Nikon D800 issues

Listed below are several Nikon D800 issues reported by readers. If you have experienced any other problems with your new camera, please describe them them in the comments section.

  • You can see the first issue in the above two images (click for larger view) - the Nikon D800 LCD screen has a green cast on some images. Several people emailed me about that. The actual files are fine and the problem seems to be with the LCD screen. I got something similar when I was playing with the camera, but I think mine was related to the WB/shutter selection. This discussion on flickr suggests that the green cast could be fixed by adjusting the LCD monitor hue - see page 52 of the D800 manual (images credit: Benjamin Brolet).
  • Check your CF and SD card compatibility (page 434 of the D800 manual). There could be issues with cheaper/older memory cards - see this post.

  • The next issue involves tethered shooting: "We met up today and he asked if we could check my D800 behavior in manual exposure mode with live view on and/or camera control tethered to the camera. He had found that his D4 had an issue that when in live view in manual exposure mode, the live view or computer window view would stop down as you decreased aperture or increased  shutter speed. At smallest apertures it was impossible to see what you were focusing on, kind of like a "full time depth of field preview". This problem could not be remedied unless you momentarily tapped the shutter to autofocus, but then the view would go dark again. This problem doesn't seem to be present when using live view in any automatic modes, only full manual mode. My buddy contacted an individual at Nikon that verified the behavior on a D4 there at Nikon. Apparently the individual was a bit surprised by the development and told my buddy that he will need to check this out further and get back to him. Back to my D800; the problem is also present on my D800 firmware 1.00. This will make tethered studio shooting difficult unless corrected." (thanks Son of FE)

Update: here is another Nikon D4 issue (thanks Daniel):

I like to have my multi selector during playback set so that vertical move flips through photos and horizontal move cycles info screens.
I have tried both settings her and they all stay the same at opposite -- horizontal move flips through photos and vertical move cycles info screens.
The option when u select it gives you.
Same as multi selector or focus point selection.
If you select Same as multi selector then you get 2 options for which way you want the controls to work.
Either setting results in the same behaviour i don't like.
This worked fine on my D3 and D3S.

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  • Disiderio

    Kinda glad I’m waiting till later in the year to get one. Hopefully these issues will be sorted by then.

    • applepie

      Xmas rebate and firmware 1.02 for the win!

      • Moo

        At least we can guarantee it won’t need 30 firmwares over 2yrs like the 5D2 monster

    • btdown

      In a year the real D700 replacement will hopefully be out and you can buy that instead.

    • I’m glad I didn’t wait.
      Love my D4 and I’m not reading anything in either camera that would interfere with my work and can’t be fixed with an eventual firmware update.
      In the meantime, I’m shooting with the world’s greatest camera!

      • Esh

        I am with you on that one my Phtog Brother

        • Ray

          Amen…I pickup my D4 tomorrow and received my D800 yesterday…What a week I am having…

          • tohellwithhades


          • Happy camera day! . . . week
            If you have an iPad, download the free Nikon Manual app and then your D4 & D800 manuals. It’s great to have it on the tablet’s big screen with all the touch links to subjects and pages built in. It also has unlimited bookmarks to pages you want to reference. (also for iPhone and iPod touch)

      • Even own

        No D800 is the world’s greatest camera (the above “problems” are nothing). D4 is a minor update to the d3s.

        • preston

          Steven, the world’s greatest authority on the world’s greatest products – Rockwell of course – has already ruled that the D800 is the world’s greatest camera! So there is no arguing this point! 😉

      • Andrew

        I am both envious and very happy for you. Post those great pictures you will be taking with the D4.

        I like the picture of the Bible and the sail boat in the background of the lady with the bicycle. The Bible picture is classic; it shows a Bible that is well used and worn. This person does not just go to church, they are apparently consuming the word as well; this is how personal change comes about. The picture of the “sail boat/lady” is in my opinion an award winning picture. It gives one the illusion that the sail boat is a picture in the background. This picture contrasts the modern with the ancient.

