Weekly Nikon news flash #159

  • Nikon received three TIPA 2012 awards for the D5100, D800 and SB-910.

  • Nikon D800 vs. Hasselblad H4D-40:

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  • texajoe

    Phottix VS pocketwizard

    Which do you recommend???

    • Jan

      Phottix has always been Canon ground. Their Nikon stuff doesn’t seem as reliable.

      • Judge Judy

        Any evidence of this apart from your opinion and hearsay?

        • Rudi

          If you follow the link to Phottix you’ll see that the ttl flash trigger is only available for Canon.

          • Judge Judy

            Yes I suspect NR admin got the link wrong and should have posted the link to here:

            However, that has little to do with who I was addressing (the person said: “Phottix has always been Canon ground. Their Nikon stuff doesn’t seem as reliable.” )

            I’m just wonder what evidence (if any) they have for what they are suggesting. They are referring to the other stuff that Phottix makes for Nikon not the Canon only stuff. Just because the Odin isn’t out for Nikon yet doesn’t mean the stuff they already make for Nikon is inferior in any way.

            If the above poster has some real proof I’d like to see it, otherwise it’s just hearsay and pure subjective opinion.

            • Not Suprised

              Go back to court, Judge Judy. Leave the cross-examination to the lawyers.

            • yes, I updated the link

            • Judge Judy

              @Not Surprised.
              Your trolling is way too obvious and quite weak.

              @ Admin. Thanks. 🙂

            • Rudi

              Thanks for the hints, guys (though the link is still to Canon). I even didn’t find this information by using the search option on Phottix.

      • neither is pocket wizard 🙁

        • Judge Judy

          Again, any reason for suggesting this? Don’t just say it without proof. It’s a tad deceptive.

          • John Carew

            PIXEL KING For Nikon Wireless TTL Flash Trigger

            is better option for ODIN.


          • i have flex tt5 and it never works as needed, especially at distance over few meters.

            normal PWs (dumb trigger) work, but TTL not as expected.

            sometimes it triggers right, usually overexposes, manual mode with AC3 works or not, depending on mood, piece of trash

            • texajoe

              What do you mean tt5 never works as needed? What doesn’t it do? What are you expecting it to do?

            • Andre

              There was a firmware update to rectify exposure inconsistencies a while ago for the PW MiniTT1 & FlexTT5 units.

              I certainly don’t have the problems that you are having Harold, in fact they work incredibly reliably for me.

              For someone to call them a piece of trash is distinctly trollish, maybe you need to learn a bit more about how the system works.

            • luckily i dont need to convince anybody.
              any more sales PW gets shows nikon how much we want this kind of stuff and i sold mine some week ago for same i bought it (minus tax), so i don’t care anymore.
              I tried every new firmware they made, it worked somehow ok outside, once you came inside
              it was flashing at wrong power 50% of the time. I cannot work with such unreliable system.

      • derWalter

        even if that was true for all the other products, in this case it simply dosent matter… once you achieved transmitting ttl signals you are done.

        adapting this from canon to nikon is just homework…not major stuff, technically.

        and ofc they do more for canon, canon is simply three times bigger than nikon 😛 so there is more money in the market as well… but that dosent make them a canon company…

        • BornOptimist

          Canon 3x bigger than Nikon??? Rubbish
          They are almost equal where this counts, DSLR sale.

          • david

            Except its actually more like 8x larger as a whole company.

            And if you look at their financial reports, Canon brought in more money from camera sales than the entire of Nikon. And that’s ignoring Canon photocopiers etc etc.

            It doesn’t mean Nikon are worse. But canon ARE much larger. That’s just fact.

            And the 5d2 outsold the d700/3/3s and d3x by about 10:1

            • ATM

              Thanks to there copymachines and printers.

    • John Carew

      PIXEL KING For Nikon Wireless TTL Flash Trigger

      is better option for ODIN.


      I have this and i like it

  • wow. don’t buy a D800 for high ISO video I guess.

    • Jan

      or “light your shoot properly” ?
      how about take photos with a camera and videos with a camcorder?

