Nikon D800 in stock right now at Amazon UK (UPDATE: another price drop)

Update: Amazon UK lowered the Nikon D800 price to £2,399.00 (now £200 off).

As previously reported, Amazon UK did receive a large shipment of Nikon D800 cameras and currently has them in stock for £2,499 (£100 off). FYI: (UK) has been canceling D800 pre-orders in the past few days.

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  • Daf

    After about 3 years of waiting, 3 months on order – hopefully I finally get a new camera!
    … unless CityLink mess up the delivery of course.

    • Calibrator

      “After about 3 years of waiting”

      You waited *three* years – for what exactly?
      Can you possibly be any more dramatic?

      • twoomy

        Overly-dramatic yes, but most of us have waited three years or more for a high-res D700 replacement. Rumors and prototypes abounded back in 2008-09 about a D700x and finally we’re almost there. Almost. Now if the masses can get this camera and it can focus properly, we’ll all be happy. The waiting isn’t quite over yet.

        • nuno santacana

          I’m still waiting for a D700 replacement. Who knows when it will arrive.

          • Rich in TX

            you should be happy with the D600. or possibly with the D3200 since you are one of those people who fail to see the D800 is better than the D700 in every way. I know cause I had both.

            • nuno santacana

              Even if D800 were a million times better than D700 it still would not be D700 replacement. It’s a different concept.

            • Geoff_K

              While I agree with you 99% … it does not shoot as fast as the D700 (FPS)

            • Steve

              I’ve been waiting for months…….

              … to declare the Nikon 1 a fail.

              It is now under US$400 here with a lens.

              FAIL !?!


          • marcus

            You know that you’ll probably wait forever right? You’re waiting for a d4 in the d800 body with half the d4s price tag. Nikon went down that road once already with the d3/d700 and it turned out the d700 cannibalized quite extensively on d3 sales. I don’t see them repeating the same mistake again.

      • Daf

        He he 😉

  • Michael

    It’s that cheap?

    • Michael

      Sigh… I for once thought that is was USD. Nvm.

  • Daf have even deleted the listing.
    Was here :

    Allegedly they had delivered a handful and previously promised to honour pre-order prices.

  • Lev

    Can’t ship to the US….

  • Too expensive here…making a trip to HK later this year and will pick one up from there hopefully.

    • Hong Kong

      FYI: retail price in HK is about 3600USD, maybe even a bit more.

  • Rdpi

    After preordering on for 2099 and seeing that my order has been cancelled with no notification, 2499 now looks like a very high price tag..

    • xxa

      You see, the price is high in UK becuase the 20% VAT, without it should fullfil your requirement….I have a plan that my girl friend is coming outside EU for 2 weeks vacations and I will go back home with her to watch my parents and come back later. It should be illegal to claim the tax refund like this but once I finish my study and get the degree I will leave this country ASAP. I’ve already paid times tuition fees than local people and spent more than their income every year. The only welfare I can get here is, well, NHS…okay they even didn’t give treatment at all. What you can do is just go and watch them to listen that: it’s okay…. So I’ve given the contributions to this country and I don’t care about it.

      • Toecutter

        No,you dont sound bitter.

      • egg_and_chips

        Are you Jimmy Carr? Good luck with your tax dodging…

        • David

          It’s not tax dodging if he isn’t a UK citizen and he is leaving the country. He can claim the tax back when he leaves, as long as he hasn’t been here for too long, and leaves within a certain amount of time.

          • Chris J

            We’re not having a discussion about the finer points of taxation law here, simply a question of whether he is avoiding paying tax. Fine, if he thinks the UK is so crap, he knows where the airport is.

  • It’s also in stock at Roberts for us American’s:

    • That they do. I called and they said they do “have a few pieces in stock”, so I grabbed one. Fingers crossed..

    • JM

      THANKS for pointing me to Roberts. I just placed an order and received my confirmation. Waiting to see if it actually ships or not. Doing a destination wedding in three weeks in Old San Juan and would like to take it and my D700… Need time to set it up, and work out any bugs before taking the body live.
      Thanks again,

    • PixelBrine

      Thanks for the heads up! I missed when Best Buy had them. I just placed my order with Roberts and got a confirmation. Hopefully will see a shipping email soon. I have been waiting soooo long for B&H.