  • Wilt

    knew it was too good to be perfect

    • jason waiting

      Nikon should give:

      $300 rebate – for not delivering pre-orders on time
      $300 rebate – for camera not working properly, and firmware to fix it

      • David G.

        In your dreams 😉
        Nikon is a business, not a charity.

        • TT


        • Yes, they sure proved that by screwing over the UK consumers again with a price rise before anyone had anything, based on some BS they dreamed up about a pricing error. They are the real deal….

          • WoutK89

            Pre-orders are being honored for the old price… So whoo got screwed on this one?

      • Patrick

        Just consider Nikon not hiking up the prices (yet) in the US a rebate!

        • jason


          And nikon did even better. did not raise price in usa, nor shipped much D800, nor test enough to fix all these issues. total – wtf.

          • WoutK89

            jason, you are just whining because you didnt receive a D800 yet, there never was a guarantee that a pre-order would be delivered to EVERYONE on the first day of release. Also, as many people mentioned, being a first buyer comes with the risk of owning a camera that still has some bugs, but it seems these bugs are pretty small compared to what might have been.

            • Andrew


    • I missed the press release from Nikon that said their new cameras would be perfect and that there would be no need for a firmware 2.0 (or even a 1.05) update.

      Not ment to insult you, just saying I expected some minor bugs that Nikon would later fix with a firmware update. What I didn’t want was to wait even longer for Nikon to release the cameras. I needed mine now. (Actually, I could have used the D4 BEFORE the NCAA playoffs, but life isn’t perfect)

  • Joaquim Prado

    next firmware update all will be fixed! hope.

  • JLK

    I wonder if the flash is overpowering the sensors – in the D800 test he is pointing directly into the sensor but with the D300s it is at an angle.

    I expect that isn’t the cause of the failure, just something I noted. Otherwise it can hopefully be resolved in firmware.

    • Hi JLK,
      I have also had the same problems in the studio setup, when the master flash did not face the sensors directly. This is why I conducted this test.

      I never had this problem with the D300s… hope it’s a firmware issue but I would also be happy to learn what I have done wrong 🙂

      • JLK

        I suspected as much, that was just what I noticed in the video. I assume you also didn’t have bright overhead fluorescent lights on in the studio setup – I’ve senn that mess with IR. It shouldn’t be different between cameras anyway, just looking to rule out for environmental issues.

        It will be interesting to see how this develops. It is always possible you got a dud but it is too early to make a judgement. Thanks for taking the time to post a demo video.

  • m0m0

    these are minor problems compared to the technology that’s in the camera.. sure, it’s a bit buggy, and for sure a firmware update will be able to sort all of these minor tweaks out.. just chill and don’t judge the camera just yet.. not everyone’s been able to use it to it’s full potential.. only then we can see if this camera is not worthy of the 4 years that nikon invested developing it..

    • D800 owner

      Yeah, these aren’t really problems at all. Makes all the people who missed out on getting one feel better I suppose. They can go ahead and pretend these “problems” are terrible. Meanwhile I’ll be shooting with my d800.

      Got to go, another race is starting (yes you can easily use the d800 for sports if you’ve got timing rather than spray/pray).

  • Al

    D7000 had problems at first too. Hot pixels and blown out highlights.
    A couple firmware updates later and it was solved.

    I’ll probably always wait to buy “new” bodies for a few months til after introduction til all the quirks get fixed. Along with iPhoto and PS compatability it’s a bit of a headache if you ask me.

    I was one of the guys that jumped on the D3s bandwagon on the D4 and D800 announcement. No problems to report here ! Lol

    But seriously, this kind of stuff is to be expected. Nikon will fix it shortly. I’m just surprised that after months and months of prototypes no one caught these problems in the first place.

    • speakingofwhich

      The D800 pictures starting to show up around the web appear to have blown out magentas and whites as well.

      • Unfortunately, user error doesn’t show up in the file metadata…

        • jake


        • @Jason, +1000000
          Spot on! I am still laughing inside!

    • EMaDeLoC

      I’m sure that two months before release, the D800 have several serious problems. I guess they focused in most serious problems and left little firmware issues for later. You can see that in every electronic product with release date.

