Nikon D3200 coming in April with a 24MP sensor and many new features

Nikon will soon announce the D3200 DSLR camera which will replace the current D3100 ($549). The expected specs are:

  • 24 MP sensor
  • 11 AF points
  • 4 fps
  • ISO range: 100-6400, with hi-ISO of 12800
  • Improved video functionality
  • The Nikon D3200 will have some kind of a Wi-Fi connection that is supposed to offer few very interesting new features
  • Announcement in April, 2012

Those specs basically confirmed my initial D3200 report from last month.

In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon is expected to announce 3 more DSLR cameras in 2012. I understand that most of you are interested in the D300s replacement - at that point I do not have any reliable information worth sharing. I think it's safe to assume that the D400 (or whatever the name might be) will have a 24MP DX-format sensor. There is also a possibility for two different models - one with an anti-aliasing (AA) filter and one without (just like the D800/D800E).

I am still not sure if some of the expected Nikkor lenses (18-300mm f/3.5-5.6, 16-85mm f/4 and the full frame 28mm f/1.8) will be announced together with the D3200 next month.

Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Al

    Holy crap, I don’t need 24 mp. So I guess D7000 will drop in price. Sweet…

    • Jason Waiting

      First, figure out how to manufacture d800 on time to fulfill pre-orders… then toss MP everywhere

    • Ralph

      After the whole D800, too many pixel rubbish for months on end by people who said 16MP was plenty, I hope the D3200 doesn’t get the same stream of rubbish. If the current D7000 is enough pixels just buy it and save us the misery of whining posts on pixel cumt.

      • iamlucky13

        I have a better idea – make the replacement for the D7000 another 16 MP model with even better high ISO performance.

        As for the D3200, how many people buying that camera are going to be buying lenses that can even resolve 24 MP?

        Consider the kit lens. It looked good, especially for the price when it was being used on 6 MP D40’s and 10 MP D60’s. But DxO Mark’s tests show a peak resolution of around 50 lp/mm. We’re talking about a sensor with 255 pixels per mm, which correct me if I’m wrong, has a theoretical resolution of up to around 120 lp/mm.

        Sure, there’s plenty of lenses that will do better, but not significantly so until you start spending a lot more money.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? We put it up to 3200.

  • Foolishcfo

    This is very frustrating. Who cares about a 3100 successor? I wish Nikon would level with us and let us know if a D300S successor is coming.

    • Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean no one else does I bet the 3100 outsells the 300S by a significant margin so more care about the 3200 than the 400.

      • St.
      • Foolishcfo

        Read the comments here. Everyone is clamoring for a D300s successor. You don’t see many comments saying “ooh I hope a D3100 successor comes out”. And Amazon’s top sellers doesn’t mean anything since they let the D300/s stagnate.

        • Dan

          Yep…everyone was bitching that D800 wasn’t a replacement for D700, blablbalbalba and that it wouldn’t sell blablablabla. In the end it looks like Nikon sales/marketing dept got it right since it’s the hottest camera on the market at the moment. I would assume they also did their homework with the 3100 successor instead of the 300s successor. Just a guess.

          • Jung

            I fully agree with you 🙂

        • Nikon was always going to be releasing the D3200 this year. It is a massive seller for them, whilst the D300s replacement won’t account for any where near the sales. It may pain you to hear but if you look around most photographer are not using top end DSLRs, they are using bottom end DSLRs probably set to auto.

          What you should be considering is the implications of having a D3200 with a 24mp sensor. I had always presumed that the D300s would have the Sony 24mp sensor but if it does, it will look a bit silly. So what will Nikon Do instead?

          • iamlucky13

            Nikon is replacing the bottom end camera almost every year. A huge number of entry-level consumers have an impression that technology must constantly advance, and whatever they buy, whether it be as a first time buyer or an upgrader, must be the latest and greatest.

            Nikon is happy to market to that impression, and thus has settled on a roughly 12-18 month replacement cycle for their entry level SLR, even if the upgrades are very minor. Look at the history:

            D70 -> D50: 15 months
            D50 -> D40: 19 months
            D40 -> D60: 13 months
            D60 -> D3000: 18 months
            D3000 -> D3100: 13 months

            The D3100 was announced in August of 2010, so we’re at 19 months and counting.

            The only thing that made me wonder if they might break this cycle is the release of the 1-series.

            Likewise, they seem to like to increment the mid-level line every 24 months, so we have reason to expect the D7100 this fall.

            The pattern is more ragged for the D300, etc, and the D300s didn’t feel like a full upgrade. However, ignoring the 45 months from D100 to D200, it’s also been about 24 months, so we would have expected the D400 last summer. We’re at 32 months now, so I understand why folks are anxious, but don’t assume the the entry-level line is being iterated to the expense of the high-end DX line. I’d much rather see a meaningful upgrade than one produced on a tight calendar schedule, and improving on the D300s isn’t a trivial task.

            • Andrew

              Great information, thanks! In addition, a recent interview of a high level official at Nikon presented the news that Nikon is now moving to a more frequent product update schedule which should see many products updated on a yearly basis. The release of the Nikon 1, D800, D4, D3200 (soon), and two or three more DSLRs this year – all within a one year time frame is unprecedented. Granted, some of these products may have been released last year, but collectively, we are still looking at a lot of product releases. So overall, this is great news for consumers.

          • PHB

            True, but it need not have been 24 MP or even have a new sensor at all.

