Weekly Nikon news flash #160

  • Three new tilt and shift lenses for Nikon DSLR cameras from Schneider:  PC Super-ANGULON 28mm f/2.8, PC-TS Super-50mm f/2.8 ANGULON HM and PC-TS 90mm f/4.5 Macro-SYMMAR HM.

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  • DX Man

    Still no D400 rumours? And no wide DX primes?
    Come on Nikon, please!

    • Kuv


    • R!

      I think that we desperately need a 8mm AFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • texajoe

    Is there another way to steal underwear?

    • Boing Wronkwell

      What? Lets get this straight…

      He had drugged her and didn’t do anything except steal her underwear?

      Did he not (ahem) take advantage of the situation?

      • Good observation. It’s likely that ‘stealing her underwear’ is a euphemism for something far more serious and low-down.

        • karl

          he’s a Japanese, they are a bit weird 😉

        • JapaneseCultureMan

          Nah. Stealing panties is a legitimate (if illegal) Japanese pastime. It’s not a euphemism for anything… dirty……… er.

        • R!

          In Japan you can buy young girls underwear in streetdistributor own by Yakusa in red districts!!!!!!

    • BartyL

      They actually have vending machines in Tokyo where you can buy ‘used’ women’s underwear. If he absolutely had to have some, and assuming the vending machine thing’s not an urban myth, he should’ve got them from there.

      • Iris Chrome

        Obviously the man just prefers his used panties fresh!

        • BartyL

          And who doesn’t?

          “Consent” is the missing ingredient here.

        • Hello Kitty

          I wonder if they had Hello Kitty on them and he was a fan, or maybe they were Canon Logo undies and he stole them because he was offended to see Canon so close to the holy grail. (do the japanese have a “holy grail” myth?)

          Or they were Nikon Logo undies and he was trying to help his company save face. There could be many reasons why he did this, but my guess is he is just a pervert.

          More importantly though, does he have an information about upcoming releases (camera and lenses…) ?????

          • The headline says “Nikon Exec….” but the article says the perp is an office worker.

            When the defense lawyer has time to interview his client and develop a defense we will no doubt find out that women’s undies in Japan has a certain combination of cotton and other materials that make then excellent lens cleaning cloths. He was simply trying to go from “office worker” to “Nikon Exec!!”

            I guess we need not look under “white collar crimes” to get further details.

            • Calibrator

              “that women’s undies in Japan has a certain combination of cotton and other materials that make then excellent lens cleaning cloths.”

              I like your foresight!

              Are you a management consultant? 😉

        • James

          I went to Tokyo in 2010 and could not find a “used” panty vending machine.

          I DID however find a “new” panty vending machine. It was in a sex store though, so not the sort of thing you would find on the street.

          Although Tokyo is massive, so there could be all sorts of things out there

      • JapaneseCultureMan

        In my time traveling around Japan I never saw one, but the Japanese are so insane that I really wouldn’t put anything past them. I bought a soda from a vending machine that had soda on one side and umbrellas on the other and my soda can had a pair of in-ear headphones in it (thankfully separated from the drink itself).

        • Rob

          YOU TIME TRAVELED?!?!? That’s so cool!!! What times did you visit, and do you only time travel in Japan or other countries as well? Was the umbrella vending machine in the future or the past?

          • Bmachine


    • Shawn

      Pictures (from a D800E) or it didn’t happen.

  • Those tilt and shift lenses look like jenga pieces

  • Hamuga

    The cheapest tilt shift lens of the 3 is almost $3,000?
    No deal.

    • wheelie

      And the most expensive one, the 28mm, can’t even tilt. Useless!

      • preston

        wheelie, you have it backwards. The 28mm is the CHEAPEST, and by a lot, since it doesn’t have tilt. The other 2 are more than double the weight of the 28mm, so if that’s the cost of adding tilt functionality, then by all means leave it off! The most common application for this lens is architecture which you don’t need tilt for 99% of the time.

    • preston

      These are not new lenses. They were released at least a year ago. The google translation isn’t clear, but I’m guessing that it is saying that DNP Photo (if that’s a store) is going to start selling these on May 10th, not that Schneider will be releasing them at that time. These are already up on B&H and have reviews submitted for them. The street price for the 28mm less than $2,100 so it is very comparable to the price of the Nikon.

      • onkobu

        Only the 28mm is new (shown on Photokina this year). The 50mm and 90mm are at least a year old (mine was quality checked in 2011, bought it a few weeks ago). Maybe have a look at the (German) page, didn’t find it on the English version schneiderkreuznach.com. In comparison to the Nikon perspective controls there’s no need for additional exposure compensation if tilted, shifted or both. Tilt and shift can be rotated independently (rotation directly after bajonet, then tilt, another rotation mechanism and then shift). If money’s a problem, have a look at the Hartblei glass – Schneider-Kreuznach is cheap in comparison.