  • chuck

    Early adopters always are the testers.. I have always enjoyed joining the party a couple quarters later, thanks early adopters for testing for me 😀

    • Shrine stumps

      U jelly bro?

  • Gregory

    THAT’S IT! Everyone who’s waiting on a D800 should cancel their order now!
    That way, I can get mine a little quicker 🙂

    • dbms


    • Fredbare

      No, please don’t cancel orders!
      That way when the D400/D700S arrive there’ll be no mad rush.

  • Color cast is present on both of my d800’s but i thought it was due to my settings and gelled lights. No problems with my RAW files though.

    Haven’t had any problems with my memory cards.

    Haven’t tried tethering yet but that also was hit and miss with the d700. Eye-fi seemed to work for the 2 minutes I tested it in the d800 but I haven’t done a full shoot yet.

    As for the flashes firing I noticed that as well on my D700, when you fire directly at the flashes they don’t always like to fire when you do that. Every once in a while they wouldn’t fire with the d700 faced away or at an angle. Haven’t tried it with my D800 yet, but then again I wouldn’t use the on camera flash either.

    • DC_Photo


      I have experienced about the same as you with my D800.
      Slight color cast on image review (compared to my 7000) menus look great, just the image review.

      No problems with cards

      I have not tethered so I can not speak to that.

      Firing a single off camera flash (sb-600), I have no issues.

    • marklondon

      I wish I’d done what you did and ordered two of them.

      • Getting on the wait list at my camera store was the easy part, affording them was the hard part. But so far they are a great combo.

  • Jainash Prakash

    Issue #0: D800 target production of 30,000 turned out to be like 1,000.

  • I kind of hate posts like these. I appreciate the post, as always, and they’re good things to know. But, any post that focuses specifically on the drawbacks (no matter how minor they ACTUALLY are), can easily put a twitch in the back of a naive photographer’s mind and have them believe it’s just a notch or two under what it actually is. And, as all of us know, a few turns of those notches can mean a big difference.

    But, like I said, it’s a necessary post, and it’s good to know.


    • Dud

      Who cares about naive photographers? They’re all using Canon anyway and painting red rings on their lenses.

  • seb

    I bought 32 GB Kingston CF memory card for my D800 from and it does not work showing me error on the panel (but it works with D300) so I still use 4gb Sandisk,Kingston which I was using with my D300 and they still work with D800 but can only keep 50 RAW files :-*(

    • that’s because you’re using cheap memory cards, shell out the extra cash for something better and you won’t have problems. Why on god’s green earth would you cheap out on the memory cards if you’re using a D800? That’s like putting unleaded 87 in a Ferrari.

    • Zograf

      50 os so RAW images is a very good number – just like having two rolls of film. It makes you think and compose before taking a single shot. Very time and space saving :))

    • Nokin

      The D800 color brochure has a list of tested and approved memory cards from Lexar, SanDisk, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Just because it fits in the slot doesn’t mean a card will work. (page 26)

    • Jipp

      Get good cards, kingstons are ok-ish if your using canon but so far i have found lexar’s Cf cards the best, and lexar or sandisk sd cards, kingstons have always caused me problems with nikon cameras stick to better cards they cost more but are more reliable, only go for min 60mb/s and min 8gb cards , and for ‘Zograd’ anyone using a camera like the d800 ought to have work with film for at least 2 years thats the only way to learn how to take a picture.

  • Nikon Shooter

    Problems are to be expected with the earliest batches of a brand new hi-tech product. Hence smart pros never invest in brand-spanking-new technology until a year later, when all the bugs have been ironed out and there isn’t a chance of jeopardizing an assignment because your camera is not behaving as expected. Gamble all you want, but I’m in no rush and my equipment hasn’t become obsolete just because a newer model has shown up. It would also be pretty stupid to sell off my gear until I got at least 100k actuations across all of my bodies, which should also take another year. Get it? One more year.

    Oh, and the guys who selling off your D700s for $1600 and D3s’s for $3700- I love you!

