Up to £180 cashback when you buy a Nikon D4/D800/D800E and a FX lens in the UK

After Nikon UK raised the prices of the D4 and D800, they are now offering a new cashback program (up to £180) when you purchase a D4/D800/D800E together with a new FX lens. The claim form can be found here. The eligible lenses are:

There are also new Nikon rebates in the US - I will post the details online once I get them.
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  • Shaun

    FIRST, and bring on the rebates

    • Rob

      Your mother must be so proud of what you’ve accomplished on this day.

  • derWalter

    no 70-200 2.8G ? *sadface*

    • Jason

      Amazing idiocy! Rebates on non-existent cameras.

      How about – $250 “sorry we were late” refund on D800 and D4?

      • Valiant Thor


      • ACon

        Well – I did get a free 16GB XQD card and reader with my D4. That was a nice surprise because I was planning to buy both of those.

        • Your D4 wasn’t late. And it appears they’re including the 16gb card & reader with only the first wave of shipments. So, you got yours early AND free accessories. Others who will be receiving their cameras months late will not receive accessories.


  • davis5

    it’s about 10% of discount or less…

    is not a “greatest” or “incredible” claim…

  • Jetfire

    Can I sue Nikon for not honoring this deal since they can ship enough Camera by the time the deal runs out? 🙂

    P.S. I’m screwed anyway since I got my D800 at Best Buy Friday.

    • Andrew

      Ask Nikon to make the deal retroactive for up to 30 days after purchase.

    • Ralph

      You can in the US, the courts there are so stupid you can sue for just about anything, sadly here in Australia our judges appear to be taking courses in the US and we will soon be equal litigious morons.

      • Calibrator

        But: Judge Joe Brown would laugh him right out of the court…

      • JM

        I’m very sorry for all Australians if that ever happens. But, maybe some of the loser lawyers will leave here, and go practice there….

    • larry

      Return it…
      Then buy the “open box” special. You still have the warranty as you have the original sales receipt from the first purchase.

  • Bill

    And fools will just keep paying

    • Andrew

      Or people who have real and immediate needs.

      • Totally! The D800 and D4 are the only way to take photos now. We cannot press on without this!

  • Simone

    I see what they did. They raised the price and are now offering cashback on a body+lens. Perhaps to entice any suckers who don’t know better.

    • Andrew

      They always offer these deals from time to time. But as far as prices are concerned, there are various ways to view them. (1) They raised the price, (2) They offered a limited-time price reduction, (3) Someone messed-up and keyed-in the wrong (albeit lower) price, and (4) They were doing a marketing test to determine the best price for the product. Whatever your take on this, you will still end up with a great camera!

      • RK

        no you won’t because supply is non existant, I haven’t found one retailer in london who has even finished filling pre-orders.

  • DHM

    NO good. Still waiting my D800 from Amazon. No news yet. Order on Feb.7, 2012.

    • Jonathan

      Same. I just had my date changed again. I’m really unhappy with Amazon’s handling of pre-orders. Don’t promise a date and change it 3 times over.

      • Dave

        WOW…I had ordered from Adorama and never got an estimated, but when I saw Amazon had an estimated shipping Mid-May I canceled and pre-order through Amazon early April. But now it’s not looking good for me at this point if you guys are still waiting and order in March!….

        • Andrew

          You should not have cancelled. You should have waited until you got your shipment from one company and then cancel the other order. Oh well!

          • Andrew

            Also if you receive shipment you do not want, it is cheaper to simply refuse the shipment than to accept it and have to pay the return shipping cost. But in no event should you open a package you do not want to keep, it is simply ethical. It allows the company to ship the package to another customer. This is simply a personal comment.

          • Jim

            Calumet called me last week Wednesday and asked if I was still interested in the D800 they had for me – of course I was. It was received Friday. I was considering going local but they had a waiting list and supposedly were only getting 3 a month so far. So that might have meant a year from now.

        • Jetfire

          I didn’t cancel my B&H order until I physically had the one from Best Buy in my hand.

    • Crimed

      Don’t give up hope. I ordered from Amazon on 2/7 and got a shipping notice this AM. This was after an email saying we don’t know when we will get it and please confirm by May 29 that arrived over the weekend. It will be here tomorrow.

