. I was rather surprised to see she was carrying a shotgun under her arm. “Where did you get that?” I asked. “I pried it from his cold dead hands,” she replied.

            • jorge

              YES it is a camera “cliche” but quite frankly I feel the same way. I won’t give up my D700 even though I have D800.
              On a recent wedding I shot in Puerto Rico, I shot 80% of my images with the D700 due to (what i consider) better high ISO performance. The rest were the formals and semi-formals with the D800 and the 85mm 1.4.
              Also, as a side note I DROPPED my D700 twice. The first time the BG shattered (a Zeikos third party one) and IT STILL FUNCTIONED. The camera was fine. The second time was at the beach ceremony. Blew off the sand, and kept on firing away. I won’t give up my D700. Ever.

        • Porf

          Sell the D700? I think you mean the D7000….this is NOT a pro level cam like the D700 is, so you’d have to be crazy to sell your D700 for a D600.

          • Nematode

            What does D700 have that D600 would’t have?

            • gt

              possibly a pro level AF system (multiCAM 3500). D600 might get stuck with multicam 4800 (worse)

            • Jerry Milton

              Buttons where I like them…ports that the D600 looks to be lacking….built like a brick. if I want a TINY version of the D700 w/ video…I”ll get the D600..and sell it’s twin DX D7000. duh.

            • Nikon Shooter

              Are you trying to use logic with fanboys?

              I don’t get it when people try to hang on to old electronics like it’s their dick. Cameras are just tools. Nobody is forcing you to sell your precious, nearly half-a-decade-old technology, but be real: D700 is old news and it’s currently in the process of being dumped all over the internet often at 60% of its original cost.

              It’s only going to get worse once the D600 is released. If the D600’s ISO is even half a stop within the D700’s range, the D700 will become the D80 of the FF world aka an extremely capable super-bargain.

              Nothing wrong with keeping your D700 till its buttons fall off, I know guys who still shoot with their D2x. The only difference is they tend not to pretend that their ancient cameras are still somehow better.

            • D600=$1499

              +10000 to Nikon Shooter.. Enough of this D700 mania. Please people, get over it.
              Seriously, why the hell, the professionals and ametuers want nothing less than 60-70% of their original cost when it comes to selling their used equipments?? Come on people, you used the equipment for your pro/hobby requirements rt? If you were finding an investment opporunity I guess it is time to re-learn your basics. Not that it’ll matter, though.

            • Jerry Milton

              Fanboy? My point was I’d rather DUMP my D7000….so save all your “half decade” old crap for someone who gives a rats ass of your opinion. D80. Funny I thought that was the D300 or 300s. As for the buttons falling off…nope looks like new thanks to NPS.

            • Nathan

              The D700 has no video and is strickly photography. Also the “fat” pixels make for some nice photos.

        • ashwins

          LOL! Instead, it’s soon the time to BUY a D700 because the price has dropped!

          • Donald

            LOL! Instead, it’s soon the time to BUY a D700 because the price has dropped!”

            +1. Hoping the D700 will devalue quickly.

            • cliche

              And Jerry has to put a plug in stating he is an NPS member.

              You know what you need to qualify for NPS? You have to own 2 pro bodies (D700’s qualify) and then send in two pictures of your work.

              An NPS membership is basically the same as a library membership and has nothing to do with skill or income.

              Some people throw NPS around like they are part of an elite club.

              I am a member of NPS and you are never going to rip my D700 out of my cold dead hands although the D7000 is no slouch either…. Can I vomit now? lol

            • PHB

              Must kinda suck for the people who get rejected on the two pictures thing…

              “Sorry customer, you cannot join NPS as you have no talent.”

              I guess thats how Canon shooters are made.

            • Sahaja

              Nikon were accepting the D7K as one of the “pro” bodies for NPS membership.

      • Craig

        No way the price will be US$1800. That doesn’t fit the Nikon pricing schema. More like US$2,600.

        • Josh


          Nikon still lists the D700 at that price. There is no way a camera with a lower end body is going to be that high. As I said the D600 is just a D7000 with a few tweaks and a FX sensor. There is no way it won’t be under $2000.

          • Andrew


            I think Craig is not aware that the baby D4 is coming with the same 16 MP sensor at <$2500. The D600 will be priced at <$1500 (body). Nikon will make a profit on this camera and then more when we purchase new FX lenses.

            • Michael

              How do you know? As far as recent body releases, it seems that Nikon would not make a mini D4 like it did a mini D3.

            • Rob

              No it’s not.

            • Rob

              …and no they won’t.

            • Josh

              There would defiantly be room for another, higher priced FX camera if the D600 is indeed $1500-$1800. Though I doubt it would come for at least year.

              As far as a mini D4 goes, it really wouldn’t compete with the D4 like everyone thinks it would. The only people who would buy it over a D4 are those that can’t afford or justify the cost of the D4 and they weren’t EVER going to buy one anyway.

              The only photographers that buy a $7000 camera are the rich hobbyists and the pros who can’t do their job with anything less. Neither of these groups are going to buy what would basically be a 16 megapixel, 8FPS , $2500 version of the D800 instead of the D4.

            • Low Budget Dave

              From what I have seen of Nikon, they do not usually sell cameras below the market price of the competition. Also, if they can get $2199 for it, they will do so.

              My guess is that it will sell at the same price as the current D700, or more, depending on features. If it goes under $2,000, then there will be some serious features missing.

          • Josh

            Imagine if Nikon released a successor to the D7000 but decided to give it a full frame sensor. That is what the D600 is. It will be in the $1499-$1799 range. There is no way a camera with same class of body as the d7000 can be more that that with the D700 still going for just over $2000.