    • al

      Im on the same boat

  • David

    Card Issue here is as well. Duracell 16GB 600X UDMA CF card – no go, shows error, while my KINGSTON older 16GB 133X CF card works fine. Interesting, because the same Duracell Card worked fine in D700. Hopefully firmware will come. Otherwise it would be a good idea to have a list of cards that don’t work and a list of cards that do work.

    • FrankieB

      There is a list of Nikon recommended memory cards in the manual. I believe Nikon recommended Sandisk Extreme Pro and Lexar’s best card, but I forget the name at the moment.

    • Mark J.

      Duracell makes memory cards? That right there is your problem. If your buying a $3,000 camera, at least give it the proper card, and the problem isn’t a problem anymore. Sandisk, Lexar, and hoodman are the only cards i will trust.

      • What are your thoughts on Delkin, the 700x’s look and sound like a good deal. The write speeds are higher than the hoodman, san disk or lexar, and the price point is way better than the hoodman’s I’m used to, but I have no experience with them.

        • Mark J.

          I’ve not had any personal experience with them. And haven’t heard much good or negative about them either. They are actually made in America though, and come with the same lifetime warranty as other cards from what i just read on them so they can’t be too bad. But i do have to wonder how they are offering a price so competitive with US labor, when compared to say Sandisks made in china CF cards. I can’t imagine labor, material and energy costs being even remotely close enough to not require some corner cutting on Delkin’s part. Could be totally wrong though. Actually hoping i am as i would love to buy American made electronics more.

        • UMESHRW

          delkin are the ones that bring the latest tech to you. i.e the fastest cards are delkin’s first. buy them blindly.

  • peteee363

    i thank all of you first timers getting all the bugs out, so it will be perfect when i get one. also the price should drop too!

  • I would hate to be at a wedding and find this stuff out. Thank goodness for you pioneers. I guess you would be the same folks loading the wagons and heading out over the open plains.

    • PhilK

      I would hate to be at a wedding at all. 😛

      Nikon always makes it clear in their manuals that they don’t guarantee proper functioning with untested/unapproved cards. Really no surprise there.

      No need to try to save $10 on a critical component like a memory card when you’re using a $3000 camera.

      • Banksie

        I dislike weddings, too. I shoot funerals. A new niche market I invented. But hey, what can I say. I’m a pioneer.

    • Banksie

      Historically the “pioneers” who “loaded the wagons” and “headed out” first, were able to homestead the prime parcels of land and got in on ground floor commercial opportunities. It was the folks who hesitated and only to arrive much later, who lost out. 🙂

    • jake

      We can only pray that the fauxtogs who bought this camera will test it out before the big event!!!!!

      • JLK

        Maybe the unboxing of the D800 was part of the ceremony.

  • Sam

    I remember reading that the D800 has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the LCD based on both the intensity and kelvin temperature of the ambient light. So, chances are, if you’re in fluorescent light, all photos will have a greenish hue because the LCD is trying to match the ambient light.

    • NickySix

      exactly…I was just going to type something like this

    • Denooyer

      True… BUT it has two settings… One auto adjust setting AND the standard setting where you can adjust the brightness of the screen yourself.

    • speakingofwhich


  • Brock Kentwell

    My D800 issue is that my camera is stuck in a godd*mn shipping container in the middle of the Pacific.

    • AXV

      Or worse! It’s still in a thousand pieces in sendai!
      Damn you nikon and damn you amazon!

    • Jay Stevens

      LOL!!! Same with mua… :0)

  • I am so thankful for those who love to invest their hard earned money in new technology and work out all the issues before I make the investment.

    • marklondon

      Thanks but don’t worry – earning the extra gigs because we have the new camera is compensation enough. 🙂 I booked 3 jobs off it this week. Clients are people too.

      I haven’t had the green cast on my LCD so far, and I’m not sure I’d be looking for it anyway. Framing and exposure more important to me.

      I’ve had a few quirks on the video side, but just quirks so far. The HDMI feed can flick to green only after coming out of record (flicking LV fixes it) and the audio is fed only via HDMI if you have one plugged in on playback, and fed to both the headphone jack AND HDMI on record.

