First Nikon D800 cameras delivered in Japan and Europe

Nikon D800 in Austria (credit: Erich Satran)

Nikon D800 kit in Japan (credit: Eric Feigenbaum)

The first Nikon D800 cameras were delivered in Japan and Europe today. Nikon Australia is expected to have the D800 in stores tomorrow (March 22):

No word when shipping will start in the US. Amazon sent out emails to existing pre-orders that they will receive the first D800 shipment on March 23, 2012:

We wanted to give you an update on your order for the "Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)." Although we expected to start shipping the camera to customers on March 20, Nikon will be sending us our initial shipment of this product on March 23, 2012. This means the camera will not ship by our original estimate.

Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time. Since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited, we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

Few hours later they changed the expected delivery date to April 13 - April 30, 2012. Obviously their system is a mess. Even if D800 shipments do start this week in the US, I wonder how many D800 will be left after all NPS orders are fulfilled. Almost the entire first D4 shipment in the US went to NPS orders.

Here is the first Nikon D800 unboxing videos:

And some unboxing images from



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  • Nathan

    I can’t wait to see real world pictures. It can’t come fast enough. Hurry!

    • FM2Fan

      I’ll take some this evening and post a URL. I’ve got one for 36 hours …
      then I hand it over to its new owner.

      • Adrian

        I’d rather have a D700 than this piece

  • Mike

    So close! I can almost smell the radioactive decontamination dust. Can’t wait!

    • Mike

      That guy in the video should be bitch slapped. Sacrilege!

      • D

        Yeah. Idiota!

        • Ben

          It’s a Nikon… It can handle whatever that dude can throw at it!

          • D

            Sadly, Nikon build quality isn’t the take home message of the video, which is instead: ‘you’ve just finished watching a prick hoping to get hits on YouTube.’

          • MysterF


      • +1

        Show some respect, unnamed D800-unboxing dude !

      • tcknight

        And he’ll be the first one to complain that his camera malfunctioned after in ACCIDENTALLY fell three stories to the pavement.

      • AgainstWorship


        • Lennert

          Madonna, what a pig!

      • Ken Kockwell

        Yeah bitch slap that boy!

  • Harry

    Eagerly awaiting for US release. Hoping to see some real word sample images.

  • SoftonDemand

    the d800 unboxing video is more exciting than the d4

    • D

      What’s exciting about it?

  • Nathan

    By the way, that unboxing video…now THAT’S how you unbox a camera. I was waiting for him to plop it down on the table like all the rest of the stuff.

    • LOL. I know Nathan. I loved the way he just tossed everything aside. Too funny!

    • Jayo

      You are critiquing a video about unboxing a camera…1st world problems hey?

      • d

        For starters they weren’t critiquing it, and I hope you realise the irony of your post.

        • ivanaker

          Sir, you nailed him.

  • Jai

    That unboxing video is hilarious, obviously not as excited as half of us here!

  • Zim

    How much is a D800 kit? Any stores showing that yet?

  • sade

    Oh man! This is not canon! You should not treat with a D800 like that!

    • Ludwig

      Oh man! This is not canon! Your D800 can handle a fall from 3 inches!

      If not: maybe I´m more of a Canonphotografer after all?

  • Peter

    Come to think about unboxing clips, has anyone done it by filming it from the camera being unboxed? Id have the boxes for D7k, but no plastics or cartons.

  • Orilla

    Nikon D800 in Austria (credit: Erich Satran)

    Were did you order your D800? I’m from austria too.
    I have no E-Mail from that my D800 has been shipped. =(

  • I love it!! I would have been way more excited with that unboxing!

  • Heh! I love the way he tosses the manuals and the accessories. Too funny! Well, played sir, well played…

  • John

    I think I hate that guy!

  • Lol That Unboxing video is awesome 😀

    • D

      The appropriate adjective is: lame.

      • Will you cry? I think you´re lame cause you cant event write your name…mister D. Go troll Canon Forum please…

        • D

          Canon? What’s that?

          The video is lame. And I’ll call myself whatever I want, buddy.

  • burgerman

    Jessops just called, to try to sell me accessories/insurance, and tell my D800 Ships in about 1 hour. Payment taken.

    Will be here tomorrow. UK.

    • joab

      Hi, that’s great news! when did you order?

    • Simon LAmb

      Ok so seems like I will be not in this batch and I ordered on 8th Feb first thing….

  • Sofus Comer

    LOL, love this unboxing video. Just reminds me to get a life! Thanks!

  • Nicky

    Whaaatttt????? Who opens a camera like that??

  • itsajoop

    Gif that man a unboxing oscar!!

  • nikonguy

    This guy gave review in japanese shopping site.


    Meaning high iso is better than D700.

  • Jai

    I am in Australia, and according to that post ‘tomorrow’ is now ‘today’. So my hopes are quite high right about now!!!

  • T.I.M

    Short (but funny) D800 unboxing video:


    • D

      Short (forced) and about as funny as Leno.