    • JM

      Cancelled my Amazon D800 order that I’ve had on since 2/7. I got one from Roberts and it’s being delivered on Monday! F’ng awesome

  • Christobella cancelled my £2,099 order yesterday

  • One of the many who where cancelled by Rung up customer services yesterday and sent a email, this was the reply I got:


    We are writing in regards to your order for Nikon D800 36 Megapixels 3.2 Inch LCD FHD DSLR Camera Body Only

    We have been working closely with our suppliers over recent months attempting to obtain stock of this item to fulfil your order. This item has only been available in very limited quantities and at this time we are unable to confirm an estimated restocking date. As it is unlikely we will be able to get more stock of this item in the near future we have decided to remove it from sale. Therefore it is with regret that we are unable to fulfil your order for this product. Your outstanding order for this item has been cancelled, please note that your card has not been charged.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience caused in this matter and we would like to thank you for shopping at

    Kind Regards

    Play are talking complete crap from where I stand. I rung up Grays yesterday and said they could get some in less than a couple of weeks and then I rung Fixation and they had the camera in stock. So I ordered it and collected it the same day, I even popped into Jessops on New Oxford Street and they had a D800 on display (though I don’t know if that was just a model). I had to pay an extra £100 over Amazon but the Amazon rep I spoke to, couldn’t be sure about having to wait.

    This is the second time in recent months I have been let down by Play, they seemed to be taking an age to get Lightroom 4, so I cancelled and got it straight away from Amazon.

    I definitely won’t be ordering anything from Play again and I would urge other people not to.

    From what I was told because a lot of people had ordered them from v

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I’m glad to see people are finally getting these cameras. I hope they don’t have to wait as long to get their next generation camera to replace it with, because a 3K price means that is about when I will get a copy of the thing… I’m kind of considering a nice d300 at the moment… Pave the way for me all you brave new movers and shapers!!!

  • Funduro

    WOW $ 3,940 in US dollars.

  • Jeremy

    I also ordered a D800 from and had my order cancelled yesterday. I’m not very happy and this is the first time that I’ve ordered anything from them.

    Here’s my question and if anyone can help it would really be appreciated. Nikon said that they would honor the original price (before the price hike). I did not cancel my order; however did as they have no stock. Shouldn’t Nikon be responsible for filling my order at the price that I purchased it for? If I can’t get one through I’m more than happy to get the camera from fixation or Grays here in London.

    Any help would be appreciated as I really want my D800 at the original price (that Nikon said that they would honor).

    Thanks and looking forward to your replies!

    • Mark J.

      If the place you ordered from cancelled your order at the original price there is nothing Nikon can do. They don’t sell direct to the consumer, and the choices a retailer makes is not under the control of Nikon. All Nikon meant by honoring the original price was that they wouldn’t charge play, etc the extra price increase on cameras that were already per-ordered at original price.

      This is why i was telling people for months now to not pre-order from your respective countries big online retailers. As this tends to happen with them anytime a product is in extremely high demand. Everyone went to the big online retailers, which created insane lines that were impossible to fulfill since Nikon(or any company for that matter) isn’t going to ship their entire production run to them just because they have so many orders. That would leave out the thousands of other retailers that took pre-orders in much smaller quantities.

      • Jeremy

        Thanks for the reply Mark. I wish that wouldn’t have done this.. I’m really disappointed in them. I was happy to wait for however long it took to get the camera at £2099, but it now looks like that my mind is made up for me! 🙁

        I don’t think that I want to part with the amount of cash that they are now asking for it… but may keep an eye on the D600 coming out over the next while.

        Thanks again.

    • Daf

      I don’t think that is a suggested/partner retailer of Nikon – so may not be getting their stock direct.

      My guess:
      – Either didn’t put the order in in time and so didn’t get the reserved price, or
      – did and are cancelling orders, only to sell them a few weeks/months later to make LOTS of money.

      Either way have messed up – fault is theirs I think, not Nikon’s.