            I think that Nikon must be making these cameras in such enormous volume now that they can afford to create new sensors as a routine thing. I had been thinking that the D4x would be a binned version of the D800 sensor and push an extra ISO stop. But who knows, maybe they will push a new sensor out for that as well and be the first to punch through the 50MP mark. At that point there really are no advantages left to the MF bodies. Phase One would probably keep a resolution advantage but it would be small and outweighed by the fact that their fab technology is three generations behind (ISO 800!).

        • Mark J.

          That’s because this is a website for people who are very into photography. You wouldnt be at a Nikon Rumor website if this wasnt the case. Meanwhile, the other 99% of the population, who isn’t as into it as us, who still want a nice camera. A. don’t visit sites like this. and B. arent going to shell out $2k for a camera body. So the D3200 is going to be extremely popular with the majority of population.

          • St.

            It will be the next best selling camera on Amazon.
            More than D800 and more than all Canon T(x)i

          • Foolishcfo

            I get why Nikon is doing it. Its the same reason they peddle so many different Coolpix cameras. I think it will be funny if they announce a $1,000 lens (guessing price of 18-300mm) with a $600 camera.

            • R!

              They both gona be round 600$,and they both gona kill Ti wtvr 18/200 Canons combo.

        • D3100 Owner

          Ooh, I hope a D3100 successor comes out! 🙂

          • R!

            D3200 will have the sony sensor that is incredible and beat already the D7000 sensor according to DXO.
            I can’t wait my next bck up DX Body to go on pair with my D800/E !!!!!!!!!
            D5200 D8000 or D400??????????????????????

        • David Halliday

          Well I do want a 3100 successor so there is one person.

          I am using a D40 and while I would love a D800 (Even had it on pre order before reality crept in)

          I do not need an uber camera what I need is a D40 upgrade… (few more focus point and most importantly better metering on the D40 I have to correct it more often than not.)

          So yes the D3200 is very very interesting to me I just hope it does NOT have a stupid articulated screen.

          • enesunkie

            The part I don’t like about it is that all the buttons on the 5100 were moved to right side of the back in no special order.

          • R!

            The articulated screan is for 5… acording to Nikons mix up numbers , now you get what you want ; for people who likes filming Its a must that Nikon comes out with something more “pro” with articulated screan D5000 and D5100 were ok but the GH2 killed them both ,just like the 600D, 60D ,5DII and now 5DIII ,according to EOSHD.
            If Canon is smart enough they will come out with a 6D!!!!!!!
            Nikon’s better get an answer on that segment and get a competitive camera on that segment also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • cheesy strider

            why the hate for articulated screen ? have you ever spent some time with the d5100 that screen comes in very handy for many cool shots. If they figure a way to add some buttons you would never go back.

        • I read the comments all the time, but this site is not the only source of info for Nikon marketing. Again, just because you want a D300S update doesn’t mean that is what the majority of the people want. Nikon knows what they are doing.

        • Those that buy the D300 and those who buy the D3100 are completely different demographic. People who buy the D3100 aren’t as likely to comment on forums begging for a new update. They are regular non-photographers who just need a camera for vacation or family pictures. They don’t care when the next model is out, they just buy whatever is on the shelf at best buy. Nikon makes a lot of money from this demographic, and to say that there isn’t a demand because people aren’t nerding all over internet sites is not accurate.

          • GrahamL

            “Nerding all over internet sites”

            I love that, might be my new favourite saying!

            I can see why Nikon are doing this, will sell in numbers and it’s the right thing to do ahead of the summer, with holidays coming up.

            I would like to see a D300s replacement though, like most on here but also know that if I was Nikon, the 3200 would be what I’d be relseasing now.

            Good news in this is that if they can surprise us all with the 3200 announcement then there’s no reason why they can’t with a D300s or D7000 replacement. No news may be good news…

            • cheesy strider

              LOL hey admin dude just nerded all over your site (wheres the purelle)

    • btdown

      People want a REAL d700 successors…not many “clamoring” for a 300(s) replacement…give me D700 update love.

      • Qandak

        It’s quite different now in the market. DSLR cameras are no more expensive, so 90% of DSLR shooters are actually point-and-shoot camera users, and the only thing they are able to assess is magic word “megapixel”. Why should Nikon produce D400 (with advanced control and expensive body) instead of D7xxx or D3xxx…?? 🙂
        I fear that Nikon will never pay so much attention to photographers, “It’s just business nothing personal”…
        Relax and continue to shooting with D700! It will always remain a great camera regardless of all these “innovations” 😉

  • Nikonsniper

    It’s a whole new ball game. Step up or pick something new.

  • jc

    The slaughter jus dosent stop.

  • Mattias

    NO, I want the D400!! Where is it?

    The D300s was not that much better than the D300 so it doesnt even count as an upgrade. Why is there so few rumors about the D400.

    PLEASE Nikon, bring out a fast iso, DX D300 replacement, in the 16-20 MP range for around USD 2000.

    • Sports

      If the D400 ends up taking “the same” pictures as the consumer range, then it needs something else to make it worth the extra money = speed. If it’s not 8 fps and fast auto-focus, then it makes no sense.
      If Nikon can process 24 Mp and end up with 8 fps then GREAT.
      But if they need to lower the resolution to get there, then, please Nikon, lower the resolution.
      In other words, I actually find it a little bit hard to believe the D400 will be 24 MP.