      • Josh

        It is basically a full frame D7000. My guess is it will sell for around $1499 to $1799 for the body. Given that the pro bodied D700 is going for around $2300 and that the D7000 is $1100-$1200 I can’t see it being much more than $1700-$1800 or much less than $1500-$1600

  • D600 meh i have d800

    Well at least it’s news to keep us interested… sorta.

  • I am MAD at Nikon if this is true. I have a D700 and D7000 and while the 7000 is ok, from a form-factor POV I MUCH prefer the ergonomics of the 700. 7000 too small and cramped, and I don’t like the dials. In fact, I almost never reach for the 7000 any more unless I need the 1.5 crop factor. I had hoped that the D800 would have the specs of the 5DMkIII … 20-24mp. I don’t need 36! (though I know why they did it that way). I can live with the 800 though, rather than a D600 with ergos of the D7000, even at twice the price. Maybe a 600 for a backup body … maybe.

    MY perfect camera: D800 with 24mp, or a Hi-Lo RAW mode (36/18mp). For $2000 of course!

    • cna

      I have the same feeling about the upcoming D600.
      I currently have a D300, and would like to move to FF.
      D800 is too expensive, and has way too many pixels (24 is the maximum for me).
      On the other hand, I will never downgrade to a D7000 body ….

      • Dave

        I was the same but needed a new body with better low light performance for a series of jobs (bad lighting, no flash but still need reasonable fast shutter speed to freeze action) which my D300s couldn’t really stretch too and give usable images.

        I couldn’t afford to get a D700 and FX glass at the same time so reluctantly got a D7000 and battery grip and now the D7000 is my primary body for 80% of my work with D300s relegated to second body or time lapses.

        The battery grip also helps mitigate to some extent the body being small and giving cramped hands. Yes I would have loved it to have same button configuration but you work with the tools you have available to you to get the images you need.

        Until you have used it properly (trying it in a shop or exhibition doesn’t really tell you much about how it will really work) for work then you can’t rule it out of hand, yes it isn’t on NPS’s list of pro bodies but it is rugged and weather sealed, same shutter expectancy as D300/s/700 and has done me fine (just shot 5000 photos on it at a music festival in rain and mud this last weekend).

    • Michael

      You can have that camera. Its called the D3x or you can get a D4.

      You’re basically asking something better than D4 for less than $2000. Keep dreaming. The body you’ve described can easily be priced at $2500 and there’ll be long line-ups for it everywhere.

      • Andrew

        What are you saying, that Nikon cannot put a D4 16MP sensor in a $2500 D700 sized body? That camera is coming and will be announced by December 2012. Nikon is trying to rush all of their top gun cameras out before 2013 as unlikely as this seems. That number 13 just does not sit well will a lot of people. But I digress. The D3x no longer exist. The D4 is built like a tank and is a real monstrosity – that is why it is priced so high; plus it is Nikon’s showpiece camera! And to compare it to smaller cameras in the $2,000 price range just does not make sense.

        • Michael

          Wanna bet? Nikon is not going to do that, unless you’re saying you’re a Nikon insider to say for sure it’ll get “announced by December 2012”.

          Such a body will eventually happen, but not before something akin to a D4x comes out. March 2013 is more like it. But it needs to be on the condition that a D4 is no longer the top body.

          I repeat – Nikon will not release a D4 mini before something higher than D4 comes out.

          As for price, it only needs to be better and slightly cheaper than the Canon bodies. Nikon has no obligations to make as little profits as possible by selling cheap bodies.

          • Rob

            This is fact. They aren’t gonna give people a D4 for less than half the price just because it’s missing the grip and 1-2 fps.

            And OMG I just read your 2013 statement. You are obviously a troll so I guess I just wasted my time replying.

            • Michael

              If you let me, I’d like to ask you to read people’s posts more carefully. A mini-D4 is bound to happen *eventually*, just like how the D90 is better than the D100 and the D300s is better than the D2X in almost every single way.

              However, it won’t happen until a new flagship comes along. I’m saying, there’ll be a D4x or a D5 *first* before the mini-D4 will realize. By that time the D4 is no longer flagship so a mini-D4 will not be a big deal at all.

              I’m mentioning March 2013 because “Andrew” mentioned that it’s December 2012 time frame, which is not possible because Nikon usually don’t come up with new flagships or refreshes in such a short time. March 2013 is a lot more likely than December 2012 when a refresh of a D4 will happen, by the a mini-old-D4 will have the possibility to become reality.

              Before then, no D4 for half the price. I’m actually on the same boat with you.

        • Arkasai

          Am I the only one who thinks a D4S is the smarter move, seeing as the D800 and 5DM3 have saturated the market with megapixels? Not that I’d buy an ISO monster…I’m in that boat of perfectly happy D700 users who will likely shoot it till it’s worthless. Guess what? Even when this camera is technologically worthless you’ll still be able to get professional work with it. It may not be the latest and greatest but do you think your client gives a fuck if you’ve got the latest camera but take shit photos? People get the idea that something’s market value denotes it’s usefulness, those people haven’t got a clue what it is to be creative. The tool doesn’t matter, your process and vision does – I can sculpt a life size nude with a full compliment of specialized tools, but if I had to, I could do it all with a popsicle stick and it’d look the same.

    • Yessss

      Explain to me why you NEED 20-24MP but you don’t need 36? Interesting logic…So those few extra pixels will just blow up your pc and cards will they? Stop talking bollocks please!


  • Steve

    Weird… I literally just finished taking pictures of my D7000 to list on ebay.

