Nikon D3200 sample images

Nikon France published some full size D3200 sample images on flickr (go under "Actions" and select "View all sizes" to get the full res version). 100% crop taken from the above image:

Flickr D3200 slideshow:

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  • T.I.M

    I’m waiting today for the UPS truck and my D800e
    I guess I could get a D3200 for my mother in law.

    • sade

      Go get a 5DIII for her 😀

      • You mean the 5D3 that almost need to be recalled?

        • I think he means the 5D3 that offers near D700 performance…

          • Frank

            Yep – You could use the D3200 to block the light leak in the 5Diii

            D4 Rules – Love it!!!!!

            • B!

              No need to rub it in. Even though pre-ordered a lot of us won’t see a D4 until …..September?

    • Joseph

      Really? Where’d you order? Latest email from B&H stated they have no cameras and no idea where they are or when they are coming. Very disappointed…I’m never pre-ordering anything from B&H again.

      • T.I.M
        • Vin

          I just read Ken Ti’s B&H reply to your’s, wow very interesting, I think Admin is right, you are lucky one of the few none NPS “E””s out, maybe the only one from B&H? wish we new? maybe they just made #3000-4000 for first shipment of April world wide. to hear B&H has 2000 orders just for the 7th of Feb. that is really interesting!

        • Joseph

          Wow. I am a little ticked off. I refreshed the page at b&h and ordered literally the minute it was available. If I wasn’t #1 I would guess I was in the top 10. Not a peep from them except their BS emails.

          Well enjoy your camera when you get it. I sure hope mine comes soon.

      • Can1uk

        its not B&H, no retailers have the D800. Nikon are not making them fast enough for demand. Normalised stock will hopefully be available @ the end of the year. If you prepay you’ll get it in the summer.

      • twidlydee

        Can someone please explain to me why B&H and Adorama have such a strangle hold on the market? Every time I go to their webpage I get numerous and idiotic warnings about yet another religious holiday they’re celebrating. I guess as a business that controls everything cameras you can pretty much do whatever you want, and one of them started sending me a ton of spam without ever asking me. I forget which one it was now, but they do not care about customers, and they don’t have to because they’ve monopolistically cornered the market.

        I strongly urge everyone to boycott them and go with Amazon or someone else instead.

        • Sdnd

          +1 Well said !

          I hate to see those holiday warnings !

    • R!

      D3200 is beating 5 D mrk III !!!!!!!!!

      • R!

        DXO mark is 81 for both 5D mrk III & Nex 7 !!!!!!
        ….but better color depth & dynamic range for the sony sensor!!!!!

        • Gary

          Both are the same as the venerable D3.

        • Tom

          DXO is rubbish

          • TC

            Tom, please let us know of 1-2 similar (yet better) alternatives online, and we’ll check them out. Thanks

        • Worminator

          81 full frame /= 81 APS-C

          DxO scores are not comparable for different sensor sizes

          • Dimitrii1130


          • Eric

            @Worminator Actually I believe you are incorrect. DXOMark goes to great lengths to make their ratings objective. The tests take an image and then compare images at the exact same output sizes. In essence they treat the camera as a black box and compare the camera’s ability to produce an image of a given size. DXOMark does the most scientifically rigorous evaluation on the web. That’s why you see MF backs on the same page as DX sensors…and that’s how the D800 beats the Phase One.

            • TC


          • Don

            “81 full frame /= 81 APS-C”

            A minor quibble: “does not equal” should be rendered as “”.

            Carry on…

        • Sahaja

          And a Nikon modified NEX7 sensor is what seems to be in the D3200. Does this mean it will get a DxO score as high, or higher, than the 5DMk3?

  • ray

    wow not bad! with good glass will be a good camera

    but love my D800!

  • ISO 1600 very noisy and lacs of details.

    • Jesus_sti

      hey it’s a D3200 at 699 $ (with a crapy lens) and you complained about noisy at 1600 iso…… The people who will buy this camera doesn’t know about the sound (noise*)

      • Mark

        Yes, if you go pixel peeping at pixel level, there is some noise. There is no spec of noise at “large”. I expect this sensor equals (or surpasses) the D5100/ D7000 sensor in noise performance.

      • Tom

        Noise as in sensor noise, not sound…

      • where does it say what lens they used. they should use a crappy kit lens given thats what people are gonna use with it. but i doubt by looking at these images that it was. i bet it was fairly nice glass

        • Andrew

          I do not agree, that will not be a scientific and objective test of the camera’s performance. With DSLR cameras, the lens is optional, you will be able to buy the camera without the lens. If I purchase the camera, I will use my $800 lens on it and not some $250 piece of glass. But besides, I am sure the kit lens will perform admirably.

        • MJr

          For which one ? The beach girl up top is with the 40mm F2.8, says the EXIF.

    • Bruce

      Yes, true. But what did you expect?

      However, but run it hrough Dfine and down sample to 12mp (which is easily good enough for an A4 print) and it cleans up beautifully.

    • Downsample this and that, why not buy a $200 D40 6MP with excelente iso 1600.

      It is 24 mp , i want to use 24 mp.

      • iamlucky13

        1.) Because some people legitimately want more resolution than 6 MP.

        2.) Because the noise simply isn’t visible until you zoom in to nearly 100%.

        3.) The limited sharpness of the image appears to be not just due to noise, but also the use of the cheapest lens Nikon makes. It’s not a bad lens, but it’s not a lens for getting the most out of a 24 MP sensor.