      • Frustrated

        That is promising. Which country are you in and what time was your order placed?

        • Crimed

          I am in the USA and ordered at 3:21 AM Eastern time

          • Justin

            Thanks for letting us know. That is helpful. I ordered my 800E at 9 am est. Too late I realize now.

          • Frustrated

            I guess I am just waiting on another 3.5 hours worth of orders to be fulfilled, hopefully there were not too many placed during that time of night.

            Perhaps it is worth doing a survey of the latest orders received from online orders of major re-sellers for all three of the new bodies.

    • joefitz

      ordered a D800 at 12:34 pm PST from amazon. Got an email yesterday that it would arrive may 2 or may 3. Can no longer change shipping/billing options on the order page, and my CC has been preauthorized.

      Hasn’t shipped yet, but the fact that they billed is a strong indicator to me. They also upgraded to free overnight shipping. My guess is that they know from nikon how many cameras they’ll get today, but don’t know when they’ll arrive or if they’ll make the shipping cutoff for tomorrow.

      Maybe this gives hope to others who preordered within hours. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint those who preordered much later…

      • Mike

        12:34 PST on what day? The first day it came out?

        Has anyone received a D800E through Amazon yet?

    • Keep the faith man. I just got my tracking number from Amazon about an hour ago!

    • Ray

      Ordered mine 14th Feb, got it several weeks ago. Yay me!

    • Braaji

      Sir, I ordered d800 from Amazon on feb 06 just when it was ready for preorder,
      Then yesterday I approved a request delay, then this afternoon I was sent a tracking number with tomorrow delivery date,
      First they changed the delivery from March21 to March 23, and then April 13- to 30.
      Luckily I will get mine tomorrow, and I wish you will get yours too, give them a call,
      Good luck

    • Ahh, first world problems.

  • Daf

    This makes me very happy 😀

    As I posted on dpreview:

    Since I have a D800 on Pre-Order I asked Nikon Support a few questions and got the following replies:

    1. Do both purchases have to be in the same actual order ?
    > 1 – All purchases pertaining to this cash back can be separate transactions.

    2. If not – do they have to be from the same retailer ?
    > 2 – No, they can be separate transactions at separate recommended retailers. For a list of recommended retailer please see the link below.
    Title: Where to Buy
    Answer: http://www.europe-nikon.com/en_GB/where_to_buy/where_to_buy.page?lang=

    3. I ordered the D800 on 20th of March i.e. Pre-order but it has not arrived/been shipped/charged yet – would this be counted as an order from the day it was ordered or the day it was fulfilled ?
    > 3 – If you have not paid for the item then the date of pre order is not applicable. Only the date of actual sale is applicable.

    Woohoo !
    Jessops 24-70mm
    -4% Quidco (not VAT)
    ~ £1071

  • FX DX

    Sweet deal. I got my 16-35 ($300 discount), 24-70 ($300 discount), and 70-200 ($400 discount) last year with D7000. I sold the D7000 on Craigslist for $35 less than the purchase cost, so I actually saved $935 on all my lenses. Hoping to see lens only rebates on some new primes.

  • knocker

    How about no rebate but we can actually buy the d800 now

    • RK


    • Hhom Togan

      +1 or at least do like the other brand who offers instant cashbacks.

  • Jon

    Jessops were doing 0% credit for up to 10 months, which is how i was going to purchase a D800 when stock finally arrived in the UK.
    They seem to no longer be offering that, which sucks for me i guess.
    Weird how Jessops seem to think that ending a 0% offer is going to get them more business in the current climate.

    • Jessops

      Interest free credit is something we do not actively promote, however it is available if you go and speak to one of our lovely advisors in store 🙂

  • Rich in TX

    It seems rediculous to me to offer new incentives when they already have more orders than they can possibly keep up with. It’s not as if the cameras were having a hard time selling…

    • Gary

      @Rich – great question!

      Peter, could you try and find a Nikon-friend or two to see if they can share an insight, please?

      I could make some suggestions, but my guess is no better than anyone else’s – but it would be great to read something from a “source”

      • Gary

        Should have been Great *Point*. It was me who inferred it was a question!

