Nikon D800 issues

Listed below are several Nikon D800 issues reported by readers. If you have experienced any other problems with your new camera, please describe them them in the comments section.

  • You can see the first issue in the above two images (click for larger view) - the Nikon D800 LCD screen has a green cast on some images. Several people emailed me about that. The actual files are fine and the problem seems to be with the LCD screen. I got something similar when I was playing with the camera, but I think mine was related to the WB/shutter selection. This discussion on flickr suggests that the green cast could be fixed by adjusting the LCD monitor hue - see page 52 of the D800 manual (images credit: Benjamin Brolet).
  • Check your CF and SD card compatibility (page 434 of the D800 manual). There could be issues with cheaper/older memory cards - see this post.

  • The next issue involves tethered shooting: "We met up today and he asked if we could check my D800 behavior in manual exposure mode with live view on and/or camera control tethered to the camera. He had found that his D4 had an issue that when in live view in manual exposure mode, the live view or computer window view would stop down as you decreased aperture or increased  shutter speed. At smallest apertures it was impossible to see what you were focusing on, kind of like a "full time depth of field preview". This problem could not be remedied unless you momentarily tapped the shutter to autofocus, but then the view would go dark again. This problem doesn't seem to be present when using live view in any automatic modes, only full manual mode. My buddy contacted an individual at Nikon that verified the behavior on a D4 there at Nikon. Apparently the individual was a bit surprised by the development and told my buddy that he will need to check this out further and get back to him. Back to my D800; the problem is also present on my D800 firmware 1.00. This will make tethered studio shooting difficult unless corrected." (thanks Son of FE)

Update: here is another Nikon D4 issue (thanks Daniel):

I like to have my multi selector during playback set so that vertical move flips through photos and horizontal move cycles info screens.
I have tried both settings her and they all stay the same at opposite -- horizontal move flips through photos and vertical move cycles info screens.
The option when u select it gives you.
Same as multi selector or focus point selection.
If you select Same as multi selector then you get 2 options for which way you want the controls to work.
Either setting results in the same behaviour i don't like.
This worked fine on my D3 and D3S.

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  • Alex

    Will the Nikon updated there lineup D300s and D7000 in this year?

    • Me

      Try reading other posts before asking something in a non related thread.

    • T.I.M

      There will be NO D400, maybe a D8000.
      Sorry !

      • Alex


      • KnightPhoto

        My sense is that there absolutely WILL be a DX 24 mp D400 with the same battery, grip, and subsystem improvements as the D800. People who think there won’t be a DX D400 are people who don’t shoot wildlife and sports.

        • asd

          not with the same battery for sure. It´s not allowed to sell the en-el3e with the new cameras

    • The doctor


      Please forgive The Invisible Man (T.I.M.). He is suffering
      from post-partum delusions brought on by the recent
      delivery of his new D800.

      Nikon is the only one who REALLY knows what is next,
      and they ain’t talking. A lot of folks on this blog would like
      either a DX or FX D400. Time will tell.

      • T.I.M

        @The doctor
        You don’t have to work for Nikon to know that Obama will not be the next US president !

        • JAD

          Guess you haven’t seen the latest polls. 🙂 All things considered, Obama is sitting pretty

      • Alex

        Thanks, LOL 🙂

    • Jack

      ITS ALL JUNK! I’m switching to Canon! – Let these type of posts begin! (actually, please dont!)

    • Jeff

      Why, seriously why did you ask this question here? Go find a relevant thread man?

  • Horshack

    Please add this issue: Poor Live View Magnification IQ

  • Sounds like it is already time for a firmware upgrade.

    • Sdnd

      How about a firmware downgrade :

      16 MP with all the features of the D700 !

      This will automatically put an end to all these issues !

      • derWalter

        you are soooo right!


        no you are not!

        • Wilson

          Lol +12

      • LOL.

      • Tim

        Why don’t you just buy a D700 again. People like you need shut up about the camera, buy it or don’t.

  • Randomt

    How is everyone so sure that every issue/problem can be fixed with a firmware upgrade ?