        4.) Despite your claim, it is false that the D40 has better noise control at ISO 1600 than what you see in these samples. It has a small amount more noise at the pixel level. It’s doubly false at comparable viewing sizes.

        A D40 is my only SLR. It’s a great camera. I have little interest in trading it in for a D3200, and if anything, I’d be biased in its favor rather than against it. However, I’ve also become very familiar with its limitations over the years, and one of them is that shooting ISO 1600 is pushing the limits of usability.

        • Worminator

          I know. ISO1600 on the D40 is noisy, no doubt.

          All that said and done, I’ll take the D40’s 6MP CCD of this over-processed, over-sharpened, flat, artificial-looking 24MP CMOS junk any day of the week.

      • Jake

        Because the D40 does not have “excelente” iso 1600. Because, unless you’re printing your picture at full resolution, or cropping out tiny portions of your picture, you’re downsampling everything. My 1920*1200 monitor only has 2.3 MP worth of pixels on it, so unless I zoom in to 100% (and therefore am only viewing 10% of the image), the image I see will always be downsampled by the monitor.

      • twidlydee

        To all the Ken Rockwells and all the losers like him out there, can you please all shut up about the D40. It’s a piece of garbage.

        I had a D50 and a D70, which have the same sensor as the D40. They suck and they’re very noisy. I also have a D60. All of them suck, but the D60 could produce some nice images with a good lens, It still stinks though because it’s slow and cumbersome to use.

        The fact is that more megapixels are better and result in less actual noise at the same resolution, re-sampled, and Nikon is realizing that.

        Cameras have come a long way since the D40. It’s time to put it to rest.

        • BoB

          Sounds like a user problem, not a camera problem.

    • Chris

      @Bernardo Vaghi, you troll, you’ve got to be kidding me. At ISO 1600, this image would print beautifully.

      And yes, YOU CAN use all 24 megapixels. I’ve never seen that level of noise performance from an entry-level DSLR before. Have you? Jesus, Nikon builds the D800 and suddenly nothing’s good enough anymore.

      I made a living for YEARS off my Nikon D50. That was a 6 megapixel camera that I wouldn’t push past ISO 800 at gunpoint. The D3200 is worlds better. Anyone who has even the slightest creative spark can do wonders with a camera like this.

      • D2oo Guy


      • Kevin

        I am right there with ya, I have a D60, D5000, D7000 , Studio Work.. I use D700 and a D3s. Never had a problem printing anything. Even with Pixel peepers amidst the crowd. Clients are always pleased and Really did the world stop after the birth of D800, I agree ! Someone please tell me. I must live under a rock.

      • BartyL

        Here’s to the D50!

      • This image for me is garbage, artificial textures, no skintones, supersoft and very ugly noise reduction patern. D40, D50, D70(s) sensor is much more real than this marketing 24 mp sensor. I own D700, D7000, 60D, and this image is very bad for my eyes. But if for you is gorgeous, it´s a matter of taste. And troll is your #@$#@$$@#$ LOL


      • Reilly Diefenbach

        The 40 Micro handily outresolves any sensor out there and is a good match with this fantastic new entry level Nikon.

  • Lovely cat image 🙂

  • Greg
    • Bret M

      Wow really? If you wanted high quality video you wouldn’t buy the 3200 anyway. Plus it is a stereo jack according to the Nikon website anyway!

      Stupidity there

    • MB

      “I hope the focussing motor is quieter than on the D5100.”
      How cute is that 😉

      • blix

        He also thinks that the 15min video cut off is because of the battery.

    • Greg

      Well after “5 out of 108 found this review useful”, he’s done the right thing and deleteted his review. But according to my browser history, here’s his original “review”:

      If its really mono on the mic in, I wont be happy., April 19, 2012
      By Selcuk Onat “harsh critic”
      This review is from: Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR
      A lot of aspects of this camera have got me going and thinking, great, near-pro features in the small profile I like to carry travelling and in the street. Looks like they dumped the silly button arrangement which scourged the D5100.

      I didn’t like this battery on the D5100, however, not lasting more than 15 minutes for video, but the live view is what sucked the power out, but no reason to think that will be different. Therefore, I hope this camera has better AC-power cords for video available to make up for that small battery. The battery is not an issue for stills shooting about 500.

      While this isn’t and wont be my only video camera, the input mic is listed as mono. I’m gonna shoot full HD, and every other brand includes a stereo in, but Nikon is only going to provide mono? OK. Why is the jack even there if its only going to be mono? I expect the worse focussing motor. Hopefully it will be at least a step up from the 5100 which was almost unuseable. The D7000 doesn’t even have this 24mp chip, but it has a stereo input jack. How does offering two cameras in the same price range with different but incomplete capabilities benefit anyone, including the company? I sent back the D5100. I’d hate to see another model like that. Nikon needs to stop acting like their customers need to be herded into different pens and release a decent portable camera around 1k.

      The sample stills look great BTW, much better than the D5100’s. A still camera is a still camera after all, but that input jack is such a trivial omission.

      • Greg

        He went on to make many edits to his post including changing his screen name to Selcuk Onat “agency photographer”.

        From his later versions of the “review” and further comments, he made so many bloomers:
        1) He thought the D40x, D5100 and D3200 had focus motors
        2) Doesn’t understand video recording limit (blames battery)
        3) He’s reviewed a camera purely on speculation
        4) His information about the mono mic / jack was laughable. He went onto blaming a third party and then went onto blaming DP Review for misleading him.
        5) He went on to say his lens was sounding like it was dying as it tried to focus in low light. His lens? Well, a 70-300 VR! For video in low light! He wondered why it was hunting all the time!