      Neither has caused me an issue, and both will be fixed shortly I imagine..

      And no issues with either Nikon or 3rd party flashes so far.

    • Banksie

      The only problem with the idea of waiting is that the product is obsolete quicker than you can blink an eye these days. The longer you wait the quicker the product becomes yesterday’s technology. Nikon engineers are already designing out their ideas for the D900. In 2012, one has to buy tech products early but will still face rapid obsolescence. In 6 months the D800 will actually be two years old in dog years. So there’s two years of actual use value that you’ve wasted by waiting for 6 more months. 🙂

  • On the flash problem, I thought it was IR msg that triggered the flash on remotes? Would the flash overpower the IR? Just curious. I dont think I could afford the extra drive space for an avg shoot the now with 4 gig – 50 images… 🙂 Can see a lot of new drives being needed for the early adopters…

  • cosmic

    ISSUE! The D800’s auto-ISO mode doesn’t work with CLS / flashes! This is a big issue for me. There’s essentially no communication between the camera and off-board flash with auto-ISO!

    • jodjac


  • Sam

    I noticed a greenish hue in the LCD this afternoon as well. I was shooting in afternoon light on a bright sunny day. The actual files look okay. Will double check tomorrow.

  • Charles

    OMG. Those sound really really bad.
    Everyone should cancel your pre order asap. Please!!!

  • Sean

    regarding the green tinge and White Balance issue….the answer is not on page 52, that is for Live View. What I have done is customized the Auto WB. Also if you shoot JPG then the green tinge stays in the photo, if you shoot raw and use “As Shot” I find that the green tinge still stays, of course it is raw and you can change whatever WB you like….but if you leave it out of the box then the green tinge is there….a bit frustrating, but customizing does seem to work, so far anyways!

  • Scott M

    Regarding live view, I saw where a guy In DPreview had a problem with the quality of his LV screen while trying to focus. The screen quality was not very good but the actual shot is. His problem was in trying to use the bad resolution to focus. Mine seems fine tho. Every serial number I have seen from people is under 2000. (about 14 of them)

    • wanderer

      I was wondering about this. Has anyone seen a serial number higher than 2000? Mine is below 1000. So far I absolutely love this camera. It is a major step up from my D300, which I was pretty happy with.

      • Mark J.

        Just picked mine up today from my local camera shop in Seattle and my # is 38XX. No issues at all. haven’t noticed green screen yet, but havent tested it much either. Also coming from a D300 and could not be happier with how much of a improvement it is.

      • Scott M

        Mine is also below a thousand.

  • Gary

    I tested my D800 with the built in flash in commander mode using one SB-900 and two SB-910s and there were no misfires. I wonder if the issue has to do with using the older generation speedlights.

    Also had some inconsistent renderings of color in mixed light but RAWbfiles matched the LCD.

    • greencardigan

      I was triggering my SB-800 and did not notice any misfires. Will test again this afternoon.

      • greencardigan

        I tested my SB-800 again a couldn’t get it to misfire.

        No noticeable green tinge either.

        My serial number in the 800s.

  • This is a major flaw for chimping is very much needed to check white balance.

    — still waits impatiently for B&H n Nikon to ship his camera

  • MichalK

    Hi All

    I have the same Tint issue on my D4’s as well as on the D800. Its as if Nikon was to change the colour signature a bit.

    In PostProcessing, most of the files look like Canon now… IMO

    I will do some more tests myself now and will comment again.


  • Randy Braley

    I just tested the wireless flash w/ my SB600 and SB800 and all is good. Fired everytime. I tested with the sensor pointing at the camera and away from the camera.

  • Nikonsniper

    Stop Chimpimg, Shoot RAW. Thats why God made Lightroom.

  • doug

    my serial number is 542, and i haven’t experienced any of the problems discussed so far, been with my little baby for a week now. Im not very happy with my Auto WB thou seems a bit dumb sometimes, i rather do it manually.

  • Robin

    Just cancelled my B&H order.

    • Mark J.

