Amazon UK started canceling Nikon D800 pre-orders due to “restricted supply from the manufacturer” *updated*

Update: Amazon UK started to contact customers with canceled D800 pre-orders to notify them that this was an error and all orders will be reinstated.

Today Amazon UK started canceling D800 pre-orders because Nikon has informed them that "D800 is in restricted supply" and "no longer available". You can read the full text of the sent emails at the [NR] forum. This is even more annoying for people who pre-ordered their D800 before the UK price increase. Amazon may also have a legal reason to cancel unfulfilled pre-orders after 90 days - I read somewhere that if a seller cannot deliver the purchased goods in 90 days, the contract is void (maybe someone with a legal background can clarify that).

Other retailers have also sent emails about D800 shortages, but have not canceled any pre-orders yet:

"As you maybe aware that this particular model has been extremely well received. Nikon, therefore are currently experiencing supply shortages due to the high demand of this product and at present are unable to provide an accurate estimate of availability dates.

Whilst we are not in a position to satisfy all current orders due to this stock shortage, Nikon have provided assurances that Jessops will remain as the first retailer to receive stock allocation in the UK. We would like to thank you for your continued patience on this matter and will endeavour to keep you updated regarding stock availability."

From Jessops UK

"Because the backlog in fulfilling these orders is unprecedented in our history we want to let you know we’re aware of your frustration. Many of you have asked for detailed order information and detailed information about when you can expect to receive your camera. Unfortunately we cannot answer these questions with the degree of specific information many requests include.

In a popular forum dedicated to digital photography a former Nikon USA sales rep wrote:
When I was a Nikon sales rep, Nikon USA absolutely did not tell dealers ahead of time how many units of any backordered product they would be allocated... So when dealers tell you that Nikon does not tell them what's coming and when, they're almost certainly telling the complete truth.

We cannot tell you when we expect our next delivery and we cannot tell you how many that delivery will include.
We do not know. Nikon USA does not tell us. Because of this dearth of specific information we cannot predict when any individual customer’s order will be fulfilled. We share your frustration about this uncertainty and apologize for the distress it has caused some of you.

We are in contact with Nikon USA daily and continue to press them to deliver as many cameras as possible to us and to do so as quickly as possible. We renew our promise to you that we will fulfill your orders in the chronological order we received them."

From B&H

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  • T.I.M

    Will the Queen do something about that ?
    Anyway, how do expect things to go right when you drive on the left ?

    • Josh

      Which queen? The one in Buckingham Palace or the ones in the gay section of London? Har! Har!

    • Jason

      D800 – better late than defective.

      Regarding the Queen – she poses in front of Leibovitz’s canon…

    • Somehow I suspect the Queen has her D800 already 🙂

      • T.I.M

        @Robert Ash
        She have the D800E (Elizabeth)

        • @TIM, you’re right, they even engraved her initial on it for her. Handn’t noticed 🙂 Can’t wait to get my “Elizabeth the Queen” edition of the D800 as well at some point LOL

  • Phil

    It’s not been listed for weeks now on the Amazon UK site; I suspected something fishy.

    I did pass through Heathrow Terminal 5 last week and they had two D800s for around £2380, for anyone passing through London it might be worth a look at one of the Dixons stores there.


    • James

      I know Richard Peters picked up a D800 from the airport 2 weeks ago.

  • jeff

    Well, I ordered from Amazon in the US on April 2nd. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Amazon saying that it would be delivered between May 5 and June 2nd.

    A manager at B&H told me the other day that they have over six thousand orders and that the last shipment they received was around 30 pieces.

    And I thought the D4 would be the one I’d wait the longest for! I, at least, have that already!

    • Jonathan

      I ordered from Amazon US on Feb 7th, I got my tracking number yesterday, with delivery set for Tuesday (mAY 8TH)

    • Nikonsniper

      Damn!! 6G’s I got my UPS tracking from B&H on Firday for my D800. Verry thankful. Hang in people.