  • Mark

    Anyone can find out which lenses these pictures were shot with? Can’t imagine they used the kit lens, right?

    • T. Buck 2


      The flickr camera data page says:

      Lens: 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6

      … so apparently with the kit.


      • Mark

        Ah, I found some EXIF data. I could find three lenses: 40mm f/2.8 (portrait on the beach), 70-300mm for the bird, 18-55 for the kids. Some low cost lenses indeed 🙂

      • hombreee

        look at exif:

        Camera Maker: NIKON CORPORATION
        Camera Model: NIKON D3200
        Lens: 40.0 mm f/2.8
        Image Date: 2012-01-21 08:57:57 +0000
        Focal Length: 40mm (35mm equivalent: 60mm)
        Aperture: f/2.8
        Exposure Time: 0.0010 s (1/1000)
        ISO equiv: 100
        Exposure Bias: none
        Metering Mode: Matrix
        White Balance: Auto
        Flash Fired: No (enforced)
        Orientation: Normal
        Color Space: sRGB
        GPS Coordinate: undefined, undefined
        Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows

        • T. Buck 2

          Yes – sorry, my research was incomplete.

          I only checked the mountain lake photo, which was shot with the 18-55 kit.


    • hombreee

      It was taken with Nikon 40 mm f/2,8G lens.

  • kulturindustrie

    These high res cameras are quite problematic. Who really needs to see that make-up covered pimple on her chin (as well as the other make-up traces in her face)? 16MP are more than enough, I guess…

    And this is a rather good looking model — imagine regular family photography with such an unforgiving resolution…

    • You should try painting or drawing.

      • kulturindustrie

        Well, you might be right on this point. But there might even be such an “effects” mode implemented in this camera. Haven’t considered it usefull until I read your comment 🙂

    • Shawn

      Having high resolution is great but it’s not for everything. I don’t want to get into a big argument with all the pros and “pros” who read and post on these comments, but who really wants all the imperfections of reality flowing into an art form?

      If we start resolving every miniscule detail it’s no longer going to be a beautiful landscape of green tones, but instead a picture of disheveled partially-rotting and frayed vegetation. What future bride is going to want her pimples, wrinkles, and blotches permanently stored as gigapixels? If my family actually saw their pictures at the full 16 megapixels I currently shoot they would start treating me like the paparazzi.

      Sure, we downsample, but then why are we constantly reaching higher? We clone out imperfections, but at what point are we going to spend more time cloning than taking pictures?

      As we all know, photography is not reality and a good picture is successful because it really represents something else (symbol and emotion). I’m merely suggesting that at some point we are going to reach a level of detail which will force unwanted reality into our photographs and take away from the message we are trying to convey.

      • Michael

        Because you have an option. If you don’t print/display large, then there’s no point cloning.

  • Sam

    Oh great, now I have to listen to n00bs telling me their D3200 is better than my D7000 cause it has more megapixels. Just GREAT.

    • ^ This.

    • Vangelis Feleris

      It is better for landscape and studio photography…

  • Snw

    like how most of the pictures are taken in January… makes you wonder what other models Nikon just have lying around waiting to announce…

    • Marcus

      Yeah just like the real d700 upgrade…! Where’s that…

      • Me

        Keep bringing it is bound to happen…or stick to the actual topic.

    • Sahaja

      January. The original sample photos for the D7000 were taken about nine months before that camera was released – so I guess that camera got a lot more pre-release testing than this.

      This 24mp sensor will allow people who don’t frame their shots tight enough – or who don’t have enough reach with the kit lens – to do plenty of cropping.

      • Calibrator

        “The original sample photos for the D7000 were taken about nine months before that camera was released – so I guess that camera got a lot more pre-release testing than this.”

        And it still required a critical and two additional firmware upgrades to become a finished product (problems with white dots in video and Sandisk SD cards).

      • Shawn

        “This 24mp sensor will allow people who don’t frame their shots tight enough – or who don’t have enough reach with the kit lens – to do plenty of cropping.”

        That is assuming they can nail focus and master their hand-held shot discipline. I am doubting that because it usually takes dedicated practice to master those.

        It’s a nice idea but I don’t think it pans out in reality except for folks who are experienced photographers.

  • Mazzy

    Well, at 1,600 ISO look bad for noise/details. I really wish that this sensor will be limited at d3200/D5200 because it’s pretty bad for body upward $1000…
    But I’m thinking that at photokina we’ll see only D5200 with this same sensor, make no sense sell D5100 at the same price with ‘inferior’ 16MP only for another year, the consumer will choose the new d3200 over it. Late in november D400 FX at 24Mp, and only next spring the new D7100 with a new Sensor DX, maybe 20-22 that at least match the current 16MP with latest techs for Sony.
    I’t only 1 month or so that the d7000 production is running again at normal level, after months of no production at all for the flood. So the d7100 will be a little late even more with no new competitor for a while.

    • Sahaja

      I don’t think there are many models Nikon will make a special sensor for. The costs of designing and making a new sensor are high and the price only goes down when they get a lot made. Makes more sense for them to use the same sensor in several different models.

