So far ALL Nikon D4 shipments include free Sony XQD card and reader

As of today, all Nikon D4 pre-orders that I know of (in multiple countries, even non-NPS) were delivered with a free 16GB Sony XQD card and a reader (aprox. $185 value).

Maybe this XQD bonus will be included only in the first D4 shipment since XQD cards are not yet available.

Update: the rumor is thatΒ Nikon Capture NX will be included with every D800E shipment in order to provide customers proper tools for moire control. At least this will be the case in Europe, not sure about the US.

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  • Josh

    Nice! Its cool that Nikon introduces a new recording format and gives it away.

    • mike

      Or perhaps it is Sony giving it away (at least helping a lot). You introduce a new format, you need to get positive word of mouth going fast. Or people will just never adopt your standard. No better word of mouth than D4 early adopters!

      • Dan

        It makes sense that Sony is probably sponsoring this as a way to promote the new format.

        • PHB

          Yeah, this sucks for those of us who really want some XQD cards and have had to buy a D4 to get each one.

          • Andrew

            That sounds like a pretty good deal; buy a $6,000 camera and get a free $200 card kit. Much better than being forced to spend $200 for the card kit and not having the luxury of adding a $6,000 gem to it. This reasoning is why they force every school kid to learn math. But I know you are just kidding, right?

            • Everlast66

              I think he’s gone to his math lessons …

          • Art K.

            I’m pretty sure that XQD stuff is available on its own. Nice joke though…

      • paf


        My thoughts exactly.

  • T.I.M

    Thank you Sony !
    I’m a all times customer (I still have my walkman from 1977)

    • Dan

      I still my PS3!

      • I do too, but mine does this nifty little thing where the yellow light flashes on the front when I turn it on. The kiddies call it the YLOD, or Yellow Light Of Death.

        • Yagion

          I got YLOD too. Can it be fixed?

          • Yes, if you send it in to Sony, they’ll replace it with a machine that will do the same YLOD thing, sometimes within months. Oh, and they’ll only charge you (at least) $150. And you’ll lose all your data. And they’ll take a few months to get you worked out.

            Sony is the best!

            • Banned

              So sorry to hear that about your PS3, I got mine 4-5 years ago and it’s still kicking butts…

          • Sly Larive

            Probably yes, but depending on the cause of the YLOD, it can be a daunting task for people not used opening up computers and electronics. Still, if your PS3 is cooked, you haven;’t got much to lose.

            Like one of those.

            Read up first on YLOD causes first though, as hard drive and bad cables and connections can also cause YLOD as well from what I’ve read.

            • Mikycoud

              Ah ah! My Xbox360 has the RROD (red ring of death).
              So, are we gonna turn the usual Canon vs Nikon war into a Sony vs Microsoft one or what? Yeah baby!

            • No way. My Sony PS3 sucks WAY worse than your Xbox!

            • ShaoLynx

              @ RON:
              Must be user experience.
              Mine is as follows: I had preordered both.
              The 360 came first. It was used moderately, normal use, nothing special. It broke down, three times in a row over the cause of a few years. Third time was a charm, because then I got a new one (the currier service guy predicted that @failure #2 and he was right).
              My PS3 was preordered also. I used it the same amount as the 360 for playing games, except for one Major difference: it ran 24/7 doing Folding at Home for YEARS on end (when I was not using it). Never had any problem with it — I still have it.
              For me the difference in quality is clear also – PS3 wins all.

            • I was being a bit facetious, but I don’t expect you to be able to ascertain that from my post. I think both have their merits. I would still be (mostly) happily playing my PS3 and Burnout Paradise had it not been for the YLOD issue.

              However, I think it is crummy what Sony did to their customers and their machines by stripping out the Other OS feature. Actually, I think it should have been criminal. Lucky for them, the courts disagree.

            • Jabs

              Here is someone who can fix a PS3 and other systems


    • Chris Russo

      The last quality product they made!

  • BenCK


  • Olix

    Just received mine in France this morning reserved via NPS, it did include the reader and 16GB card.
    Really cool!!!