    • Hector

      I was told that the only shipment include around 20 pieces or so that sounds right. I asked the guy how could that be if B&H is recognized as the biggest photo gear dealer in the world. He just reconfirmed what he had stated before.

      I am concerned that because they are trying to rush these out the door at Nikon, we are going to see a lot of bad apples with all sorts of problems. Sending these back to Nikon for repairs is out of the questions since it is on your penny based on what I have read in other forums.

      I think the best thing to do is chill out with my D700 and see what happens.

      Good luck everyone… I guess has more cameras to sell than anyone else out there. Sometimes at $1k+ over the suggested retail price. I don’t need it that bad!


  • Pseudo Nikonian

    Seriously people, use local camera shops. I already have 4 D800s because I went local. And what reason do you have to hesitate? Everyone has to be the *exact* same price.

    • PHB

      Its people like you who cause there to be none left for the rest of us. And you only want them to show off by having the most.

      I just bought six to deprive you of that pleasure.

    • I use my local camera stores. No luck so far. I order it only a few days after the annocment. Where do u live? I’ll come for the d800

      • Thomas

        Check to make sure your local store is a NPD or NID shop. If they are not they will be tbe last ones to receive a shipment. My local shop has been receiving 3 or 4 a week and they have a short wait list.

      • ben

        i was just in Hong Kong last week. There was D800’s, D4’s, and even D800E’s. This isn’t just at the shady neon sign camera stores either(they have them,) most of the high end shops have them as well. I was very excited to finally get to play with a D800.
        The retail price there is around $3600

    • joey

      I agree. I ordered and received a D800 from a local camera shop about two weeks ago. The wait list was relatively short.

    • Tom

      I pre-ordered a D800 from a local camera store in Singapore in December last year. So far they have had 2 come in, both went to people better connected with the store owner than I (at least he had the decency to tell me that.) They called me last week to tell me they had a D800E come in and would I want it (no, thank you, I do some video and don’t want the moire…)

      So, just wait and be patient people. You’ll get yours.

  • georg

    want mine?
    Brand new, zero shutter count, some 35 test images taken by me

    • Danny P

      I”m just curious how you have a zero shutter count with 34 images taken..

      • Tonio

        Every single d800 I own was purchased at heathrow airport, has a shutter count of zero, has shot 35 test images, shoots tack sharp noise free photos at ISO 102,800, and is powered by a thorium reactor.

  • DonaldT

    re amazon uk D800 cancellation , I ordered at £2099 & I have an eml confirming they will honour that price , got cancellation this morning , two emailed complaints later I have just been told that my order WILL be fulfilled at the agreed price , they are cracking , if you got an eml cancellation & have not complained I suggest you do so asap

    • Adrian88

      After complaining I got this reply


      I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

      Regarding your order “203-1644716-0xxxxxx ” for “Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”,

      I’ve checked your account and found that you may have already received an e-mail from us regarding this item. When we contacted the supplier for an update they informed us that they won’t be able to source this item.

      We had planned on receiving this item from our supplier. I apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

      As we can’t supply this item, it has been cancelled from your order and you have not been charged for it. Cancelled orders no longer appear in your order history.

      In a case like this, we request to check our website from time to time to see if the item is available.

      If the item is available and if you would still like to receive the item, we would request you to place a new order for the same item directly with using Standard Delivery method and contact us once you’ve placed the new order, so that we’ll be happy to waive or refund the delivery charges and honour the pricing of the item 2,099.99 GBP included in your original order on your new order if the item price increases.

      Please place the order for the same item which are sold and dispatched by only and not from any Marketplace seller.

      If you would still like this item it might be available from a third party seller on Marketplace. An item being offered for sale by third-party sellers will be indicated by a blue box marked “More Buying Choices” on the product’s information page.

      In addition to a wide selection of items, one of our aims at is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have not met that standard. Please accept our sincere apologies.

      I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

      Now there is an IF !!! they have stock and I have emailed them back to see if there could be a time limit problem due to demand/shortages meaning that placing an order when in stock could be months away.

    • Daf

      Good news 🙂

      Mail sent.

