Nikon Capture NX 2.3.2 and NEF Codec 1.14.0 released

Nikon released v2.3.2 of Capture NX and NEF codec v1.14.0 with added support for the new D3200 camera.

The complete list of modifications in the Capture NX version:

  • Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions: support for RAW images captured with the D3200 has been added.
  • Additional modifications to the Windows version: when images captured with the camera’s Auto distortion control function enabled were opened or edited, Capture NX 2 sometimes quit unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved.
  • Additional modifications to the Macintosh version: when NEF files edited using the unsharp mask function and then saved were later opened, or copied and opened, the images sometimes appeared corrupted. This issue has been resolved.
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  • Anonymous

    At least it is getting better 🙂

  • If you want to see some hight iso pictures takens with D3200 :

  • Scott

    I have heard this program is so much slower than LightRoom? Is this still true?

    • Neil

      It depends. They have really improved processing speed. On a per-image basis it’s reasonable to say it’s equivalent to other editors with the latest version. On a workflow basis, it’s still nowhere near as fast a *process* as other tools.

    • Scott, on the Mac, v2.3 with 64 bit it is blazing fast compared to all previous versions. And, much more stable to boot – I have yet to have it crash once since updating to v2.3. There are still a few processes that are slower than I would prefer, but no where near the lag time as before… there are only occasionally noticeable.

    • JC

      I use NX2 on a MacBook. I have no issues with it. Adobe really knows how to empty your wallet. They have been sticking it to me for years with Creative Suite.

      I would stick with the Nikon product.

      • Yep… If NX3 contains support for all of the Nik’s plugins, I would almost never need Photoshop and definitely not Lightroom.

  • JL

    Is there a NEF codec supporting D800 files?

    • ShaoLynx

      Allow me to partially answer that question: my findings:
      – in the past I installed the codec that came with my D700 on my WIN32* machine.
      – I did not install anything new with my D800.
      – all my NEFs are visible in Explorer.
      So: yes, there is such a codec.
      Moreover: if you move a CF card from a D700 to a D800 and vice versa you can preview the images made by the other model (but you can’t zoom in).

  • Dweeb

    For the Love of God throw it away and bring out NX 3.

    • a boost in stability when multiple settings have been applied would be very welcome… it routinely crashes when i have to paint out masks cos of the number of brush strokes required..

      • Benjamin, have you updated to 2.3 yet? I was having the same issue with NX2 on Mac crashing while painting masks – especially with the mask overlay visible – along with other occasional crashes, but with v2.3 plus the 64 bit support, I have yet to have to application crash once. And, it is significantly faster.

    • Dweeb… I’m with you, let’s have NX3 already! Especially if it contains support for ALL Nik plugins as has been reported.

      • @Chris, I don’t mind the micro updates, at least I’m not paying for those. Going from Capture NX2 to CaptureNX3 will cost money, gauranteed! What irks me is the need to go to LightRoom4 just to get D4 RAW support, no reason for it, except to extort more money out of me….well at least the upgrade is only $79! Did I just say that? Aghhhh…they have me brain washed already!!! BTW, if you have LR1 and you jump to LR4, it is only $79 to upgrade; and this holds true for LR2 to LR4 upgraders. So all of us that have supported LR over the years by continuing to upgrade, or have recently bought LR3.6, we are all getting screwed. IMO, LR3.6 to LR4 upgraders should have been 20% maximum of retail for full, LR2 to LR4 40%, and LR1 to LR4 60%.

        • A lack of proper D4 support seems odd as v2.3 was supposed to include and was actually delayed because of the delay in the D4 and D800.

  • André

    Still it is not able to handle D4 NEF data like RAW files. It is opening them like any JPEG without any camera correction possibilities. I’m a pro and sometimes I need more than a JPEG out of the camera. I’m really feed up with all the problems that are delivered with the D4.

    • Fuzz

      What are you talking about André Capture NX2 handles D4 NEF files fine. Are you sure you’re transferring them from the camera correctly? If you’re using transfer NX make sure you upgrade to the latest View NX2 and use the version of transfer that comes with that.

  • disiderio

    Pros don’t use this junk. Name one big name pro that does (notwithstanding those on Nikons payroll).

    • Of course pros use Capture NX2… it may not be as ubiquitous as Lightroom (which many of the pros who are active in the media get a free copy of), but it is used. And, beyond using it directly many, many pros use it every day without fully realizing… it is called Nik Software’s Viveza, which is at the heart of Capture NX2 plus Nik Color Efex Pro 3, which is a plugin for Capture NX2 and works non-destructively on the raw file (unlike Lightroom). And, if the rumors are true, then NX3 will incorporate ALL the Nik plugins, which would make it far better than Lightroom as you would be able do everything non-destructively to the raw file.

      • D400

        So do you mean that CNX3 will have all the nik plugins built in? or just that they will be supported?

        • The rumor as I heard it is (I think this website has posted about this as well) is that it will either contain them all, but frankly I only see them as supported as native plugins like Color Efex Pro 3 is for NX2 that have to be purchased separately (or will like the rest of Nik’s plugins are included with the other version).

    • Dan

      Bullsh#t. I know of many pros that use it. Stop talking out of your arse, when you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

  • D400

    I had a trial version of CNX2, can I get another trial version because it has been updated?

    • why would you install this kind of software when you are not getting paid for that?

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