    At this rate, Nikon should fix the handshake blur with a firmware update ! LOL !

    • Yeah, we all complain about wanting the new camera to arrive, and once it does everyone wants them to shove it back up into the womb. LOL. I love my new D800 and I’m sure that there are others who do too. I suspect much of the bellyaching is coming from people who don’t even own one yet.

      • janet

        well, i did own one. was anticipating for a long time, but in my opinion nikon totally failed with this camera. fps too slow and the megapixel too large. i am a pro so i do know what i am talking about and my d800 had a green hue on all kelvin settings and regular flash settings. not on lcd, on the pix. i imagine a firmware upgrade will be out soon. i saw the specs, so i knew fps would be just like my 5dm2, but expected the sensor to be brilliant! we have a right to complain after waiting so long. i have no idea who they are targeting with this camera. i am sure they will fix the green hue but for the money not much of an improvement over d700 at all. i am awaiting the 5dm3, high hopes for that one also. nice fps/better autofocus/megapixel perfect. good luck to all.

    • Tanduà

      IMHO it’s an hardware problem (LCD)

      no firmware can correct this problem (for me)

      • Julian

        If it was a hardware issue – it would affect every image – as it only affects some images – and not on the PC – and my hunch is that it is probably those shot in RAW – and the white balance is not being taken into account when the jpg is rendered – so it sound like a firmware thing to me.

      • I must say I agree. I saw it with the first image I took with a pre-prod model and put it down to JPEG settings somewhere. Unfortunately this confirms otherwise. In my experience it was more of a gold cast than green…

  • Bill

    After reviewing some landscape photos I shot yesterday, the thought occurred to me that I’d miss my girlfriend less than I’d miss my D800 if I had to choose one to live without. On top of that the D800 is less expensive, and for any minor issues that might pop up there’s at least a chance of a firmware upgrade for the camera.

    • VcBabis

      I’m with you on that one :). Still waiting for the D400 and have the same thought already!

    • doug

      yeah the tripod mount in his case. ;p

      • B!


    • Bill, sounds like you are in love this time.

  • Srini

    I hope that they are all the usual early-bird teething technology troubles that can be fixed by a firmware upgrade.

  • Aspegic

    Fortunately all these problems can be solved in software.
    Just wait for the inevitable firmware upgrade.

    • burgerman

      Err what issues? Non here. I have tried to reproduce them and its all working perfectly. This is all rediculous!

      And I just ordered another one. The E version. Now to get to grips with the movie mode…

      • Ian

        Agreed, not an issue with my D800.

  • Trevor

    BTW 5DIII comparisons are up on dpreview. The D800, imho, has equal or better noise despite greater resolution. And, 102400 looks pretty useless.

    I’ll probably never touch either camera, but way to go Nikon.

    • Trevor

      And the D4 beats it by about a stop on noise.

      • Yagion

        Agreed. Verified it myself. 5D3 = D4 up to ISO 1600. Starting ISO 3200, D4 beats 5D3 by 1 full stop. D4 @ ISO 6400 has same noise as 5D3 @ ISO 3200.

        • Yagion

          I also want to add 5D3 is 1 full stop better than d800 in ISO performance, but that is without down sampling (d800 is at its full resolution)

          • Yagion

            Correction. I think D800 is already down sampled.

      • zoetmb

        I should hope so, considering the price difference. In fact, I would expect better than a one-stop improvement in noise in the D4.

    • burgerman

      >>>And, 102400 looks pretty useless

      Of course it does at full res, 70 plus inches wide! Reduce it to D4 size and its output is indistingiuishable. You cant choose which is which on screen or on prints.

    • no, 5d mk 3 is clearly a touch better. d800 is overall a more exciting camera but 5dmk3 is better on noise. to be expected though

      • gary

        So r u

        • Nobody

          My D800 has none of this problems? Ser # 300####,NPS and Best Buy thanks!!!!

  • Chris

    Holy Crap! a negative post about Nikon for once!