    • Rolf

      I think that Nikon’s price disparity between the D7000 & D800 (and Canon’s bigger one between the 7D and new 5D) could mean that they’re both planning to slot in low-end full-frame bodies between those two price points.

      This is made more plausible by recent rumors on the Sony sites that the a99 (a replacement for the a850 and a900 full-frame cameras) will be priced “as low as possible.”

      Considering that the high-end of the DSLR market is an upgraders market, and it’s where higher margin bodies and lenses are sold, it makes sense for camera companies to make it easier to get into full-frame.

      • Michael

        To me, a high end DX seems more likely. A high end DX wouldn’t cannibalize D4/D800 sales compared to a low end FX.

        • Snw

          I don’t know.. i’m really curious to see what DxOMark ranks the D3200 at, because if the D32000 IQ wise is as good as the D5100, then it seems pointless to continue the D5100 line and a successor seems likely, but then the IQ would have to be better than the D3200 and that would move the D5x00 closer to the D7000 and so on, which then in the end results in the D400 being the “real” successor to the D700..

          • Shawn

            They closed a lot of the gaps between the 3K and 5K lines that it seems possible that they are going to eliminate one of the lines, from a theoretical standpoint anyways.

            But there is a lot of benefit for them to continue the 3 “sub-pro” lines. There are huge benefits to having 3 price points for your products, it gives a lot of opportunity for many customers to spend as much as they possibly can. Canon still has 3 “sub-pro” lines (T3, T3i, and 60D), it would be foolish to let your competitor fill in one of your price gaps with a perfectly viable product.

            I would say that unless they’re going to introduce a D7100 at a much lower price point with a hybrid of features between the D5100 and D7000 then they’re probably not getting rid of the 5K line. That would be a dream come true though, I really wanted a D7000 but just couldn’t spend that much.

            • Michael

              But I can’t imagine Nikon phasing out the articulating screen D5100.

            • Michael

              I think Nikon is making a DX D400 with 24MP sensor, same processing power, same AF, same meter and slightly slower FPS due to higher MP.

              Or else,
              They could make a FX D710 16MP with articulating screen (to decrease build quality and avoid loss of D4 sales), same processing power, same AF, same better and older generation FPS.

          • Michael

            Let’s see, NEX 5N vs NEX 7.
            NEX 7 have 4 points higher than NEX 5N, so I assume, D3200 have 4 points higher than D5100 too, which means D3200 will have 85 points in DxOMark.

      • Mike M

        Except that Sony has always been aggressive on FX pricing and Nikon never has. Just because Sony is willing to pursue the playstation model (give away the body, make money on the lens, or maybe future purchases of higher end stuff?) in cameras as well doesn’t mean Nikon will. The fabrication costs of those big ass FX sensors don’t get any cheaper, they’re still made of the same square inches of pricey semiconductor grade silicon. People seem to constantly be under some false impression that FX bodies will get cheaper to make, that just isn’t true, they use bigger parts in all the most expensive parts of the camera to make, and they aren’t the type of parts that get cheaper to make.

        • BoB

          Except Sony can’t make a good lens.

  • Wow, it is really encouraging seeing such great image quality from the entry line of this generation of Nikon’s! I’m very excited to see this sensor or an equivalent make it into a pro body to replace the D300s!

  • My D40 can get the ssme image quality.

    • Mork_Ork


    • HansG

      Good for you! And how do you shoot viedos on your D40? Or maybe you never need to shoot video, or what? I presume you never “crop”, right? And never print larger than 6×4? If so then D40 can surely serve you good. (But you arn’t taking lot of pictures are you? I meen if you have not reached the 50-100K frame limit of the D40 shutter?)

      • Jivee

        I could be wrong, but did the D40 not have an electronic shutter?

      • RC

        While I completely disagree with Justin, the D40 can make “good 13×19 inch prints, tack-sharp 8x10s” according to the Imaging Resource, so if you’re going to make fun of someone, get your facts straight, and make sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes.

        • Hansg

          @ RC. Well, I was not trying to making fun of Justin. I just think that comparing a five year old camera with a brand new one is kind of ridiculous. The exaggeration is a “style” thing, for emphasize purpose only! Regarding the spelling: I can’t help it, being a dyslexic foreigner!
          I had the D40X for four years and liked it a lot. However, last year, I found it being little bit to limited (no video, lack of low light/high ISO capabilities) and got me the D5100 and swapped out the kit lenses also for the 16-85. The D40x, as you remember, is a 10 MP camera. I’ve never tried to print larger than 8×10 from it but maybe I should (I’ve still got the pictures though the camera is gone!). The D5100 is a very good camera and with the 16-85 significantly better than the D40x with the kit lenses. I’m just hoping that the new D3200 isn’t much better than my D5100! :o)

      • Worminator

        What I don’t understand here is the need to hate. The D40 cannot record video. The D3200 can. Okay? And of course at ISO1600 and above it’s no contest.

        However, don’t be too quick to disparage 6MP CCD at ISO200. The D3200 is not four times as good. Nowhere near.

        • Michael

          Likely 2 times better though.

    • TC

      So Justin, you’re implying then, that Nikon has been sitting still with image quality since 2006? Do you really think a global leader like Nikon can live w/ D40 IQ as its bread and butter, even for consumers?

