Nikon D3200 now shipping

The new Nikon D3200 camera that was revealed last week is currently shipping to dealers... yes only 8 days after the announcement. Amazon already has it in stock (third party seller). Some BestBuy stores also received limited shipments of the D3200 + 18-55mm kit (pictured above).

Update: J&R also has the D3200 in stock.

Unboxing video:

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  • D400

    I wonder why it takes so much longer to ship FX bodies.

    • joey

      Interesting question. I suspect factors include location, quality control, parts , etc.
      I ordered from my local camera store (Pardee’s Camera) and picked my D800 today. The D4 I ordered from B&H is likely months away.

      • Yup. This is why we went with D700s instead. Oh, this and the price.

      • I wasn’t on any of the special lists and ordered my D4 from B&H right after they started to take preorders on what I think was Jan 7th or 6th. Anyway, it shipped Thursday, should have it day after tomorrow so maybe it’s closer than you think.

    • jorg

      The d3200 is built in thailand.the big ones come from sendai, japan.

    • Merv

      Not to mention the D3200 must be an easier camera to make, and that they must have produced a lot of D3200 bodies before the announcement

    • Booyah

      They use bigger boxes. Takes longer to pack.

    • Mark J.

      Im betting the fact that NPS members aren’t lining up to pre-order this camera has a lot to do with it.

  • Peter Hong

    :/ – No D800/D800E/D4 but this is ready? But then again, entry level DSLRs is what makes Nikon money.

    I wonder if they will bump the price up? ;D

  • Jorge

    And I was wondering why I can’t get my D800

  • HDR

    The grave concern is that raw is only 12-bit!

    • Anonymous

      The target user base for the D3100 will not notice the difference. Also, very few of them will utilize RAW.

    • Booyah

      RAW is overrated. Unless you use photoshop a lot to fix your photos. In which case, you don’t know how to take photos. In which case, it doesn’t matter how many bits are in the RAW files.

      • Bluto

        Stupidity has a certain charm. Ignorance does not.

        • +potato

        • Booyah

          But you can’t disprove it in anyway. RAW is overrated.

          • Ben

            RAW is overrated only to those that don’t use it. Understand it then try it. You’ll never go back to just jpgs again. That is unless your images aren’t important or just snapshots!!!

            • RRRoger

              JPEGs are underrated.
              If you dial in your camera properly and take at least the effort you would with RAW photos you will be amazed how good they are.
              Cheap, new software does a great job on JPEGs.

              It take a lot of time, talent. and high priced software to make the RAW photos better.
              However if you mess up your camera settings, then the images are more recoverable when shot RAW and post processed.

          • Durrrr

            This is ridiculous and a failed logical construct. Not being able to disprove a thing does not make your argument necessarily valid.

            What’s more is your argument is an opinion.

            My opinion happens to be that RAW is under-rated.

            Ok, great, so we have two random idiots on the internet with opposing arguments. Neither with supporting evidence to back them up. Therefore they are cancelled out.

            Well, that was fun wasn’t it?

            • Jim

              And my opinion is that composition is underrated.

            • RAWuser

              I use both RAW and JPEG depending on what I am shooting. I shoot action in JPEG. RAW is nice if you want to do some adjusting of certain parts.
              Now there is a great free software you can use on both RAW and JPEG for general changes. FastStone…. It is fantastic.

        • R!

          Photoshop sucs !

          • R!

            So doz lightroom !

          • Z!

            PS beats LR !

      • JED

        Please tell me how to change the JPG engine inside my camera so that it uses a different demosaicing routine??

        • I’d also like to know how to dial in sharpening to have the masking and radius I like for my landscapes vs my portraits.

          And yeah, I like not having to worry about white balance until post.

          Oh, accidentally underexpose an important image? I hope you’re okay with 8-bits of detail to work with. Too good to ever *not* nail exposure? Don’t tell me you’ve never run into a high-contrast scene where you need all the capture information you can get.

          Does JPEG have a place? Absolutely. When I tether, I send JPEGs to my tablet. If I were working in fast-paced journalism, I’d shoot RAW+jpeg. Send JPEGs off ASAP. If any image is going to run high-profile, I can go back to the RAW and work with that. Even in weddings I shoot RAW+jpeg so I can very quickly load JPEGs for the reception slideshow.

          But you better believe that I can make better (read: situation-optimized) decisions that the camera does about processing my “negatives.” JPEG is fast, but it’s a pre-made soup. Don’t like salt or peppers? Too bad. But given the “raw” ingredients, you can make it perfect to your desires. And yes… it does take a little longer and a bit more effort. I’m okay with that.