    I’m sure you will get a letter asking you to take it down from Nikon like other websites have gotten when it comes to bad D800 press.

  • D

    Can’t get the camera, so all these problems are pointless, friggging BH. Did Nikon do this on purpose, released a few thousand cameras? unexpected demand, don’t they do market research. bad bad bad, neh

    • Kat

      Totally decieved from bh eta march 22. Now they say may ship end of may. Maybe.

  • BB

    when you use custom function f2 playback -> zoom to focus point when multi-selector center button is pressed. When AF is used this function works properly and zooms in to whatever focus point is used. But, when manually focused using confirmation in viewfinder with anything other than center AF point… It always zooms in on to center AF point and not the AF point used for manual focus confirmation. This makes it difficult for manual focus verification…

    can someone confirm?

  • anon

    honestly… who cares if the LCD color is off a little bit. The D3s looks too blue to me in this shot.. I use my viewfinder only to see if the image is exposed right and is sharp enough. Color can all be fixed in post if you shoot raw.

    The other interesting thing is the images (with the exception of color) are IDENTICAL. look at the framing, facial expression, position of the person… THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER. seems fishy to me. in the amount of time camera was switched, lens was switched, camera put back on the tripod, you’re telling me something in this scene didn’t move slightly. Should that even be the case… If the tripod angle, person, EVERYTHING else stayed EXACTLY the same… The d800 still has a smaller body than the d4. Therefore you should gain slightly more at the bottom of the image and lose a tiny bit at the top just to deal with less height of the lens position. I call this a photoshopped to raise a fuss.. If someone can point out something that is different in this picture aside from the white speck on the floor in the d3s side, i’ll stand corrected… I’m not saying this issue is untrue, i just don’t believe this problem is as bad as this example shows.

    the flash and tethering issues should be easily fixed by firmware

    • burgerman

      >>> honestly… who cares if the LCD color is off a little bit.

      Seriously, try it yourself. Its not “off” at all”!!!
      All this fuss is about nothing. These people dont have a camera or didnt compare… Mines the same as the D700. Unless thats got a problem as well…

    • Srini

      I am not trying to spot the difference!

      The image of D3S has some kind of a white ball.

      Looking at the images, the D800 has a green hue; the D3S appears to have a white shaded light blue hue, does it not?

    • Ben

      fixed by adjusting the LCD monitor hue

      1) Switch the live view selector to photocamera.
      2) Turn on Live View
      3) press and hold down the (zoom minus) button and Notice the yellow marked box on the display with small letters LV WB. Keep holding this button down, while you
      4) turn the back wheel selector (thumb wheel) until it says A1 or what ever WB is desired.
      5) Thats it

      but i think this is the first camera that i have seen that you can ajust the wb of the screen

      • FriscoFred

        Yes, some people don’t read the manual.

    • Jan

      Same photo, same card, two cameras. Is that difficult to understand?

      • Samas

        Same photo? No. The file name is different. Same card? No. One camera shows 35 shots in it. The other one shows 93 shots in it (ok, you can say more shots were taken before switching the card). But something is definitely fishy. One shows JPG. One shows NEF. Guys, let us talk something useful.

    • JLK

      It looks like they just used the same image on the CF card. Look at the file names. I think the intent was to show the difference in the color cast of the LCDs. What is interesting is that one is NEF and one JPG.

    • Jake

      The two images are not identical.

      Look where the railing vertical pole hits the 3 in “0035” in both photos.

      Seems like two cameras set up right next to each other taking a photo at the same time.

      • Brent Kane

        The “0035” is in a different relative position in each screen shot!!!

        They ARE identical in positioning. Save the image to your desktop, copy one screenshot area & paste it over the other one, set the layer blending mode to “difference”, and nudge the top layer until it matches the position of the lower layer. You’ll notice a few dust spots and some minor artifacts due to the pixel arrangement of the LCD screens, but THAT IS ALL!

        I don’t care which screen image “looks” better, I care which screen image is accurate! This is all pointless pissin’-in-the-wind until a comparison is made between the image displayed and the actual scene being photographed.