      Also ordered at £2099.
      I guess we’ll loose our place in the queue but at least still save ~£500

      • Rob


  • Tony

    I am actually not aware of Amazon UK using the term “restricted supply”. The precise wording that they have used in wording in e-mails to me is “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.” and “When we contacted the supplier for an update they informed us that they won’t be able to source this item.”. If Amazon UK is telling the truth, then this sounds more terminal than just “restricted supply”.

    It would suggest that Nikon UK have made a clear policy decision not to deliver the D800 to Amazon UK, which is very significant, both because Amazon are one of their “recommended online retailers” and because Amazon generally have a high reputation in the UK.

    • martin

      Just a thought, but as Nikon has stated they were going to enforce their MRSP policy on pricing on their goods and with amazon dropping the cost so much under initial set price by Nikon, maybe Nikon are refusing to supply them camera’s due to breaching these new selling guidelines its a possibility i guess!

      • Tony

        I believe Nikon’s enforcement of a minimum retail price only applies to the US, such a policy would not be legal in the UK.

        • jeff

          They should make it illegal here in the US as well!

    • PR

      Or you could read “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.” as meaning that Nikon have ceased production of the D800. Perhaps they’ve had too many problems with production and have gone back to the drawing board?

  • radek996

    I was saving for this camera for over 3 years!! and I was happy to get it for 2099 pounds as Im not rich enough to pay 2599! I still believe that amazon will deliver for that price (2099) sooner or later! The worst think is that after I pre-ordered this camera with amazon I could get it for almost the same price in Poland but I trust amazon so I though that I will wait with amazon uk.!! Now they canceled my pre-order with stupid explanation!!! I can understand that they dont have any stock now but it is not a reason to cancel people orders!!!! I can wait months or weeks! but I want it for the price I have ordered!!!!!!
    Amazon UK – please show you support to your customers!!!!!!!

  • skelly

    just read an email from amazon responding to my earlier complaint about cancellation as follows

    There has been a very recent development regarding your canceled order for the Nikon D800 SLR. All D800 orders that were canceled on the 6th May will be honored.

    You will receive an official update within the next 24 hours, by e-mail, confirming this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information for you right now but the e-mail that you will receive should answer any further questions.

    • Tony

      I have also seen a rumour (on DPReview) to the effect that Amazon UK have decided to reinstate the cancelled orders and are “expecting a delivery very soon sufficient to clear all preorders”. I findthis almost impossible to believe, but is from a reliable source.

      I cannot personally confirm this rumour – I am still waiting for a reply to my own query to Amazon UK.

      • Tony

        I have now also received an e-mail from Amazon informing me that the cancelled order has been re-instated. However they do not make any mention of expected dispatch date (so there may still be a long wait, which is OK by me).

    • David

      Thanks for your posting, how did you word your initial complaint and how long did it take them to reply?

  • LOL

    So, how many fools are still defending Nikon ?????????? It will be so funny when Nikon start doing the same in America. Crazy people who defend nikon must work for them or be paid for writing positive comments about them.

    • Rich

      It is happening in the U.S and people still want a Nikon. The reason it’s happening is because it’s a great camera. If it was a piece of crap nobody would be ordering. I’ve been patiently waiting to get my hands on one and thats okay (gives them time to work out the bugs.)

  • Swallow

    Yes, you will get the D800 from amazon, sometime within the next 12-24 months.

  • D700guy

    I doubt that very many of us will actually receive a D800 or a D800E this year.
    I know mine is still unavailable.
    Sure, there are ones here and there, but for the majority its 2013 ETA

  • Steve Clarke

    I only want to add that I agree with the earlier comments, buy local and support your local camera retailer.
    As for the D800
    I’m lucky, I’ve had mine for a week now……and what it can do is seriously impressive.

  • Detective swallow

    I wonder how long it takes for all the posts from nikon staff or people paid to write coments, start saying this is not nikons fault (again). Those people are so easy to spot.