      • Ben

        sony can do 12fps at 24MP so i would think nikon can do at least 8fps

        • Lee S.

          It definitely feels like the major players are holding back a bit to keep from cannibalizing sales of their higher end cameras. I seriously considered the Sony, but went with the Nikon based on the lenses available and their longevity in the market. But Sony is not a small company and the competition will have to be addressed.

        • JeffP

          Sony has the translucent mirror

      • rkas

        Uh, so apart from the sensor and the speed, the D300s and D3100 is the EXACT same thing eh?

        • jkjkljkl

          Yeah, I think he forgot something there.. namely weather sealing, focus points, 14 bit processing, larger-clearer viewfinder, dual wielding wheels, top lcd panel. Lul

    • Foolishcfo

      You are so right about the D300s being a weak upgrade to the D300. Its been 4 1/2 years since they announced a high-end DX camera. Nikon has done it again…ticked off both the D300 and D7000 camps.

      • Ben

        earthquake tsunami and flood put them behind a year, give nikon a chance to put things in order.
        before the year is over there will be new cameras at nearly every level. and you old ones will take just as good photos as they always did.

        • Eric Eckes

          I have no doubt you’re right. The frustration is that the D300S has been in need of a refresh longer than any of the DSLR’s announced this year. There may be some truth to the comments about Nikon not wanting to cannibalize sales of the higher end cameras.

        • Mattias

          I acctually dont think there is any excuse for letting the D300 slip so far behind everything else. I think it is som strategic move frim Nikon. One that I do not like at all. I dont want super heavy files from a super high MP camera. I want it to be fast, fast fast.

      • JeffP

        I wouldn’t consider adding video to the D300s a minor upgrade

    • Tomas

      Maybe D300s is the last DX model in this level. D400 is the class for the reportage and maybe Nikon does not want to produce reportage DX camera.
      Nikkor AF-S DX 17-55/2.8 is very old lens and for D400 Nikon would have to create new f/2.8 DX zom and some other DX lenses, for instance DX 24/1.8, DX 16/2, DX 50-150/2.8.
      But many people from Nikon speak about D400 in 2013. I have heard it in the year 2010 and I did not believe. Now is 2012 and maybe 2013 is the true.

      • Martin

        good point about the lenses! that would be a good reason for nikon to go fx with the d400. fx @ 6 fps and with 16 megapixels would be great!

      • Andrew

        If the D400 is in 2013, then which three cameras are slated for release in the remainder of 2012? We have the D3200 that’s coming; then what will the other two be? Personally, I believe the D400 will be released this year.

  • Ray

    Bit of a change from a few years ago… suddenly Nikon’s entire DSLR product range bar the D4 will be higher resolution than anything from Canon. Whoda thunk it.

    • John

      Not to mention the low-light image quality.. and image quality in general will still be better ;P

      • Cobby

        This time around, the 1Dx and 5D3 have better low light capabilities compared to D4 and D800…

        • Andrew

          Who says?

  • David

    Guess that’s the Sony a65/66 24mp sensor

    Funny that it’s in the top Sony model but the entry level Nikon model, hmm.

    • St.

      A65/ A77/ NEX-7 – what exactly is the difference between those sensors?
      They all are 24.3Mpx sensors.
      Nikon had to wait certain time until they can use those sensors – similarly to as Sony has to wait 1 year now before they can use the D800 sensor for their cameras.

      • David

        Oops, sorry I meant to say a65/77. And of course the NEX-7 uses the same sensor.

        I’m just remarking that it’s funny because that sensor is in the three top Sony cameras now. There are no current full frame models, and the NEX-7 and a77 are the absolute top of the line that Sony make.

        Yet the same one is being used in Nikons cheapest entry level camera

        • St.

          I have NEX-7 and it is very nice camera. But you definitely feel the push on the sensor – it’s just noisy. Even ISO 200 raw files have some light noise. Surprisingly their JPGs are cleaner, because of the aggressive NR.
          The big plus is (probably as with the D800) that even a slight resize down clears the noise.
          So if you don’t mind to post-edit your images and shoot RAW, you may end up with quite amazing 21Mpx images.

    • GeofFx

      Maybe (I know it`s doubtful) we`re nearing the time when camera bodies will be distinguished simply by features of the body rather than the sensor. This would be exactly the same as how camera bodies were different from one another back in the film days.
      When the time comes that a 36mp Fx (or 24 mpx Dx) sensor , with down sampling options, can produce low noise images at 6400 iso, would it really be necessary to have several different sensors?

      • jorg

        look at the automotive industry, the platform-design has been a huge success.
        4 sensors could be enough:
        1 high mp D800 36 MP
        2 iso & fps king D4 16 MP
        3 pro Dx the middle between D800 and D4 24 MP
        4 entry level 24 MP

        . the added feautres, computing power, body-sealing etc add up to differentiate the models.

  • Jose Barron

    This smells like a D400 with 24 MP (if born at last)… and no longer a D7000 sensor wrapped in a semiPRO body…

    • Foolishcfo

      Not if it follows the D3100’s price point.

  • Sam

    The whole Nikon line is beginning to not make sense anymore. We have a D3200 with WiFi, more MP and better video than the D7000 – I’m assuming the same sensor that’s in the Sony NEX7. Which means this camera will essentially have a better sensor than the D7000 but with every other feature worse. Then we have the D5100 somewhere with better video than the D7000 but older sensor than D3200.