  • Me

    Okay…you guys have whinged enough about this topic…next?

    • Pixelhunter


    • Ren Kockwell

      Yes. Enough whinging everyone.

  • T.I.M

    Best D800 unboxing I’ve seen so far (China I think).


    • T.I.M

      Taiwan, sorry.

    • dgs

      wow, I’m still dizzy…

  • I just got off the phone with Nikon regarding my D4 having the exact same green tint described above with the D800. They claim it can’t be changed (the only recourse they suggested is “send it in” and “we’ll evaluate it”). However, it’s way too noticeable for my liking…and when reviewing back-of-camera images with a client yesterday, they noticed it right away and brought it up. It’s much more noticeable in overcast or low light and not as much in direct sunlight. It’s extremely annoying, but I don’t want to send a brand new D4 in for an eternity.

    • MichalK


      I spoke to NPS, again, yesterday and was told the all Nikon service centers, will be getting some kind of calibration software to tweek this greenish issue. They should have it this week…

      I am supposed to be called and will be invited to have it serviced to see if it can be fixed.

      I’ll let you know…

      • Tim D

        good to know – thanks for update. Mmy D4 is having the same issue, though not affecting the IQ it is still a little annoying… changing/tweaking WB also seems to get rid of it. Not overly worried…amazing IQ throughout ISO range and very impressed overall.

      • Greg Latza

        Thanks, MichaelK

  • MB

    So Canon is going RF with remote flash while Nikon is struggling to get IR CLS right …
    Hope Nikon wakes up soon enough …

  • Art

    Half way there!!!! I can hold my camera but can’t take any pictures….

    Yesterday, I picked up the battery grip for my new D800E. So at this point, I can wander around pressing the shutter button and pretend to take pictures. Someday, I’ll have the rest of the camera body to go with it. 😉

    • T.I.M

      I’ll get my extra EN-EL15 battery monday……way before I receive my D800e !

    • Fishnose

      Yep, same here. I have the grip and an extra battery, but no camera….

  • T.I.M

    Yes, that green LCD issue really sucks.

    But don’t worry, it’s already fixed on the D800e , reason why it took few more weeks for the D800(e) to be release.

    I was planning to get the D800e anyway. (but I’m glad I did !)

    • Tanduà

      D800e has red LCD issue

      each one has its colors

      • T.I.M

        I guess I’ll wait for the D800nc (neutral colors)

        • too bad they discontinued the NC line, so now you gotto wait for the D800portra hehehe.

          • metsatsu


  • I have also noticed weird WB-like casts to my playback. I knew something was different from my D700, but didn’t think anything of it. I will try adjusting the screen’s hue as mentioned.

    It does appear to be described as “the camera is not applying the correct WB adjustment to the preview JPEG that is rendered when shooting RAW.”

  • On the other hand… maybe it’s actually more accurate and we’re not used to it. 😉 In Admin’s example… the D800 preview looks better.

  • Pro citro

    no issue for me with cls (D800 master + 1 SB900 slave)

  • Martin

    Same problem with all 3 of my D800s: not here yet.

  • Dean

    I saw a NIB D800 sell for over $4200.00 on ebay today. Those who don’t want their camera should know what to do.

  • Dean

    Interesting, just got this from B&H…

    Thank you for your pre-order of the following item:
    Nikon D800E SLR Digital Camera (Body Only)
    (B&H # NID800E)
    You are receiving this message so we may address a concern of ours. Some customers might be unclear about the differences between the Nikon D800, and the Nikon D800E, and which camera is the best choice for them.

    The Nikon D800 and D800E are similar cameras, based on appearance and most specs. However, there is one underlying difference that should be an important factor in deciding which camera is the right one for you.

    The D800E incorporates optical glass between its optical low pass filter substrates, which has the effect of canceling the filter’s moiré and aliasing correction. The benefit is an increase in the sharpness and definition of your photographs. The tradeoff is a greater likelihood that you will incur moiré and/or false colors in some images. The D800E is best used in applications in which the photographer has absolute control over lighting and color balance.
    Please click here for further information on the differences between these two cameras.