      I’ve used various times in the past – but this poor experience will make me think twice about pre-order or more expensive items.

  • AM

    In time for the Olympics.

    • the 2016 Olympics maybe!

      • AM

        London 2012. The D900 will be released before Rio 2016.

  • Wooaah that’s good news. But compare to D800e and D800 which is better do you think guys?

    • T.I.M

      you are Nikon, you should know !

      • Rich in TX


    • JLK


    • Geoff_K

      D800E if you super pixel peep, from what I have read.

    • D800 and D800E owner

      D800e if you primarily take photos. The difference may be small but it’s there.

      The d800 if you plan to do more serious video. It has a weak AA filter, but a weak AA filter is better than none when it comes to moire. Moore is hard if not impossible to remove from video (it is possible with rotoscoping or something, but that’s extremely time consuming).

      You can do video with the d800e too of course, you just need to be more careful with moire.

      The thing with d800 video is this. It doesn’t pixel bin like the 5Diii it just throws away information. This makes the image sharper with the d800(e) but with that comes the threat of aliasing and moire. How much this matters to you depends on many factors. Personally I really like the footage I get from the d800. But I live in Asia where sharpness and colour are more important than getting a “film look”.

  • Mike

    Well, after many months of waiting, my D800 arrived this afternoon from Amazon. I got the pre-order £2099 price from them, and they finally delivered, so I’m very happy.

    I almost went with, who had the same price at the same time, and looking at the other comments I’m sooo glad I didn’t. I hope Play fixes this screw-up for everyone.

  • nebus

    ironically Mediamarkt in the Netherlands this week has the D800 in sale for €2600 = £2099. Maybe you guys should cross the channel for the day for it . my local has about 5 in stock.

  • my order was cancelled on monday, NR admin suggested i look at amazon’s website and i ordered from them after finding three in Germany too, now I have got a message saying its been dispatched and should be here on friday or saturday, a stroke of luck in my opinion although it did cost me £400 more but at least the wait is nearly over. good luck everyone else. I will never buy from again. I have a hunch they will have it on sale again in a few weeks at the normal price!

  • This is GOOD news as I ordered the D4 from Vistek in Toronto Canada and they are telling me they don’t know when they are getting any in-stock as it’s killing me as my D700 is out getting serviced by Nikon so I need the D4 ASAP 🙂

  • Bird

    hey, guys, the price drop further 100 pound, MAKE IT 2399 NOW!!!

  • John Ayton

    Well, got to take my hat off to you….
    Ordered the D800 for £2099 on 20th March only to have my order cancelled like so many others.
    Then after my complaint it reappears on my account not yet dispatched on 12th May with an email to say sorry and that the price quoted will be honoured and received £20 gift voucher as a sweetener…..
    Then today ……order dispatched looks like it will be here tomorrow Woop Woop!

    Let see how many of the reported glitches it has!!!

  • Lex

    Yesterday I walked into London Drugs, a electronics camera etc store in Downtown Vancouver, Canada. I asked the salesmen at the counter if they had the Nikon D800, one said yes the other said no. It turns out they did have one.

    Apparently they just got a large shipment in and cleared out their backlog. One the people on the list didn’t want his so they had one in stock.

    Needless to say I bought it. I was not on the list at the local pro shop as i didn’t want to pay $300.00 to be on a list. They didnt expect to have any until september at the earliest as they had 50 people on the waiting list.

    So it seems that Nikon is catching up on the orders.

    BTW the camera was $3000 Canadian. When i was in Guangzhou china last week they had them in stock there too. But they wanted about $3500 USD. Hong Kong also was charging in the $3500 USD range as well.

    • Glad to hear they showing up in Canada…. I know this is a D800 post but it keeps me hopping I will come home soon and find a D4 waiting for me.

    • I just picked up my D800E today, ordered from a local camera store in North Vancouver on Feb 14th and with patience it came in yesterday!
      As a bonus the price had dropped by a few hundred $’s and cost me $3,299.99 whereas I was expecting $3,500 🙂
      One happy Nikon shooter today!