      Seriously Dude, go educate yourself a bit and compare the sensor scores of newer cameras like D90, D60, etc., with the D40. D40 was earliest Expeed days. We’re talking Expeed 3 now (ARM architecture, 1GB DDR2, etc) for D3200. Processing power has exponentially increased — and with that, image quality as well

  • Eric

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about the pixel pitch of the D3200. Assuming the sensor is is 15.8mm x 23.6 mm, then a 24mp DX camera has a pixel pitch of about 3.9 microns. With digital sensors Moire can be a problem. For large apertures, DoF can blur the image to reduce Moire in most practical situations. For small apertures, diffraction does the same thing. As the pixel size decreases, the sensors ability to resolve the blur caused by these two methods increases. In other words, as the pixel size goes down the aperature at which pixel level DoF blurring increases while concurrently the aperture at which pixel level diffraction blurring decreases. In the limit, these two apertures cross and the need for an AA filter disappears. The practical pixel size at which this occurs is around 4.2 microns. Consequently, the D3200 without an AA filter should only have Moire problems under very special circumstances. If the D3200 has reasonable ISO performance, it is going to be incredibly sharp without artifacts and no AA filter. … Here’s another thought. At some point below a pixel size of 4 microns you don’t get a whole lot more IQ by adding more pixels. A D4X with the same pixel pitch as the D3200 would have a 55.7mp sensor. I wonder….

    • Trevor

      I think I see what you’re getting at, but I’m not sure you’re right on it.

      Certainly Nikon is tuning the strength of the AA filter for each sensor, such that, as the resolution of the sensor increases, the AA filter is weakened. At a point, the resolution of the sensor is so large (pixel pitch is so small) that an AA filter isn’t needed as even the best lenses could not resolve to the pixel level, meaning there is effectively enough “blur” to element moiré.

      However, I think your number of 4.2 microns isn’t spot on. Check out the wikipedia article on Airy disks about half way down where it says “cameras” ( The Airy disk of an f/1.4 lens in red light (650 nm) should be around 1.1 microns. That’s a perfect lens, of course, and I’m sure many design factors apply, but red light is the longest wavelength.

      All that said, even an Airy disk larger than the pixel size can’t be the end of the world, or f/11 shots right now would be crap. I think just as the D800E has shown in removing the AA filter, and as other manufacturers like Olympus have done with weakening the AA filter in the E-M5, we’ll continue to see weaker or no AA filters as resolution increases.

      Hopefully, at the point that pixel pitch begins to truly get as small as the minimum Airy disk size that lenses can obtain, Nikon will call it quits on megapixels. Otherwise, we’re all destined to shoot coolpixes.

      • Eric

        My apology, I was inexact. Although for many it is easier to think of trading of DoF vs diffraction the more significant issues at large apertures are aberations, both spherical and chromatic. Both of these impact practical lens designs and both get worse with larger apertures. Since Airy disks assume a perfect diffraction limited lens, then the math does in fact show improving resolution with larger apertures. However, at such large apertures aberations have the dominant impact on IQ. This is why lenses have a sweet spot in the sharpness, (often between f4 and f11) If you assume that the f/1.4 lens of your example had an actual sharpness peak at f/5.6, then the Airy disk would be increased to 4.4microns at f8 its up to nearly 9. If you use green light (mid spectrum) the Airy disk increases as well. Although perhaps not well articulated, my point is that sensor technology has reached the level where it exceeds the capability of most affordable lenses. Thus the question about a 56mp D4x or D5… Beyond that, will we see a 36mm square sensor from Nikon? … idle speculation…

        • Ralph

          36mm square sensor would be fabulous. I love the square hasselblad format. It would also maximise lens capability, though those scalloped hoods might be an issue.

          • Eric

            Lens hoods are cheap. I think the real problem would be vignetting, but what a great opportunity for Nikon. Your old glass kind works although you may need to crop a bit. On the other hand, you can use the old glass until you can afford a whole new batch of SX lenses….

        • Trevor

          Agreed! I think we’re on the same page. Now, to jump off that page.

          One crazy idea is the possibility that as photosites become smaller than the maximum resolution of the lens, each pixel could have multiple exposures creating a one shot HDR.

          In other words, if photosites are down to 1 micron but maximum lens resolution is 4 microns, then you could have a 4×4 1 micron set of photosites to make 1 pixel, but 1 2×2 set could be at a stop less ISO than chosen and 1 2×2 set could be at a stop higher ISO with 2 sets of 2×2 at the set ISO. An algorithm takes the best luminance value and bins it altogether for 1 pixel. So, your number of photosites go up, but your pixel count and resolution don’t, but your DR does.

          I have NO idea if that is feasible in the real world, but it would be cool.

          • Eric

            I have had similar thoughts regarding dynamic range. Basically in your design you would need to have ND filters built into the lenses on top of the pixels. I see no reason why this wouldn’t work. Proper interpoltation of the the sensor data could readily extend the dynamic range. As you say, a 4×4 bayer array of 1 micron (sub)pixels with ND filters would give you an effective 4 micron pixel size. With proper ND filters an additional 4 stops (or more) of DR should be readily achievable. I think Id go with 4 different ND values as opposed to having two at the proper exposure say something like an effective (-2.25, -0.75, +0.75, +2.25) It might take a bit of work to get a high frame rate, but its an ideal opportunity for multiprocessors. …

    • Hansg

      @ Eric. You are right. The pictures of the cat, the girl on the beach and the sleaping girl are quite impressive, I think. All taken with the 40mm lens, showing the strenght of both the camera and the lense. The video capabilities are good too, with full 1080 in 30/24 and option to take 720 in 60/50 and having sterio jack for the ME-1 mic, for example. The ExPeed 3 will not harm either! Some dudes here are bitching about the noise in the low light picture (the kids at the table). Well, if you want to crop this picture 100%, sure, but it will be great at least up to 8×10 print.