    If you would like to change your Pre-Order from the Nikon D800E to the Nikon D800, Please reply to this email with your request.

    • Samas

      Yeah right! First deliver the existing pre-orders for the non E. Then you can lure the E’ers into buying non-E.

      But it is really interesting… There is a long list waiting for the non-E already. And they want to lure in more without finishing up the existing ones?

      Does BH know something from Nikon that we dont yet?

  • Frank

    I didn’t read the whole thing but with jpeg the camera does a little adjustment while with raw no adjustment. I’ve had images that look different with jpeg and raw.

  • Our d800 got stuck several times during wedding shoot this saturday, the shutter buton just stop working, no error message on lcd, but pressing it did absolutely nothing. Taking in and out the battery solved the problem for a while. We tried 3 different brand new battery and different CF cards and it haapened again like 10 times during the wedding and 3 or 4 times on next day engagement session.
    We send it back to Nikon in Barcelona-Spain and are waiting to see what happens. They should give us another unit right away but I guess it’s not gonna be easy…

    • Matt

      Same exact thing happened with my D4!

      • Daniel

        Same thing with my D7000. Weird !

    • my D700 does that if the lens mount is a bit bumped and loose. I fix it by quickly remounting the lens. check your contacts.

      • Same lens on my d700 or d300 gives no problems. I’m really worried to see it happens with d4 and d7000 all newer Nikon cameras. Nikon should know the problem and solve it somehow. I’m a wedding photographer and just can’t think how they sell cameras that can make us miss ring shots, for example!! In my case I always shoot with my wife and my d700 never got stuck forbthe past free years. But now that I’m waiting a d4 it can be terrible if it does it too and both camera get tuck at the same time, murphy’s law.

        I need to trust my cameras and If this happens to more people it is really a big deal!

        Thanks for your comments.

      • Shane

        Same thing happens on the d300s if the lens isn’t completely flush with the camera and the release button hasn’t returned to its up position. Try reattaching the lens and poking the release button to make sure it’s fully returned to its original up position.

        • I don’t think it’s a lens problem, since it happened many times during the wedding day and with different lenses that never gave any problem on other cameras. Taking in and out the battery solved the problem and if it was because a bad lens attachment it wouldn’t solve it.

          Already 2 days waiting for an answer from Nikon…

    • Rudi

      I once had the same problem. I always shoot in continous mode and it took me a while that AF was to single by accident. After recomposing it was slightly out of focus and so the shutter didn’t work. Switching off/on solved it by accident as I could take a shoot without composing. It took me some minutes to realize that. Anothter point when the shutter doesn’t work is when you lock the shutter at battery grip and you try to shoot in portrait mode, so this one has been resolved quickly. So sometimes the issue is behind the lens 😉

      • Thanks Rudi, in our case AF was single and switching on and off didn’t solve anything. No batery grip either. My wife was shooting and shutter just stopped working, many times during the day. Next day with different battery and lens it happened again. Nikon service just gave us the camera saying it’s working fine…
        They probably didn’t try it for more than 10 or 15 minutes…
        Since they don’t have units to change it, they didn’t bother to listen to he problem at all I guess. I Will try it again in tomorrow shoot and have a big fight next week with Nikon in Spain if it happens again…

    • I’ve had the same issue. Was your issue ever solved?