    Get it together Nikon!

    • enesunkie

      I believe Admin. posted a rumor that there will be three more bodies this year. If the Thailand factory is up and running now, it would have made little sense to tool it up for models that would be dicontinued shortly. I’m guessing /hoping the D400 and probably a D7100 won’t be too far away.

    • rkas

      Well just because it has more megapixels doesnt mean its better. Just look at the D3100 and its 14 mpix, its NOT better than the even older D90 and its 12mpix. The megapixels in these entry level cameras are ONLY for marketing.

      • Hugo First

        who are you kidding? D3100’s sensor is not only better than the D90’s, but better than the D300’s! Best of all, it’s a nikon design — not sony’s. not only does the D3100 perform better at ISO 1600 than the 12mp nikons, but its auto WB seems much more accurate. what it suffers in is the slow frame rate and not-robust AF module. those seem to be the areas where the higher-level and pro bodies distinguish themselves from the higher-spec’d entry-level bodies that we’re seeing and talking about.

        • GeoffK

          hell the D90 sensor was better than the D300 sensor.

          • Didn’t the D90 and D300 have the same sensor?

            • ivanaker

              d90, d300 and d5000 have the same sensor

            • jorg

              all three are derived from Sony IMX021-Sensor, but D90 had video in there and since it smoked the D300 at DXOmark, there could have been more tweaks on the hardware- and software-side.

    • photdog

      I’d rather trust in Nikon making sense. As we could see in The FX line already they are developing more specialized tools: the D4 for sports and journalists with high speed and high ISO the D800 for landscape and studio with no integrated battery grip as it is not necessarily needed.
      If the entry level D3200 comes with the 24 MP sensor, the next D5xxx will too and most likely the D7xxx as well. How if the D400 becomes in DX what the D4 is in FX? I mean large body, high fps and high ISO. That would be the arguably be exactly the tool, which the shooters want, who go for DX for the long focal lengths.
      And then both line ups are in best order and make more sense than any other brand’s line up.

      • St.

        in that case a combination between D800 and D400 will be a KILLER!
        and still cheaper than D4 only.

        • jorg


    • EnPassant

      D3100, D5100 and D7000 are the current generation of Nikon DX-cameras. Comparing the NEXT(!) generation camera D3200 with them is like comparing apples and oranges. I am sure it will make very much sense when we know the specs of D7100 and D5200!

  • dodo

    Pretty obvious its going to have the same Sony senor as Sony Nex-7. Main question is, what will be the new wifi functions?

    • David Halliday

      Upload to Facebook is my guess.

  • jason

    Nikon is having MP withdrawl – from years of giving us 12 MP.

    Now, its MP galore!

    • They must have been stockpiling all those MP’s somewhere in Japan for all these years, now we shooters are finally getting the dividend we deserve!

      • Anon

        L0L! – best comment ever. For today.

  • CodeRed

    Whoa! I can’t believe it. what
    is the successor to the D300 & D7000
    going to be like?

    Or maybe the D3s technology will filter down to
    another new FF camera that costs less than the D4 &
    more than D800?

    What do you think? Speculate?

    • GeofFx

      I would speculate that a new FF camera with D3s technology would be priced below the D800. There is a huge price gap below the D800 that “needs” to be filled.

    • Anon

      Whoa! I can’t believe it. what
      is the successor to the D300 & D7000
      going to be like?

      Nokia 808 alike sensor.

  • Jay Hawkins

    OMG, who f’in cares about the D3200, just goes to show how rubbish the D3100 was……D400 please!!!!

    • enesunkie

      I don’t have any personal experience with the D3100, but I never heard from a user that it is “rubbish”.

      • Not me, used it exclusively for months. Nice little camera for the price.
        Using the D4 and D7000 now, but I would have killed for a camera that good when I was in college. Or even during the dark days of the D2h.

      • LeGO

        The D3100 has its place and is a good camera specially when matched with the 35mm f/1.8G and 50mm f/1.8G. I also use it with the 24mm f/1.4G, 35mm f/1.4G and 85mm f/1.4G but would much prefer to match it with smaller lighter primes for better balance so I have a 85mm f/1.8G on the way.

        If Nikon will introduce the D3200 with a 24mp sensor, I hope Nikon will have a D3200E model as the higher pixel density of the 24mp sensor means it will likely be more impervious to moire than the 36mp sensor on the D800E.

        Such a small lightweight high-resolution camera with weak AA filter used with small lightweight primes would be a delight to use and bring.

    • Ale

      I had the D3100 for a while and it was a very very good camera for the price point. Much better built than the Rebels and very responsive. So, please don’t talk without actually having the experience, seems like something many people in these comments do. And for the record, i’ve had the D50, the D300, the D90 and the D7000 as well so I can compare.

  • Hey Nikon, you know 16-18MP is enough for the entry level — it’s enough for every level, but that’s another story. Just because Canon packed in more pixels in the past few years doesn’t mean you need to go on and above that. Innovation is great, but unlike the D800, an entry-level cam has to appeal to everyone. Also, unless they revamp the 18-55, it’s not going to be able to resolve so well on so many pixels.

    • Jim

      Become real: Nikon just react on the entry level customers. And these customers buy the max MP for the cheapest price they can get.
      As most of this type of users don’t leave the full auto mode anyway, Nikon has just to tune the automode that the users never come into the area of diffraction. The rest is covered wit auto iso. So don’t you worry.