    • ab

      Hi Steve,

      Give me your ebay ad link…

  • OleM Helgesen

    It is still only reported as a POSSIBLE news, so still wild speculation… We will have to wait and see for Photokina to start…

  • hunt

    This is the year of the Nikon!!

  • You did see, that you are spreading copyrighted material?!?!
    The pic: © Zoran Petrovicz and the article is © fotoMAGAZIN / Jahr Top Special Verlag
    Want to stay informed – look to our website and buy our magazine! Thanks for supporting our jobs!

    • What you’re saying may well be true, but I just looked at your site. The piece isn’t on there. And no one is going to buy a German magazine outside of Germany. What’s your solution?

      • Tamar Stern

        It is not a matter of providing a solution. This is a print publication and fact is, that the illustration above (as all articles out of fotoMAGAZIN) are protected by international copyright and are liable to legal persecution if used without prior written permission.
        If our publisher decides to publish it online and it is shared, that is a different matter.

        BTW: I am not “bitching”, I am doing my job 😉

        • This is stupid. Who cares? The post is just as pointless IN the magazine. If I had to pay for a magazine to read about the D600, and THIS is what I got, I would be greatly disappointed, and a bit outraged, as you are. But, looking at it free on a website is a different matter.


        • dwd

          Nobody in their right mind would argue copyright of their work in the open forum of a site so haphazardly. If you really were concerned you’d go through the proper channels of contacting the administrator of this site and not wax your jaw all over the forum. Also, I’ve never heard of someone being legally persecuted over copyright, perhaps you have some very strange laws in Germany; or you just like to persecute people over there. Finally, there is something called fair use, and it is being practiced daily on this blog and countless other news sites, channels and publications. The original article is linked and is not copied in it’s entirety; that fills the requirements for fair use. You are allowed to report news and you can’t copyright a fact. You are also not limited to textual links or references. You may use imagery, video or sound to reference the original work and still be within fair use.

          Let’s not forget that if you’re so perfectly litigious over there then you won’t mind Nikon enforcing their copyrights and other retained rights upon you for spreading trade secrets, right? Or perhaps you just enjoy showing the world that you’re an ass, completely hypocritical, no nothing of copyright and in all actuality are just trolling the comments here.

          • mike

            Sorry guys, but it is quite serious in Germauny. Some attorneys make a lot of money finding these copyright things and charge the owner of the website. They even look through Facebook pages. Be happy that it does not seem to be a problem outside Germany.

            • saywhat?

              The Germans have done worse things though, right?

          • photdog

            Though the people who apparently pretend that there is no such thing like copyright in the internet, I think to respect the right of others is the first step to preserve our own (copy-)rights as photographers.

    • danei

      Sorry, but the pics are “stolen” from the original xitek forum.
      Don’t be a bitch.

      • Nope, the pic has been created by Zoran Petrovicz for fotoMAGAZIN.

        • Tamar Stern

          I am talking about the illustration only – not about the photographs. 😉

        • Tamar Stern

          I am talking about the illustration only – not about the photographs below 😉

        • Going to try this again – last comment didn’t seem to make it through the queue.

          @Tamar – I’m interested that your illustration was “created” by Zoran Petrovicz, if you can provide a little more detail on that I think it might help to clear up the dial issue. A couple of comments suggest that the image is a D800 that’s been Photoshopped into a D600 (mainly because the dial doesn’t match the leaked D600 image).

          Comparing the Zoran image, the D800, and the leaked D600 image it looks like the Zoran image retains the left side of the D800 (more or less – although the depth of field preview and iso buttons seem to mirror the D600 leak). On the right side, the Zoran image matches the D600 leak, right to the triangle above the D600 logo. The only thing different is the D800/D700 dial.

          Maybe @Tamar can give us a little more info on how the Zoran image was created – might make folks like me who want to move up to FF but are looking for a robust build quality like a D300/D700/D800 a little happier. Or I guess we just need to wait a little longer …

        • Sahaja


          The beginning this article says “Ihe German magazine Fotomagazin has a special Photokina report hat includes also a new front view image of the Nikon D600. The picture is probably photoshopped, but it’s a very close representation of how the real D600 will look. So the article is about the picture in the magazine. In that context, reproducing a low-res image of the picture here almost certainly falls under “fair usage”

          • Correct, not to mention that they based their entire article with information from NikonRumors without providing any credit.

    • Dimitrii1130

      also ich würde das eher als sehr gute Werbung für das Magazin ansehen.
      Dass man bei dpreview den Artikel lesen kann, ist ne andere Sache..
      Und das Copyright von der Illustration.. Rechtlich geht da gar nichts – also nichts schützenswertes vorhanden.. (abgesehen von der kamera, von der er aber sicher nicht die Rechte hat..) LG aus Österreich

    • Sahaja

      The pic provides valuable free advertising for your magazine. I’d never heard of it before – now I have. Maybe the admin should have provided a link back to your magazine’s website.

      • Sahaja

        Actually I see there is already link to the article in German

  • Nam

    The size comparison is kind of scaring me since I really want a D600, but ergonomics is a key factor for me, and I really don’t want it to me a small camera i.e. the D5000 or the D3x00.
    Granted I haven’t held a D800, so I’m not exactly sure of the size comparison, still has me worried.

    • Allen W.

      I too am concerned about how small the D600 looks. My D2x needs a new brother, but if the pix are representative it may be ergonomically unacceptable for production work for those of us with large hands, even with the battery grip.

      Then again I have always wanted to replace the old Pentax ME with pancake lens that easily went everywhere (including off a roof unfortunately)…

    • Dan

      I think it would be great to have a small FX alternative for travel, back-up body, etc. in addition to my other FX bodies.

      • Walkthru

        Very good point!!