  • PaulM

    My 3 day D800 is flawless, but I haven’t (and probably won’t ever) have a need for the functions you’ve identified with issues above. My biggest worry with this camera was that at a pixel level there would always be motion blur but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how sharp images are hand held using a non-VR lens. Basically, I’m completely blown away by the image quality and detail from this camera. Autofocus is awesome too, even with older lenses in poorly lit rooms. I’m also finding no issues with PC speed on my 3+ year old intel i5-750 win 64 4Gb ram Nvidia GTX295 so far. But again, reading all the fearmongering and complaing online about 36MP being too much, you’d think that even just basic viewing of shots will be slow and awkward. It isn’t. As to file size, yes they are larger, but a 2TB HDD is so cheap these days its not an issue to me. My only initial disappointment at the moment is the video. I have a lot to learn here, but it doesn’t seem to be as useful as I’d hoped. Well, putting it another way, it seems like you’ll have to shoot from a tripod, manual focus & buy an external mike. And then the lens I was using had a somewhat stiff focus action, so the zoom in’s & outs were jerky and ugly. I suspect that its probably more useful for the semi-pro videographer, rather than just family videos, so to speak. I’d note I’m comparing against a Panasonic TM700 which does 1080p 60fps, so maybe that’s a bit unfair as the autofocus and image quality on this are awesome. Still, I am a DSLR video newbie, so readily admit in time I’ll develop a work method and no doubt get better results. Anyway, overall, I already love this camera. 🙂

    • looon

      +1 to everything you just said (xcept haven’t tried the video)

    • joe

      The video AF-F mode is going to be a little slow. Its much faster on the D800 than it is on the D5100 that I currently own. It depends on the lens too. Primes seem to find the focus faster than my 18-200.

      Its in no way as fast as a camcorder, but when I shoot video, I rarely have to change focus automatically. I always plan out the shot first and then use the ring manually. Someday I’ll get a follow focus rig.

  • Cremer

    One is Jpeg and one is NEF, this guy is funny.
    The D3s has a megenta cast.
    It’s a stupid compairaison by a stupid guy…..

  • Shane

    Experienced no problems with repeated remote firing of the sb900. I was unable to duplicate the flash issue described above.

  • Alex

    Did any one notice that the d800 is raw+jpeg it’s displaying the jpeg version, it’s going to look more saturated then a raw file, even though the camera shows a Jpeg it’s a jpeg of the raw like on the d3s but on the d800 it’s just showing the jpeg…. Or seen this before and you can try it on your camera…..

  • doug

    TIFF files are just slow to process if you have a 4 year old laptop, or notebook depending “in your region”, my pc has 4 TB, 12 Gb ram, and Intel Core i7-980X, so im cool for a while to come, btw USB 3.0 rocks big time.

  • Syaq

    Not suprising. I would hold off from buying brand new models from Nikon coz they tend to have faults, a bit more than the established models. Learnt that the hard way when my brand new D7000 had faulty ‘mirror box’ back in 2011. It was quite an embarassing situation with my pals using D70s and such. Luckily the seller acknowledged the problem and replaced it with a brand new (new stock) body (I know this because I compared the new body’s serial number with the old one). So, guess I’ll wait for things to settle down a bit to make my move.

  • Duy

    I called Nikon Canada today, an agent today confirmed “Nikon Canada is aware of the problem and is working on the fix” So I guess we just have to wait for a fix.

    • skf

      Can you tell us to which problem you are referring to ? Is this the tint issue with the LCD that they are aware of ?

      • Duy

        Yup I asked about the tint issue. and this was what he told me exactly.

  • There is a God

    Ser # 300####,no problems,thanks NPS and Best Buy…There is a God ,the last shall be first,and the the first shall be LAST !!!

  • babeliak

    Add autofocus issue:
    Has it anybody else? With W I D E —> U L T R A – W I D E lenses?

    • I’ve had to fine tune the AF on a few of my lenses alright. My 50 f1.4D is about +3 but the 14-24mm f2.8 is -20. I’m not going to send it in for repair until there’s loan stock available which could be a few months. 🙁

  • Frank

    Since 4 days I have the D800 in my hands. Nice camera at all, but some issues are very disappointing in LIVE-VIEW mode. 1. It´s impossible to get the right manuel focus, when zoomed in the image, there is a lot of noise (photo mode), specially in darker surroundings.
    2. The exposure preview only works until 2,5 seconds, if you set a longer exposure time, you can´t see the difference in the live-view. Both is really disappointing! And the color cast is the third issue.. Hopefully Nikon can correct this issues with a firmware update..