    • Greg


  • Well I ordered a D4 on 7th February with WEX (UK). 3 weeks ago I was 4th in the queue for a D4.. not sure if that was BS….. still nothing from them….. 3 weeks ago I found 3 D4s in the UK and turned them all down because I couldn’t justify another £500 on the original RRP…. I’ve spent the last week trying to track down a D4 at full price because enough is enough and I want one of these mystical beasts !!!
    Anyone know an UK retailer that have any that I haven’t phoned ?

    Thanks for stopping by…


    • Dr SCSI

      @Matty, definitely worth every penny, so much more than the D700/D3 I came from. Don’t waste your money on the WT-5 though, biggest Nikon rip off to date! It works , does as it says, but gobbles up that now weaker battery! BTW, I ordered 6 April, it shipped 13 April, and arrived 20 April; something is to be said about ordering from smaller stores.

  • Kneekon_Neyekon

    I just got my D800 from Amazon US, May 2nd!
    I was one of the preorders on Feb 6th. Didn’t get it in the first shipment, got delivery date pushed back twice. Stayed in unknown May-Jun estimated delivery for what seemed like forever. Then out of the blue, I get a notice on Tues, May 1st that it shipped. Been scrutinizing and testing the heck out of it the past 4 days for all the reported probs/bugs.
    So far, so good.
    No power down lockup issues.
    No viewfinder / focus probs.
    No LCD screen color cast issues.
    No battery recall batch.
    Serial 3005xxx

    Maybe it was worth the wait for a later batch!
    The camera is friggin awesome. Body not built as well as the D700, in my opinion, but the performance is superior.

    • Jonathan

      Same boat as you. Ordered on Feb 7th. I got my shipping email on May 5th, with expected delivery for May 8th. I am relieved to finally be getting it.

  • D. Eaton


  • peter2

    I got the same email from B&H.
    The way it was written “We cannot tell you when we expect our next delivery and we cannot tell you how many that delivery will include.
    We do not know. Nikon USA does not tell us. …”
    could be summarized into a short phrase “We have no fn clue.”

  • David

    I also ordered on Amazon UK on the 20th March, the price was £2099. I cancelled an order from Jessops which was £2399.

    I have written a complaint to Amazon and will let people know the outcome. It is not acceptable that Amazon behave in this way. I was informed by Amazon that they were confident of a delivery date in early April. That clearly didn’t happen.

    Nikon should be ashamed of the customer service here, they have behaved terribly. It may well be Japanese culture to shy away from mistakes, but they are operating in a global marketplace. They need a serious shake up…

  • Nigel

    Yes, my backorder was just deleted from Amazon today, no notification by email just any trace of the order is gone. And to order it now includes a £900 increase in price!

  • Mike Lowery

    B&H delivered my 800e 5 days ago. Serial number is only 800 something. Don’t worry too much guys, they just started rolling off the line. I knew things would be crazy for this camera. That’s not a surprise.

    • John Richardson

      Correct. No one should be surprised, and anyone who got one should be more than pleased. All in good time we will all have our camera(s). But if you didn’t see this coming then you are way behind the curve.

  • zero1

    Nikon Australia site appears to be down at the moment (2.16 a.m. Monday ) and I have tried a few times over the last hour or so …maybe ‘adjusting’ the D800 info which until the other day said ‘Available Now’! I hope not as I have an order through a local store since March with a cash deposit.

    On another aspect of this issue, I saw on the news that in Japan there is a worry about power shortages due to ALL the nuclear power stations being shut down for safety inspections and local councils are not allowing them to be restarted due to concerns about safety. Maybe this is causing manufacturing problems?

    …or, maybe Sony (if the D800 sensor IS a Sony) are having trouble meeting Nikon’s supply demands for sensors. This would make sense as Sony need sensors for their own cameras too.

    …OR…perhaps Nikon is rethinking the price 🙁 !!!

    It is really hard to be nice to Nikon when they won’t be more open themselves.

    • Nikon Australia Site has been down all weekend, I asked their MyNikonLife site why and stil no response.