    • Michael

      I’m thinking the opposite. My D700 is simply too large and heavy. What I really want is a digital F4. The D600 would fit this perfectly. In fact u believe there might be room for even smaller/lighter FF bodies. Digital F3 anyone?

      • Michael

        Was meant to say F3 and FM, not F4/F5. But you get my point. Small, light, sturdy, and FF for us hikers. Thanks!

      • Jabs

        To put things into perspective for people always saying that the D700 is too big, then compare a D700 to an F4 (and I have had and used BOTH – now own a D700 with Nikon MB). Compare this also to an F3-F3HP without the MD4 motor drive and MN2 Ni-Cads which I also owned several plus used them daily.

        Dimensions (W x H x D): With Multi-Power High Speed Battery Pack MB-23: 169mm x 157mm x 77mm (6.7 x 6.2 x 3.0 in.), with High Speed Battery Pack MB-21: 169mm x 139mm x 77mm (6.7 x 5.5 x 3.0 in.), with Battery Pack MB-20: 169mm x 118mm x 77mm (6.7 x 4.7 x 3.0 in.)

        Weight (body only): With Multi Power High Speed Battery Pack MB-23: approx. 1,400g (49.4 oz.), with High Speed Battery Pack MB-21: approx. 1,280g (45.1 oz.), with Battery Pack MB-20: approx. 1,090g (38.4 oz.)

        Approx. Dimensions
        Width: 5.8 in. (147mm)
        Height: 4.8 in. (123mm)
        Depth: 3.0 in. (77mm)

        Approx. Weight
        35 oz. (995g)
        camera body only

        F3 and F3HP
        Body dimensions: (W x H x D) Nikon F3: approx. 148.5 x 96.5 x 65.5 mm; Nikon F3HP: approx. 148.5 x 101.5 x 69 mm.

        Body weight: Nikon F3: 705g approx.; Nikon F3HP: 760g approx.

        • Michael

          Thanks for confirming that, for some people, the D700 is indeed too big and heavy.

          D700: WxHxD = 147mm x 123mm x 77mm
          F3: WxHxD = 148.5mm x 96.5mm x 65.5mm
          D7000: WxHxD = 132mm x 105mm x 77mm

          Hopefully the D600 will be close to the D7000 in size. I’ll have my digital F3.

          • Sahaja

            F series? – even then, many preferred the size of the FM.

            For everyone who wants a bigger bodied FX camera (which are available at a higher price) there are just as many that want a smaller bodied one.

            • Jabs

              @Sahaja – I had three F3’s and one FA plus an F4. Basically all you did to make them smaller was to just take off the MD. No big deal.

              With the F4 series, you basically took off or replaced one of the ‘grips’ on the side and you had a bigger or much smaller camera body.

              Almost the SAME exact thing today with a D700 except the Pro bodies now do not have removable heads.

          • Jabs

            @Michael – a few years ago there was a commercial on TV that went like this – A silly millimeter longer – lol. Parliament cigarettes I think. Apply that.

            As a long time Nikon user from the film days, you forgot one important thing. A camera is NOT a real camera to me without an MD or grip plus batteries, so one has to look from that standpoint to me.

            Nikon has basically kept the same or a similar feel from the film days to the digital days and all Nikon Pro bodies feel very similar with minor variations in width, depth and height when equipped with MD’s or grips.

            A silly millimeter longer = LOL.

            Here is my summation:
            F3hp + MD4+MN2 battery = D700 + grip + batteries (2)
            F4s or F4E = D3s or D4
            D7000 + grip = FA +MD15

    • Bruce

      Form factor is inportant to me. I like the size of my D700 & D3. They could be slightly smaller for my medium size hands. I don’t want something where my tips are handling the camera. Several references were made to old film cameras, so I had to get out my F100 which I really enjoyed. The F100 is very close to the size of the D700/D3. As far a weight, I shoot with f/2.8 lenes and I hold most of the weight with my left hand. A light camera just doesn’t feel balanced. I shoot sports, street scenes, and events. I carry the camera for hours but I would not like a light weight camera. Going to a small light weight camera would only reduce the weight by 10 -20% for just the one around my neck. I am still carring extra lens along with other essentials in my bag or on my waist belt. During street scenes for several reasons , weight among them, my camera spends most of the time in my bag. For any serious photographer just the camera weight isn’t a problem.
      I am a serious backbacker. I this case it is a sliding scale whether the serious applies to the trip or the photography. Kinda hard to have both. I mostly pack with a D100 (grip removed) and a plastic zoom lens and a tiny tripod. I splurg and leave the filter on. I suppose a D3100 would be nice to save 0.6 lb but even the most promiscuoucs camera whore has scruples as to how far to the pockets can be penetrated. When I want to get serious with th e D100, I postrate and bracket and HDR; effectively multipling the pixels.

    • Dimitrii1130

      i own a D60 and it looks as if D600 will only be a little bit larger.
      but i had no idea that D800 is that big^^

  • Art Vandalay

    If the form factor is similar to the D7000, then that will be fine by me. I may just wind up selling my D7000 for the D600 and then possibly buy a D3200 or a D5100 as my crop sensor alternative

  • Shawn

    Are there any pictures of the back yet?

    I would like to know if you can adjust settings and review images without taking your left hand off the lens zoom/focus rings.

    I’m also wondering when Nikon is going to start introducing touch screen interfaces. Canon’s are just gimmicky right now (buzz words to sell cameras), but eventually touch screen is going to be the fastest way to access menus and make certain types of rapid changes.

    Though perhaps that would be a curse from Nikon and not a blessing. Nikon makes the best photo hardware in the world, but when it comes to programming, they are really phoning it in. It seems to take them about 5 years to make any real improvements to their UI and even then they always leave us wanting just a little more.