      • Öh.. You can NEVER get a proffesional looking image straight from the camera without proper post production.. I really cant believe your ignorance.. How about you give us a link to your “straight out of the camera” -AMAZING jpegs?

        • Jake

          Never? Bullshit. I can shoot images as excellently in jpg as in raw. RAW gives you more room for adjustment, but to say that you can never get professional looking images in jpg is ignorance.
          I don’t know if raw is overrated, but I can tell you that jpg is certainly underrated.

      • Mark J.

        “RAW is overrated. Unless you use photoshop a lot to fix your photos. In which case, you don’t know how to take photos. In which case, it doesn’t matter how many bits are in the RAW files.”

        Tell that to Art Wolfe, Annie leibovitz, Chase Jarvis, or dozens of other top names in photographer today from all fields of photography.. Using photoshop, lightroom, etc is no different then what Ansel Adams did in the darkroom with his photographs. Post production has been around since the advent of photography, and the best photographers mastered it to better their images just like is done now. To say otherwise is just ignorant.

        • Raw suppoter


        • PHB

          Liebovitz was still using film last time i heard. And in any case she is a ‘blad shooter

          Raw is better than jpg but not as much as some here think. 24 mp jpeg is probably going to be better than 12 mp raw.

          • Liebovitz actually shoots with a whole array of cameras. Watch some of her behind the scenes shoots. I’ve seen her use some DSLRs as well.

        • Stacy

          Thank you, Mark J. There is a huge difference between taking an image and making an image.

      • Yes.

        RAW is overrated +1

  • kevin

    they 3200 build fast because it isnt build in japan.

    • Natan Lorenzi


      Japan is a land of lazy people?

      So, I guess you don’t know baianos…

  • timh

    Forget about this camera Admin, please work your sources and get us more info on the alleged d600. At $1,500 it will allow a lot of us to finally enter the world of full frame. Please, more d600 info!

    • JustTrolling

      Yeah because he can pull information out of no where huh?

    • Nick N

      I understand many of you are pros, but some of us actually do use low end equipment like the D3200.

      • enesunkie

        No, They want to be pros. Nikon just hasn’t made the right camera for them yet.

      • RAWuser

        No such thing as low end. Been doing photography for over 40 years. Digital for about 5. I have always thought that if the camera fits your needs it is good. All this “entry level”, “enthusiast”, and “pro” equipment is a lot of marketing hype that people fall for. I have both Canon and Nikon. I can take a picture with my D5100 that is as my other more expensive models. Good glass is the secret. I also have a Canon T2i that is listed as “entry level”….love that camera and its ease of use. My D3 gets just a bit heavy at times…hahaha.

        • al

          Do you prefer the d5100 or t2i?

          cant decide between the d5100 and t3i

          • Shawn

            If you’re shooting anything that moves, you can’t beat the auto ISO of Nikon. I doubt you’d notice any real difference between the two otherwise. Some people prefer the controls of Canon and others Nikon. You’d really want to try out both before you decide

      • R!

        Pros shoot anything they can…
        …beginers are only complaining…
        …thinking they need better cameras and lenses but still failing !

        • LOL


        • Shawn

          I’ve always had trouble with the term “pro” in the world of photography. Some of the best photographs in the world were not by people paid to do so professionally. I think there is a very fuzzy definition of a “pro”.

          At any rate, that is not the point of my comment. My point is, all the really good photographers (pro or not) are out shooting, not wasting time on the Internet.

        • Stacy

          ‘Tis a poor artisan who blames the tools…

    • elph

      There’s just too much D600 information on the internet and Peter just can’t handle it all… so he’ll just throw us the nice bones like usually does. Thanks for your visit.

      P.S That was sarcasm, which means he gives us information when HE receives some. Its a coal mine where you just dig and find; its a network.

    • Fabian

      Especially if it has an af motor built in…. if not the D600 is useless for me =(

      • ben

        If a motor is important to you then you’ll have to buy a D700 or a D800. Because it sounds like the D600 isn’t going to have a screw drive. Dang it’s not that hard to understand people.

        • B!

          +1, or you can get a D4 and make your old goodies relevant again.

    • porkchop

      I have seen plenty of D3 DSLR’s sold on ebay in the past couple of months around the 2k mark, and a few D700’s around the $1500 mark.

  • Beat You


    • john


  • Gpereir4

    So this is why I can’t get my 85 F1.8G! They have turned all attention to pumping out the 3200.

    So I was able to get a D3100 last week for 350 US dollars used, body only. Does that sound like a good deal to you guys? I’m wondering if I should have waited for the 3200, I had no idea it would be out and in stores so quickly.