    • FX DX

      I think the idea is to sell more lenses than more in demand bodies. How many new D800 users will buy all gold lenses with a body? Not very many, but this will make them think twice. It’s good marketing from Nikon. I am sure Nikon will still make a ton of money even after hefty discounts.

    • it will give them more moneys, because people are not buying enough lenses.
      as the skills of photographic population grows, people are discovering that even 20 year old lenses or third party lenses work good enough and are not willing to spend moneys on overpriced glass

      lenses are like ink for epson and hp, keep that in mind.

      • jorg

        huh? to me it looks the other way around. cameras come and go and burn money every day.
        the D800 may be the first sensor to send AF-D lenses to the ranch, ok, but only 2% care about that.

  • Crimed

    I think Nikon should have the following promotion.

    “Order a D800 and get the camera”

    • Myl3s



    • this

    • Samas

      Yep. Love that comment!

      It will be precariously suspecious if Nikon offers rebates in US… especially when D800 pre-ordered folks (me included) are still whining about not getting the camera.

  • I wonder if this means Nikon is catching up on deliveries. Something like this might move me off my ass here in the US.

    • pop

      Makes sence. Hope your right

    • Samas

      I hope so Ron! I just hope so!!

    • Philip J Fry

      Great, so we can expect hi-res voyeuristic photos of young girls soon, then!

      • You are sick.

        • knocker

          He’s got a point!

          • The only point he has is on the top of his head.

            OK, everybody go take a look and find out what the photographer who is as vilified as Ken Rockwell has been up to.

            • Paparazzi is plural

              Just did. You’d make a great paparazzo.

            • I bet all three of you jerks have the same IP address. It takes a sorry SOB to go around harassing other photographers the way you do. I know, it’s just payback from one of the babies whose toes I stepped on at dpreview.

  • Bob

    Nikon need to drop the UK price when they finally get stock. @ digitalrev.com the Canon 5d mk3 is £2519.90 and Nikon D800 is £2850! that rebate sucks

  • Tommy O

    @ Harold Ellis

    “lenses are like ink for epson and hp, keep that in mind.”

    Lenses are not mere commodities.
    And who makes better FX lenses for Nikon cams than Nikon?

    • Samas

      Voigtlander. Tokina. They are actually sometimes better than some of the top of the line Nikon glasses.

      • Samas

        Still, I dont agree that lenses are consumable goods like ink cartridges. Good lenses are probably investments for a pros.

      • Only if Tokina have more full frame lenses….

      • Sahaja

        They may not be consumables like ink cartridges – but some have high profit margins for Nikon like ink cartridges do for Epson

  • Ralf

    I’d prefer if they’d just make honest prices. If this is the kind of treatment I have to accept to get genuine Nikon products at a better price then grey market doesn’t sound so bad. Or a competing product.

    • Boyan

      Rebates ARE honest prices in this particular case. They use rebates to manage currency fluctuations without having to constantly change prices. Can you imagine the crybabies here and elsewhere if the prices on Nikon gear fluctuated up/down by 5% on a timescale of weeks?

      Back on topic, I just got a call from my dealer that they have a D800 with my name on it. Will probably pick it up tomorrow, and if the rebates come on time I may actually buy a 24-120, I don’t really need anything else right now.

  • Richard the 3rd

    Those of you in the UK; generally – which retailer over there has been the quickest to supply D800/D800E’s to those who pre-ordered in the first hours/days?

    • Daf

      Doesn’t seem like any have had many in at all going by comments on dpreview.

    • Gary

      I ordered my D800 from Calumet on day one of pre-orders. I picked mine up from Calumet on day one of deliveries in the UK.

      I have no association with Calument (other than as a frequent customer), I have no association with Nikon, I am NOT an NPS member.

      • Bob

        Garry, I pre-ordered mine from Calumet on 23rd of Feb and was told I was their 40th customer here in the UK. I checked with Calumet’s head office earlier this week and all they could say was that I was now nearer the top of the list but they weren’t expecting more stock until mid-May and they had no idea how many D800’s they would be getting then. I have also ordered a qualifying lens and filled in the online form but have nothing to confirm this and no idea what happens next. I have always been a Nikon man and have a lot of sympathy for the firm but I have to say that this launch, especially here in the UK, has been an utter shambles.