      • darren

        Don’t cloud your valid point of the rarity of needing to shoot that high ISO with video work.

        Few things to note that have been beaten into the ground (even by professionals) the lenses you get to use are phenomenal, trying to use a lot of the lenses on camcorders (ones that handle dslr lenses) often have tinier sensors and crop the S out of the field of view, and there are a lot of people floating between video and photography now, so having one that does both is only logical.

        It’s just like people who used to think sound and video together was the stupidest idea 50 years ago.

        • Global

          I’m a Nikon user and the difference is very stark, and no need to feel competitive.

          D800 gives the option for high ISO video — but we all know that the D800 was not designed for that purpose. So its all gravy on top of the camera that is rated by DxO as the best camera in the world right now or ever (D800).

          I find it odd that they showed the MII, instead of the D4, D800 and 5DMIII. Would like to see how the D4 stacks up.

        • Andrew

          I think we need to verify these tests with different reviewers.

          The D800 “Joy Ride” video shows excellent nighttime performance:


    • Greg

      Looks to me like Canon is fudging their ISO numbers. 5Ds both look very under exposed throughout the range relative to D800. I’d rather see comparisons done at the same histogram rather than same camera settings.

      Canon also seems to be applying very heavy noise reduction.

      That’s not to ignore the fact that the D800 is much more noisy at the same high ISOs though.

      • ^This.

        Not only are the exposures totally off in this test, but the Canon cameras have gratuitous amounts of noise reduction applied, while the Nikon has none.

        • My thoughts exactly.

          I’m seeing at least a 1-stop difference between the Nikon and Canon, and up to about ISO 4000, I prefer the sharpness and overall skin-tone rendering of the Nikon anyway. And quite frankly, if I was shooting professional video and wanted noise-free quality, I wouldn’t light the scene with ONLY a candle, even if that was the look I was after. (Instead, I would light it better to “match” the candle lit appearance so I could use low ISO, then dial that down with aperture or with processing as necessary.)

          I also agree that the Canon NR is so heavy handed that it all but kills every bit of detail at every ISO level, even when it shouldn’t be necessary. I do wonder if the Canon NR is defeatable, or if the Nikon has a video NR option that could make the comparisons slightly more valid.

          • The reasons we shoot RAW apply to video. You can find a third-party to do noise reduction better and with more control than the camera can in post.

            • Yep, or embrace a little noise. It adds character. 😉

              I can name quite a few big budget films that have very obvious film grain on dark scenes. Never heard anyone complain about that before.

        • Shawn

          Have a look at any high ISO test of any Canon camera on any review site when shot in JPEG. There is gratuitous amounts of noise reduction always applied at high ISOs, that’s just the way Canon has chosen to go.

          That might work for some, and not for others. I find the test flawed because the person writing it seems to see what they want to see and ignores what they don’t care about which may be important to others.

    • Tom

      Dumb dumb dumb.

      Because it didn’t have less noise at 6400 with strange compression designed while shooting video vs Nikon’s *RAW* video with great low ISO performance or because you’re too thick to understand that shot *should* be shot at 1600-2000 ISO at most?

      I still don’t understand why *anyone* buys a DSLR for video. I’ll never get that. It’s just an add on feature so you don’t feel you’re getting ripped off, I guess.

      • Nikon Shooter

        “I still don’t understand why *anyone* buys a DSLR for video. I’ll never get that.”

        Which makes you:

        Dumb dumb dumb.

        • Video School

          LOL +1

          I remember back in film school trying to get shallow DOF from the Canon XL1 they made us use. Tough times.

          Another time we tried to shoot something at night (some horror movie thing) on $0 budget (so car very little light). We turned the gain so high and had so little colour we had to turn it black and white.

          If we had the high iso capabilities they have now we’d be fine.

        • Tom

          Perhaps. But making crappy looking videos on a DSLR isn’t a good use of one.

          Nice for you to rebutt the point that shot should have been shot at 1600-2k ISO max, but then again, it’s rarely about substance on a camera thread. I’ve found photographers to drag their knuckles just a little bit more than the typical teenage FPS forum.

          • U Old!

            Why are you on a teenage FPS forum?