      I ordered my D800 on 29th March thru and recieved it on the 23rd April. So I think i was fortunate…

      I have noticed that Aussie Retailer have a notice on their site that Nikon Prices have now dropped to match International Prices.. Although checking their site, I havent noticed anything special.

      Also Vanbar have told me that they have about 30 D800 on order and only getting 5 or so every second week. So around End June is there delivery for orders placed now.

      Anyway all I can say is hang in their guys, the D800 is well worth it…

      • Hendog

        +1. You will get your camera eventually, so hang in there, it’s totally worth the wait! I got mine 27th of April (pre-ordered a month prior to that) from a retail store in Perth. They say the cameras are coming in at a rate of 2-3 every 3-4 days.

        I am honestly delighted with my D800, it has exceeded my expectations in many ways including high ISO handling (especially when down-sampled) and the resolution on even moderately good glass is astounding.

  • Henry

    TOO many problems with this one , or due to radioactivity?
    Let’s wait the D900 !!

  • David

    Lets just agree that Nikon make fantastic cameras but they are an absolutely terrible company. They can’t keep stock of things. They treat stores like crap. They treat customers badly too. Price increases on lenses. Sudden d800 price increase in the UK. I still can’t find some lenses in stock anywhere in the UK.

    Honestly, I would buy Canon if the 5d3 wasn’t even more over-priced and under-achieving.

    Nikon know how good the d800 is and they know that they’ve got us by the balls. They don’t really need to please us, because where else are we going to go?

    • PR

      David, I did the same as you, cancelled a £2399 order from Jessops and with even more irony, I got a call from LCE saying they had one in and I could have it for the then new price of £2599, but as I had secured an order on Amazon I thought I would wait. How wrong could I have been!

      I wouldn’t worry about the Canon 5D Mk III, I’m think of going for the Mk II, still better than anything Nikon has (actually) available, reasonable price and you can get one by walking into a store!

      • Pretty accurate about Canon –> except for the “better than what Nikon currently has” part.

        That part is the direct opposite of what I’ve read here on this forum over the years and the direct opposite of what I’ve been reading in quite a few other places, especially from the former Canon photographers who switched to Nikon. Nikon’s pre-D800, pre-D4 auto-focus and low-light performance were almost universally regarded as superior to Canon’s from what I’ve read.

        So if you want to buy a Canon, buy one. They’re both great brands. But please don’t misrepresent Nikon in such a manner on the way out.

  • Daniele Cuccia

    Reply from Amazon

    Earlier today, you were sent an email stating that your order for the Nikon D800 had been cancelled. This email was issued in error and your order will be fulfilled at the price at which you placed your order.

    The Nikon D800 remains in very constrained supply and Amazon is working with Nikon to ensure we are able to fulfil all customer orders as quickly as possible. We’ll update you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.

    Please note that your order will not show in Your Account at present. We are working on a resolution for this.

    We’re sorry about any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Warmest regards,

  • cuius

    This thread should be read in conjunction with the one posted 1st May – “Up to £180 cashback when you buy a Nikon D4/D800/D800E and a FX lens in the UK”

    Namely, why sell a camera only, when you can make people buy a lens as well.

  • Nigel

    You are now connected to Lakshminarayanan from
    Me:you have deleted my order and i have received no reason why?
    Lakshminarayanan:Hello, my name is Lakshminarayanan. I’ll be happy to help you.
    I understand your concern.
    To make sure that I have the correct account, may I have your name, please?
    Me:not concern, anger
    Nigel Rogers
    Lakshminarayanan:Thanks, Nigel.
    Me:Order Summary:
    Delivery Details : order will arrive in one delivery
    Order #: 203-1614853-7636314
    Delivery Method: Expedited
    Items: £1,749.99
    Postage & Packing: £5.96
    Total before VAT: £1,755.95
    VAT: £351.19
    Order Total: £2,107.14
    Delivery estimate: 27 Mar 2012
    1 “Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Electronics; £2,099.99
    Available for pre-order
    Sold by:
    Lakshminarayanan:We’re investigating this issue and we’re planning to reinstate the orders. Your orders will be fulfilled at the same price.
    Lakshminarayanan:However, we’re unable to confirm when the order will be exactly dispatched. We’re investigating with the relevant team and we’ll notify you via email with the further information within 24 hours.
    Further, I’d like to inform you that the priority will not be affected as the original order placed date will be considered.
    Me:So why has the order been deleted?
    with no notifcation to myself?
    Lakshminarayanan:First we received update from the manufacturer that we won’t received this item. Now reconsidering to reinstate them.
    Me:Just reconsidering?
    Or definetely honouring the order?
    Lakshminarayanan:We have planned to fulfil those orders.
    Me:The content of this chat will be publicly published so please be sure of what you write.
    Lakshminarayanan:Yes, I’m sure.

