BestBuy may have Nikon D800 in stock

BestBuy now lists the Nikon D800 as available for order, but not available for shipping (it was listed as "sold out online" yesterday). You can check the "Shipping & Availability" link for the stores in your area where you can pick up the camera after purchasing it online. All stores in my area did not have any in stock, but you may get lucky. I believe the second shipment of D800 cameras is now hitting US stores - several non-NPS readers have already reported receiving their camera in the past few days. BestBuy doesn't keep a pre-order list, so there is a good chance that you may find one.

The Nikon D4 is still listed as "sold out online" but some readers were able to purchase it from BestBuy's website few days ago.

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  • Miles

    Just walked into the local BestBuy 10 minutes ago. They have no clue but after I insisted it turned out they had one D800 left in the Los Angeles warehouse. Paid and will get it on Saturday.

    Thanks for the heads-up!!!

    • John

      Ugh… I was in BB today and didn’t even think to have them check the computer system. So like Greta, you got MY camera!

  • dmcdougall

    Is there any update in why Nikon isn’t shipping D800’s???
    Is it production problems, battery problems, ???

    • Jetfire

      Nikon is Shipping D800s as fast as they can. They just can’t make them fast enough. I believe they’re doing Daily or at least weekly shipments instead of monthly. They have to feed the world not just the USA or what ever country you maybe from.

  • Jason

    Walked into BB on March 23 when the D800 was released and bought one off the self. The one I ordered from B&H the day the camera was announced is still MIA. Crazy… Love the camera though.

  • Mr rich

    If all the complete IDIOTS who are stop doing 3-4 pre orders you would be allocated a camera a lot quicker. The same STUPPED people who have multiple pre orders on this site are complaining they have no camera, it’s because you have pre ordered 3-4 when you will only ever need one. I am so pleased you are waiting so long. It just proves how DUMB and THICK some people are. Get a real camera, what i have nikon is D4. As a NPS member, it makes me laugh that people order 3-4 cameras then cry like little girls because Nikon can not keep up. I really hope you all wait longer as you have all made this situation. Get real, the Nikon d800 is only 4 fps, that is a joke just like the THICK poeple who have caused the shortage. I am away to count all my money now 🙂

    • glen

      that makes sense.
      why such people are so greedy. they don’t even satisfy with one order and wait for their turn. they are the one makes the hardest thing to worse.
      release your other other and the line will be aligned…

      • glen

        * other order, i mean……

    • Foolishcfo

      So you spell IDIOT “Mr rich”, huh? People order from several sites because Nikon isn’t giving the vendors delivery dates. If Nikon would get off its ass and communicate with its vendors people would have a sense of when to expect their cameras. Before you call people idiots and STUPPED (just what is that?) learn how to spell!

    • Mr Vic.

      Hey Mr. Rich, it’s not important what kind or brand of paintbrush an artist uses, it’s all about how he uses it. Im a member of NPS as well and member of other organizations like PPA and NAPP and i want to tell you that i know a lot of photogs who are members of those orgs as well and them work sucks. I think everyone deserves respect and the fact u got a D4 doesn’t mean others couldn’t get a better work than yours with a less expensive camera.

    • Jason D

      Small penis = D4 and lots of bragging

      1 preorder for a camera that will allow me to merge video and photo finally!

      Don’t need to count all my money. I have a smartphone that does it for me so I have time to do other things like make fun of trolls.

  • Mauro

    Best Buy has only three Customer Reviews?!?

  • CitiShooter

    Went to Best Buy to ask about the D800. The salesperson said that no cameras would be available until mid-May. They are still filling their pre-orders. However, if someone does not come to the store to pick up their camera within one week of arrival, the camera is released for sale on the floor. That’s why the web site says check stores for availability.