    • icSlowMo

      Try calling a local camera shop to find a 85 f1.8G, that’s how I got mine… was waiting for Amazon and then just started calling around… Also the D3200 may have been a better choice over a D3100 if you need the res… otherwise may not be a big deal…. the $250 saved, use on a better lens….

  • JustTrolling

    Why are they shipping this camera with that DX kit lens? It doesn’t make sense, at least throw in a FX lens that will fit the profile of a kit lens.

    • Not sure why you would expect an FX kit lens bundled with a DX body. I mean, sure, it would be nice, but….

      • Shawnino

        Erm, she’s Just Trolling.

  • Nick N

    Is there any store selling the body only? I am not finding much, and I know Nikon has sold entry level equipment in kit only fashion previously.

    • Gpereir4 sells body only for 629$ I think, and apparently have good and fast shipping rates.

  • Sean

    This feels like you caught your boyfriend cheated on you several times and every time he made a promise he never do it again, then one day it happened again but suddenly a phone call came in, he looked at the screen and take it to the bathroom and then you heard “honey i will pick you up in 10 mins” and BTW, the original girlfriend is D800 and yea… then comes the D3200

  • elph

    My D800 also shipped out today from Henry’s, will be here on Monday! : D

    • JustTrolling

      Thank you because that was relevant to this article.

    • Art

      Being that the D800E isn’t shipping, I may pick up a D600 to tide me over until my 800E finally ships….

  • D700guy

    Well, at least we wont have to read a bunch of ‘where’s my god damned fuckin D3200’ posts.
    Now where’s my god damned fuckin D4?

    • kevin

      and my god dam d800 ! opps, it only exists in my imagination until they actually build it.

      • D700guy

        First you have to plant a large corn field…

  • baked bananas

    Don’t waste your time. No clean HDMI. Might as well get a Canon if you want low end cheap shit. Or do yourself a favor and save up for a d800

    • enesunkie

      Yea, becuase every good photographer NEEDS a camera with clean HDMI.

      • Booyah


        • Nick N

          Are you nuts! No one who is even considering purchasing the D3200 as a main camrra would move up to the D800… “Up” selling from the D3200 to perhaps the D5100 might work, but not all the way to the top of the line model.

      • B!

        Best Comment!

  • Julius

    nice news ! i can skip the d4 and save money !

  • Keen Rockwheel

    The D3100 was a fantastic camera for limited-budget photojournalists. That’s because it had a dedicated drive-mode switch, which allows the photographer to quickly switch back and forth between regular single-shot mode and motor-drive mode. Unfortunately the D3200 does not have a dedicated drive-mode switch.

    • Sarge

      The D3100 was a fantastic camera for limited-budget photojournalists.

      Oh please. I don’t know of a single real photojournalist who couldn’t afford something more substantial than a D3100. Can you name three working photojournalists who used one regularly?

      Didn’t think so.

      • @ SARGE

        THANK YOU.

        • Jason

          why do you have banana’s in your profile link?

          • simple

            Why do you put apostrophes in random places?

            • JAson

              Thank you, Miss Grammar.

              do you also ship D800’s?

      • AM

        You need to travel a little bit more. Some countries consider any DSLR, even a D3100, a professional camera. And yes, local photojournalists in those countries use them a lot.

        • R!

          Right,and they also use the classic 18/55 Kit lens !!!!
          …some of rich countrys complaining kids skould realize that 10 years ago they would have still beeing marking they errrors on their test films trying to get a shott corect !

        • PHB

          While I know plenty of professionals who use low end or older gear, I can’t imagine that the ones who do so are worried by the lack of such specific features as the ability to switch from single frame to multiple.

          I usually leave my D300 in multi-shot mode all the time anyway. That would be the last feature I would miss.

      • Ken Elliott

        The local paper handed out D3100’s to all the staff photogs. Yeah – they were not amused. But the paper is in deep financial problems, and frankly, it is good enough for what they use if for. They told the photogs they could use their own money and buy their own camera if they don’t like it.

        • Nick N

          Perhaps you are a little optimistic there. There is no doubt the D3X00 series has generally been very good, but not for pro purposes.

          • What Ken is saying sounds very reasonable, actually (also see post from AM directly above Ken’s). A camera like the D3200 can produce amazing photos even in low-light situations.

            There may be corner situations where a Life magazine or New York Times or Sports Illustrated photographer needs more, but for most ordinary photojournalist type assignments for a regular town or city the D3200 should be more than enough. And those cities are the ones whose newspapers would not have budget for D4’s, nor are D4’s necessary for what they do. It’s different now when high-end DSLRs cost $6500 (incl. tax) than it was when F4’s cost a fraction of that.