        • Gary

          Bobb, I completely agree – this launch HAS (and continues to be) a shambles.

          I ordered mine on the morning of Feb 7th and subsequently learned that I was “twenty-something” in the queue. I’m surprised that the queue had only got to 40 by the 23rd.

          When this site announced that the D800 would be shipping later in the week, I phoned Calumet every day to see if they had any news. Even the day before the shipment was due they only knew when to expect it – they still didn’t know how many would arrive.

          On launch day I phoned them 3 times. First time was too early. Second time, the shipment had arrived and they confirmed that mine was in the batch. Third time, I called to say that I’d pick it up – I couldn’t wait for a delivery!

          Given the lack of info from Nikon, I think Calumet did all it could.

          Now I’ve used it, I know that if I was still in the queue, it would still be worth the wait.

          But I can’t, for the life of me, understand why Nikon is offering a cashbach for a camera that is so over-subscribed – unless, of course, by getting folk to buy expensive glass they are trying to further “lock-in” their customer base.

          • Bob

            Garry, Just a couple of thoughts, if you are not a working pro you’re twenty something may be the result of a very early order being overtaken by subsequent NPS orders, that system does apply here in the UK too. I also suspect paying in full when pre-ordering may affect the pecking order. Personally I paid a deposit of around 15% but I’m not sure that will have secured my position as customer number 40. It would not be totally unreasonable for Calumet to favour certain high spending regular customers anyway. In any event I’m happy to have placed my order with Calumet as they have always given me good service in the past.

  • Mark J.

    ganna be pissed of they do a D800 and 14-24mm in the US as i have picked up both in the last 5 weeks……

  • Only if you can have anything in stock….

  • Louie

    Dear Nikon:

    Could you please have someone make my D4 & ship it before you try and sell more cameras & glass that you dont have in stock.

    Thank you

  • Computer error

    Is explained why the Nikon UK prices increased a few time, and then they say that was computer errors. People are funny. run before the stock runs out!

  • Mike Lowery

    I was lucky enough to pick up a D800 at Best Buy last week. I orderd a D800e from b&h as soon as it was on their site (12:00 a.m. Eastern on Feb 7). I just came home and found a slip from UPS on my door requiring a signature. I looked it up and it is my 800e! B&h shipped it last Thursday but I never saw a shipping confirmation email. I hope this gives some if you an idea where you stand on their list. Also, I’m not a NPS member. I was probably going to cancel the B&h order because I didn’t know when it was coming but now I’m torn. Do I keep it, return it or put it on Ebay? I want to know how much sharper this thing is compared to my regular 800.

    • Ryan


      I read your comment then instantly checked my b&h order, sure enough it shipped and they didn’t even send me a confirmation! Wha Bam! Ok important stuff now… According to a B&H rep I was apparently top 200 in the wait list for the D800, so hopefully this gives you guys an idea of what they are shipping out. NPS plus at least 200 pre -orders. I talked to a guy at the camera store (Calgary) today and he said if you pre ordered now you would roughly get the camera by August. Good luck guys, I sure as hell waited a long time for this, I think I pre-ordered within 20 minutes of it going live on the B&H website.


  • trialcritic

    Well, I am losing out. I bought D800 from Best Buy and a 14-24 from B&H. I am losing this deal now.

    • Gary

      I share your pain. But hey, I know that if I were given the choice between
      a) own the kit now and use it, or
      b) wait until August and save a few quid/bucks,
      then I’d definitely rather have the kit in my hands.

      After all, if I wanted to save money, I could always stall the purchase until 2013 or 2014 – it would definitely be cheaper then. 🙂

  • Happy camper now

    D4 from amazon shipped, tracking number in hand.
    Due to arrive May 3rd.
    Finally ☺
    No sign of 800e yet though.

    Anyone know of any Arca Swiss plate options available yet for the D4?

  • Joaquim Prado

    This D800 situation is ridiculous! How come people order on feb, 7 and don’t receive a camera yet! How come? and you check on ebay there are at least 50 cameras on auction.

    Ritz is saying that they estimate to ship my camera only in June! This is frustrating specially because my camera wont work and will have no digital camera until august!