    • Trevor

      It’s a beautiful lens though. I rented the 50mm from BorrowLenses.com a few weeks ago and was very impressed with it.

  • C

    I really wish you wouldn’t use WTF, it’s so unprofessional. Please. Thank you.

    • PC

      Go back in your bubble. This politically correct crap has grown old. Grow a sense of humor.

      • Calibrator

        Given the amount of pre-schoolers commenting here we should really watch our language!

        • Grandpa

          It is those pre-schoolers who are making us blush

    • U Jelly?



      But seriously, get over yourself.

    • right, never used it before on the blog but this headline required it… I will remove it

      • KenTi

        Would people be offended that there’s a restaurant in Bellevue, WA called “What the Pho” 🙂

        (Their food isn’t too bad, and they make great fresh lemonade)

      • BartyL

        I urge you not to cave into this sort of demand.

        “WTF” is a common contraction and almost no-one else who comes here was offended by it.

        The idea that you can somehow make this site ‘better’ by avoiding the sort of language that most of your readers and correspondents use most of the time is weird and has no objectively arguable basis.

      • Peter, thank you for your being so considerate. That was the right thing to do. Just because some people use unprofessional language at times doesn’t mean you have to. This is a great site and has a very solid reputation, and your consistently professional presentation is a key factor in your site’s high credibility.

      • Thomas

        Thank you for removing the abbreviation. I consider your website to be one of the best photography news sites. You and your website has always been a class act, no need to change it now. You did the right thing and you have earned my respect.


  • FX DX

    I want to try a tilt shift lens, but these are way our of my range. I wish these was a cheaper alternative available for hobbyists.

    • Jake


      Thank me later. I believe Lensbaby is also similar, in terms of “cheap” hobbyist lenses, but they are pretty overpriced for the plastic crap that they are.

    • tengris

      > I want to try a tilt shift lens, but these are way our of my range.

      Meanwhile the Ukraineans have a website in English too:

      • Shawn

        Any reliable indication on the quality of those?

        • tengris

          Depends on what you expect for little money. Regarding to some tests in the net it’s the usual “stop down to f/8 and it performs very well” story. But the sample pictures at f/4 do not look too bad as well. The root cause for tilt lenses is selective sharpness where you want it, so in some cases you will not want to stop down to f/8 or more.

          I checked some other russian/ukrainean lenses and they were “nice for the price”, but not outstanding. But here in Europe we had lower prices for former sovjet stuff due to some holes in the Iron Curtain. So the calculation base in other regions may differ.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      There is a good alternative at least for shift. The old PC 28 3.5 Nikkor is still not bad at all and really cheap on ebay, too.
      It definitely stays in my camera bag until Nikon brings a true 24 TS, that allows T&S simultaneously as well as offering a better performance on FX when shifted. The way things are I’ve never felt the need to upgrade from my PC 28 to the current TS 24.

    • jorg

      samyang/rokinon/walimex (however they are labeled in your market) leaked a 24mm tilt/shift for 2012. they have some quite cheap and okayish MF-lenses in the lineup.

      • BartyL

        I have a Samyang 14mm f/2.8, chipped for Nikon. For the money it’s a good lens. Sharp, feels solid enough, good contrast.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    I love the 60 fps D3 link. Cool project!

  • RW

    Those Schneiders . . . [drool] Goodbye Zeiss, I hardly knew ye.

  • Joel

    When you get a chance would love some more d600 rumors- $1,500 for a full frame? I’m in! I don’t care about fps or weather sealing or any of the other frills- just let it have decent video. Please make this camera Nikon! There is a huge amount of interest in it.

    • Rob

      There’s a huge amount of interest in a $100 D4. That doesn’t make it a good business decision.

  • JLK

    WTH? A Nikon exec and no pictures?!

    • BartyL

      He’s probably on the waiting list for a D800.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        LOL at both these comments.

  • ‘Journalist Yukio Murakami, Nikkan Gendai’s (Apr. 21) resident expert on sleazy subjects’

    gotta be one of the more hilarious titles i ve seen recently ><

    • BartyL

      In the UK they’d just say, “Murdoch journalist”.

      • Calibrator

        “Murdoch journalist”.

        That’s a contradiction in itself…

        Better use the word “criminal”. Shorter, too!