            Remember Bob Krist’s camera of choice was a D90, and many pros and wildlife photographers are choosing DX cameras because they’re lighter and have more reach. DX cameras are awesome in image quality for the vast majority of uses.

            • Concept X

              Indeed this is true, many news outlets are preferring to use cell phone images in articles of certain subjects now, as it adds an air of “truth” to it, what with recent photoshopping “scandals” of late, so unless your talking about Nat Geo etc etc, a local or even some national newspaper isn’t so concerned about the quality and a D3xxx would do just fine, but of course if I was a journalist I’d love a higher end model for low light fast action, and I’d dream of a Lecia M9, infact I dream of an M9 anyway…

  • JackJack

    The things we’ve got to swallow here… It’s just too much!

    • R!

      Don’t swallow , spitt!!!!!

  • WouterJ

    That is indeed a fast delivery. I am curious how this sensor performs.

    On the other hand, I am probably “forced” to go FX by Nikons marketing strategy. Time will tell 🙂

  • Haha, hilarious!

  • I am still longing for some pro-images with pro pp from D800 instead of the usual amateur overexposed jpegs thats everywhere when a new Pro-cam is announced.. Anyone know where I can see som real stuff?

  • Andrew

    [NR] ADMIN, many of these comments need to be removed. These nighttime posts are using pretty unsavory language.

    • kevin

      I think some of the languages here shows how people are so frustrated with d800 delays.

      • AM

        It looks to me that they are frustrated of not having company during the night.

    • Unsavory Language

      While I appreciate your calling me pretty, I can definitively state that no one is using me.

    • BartyL

      It is the language used by people everywhere, all the time. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to use it. But attempts to censor it just seem like a bizarre waste of time to me – like a massive yet pointless and petty lie.

      • Sane

        @ Barty

        +100, amen!

      • Foolishcfo

        Did anyone check Andrew’s ID before he came into this R-rated movie? I’m guessing he is under-aged.

    • I am on it.

      • Thanks Peter. It’s always good to have and enforce some reasonable standard of decency on a great site like this.

        • yes, the problem is that sometimes I sleep, eat and perform other biological needs 🙂 and could be few hours late moderating the comments

    • I’m infinitely more concerned with how unintelligent, whiny, and troll-ish this entire thread has become.

      Don’t let bad language get to you. They are just words. Why is “shit” bad, but “shucks” isn’t? It’s just arbitrary and nothing to get upset about.

  • kevin

    hahahahah @sassague in that case, id feel so terrible. he def deserves some action. I feel so bad now 🙁

  • R!

    Your guys are having fun and not telling me , It’s not god!!!!
    I think we are going to get a 24 mpx D 5200 & D8000 before the D800e and the D600 instead of a D400 or maybe we’ll get a 10/12 fps D400 like A77 before the olympics with the D600 later for fall or Xmas or the inverse I dont know about that but they will be all higher than the Canons 5Dmrk III what a shame!!!!!!!!!

    • R!

      God I mean Good!!!!!! not godmichet ok!!!!!!pour les français!!!!

      • R!

        …maybee godmichet is spelling gode-michet!?(dildo in french)maybe we need a post about that?!

      • BartyL

        Sure, more posts about dildos, why not?

        • Foolishcfo

          Don’t they use the recently recalled EN-EL15 batteries? Oh wait, that’s vibrators, not dildos…

          Peter, we need some new (and positive) D800 or D400 news!

      • Ken

        donate $5 for the family, for an article on gode-michet

    • RM!

      Won’t be a D8000. It’ll be D7100. Even (multi-digit) numbers for FX bodies? D400??

    • T.I.M

      10 frames per seconds won’t make your pictures better.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, but you will be able to take 10 times as many pictures, and if you are lucky, you will find that one elusive picture that will make you a star! It is called the “brute force algorithm”.

        • Bahamian

          thats the algorithim I use

    • Rob

      I don’t think Nikon has any patents related to translucent mirrors do they? We won’t be seeing 12FPS on anything other than a top level DSLR for awhile.

    • JB


      I saw that 12fpsSony in action last week shooting horse racing. Wes it was fast but the buffer was so small the guy could barely shoot longer than a second…. I say no to that.

      I don’t really expect a D400 for the Olympics….or at all now. I was hopeful that we would have one this year but with the D600 stuff this week….I now concur with those that believe the top DX will be the D7000 and Nikon will focus totally on FX for high end shooters.

      • R!

        I think your right the buffer is not folowing the fps on the sony,but It can be fixed on the Nikon hopefully!!!!

  • mok

    I ordered D600 today, they say it is shipping next week

    • Jason

      “they” also shipped all D800 in Feb?