      • enesunkie

        If you’re a Nikon DSLR entry level customer, you really don’t have a lot of choice in how many MP the cameras will have. You have to buy “what’s on the lot”. If ALL else was equal, I think some
        advanced amateurs and pros would also get the body with more MP too.

    • Anon

      “Hey Nikon, you know 16-18MP is enough for the entry level”.

      Large megapixel attract more users from the beginner segment than the pro’s. That’s how it works in camera market.

  • This is supposed to be their entry-level DSLR. I think I see what they are doing. Now that they have mirrorless offerings, they aren’t going to “dumb down” the DSLR segment anymore. Want an entry-level camera that you can change lenses? Get a mirrorless. SLRs are going to start with the bar a little higher.

    • David

      Absolutely right. And it makes sense. For most entry level users, dSLRs are large, clunky and don’t give much better image quality than good mirrorless cameras (in the way that most entry level users use them.)

      i.e. for a new photographer, shooting a V1/J1 or a d3100 in full auto isn’t going to give you much difference for the type of shots that those people usually shoot. Yet the V1/J1 is much smaller, lighter, better looking, comes in lots of colours.

      It makes sense to me to keep dSLR and mirrorless sectors separate.

      • GeofFx

        That`s a good point. The mirrorless cameras are quickly becoming so good that unless entry level DSLRs start to incorporate new and exciting features, there really is no reason for the vast majority to choose an entry level DSLR over a mirrorless if you`re just starting out. In fact, there are many reasons to choose a mirrorless over an entry level DSLR.

    • FriscoFred

      I think you hit the nail on the head —– Nikon wants the amateur consumer market buying either the mirrorless cameras or the high-end fixed lens cameras. Cell phones are starting to destroy the low-end point-and-shoot camera market. It’s a fact that cell phones have become the preferred point-and-shoot camera. The DSLR line will likely be aimed at the Pros, Semi-Pros, and Advanced Amateurs.

    • Wow, I think you just hid the nail on the head.

      • grisowoody

        You’re lucky then – I am bald.

  • All i can say is…. WHAT THE!!!!???

  • tlg

    The wifi is probably a facebook button for uploading. Just what we all need.

    • lol


  • Lee S.

    Wow, how will that impact the position of the D5100? (Figures as I just bought one).

    Hope some of these new lenses use silent motors like the new ones coming from Canon. The motor noise when shooting video with these DSLRs is really annoying.

    • Now that they offer mirrorless, I totally understand making DSLR start “a little higher” up on the ladder… but I share your sentiments that I’m not sure where this leaves the D5xxx. I would have expected these specs on it. I would *almost * see these specs on a D7xxx, but it would need a better AF system and a higher frame rate.

      • Maxfield Stanton

        I believe the swivel screen feature will still be exclusive to the D5100 and all the subsequent D5xxx series. So probably the D5100 still has a leg up on the D3200 in terms of creative shooting angles due to the swivel screen.

      • Andrew

        I think Nikon wants to make their entire line of DSLR cameras exciting. They will push the envelope regardless of if it makes their previous generation obsolete. Look at the D800 and how it trumps the D3x – an ultra high end camera. I believe this is Nikon’s new philosophy and strategy. It’s called “don’t just match your competitors, circle them!” Look at the D800’s high ISO performance and how it suppressed be grumblings for a true D700 replacement, even though this product will also come sporting lower MP. This is the new Nikon, and it is looking exciting!

    • FriscoFred

      I think the main thing the Nikon 5100 has going for it is the swivel screen. I wish they’d put that in some of their other cameras —- it’s very handy. It’s great for shooting in crowds or getting a really, really, low angle shot without pressing your face to the ground.

  • okay

    Hopefully it has infrared sensors, AE bracketing, and a higher pixel screen.

  • Paulo G

    Why D3200 and not D400? Makes no sense. Nikon disrespects its customers, especially those dedicated to the photo in nature. Canon 7D continues to reign.

  • Jeremy

    80-400mm replacement…when when when??!!

    • This has exactly… what… to do with the D3200?

      • Mountain Man

        Within this article new lenses are mentioned to be possibly announced at the same time. The 80-400mm does need to be revised, I agree.

        • EnPassant

          18-300 and 55-300 on a 24 MP sensor will have about the same reach as the 80-400 on a 12 MP sensor when cropped to 12 MP!
          That may be the reason we haven’t heard anything about a new 80-400.

        • “need to be revised” ?!?!?
          You’re being too nice.
          The 80-400mm is so overdue it is on life support.

          • Todd

            I agree 100%. Want the “new” 80-400mm most of all right now.

    • roby2987

      I agree with you, 80-400 needs to be replaced.
      And what about a 300 f/4 VR? maybe with a SWM motor a bit faster than the actual one

  • So…by this way…

    The future D400 will get a D800 sensor? 🙂

    • FriscoFred

      Not bloody likely. I doubt any new Nikon camera will get the 36MP sensor; that would adversely affect the market for the D800 and Nikon isn’t going to do that. So, 24MP will likely be the top for the DX sensors.