    Admin, thank´s for your good work!

  • anonymous

    Did anyone even notice that on the two images one is jpeg and one is .nef? Nice job dude. Kind of hard to compare the two if they are not the same format.

  • keith t

    I cant stand how they swapped the zoom buttons (next to the LCD). Using a 700 and an 800, i always hit the wrong button. I dont see the reason either…

    • peter West

      i agree totally!

  • Ben McMahon

    Anyone noticed any overexposure problems? The oddest thing just happened. Shooting on a profoto set up. All metered and set perfectly. Weird over exposing by at least 2 stops. And then it started exposing fine when I shot landscape and then over exposed when I tipped the camera to portrait. Anyone any ideas? In my many years assisting on big ad and fashion shoots I have never seen a camera do such a thing…..
    Other than the dead pixels and that the camera is awesome.

    Thanks. B

    • Don

      I also have noticed the 2 stop overexposure. My D800 does it all the time both landscape and portrait. When shooting with a flash exposure is perfect. It seems to happen in lower light situations. Active D-lighting is turned off.

  • Steve Starr

    Wonder if Colormunki will make a fix for Camera LCD Calibration next? A really small reading color spectrometer for maybe $3,000 plus software?

    Personally, I find it sort of silly that one would even rely on the LCD as final say for color over what comes out of the camera. It’s just a viewfinder addition, not some $4,000 monitor used with Photoshop. People coming from a magenta Canon LCD must be having fits.

    Now the flash misfiring I do see as a problem. I wish Nikon would come up with some sort of RF type of flash trigger and ditch the damn CLS light unit as it is too unreliable. The need for an add-on like the Pocket Wizards underlines that. Canon saw that need and did it with some add-on transmitter and their newest flash units.

  • Ben

    See I’m getting it with a flash set up with pocket wizards. Really odd. Some flash sync setting? Not a clue but can’t figure it out at all. Noticed it a lotto in daylight but massively with flash.

  • jj

    If you have a green display issue or your photos have green hue check out this link and scroll
    down where I posted the double photos and see if this helps you. Look for tripjjj.

  • So if you guys want to see some really good examples of this problem with the D4, I took sample photos as requested by NPS. These are side by side shots of my D4 vs the D3. Same image file, CF card was just moved from one camera to the other.

  • Viktor

    This is not an issue (I am still waiting for my D800) but a suggestion for further improvement in the future firmware upgrade(s).

    I have noticed that some users of D800 complain about the large size of the RAW files (this was expected) and would appreciate the possibility to have small version of RAW.

    This is possible by the method of pixel binning. I beleive that this approach could improve the SNR. Moreover, if the pixel-binning would be implemented in camera – this could improve also the ISO performance (with small images).

    I hope that the possibility to generate the binned RAWs will be implemented in the future D800 firmware upgrade and/or in the dedicated NIKON software (ViewNX, Capture NX) which will allow to process such generated binned NEF files.

    Here is one way how to make pixel binning with the Nikon’s Bayer array. Apply the following binning transformation:

    Original array


    Flip the row (4n+1)+1 with the row (4n+1)+2, for n =0,1,2,3…N/2


    Flip the column (4n+1)+1 with the column (4n+1)+2, for n =0,1,2,3…N/2
    and get the array of super pixels


    The signal from the super-pixels could be aggregated (sum of the counts) or averaged (average of the counts).

    My initial experiments with D7000 NEF files proved that the resulted binned RAW data will produce good results after applying proper demosaicing algorithms.

    Of course, comparable results could be achieved by proper scaling of the output of the original RAW, but if the goal is to have small RAWs (NEF files) then the “in camera” pixel binning option is desirable.

  • Peter

    I have the Live View problem in (M) mode of the screen being totally dark unless I bump the exposure down to like 4 seconds. I’m using studio strobes at 1/250th, f/16, ISO 100, so the actual exposure would be from the strobes, not the ambient light.