  • Greg

    I’d swear those Schneiders have been around for a while. I’ve been looking for a good tilt-shift, and I ran across these. They’re expensive, but best I can tell they allow tilt in any direction relative to shift.

    Except for the 28mm, which is the range I’m interested in…

  • Hamish

    I believe the 28mm design even pre-dates the internet!

  • jorg

    the 28/1.8 looks nice, will be getting one asap!

  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    Those Schneider lenses look like lens baby “lenses”.

  • PhilK

    That Mosaic Engineering ‘low-pass filter’ cracks me up.

    “PSSSStttt. Hey! You over there with the 36MP DSLR. Wanna a fuzzy piece of glass that will give your shots the look of a D100…?”

    • duh

      it is for VIDEO use you smarty pants in order to control heavy moire on patterns. READ FOR ONCE.

      • tengris

        > you smarty pants

        How to be smart nowadays:
        – Buy an expensive camera where the low pass filter is ommitted for an even higher price.
        – Buy and install a fuzzy piece of glass for an additional price to screw down resolution to reduce the effect of the missing original filter.
        – Enjoy some drawbacks you wouldn’t have had with the original design of a manufacturer supplied and adjusted low pass filter.

        Only dumb guys would use the D800€ for what it’s made for: Having 101% of the resolution for 110% of the retail price.

        • I think you’ve mis-assessed the purpose of the Mosaic Engineering filter. First of all, it’s not aimed at the D800E (at least not exclusively) and it has absolutely nothing to do with the camera lacking an anti-aliasing filter to begin with. It is being made for the D800 lineup, just as it was made for the 5DmkII.

          It is for use in DSLRs only while in video mode, and yes, it does reduce aliasing that appears in footage, but it is due to the way the data is interpolated off the chip. The built-in anti-aliasing filter (or lack thereof) really has nothing to do with it.

          Also, from what I can see in early tests, the video resolution when using the filter looks pretty good compared to shots without it, though the aliasing has been significantly reduced. It should also be noted that the filter appears to be in development, and is not yet in production. Video shooters will welcome this filter as an aid when shooting moiré-heavy shots, just as they did with the Mark II.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Hei tengris,

          I am dumb.

          I got this 101% RES camera and I tell you what. So far moiré has been no issue, because most patterns simply get resolved (even fabric). Ever used medium format? Well I did and it is probably all going for sale now (still considering). The D800E does not cost a 110% it is a real steal.

          I might be back as Niktor E-Type-Shot when my HB-gear is sold. I probably will make a lot more on it than I paid for the D800E. Oh well, then again I am just dumb. I probably messed up the math on it. Thanks for the enlightening.

          • tengris

            > I am dumb.

            Ok, it’s me. I confused that missing low pass filter of the D800E with that low pass filter for video use. Thanks to Ron for the enlightenment.

            > Ever used medium format?

            Shouldn’t have sold the RZ67. And for the M645super/Pro series there is no digital update to use the – meanwhile very cheap – ZD back. And higher resolutions wouldn’t make much sense with anyone of my 7 existing Mamiya lenses. So for me medium format has died with the D700. I’ll keep it like I kept the vinyl turntable, the cassette deck and the Betamax videorecorder.

  • inginerul

    I agree, “Wtf” should not be in the description or content of any article.

    • What is this, the New York Times?

      Who are you, the Snob Police?

  • Dweeb

    So these guys will steal panties but won’t break their non-disclosure agreements? C’mon, tell us what the next 5 lenses are and we’ll work out a plea deal.

  • John

    Was D800 designed while the execs sniffing underwears ?.

  • Calibrator

    I discovered the name of the Nikon exec!

    His name is HAPPOSAI — and there are also pictures of him caught in the act!

    See for yourself here:
    > http://ranma.wikia.com/wiki/Happosai
    > http://www.oocities.org/hiroshibebop/happosai.html

  • vinman

    OMG – its fun to joke about panty thieves, but check out that 360 image of BREMNEN SQUARE on a smartphone (I’m using an iPhone). It’s interactive and detects motion – ie. the view changes as you move your phone! You can also zoom and go wider and it still moves. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!!

  • Rob

    I just want my D800!!!! amazon is say may 29th now WTF! Did anyone get a d800 from amazon recently?

    • mix

      It seems like some people who ordere FEB 6-7 are getting theirs this week.

      The floogates are open..:)

  • Yeah, and those flickr upload limits (for free accounts) are worthless as they only allow about half the full-resolution shots off of the D800 to be uploaded. 30mb is paltry with cameras such as the D800.

    • Uh… my RAW files average about 40mb… and a high-res JPEG is a fraction of that. I export JPEG qual 80 out of Lightroom even for print.