    • Photdog

      If I were Nikon I’d acquire the 16 MP sensor of the Fuji Pro-1 and refine it with the image-processing and the AF of the D4. Then you got a high speed and high ISO tool for sports, wildlife and wherever you’ll need long focal length.
      Imagine, the patented 135/1.8 would give you a 200mm equivalent with an 1.8 opening at low costs while having a resolution coming close to 20MP FF. That would even crack the 7DmkIII (meaning the overnext generation)

  • Lester Kamstra

    People slow down.

    Nikon will update the d300s this year, looks like so.

    So don’t worry.
    Every little thing,
    is gonna be alright!

    • Paulo G

      You have a sense of time that we already waited for D400?

  • Ben

    We are entering the golden age of digital photos, event the entry level cameras will be amazing.
    d7100 and d4oo will top this and are coming soon.

    • Waiting the D400

      I Hope

  • VcBabis

    One step closer to the D400… 🙂 If DX, definitely 24 mpixel
    But if FX??? I bet the 16 mp sensor from the D4!

    • F400 FX please!

      It would be a most important step to Nikon than the man on the Moon, if the D400 is FX

      • Paulo G

        The D400 should be D300’s upgrade and therefore DX. An FX sensor with 16 MP calls it whatever you want!

        • GeoffK

          why not D400 with 24MP sensor ? nice in between the D4 and D800.
          I’d rather have 24MP FX than 16 or 36.

          • EnPassant

            That’s the opinion I have voiced here several times as it makes most sense.

      • enesunkie

        I’m thinking the D3 was Nikon’s man on the moon. Another FX body would be just another Space Shuttle mission.

    • Bobbo

      Follow the money to see the future folks. The price of the 3200 is about the same as an NEX 3C. It has a chance in this segment. A full priced D400 doesn’t. People would be better off to adapt their Nikkors to an NEX 7 or 5N. I suspect that the D400 will be a full frame mirrorless with a 24mp sensor just like the next full frame Sony.

      • Herege

        A mirrorless D400 I don’t believe. But would be very very good a D400 FX, it would be excellent!

  • D3200E? what’s for…

    • Mik3

      That part of article refers to D400 (D400E possibility).

  • Ben

    Nikon can’t keep up with the demand on the camera’s that they currently have out!!! Then why in the hell are they releasing even more cameras that they can’t produce? Nikon may be a camera company, but they should also work on their manufacturing side as well. Come on Nikon get it together.

    • Tony

      The D4/D800 are produced in Sendai, whereas the D3200 will (presumably) be produced in Thailand, i.e. different production facilities.

      • FriscoFred

        Right — Sendai is having trouble keeping up with demand partly because of the disasters in Japan. The D3200 will probably be from Thailand, or possibly from China.

    • jorg

      D800 is built in japan. Different plant than d7000 et al, which are built in thAiland- assuming nikon also got that plant into production again. so there’s csmeras to be made at the DX-plant

    • Nikon is not a camera company, they are an optics company that just happens to also make cameras to fit their lenses.

      • This statement is so 1950-ish.

        • All things being equal, Nikkors are the best small format lenses, but the cameras are all comparable at this point. I don’t buy Nikon for the cameras, but for the glass. Most professionals would agree. Much more R&D money goes into the lenses, not the bodies. I’ve been shooting for almost 30 years, the body is # 3 behind #1, the shooter, and #2, how to choose the correct glass for the shot.

          It’s reality. Even here in 2012.

          • I was right detecting your ol-fashioned nature.

            The best small format lenses are Leica M. Body development requiers much more money figures than in the past, that’s why Leica M9 is a rubbish for its astronomical price. They simply have no money to develop their own sensors and processors. That’s reality: cameras are the computers, actually and Nikon spends an arm and a leg to stay competitive. In fact, Nikon is a way bigger company, compared to Canon, being a part of Mitsubishi Corporation. With digital things changed: in good old days you had to have just a optic like ‘that guy has’ to take the photographs with equal quality, because, as you stated, the lens was number one after shooter, but now the camera body stands on the same level as optic due to sci-consumption technology behind it.

            • Sorry for grammar. English isn’t my native language.

            • Yeah I’m learning that now…I shot film and digicams until about a year and a half ago when I got my first “real” DSLR, a D7000…the learning curve has been very tough. But you are correct, the body is much more important now…i’m a computer programmer by trade, and I’m blown away at how powerful cameras are, they are like little super-computers! It’s been a slow process, but I’m getting there, and I learn something new every day from this site in particular.

          • Wait a minute, your site stated you are 33 years old. How did you managed to shoot for 30 years? Did you start your photographic career being a child?

            • Yes, I started at 4…am not a professional though. My father is a successful commercial photographer, and started teaching me to shoot as soon as I was out of diapers. I don’t know how much actually set in at that young of an age, but I shot everything I could, and he’d develop the film for me (all B&W of course). I worked and assisted for him until I went off to college whenever I had spare time. I basically got an art school education, for free from him (he went to Art Center in Pasadena, which is where I’m from). Those were good times! This has been a good convo btw, thanks!

            • Amazing! 🙂

  • Hmm. This year will probably be the most interesting year for Nikon in a long time, and for a long time to come.

    We have:
    D4 which is having a hard time warranting its supremacy over the D3s
    D800 which seems like a brand new line to replace not only the D3x, but the D700 as well
    D3200 with more features than the D7000 and D800.
    D400 probably with a 24MP sensor, fast AF, and 8+++FPS with ISO in the ranges of the D800 (And still yet rumors of an FX sensor)
    D7100 with..well..what’s left?
    D5200 with..well..what’s left?

