Nikon D800/D800E user’s manual now available for download

If you did not get the new iPad today, here is something else to fill your weekend - the Nikon D800/D800 user's manual is now available for download.


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  • fov

    I had the chance to look at D800 at a Nikon presentation last week. At ISO 3200 DR looks good enough and noise is stylish. Same for video, with great noise performance. I am disappointed by the power aperture implementation, as it does not work during recording. The only way to use power aperture seems to require a HDMI recording device like the Atomos Ninja. This feature just does not meet expectations…

  • JimR

    Spot on. I am indeed reading the D800 Manual on my new iPad. Sadly, my camera dealer says that Nikon has still not told him when he will be receiving his first shipment of D800’s nor how many he will get.

  • doug
  • Jabs

    I have a couple of questions for the readers and photographers here.
    The scenario:

    1. I downloaded both the manuals for the D4 and the D800/800E via Linux – Kubuntu 11 to be exact and both open fine in Linux, but I have not had the time to completely read them both.

    2. I downloaded maybe 20-30 Videos, Podcasts and such about the D4 and now doing the same for the D800/800E via Miro –, the free program and I get higher resolutions than most of the other web sites and I get to keep the content too for endless study, a boon for me.

    3. I also have been using 64bit Windows 8 Developers Preview for a while on a dedicated desktop computer, as it came out last year and not the new Consumer Preview as that seems to be even odder to me, just reading online about it. However, I have a spare computer that I will use shortly that now is running the 32bit version of the Developer Preview and since it is a test computer, then almost anything new goes there. This is what I am thinking about to use for the new Consumer Preview of 64bit Windows 8.

    The questions:
    1. Does the latest Adobe Reader allow you to read and browse completely in the D4 and the D800/800E manuals that were first posted here, or do you need to go to the country specific sites like NikonUSA or such for America to get an unlocked copy or one for your country? I have yet to try the manuals in either Windows 7 or XP Pro, which I use also.

    2. Do any of you use Miro and do you find it helpful like I do or do you use the native Video Programs to download and view or just view only online, as I do most of my viewing off-line as my own convenience, as busy person?

    3. Have any of you use or used Windows 8 and what do you think that it brings to the digital photographer or videographer? Does this give us newer features or options that help us or hurt us, in your opinion? Is it awful, great, pointless or brings new features valuable to us as photographers or videographers?

    I hope that Administrator does not mind this being posted, as we seem to be in a new Era of people using iPad, iPhones and all types of devices to interact with the new Nikon cameras (D4 especially and then D800/800E) like never before, so maybe he would prefer this to be a new Post Heading here or will then develop something based upon these ideas and I don’t mind, as it is their web site and I am a mere reader and commentator here.

    Let me see what you think and then what Administrator does, as he usually is very receptive to new ideas though many here like to ‘troll’ the area and bad mouth me or others who try and bring progress or even valid discussions here.

    Thanks in advance plus please try and contribute something other than to say I am an idiot or such, as I don’t really care about that.

  • looon

    And then there’s, do not remove your data storage card until the camera has finished writing to it. Dang! Who woulda thunk that!

    • looon

      Oops meant to reply to the comment about not using your shoulder strap to strangle your infant. Dang! 🙂

    • looon

      “Image size varies with the option selected for image area.” Gee thanks for pointing that out, now I will proceed to poke my eyeball with my finger.

  • But hey… we can get 6fps with DX and EN-EL18… 5fps in 1.2x crop.

  • looon

    Manual states that fps can be reduced by using vr or auto-iso. With the shutter speeds i use i can normally get by without the vr, but need the auto-iso. Hope that doesn’t cause a significant reduction in fps. Not using the high iso NR which I believe also affects fps.

    Thanks Admin for posting the manual, so great to have in advance!

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