          • Travone

            Why be so ignorant towards change and progression, if you don’t want video then don’t use the feature, but it’s a very great ability to have at use. DSLRs have produced “crappy” looking videos such as Act of Valor and House I doubt that would’ve ever happened if people were as blind as you’re acting.

            • I have absolutely not issues about having video on my D800 and not using it.

              I do have an issue with the mode button being harder to reach than the record button.

          • Chicago

            I know this has been done to death, but the season finale of House was filmed exclusively on 5D mkII’s and looked phenomenal. Obviously they were properly lit and not using high-iso, but there are many reasons to use DSLR for video.

      • AndyChrist

        Because of the DOF and the affordable prices for fast lenses. It is too easy to understand.

    • Rudi

      If you need high ISO video get a D4… Never read that D800 claims to be a ISO monster nor is it a D700 successor.

  • Joaquim Prado

    but on the ISO test Video the D800 is overexposed compare to the 5D or the 5D is underexposed!

    • Moo

      I guess if you take the 5D3 and PUSH it in post so it matches the D800, you’d see the same noise levels.
      Or maybe take the D800 and set EV-5, presto your noise is gone? Clean smooth blacks!

      • Iris Chrome

        But if you’re shooting video with a preset aperture and ISO, how would you change exposure?

        • Iris Chrome

          Forgot to mention that it was a preset shutter too.

  • Art

    Btw: I’ve seen indications on other websites that some D800E’s are making it out to the dealers for non NPS customers in super small amounts (which may mean the shipment/s are just starting to arrive.)

    Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone received a non NPS 800E?

    • Discontinued

      I did on April the 19th. The dealer told me it was most likely the very 1st D800E in town (they’ve checked with other dealers) and definitely the only one they’ve received themselves so far. They didn’t even ask me for NPS-membership when I ordered in february. I ordered first and was served first.

    • 香港人

      I just saw one today in a shop (Hong Kong).

  • Kojihugy

    The model seems happier with the nikon.

    • Iris Chrome

      LOL you noticed that too?

      She also looked maddest with the Mark II. I’m guessing they shot that one last.

    • Well Sasha Beers is beautiful, she can come snuggle up with me and my D800 any time, despite how ugly she made ISO 12000 look 🙂

  • Scott M

    Tried to play the candlelight video and it sent me to a Canon sales site. Hmmm.

  • Rob

    Is it just me, or are Fred Miranda’s 5D3 images amazing.

    • Rob

      Question mark.

    • JC

      They are decent…not amazing amazing. It’s hard to take a bad picture at Yosemite Park…

      • U Jelly?

        LOL jelly much?!

  • Al

    Yeah….well…..my camera has been to space……. : P

  • Jack

    Looks like for a given ISO, either Nikon is 2 stops more sensitive or Canon is 2 stops less sensitive, or Nikon has longer exposure?? to be fair, the test should be done with the same iso, shutter should be adjusted such that it gives equivalent output on both cameras.

    • Joaquim Prado

      that’s what I meant! We shouldn’t that any conclusion taking this test as reference!

    • Jack

      5d Mk III should step up to compensate its exposure, or Nikon to step down. I think Canon still has an edge, but may be for a half to (the most) one stop advantage. So well done Nikon.

    • Iris Chrome

      >”Nikon has longer exposure??”

      No, the tests were performed with the same shutter. The problem here is that actual ISO and manufacturer ISO are not the same. This also matches DxO’s data.

      >”the test should be done with the same iso, shutter should be adjusted such that it gives equivalent output on both cameras.”

      The test was done to compare how each camera handles different ISO. In order to do that all other values need to be held constant. This is also why the same lens (N85 f/1.4) was used on all three cameras.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Phottix is a reliable company manufacturing low priced items.

    Why can’t they make a cheap & compact wi-fi unit for D800 like the WU-1a for D3200?

    Personally I don’t need that, but it seems to be the new trend, so they can make a good profit out of this unfulfilled niche.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Because no one has made one for them to reverse engineer. 😉

      • truth is that not many people really need it.
        DSLR or rangefinder with built in 3G/4G for all those facebook freaks yes, but wifi? hm. yawn.