    It’s too bad they can’t have a semi-open system where third parties could program “apps” to sell. Want to reprogram several buttons? There’s an app for that. Want automatic “Expose to the Right” metering? There’s an app for that. Want to shut off the focus point metering bias in matrix meter mode on the D800? There’s an app for that too. Well there could be…

    Reverse engineering the firmware isn’t exactly the answer either. Effectively deciphering assembly code isn’t going to lead to a lot of rapid innovations. At least we’ve got a “Star Wars” theme and unlimited video recording, right?

    • Jabs


      One word – IF you photograph or use a camera with your eye up to the prism, then your nose often touches the rear LCD, so then what? Touch screens seem to be best for cameras without prisms and used at arms length!

      • Bap

        Same as every smartphone does.use a sensor to shutdown the screen when the face is near…

        • Jabs

          @Bap – you missed the point or the sarcasm. If you shut down the screen THEN where now are the controls that you badly need? Remember it is a DSLR and not a mirrorless or an Nex style camera.

      • Shawn


        Think outside the box a little. Naturally there are controls you’d want to have access to all the time. I never suggested replacing every button with a single touch screen. If anything, I want my DSLRs to have MORE buttons that I can customize!

        There is a lot of computing power available in these DSLRs now. For those who can look into the future, there are a ton of awesome things that could be done with that computing power. I’ve seen comments from Thom Hogan that reinforce my belief on this.

        I’m only saying two things:
        1) Touch screens will eventually be on all DSLRs, it may take years, but get used to the idea
        2) Touch screens will eventually improve the way we communicate with our cameras. They won’t get in the way of our taking pictures or changing settings as you have suggested. They will enhance the experience, and make it faster and easier to get the results we want.

        • Josh

          As far as computing power in a DSLR goes I would bet that the day will come when there is a version of Photoshop that will run on a DSLR. Adding apps similar to what you can do with an iPhone is the natural progression. Imagine having DOF calculator app that you install right in your camera, or a model release that you can bring up and get signed with a finger or special stylist right on the back of the camera. DSLRs have big, beautiful screens that are just waiting to be utilized for something more than reviewing images or changing settings.

        • Jabs

          @Shawn – I am already thinking outside of the box – lol
          Touch screens represent another layer to the LCD display and thus something else to go wrong, get hazy, cause you to lose focus or get you to take your eye off the image that you are trying to capture.

          The screen now represent a box as it buries you in controls while taking your eye off the IMAGE. Remember, you cannot now blink and the touch screen is activated – LOL.

          There is no advance in your picture taking productivity IF you now have to look down at a touch screen so indeed you are now buried in the ‘convenience of’ a pretty screen. Useless addition then. Maybe you think about the projected displays or Heads-up displays viewed through the prism then instead of an archaic LCD screen positioned below the prism. We are talking about Pro cameras here and not EVIL or P&S bodies plus smartphones.

  • Levi H

    I’m with everyone here about worrying about the D600 being to small. I love my D700 feel, I owned a D7000 just for video for a little while and hated the form factor. I shot a wedding with it once and went crying back to the D700, heck, even my old D90 felt better.

  • WouterJ

    If you own a D700, why bother whining about the D600 ergonomics?
    Just stick to the D700, this camera is not for you.

  • rockland01

    Waiting for this camera!! I hope it’s 24mp FF, then 12mp DX.
    Would be great if it shoots 5fps, then have Nikon grip to bring to 8fps!! Iso from 100-6400, with 2 boosts, and it will sell alot to both nauture, wildlife, and sports, in addition to th wedding/landscape photographers!

    Please leak more info!!

    My credit card is ready to buy asap!

  • niktard

    Even the D800 IS TOO SMALL! WTF Nikon? Buld something manly for a change.

    • T.I.M

      I find the D800 perfect size, balance very well with the 200mm f/2
      Some buttons could be bigger, I have small hands and small fingers and still, I have a hard time turning the spot-center-matrix button, or the autofocus selevtion button.

      • niktotard

        Then you are a wussy. Grow some chest hair and some bigger hands wussy.

        • dave

          It’s impossible to grow bigger hands

      • Rob

        I hate the mode button position. It should be where the record button is. I can’t reach it without altering my grip on the camera, and I never use the record button. I hope they release a firmware update that allows you to reprogram the record button.

    • david distefano

      with you 1000%. i have big hands. i own the d800 but i wish it was the size if my f5. the f5 feels like a really camera in my hands. i held a d700 with a grip and it doesn’t have the same feel. i wanted the 36mp, so no, the d4 was not an option. i know it isn’t cost effective but it’s too bad nikon doesn’t build its cameras like toyota builds cars. you go in to your dealership and order your camera: d4 body, d800 sensor, or d800 body d4 sensor, etc.

  • As with just about everyone besides the prepubescents in the crowd, I am very displeased to see the size! The D800 is too small. And I don’t have mongoloid hands by any stretch of the imagination. My old and trusty D300s felt larger, and more form-friendly. They need to build something for humans, not macaques. But, in the world of the mirrorless, and everything trying to be compressed, it’s going to be hard for Nikon to receive that message, and actually do something about it. GOOD FX glass is much bigger than DX glass. Naturally, the bodies should be larger than DX bodies. This looks like it could, practically, not literally, be the size of a D3x00 and, to me, that’s a horrible mistake.


    • niktard

      See, this dude gets it and he has girl hands. SO WTF NIKON?

      • Hahahahaa. Nicely said. I wouldn’t quite call them girl hands, but nicely said nonetheless.