    I really don’t see where the lineup can really go. DSLRs are going to start turning into spacecrafts. After the D4 wears off, its ISO range will become the staple in all lines above their entry level. Next gen will surely have 1080p60 or 720p120..something of the sort. MP range will be through the roof on the D800 replacement, or the same with some kind of major advancement that brings spectacular ISO sensitivity of the D3s (Personally, I hope this is the case!).

    I really can’t see where things will go from here, and how Nikon can keep an entry-level line at all and still consider it “entry level”. I mean, they’re going to have to start making their cameras out of cardboard to retract the value away from the sensors so they can keep the price low.


    • Laurentiu Ilie

      D3200 will not have more features than D7000 or D800.

      Entry level D3200, will probably look like:
      – Only full stops for ISO;
      – No steps for Active D-Lighting;
      – 11 points AF;
      – No focus motor;
      – Small viewfinder;
      – CLS entry-level, etc.

    • With a mirrorless line, there is *much* less need for a beginner DSLR.

      • The D3xxx line is much more affordable than the x1 line…for now at least. And you get the full range of Nikkor glass at your disposal.

  • ano102

    disappointing news …
    if the d3200 is for april, I suppose that we will not see the d400 before september …

  • wow too many improvements
    wonder what d900 and d8000 will have

  • DMM79

    So the obvious question is what will D7100 and D400 offer now that we know they’ll be 24MP or higher. I love my D7000, but I could always use better high ISO, and for wildlife high MP is just awesome, you can get away with using a short focal length lens and just crop.

    • plug

      You do wildlife? Much better than 11- point autofocus, weather-sealing and general robustness come to mind as upgrades for the D400 that would be very helpful in the field. Plus the upgrade of the 300 f4 of course.

  • Spendabuck

    Nothing coming out the next 3 years will be better then the D800 and D4…,people with DX glass are moaning for D400,sell your glass,step up,and spend a buck?

    • Mark J.

      EXACTLY! i don’t get these people who are obsessed with a D400. I was until this week a D300 user, and for not much more than i spent on the D300, i now rock a D800 and moved to FF. If you can afford a D300/D400 why stick with DX? Your budget already amounts to being able to buy a D700(infinitely better than any D300 successor will ever be) on the cheap right now. Or wait a little bit and watch the price of the D800 drop some.. Just baffles me how people still want a ‘pro’ DX body. Only reason i picked up a D300 was at the time there was no mid-range FF camera(D700 was 6+months out still).

      • GeoffK

        DX = more reach from my lenses. /shrugs

        • MuttonPuncher

          Just shoot in crop mode or better yet Shoot full res and get exact crops in post processing.

          • IndyGeoff

            Cropping like that works, though nailing focus is a little more difficult i would image since i am shooting from “further” away.

    • danpe

      The reason for us wanting a D400 is buffer and fps. D800 and D7000 lacks in comparison to D700, D300(s), and 7D. A D4 would work for me, but the price of it does not.

      • plug


  • Shooter McGavin

    You heard it here first:
    4 digit nikon bodies are going to be Consumer DX
    3 digit nikon bodies are going to be prosumer / reportage FX
    1 digit nikon bodies are going to be pro FX

    There’s not going to be a magnesium prosumer DX body any more.

    I think that makes far too much sense given the branding shift that took place after the 2 digit branding went away, D70, D80, D90. D700 was prosumer FX. They’ll stick to that branding moving forward, and the D400 will be a prosumer FX, 16mp, 5-7fps.

    • D7000 is magnesium, so I would expect the D7100 to be as well…and it’s definitely considered a prosumer body.

      • Shooter McGavin

        Fair criticism. I meant similar to the F100, D100, D200, D300, D300s.

  • Jesse

    24mp would be a disaster. Check Photozone’s review for all the Sony E mount lens with Nex 7. The 24mp resolution makes all the lens like craps.

    • St.

      besides the DXoMark tests – did YOU took pictures with NEX lenses on NEX-7???
      I have to tell you that the images are extremely sharp. I have the kit (black) lens for NEX-7 and also the Zeiss 24mm 1.8.
      Both are almost identical with very little advantage for Zeiss, but at 24mm it is few stops down already, comparing with the kit lens which starts from f.4 at 24mm.
      I am quite big pixel peeper and have the best Nikon FX lenses and trust me the image quality from those NEX lenses is quite good.
      And I’m talking about real life shooting – not charts, etc.

    • LeGO

      The 24mp NEX-7 is a good match with the Sony-Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 but other than this mlens, I mostly used the NEX-7 with Nikkor lenses on adapter as Sony does not have any other good native E-mount lenses. I tried the Sony E-mount 50mm f/1.8 OSS on the NEX-7 but the Nikkor 50mm g/1.8G is far better still so decided not to get the Sony lens.

      • LeGO

        In short, a 24mp Nikon D3200 with good Nikkor lenses will be fine.

    • MuttonPuncher

      It’s common knowledge that Nikon is able to squeeze quite a lot more IQ out of Sony’s sensors. Especially beating Sony with better noise results. Will be the same with this 24MP sensor.

  • sgts

    The floods and tsunami must have hit Nikon so bad they’ve came out all guns blazing – amazing stuff. Canon now look old hat and Sony must surely be planning on just making sensors rather than cameras.

    Nikon have decided to wipe out the opposition. Yay !