    • VNomura

      Vancouver seems to have gotten a huge shipment. I was walking past Gastown Photos at Waterfront station and they had a D800 in stock. I picked it up and have been using it for a few days now. Love everything about the camera. Haven’t seen or experienced any issues.

      I didn’t pre-order at London Drugs as they wanted the full amount at time of sign up. I haven’t cancelled by Broadway Camera pre-order for the D800 but they haven’t given me a call yet. They give priority to people who prepay as well. I’m thinking there’s a huge wait list there.

      Gastown Photos is a hidden small shop that has great service and prices. I’m surprised not too many people know about them.

      My advice is to try a smaller camera store. Wait lists seem to be short or non-existant. Make sure they are Nikon authorized dealers as well. You can check that at Nikon’s site.

  • Tony

    For anybody interested, Amazon UK have now lowered the D800 by a further £100 to £2,399.

  • SH

    I can’t afford a D800 right now, if I could my local store guy can get me one. I was in there yesterday the was 2 D800 waiting to be pick up by people order them last week.

    In a few months when I my cash flow situation improve I will probably get a D800 to replace my aging D300. As cheap as the rumors D600 might be, I don’t want that.

    PS. Photography is not my day job.

  • has a D800 in stock right now. It will probably be gone before I post this though. Still looking for a D800e…

    • T.I.M

      Thank you,
      I just orderd one, I guess I’ll have both D800 & D800e
      (I can’t wait for ever my D800e ordred at B&H 130 days ago)

  • Jeremy

    The Ebay USA prices are dropping like a rock. The price has been falling by $100 per week for the past two weeks, which indicates there will soon by widely available inventory and stock everywhere.

    If you extrapolate the price trend then by the end of July the EBAY.COM price will intersect the price available in local stores of $3000 + tax. At that point it will be just as easy to find a D800 locally as it will be to order on Ebay and at that point you will begin to see Ebay prices fall BELOW what is available local.

    • Rob

      That’s unlikely. Ebay raised their fees this year, so it’s impossible for a retailer to profit when selling something like a D800 at MSRP. If you sell one for $3000 on ebay, you only get $2660, which I believe is less than Nikon currently charges retailers. It’s better to let it sit on your shelf and wait for a local sale, since you’d be losing money by auctioning it. Hopefully this is the fee increase that finally hurts ebay enough for a competitor to step in. They’re charging you $340 for a tiny amount of bandwidth and some exposure. Certainly someone can do it for less than that.

      If you mean used ones, then certainly those will drop below MSRP if they haven’t already.

      • Jeremy


        Perhaps you have several for sale on eBay?

        I am just saying that nobody will by thm for $340 more than what you can pay locally so all those ebayers with five or ten D800s on order are going to be disappointed when they find they can nolonger make a quick buck.

        The price has already dropped to $3300 so by your logic the current prices are impossible!

  • PixelBrine

    Like Joseph pointed out, Roberts Camera here in the U.S. says they have some in stock. Their website said they only had 2 left for a while and then went back to “in stock” so I don’t know what that means. I called 4 hours after placing my order and the guy on the phone said my order was in and they would ship it Thursday. I really hope that’s true.

    • Mike

      Wrong on both counts. Roberts says “in stock” then when you try to add one to your cart it gives the error that “The requested quantity for “D800 (Body Only)” is not available.”

      As far as the Nikonusa website, it’s a pure bait and switch or terrible programming. It’s been seemingly available for weeks now, try to add it to your cart and suddenly the yellow “Buy it now” button goes to a grey “where to buy button.”

      • Mark V

        Actually, the page has changed since earlier this evening, as they only have the “authorized dealers” button on the screen now. When I tested it at 10 EST, I had it in my cart for a total for 3015.00 USD due to 15.00 shipping, however I am not interested in buying the camera. I’m guessing their ordering lit up after it was posted as available here. Wonder if anyone here can confirm they were able to get one ordered through the site.

      • Mike, normally it is bait and switch to another camera, but this one actually checked out with the d800 for around $3,017. I was shocked.

  • Mark V

    Yep – is in-stock on and also if you are in the CLE area – Dodd Camera says they have them in stock on their website.