  • PicturePerfect

    MYSTERY SOLVED: After getting nowhere with Amazon and B&H, despite having pre-ordered the day after the D800 was announced, a local store said they could get me one in two-three weeks. I scoffed but ONE WEEK later it shipped and now is in my possession. I asked how could they do what the big boys don’t? His response, per their Nikon rep:

    Nikon is favoring bricks and mortar stores that provide service over the mail order houses. And within that category they favor their better customers who sell a lot of Nikon over other brands. That explains the odd situation about where you can find the cameras and why the big mail order houses don’t have a clue. It is also consistent with their policy of not supplying parts to unauthorized repair facilities. I also asked why the local pro camera store was still telling me it would take a month and he said that they are a Canon shop that “dables” in Nikon while his store is a Nikon shop that also sells Canon.

    I hope this helps some of you still waiting for Godot. Seek out the nearest Nikon dealer who favors Nikon and you may get a D800 a lot sooner. Meantime Mr. KneeKon D and I are getting to know each other.

  • Mauro

    huge request, poor productio, slow delivery..

    A lot of people will not have d800 this summer!

  • JonF

    Be careful if you go to best buy and they tell you they can get it from a warehouse. I went to a local store yesterday, they told me that they had 30 in a regional warehouse and that i would have it overnighted to me. I paid the money and then i received an email last night at midnight saying that it was unable to ship. I then called Best Buy this morning and they told me that they didnt have any in stock in there warehouses and it would at least another 3 weeks. I have since cancelled my order. Not good business

  • D4 in stock

    Dale photographic in the uk has D4 in stock. I got mine yesterday, it is a Nikon professional dealer. The service I received from the store was brilliant. Its a good proper dealer. They only have two left, check the website at

    • Damn….

      Have pre ordered with WEX but they keep fobbing me off saying no stock in the UK.. and if there is stock it’s grey import…..

      Now do I fork out an additional £500 to get the camera now or wait for x amount of weeks for WEX and save £500 !!!

      • Nikon D4 uk Stock

        I did have a D4 ordered at jessops, but when I range them for the 10th time asking when will I get my £4800 camera, they changed the date again to maybe sometime in may, the date had changed 5 times. I asked have they had any D4s since launch and they said NO. Enough was enough, as I was not the first person on the list at jessops, and after ringing other dealers they are only getting 2-5 D4s per week. I had already bought goods from dale photographic before so I know they are great, they are genuine Nikon pro dealers, its a family business, they are also authorised hasselblad dealers. I needed the camera so I just payed the £500 extra as I would of been lucky to get the pre ordered one of jessops anytime soon. The bottom line is, nikon will look after its pro dealers first. I am so pleased I just paid extra and got it, hope you get sorted mate!! JESSOPS are a joke, I will never use them again. The D4 from dale photographic has the free memory card and reader in as well. Cheers

  • Just picked my D800, I ordered mine as soon it came available for preorder. The shop was here in Finland. It was from the second batch they got.

  • I just ordered mine from BBY. Said it will arrive May 1st. I know my local BBY gets shipments in on Wed. So I’m guessing it will really arrive on the 3rd.
    Eitherway, I’m pumped!!

    • Johnboyee247

      Way to come thru BBY. Order arrived on time. Just picked up my new baby. My store in clearwater florida got 3 in. Check your local stores in person!

  • I just picked up my D800e this morning. I’m so exited, I downloaded camera control pro 2 and I’m charging the battery now..
    I ordered my camera from Ace photo in Ashburn Va on the 9th of Feb.
    Called me this morning and also picked up a 85mm 1.4 I know I’m going to love it!!
    Good luck to everybody that is waiting. I think that soon we all will have them. Hugo

  • King

    I got mine from BestBuy 2 days ago.
    I went last weekend and one of the more knowledgeable camera salesperson (Jason) told me there was 75 D800’s in the region but he couldn’t order it. He was tenacious and emailed the BB-regional-rep and asked him to ship one to the store.
    I got a call 2 days ago that they have one enroute and it will be in that evening and if I paid immediately it will become mine. If I didn’t then they will sell it to whoever walks through the door asking for it. I moved quickly and got it.