      No fair, my awesome camera that DxO rated as pretty much the best thing since sliced bread has a few bugs on its first week out the door! Bugs that will all be fixed most likely with the first firmware update…. i demand refunds, back rubs from Nikon execs and free candy as compensation! In fact, we should all form a group and get a petition going for this even! that will teach them!

      Meanwhile, in a land far far away called reality, some of us are actually out shooting their D800’s and enjoying the added gains immensely….

      • David 7703

        I want three hookers and a pack of Camels, and we’ll call it even 😉

    • Bill

      That’s okay, does B&H actually sell these anyway? Has anyone gotten one from them?

      • Mark J.

        Hahah i don’t believe anyone that isn’t a NPS member has at least. My order from 10m or less after page went live still hasn’t shipped. Finally gave up, looked locally, and got lucky last week and as of 5hr ago got a D800 in hand. Sales tax sucked, but small price to pay to get it early, and give B&H the middle finger as i cancelled the order right before they closed today. So good news for anyone ordering, you just got bumped up the line one more spot.

  • Gator Bob

    Green tinted LCd has been reported on Canon S100. Also pink tinted LCD on D95. See below:

    matarua wrote:
    I have just bought an S100 to upgrade my S95 in Hong Kong as they are very well priced here. This has a green tinted LCD which in comparison to my S95 is very pronounced as that has a very subtle pink tint as a lot of those do. But that pint tint is so minimal that I never new it was there until I was doing side by side comparisons with the two cameras. I took the camera back to the store and asked them to look at it, and also to compare it to shop stock. The result was interesting. The shop model in the case used as display when powered up was much more neutral than my camera. In fact I would say that it was about as green as my S95 is pink. That is to say ever so slightly not to worry about. My own new S100 however looks like it’s constantly filming the Matrix movies here in Hong Kong as it is grey, cloudy and dark with glare. A lot of shots do not have that much colour because of the light. Combine that with the amazing buildings here and it makes a pretty tech style photo session complete with a futuristic movie green gel over the whole thing. Not at all visible when the photos are transferred on to the computer however.
    So I have taken it to the local service agent with a complaint of a green tinted LCD and shown them all the online information on the subject and they are looking at it now. So I will see how this turns out. They were not interested in looking at any cases or examples online and would have a technician look at the camera. I suppose test it and or repair it.

  • jv

    i had the same problem with mine also, but i found when taking still theres 2 wb the one on the camera and one separate for live view thats why u see one wb in live view and when u take a pic it comes out normal

  • jv

    its called lv wb in live u press the zoom out button and it comes out on the left side of the screen

  • Tom

    1) If the camera has a hue control for the LCD what’s the problem? Just use the camera controls.

    2) I work in a studio that uses only Sony alpha, and it’s normal the live view stop down, even black out when you’re using manual mode. It’s not an issue, it’s a camera’s specification (show the image that exposure setup will provide) I think.

    3) Flash not triggering in CLS? Now, that’s a real fucking issue! =/

    • The “feature” you describe was not present on the D3 or D300 I used prior to the D4 or D800 purchases. Those cameras allow you to compose and indicate the focus point on something you can actually see in plain live view, tethered or not,full manual mode. If it is indeed a feature, I would like to know who in the heck thinks it is truly a benefit. After all I can push the function button if I want to check depth of field.

      Try shooting a few hundred product shots in studio conditions without being able to use full manual mode tethered.

      In my humble opinion, this “feature” is a disappointing step backward.

      Otherwise, I have been somewhat amazed by the image performance.

    • Hi Tom,

      considering 3.) :
      If this is a camera problem it will be quickly fixed by a firmware update. But I am also happy if I find out that I made a mistake. The point is that I had severe problems in the studio.

      People mentioned it might be a problem that the sensors face the master flash directly. This is not how I know CLS from the use with the D300s. My experience is that CLS triggers the flashes very accurately. If the reliability depends on the direction the sensor is facing it is when the sensors are facing _away_ from the master flash. I had (very very rare) issues with this in the studio, and they could all be solved immediately by turning the flash body around and tilting the head backwards, so that the flash head points in the same direction as before but the sensor is now on the other side.