  • Rob

    I wish admin would update this, as he posted the story AFTER Amazon already got back to some people saying this was an error and the orders will be reinstated.

  • T.I.M

    Bad news for you guys, François Hollande is the new French presisdent (socialist).

    The Euro (money) will lose most of it’s value, so Nikon prices in Europe will go up (international exchanges are made in $)!

    That may explain why Amazon UK is cancelling the D800 orders.
    Good luck !

    • Hhom Togan

      This has to be the most idiotic post (even if it is a Joke) that anyone could do, quie the contrary Hollande winning the election means that Merkel will have to steer the ship from the “cut, cut, cut” direction and start divising a sort of Marshall plan to reactivate the economies, generate jobs, etc.

      If you weren’t a half of an ass you wouldn’t be Joking with this kind of things, I’m American but heck I really feel empathic for all the people who are suffering the crisis in Europe.

      So F…k you.

      • T.I.M

        @Hhom Togan
        I’m French and unfortunately I’m right.
        The euro is $1.30 today, I bet it will be $1.25 or even lower in few days.

        • TIM, your posts alwasy provide me with great amusement, keep it up..

          And your “I’m French” just brought back memories of Monty Pythons Holy Grail Castle Scene.. 😛

          For those of you that dont know it, scroll thru to 0.57 on the following clip:-

        • T.I.M

          LOL !
          Only few hours after the new socialist president was elected and the Euro is already down to $1.29 !

  • My God you fools, just to let you know, we are hiding stock to see how you dumb asses react. haha.
    thank you for making us rich, and following your pathetic brand loyalty which is utter bullshit to us.

    Yours Sincerely

    • Detective swallow

      You my boy are getting sent to the potting shed !!! detective swallow will make sure you smash your face on the floor. Now go and play with your fingers before I break them. Whooooo whoooooo

      • Detective swallow

        Detective swallow has discussed the comments you made, with mr chief inspector. We would now like to congratulate you on the post, we think it deserves 10/10 for making us laugh. well done 🙂

    • No Name


      Hahahahahahahaha, you are the legend!
      Unfortunately, you are right, there’s so many morons here with D90 or D40 whose ordered this camera because they believe they will make good photographs when they finally get it! :-)))
      You don’t need (that) camera, you should learn how to make photograph, first! :-)))

  • Stanley77

    In t
    The Jessops UK posts ‘As you maybe aware’. Bad English, chap. Think ‘perhaps’ for ‘maybe’ as it is an adverb and think ‘might’ for ‘may be’ as it is a verb. No wonder the Brits have no D800 cameras.

  • Laura

    Just got my cc charged by Amazon so I checked my order and delivery is expected May 10-12. I ordered the morning it became available and am just happy I’ll get it before my daughter arrives 😉

  • Mac-in-Devon

    Support your local camera shop. I pre ordered with LCE in the UK and recieved my D800 two weeks after it was released, at the pre increase price. I cancelled my order with Amazon UKwhen they took the D800 off the sales list after it was released. SN is 600xxxxxx and has displayed none of the AF, lockup faults reported by others. It did come supplied with a recall battery which I am still waiting to be replaced on the 8th.

  • 12

    Some of you are pretty sensitive.

    The root of all your frustration is because you “need” the camera.