    Yesterday another camerasales person (David) who knew that I’ve been looking for the camera called me to inform me that there are some in the region and he could order it for me. I told him that I already got one.

    Don’t just call. Go to the store and talk to the Camera section person. The person who helped me was great and followed up to get me my lovely D800. Infact all those guys where great.


  • TnT

    Can’t buy when it’s “not available for shipping” as all the BB stores in SoCal are “not available”.

    • JStrait

      Yes, but that’s the weird thing. ONLINE it says all that and it’s impossible to do. BUT if you go in in person you can order through their “OMS.” I was able to order one yesterday in LA (atwater village location.)

      If you go to this location ask for “Ericka” at the pick-up counter. Not sure if she’s in today but that’s who helped me yesterday. They said I could pick it up tomorrow (Friday 4/27.) We shall see but if it’s a no go I can always cancel/refund.

    • Matt

      Yes, tried the same. Was told over the phone that it was not available and backordered. Called my local store and talked with the store manager. She was able to also get into this “OMS” system and indicated that they were definitely in stock and to come into the store to order. Once at the store, they were able to get into the system after a few tries and sure enough able to order for store pickup 5/2. Even the order number is a bit different than the standard BB order # format.

    • TnT

      @Matt and JStrait – thanks for the tip! Will do as you advised.

      • JStrait

        Hope it helps. I will definitely post here with whether or not BB pulls through with the D800 for me tomorrow.

      • Matt

        I’m also in SoCal, Northern San Diego County

        • TnT

          I am in OC and hopefully I will have the same luck as you two.

          • Pity Pat

            I went into Bb today like you said and they found one in OMS as well. Scheduled for 5/2 just like yours. Hope it is legit!

            • Matt

              Same here! Almost too good to be true!

  • JStrait

    JUST received shipping notice for pre-order of D800 Battery/Grip!!

    • JStrait

      Forgot to mention that the order was through Adorama. I placed the order the moment the link was posted here. Hopefully I’ll get the camera BEFORE the grip. 😉

  • R

    Tried the Best Buy route as well, even got an order number. They charged my card and then I later received an email telling me the D800 was backordered. So now I don’t have the camera or the money to pay for my Amazon preorder… if that ever even gets fulfilled.

    This has been fun. Not.

    Brilliant move on Nikon’s part to release 4 cameras at the same time. Where is the focus? This has not been a very pleasing customer experience.

  • HT

    I guess I was too late on all of the day’s BestBuy fun. I called my local store this morning and they told me that I had to come in the store to order it and I’d receive it on 05/02/12……went after work, spoke to the store manager and he said that he was unable to order one. Back to waiting on my Samy’s and B & H orders…sux.

  • Jonf

    Try They received 18 yesterday. Mine was overnighted to me and is already showing out for delivery to my house. They were great to deal with. They will tell you exactly where you are in line and when you will receive yours.

  • Dick

    For what it’s worth Best B. does not have any D800’s in stock and they have no record, or info on when any store in the USA will have them. I would be careful when they say come in and order and the camera will be to you by May 2, or whatever date they are indicating. This info came directly from BB’s head quarters. I actually had a sales rep at Adorama tell me it could be 4-6 months before they see any D800’s. I am just the messenger relating info so please no bashing. Thanks and good luck!

    • Joe


  • Unfortunately, I will do without before I ever buy anything from Best Buy again. I was treated so rudely by a store manager trying to return an unopened item, I will not even step inside their stores.

  • Jetfire

    Just picked up my D800 from Best Buy it came in early. :). They only got in 75 or so the other day (4/25) and they were all gone in a few hours. Even if they website still has the add to cart button. The stores never really had any to begin with. They were in the warehouse(s) and they need to check the warehouse(s). Their OMS ship to store system may also let multiple store try and get the same item, which can screw things up too. But they out for now until next shipment from Nikon. Now to call B&H and cancel my order.
    P.S. did not come with defect Battery (DC)

    • Matt

      Nice, congrats! I have a targeted pick up day at BB of 5/2, keeping fingers crossed that my order was not a phantom!