    • dave

      I think one thing that we should realize is that Nikon, a japanese company, is designing and testing models with their Asian hands. For me, the D7000 seems decent in my hands. The D800 mode button seems rather far for my hands, but there’s nothing I can do about that

    • TABS

      Have you shot with Nikon film camera? FM2 and FM3A are great cameras. They are FX and smaller than D7000, used by many top photographers with amazing results. The most famous portrait, Afgan girl by Steve McCurry, is shot with FM2 and he has no complaints.

      • Michael

        Finally someone is with me here. Those F3 and F2’s are great bodies. Small, sturdy and with amazing results when used properly.

        We need more portable FF cameras like those. Barring an $$$$$ Leica M9, the D600 would be my next best option. I’m waiting with an open wallet.

        • TABS

          Yeah man, those cameras are work of art.

  • pierre wajeman

    D7000 was the beginning of a new technologie for nikon : a lot of us had to change their computer and softs for a better quality of picture. It defines also a new commercial strategy : beat Canon not only with video, but with more powefull dlsr
    D4, D800 confirm that new way.
    With the D600 and D400, Nikon placement versus Canon is made for a long time.
    (Canon Mark II has only 9 AF points… if want to work in low lignts, it costs 3000 with a Mark III)
    one of nikon’s interest is also to sell better stuff to a lower price than Canon do
    I’m sur that Nikon will finish with a devolpment of D4 serie, with 24 and 36 MP stuff at the beginning of 2013

  • Catch Jarvis

    I find it amusing that everywhere on the internet people are asking for a small full frame camera like a mirrorless and yet when Nikon introduce a small FX camera people are complaining that it’s too small

    • niktard

      There is a differance between a small compact and a cramped DSLR – Thats why.

      • Henry

        It’s ‘difference’ and there should be an apostrophe in ‘Thats’, as in ‘That is why’, you massive retard.

    • I don’t understand that sentiment either. FX sensor = FX glass = enormous and heavy ≠ small mirrorless camera.

      I can’t see a reason why a mirrorless camera needs an FX sensor. I would never carry around a 120-300/2.8OS or even 70-200/2.8 on a camera body in the shape of a V1 or something similar. It just makes no sense.


      • Michael

        Sorry, FX glass does not equate big and heavy. Ever tried any of the Pentax 31mm/43mm/77mm? Great FF lenses, smaller than most APS-C lenses while producing better results.

        Surely you can use a 300/2.8 on any body, but at that point it’s the lens balancing the body – and I know I don’t carry my 300/2.8 and my gimbal mount every day – and when I do, the size of the body hardly matters. However, when I carry around my 28-105mm, 17-35mm or even the 24-70mm, the size/weight of the body surely makes a difference between a camera you’d enjoy hiking around with vs a camera that’s a pain to put around your neck.

        Small FF body FTW.

    • Ke

      It’s almost as if there are different groups of people wanting different products. Weird.

  • morg

    Bring out the D400 at the same time as the D600 so I can decide which one I will buy dont make me wait months to see what the 400 looks like.

  • I prefer the design of a user friendly pro body..I used D300 and D300s and now use a D800 with the D3oos as my backup. The D800 is a amazing camera and user friendly.. The D700o is a prosumer toy compared to these bodies. The D600 looks to have design controls closer to the D7000 including dual SD cards and no ISO,quality,white balance quick buttons. I am sure this camera will sell well for Nikon but no for me..Perhaps as a backup full frame if the projected $1500 price point is correct.

    • D7000User

      Um…the D7000 does have ISO, WB and Qual buttons along the backside. Are those not quick enough for you.

    • Michael

      The D70, D80, D90 and D7000 all have quick ISO, WB and Qual buttons quickly accessible by your left thumb. I used to adjust these on a D70s without taking my eyes off the VF. Can’t you?

  • here’s hoping nikon and relearn how to produce a proper auto focus system before they sell us another batch of defective crap.

    • Rob

      There’s nothing wrong with the autofocus system. It was just mis-calibrated in many bodies.

  • Sebastian

    I’ve handled the D7000 a couple of times. The grip leaves too little space for my fingers to get a comfortable grip. My hands are on the average to large side, normal male size i’d say. I guess many users would experience this… Nikon D300, D700, Canon 7D and 5D, all are much more comfy to hold but i like de D600’s rumored specs so much! Choices choices 🙂

    • Flo

      Have you tried a D7000 with the battery grip?

      • Sebastian

        Nope, i can give that a try… But wouldn’t that be like sticking a piece of camere to the bottom of a body that will still have to little space to leave my fingers?

        Maybe an optional rubber grip enlarger one can apply themself…

        • Flo

          I find it helps allot. Part of the problem is the grip height, your pinky is always off the bottom. The grip extends the vertical part but also adds a large rounded “heel” that fits in the palm of your hand better.

    • Sahaja

      What are “normal size” hands? Half the people in the world are women with smaller hands on the average than men. Asians also have smaller hands on the average than Europeans. White European men with big hands are a minority – and probably a diminishing percentage of the overall market for camera equipment.

  • Flo

    hope we can use the D7000 grip on it!

    • veec


  • One More Thought

    If Nikon releases this camera at the rumored price point range, it will be a monster seller. Also, it will really challenge Canon.

    I mean, here you would have a 24 megapixel FF from Nikon for somewhere between $1500-2000…and this would be seen as comparison to the Canon 5d3, with 22 megapixels and FF, but at 3500.

    Sure there are rumors that Canon will release its own more affordable FF, but I really don’t see how Canon can continue to price the 5d3 at its current level. Even its own budget FF will compete against it.

    In the dslr arena, kudos to Nikon for hitting home run after home run, and being so aggressive in going after the market.