      • 700Geek

        I agree, CLS is very reliable in any direction.

        Did you use Auto-Iso on these shots? Just asking, maybe the iTTL thought it had enough light w/o flash.

  • ahmed behiry

    as long as the files themselves are fine and there’s no issues with them.. it’s fine with me..

  • MichalK

    Hi again

    I disagree that it is a LCD issue… The LCD simply shows you a jpg preview of your NEF file.

    If you shoot jpg’s – you will see the greenish/yellowish tint on the files also.

    Easily fixed in LR? YES. But thats not the point. I got my D4’s and D800 and spend a lot of money so i expect to see on the LCD what’s in front of me…

    Plus I usually show my clients images during the shoot to make them more relaxed and comfortable and since i got the D4 i have not been doing that… Awful !

    Will a firmware update fix this – most likely, just a matter of time.

    Still, not happy…

    Take care

  • Norm


    Now Amazon have even given up on saying “sometime between April 17 and May 10” are just saying “We’ll, er, email you when we know.” I guess, as others have said on here, by the time mine gets here maybe it’ll have had all these problems sorted out in Sendai. Silver lining.

    I saw a guy shooting with his D800 in Georgetown in DC over the weekend and almost wept with frustration and resentment.

    • Mark J.

      Do what i did, ditch Amazon/B&H/Adorama. I literally called my local camera stores on Friday and secured one from a second shipment they were getting of 10 D800’s. Picked it up today. Cancelled my online order. The odds of having this luck are of course less this week, but it’ worth a shot still. Find the less popular camera stores etc. Also, Ritz in my region at least(seattle) isnt even getting theirs till 2nd week of April, so might get lucky with them.

      • Norm

        Thanks for the tip. I went to Ritz (of all places) in DC, and they said they expect to get me one within two weeks. I’ve kept the Amazon order going just in case, but it looks v likely Ritz will be quicker. Thanks again.

  • Sean

    I agree with MichalK, yes sure we can fix in RAW, but it should show on the screen as what we see, any other Nikon does except for the D4/D800 and yes agreed it will be fixed in a firmware upgrade, though i’d expected a QC of these cameras coming off the shelf.
    If you shoot in RAW, and leave all the settings “as shot” in LR then yes your files are still green, you need to re-adjust every photos WB. Just to make it clear I am not talking the WB in ever situation, indoors mainly I find this and outdoors seems to be very accurate.

    I do shoot my D800 A LOT, out every day and every night….it is an amazing camera don’t get me wrong…my comments are purely here for other peoples who are experiencing these same results, so they can read other users experiences and find possible remedies.

  • Aside from a few issues listed above the D800 works perfectly and I honestly think that tinge I see is because of my settings since I shoot in Manual and have custom WB based on my light.

    I haven’t seen any tinges on my RAW files either, they come across and look just as they should. If yours don’t then that’s something that nikon should look into and you can fix in Lightroom in 15 seconds.

    As for memory cards if you aren’t spending money on your cards then why are you spending money on your camera body? The cards are just as important as the glass you use, more so since they hold all your photos.

    As for the flashes not triggering from the pop up flash? Who would use the pop flash on a $3000 dollar camera anyway? And don’t get me started on Auto-ISO problems. Auto-ISO, hell just shoot everything on program and fine .jpeg’s while you’re at it.

    As for tethering I don’t plan to use it, I got burned in front of a client with the D700 so I’m not doing that again. I’ll just use the eye-fi to send to my iPad if the client wants to see a preview, and upload the RAW’s later.

    All camera’s have issues these are some of the most minor I’ve ever seen and by no means a condemnation on a the product. So far these photos look fantastic,and the cameras operate magnificently.

    • tifkat

      As an amateur, I’m curious to know how you can get burned using tethered shooting?