      • Matt

        Several currently available at Wolfe’s camera, $3299, free shipping. Amazon link from D800

  • trialcritic

    I got mine from BB 3 weeks ago. The main problem with BB is that they do not have a standard mechanism to get the camera. When I tried 4 weeks ago, there were 3 stores in Northern California who had it. They would not let me pay by phone and would not ship. They would not let me pay by phone and come later to pick it up. I called a store near my home, they did not have it but asked me to come and pay for it, they said that they would have it ready in one week. As I said, only in-store pay and pick up. I did get it from them in 1 week. It almost feels like they live in the pre-internet days.

  • Jetfire

    Looks like the next shipment has come in with in the last couple days. Ebay just lit up with D800s 50+ are now listed. Maybe all the ones from Best Buy. One jerk has 3 for sale for $12,150 with two more one the way.

    • Erich1B

      I saw that guy on eBay. That sort of Sh*t pisse me off, but what are you going to do. I’m happy for everyone who’s had success getting their D800 from Best Buy. I’ve success at all from the Best Buys in the Tampa Bay area.

  • JStrait

    Yayyy!!! BB just came through for me. They promised today and I just walked out of the store with the only 2 that had been ordered (in store) before they ran out. (Los Angeles) i had also preordered on Amazon on 2/6 at 10:32pm PST and never got a shipping notice Soooo freakin excited I’ve been waiting for an eternity. (just like many of you I assume). Hope you all get yours very soon too.

    • JStrait


      THANK YOU NR!!!!!

  • Mark Hill

    after 2 months and a half waiting for my pre-order in adorama, i tried to find it in other places so i got a list of authorized dealers from so i called Zones and they said orders from now tooks no more than two weeks and big stores like adorama b&h amazon and others has big orders that the factory has to cover in once so that’s why local dealers are getting the cameras faster than them, after that i heard about some people was getting them from best buy so i began to check out them website and as soon as i saw the order buttom was available with BB, i beguin looking 4 a D800 without luck a day after i went to a local store and the manager was so kindly and he took about an hour to find them and he personaly called the store in Ohio (6 hours driving from where we are) and confirmed availavility, after that he reserved and asked me to pay inmediately to make sure that will be mine. after that i rented a car and went personaly to pick it up and know Im a new owner of my beautiful baby D800. thanks Best Buy a lot.

  • SomeGuy

    I can confirm the BestBuy availability was true.

    I called in on Wednesday on the off chance because I was passing, not having seen the post on Nikon Rumors. The guy who was passing by that I asked happened to be some kind of manager or supervisor. He looked it up for on the computer and noticed that in the warehouse for the stores they had stock. The name he mentioned for that system might have been the OMS or whatever it was other people here have mentioned but I am not sure enough to make that claim. Even though I saw the numbers on the screen I didnt really expect it to be true. Well after trying a few different ways of ordering they got me an order placed and I was told it would arrive on the 28th April. I’ll beleive that when I see it I thought…

    I called today and they said the status on the system said shipped and it would be in store probably on the 28th. Then 2pm this afternoon I got an email saying it was in. So I went along and now its sat on my desk and I’m waiting for the battery to be charged.

    I’m not sure if this information will help anybody try to get it through BB but the confirmation email I got when I placed the order had a status of “Confirming store inventory at ROCKAWAY NJ. “… the order number was a 13 digit number that started 1112. Because this is a store order number not a web one you cannot track the order online it tells you the order number format is invalid.

    Even though I did it in store the receipt says “Sale over the phone” on it. So perhaps that explains something about what they need to do to get the order into the system.