    • RealityCheck

      EXCEPT that Canon has a “low-end” FF body in the pipe as well.. The D600 will not compete against the 5Dmk3.. Believe it or not – megapixels do not define the measure of a camera, nor its tier.

      As for Canon competing with itself, or any other brand for that matter, even if Canon puts the same 22mp sensor in a ‘low-end’ FF body it will be a different creature than the 5Dmk3 – think along the lines of a 7D with FF sensor…

      On a side note, from a rational Nikon user: It always cracks me up to hear the rabid fans acclaim how Nikon can do no wrong.. ‘home run after home run’.. lol, too funny. Nikon may be keeping its fans sated with high mp marketing and half plastic bodies, but they are not hurting Canon sales – not in any tier. { I am not even sure why that matters to anyone.} I don’t know about Amazon, but just about everywhere else the 5Dmk3 is sells ~1:1 with the D800, even at its higher price. For those who evaluate their photographic superiority on brand sales and popularity, you may want to prepare yourself – Canon (unlike Nikon) will reduced the 5Dmk3 through its life cycle, it is already rumored to be ~$2999 before spring of 2013.

  • FX DX

    I had D90 before I went FX. All my FX lenses felt front heavy on D90. My D800 is bigger, but it goes better with my D800. Nikon will need to come up with some matching FX lenses or this will just not feel well with current Nikon lenses. Either way, it is a FX camera and Nikon will sell a ton of them.

    • Rich

      I made the move from D90 to D700. With the D700 and 24-70 f2.8, that’s a pretty heavy combo, but it’s worth the compromise for that kit compared to my D90. wow!

  • Andrew

    Who wants that monstrosity D800 sitting next to the slim D600? Reap – no I am not talking about cropping!

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Monstrous is a D4 or D3, but not D800. And which proportionally tiny FX lenses do you plan to use with a smaller body?

      • Andrew

        I know the size of the D800 is perfect for many photographers. But in comparison to the D7000, the D800 is indeed a monstrosity; though beautifully crafted! Check the link:,290

        Still not convinced, compare the D800 with the D5100:,290

        My salient point is that the D600 (with the same size as the D7000) should be a great camera for travelling reasonably light if one needs a FX body (full frame) camera.

        • Sirk

          I agre, the smaller and lighter, the better!

  • The mode drive dial on the top-right shoulder (left side of camera when holding the camera normally) looks identical to the D800/E, whereas the D600 leaked shots showed a D7000-esque mode/drive dial combination, with an added lock button at the top of the dial (an welcome addition over the D7000), instead of the button in-front of the dial, like on the D800/D700/D3/D3s/D3x/D300/D300s.

    Other than that, the depiction looks pretty accurate of what the D600 will look like – a cross between the D7K and D800/E.

    • Also, the rubber grips on the D600 will be of the harder-plastic type of rubber (like on the D7K), rather than the softer rubber on the semi-pro and pro bodies. This shots shows the grip rubber as the softer material (like on the D800), whereas the leaked D600 shots look like they have the harder rubber (like the D7K).

      Just another observation.

      • Michael

        If using harder plastic instead of softer rubber means the grip material won’t detach from the body like it does on many D700 bodies (including mine…), I’d take the plastic grip. I found the plastic grip on the D70s to be grippy and soft enough while never detaching from the body.

  • Mike

    I think the D600 is more like a D7000 with a 24Mp FX sensor then anything else.

    • niktard

      No shit Sherlock.

  • BryanL

    I too have been anxiously waiting the D600…,,coming from a d7000 for the last 2 years and wanting to go full frame.,,,but I’m afraid all the d600 is gonna be is d7000 with a full frame sensor and newer features for about 1999.99-2499.99…no way this camera gonna be 1,500.00..and will prob be announced at end if this month,,and start shipping around Xmas and in our hands by feb. so with all those predictions said,,keeping my d7000,,, and just bought a D800 today…I figure if the d600 is over 2 grand.,,might as well get d800

  • Interesting that rumours are bound that Canon is going to release a 35+ mp body either 1d or 5d style body – wonder if it is more or less expensive than the 5d MK iii.

    Wonder why Nikon did not put these specs into a D800 style body is it down to low rumoured rrp or it would eat / kill off the D800 ?

  • cliche

    I wish every digital camera was 10k, that way it would separate the men from the boys and perhaps help restore the lost art of photography. Too many gear heads with the next best idea of how large corporations should be run,

    • Ever heard of a ‘starving artist’? How many artists do you think could afford a 10.000$ camera? I think such prices would only serve to emphasise that photography isn’t for artists, but for corporations.

      That is, unless you consider wedding photographers and sport photographers and fashion photographers artists…

  • Rugoletto

    when a D800S with double expeed3 and 7/8 fps???? Let’s go Nikon, do it!!!!

    • Michael

      Dual Exspeed 3 and 8 fps? It’ll be call a D4x and will be priced accordingly.

      • Rob

        That would be the camera I’d want. It’d be great to see one without the built-in grip for around $4k, but I doubt they’d do that because it’d take away from D4 sales.

  • Niktard


    • Niktard


    • .. then buy the D800 you moron!

      I absolutely hate the size of my D3 and love the size of my old Nikon FM2 with the Nikkor-E 50mm/1.8 pancake.
      My Nikkor-E 50mm/1.8 pancake will fit very nicely on my D600 😀

      Thankyou Nikon!

      • Indeed. I use an FE, used to use an FM2. That size, with the glorious viewfinder, is perfect. There are almost no size advantages to a rangefinder at that size except in lenses, which are much smaller in the focal length of 15-50 for rangefinders.

        This will still be bigger than the FE, even if it was as small as a D5100. My wife’s D5100 is larger than my FE is. The potential size has me wondering: NOT wait for NEX 9 back, or wait.