  • Martin

    Haha. That’s more like reality. I think I’d be even faster if I got it.

  • Sofus Comer

    Oh btw. Here is a tip on how to get your D800 faster than the others.

    You need to convince your local dealer, that :

    1) Your wearing a t-shirt (Showing your arms)
    2) Have semi or very hairy arms
    3) A white blurry background for your video.
    and finally
    4) A youTube account.

  • Red Otter

    “I wonder how many D800 will be left after all NPS orders are fulfilled. Almost the entire first D4 shipment in the US went to NPS orders.”

    Are you sure they made an NPS priority offer of the D800. Certainly did not get one from Nikon UK. Only the D4; as last time round it was only the D3, D3x & D3s.

    • There was here in the US. NPS had a web form to complete to register which dealer you placed your order with (as part of the “NPS Priotity Purchase program”) . I’m pretty sure that was the case when the D700 came out too.

  • PicturePerfect

    Amazon yesterday reneged on their assurance of a March 22 delievery of my Feb 7 preorder. Today they are giving an “estimate” of April 16 to May 1. This after an Amazon rep a couple of days ago said I would absolutely get the camera by the 23rd of March at the latest. I understand that Nikon is apparently being coy with the info, but then Amazon should be straight up about the situation. I don’t know what they are basing the new dates on but they make it clear they can’t be sure of them either now. Great!

    I have orders in to 2 other sources, including a local pro shop, so we will see what happens. Arrgh!

  • Just got the D800 from the unboxing pictures! Took some first shots and they just look amazing! Sharp untill you zoom in to see the pixels (and that’s a hell lot of zooming to do!)

  • Sven

    Someone know when amazon germany starts the shipping ?

    • Orilla

      Ich würde das auch gerne wissen. =( Habe meine D800 auch bei bestellt.

  • trialcritic

    Checked with B&H just now. They said that the first set will arrive tomorrow and they will ship them. They do not know the numbers though. They said that an email will go out when the order is confirmed.

    • Steve Starr

      Ya think? Amazon seemed to believe Nikon would have handed them the goods yesterday. So much for what Nikon told them that created this mess. I’d be surprised if B&H announces anything until they see the truck and how many on are on board. They’ve been through this stuff before and seem pretty hush on the matter.

      If they get only 20-30 cameras there’s gonna be some serious upset people out there.

      Second shipment to arrive in late April if you are lucky. D800E a month later, late May early June. Nikon backorders seem to take forever judging from all the stealerships and gougers that webwatch and begin asking $1000 more until the supplies slowly reappear.

      • ken

        let’s be honest, I think B&H are far more reliable then Amazon in this regard…… 😉

    • ken

      (D800 I assume?) neat, thanks for the update, will await until tomorrow to see if I’ve got a golden ticket!!

      got my order confirmation email 11:44 MT (01:44 ET 7th Feb) on the 6th Feb so balls crossed…

      • trialcritic

        Yes, D800. By order confirmation email, I meant that they will send out an email the day they send out the order to you, not the initial email. They refused to tell me how many orders they could satisfy.

  • The Cat
    • The Cat

      Sorry, just saw your post now.

  • That moron should be strung up by the D800 cables….obviously making fun at the traditional un boxing ceremony. MORON!!!!

  • alex

    WTF Bundle with 28-300 Lens…

    OMG, i hope that it’s a joke…

    If they put this f*** lens like that on a 5100 or MAYBE a d7000 kit i guess it’s ok for some people.. but no… not with a 36mpix cam like d800

    • Rodolfo Paiz

      Alex, I’m a three-body shooter. And after I cough up the requisite dough for three D800 bodies, I can assure you that I’m not going to add a D5100 or D7000 to my kit just because it offends your sensibilities. 😀

      Sometimes the 28-300 is the right tool for the job. And when I need that lens, you can be bloody well certain that it’s going to go on my D800 without any shame whatsoever.

      • D

        The 28-300 is a perfectly fine lens!

    • Scott M

      28-300? That isn’t on the “approved” list from the tech manual. Maybe the Japanese release only offers the kit version, like they did with the D7000 and 18-105. You couldn’t get anything else at first.

      • RondoX

        Nope. We can buy it body only too. Nikon always releases a myriad of kit options here in Japan for pretty much every body.

      • RondoX

        The D7000 also came kitted with the 16-85 or 18-200 as well.

    • RondoX

      This is nothing new. Nikon Japan as always done this.

      The D700 was kitted with the 24-120 VR1.
      The D300 was kitted with the 18-200 VRII.
      The D200 was kitted with the 18-200 VR1.

      Nothing wrong with the 28-300 at all. It does its job quite well.

      Outside Japan no one gets these expensive bundles, but we do.

      Outside Japan not many non pros/photo enthusiasts will buy the D800.

      Here unfortunately, people who have never even held a DSLR will buy this D800 kit.

      We have way too much money to burn.
      Way too many doctors/high up business men with Ferraris who can barely drive….