    • ActionJunky

      As I said before: I have not problem with a individual purchasing a camera at full retail and then reselling on ebay. Maybe they wanted to try it out or maybe they just wanted to take some risk at making a buck.

      However I have heard some specific retailers that have agreed to Nikon’s terms and conditions and then listed these items on ebay. I hope these retailers lose their Nikon retailer license. They are only hurting themselves.

  • Jabs

    Here is why the Nikon D800 is superior to any other camera on the Market???


    • Justin

      When people ordered the camera they did so blindly, without any such reviews.

  • Annoyed

    Hey what the hell, they’re never going to send me any of it anyway, so I may as well order 6-7 of the damn things.

  • Laserpc

    I received notification that my Nikon D4 has shipped from Amazon. Ordered on March 8th. Will deliver tomorrow morning, May 2nd, at my office. My credit card has been charged.

    I ordered my Nikon D800 from Amazon on the first day the site went live to accept orders, Feb 6 and receivedon March 23rd.

  • D700guy

    interesting that they’re offering incentives to buy when they still cant provide me with a camera

    • ben

      i don’t know what the situation is in England, but I was just in Hong Kong, and D800’s, 800E’s and even D4’s are everywhere there. All the shady stores in Tsim Sha Tsui have them as well as all the super high end and highly legit camera stores in the nicest malls.
      The price there is around US$3600 dollars for the D800 at all the legitimate best buy type stores. I’d imagine that Nikon is spreading it’s D800’s around the world to maximize profits as well as for other reasons.
      It seems demand in the US might be higher than in other countries as I seem to hear more complaints from US visitors to this site about delays then visitors from other countries(or maybe there is just way more US visitors to this site.)
      I am living in mainland China and there are absolutely zero D800’s anywhere near me(chongqing,) so I was suprised to see them available in HK as I would have thought that most rich people from China who wanted one would just fly over to HK and buy them there(prices are usually better there anyways.) As a comparison, the apple store in HK has a several week delay on iPads and is having daily lotteries to fulfill customer orders.

      • Sahaja

        For some reason Nikon USA have always been fairly poor about getting enough stock on some items to meet demand. Nikon Distributors in other countries often do much better.

        • jorg

          actually no. the US are the largest market for nikon and i doubt nikon usa is asleep.

          there problem imho is this: belief in online-retailers being the best option to get a camera + local tax-avoidance.

          • Thomas

            I agree with your comments. I placed a order with Adorama on Feb 8th at 12:03 AM and severals weeks ago found out that I was somewhere around number 4,000 on their waiting list. I went into my local NPD shop and asked about their availability. They told me they could get me one in about 10 days to 2 weeks. They actually were able to get it in 4 days. I have had the camera for about a week now. I had to pay the sales tax but having it in hand is well worth the extra cost. I canceled my Adorama order.
            I am curious about the volume that Nikon is producing. My serial number is just over 6000. With their production projections I was expecting a larger number.

            • jorg

              thomas, that is also what i hear. imho the customers of the online-retailers should demand info about their place at the waiting list to be able to make the best personal choice.

              congrats to your D800, supporting your local dealer and also your state 😉

              will be intresting, how the serial numbers evolve, there is discussion at dpr about it.

              i have 6xxx2xxx, bought march 25 in the EU.i hear the asians model SN start with a “3”.
              if the rumors are true, that the faulty E/F-series batteries are the reason for the delays maybe the serial numbers will not grow in relation to delivery waves/dates.

          • Frustrated

            My local stores are B&H and Adorama… and even with Amazon I pay sales tax.

            • Thomas

              Hang in there, you will be rewarded. The D800 captures so much detail it is amazing. The detail that it captures in the shadows that you can pull out with Photoshop will blow you away.
              I had a 3x and the 24_70 and I always thought the edges were a little soft but with the D800 the edges are sharp.
              I use to live in a small town in western Colorado and had to rely on Adorama, etc. to get my supplies so I can relate. My local shop has saved me on several occasions. Once my 3x died and they loaned me one from their studio. They didn’t charge me a penny. No way Amazon, Adorama, etc would have offered to help.
              Good luck.