        For hiking and throwing in a bicycling bag, the D7000 and SLR lenses are still too heavy and large.

        I weight 68kG and my bicycle has a safety limit of 90kG. With tripod, backpack, panniers, lenses, cameras, tent, etc., that limit hits too fast with modern SLR’s which are absolute pigs to their full-size brethren just 30 years ago.

        I am THIS close to getting a mirrorless in APS-C or wait for a 35mm equivalent. I don’t like using my 35mm lens as a ~50. I like it as a 35. Same goes for 105, and my favourite, 28mm.

        Crop is not fun for how I shoot.

      • georg

        Imho the FX DSLRs are too big not too small. I hate the weight and size of D3(x). Cannot tell about the D4. Even D700 and D800 are too big and too heavy. I love the size and the feel of the F3.

        By the way I’m of the opinion that we need a mirrorless FX.

    • no

      I really, *really* wish that someone would throw some chlorine into the gene pool.

  • but…

    I think what we’re all REALLY wondering is…

    …will it come in red?

  • DaveyJ

    Looks like it may be a winner. And is sure does look VERY small. I do know that the D3200, D5100 are just too small for me. But Asian markets are expanding, and they will be making this camera. I am also quite certain we are heading for some pretty small sized DSLRs. Regardless of what we think as NR regulars……the more novice, especially first time buyers are not looking for BIG. Question. I always note that many of us seem to want a fairly compact camera for vacations. Why are point and shoot cameras still so popular if buyers want bigger cameras? Conclusion= Nikon will sell a LOT of these IF THE REVIEWS and the QUALITY is there.

  • GP

    Haven’t looked closely at the leaked D600 images before now. But it seems like the exposure mode selector switch will have a lock mechanism (there is a small button on top of the wheel). Now that is a small but significant improvement over the D7000…

  • saba

    I would buy a D700 if its half the price of this camera.

  • MegaMo

    ahm.. D400 ahm ahm..

  • Glen Notwell

    Well, I’m just poor working stiff with a day job so please tell me where to find a D700 at 60% off ……I’ll buy. Not that popular site where did bid on stuff, cause I check there regularly. So where’s this magical price? Curious buyers would like to know.

  • Zorro

    Grow up!

  • nau

    if its all true, Im starting to think that I got wrong camera 🙁
    all this megapixels are fun but images just toooooo big to manage …

  • The D7000 mode dial still looks ugly to me.

  • Funduro

    Lots of speculation and opinions. Here’s some more. D600 announced 36 hours before Photowhatever. Every big site post a preview report. The it’s not “pro looking” enough and its’s too small, it’s too heavy, ONLY 5.5FPS ! whine and rants start. It will be late September or early October when the first bodies ship out of dealers stores or warehouses. Unboxing videos take place several days later, lots of 24MP cat images done using the D600 get posted on the interwebz. First documented whine is posted by a unhappy owner. Several days after that Kenny post a review, whines and rants about trivial BS and finishes off by asking to support his growing family.

    • BartyL

      You forgot the months of pre-delivery whining from folk who pre-ordered from 6 different major online retailers within seconds of the pre-order options going live but they haven’t got it yet although they heard about someone who ordered a few minutes later than they did who has it already but the retailers won’t give them a firm delivery date or keep pushing the delivery date back and how it’s probably the fault of NPS scalpers who bought them just to sell them on eBay.

      • D600=$1499

        You missed the issues with the RIGHT focus sensors!!

        • Flo

          Don’t forget to complain about the LCD color accuracy!

  • Walkthru

    Sounds like you do a perfectly good job of doing it to yourself!! Get a life ‘tard!!

  • pro camera

    At the end of the day, it seems that Nikon will have only two accessible FX cameras : D800 (still very expensive) and D600 (cheaper but too small).

    It might be a good opportunity for Canon.

  • pierre wajeman

    one thing is sure, nobody read the entire german paper…
    a lot of us complain about D600…
    and what about D400 ????
    it’s also in the paper…

  • flesix

    Extrapolating from the dimensions of the F-mount I calculated an approximate width of 135mm and height of 112mm.

    I’d be perfectly happy with those dimensions, as long as the grip’s ergonomics are closer to the D90 than to the D7000, which just doesn’t feel right in my hand and leaves very little room between the grip and the lens.

  • I never knew what a pain small bodies were until I got my hands on the D800…I reach 11 steps on a piano (I have no way of measuring that distance otherwise) and even on the D800 I was uncomfortably curling my finger to reach the shutter without the battery grip..I guess I physically require “pro” sized bodies, haha!

  • I begin to think that the nikon D400 will not be manufactured. Nikon is not interested in satisfying the desires of so many nature and sports photographers. It’s a shame!

    • pierre wajeman

      have a look on the german paper… it talks about the D400

  • pogodrummer

    We want a d700 form factor, not d7000.
    Also, magnesium body, not plastic.
    A true semipro ISO monster, just as the d700.
    The d800 has its niche market, but i’ d rather prefer a 16-24mp fX camera with low ISO noise than a 36mp POS. For that, buy a phase one or a nokia 808.

    • Bruce

      Right on pogo. The D700 hit a sweet spot at the time. I wish it had been a little less money but I finally got there – with a grip. Give me a camera (D701) with 18-24mp FX with low ISO noise and shutter rate 8-11fps. Please I don’t need video either.

    • Flo

      Hi, I heard Nikon makes a D4. Might want to check it out.

      • Bruce

        I thought we were talking about the $2000 bracket. I’m monetarily challenged so I was hoping for the D3/D7 type relationship except a larger ratio.

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