  • I dont there is much of a future for pro DX and I personally would be surprised if there is a d300s successor. Most in the upper levels of photography (pro, hobby or whatever) have or are going FX especially as nearly all the top level lenses are FX anyway . The pro dx lenses were too expensive given their limited functionality with other nikon cameras and hence bugger all bought them and went for the even better FX versions. I bet there are way more dx users with the 24-70 f2.8 than the 17-55 f2.8 and 95% will use the 18-105vr kit lens

    IMHO There will be a d7100 but dont hold your breath on the d400. The next semi-pro body will replace the d700 and d400 in one and be FX at around 24mp.

  • Frank

    This is a very interesting update. 24MP for D3200~~ I think Nikon found a great technique making sensors.

    Since compact system cameras are competing with entry-level DSLR, Nikon is going to upgrade D3100, D5100, D7000 to a whole new level. We may also see surprising features to D400 and D4X (hopefully).

    Canon surely has some problems now.

  • Reputated source

    D400 will come just before summer. 24mp, 8fps (9fps with grip), some interesting feature related to high-iso (a form of pixel binning), and…¿swivel screen?

  • I love this site. Thank you Admin.

  • Fx d400?

    My thought is that Nikon is trying to make the naming system more logical.
    – Dxxxx will be their dx range, split into the 3, 5, 7 ranges. 7xxx being the ‘prosumer’, mag alloy model.
    – Dxxx- aka the long awaited d400 will become, with the d800 part of two fx body lines.
    The d400 being the ‘true’ d700 successor, will be having the hand me down sensor of the one generation old top of line fx (aka d3s), as the d700 did with the d3.
    The d800 (and future lineage) will be obviously the high mp low burst model
    – Dx- aka D4 being the high Iso, high burst, gripped body top of line dslr.

    Which leaves us asking….what bodies are being released this year?
    Mid year-
    D3200, high fps, high iso d7100 to satisfy those ‘dx’ d400 buyers
    End of year-
    D5200? Or maybe the ‘fx’ d400 (Delayed so not to clash with d700 and d3s sales to let stores clean out all their old gen bodies)

    What do you guys think?

    • dxdudex

      All DX cameras should begin by D, and FX cameras by F. has much more logic, don’t understand why Nikon did not choose this route.

      • EnPassant

        F was used for Film-cameras during more than 40 years!

        • dxdudex

          Yes I know. But Nikon only build F5 camera at this moment. Nikon could redesign their titles. Reach a point that there is no reason to retain this names in nikon cameras.imo.

          • dxdudex

            Sory, I mean F6 and FM10 too. They keep the FM10 too.

      • Mark V

        Because they still have the F6 actually – These days one could effectively say F = film / D = digital

  • Brian

    So the dx 16 mp now scales up to 36 mp fx, how long till Sony makes the 54 mp fx version of this 24 mp sensor. Followed a year later by nikon of course. Perhaps the a99/nex9 will be 54 mp instead of 36

    • Lolcats

      Lol, then film users will be rejoicing- 30 shots per card.

  • 24 MP DX. This is really starting to sound like Megapixel wars.

    • lol wut

      As always…great one liner, Ron.

      • jorg

        hrrhr, yes. another one of them…

  • Fx 400?

    The d400 fx body being the cheapest fx body and a logical step for dx users transitioning into fx.

    Its neat logic- 3 dx, 3 fx bodies.

  • gravity

    UGH! wtf nikon? Y u no has D400?

    • gravity

      I’m hoping that this is a sign. That they are waiting for the D700’s to sell out so they can discontinue it and release an FX D400.

      • ben

        there will be another fx camera but it will not be called a d400. it can’t come out till nikon catches up on d800 orders.

        • Herege

          Yes have some logic. Currently the camera from the lowest range of Nikon in FX, is the D800 with 36mpx lol!! I think another FX body come out very soon. If it is a FX D400 I dont know, but would be great if D400 come in FX body.

        • EnPassant

          Except for D3200 we will surely see no other Nikon DSLR before Photokina. (But maybe a new Nikon 1 body?)
          However an entry level FX D400 will most surely be smaller and share the same type of body as the coming D7100 and be built in Thailand or some other place, just not in Sendai and Japan.

  • Geoff B

    Any word on the D700 replacement?

    • ben

      or the d90 replacement 😉

  • ben

    how many people would want a d400e with no anti-aliasing filter ?

    • Herege

      Not me.

    • LeGO

      I think a 24mp D400E is almost a given if the D800E does well. A 24mp APS-C sensor would be even less prone to moire than a 36mp FF sensor. Moreover, such a camera will likely mean boost the sale of Nikon’s better lenses.

    • GeoffK

      Not I

  • ben

    we need rumors of the next nikon 1

    • EnPassant

      YES! The pro’s already got their D4 in time for the olympics. Now it’s time for the spectators to get their pro Nikon 1 body and 18-300 lens! (50-800 mm FX equivalent!)

  • Morg

    yes frustrating I wast to see the D400 not the 3200!

  • Shokinen

    I think Sean Molin hit the nail here. Nikon 1 system is most likely going to be the logical next step for point and shoot upgraders. It’s also making more now sense why Nikon changed how they identified each category a few years ago (d3xxx, d5xxx, d7xxx). Also making more sense why the D7000 got a magnesium body while his canon competitor go demoted to plastic.

    I think the d5200 will replace the d90 category – And the d7100 will be the new d400.

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