      • Eric

        @ Hansg
        I’m with you as well. I’ll be really interested to see the DXOMark results. It won’t be quite as sharp as the 24 mp D3X, but at this price point….Wow.

  • Zoot

    Interestingly, WEX is inviting pre-orders for the D3200 in red at a cost of £559; but if you ask for it in black, the pre-order price is £649.

    Now, my question is: will you look more of a plonker if you are seen in public with the red body, because it’s ghastly, or with the black body, because you’ve paid ninety quid over the odds for a different colour of the same camera?

    It’s a dilemma.

    • A mistake. Phone them up and complain every other preorder has the red and black at the same price.

      • Zoot

        The correction has already been made.

        Do WEX read NR?

  • kevin

    my cameras : d800 and iphone 4s ! D3200 out of the window !!!

  • The Nikon D3200. A good camera. (up to ISO 3200)

  • Pretty good IQ for an entry level DSLR. Cute model

  • Andy S

    Have a look at the EXIF data. Suggest lens is a 40mm f2.8. Pancake, not yet released?

    • The Nikon AF-S Micro-Nikkor 40mm ƒ/2.8G DX macro lens was available last year. It’s NOT a pancake. It IS a great DX macro lens.

  • PAG

    Looks like this is going to be a nice camera. For Nikon the 24MP file size probably won’t be an issue because many (most?) buyers will be beginners shooting JPEGs. I shoot raw and I’m not looking forward to my file sizes jumping up when the D400 comes out, but there are several features I want over my D7000.

  • Vertigo

    Iso 1600 is noisy, but more importantly iso 400 is also (look at the face of the kid with skateboard). And these are chosen, processed jpegs …
    If the next DX body (be it D400 or D7100) has the same sensor, I’m keeping my D300.

    Bad news for us bird shooters. We don’t downscale, we crop.
    D7000 is no option, the AF sucks.
    Probably all we can do is buy a D4 or used D3s, and a TC ?

  • Vin

    I think you are onto something a D4X with a 56mp? Maybe, or 48mp. I think more then the D800. I read years ago that Nikons R&D is about 5years out. So yes the D5 must be being tested in a lab but back to reality here. This little D3200 does look real nice with the 24mp for $699. It seems like the card slots the water proofing, pro options and more manual control is what is added as you go up the line. The sensors don’t change much. Just more idiot proofing at the lower costing cameras. They have been making the DXXX/DX line for over 10 years, D100, D200, D300, D400? I don’t think they will step back to less MP in a D7100, or D400, it just does not seem like the way Nikon is going right now. Sure they could do a 18mp low light DX. This would make for a fast pressessing high speed camera. It seems more likely they will stay with the 24mp on the DX line have $250-$350 price increases with added features. $700, $950, $1200, What was the price on the D300s $2400? A $18mp DX, or stay 24mp DX? They might drop a D400, to $2100, and bring in an FX at $2600? I think this is what some of us would like to see. It just seems unlikely. Nikon seems to do more with less, or less with more. With the new D3200 we might be getting a lot more for a lot less $$$ need to see the speed of the AF. See if it locks on and does not miss pictures.

    • Jake

      Yes the sensors don’t change to much, but all the electronics around them do……

  • allna

    is the d5100 still worth to get over the new d3200?

    will there be a new d5100 coming soon too?


    • enesunkie

      The rumor is that the D300s and D7000 will be the next bodies to be upgraded . A D5200 won’t be until 2013 more than likely. As to which to get. Both will have great image quality, but the D5100 has a couple more features and only you can decide if they are worth the extra cost.

      • allna

        well the d3200 is 699

        and i saw the d5100 on “sale” for 699

        • Andrew

          If I had to make a decision right now, I would choose the D3200 over the D5100 without any hesitation. Go to Nikon’s website and view the sample images – they are simply stunning! The colors in the pictures just “pop”. The image quality is exceptional. The low light performance looks very good and the camera has some very nice features. Though the D5100 is a great camera, I would not buy it for even $550 in light of the new Nikon D3200.

          Nikon’s site:

        • Andrew

          At Nikon’s D3200 webpage, under “Take your photos and videos to the next level”, click on “View D3200 Sample Photos”. Then click on Image 6 of 8 – the picture of the mother and daughter with the flowers in their hair. It showcases the quality of this camera. Very nice!

          • Allna

            been debating on my first entry level.

            still sticking with the d5100…and also the t3i from canon

  • doug

    Lol not a good slogan right???: I’m easy to everyone, it sounds like the school whore, not a entry level DSLR.

  • T.I.M

    !!!!!!!! FINALLY I HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    Just received my D800e, it’s a beast ! Feel larger than the D700 (I know it’s the same size).
    I like the large right grip, much safier than my D5100.
    There is NO NX capture.
    Compared to my D5100 the back LCD look yellow-green, I hope it can be adjusted, it’s ugly.

    I will be VERY busy with my new baby but I’ll post more friday (maybe, if I’m not too drunk with the champagne)

    BTW, thank you B&H, you rock !

    • Greg

      Okay, but what do you think to the D3200 sample pics?

      • Andrew

        Very nice images. Go to Nikon’s website to see more D3200 sample pictures.