    From what I remember about the way Best Buy works, from a situation I had with them many years ago, their web systems in terms of stock and actual warehouses are actually different. Even though you are checking a store on the website the reason it says unavailable is because it is checking againbst the web system and then it ships from the web system to the store.

    Also it seems not many stores will actually be carrying the D800 so this also explains some of the confusion… So it seems people who have preordered have done so via the web system (maybe even if they did it in store) but the separate stores supply system has some D800’s available…

    Now if this damned abttery will hurry up and charge I can see how nice a camera I have 🙂

  • Dennis L

    I wonder how many people here really NEED the D800 now to pay $250 for tax to buy at BB. That money could be used for battery grip. I don’t pay tax whenever possible. Talk about instant gratification.

    • JStrait

      I shoot professionally so it’s a tax write off and I’d be in trouble if I ever got audited for not paying sales tax so it was a no-brainer. And I’ve ‘needed’ this thing my whole freakin life! 😉

    • Miles

      I don’t think that at a $3000 price tag $250 sales tax matter. Frankly, I prefer supporting local jobs and local schools with my purchases and taxes.

  • Dave

    Thanks for this tip! I got one!!!! Picking it up tomorrow! YES!!!

    • Dave

      Picked it up today! Home safe and sound! Taking it out into the city tonight.

  • Levasseur1

    Anybody know what’s happening with Nikon Canada??
    Was just told by The Camera Store that my preordered D800 (feb 14th) will not be available for another month and probably more…
    Indeed very dissapointing….

  • studio460

    Just out of curiosity, I checked a major Los Angeles-area Nikon dealer on my way home today (Friday, April 27), and saw that they had zero D800/D4s in inventory. I was told they received about two dozen D800s earlier in the week, all reserved for February pre-order customers (their waiting list is still in the hundreds).

    But, after reading the the Best Buy story on the NR blog on Wednesday, I raced down to the local Best Buy, just minutes before closing, on the evening of the 25th, and was also able to place an “OMS” order at the customer service desk. Since then, I’ve been waiting and waiting for the “your order is ready for pick-up” confirmation e-mail, thinking this was all still fantasy. But they sent it–somehow I just missed it–they sent the e-mail hours ago, at 4:30PM today (Friday)! It actually came a day early–my promised delivery was for the 28th (Saturday)!

    Can’t believe it! I’m going to pick it up tomorrow–now I’m so excited, I can’t sleep. I just can’t believe I missed that e-mail (I’ve been checking my Blackberry all day!). Thanks for everyone’s BB tips. And, a huge thanks for NR’s crack reporting–thanks, NR!

    I also bought my D7000 from Best Buy when first released (I actually got one a day before the official release). Check your local Best Buys every few weeks, and you’ll probably find one.

    • Levasseur1

      No D800 on 🙁

      • studio460

        There is no inventory in stores, or in the web ordering system. Just as NR reported, Best Buys in the US just received a shipment of D800s, and this inventory is sitting in regional warehouses that is only visible, and can only be ordered from their internal ordering system (OMS). You must go into the store to do this.

    • Miles

      Can confirm it too. Just received the email that my camera is ready for pickup at the local BestBuy. Unbelievable!

    • studio460

      So, it really happened! I drove down to Best Buy at 11:00AM this morning, and the CSR person retrieved my D800 from a padlocked cage in the customer service area. While I was there, I attempted an OMS order for a Nikon D4, but it displayed “unavailable” from the warehouse.

      Luckily, I got a ‘C’ series battery, and won’t have to deal with the Nikon/UPS recall/exchange. I threw my pre-charged D7000 battery in it, and shot some 100 ISO daylight exteriors with my AF Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D prime. Phenomenal! Thanks again, NR!

  • Rampage 011234

    Just picked up 3 D800’s from various BB stores here in the tri-state area. I was told that the 2 other D800’s that I ordered can be picked up on Monday. Can’t wait to sell all of these on eBay. Cha-Ching $$$$$

  • Mike Lowery

    I just picked up my D800 that I payed for on Wednesday after walking into my local BB here in Florida. Thanks so much NR! I love this website.