    • Dodd Camera jacked up the price by $164.

      • Mark V

        Yeah they did a bundle deal on it for some reason on the website – throwing in an extra battery and CF card. I bet if you go to any of their locations, it will be the base price. I’m basing that on the fact that they also posted on Craigslist advertising at $3,000 and in stock.

  • NA

    Now it is 2399,,

  • mike

    I too have received the same email from I obtained one from Jessops (Birmingham) for £2600 last week in anticipation of being let down by
    I think you have to pay the price for quality goods and go to retailers you can trust.
    I will not be going anywhere near play.CON for anything else in the future.

  • cough *D600* cough

  • Amazon UK lowered the Nikon D800 price to £2,399.00 (now £200 off), camera is still in stock:

  • £2399 to reserve at Jessops.

  • LarryG

    Great! If the keep dropping the price in the D800 that is less of a pricing spread buffer when introducing the D600, forcing a lower price. Keep it up. Looking forward to a free D600 due to price reductions on the D800!

    • Sal

      Its gone back up to £2,499.99 again


    I have a brand new D800 still in the unopened box. Got as a gift and want the D800E. I’ll sell it to anyone interested for a VERY reasonable amount. I’m in the US. Just send a reply to this note and I’ll provide an e-mail address.

  • JM

    @ Joseph N:

    GREAT TIP and thank you for sharing that Roberts had D800 in stock. As soon as I saw your post I ordered, and it shipped this morning. I will have it on Monday!! They called to ask me if I wanted it next day for an extra 70 bucks but quite honestly I’ve been waiting since 2/7 so I can wait a few extra days. Besides I have a portrait session on saturday and if I get the D800 before then I will try to use it. Getting it Monday is awesome as I can test it out, and make sure I’m happy with it before taking it live. I have three weeks before leaving for San Juan for a destination wedding so my D700 and D800 will be attending 🙂
    Thanks again,

  • I have to say thank you to this blog. I saw the article last night, went straight on the site and should have my D800 by Tuesday. Good work guys.

  • Zeb

    All gone!

  • Andrew

    Likewise here, saw the report here about Amazon UK having stock and managed to bag one at £2399 and it’s now making its way to my gaubby paws for Monday 🙂 Sounds like they must have had quite a big delivery of stock as I was not on any waiting list/backlog.

    Good work guys for giving us all informed.

  • I ordered mine through Montreal’s best pro-photography retail store on Apr 6 and got the magic phone call at 1pm this afternoon. I was there an hour later. A few things to note;

    1. The store required a $500 deposit when I placed my order.
    2. When I dropped in last week and inquired about the status of my order, they made no promises but told me quite honestly that there was a good chance I would get mine with the next delivery. They also admitted that deliveries were more getting more frequent and quantities were increasing.

    There is something to be said about dealing with people face to face, shaking hands, and putting money down up front to prove you will buy the product from them rather than online. Thank-you Photo Service Ltee!

    • Jeremy


      Congratulations. Here in Calgary, The Camera Store gave priority to full 100% up front deposits and many folks are still waiting since Feb 7th….last time I checked it was maybe September delivery ….and only if you are lucky!

      • Jeremy,

        Supply seems to be improving on the D800 so you may not have to wait that long. One thing I’ve noticed from posts here on NR is that most Nikon authorized dealers seem to receive similar quantities of D800s regardless of their actual volume of orders. The place I deal with, Photo Service, is not the biggest camera store in Montreal by a long shot; that would be LL Lozeau. The difference is that Photo Service is the place where the pros tend to shop. They have smaller client base to spread the meager supply of D800s around with. The shipment they received today which contained mine, was a large one by D800 standards….6 units. That disappears more quickly in a larger store with a huge client base like Lozeau.

        Good luck to you, and I hope you don’t have to wait until the cows come home for your camera.

  • RoryW

    Now £2999 on amazon uk…..

  • JM

    Ordered from Roberts on Wednesday. Received my new D800 last night free shipping! I set it up, and today I plan on firing off the first frame!! Wow. Sorry Amazon. Love you, but I’ve been waiting since 2/7

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