    • Foolishcfo

      I received mine yesterday but they had to recall the entire camera as they accidentally shipped it with a D400 camera strap.

      • mok

        good one

  • Crimed

    Amazon USA just confirmed to me that the next wave of D800s will ship Monday. I missed the preorder order cutoff on the first shipment by about one and a half hours. My delivery date range was then changed from March to April 13-30. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be true.

    • Yes, as of today Amazon has not shipped any D800 from their second shipment.

      • B!

        Same for D4?

    • Foolishcfo


      Thanks for the Amazon update. I have no idea when mine will ship but hopefully it will be in this batch. You have to wonder who is running the show at Nikon. Nikon can’t satisfy its loyal core base yet is able to get their low-end crap out in mass quantity. You have to wonder if they are managed by a bunch of chimpanzees like we see in all the successful Superbowl ads. It must frustrate Nikon’s senior engineers to see their management muddle distribution management of their high-end systems.

      • Rob

        They will sell far more D3200s than D800s, D4s, D300Ss and D7000s put together. They will make more profit off of the D3200 than any other DSLR. I’d say they’re doing it right.

        • Foolishcfo

          And they would have continued to sell D3100’s had they not just announced the D3200. I wonder how many incremental sales they will get in the next couple months while we wait for D4’s and D800’s.

          • Andrew

            Don’t hold your breath, sales of the D3100 has picked up since the announcement of the D3200. Bargain hunters are taking advantage of the price disparity.

    • Jason

      how many D800 bodies in “next wave”? A trickle, or few thousand?

      • Andrew

        Makes no difference; even if Nikon ships the 35,000 per month allocated for the D800, the line will still be there.

    • Crimed

      APOLOGIES – I should have known better. Less than 24 hours after Amazon USA customer service told me I would definitely be getting the D800 tomorrow as promised, they sent me an email saying they have no idea when they will ship it and I have to reapprove the order by May 29. As I said above, I missed the cutoff for shipped preorders by about an hour and a half.

      As they say ” when it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t”. Sorry for getting folks hopes up -.

      This experience combined with their terrible packaging of another camera I ordered , plus the fact that the other camera had been opened and was missing some of the literature despite being sold as new, means I’m never ordering photo equipment from Amazon again.

      • they did a similar mess with the first shipment, there is still a chance 🙂

      • Andrew

        This is not good. They should have contacted you at least three days in advance, and if no response, should have made a phone call. Don’t they know that there are professionals waiting to receive their camera? I agree with you, this makes Amazon look pretty bad!

      • Andrew

        Don’t just moan, try to contact them before it is too late. You might be able to get through to the right person. Your persistence may pay off!

  • Matt

    From a conversation on 4/27 about my D800 Amazon pre-order placed on 3/8:

    “I have checked and found that you will get the item by Apr 30, 2012… it will be shipped in next 24 hours.”

    Fingers crossed.

    • Greg

      Terrific news from Amazon for you. Hope it all works out. I just received a note from Amazon for my order placed on Feb. 7th – “We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.”
      This had changed from a delivery promise of April 27th.

      I’d love to know if you indeed get your camera – since then I would be looking forward to having Amazon explain how you will receive your order placed a month after mine was. (A different country maybe?).

      I want a little of whatever magic is there to come my way!

      • Matt

        I live in the United States. I’m not optimistic that it will ship today. But I’ll let you know!

        • Matt

          Nope. Amazon apparently doesn’t even ship on weekends. Their customer service reps are full of it. Now I have no idea when my camera will ship.

          • Rob

            You ordered a MONTH after preorders opened. You won’t be getting your camera for months. The people getting theirs shipped Monday (if any actually do) will be people who ordered within the first 1-2 hours of when preorders opened. I’m hoping it’s closer to 2 hours, since that would probably include me. The first batch I believe included less than the first 30 minutes of preorders.

          • NoFunBen

            i have had amazon ship on Saturday

          • Foolishcfo

            Actually they do prepare product for shipment on weekends. They just don’t get picked up by UPS until Monday. If they said it will ship within the next 24 hours it probably means you’ll get a tracking number but UPS won’t recognize it until Monday. Good luck!

            • Rob

              He ordered a month after preorders opened. He’ll be lucky to get a tracking number before August.

            • Frustrated

              All of us who ordered from Amazon will be lucky to see these before August…


              We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on February 07, 2012 (Order# xxx).

              “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

              Still want it? We’ll keep on trying. To keep your order for this item open, please click the link below. Otherwise, we’ll cancel your order on May 29, 2012, if we haven’t located it by then….”