  • Adorama is a rumor

    Does Adorama actually sell D800s or is this just another of thosed wild rumors?

  • dmcdougall

    Hey Admin:
    What’s the latest rumour on the shipping rates for the D800???

  • Jetfire

    Cancelled my D800 order with B&H this morning since it was to late on Friday after picking up my D800 from Best Buy. I think the problem with ordering hot items from B&H is that they won’t get large Quantities from the manufactures. Remember B&H is one store so can’t be treated much different than any other Nikon dealer.

  • Ken

    Amazon is now starting to ship pre orders for the D800s again. I just received my shipping notice. Estimated delivery date is May 2 or 3. It was April 13 – 30. I ordered feb 6th @ 11:09 pm pst.

    • Braaji

      I approved a delay yesterday from Amazon, and today I just received my shipping notice. Estimated delivery date is May 2 or 3. It was April 13 – 30. I ordered feb 6th just when it was ready for pre-order.
      Hoping we’ll get ours,

    • yep, like I said – Amazon will start shipping on Monday

  • Trance

    Got an e-mail today, Crutchfield is shipping my D800. Pre-ordered it on Feb 21 after I cancelled the Ritz pre-order.

  • Franco

    Just received my D800 from a dealer in Montreal. The nikon rep said Nikon resumed shipping! 🙂

    • Levasseur1

      Which dealer in Montreal??
      Montréal, Québec?? or elsewhere??

      • Franco

        CameraSimon sur saint-antoine! Ask for Kevin! ;).

  • christopher

    Just picked up my D800 at the Beaverton, Oregon Best Buy. Thank you NR for staying on top of this — I wouldn’t have gotten it this early without your intelligence. You are now my new super-hero, supplanting even Superman!

  • Dennis L

    Just got off the phone with Amazon and they say I will receive the D800 when the next shipment comes in which is May 15th. About the same time my son will be born so I will be in cloud 9.

  • Matt

    Just received my email from BB, D800 ready for pickup! One day early like most of the rest here. Thanks to NR and all on the site for the helpful info. Pursuit of the camera has been like chasing a shadow!

  • Jeff

    I picked up my D800 from BB in Shreveport, Louisiana this afternoon! I hope I’ve got a good one. Thanks NR and everyone for the BB buying info. I hope everyone gets their camera soon.

  • Braaji

    Just got tracking number from Amazon that my D800 will be delivered tomorrow, good luck to everyone and be patient!

  • Pity Pat

    Called best buy store tonight where I ordered D800 off OMS last week after seeing post. They confirmed my camera would be in at 10am in the morning. Stoked!

    • Pity Pat

      It didn’t come in. that is what i was afraid of. bummer

  • CE

    My D800 on the way to me…set to be delivered this morning!!! Pre-Ordered on amazon on the 7th of feb….

  • Finder

    Bestbuy in Mountian View CA has one unspoken for D800 at 1:01pm Wednesday.

    • Igor

      The same store called me today and I ordered D800 through them, for delivery by May 6. They told the warehouse had ~40 units, which would probably run out in the next couple of hours.

  • max

    I picked up my D800 from best buy in corona california this morning I place my order in april 25 ….good luck everyone ….”go to any best buy store, and place your (oms) order and wait one week “

  • Braaji

    The wait is over, just got my d800 delivered from Amazon, order placed on feb6.
    It worth the wait, be patient and do not buy it from eBay around $4000 plus.
    Good luck to everyone, this site is great.

  • Matt

    Any references to serial numbers people are receiving from BB? Picked mine up yesterday, 3005xxx, in the low 5’s. Cameras from other sources now seem to be more in the low 3007xxx. Seems as if the BB cameras may have been hidden in the warehouse for a while??

    • Finder

      4xxx (high 4’s) from BestBuy yesterday. Sounds like they are not yet ramped up to the 30k per month of production yet.

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