  • David

    I think its ok to say that the 5d3 has better high ISO video.

    I mean, we need to let them have SOME victory when the d800 wins in every form of still image quality.

    And let’s be honest, the 5d3 was made for video.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      This is true, but like their jpegs the video lacks sharpness in lieu of low noise. This isn’t really a bad thing for video I guess…

  • John

    Interesting video by the Camera Store. I am buying de the d800E, but this skin tone issue with Nikon seems something they are not able to fix. Canon always had more natural skin tones I my opinion and I have always wondered why that is. Does Nikon not see this problem or what..? What do you guys think about this, am I the only one who has an issue with Nikon and their skin tones?

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      I like the skin tones more from Nikon.

      When I use to shoot Canon (40D, 5D, 5Dii, 1D4) I had a really tough time editing shots to get the skin tones right/pleasing. They were always too orange, yellow, red… With the Nikon cameras I’ve used (D3s, D700, D800) I hardly have to do anything to skin tones, just get the WB right. I find the Nikon skin tones to be more brown and dare I say more healthy looking (something I strived hard to achieve with Canon, but it kept giving me yellow, orange or red…). I note while looking around the place that brown skin tones are more nice looking and what I actually see in real life. Unless the subject is under weird lighting, they hardly ever look yellow, orange, red…

      Each to their own I suppose.

      • Hhom Togan

        Define “pleasing” and which software are you using?

        When I shot with Canon I used Canon’s DPP -which is a joy to use and it is included with all Canon cameras)and you would get always great colors on skin, Same with Nikon with Capture NX (which is REALLY clunky and has tons of bugs and it isn’t included with any Nikon camera -only in offers and no, not even the D3X includes it), however with other software you will have to build custom profiles because the native profiles will always tend to travel to red colors (yuuuuk).

        Also it has to do with the cameras too, the lower lines (D7000, 7D, D5000, D3000, Rebels) have the bad habit of blowing the reds -even in raw- and produce metameric horrors.. i mean errors and you will need a color checker card to try to make it go into natural territory.

        ACR has been used in reviews to use the same raw conversion software for every camera maker, making people believe it is good because it is featured in reviews but in reality it is a POS (well much less of a POS than Capture NX in terms of stability at least).

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          I did define pleasing. Brown tones in the skin, not too yellow, red, orange. Didn’t you read? LOL 😛

          Canon, even using DPP would give very so-so colours (IMHO) too much orange all the time. I also didn’t use their lower end cameras, so that’s not a factor in my opinion.

          I will note I live in HONG KONG where the skin colour isn’t Caucasian mostly and I didn’t mind Canon’s skin tones on white people so much, but hated it on Asians. It gives Asians a sickly yellow pale (I know they have more yellow in their skin… not racist it’s a fact, but it does NOT look good).

          I’ll also disagree with your findings on DPP. I do NOT find that a joy to use. I will admit it does give better colours than LR for Canon though. But not that much better.

          Never tried Capture NX. I just use Lightroom. ACR is good with Nikon, bad with Canon.

          Anyway, we could argue till we’re blue in the face (geddit?!) but I’m sure you won’t change my mind or visa versa since it’s very subjective.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          Oh and I disagree that ACR is a POS like you said. It is for Canon but not for Nikon. For Nikon it does a really good job. For Canon it messes up a lot. Maybe that’s changed now, I dunno.

          They don’t do the same thing for each manufacturer if that’s what you’re suggesting. Each one is an attempt at cracking the algorithms (or whatever it is) that the manufacturers use to make their jpegs. Sometimes they do a better job at cracking it than others.

          IMHO they do a better job with Nikon than Canon.

    • Also, the red push that Nikons are known for can EASILY be corrected in the camera calibration panel in Lightroom. Just boost the red very slightly towards orange (+3 to +8… I usually start with +5), and then sometimes I’ll also reduce that channel’s saturation very slightly (also about -5). Every photo is different, but a little bit goes a long way… and it almost always takes care of it.