    Despite all your bitterness etc… As soon as one is available you will still buy it.

    In some respects it is frustrating because no matter how annoying a company becomes if they have a desirable product they will still get your business. Threatening to buy a Canon instead is not a threat at all to Nikon and is not good news for Canon.

    These companies have a monopoly amd they have all the customers they care to have.

    You are not going to get any special treatment aka Nikon is not going to fight for you.

    All you can do is be patient or cancel your order and buy used for example.

    • Nikon user

      Very very true. I agree with you, it does not matter which camera you buy both company’s treat you like a bitch. You get no thanks for defending Nikon, or any special treatment or privileges for being loyal, so the sooner those arse licking people stop acting like Nikon actually cares about then the better.

      • Shnorbitz


    • Hhom Thogan

      Sorry I think you have mistaken terms here…
      This isn’t a monopoly :
      It is an Oligopoly:

      Sigh… ignorant kids…

  • R!

    Preorder sucks !!!!

    • T.I.M

      I whish I had pre-ordered my wife
      (Just kidding honey)

  • D800

    Well for those who have a bit of a sense of humor a Willy Wonka Meme for you

  • Westin

    Amazon US offered me a gold box deal on the D800 a few weeks after it was released, only saved 5%, but that’s $150 off of retail, still on backorder of course, I think the supply will catch up soon, at least for those of us who ordered months ago.

  • Mel

    I pre ordered with three suppliers, finally got mine a week ago with Calumet then got a call the next day to say the other two were now in stock as well. They were quite happy when I told them if already got one and both said that supplies were definitely picking up but that it was still worth while pre ordering, especially as neither of the other two required a deposit.

  • Shane

    Use local camera shops people got mine weeks ago

  • doug

    Lol i sold mine already 2 weeks ago, the guy was happy to pay £2600, good for me got my money back plus £200, now i can buy my pre ordered D800E which is coming tomorrow for no extra cost ;p

  • Glass Half Empty

    Conspiracy theory: I bet one good reason for this “glitch” is so that Amazon doesn’t need to pay their referral fees to deserving websites like Anytime an order adjustment is made, such as this, it voids referral fees and would save 4% on each camera, i.,e., $120. And when upgrades your order “for free” to next day shipping, it also is a way for them to get out of paying referral fees. An easy choice for spend $10 more on 1-day shipping to escape from a $120 obligation.

    I’m saying this because after working for 12 years as an affiliate, following all their rules to the letter, then suddenly–after $36,000 in generated sales over 12 years of partnership–they canceled my account and voided the last three months of sales, including about 10 of the new camera bodies (Nikon Rumors has probably referred 1,000 of them) due to unusual “activity” in my account after the announcements of the cameras.

    I’m have just a small time personal website ($36,000 over 12 years is only $10 per month of commissions), but I hope that the word gets out that treats its affiliates like trash, and they are probably the single reason for Amazon’s success, because we work so hard to promote them and get a tiny commission. Amazon could have decided to cancel my account at any time, and yet they conveniently canceled it right after I had earned commissions from a combination of several D800, D4, 28-300mm, and 5D III purchases, adding up to over $800.’s needs to be sued to the end of existence for their affiliate system, but I don’t know how because their operating agreement prohibits suing them–I don’t even know if that is legal–and forces us to “accept” their decisions in their own jurisdiction.

    Good luck to you, Nikon Rumors, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that Amazon doesn’t treat you the same way.

  • DonaldT

    re Amazon UK D800 , In addition to emls from Amazon confirming the cancellation was an error I have now received an eml from John Walshe , General Manager of Imaging at Nikon UK (who I cc’d my Amazon complaints to) , he states Nikon have contacted Amazon to confirm they will continue to supply D800’s to them , he also states “this was purely an Amazon issue” . Interesting that both companies have responded so rapidly since this issue blew up considering that this is sunday…. obviously the days of “you’ll need to wait till the office opens on monday” are gone !

  • Jay Seeley

    Nothing heard from B&H, but thats the norm for them. Has anyone gotten a camera yet from them. I ordered mine on the 6th of Feb and still no camera. Very frustrating.