  • Neo

    What’s that lens in the top photo? Is it a 85mm 1.8?

    • Jason

      Yes I would also be interested. Can anyone identify this lens?

  • Val

    Adorama sent emails confirming ‘BACKORDER’ status on the D800 and D4 very early this morning, ugh!

    • Gordon

      Yeah, I got the same thing from Adorama this morning as well. I ordered my D4 on January 6th but I am not a NPS member. No clue when I will receive it.

      • Tom

        I’m curious: does your “Order Status” at Adorama now say “Pending” or “Backordered”? I have not received the email from them yet and mine still says “Pending.” Fingers and toes crossed. Thanks!

        • Jake

          I ordered mine in February and received a backorder announcement early March. Since then it’s been all silence with a status of “pending”

  • FX DX

    This is one funny unboxing video. I was waiting for him to throw his D800 to the side at the end (like he did with all accessories and boxes).

  • Helo

    I just called adorama after the same email and the lady said “we only got 50 in the first order and over 2000 orders were placed that day” I was ordering the minute NR posted the link and so hoping that my order was top 50!

  • peterw

    very funy video…
    teasing all those little boys around here yearning for their new toys… 🙂

    (the guy probably had the box opened before…
    … I guess Nikon would put on the body-cap on correctly.)

  • Rob

    What the heck does NPS stand for? Could someone use full words and not assume everyone knows what NPS means?

    • SteveJ

      Nikon Professional Services

  • SteveJ

    admin can you delete my post. I found where your original question was and I posted it there and I don’t want to duplicate post.

  • just got my d800 here in canada

    • ItsaChris

      Where did you get your order from? and when did you place the order?

    • Bertrand

      I’m in Montreal. Can you please tell me in what city you are? Was it a local store order or online?
      I’ve never waited so eagerly for something before, seriously!.

      • jdl

        So am I!
        I’m 8th or 9th in queue for the product at my local reseller in Qc.

      • Itching for a D800

        Salut Bertrand.
        I am also a fellow Montrealer. My order is with Lozeau. How about you?

        • Bertrand

          Lozeau has some in stock. I am 30th on the list. They have more than a hundred on their wait list… I am doomed! I reserved mine on the 8th!!!! This is soooo frustrating.

  • Carmen Armino

    You seem like a douchebag showing so much disdain for that camera that many work very hard to afford.

    • D

      Not to mention disdain for the craftsmen who built the D800, or those who packed it. What a LAME video.

    • IndyGeoff

      ROFL …. he can toss it all he wishes as he paid for it. Funny that overly sensitive people get upset at what others do with their own gear.

  • SteveJ

    By the way, it was only the D4 order that was “prioritized.” I already tried placing a D800 order through the link and I received the same email as everyone else about a shipping delay. The D800 is not a professional camera for press members, so it makes sense there is not a queue for it.

  • doug

    Got a call from Jessops about 30 minutes ago, my D800 will be in store tomorrow muhahahaha.

  • donb

    Also rec’d the Amazon “delay” message. This is without doubt Nikon’s inability to produce/deliver the quantity of D800’s that companies thought were allotted to them. Amazon has no control over this and I would consider the April 20-May1 estimate exactly that….an estimate that is likely to slip further without upfront vendor communication from Nikon.

    They would have known that a huge backlog was developing from release date, early February, but obviously made a decision to keep vendor’s believing they ware going to receive their allotment by the release date.

    With the D800 being in the top 20 Selling items on Amazon (without selling a single unit), I wonder who many people are going to look at alternatives etc. Maybe Apple’s incredibly superior release model (think about 3Million units over the first weekend for the iPad) had given us unreasonable expectations!

    • Steeptrails

      I’m not so sure. I think it’s Amazon’s ineptitude that’s causing the confusion. When they don’t know what they’re doing, they give you an outrageously long lead time. If they receive a shipment of D800s from Nikon tomorrow — like all the other distributors — they will start filling orders right away.

      The only confusion is coming from folks who ordered thru Amazon. That tells you right there that Amazon is the cause of the confusion, not Nikon.

    • +1 🙂

  • AnoNemo

    It does not seem to have the same seal as the D4 box had. (?)

  • Valiant Thor

    Ordered and waiting for the D800E. Guess this one will be last to ship. Can’t wait to see the D800E unboxing videos which will be so more unique, interesting, and different!

  • Finally D4

    My NPS order finally showed up yesterday after Adorama said it was supposed to be here last week. A friend of mine found one in Dallas that had been ordered thru the NPS preorder system and that person no longer wanted it. I would suggest calling around to see if there are any D4’s out there that are unclaimed.

  • al.ban

    28-300mm lens kit ? With D800???

    • doug

      Bukkake style kit

  • Jetfire

    Nikon UK: D800 ‘shortage’ limited to Japan

    I think it Nikon and not the dealers that have messed everything up. Is there a shortage or not?

  • thosh

    praise the videomaker! 😉

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