      • Hhom Togan

        Lower end Nikons (my D3x and D3s don’t have it) however having to add color correction every time you shoot with those cameras is adding time to Post Processing which is no fun and much less if you are paid for it.

        Stop using ACR (LR or PS) and use Capture NX, you will get far better results.

        • Welcome to 2012. Capture NX won’t give you *far better* results anymore, and besides, you cannot talk about adding post processing time and Capture NX in the same sentence… unless you are talking about how Capture NX would be a giant wart in my workflow.

          Not to mention, you can sync every photo’s calibration in Lightroom. It would literally take 30 seconds to batch 1,000 pictures.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          You know you can just make a custom default for your camera in LR. No need to add any time to your work once you get it set up.

          In develop mode hit alt/option and “reset” will change to “Set Default…”

          Like I said/suggested above, I worked for ages to get this right for Canon and never quite nailed it. In Nikon I hardly had to do anything.

          Maybe it’s just Canon are inconsistent with colour or something?!

      • MadManAce

        That sounds interesting, I use a X-Rite Passport profile that I later tweak on Adobe DNG Profiler. Curious, which profile do you make the red to orange adjustment on, because I found all of Adobe’s D800 profiles lacking.

  • hem vaidya

    That fred miranda guy is a joke. He is just another Canon fan boy ( from him bio ), and his whole review consisted nothing but 5d pictures!? Why not just call it the 5d3 review then? Can you make the bias a little less transparent please?

    • Give a hoot. Read!

      Ah… did you get past the first page?

      He goes on to demonstrate the superior dynamic range of the D800 and the superior resolution/sharpness. Also he points out that the d800 has less moiré.

      I suggest you read more.

      • JC

        I didn’t bother reading the rest after the first page since he obviously had a biased opinion going into the review in the first place. He never used a Nikon before so that review was pointless. I did go back and read the part about dynamic range, but his conclusion still screams “canon fanboy because i dont know how to operate a Nikon”

        • “…but his conclusion still screams ‘canon fanboy because i dont know how to operate a Nikon’.”

          You wouldn’t know that since you never got to his conclusion. It wasn’t a matter of being a Canon fanboy. It was a matter of being given new gear and being used to something else. Hell, there was a curve just moving from a D700 to D800… and even being used to Nikon, I still had major usability irks (like why the hell did they randomly decide to switch the zoom in and out buttons). This is exactly why you always give new gear a learning period before any major event.

          His comparisons were valid. For his use, Nikon’s Live View is finicky… and the 24mm PC-E has quirks. BEYOND THAT, he was pretty much completely disappointed with the MkIII. Well, more like he was blown away by the D800’s sensor. He said the MkIII is only worth the upgrade to someone who needs the better AF. Otherwise, the D800 is king.

        • Give a hoot. Read!

          You seem to be screaming “nikon fanboy because i dont know how to be open minded”.

          You just need to see the pictures if you don’t know how to read.

    • The first page is where a Canon user throws himself into the field with his “trusty Canon” and an “alien Nikon.” All of his issues are straight-up usability issues. He’s just not used to the Nikon. This is why you never buy gear RIGHT before an important assignment. I think his only actual issue was with the 24mm PC-E. He made it sound like he knew what he was doing and it wasn’t as good as the Canon.

      After that first page, though… it’s all over. The shadow test made my jaw drop.

      • arizonaSteve

        I agree that the shadow test blew me away.

        I wish he would have tried a little harder to shoot the exact same shots with both cameras at Yosemite. Plus he talks a lot about the CA in the Nikon tilt shift lens, I would like to see some more samples, and in comparison to the Canon shots.

        I thought he was fair to both cameras. But obviously he prefers what he knows.

      • Don


        Fred quotes in his preface to the shadow test: “At this point, I was wondering how the 5D Mark III and D800 would deal with noise at base ISO. Canon shooters brace yourselves because I don’t have good news.”

        But all in all, Fred ‘s Canon Fanboy tendencies still win out because he ultimately implies that Canon’s stable of lenses are superior to Nikon’s for what he shoots.

        • Never understood where that mantra comes from. I still get Canon guys around here that, in an argument, say “regardless we’ve got the best glass.”