  • Joseph

    Just an FYI to all here, even though it isn’t exactly on-topic:

    I received my D800E yesterday from B&H (overnight shipping). I had no warning, they didn’t even give me a shipping notice (but my credit card was declined at a local business, tipping me off that something had just hit it big time). I am NOT NPS…I pre-ordered it the second it was available on their site.

    Good luck to those of you still waiting!!

    • Foolishcfo

      Congratulations Joseph and thanks for the good luck wishes as we apparently need it! Enjoy your D800E.

    • Vin

      Thank you, seriously this is the only way to gauge where we might be on any list, trying to figure out where AND WHEN WE MIGHT HAVE CAMERAS shipped TO US? D4/ D800/D800E.


      • joey

        Apologies for the double post. I received my D800 on Friday from a local shop. Yes, I paid tax (glad to support my community), but I received about 6 weeks after ordering. I have a D4 on order from B&H, which is unlikely to arrive before June and was ordered as soon as preorders were available – lesson learned for me buy local.

  • Spy Black

    The D3200 is a minor update of the D3100, therefore quite easy to get out the door. The D800 is a new product almost fromthe ground up, and it’s production line was pretty rocked by an earthquake, no less. So, no brainer why the D3200 is already shipping.

    As for it being “only” 12-bit, that’s almost comical. The widest dynamic range color negative film has an equivalent dynamic range of around 10-11 bit, so I wouldn’t worry too much about “only ” having 12-bit dynamic range. 😉

    • Bluto

      Bit depth determines how many explicit tones there can be in an image, not its dynamic range.

    • Minor? I think the word you were looking for was substantial. It’s faster, way better screen, way more megapixels, way better video, better… well, everything.

      And yeah, I’m going to chime in that most people will never notice 12 vs 14 bit in most situations. Sky gradients of a single color are the place I personally notice the most, and even though I do notice on skin gradients in studio situations, even it’s not enough to generally bother me.

      And film had WAY more than 12-bit. I’m thinking at least 16 bit equivalent. Think of a sky gradient, you would *never* see “stairstepping” on film.

      • Spy Black

        “Bit depth determines how many explicit tones there can be in an image, not its dynamic range.”

        And what do you think determines how many tones there can be on an image? LOL!

        “And film had WAY more than 12-bit. I’m thinking at least 16 bit equivalent. Think of a sky gradient, you would *never* see “stairstepping” on film.”

        Nope. You never saw any stairstepping because you were looking at an analog image, created and viewed in an analog medium. You view digital images on a screen, whose graphics card work in 8-bit, regardless of what bit-depth your file is. Printers also work in 8-bit.

        The dynamic range of the best negative film, however, is indeed around 10-11-bits.

        • bluto

          “And what do you think determines how many tones there can be on an image?”

          Of course depth determines how many tones can be on an image . I’ve already said that. But it has nothing to do with how much shadow or highlight information the sensor can capture (dynamic range).

          This is pretty basic fundamental stuff. The D800 is a class leader at 14.4 evs, whether it’s in 8 (jpeg), 12 or 14 bit raw modes.

          Here’s a little reading on the topic.

          Note the part that says “8-bit, 12-bit, or 16-bit encoding does not change the dynamic range. ” and “Bit-depth should not be confused with dynamic range either.”

        • Hm.. thats interesting, can you then please explain why film always has MUCH MORE dynamic range then any digital file I have ever seen? How do you explain that a colour negative CANT GET BLOWN HIGHLIGHTS no matter how many stops you overexpose.. Im so tired of people who have no experience with drumscanned negatives or old chaps that only has used slides.. Negative film is absolutely mindblowing in terms of dynamic range.. Have you ever seen a digital portrait shot with sun above the models head, shining straight in the camera that looks good? Have you seen how it looks on film? On negative film, the subject would look perfect, and the only thing that would be blown is the the little round circle in sky that is the sun. If I would translate that into the digital DR-term I would say thats around 20 steps of dr.

          • Spy Black

            “Im so tired of people who have no experience with drumscanned negatives or old chaps that only has used slides.. Negative film is absolutely mindblowing in terms of dynamic range..”

            Dude, I’ve been in the graphic arts industry for over 30 years. I’ve dealt with scanned positive and negative images off drum scanners. The reason you can see that stuff like you do is because you’re dealing with a pure analog system. The limitations of most digital viewing and printing systems is what holds back the ability to see what you can actually extract from a digital image. That has changed somewhat with the ability to process RAW file and create HDR image *FILES*, but the viewing and printing systems are still the main limitation.

            Of course, if you have a crappy sensor you’re not going to get anything out of it, but most modern DSLR sensors have very wide dynamic range, and you’re not going to get that information from them if you don’t have a wide enough bit-depth.