    On my D3s and (now sold) D700, the LV used ambient light to give you a view for the purpose of critical focus. In other words, it compensated for available light so I could just focus and shoot with all settings correct for strobes.

    With the D800, I have to engage LV, wheel the shutter speed down from 1/250 sync speed to 4 seconds, focus, then wheel the shutter speed back up to 1/250th, then shoot. In Aperture (A) mode, the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to 4″ so you can see the view. But, if I left it at 4 seconds it might be a tad overexposed when the 640 ws strobes went off…

    • OLH21

      ITS NOT a BUG it’s a FEATURE

      It’s called exposure simulation !! and it’s very handy ! you can preview actual exposure without having the auto exposure that would increase the gain of the output so in studio you can actually preview the light ! if not the gain wil auto adust each time you change light making impossible to preview teh actual result of adding a source for example.

      Canon as this feature for long and i am mainly BUYING the D800 just for that !!!

      LOL ! it’s strange how you can never please every body !
      But actually on D7000 there is a menu option to put back the auto adjust live view as you want it, look the manual it should be inside…


  • If you set your RAW files to “Lossless compression”, the frames counter on the main screen isn’t updated, even though files are now 40Mo instead of 70…

  • OLH21

    ITS NOT a BUG it’s a FEATURE

    It’s called exposure simulation !! and it’s very handy ! you can preview actual exposure without having the auto exposure that would increase the gain of the output so in studio you can actually preview the light ! if not the gain wil auto adust each time you change light making impossible to preview teh actual result of adding a source for example.

    Canon as this feature for long and i am mainly BUYING the D800 just for that !!!

    LOL ! it’s strange how you can never please every body !
    But actually on D7000 there is a menu option to put back the auto adjust live view as you want it, look the manual it should be inside…

  • Bill

    Focusing issue? Have you in the United States experienced the problem with the focusing issue when using the left focus points? If you have or have not what serial number batch was your camera from? I am contemplating cancelling my orders for the D800 until the bugs are worked out. Any information would be helpful.

  • Has anyone been experiencing problems with overexposed highlights with the D800?

    I have had this problem when using DX lenses on the D800 (e.g, the 18-200) on aperture based automatic where a 1-1.5 stop less exposure might have been anticipated. I have also had it to a lesser extent with fx lenses (50mm f1.8) where highlights on the skin are burned out – though the rest of the image is perfectly exposed . (In no cases are we talking about the subject being half in sunlight and half in shade)

    I am about to undertake some more systematic experimentation to see if i can isolate the issue and/or identify whether there may simply be a problem with my camera. But it would be useful to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    Otherwise, I am incredibly pleased by the D800’s performance – in terms of resolution, low light handling and its general ergonomics and features

    • carlos

      Same here, I don’t want to put the d800 down but I look at my raw file pictures from my old d5000 and It looks to me like the color rendering of off, and I’ve tried many situations where I might have fotten it wrong but still the colors of the images seem off. And I comment here because I get the same problem, extreme high and low`s causing poor image quality, overall look.

  • Fov

    Nikon Transfer 1.5.3 corrupted my D800 NEFs and I really need to recover them.

    The same NEF, copied with a file manager is fine, but copied with Nikon Transfer it ends up corrupted ( viewnx reports it’s size 1632×1080 and cannot edit / export the file).

    Is anyone aware of this problem and how to fix it ? I appreciate all the help I can get.

    • peter West

      If you are mac, “filesalvage is great!

      • FOV

        Cannot salvage the files from the card, they have been overwritten. I need to repair the files copied (and modified) by Nikon Transfer. Anyone have a clue ?

    • carlos

      I actually had the same problem yesterday with my desktop compared to my laptop. I tried uninstall and installing and nothing. I stumbled upon the solution in the “file” brop down menu. Aperently you need to “check” / enable a function not enabled automatically when downloading viewnx. Hope this points you in the right direction, sorry can’t be of better help, after spending like an hour trying to figure it out 3 re-installs, I was very frustrated, so after noticing a simple click in the file brop down menu did it I had to walk away and cool down.

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