          I’m just scratching my head. There’s no way to argue that point, really. I don’t buy cheap glass, so everything I buy is as good as anything from Canon… and they’ve got a couple lenses we don’t have (f/1.2 with AF) and we’ve got some they don’t (14-24, 200-400)… but as far as quality goes… I just think they are as good as each other. I *hate* the white lens look, but that has nothing to do with it.

          A few weeks ago, one of them (who is nationally famous) first said “Where’s your f/1.2 glass? Oh I didn’t…” and I cut him off and said “actually, I do have a 50mm f/1.2” and he didn’t believe me that Nikon has one in production. 😉

          • Jesus_sti

            I just finish my course in phpto, and the canon fanboy didn’t notice that I have Top lens(24-70, 70-200, 105 and 50). They all think that: ” the glass is very good went it’s white ” …….. well

          • Shawn

            Is there really so little self confidence in the professional world that these guys (they have to be guys, right?) don’t believe in their own ability to make pictures?

            If you see these fan boys again, remind them there are some pretty famous photographers who shoot Canon bodies with Nikon lenses.

  • Interesting to see the Nikon D800 – Hasselblad H4D-40 comparison. I’ve just started doing some test shots on the D800 and am very impressed with the dynamic range.

    • Also interesting that so many people, even pros, ignore the power of the calibration panel in Lightroom. They are talking about the red/magenta in the skin tones and that they had adjusted white balance, but that tone is just hard to correct…

      No. It isn’t. In camera calibration (NOT HSL) slide the red/orange very slightly (+3 to 8) to the right, and bring the saturation very slightly down (-3 to 8). Boom. And, of course, if it’s truly magenta, then you’ll want to drop the global magenta tint too… Nice that we can do that in a brush now, as well.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        Not just that. I know a lot of pros who don’t even know how to do basic stuff in LR. They still use bridge and PS. I mean whatever they want to do, doesn’t bother me. But ignoring LR isn’t a good idea IMHO.

        Personally I make my own profiles.

    • I thought it showed them to be medium format snobs. Talk about looking down your nose at a camera that cost 1/10 the price. I think they were probably gutted that the D800 was very, very close to producing a file that rivalled the HD40 and actually as others have pointed out, this “red” skin tone can be dealt with, though DR and colour depth is clearly where the Blad gets the edge. But at what cost? To those guys it didn’t matter, he even said it himself, if he didn’t turn up with a $20000 camera no one would take him seriously.

      • “…he even said it himself, if he didn’t turn up with a $20000 camera no one would take him seriously.”

        And as egotistical as it sounds, it’s a valid concern when you are in those circles. I’ve heard some of those guys saying clients will make hiring decisions based on your gear when you’re in the ultra-high-end scene.

        But everything you said, I agree with.

    • Hhom Togan

      You wont be impressed with metamerism and micro contrast sadly, the CFV39 is capable of dealing with these 2 in a much better way though.

  • Michael

    Does any body know, if this particular KIPON adapter for FUJI X-Pro1 also works with other NIKON F-MOUNT lenses than the G-type?

    I know that there is a special adapter for manual lenses – but it could also be a different brand.
    Appreciate any help.

    Just my 2 cents: I enjoyed shooting with my old F4 yesterday A LOT!.
    And really didn’t miss the other functions that are on the digital cameras at all.


    • It will work with any other Nikon lens but you will not get autofocus
      I got the wrong adapter – it will not work with Nikon G lenses: http://instagr.am/p/I-Nx58Nmpv/
      The one I listed in the post has an aperture ring and it will work with G lenses.

  • Mike

    Pretty nice compliment for Nikon that one of their cameras is actually being compared to a ‘blad. And a serious comparison. If DSLRs give a cinematic movie look on a budget, the D800 seems to be a viable MF option for those on the cheap or on location.

  • gpereir4

    Speaking of Phottix, I was recently looking at the Strato triggers for my camera. Has anyone used these, or does anyone have a recommendation for another flash trigger? I don’t need iTTL. Thanks!

  • Hysen Justo

    I ordered a D800 a week ago and just got it today. It’s NICE!