            “Here’s a little reading on the topic….”

            That is a good article, but as I mentioned above, if you don’t have a wide enough bit-depth, you’re not going to able to extract the information your sensor can give you. So I suppose I wasn’t sufficiently clear in what I meant in my initial post. What I meant is that the D3200’s 12-bit depth gives you ample access to the sensor’s recording capability.

          • BartyL

            Can’t get blown highlights on film no matter how many stops you overexpose?

            I shot film for over 10 years before I ‘went digital’ and I’m here to tell you, “yes you can”. Drumscanning won’t get them back either.

            • Spy Black

              Yeah, some people think there’s something magical about negative stock that you can somehow just keep magically getting stuff out of it.

  • Z28mccrory

    I just stopped by the local BestBuy and they had two of the Black D3200 in stock. I decided to get one as a “pocket/ casual” camera to use when I don’t want to carry my D700. Posting this from my phone…looking forward to getting home with it and seeing how well it performs.

  • Alwyn

    Hey peeps.

    I have recently seen the Nikon D3100 and D5100 advertised in South Africa with a 5 year warranty and at first thought it was a printing error, but I have now seen it at a few different outlets. Has Nikon changed their warranty period and if so which cameras are affected? Sorry, not sure if it had been discussed on NR before so excuse the silly question.

    • T.I.M

      If there is a 5 years warranty it will be on the lenses only.

      • Alwyn

        I just confirmed it. In South Africa the warranty period was extended on the d3100, d5100 and d7000.

  • schmuck

    Placed an order on B&H, was told it was on back-order because of such high demand . Then I read that Fidel Castro gave his brother, Raul, a 3200 and thanked B&H!!!!….typical scenario….

  • max

    I just get my d3200 in bb in murrieta

  • Taking snapshots has nothing to do with what format you shoot in. Some of us don’t have to fix it Later.

  • kevin

    Since in america you can pretty much sue anything. do you guys think somebody really might sue nikon for delivery the d800 slow?

    While i was eating today, i over heard somebody was talking about suing nikon for this.

    • JB


      I am not a lawyer, but I just can not imagine any part of this that might be subject to litigation. A manufacturer can’t produce enough of an item??? Can’t see suing for that. Same with dealers not delivering on promised pre orders (I’ve seen a million letters people here got from big retailers telling them that the item was still backordered and giving them ability to cancel). The only thing MIGHT be actionable is Nikon’s selective initial distribution (NPS). I would also bet initial distribution has favored smaller retailers relatively…say a small store ordered 20 D800s….they might have gotten 5 or 10 and a big retailer like Amazon ordered 10,000 and got 100 (25% vs 1%). I still don’t see there is anything really to sue over though.

      In the end, I am thankful to have a fantastic local retailer. They have been there for me for years and have always worked hard to make sure I have the gear I need/want. For those of you that can…support you local store and you will benefit!!!

  • Fred

    What I would like is a review of the 3200 before buying… I have a D5000 at work, the bi-kit, and would like to know if the D3200 will be an improvement over it or if I have to wait for the D5200 ? or maybe buy a D7000 on the cheap once the new one is released ?


    • Shawn

      What don’t you like about the D5000 that you want to upgrade? I ask as a current D5100 owner who has some familiarity with all the different features of the current batch of Nikon cameras.

      • TC

        Shawn, as someone who uses a D90 (same sensor as D5000), sometimes, 12MP is not enough for me in terms of cropping.

        I like to shoot wildlife, and I can easily crop out ~2-5 MP of area due to objects that ended up in the composition, yet distract me from the main subject.

        This is where the D3200 shines, in my eyes, because of 24MP. I’ve been testing it the past 2 days — its IQ, from what I’ve quickly examined, at least meets, if not exceeds, D90 IQ

        (D90 also bests the semi pro D300s in IQ per dxomark)

        • Shawn

          Absolutely, I have no disagreement with that. I upgraded to D5100 from D50 and never looked back.

          I just wanted to know what kind of things are important to Fred. If it is IQ, then possibly D3200 is his camera. If it’s tilting LCD, then he has to stick with D5000 or go to D5100. If he would rather have a camera he can operate with one hand, D5100 or higher may be needed. Lots of little differences, mostly about personal shooting style.

          Unfortunately none of these cameras are perfect, which stinks, because I had to trade off in order to make the decision to buy the D5100. Still love it though.

  • Tiger1050Rider

    Want a slightly used D800 and you are in the UK?
    Then look no further.
    Amazon has one listed for £1606.00

    No, it isn’t my sale. I’ve just bought a new 300/F2.8 lens. If I hadn’t I might well habe bought this instead.