      • I’ve seen losslessly compressed RAWs and resulting JPEGs upwards of 50+ MB depending on how much detail is in the shot, and in rare cases the JPEG can even exceed the original RAW file size. There are only two reasons I’d want to upload a full-res JPEG:

        1) provide samples illustrating how a camera performs, and
        2) keep a copy offsite in case all local backup plans fail.

        In either case, I don’t see the practicality of uploading a full-res file if I’m going to compress it.

  • Tim

    I’m starting to think the rumor about a full frame being introduced at $1,500 is false. Well, Admin did put it at only 40%. But I so wanted it to be true. I guess I’ll never be able to afford a new Nikon full frame. 🙁

    • Ben

      it will happen some day but until that rumor i was guessing 3 years from now.
      Now i am not so sure.
      Nikon must see all the FX demand, something will come of this.

      • Tim

        Thanks for the reassurance Ben. I hope you’re right. 🙂

  • T.I.M

    I had a dream………B&H calling me and saying: “we apology for what you experienced with your D800e first shippment.
    We just received new ones, and as a very valued customer we offer you a Sandisk 16GB extreme pro CF card and next day EMS shipping !


    • Peter 2

      From B&H, just today:

      Because the backlog in fulfilling these orders is unprecedented in our history we want to let you know we’re aware of your frustration. Many of you have asked for detailed order information and detailed information about when you can expect to receive your camera. Unfortunately we cannot answer these questions with the degree of specific information many requests include.
      In a popular forum dedicated to digital photography a former Nikon USA sales rep wrote:
      When I was a Nikon sales rep, Nikon USA absolutely did not tell dealers ahead of time how many units of any backordered product they would be allocated… So when dealers tell you that Nikon does not tell them what’s coming and when, they’re almost certainly telling the complete truth.
      We cannot tell you when we expect our next delivery and we cannot tell you how many that delivery will include.
      We do not know. Nikon USA does not tell us. Because of this dearth of specific information we cannot predict when any individual customer’s order will be fulfilled. We share your frustration about this uncertainty and apologize for the distress it has caused some of you. …

      hmmm… the popuplar forum mentioned in B&H’s email must be this one 🙂

      • Foolishcfo

        I received the same email. NikonUSA has a serious credibility issue.

  • RW

    Just got an email from Amazon saying I should receive it 5/2 – 5/3. Ordered it on Feb 6th 11:37pm PST.

    I didn’t think it would ever happen. [sniff] [sniff] Thank you all for your support through these tough times.

    • RW

      D800 that is

      • T.I.M

        sell it on Ebay, they still sell for $4000 and over……

        • RW

          Never! I’ve been waiting for a camera like this years to actually spend my own money on.

    • Crimed

      Me too! I just got an email with the same shipping soon notice and arrival of May 2-3. Saturday they said it would be here today. Sunday they emailed that they didn’t know when it would arrive and I had to reconfirm by May29. Today I get an email saying shipping soon. When admin said that yesterday’s email wasn’t the last word I admit I didn’t believe it.

      For those who are awaiting the next wave of Amazon D800s, I missed the first shipment preorder cutoff by about 90 min.

      At this point I”ll believe it when I see it -but it’s lookin’ good. You were right as always admin!

      (Of course this may not be as interesting as Japanese underwear)

  • Hello all you smart technically minded people.

    I am pretty hopeless when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of technical stuff so I need some help.

    I shot with a nikon tilt shift lens the other day which didn’t offer me much blur part of the shot(not like the canons or lens babies) when tilted or shifted… .

    I didn’t buy it because of this.

    Perhaps these lenses will do more extreme blurring? (obviously part of the image will remain in focus)

    Hope so!

    • preston

      James, the amount of blue has to do primarily with the amount of tilt and secondarily with the aperture size. The Nikon, Canon, and Schneider tilt-shift lenses have nearly the exact same specifications (Nikon and Canon claim 8.5 degree max tilt and Schneider claims 8 degree) so they will have the same blur capabilities.

      Rather than convince yourself that you’re “hopeless with technical stuff” you could google tilt-shift lens technique and try to learn about it. Here’s a decent starter article that has links to other articles at the end – http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/article_pages/using_tilt.html

      • Thanks heaps preston. You are correct in that I should go and learn some more about it!

        • James

          Hmmm Ohh I think perhaps why I couldn’t get much blur with the tilt shift was because I was using a D800 and I’ve heard that you can’t tilt it that far because of the different body shape. Maybe I wasn’t hitting the 8.5 degrees….

  • Whoo I like this new lenses

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