    • Daf

      Might be an incentive to stick with Nikon and wait for the D800 delivery rather than jumping ship for the 5Diii

      I’ve always said that Canon/Nikon are missing a trick with not subsidising such cameras + FX lenses – IF people were to jump brands – it would be when they need to upgrade their lenses to DX/FX so cost not so different.

  • Shane

    This is silly

    One good thing at least it’s offered in UK sure the Americans get all the cheap prices anyway so this is a good thing I don’t see why a Nikon d800 cost 500 pounds cheaper there

  • Got my D800 and D4 a few days ago, too bad they didn’t have any discounts on lenses (AF-S 24mm f/1.4 and AF-S 35mm f/1.4).

  • Peter

    Got a estimate arrival date on my D800E from Amazon as 05/08-05/12. Hope it will arrive at that time.

  • Mel

    If it isn’t frustrating enough that I bought two of those lenses and a D800 body less than a week before the cashback offer, but I also had to hunt around to find a dealer that was still selling them at the advertised price as, coincidently, when I did place an order I found that the price was higher than advertised. Oddly enough the new price was almost identical old price of the lenses plus the amount of the rebate. Luckily I did find a retailer selling the lenses at the old price but it is annoying to miss the chance of a rebate, especially after the long wait to get my D800.

  • Zoot

    Here in the UK, we can get an inverse rebate by buying a D800 without a lens on e-bay. None of the listings actually advertises “£400 cashforward”, but that is what some of the selling prices represent.

    What are we all waiting for?

  • jorg

    only UK, maybe they did that to soften the price-increase-issue?

  • CMan

    I was wondering if anyone who has received their camera from B&H could provide an order number just for S&G’s.

    Maybe I can figure out approximately where I fall in line (Surely most of the orders between Feb 6 late at night and early morning Feb 7 are D800’s

    • Jan

      Not sure the order number would be the best tracking tool as many non D800 orders could be placed in between.
      Order time would be a better indicator i think.

      • CMan

        True, but like I said, how many “other” things were most likely ordered between LATE night February 6 and EARLY morning February 7?

        I ordered my D800 at 6:00am CST and my order number is 1019471xxx

        • CMan

          whoops, pre-mature submission

          So if someone who ordered theirs had the number 101947000 and received it then i know I’m within 1000ish, or if someone ordered theirs and received it with number 101946600 but someone with 101946700 didn’t, then I roughly know how many could possibly be ahead of me.

          Just more stats to see 🙂 Best Buy is tempting me every day, already on a local stores list as well

          • Jan

            If these order numbers are indicators of actual orders i am about 4,000 behind you as my order number is: 10194742xx order time was 7.47am PST.
            So roughly 4,000 orders in 3 hours and 47 minutes.
            I think i am going to visit BB tomorrow.

            • Mike lowery

              101946892x was my order number from b&h. My d800e has shipped. I orderd as soon as the camera was live on their site (midnight eastern release night), looks like there was at least 2,000 orders the first night. Hope this helps.

            • Mike Lowery

              I just wanted to add that I’m not NPS but when I ordered my 800e from b&h I totally pre paid in advance with PayPal. I was thinking that paying upfront might help me get mine quicker. Looks like I was correct.

            • CMan

              What was your order time (with time zone) Mike?

            • Mike Lowery

              My order was complete by 12:10 a.m. Eastern on the morning of Feb 7.

            • Mike Lowery

              Allow me to say again that my order was for the E version. I have it in my hands now.

  • Samas

    So what is with Adorama? Have they started shipping their next batch of D800s yet? Or still fullfilling those idiotic NPS orders? Does anyone have any peeps? I had been getting “back-ordered” automatic emails every alternate week, but not this week. That email is due this week, but not received. I am not sure whether this is a clue – or just a coincidence.

  • Brian

    Whether Nikon offer £180 or £1800 , it makes no difference if they can not supply the cameras. I am getting a little fed up with the no comment attitude. I have had a D4 on order for some time and I haven’t heard a cheep from Nikon or the dealer, other than a call to say that the original purchase price would be honoured. I have asked what position I am in the queue but they will not tell me.

  • tonyc

    Given up waiting. Cancelled mine, buying lighting instead. 🙂

    This concept will arrive on the shelves before the D800…

  • Baraldi

    The D800 will arrive in stores in Paraguay during the next week. The price is $ 3900!