    • SM

      Looks like a total scam to me… “email us at xxxxxxx” etc etc… they’ll try to take your money off-site so you’ll have no protection from Amazon. You will never see a camera. Run. Fast. Far.

  • T.I.M

    One of my friends got a 32000 kit at best buy saturday morning, was only one available.
    The camera is very light, seems to be lighter than the D5100.

    • CanikonAlphaUser

      Which bestbuy have the lastest camera? The best buy around me NEVER has anything new in their lineup, let alone anything new in stock :-/ Believe it or not, my best buy just got their first 5D Mark II a few weeks ago…sigh…

      • T.I.M

        I guess they new to change name for “worse buy” !


    A post on the D3200, and 95% of the people are talking about the D800.

  • Landscape Photo

    Nikon’s most unnecessary camera recently. 24mp of diffraction vs. lens aberrations dilemma covered in shiny pink plastic. Huh, does it really matter whether it is shipping or not?

    Nikon, rather speed up supply of D800 pls.

    • TC

      Landscape Photo, perhaps you’re right … but at the same time, APS-C cams Sony NEX 7 and A77 use a 24MP sensor.

      – NEX-7 won Pop. Photo’s cam of the year in 2011

      – dxomark sensor ratings are awesome for the Sony cams, with exception of high ISO (but are still quite respectable compared to Canon offerings)

      – dpreview highly praised NEX-7 IQ

      – Nikon most like takes the ‘vanilla’ Sony sensor and tweaks with a value added EXPEED 3

      …. all for ~$600, if you exclude the kit lens value. Sounds like a win-win to me

  • Last rumour

    Nikon will have a D600 in red and yellow, are considering whether they will make one in pink.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      and also in turd-brown 😉

  • TC

    D3200: I canceled my Amazon order, and ordered through J&R, who had it in stock — ordered through Amazon also 😉

    I got my shipment confirmation email with tracking # today!

    Still gonna use my D90 w/ older AF lenses, but this will be great for tripod-mounted shots and lower iso handhelds (90% of my shots)

    The local BestBuy also has D3200 in stock, but I saved $50 in sales tax 😀

    Thanks, NikonRumors, for pointing out that some vendors had it in stock!

  • Katana

    do you have video of Nikon D3200 unboxing?

  • TC

    Just got the D3200, and comparing it to my D90:

    ISO6400 on D3200 (EXPEED 3) looks cleaner and sharper than ISO6400 (Hi 1) on D90 (EXPEED), all other settings held constant. D3200 looks brighter too. Used a prime 35 f/.8

    I am quite impressed so far! Of note however, the shutter just feels more ‘pro-like’ and faster on D90. AF seems equal. More input soon

    • TC

      Woops, I meant 35 f/1.8

  • Justin Trollin

    Seriously, why would anyone want to buy an expensive D4 or D800 over this D3200? It sure does take pictures like any other camera around for a fraction of the price! Been doing wedding shooting since 2010 with a D3100 with a kit lens and results are wonderful! Never use RAW, only Auto settings, and the camera built in flash! I only do minor Tweaks in my Office Picture Manager from my Office 2003 and it works wonders! Never heard any complaints!

    • Jorge

      LOL LOL
      I love this post


    • Trollala Troller

      In which world are you livin’ ? I use my phonecam & get better shots than any pro camera 🙂

    • Mike Shannen, WI-USA

      This post is a slap in the face of the so-called “pros” we have nowadays, don’t you get the irony? Half of people commenting here have tons of money (I guess) and buy these expensive cameras like D4 and D800 just for the sake of buying them and it’s more than likely they really use then in AUTO mode full time and never use RAW, so they can show their hipster friends “oh look how cool my new gadget is”. Sometimes I think this economical crisis is a gimmick to hide the fact that economy is doing pretty well, thank you, at least for those on the top of the food chain.

      • Jorge Matias

        I understand this post completely. Being a Brazilian photographer like I am, we have to do more with less. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were some Brazilian wedding photographers using point and shoot cameras. And not sure who mentioned it here, but yes, even a D3100 is considered professional here. big cameras = professional. Since those cameras are much more expensive here than in developed countries anyway and the reality doesn’t allow more than 80% of people having more than a point and shoot, a big camera is by norm and definition seen as pro here.

    • RealWeddingPro

      Are you kidding me?! I’ve been painting real-time wedding portraits for 80 years. Oil and canvas are all I need. Who needs all those megapixels of imperfection? I, like Canon, simply smudge over any hint of detail in my final product and my customers are always happy!

    • jackson ethen

      yes really nikon d3200 is the best camera with these many cool features and best cheap camera

  • angelique

    I Always Trust with Nikon D3200

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