  • le_eiji

    Considering the high demand, high popularity of this camera, it’s time for Nikon to double its price really. That would resolve the problem easily and those who truly need this camera would still buy it. Initially, People complain of the price of 5D Mark III. Meanwhile, Canon knows what they are doing. They set the price for 5D Mark III just right, because it is worth it. 5DMark III is a huge improvement over 5D MarkII in every way and they don’t have any serious trouble like greenish LCDs, left Autofocus problems, lockup issues etc. D800 is cheap but there are a lot of design flaws unseen in D700 and you won’t receive it. You will only receive an email confirmation that your order is cancelled. You preordered a D800 and spent day after day thinking over getting it. That’s time consuming and you receive nothing for that. D800 is no longer cheap for you and for most of us.

  • Nikon

    We have your cameras, please leave more money in a brown paper bag in the drop box outside your local Nikon dealer. When we have received enough money we will release the cameras to you safe and unharmed. If this does not happen in a timely fashion, we will put the bugs back in all Pro FX cameras, and not send out firm wear updates until you have purchased enough new lenses. Thank you Nikon

  • McKenzie

    A friend of mine works for Nikon and he told me they have only had full production for the last two months because of the flooding issues in Thailand. He said that internally Nikon has postponed the employee purchasing program and pretty much every sku listed on the system is unavailable including lenses. So maybe we just need to cut Nikon some slack, I’m sure they would rather selling cameras than having bad press re supply.

    • The sympathy vote only goes so far when you get Nikon representatives giving it large about how Nikon were able to build and price the D800 so competitively at shows like Focus On Imaging in Birmingham earlier in the year, for that to be overturned by a subsequent price rise before release blamed on a non-existent computer error. Lies. Then to receive a camera that has a list of faults, for some of those to be rebuffed with robust talk of user error or “it’s within parameters” etc etc. My camera is currently with Nikon UK in Richmond while they scratch their asses all day trying to work out a fix for the left sided AF fault. All in all, I’m sick to death of the lot of them and the last few months has completely changed my view of Nikon. I’m so heavily invested in them though and they know it, so what’s the alternative?

      It’s like Lee Filters – you know the product is the best on the market, but the wait times and overall service is really quite poor, resulting in a black market and price predators for pretty much everything you need. I still wouldn’t buy anything but Lee though, same compromise.

    • D700guy

      I’ll cut them some slack when they cut me a camera.

  • LP

    Hi, I am not a troll, I used Sony for years, felt kind of an orphan with that company. I studied my options and went for Nikon. I was not among the first one to pre order the D800, but did so pretty early… On march 23, I called every store around and found one at a Best Buy (3000 + 150 in taxes, but without the wait). I am not going to defend Nikon, they’ve handled the last couple of months in a very bad manner, but I will defend at least MY D800, not seeing green tint (not to get mad and crazy), no locking up, no bugs whatsoever with a fair amount of use. Of course some bad copies will always exist on everything. I did get an E series battery… So, I am happy overall with all my new equipment, I do recommend the D800, and would advice those waiting that still or really want it, to try in the stores outside instead on waiting on the bogus policies and silence of the online stores.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Been travelling around a bit this week and many of the camera shops I visited here in mainland China have either 2-3 D800’s sitting on the shelf or can get one within 24 hours (probably from Shenzhen). Some have D4’s in stock too.

    Price for a D800 hovers around RMB28,000 (Appr. GBP 2,800)
    Price for a D4 is around RMB 46,000 (Appr. GBP 4,600)

    These are prices without tax applied. The way it works here is that you pay the price without tax, but should your camera develop a problem and you need to return it under warranty, you pay the tax to make everything ‘above board’, then send your cam in for warranty repair. If nothing goes wrong before your warranty expires, no tax is paid… Funny place, this 🙂

  • I don’t mind waiting another 3 months if the delay was caused by bug fixing

  • Joaquim Prado

    Nikon is taking a dump in our heads! its may 7 and no sings of a camera.

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