  • I was getting a very noticeable green hue on the LCD as well, even in daylight. Changing WB settings didn’t help. It seemed much less noticeable in RGB color space compared to AdobeRGB. The RAW images did not have the problem once in lightroom. So clearly it’s something with the jpeg or the LCD screen itself. However, I thought that even the menus looked a little greenish so I think it’s the screen. I adjusted the LCD hue as described in the manual and that seemed to solve the problem for me. The camera is awesome, btw. If you canceled your order because of greenish hue rumor, bad move on your part.

  • Question: Has anybody tried the new Lexar 1000X CF cards in a D4 or D800? I bought some to use in mine (IF they ever get delivered!). Currently use Sandisk 64GB 90 MBs cards in my D3X (hopefully they will also work).


    • Mark J.

      Never seen newer model Lexar CF cards not work, you should be just fine.

  • I have had the opportunity to take some test shots with a recently released D4, about 2 months ago. I kinda liked it except the screen. In some ways it reminded me a little of the 5Dmk2’s screen and a lot of the original 5D screen. I found it to be unsatisfactory even for exposure evaluation, you couldn’t really tell what is pure white, what is pure black and also there was a slight greenish tint about it. I admit that the D700’s screen spoiled me, but I expected more of the same and it just did not seem to deliver.

  • yakker

    Love the camera, but have had a few issues:
    1. Another Kingston card that doesn’t work. Mine was a 16 Gb 266x. My old SanDisk Extreme III 4Gb cards work. Works fine in my D3.
    2. When shooting people in front of a textured wall or door, the Multi-area autofocus consistently focuses on the wall not the people, even when they are dead center in the frame. Selective point autofocus works fine.
    3. Can’t bracket more than 1 stop still. OK, I know this isn’t a bug, it’s just a persistently stupid design choice on Nikon’s part.

    • Al

      Dont put cheap cards in a $3000 camera…..

      • AXV

        You’re calling kingston a cheap card?
        Also you make it sound like 3000 is a lot for a camera. B*tch, please.

        • Mark J.

          Kingston IS a cheap card. Kingston has been making inferior memory for 25 years now. From PC ram, to CF cards, they are the walmart of memory… Always have, always will be. Don’t believe me? Go find a gaming PC with Kingston ram in it…… better yet, go find a big name photographer who swears by their CF cards……

          • yakker

            Hmm, never failed a Kingston card, but I’ve had multiple issues with SanDisk. Which is probably just bad luck. That’s the problem with anyone’s random, unstatistical claims about memory cards – hard to really tell what brands really have better failure rates.
            But in this case, there’s nothing wrong with the card, it’s a camera issue. Works fine in the D3.

        • Al

          They are cheap !!! And so are you !!! Go stick that Kingston in your Canon Powershot !!! Fanboy LOL hahahaahaha

  • Al

    Patience young Padawans….fix this Nikon will.

    Please let us wedding guys know when everything is resolved.

  • D400

    That sb-600 won’t work if you don’t turn it on

  • Spinnicle

    Does anybody use D800 with 3rd-party lens (i.e. Sigma, Tamron)? Do you find any issue or any incompliance problem?

  • Photoflight1

    Seems to work fine using the SU-800.

    So far all the problems prognosticated by the chicken littles has not come true with the D800.

    You can handhold it and get sharp images.

    Your lenses have not suddenly been rendered obsolete.

    Your f/stops still work all the way down to f/22.

    My computer has not been rendered obsolete.

    I can now tether wirelessly to my iPad.

    I’d say in real world usage the high ISO of the D700 and D800 are even with better detail going to the D800.

    Putting off getting the D800 will just deny you the pleasure of owning one for that much longer. If you can find one.

    BTW, just got two video assignments (I was shooting stills on these projects anyway) from two different clients.

    Cha-Ching! The thing has halfway paid for itself in the first week.

    Bill F

    • Chris

      Hey Photoflight1,

      can you please give me some more details on this “IPad-to-D800-Teathering”, how do you do this (hardware/software/apps? WT-4?)?

      THanks, Chris

  • Spinnicle

    Have anybody tested D800 with 3rd party lens (i.e. Tamron, Sigma) yet? Did you have any issue or incompliance problem with these lens? Thanks !!!

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