    • Don

      How much over retail did you pay? 🙂

  • The way I see it, I wouldn’t NEED to use anything over about ISO 2000. And honestly, if I wanted that dark moody candle-lit look and using only a candle for lighting, ISO 800 is about where I would have been completely happy with the Nikon.

    It seems to me that the Mk II actually BEATS the Mk III in video as it seems to have a very slight edge in this comparison. While the Canon both have less apparent noise, the Nikon has a stop or more on the others making it easier to utilize a lower ISO. In addition, both Canon are heavy on the NR to the point that it doesn’t even appear HD as it smears every bit of color and luminance “noise”, including any sharpness or contrast.

    Personally, any of the cameras will provide beautiful video when used within realistic parameters. Shooting with only candle light is a nice comparison to push the limits, but does it represent a frequently used real-world example of how these would be used? Honestly, this reminds me of car commercials where they show a guy smoking the tires, sideways around a race track, wet skid pad, salt flats or city “streets” in a 4-door sedan… Nobody honestly plans to do that when they buy the car, it’s just to get your attention.

    • Andrew

      Agreed, good point. But also, I recently cancelled my subscription to a computer magazine because the reporters were slanted towards Samsung because of the amount of money they spend in advertising in the publication. Literally every month the publication would make three to five recommendations of Samsung products or give extremely favorable reviews. These multi-billion companies can influence reviews based upon where the spend their advertising dollars. Some people are selling their soul for money. Not to say that is the case in this instance, but the result seems to conflict with the extremely low light videos Nikon has advertised with the D800.

      It is too easy to fake results based upon motives. Electronic stores are known for doing it. They would miscalibrate a Sony TV so that a cheaper or competing brand would look better. This technique would allow them to increase the sales of slower selling brands. Poor consumers – that is why people need to do their homework and look around before buying.

  • Jan

    Funny that in the “Nikon D800 vs. Hasselblad H4D-40” they all pronounce Nikon wrong 🙂

  • A G lens adapter is sort of interesting from a technical standpoint, but the beauty of the X1 pro is that it is a mini Leica. The lenses will be much smaller than DSLR lenses. The only hitch right now is Fuji is attempting to protect the X100 by not offering a 35mm equivalent for the X1 pro.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Anyone got a D800 shipped from Ritz this week?

    • mutog

      Yeah, mine was shipped on Friday, 4/20, and gets delivered today. Ordered early April with Ritz, after I got restless of waiting for Adorama to ship my February pre-order.

  • Matt

    Admin –

    any word on shipments? Was the one last week supposed to arrive in the US toward the end of the week??

    Thanks – great work and thanks by the way

    • no, no word on any shipments yet

      • Time to move on

        Lets give up on the D800 – any news on a likely date for the D900?

      • CB

        Hi, as a also mentioned in another thread, 9 D800 cameras were shipped by a Swiss retailer during the last two days… Seems as if some deliveries reached Europe…

  • Joaquim Prado

    Pretty amazed how the D800 stood against the Hassel.

    I love to use MF film 6×6 format and have been pretty happy with the results I get from fuji provia 400X and Ektar 100 film but I don’t have the budget to go digital on Medium Format and I was really excited with the D800 because I would be able to get MF resolution and Dynamic Range with 35mm format. Now I am even more excited with the D800 and can’t wait to Ritz ship my camera and put my hands on this beast. I also was pretty impressed when I compared to the Pentax 645D files.

    • Joaquim Prado

      It would be really nice to compared to the Leica S2 system!

      • Matt

        Lloyd Chambers compared the D800 and the S2 in DAP (subscription only) at digilloyd.com.

        • mrs. choo

          what’s his conclusion?
          (i’m not registered…)


  • Discontinued

    EN-EL15 trouble ? ? ?

    @ Admin and everyone to whom it may concern,
    Nikon Support (germany) sent me a note, regarding my D800E and D7000. Apparently there is a (un-) certain possibility of overheating and deforming batteries.


  • News flash-
    Thomas Hogan is reporting that Nikon has recalling EN-EL15 batteries with 9th digit of part number containing an “E” or “F”.

    Time to go check mine:(


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