    • KenTi

      Awesome news! I hope you enjoy it… I’ll be the one sulking over in the corner… Saw an e-mail from B&H this morning and was all excited until I saw it was their bi-weekly “We don’t know when we’ll get any more D800Es” e-mail… I think at this point I would rather not hear from them until they say it’s shipped.

      Oh, and to satisfy Greg… I’ll comment on the images… 🙂
      Yes, I thought the images were great for the type for the price.

      • Vin

        Yes, me too, same. “E” email…., and the wait goes on.. & on…. I didn’t think I would care. But I do feel a little jealousy. I do not think pre-ordering a D3200 right this second will help. Might make it worse, could be a July wait for that also. That would stink! I am sure the D3200 will show up at all the stores, might even see some competitive pricing.

        Can’t wait to hear if the new 28mm is going to be ultra sharp at f/5.6 ?

    • D700guy

      All I got from B&H today was an email telling me the same bullshit about how I’m not being shipped a D800E…again. I pre-ordered the same god damned day they opened up pre-orders, 2/7/2012. Mine has been paid for in full too since I used billmelater.
      I guess I have fuck-me-in-the-ass written on my forehead.

  • Trevor Woods

    Nobody has mentioned all the black dots at high ISO – look at the picture of the kids lit by candles, pay attention to the nose of the little girl. Looks like she’s got some serious blackhead issues.

    • bjrichus

      And on the right side of her face too … guess she does have a skin issue? Opening the full size image in CS5, it’s not quite as bad as it looks online.

      That said, I’d also not think of this as a “keeper”, but considering this was shot with no flash at 1/25th, f/5.6, ISO 1600 using the 18-55mm kit lens, it’s not too terrible… I bet if you printed it as an 10×8″ you’d think it was OK…

      All that said, considering that this is now from the entry level – $700 – body, it’s not that bad at all.

    • Baba Ganoush

      You have a sharp eye for detail, Trevor. I failed to notice them when I first looked at the original full size image. I can see more black dots around the boy’s lips, some on the girl’s arm, and a few on her dress as well. Dead pixels?

  • For me, it’s not about the image quality. After using the D700 for a year, anything less just feels like a toy in my hand. I just sold the D7000 I had because I just couldn’t get used to working with it alongside the D700. Pro built bodies have me hooked!!

    • Matt

      I agree! Ergonomics are super important.

    • I agree.. I tried to do the same thing (d700 with d7000 second body)… Used it for one wedding and sold it right after… just didn’t like the feel of it and the IQ. Instead I found out I could finance a D3s through best buy for $288 a month for 18 months… so I went that route.
      I bought a d5100 for video work/traveling and it feels so awkward in my hands… like you said, “feels like a toy “

  • Ok!!

    It’s fine. Next… Where is the D400???????

    • ActionJunky

      What would you like to see in the D400?

      What about 24 Mpix for the DX format? What about better low-light capability? Oh, sorry, I am describing the D3200. The only thing it is missing is build quality and frames per second.

      If you want a magnesium body, weather sealing, and better video, the D800 has already been announced. What is so special about the mythological D400? If you want a pro-level camera at a discounted price, the D800 has already been announced and the D700 has been price-reduced. It seems to me that your needs are filled, buy you just don’t want to part with the money or wait for the D800.

      • Sports

        You said it yourself, ActionJunky:
        Frames per second.
        And – no – I don’t have 6000$ for the D4.
        So, what do Nikon have for me? A completely outdated D300s 🙁

      • PAG

        I want the buffer depth a D400 will bring. I’ve bottomed out my D7000 multiple times on birds in flight.

        • Sports

          I’m bottoming the buffer all the time on my D300 (not the ‘s’).
          Oh, well, my mem card is also rather slow, but I’m SO willing to spend a couple of hundreds on this as well, if just Nikon would get their act together.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Do they have digital make up option on this camera or we wait a generation (or buy D5200 for that)? Seems like a brutally honest camera if the lens is good means alot of post processing….

    • Gab

      You can just down-sample the photos, you only need to do more careful post processing, if u want larger prints, than with your previous camera.

  • Gab

    The pictures made with the 40 micro look pretty good, the ones with the kit lens not so much…

  • SNRatio

    It is impressing, much more than depressing… 😉
    And it’s so good Nikon France has stayed with the “natural” cheap lenses for these demo shots.
    However, these shots @100% don’t convince me much is to be gained from increasing resolution even more. I can see a 55-60MP FX alternative, but really not much more with top IQ, and even then it’s more work to get it about right.. Noise, highlight clipping, focus issues etc etc.

  • It’s easy to be so blase about about new releases but in reality, there aren’t many folks reading this thread that, 2 years ago, wouldn’t have torn someone’s arm off to hand over £600 for even these “lowly” specs if they were the only thing on offer…

  • Mock Rock Well

    I ain’t buying it, my f (ilm) cameras are the real raw. Waiting for the E without the AA filter on the 3200.

  • BrD

    HDDs are expensive nowadays. Now one can fill up 2TB faster than ever with those (NEF?) snapshots… Is it worth it? Who needs 24MP in a consumer camera and why?

    Nikon _please_ give us a DX wide angle prime! Thanks in advance.

  • Eric

    I’m not sure that you have worked out the actual cost of image storage. At 20.4mb per 12 bit compressed NEF, a 2 TB drive will hold 98,000 images. So the D3200 shutter will probably wear out before you fill the drive. The cost of a 2TB drive is $125 (Western Digital external) So storage cost is about $1.28 per 1000 images. In other words if you buy a cup of coffee once every 1000 images, you are paying more for coffee than image storage. $125 may be a big chunk all at once, but in reality the cost of image storage is pretty much a non-issue.