    99% of cameras and lenses sold in Brazil are brought from Paraguay (black market). In other words … the official price of the camera in Brazil should be something around $ 5000 …

  • Crimed


    My D800 just arrived and as I take it out of the box I hear a rattle. After securing the loops for the strap, it still rattles. The rattle only stops when the popup flash is up. It starts again when the flash is down. I haven’t charged the battery yet, so I don’t know about function. I see that another person on another website reported this. Anyone else find this to be the case?
    Help – I can’t believe it!

  • dmcdougall

    To continue the thread, my B&H order number for a D800 is: 1019474xxx and I have not received anything from them yet. If we could get some order numbers from people who actually got theirs shipped, maybe we can get what B&H refuses to provide.

    • D700guy

      My order # for a D800E with B&H is: 1019468XXX, and I havent received mine or a shipping notice either.

    • CMan

      So, we have so far…
      For BHPhoto Orders

      10194716xx 700am EST – Not arrived
      10194742xx 1047am EST – Not Arrived
      1019474xxx 1200pm EST – Not Arrived

      101946892x D800 ???? EST – shipped

  • dmcdougall

    BTW my order was ~ 9am PST 2/7

  • Tony

    It’s not just the D800 that’s hard to get in the UK – the 24-120mm and 16-35mm seem to be have been out of stock at most retailers for weeks. It would be a reasonable (but not great) offer if you could actually buy the products.

  • laserpc

    My D400 arrived today from Amazon (USA). Ordered on March 8th. The new sony memory card and reader was included with camera.

    • Justin

      Guarantee you are the first in the world to get their D400.

    • D700guy

      There’s a D400?

    • laserpc

      All, correction on my previous post. I recieved the D4 and not the D400.

      I was reading another post about the D400 and had that on my mind. Sorry about the confusion.

      Order Placed: March 8, 2012
      Amazon.com order number: xxxxxxxxx-2801012
      Order Total: $5,999.00

      Shipment #1: Shipped on May 1, 2012
      Information about shipment

      Ship Carrier: UPS
      Tracking Number: 1xxxxxx-5268
      Status: Delivered
      Location: Office
      Signed for by: ———-
      Order #: xxxxxxxx-2801012
      Shipment Date: May 1, 2012
      Destination: ARLINGTON, VA, US

  • Justin

    So what’s the news on the US rebates??? I am ready to buy a D800 (Best Buy said they can get me one pretty quick) but am wondering if I need to hold out longer and see what the rebates will consist of.

  • The Adorama Mystery

    Does anyone know if Adorama is supplying the D800? – I can’t get any sense out of them.

    • D700guy

      Adorama is even more ambiguous than B&H is.
      I have a D4 on pre-order from them placed on January 6th.
      I havent heard a peep from them.

  • D700guy

    You forgot 10194689XX D800- Not Arrived, not shipped. Ordered 2/7/2012 from B&H

    • Jan

      Looks like yours should ship soon as it is within 80 numbers from one that shipped!

      • D700guy

        actually, it looks more like 70. But, those are order numbers, and they’re chronological order numbers for everything the store sells, not just D800’s. So it’s plausible that the actual line number is less than that.
        But it’s all relative. I checked the B&H site this morning, and my order still says “backordered”. So, one camera or 70 cameras, it makes no difference if they dont have any to ship.

    • CMan

      What time did your place your order?

      • D700guy

        I dont remember the time, and I cant find that info on website. It was in the morning though, before 6AM PST

        • Jan

          Look at the order confirmation email, it should have a time and date stamp.

          • D700guy

            dont have it any more

        • CMan

          Quite a few hours before 6am PST (or did you mean EST)That would make it 9amEST which here’s the gathered trend so far.

          10194716xx 700am EST – Not arrived – CMan
          10194742xx 1047am EST – Not Arrived – Jan
          1019474xxx 1200pm EST – Not Arrived – dmcdougall

          101946892x D800E ???? EST – shipped – Mike lowery
          10194689XX D800E “Before” 900am EST – Not arrived – D700guy

          • D700guy

            I’m on the west coast, so yes, 9AM EST

  • Jabs

    Some Fashion shots with the D800 and other Nikon cameras including the D3X.


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