    • Ben

      You forgot to factor in your backup devices. Per GB its cheaper to go with an extra drive over online storage. Say you have one backup hard drive then your $125 goes to $250. If you go the RAID route then you’ll have 3 harddrives bringing storage costs up to $375. While still a fraction of the cost of film days, but digital storage costs still add up!!!

      • Eric

        OK. So for a full RAID setup your cost is a Venti Latte per 1000 saved photos. IMHO even with the cost of RAID, with storage at less the 1/2 a penny an image, storage costs are small. I expect there are people who spend more on lost lens caps than they do for storage. Compared to all of the expnses associated with a day of shooting, storage is minimal, particularly if you cull you images.

  • DVX

    I wonder what how many mega pixles will be in the succesor to the d7000. There can’t be the same sensor in the next D71000, D400, as there is in this D3200.

  • Hhom Togan

    Am I missing something or does that crop looks really soft? the D7000 files with a good lens are much more impressive than this… this photo looks like it will need some serious and careful USM and contrast boost (neither the brow nor the eyelashes have any great amount of detail) I see a contrastless and soft photo here… And I see some noise in the highlight in the eye

    I’m going to catch some flack for saying this but whatever I’m as much as Nikon fanboy as anybody else but I don’t drink cool aid.

  • Ren Mockwell

    Yeah that ISO 100 noise is what I’m talking about baby yeah!!! (crop from the out of focus area) (crop to show shadow noise)

    :/… so yeah… whatever dudes I’m stock piling D300s and D7000 YIHAAAAAAAAA!

  • Harry

    Every time a new camera is introduced there seems a rush to judge the camera based on mostly speculation and a couple of samples… a lot of you must have a lot of time to sit here critiquing a camera that almost no one has seen let alone used!
    Wait till it comes out, read the reviews, take your own sample pics and then I might be interested in your opinion, until then get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hhom Togan

      It isn’t a matter of getting a life or being judgamental just because, people are paying for performance and if the camera is noisy at ISO 100 that’s not quality buddy. It is like you are paying for a Coke and you get instead a generic cola soda inside, why would you pay extra for it?.

      The sample pic was shot by a professional with a full production camera so we have ruled any problem by the shooter (who did a fine job) and the camera is representative of the final output you can expect.

      So why asking for quality is bad???

  • Gabe

    Im not an expert but my Nikon D5100 produces similar images, considering I paid $700 for it including the kit lens (NEW) and I get the swivel screen, I think I’ll stick with the D5100. Any opinions?

  • Okay, I’m going to exagerate here but the girl on the beack photo seems to be more like Medium format than DSLR. Those pictures on flickr are soo sharp, beautifully colored and with such nice DR, it’s a shame really that they decided to introduce that sensor in the D3200. Also, it’s a pity a beginner will have to pay 700E for what is basically a modern D40 !!

  • Joaquim Prado

    *Off topic*

    I just got off Ritz Livehelp chat and the info I got on this D800 delaying is that Nikon is worried in fulfill all the orders at once and in one shipment to the US. I think that bullshit since it’s a wierd excuse to fix maybe that AF issue they had with lots of cameras in the first batch or something else, I just don’t beleive in this fulfill at once story they told to Ritz.

    and as far I was informed Ritz didn’t even get any D800E in this last batch!

  • poizen22

    i love that nikon is winning the megapixel war now that its ended…

  • VoteForMe

    You cannot do all the time like if the nikon released camera is the next “D5” lol, this is an entry level camera. period.

  • Is there the possibility to use with the D3200 the medium size resolution of 12 mega and get the same quality as for 24 mega ?

  • Patrick

    People forget something. The sensor is made by Sony (a77 and NEX7)

    With proper lenses (Nikon, Zeiss) you will be able to do great work with this cam. There have been tons of samples already from the above mentioned cameras that they can deliver sharp and detailed resuls if used with good lenses in capable hands.

  • Seldon

    This is a shity camera with a shity sensor. Now it’s time for change my old D40x with a new camera and i evaluating to jump on another system.

    Who have written about the low noise of this sensor using the resempling need to see this:

    This is one of the sample shots of the gallery retrieved by this post, shooted at ISO 100 and resempled at 12Mpx by me. Look the zone of the image i signed.

    I think Nikon really needs to find an alternative way and abandon the Sony and its senseless ultra high resolution sensors.

    • Rich in TX

      D40x, huh?
      not sure if that qualifies as a ‘system’ or not but go ahead. You can get good deals on digital rebels right now

    • Zen-Tao

      What? Ican’t see nothing but defocussed sky reflexion on the cash register rim.

  • Zen-Tao

    How can I attach that sensor into my D7000 It would be nice that Nikon offered a sensor change at low price.

  • AWN

    So how does one choose between the D3200 and D5100?
    looks like slightly different sensors, D5100 has better iso options, 3200 has higher resolution and they are coming in at the same pricing point?
    I know the 5100 has the same sensor as the D7000. What would pros do? upgrading from D3000…so I have kit lens, a 35mm F1.8G, and a 55-200.

    Appreciate any help in the decision making process. Still learning. Assuming it is better to wait for reviews on the new sensor? All in all they seem pretty similar which is probably why they are priced similarly.

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