    • T.I.M

      Vive la France !
      Vive Nicolas Holland !

      • Invisible, why when I write something in Russian language, admin kills my posts, but when you write something in French, they’re allowed to be here. Is that nazi conspiracy? πŸ™‚

        • T.I.M

          @Slow Gin
          Not at all ! We love people from Russia, I have an Horizon 10x right here on my desk !

          Well, there is much more countries that speak French (Canada and many African and european countries).
          Russian sound much better than it look when written !

          But It would be cool to add one Russian word at the time in your comment, I’ll like to lean Russian (then I can chat online with beautifull Russian women)

          Merci !

        • Banned

          Where is invisible?

          • Ray

            That’s the thing about invisible, it could be anywhere!

          • Barm

            He’s invisible

        • Somewhere where people speak French. πŸ™‚

  • From the way it reads I would reach the conclusion that there have been confirmed non-NPS deliveries of the D4. Is this correct?

    • T.I.M

      What’s NPS ?

    • Jesus

      Yes Steven

      Here in Spain we don’t have NPS, so far, and I got my D4 yesterday from retailer.



      • T.I.M

        OMG ! with the help from your Dad ?

        • Red1

          God one,I mean good one?

          • Patrick – Las Vegas

            Yeah! Being the son of god does make a get all things first including the D4 ! LOL

            • John

              No. Chuck Noris got his first.

      • Thanks for the update Jesus. I wonder if not having NPS in Spain is a factor in non-NPS orders being delivered there sooner than in other places? I have several friends, both NPS and non-NPS, who still haven’t gotten anything.

    • aamith

      The single D4 that my dealer got in this morning was not for a NPS customer, but had he had an NPS order it would have gone to them. So the D4 went out to day and all of the NPS customers go to the top of the lists and if there aren’t any then the D4 is up for grabs to the next customer on the list. I was #2 on the list so the D4 that is currently sitting on my dealers floor is for some one else.

      • Patrick — Las Vegas

        I spoke to a representative from RITZ CAMERA and they told me that they fill D4 orders according to the que in the list and not if you’re NPS or not.

  • Philippe GOUVET

    The (other) interesting point in this information is that non-NPS orders have also started being delivered?? Any further info about the countries…?
    I am anxiously expecting a non-NPS D4 in the U.S.

  • Nick

    Just got my D4! Very impressed, love the free card and reader. The wt-5 is the best part, of course I haven’t even put a lens on her yet!

    • Banned


  • yep, for the first three month, Nikon will give card and reader to all D4

    • jb

      And how do you know that???

  • Just don’t forget that even without the reader you can still transfer photos, just leave the XQD card in the camera and plug in the USB cable! : P

    • Dan

      Wouldn’t ethernet be faster? Is it GigE?

      • It is not GigE. In fact, I saw some benchmarking a week or so ago (probably saw it from a link here) that had ethernet being far, far slower than USB. Still utterly baffled why no USB3 or GigE.

        Still anxiously awaiting (a shipping notice for) my D4.

    • T.I.M

      NEVER EVER transfer the pictures directly from the camera, that is the best way to get a virus in your $3000 camera.

      Also, always format the card before you put it back in your camera (then, format the card using the camera)

      I may sound stupid and parano, but I can whipe out my PC and make it brand new in 30mn, I can’t do that with my Nikon….

      • Alex

        You’re kidding right ?

        Get a mac ….

        • ken


        • I agree. It’s just so damn frustrating! The blue screen I got since Windows 95 is still showing up with the current Windows system. Mac is really a multimedia best friend πŸ™‚

          • Whatever you say. My macs still get BSODs. They are just prettier with black screens, and they call them Kernel Panics.

        • Graham
      • BOZO

        So you think a computer Virus that was coded to work in a Microsoft windows environment will be able to execute/load itself into your camera?

        Brilliant thinking!

        • T.I.M

          “It could be possible, but impractical because of how differently each digital camera works internally. Unless digital camera start using the same operating systems”

          I’m probably 99.99% wrong fearing geting a virus in my DSLR but it does not cost to be safe.

          It won’t be a big disaster if I get a virus in my D5100 but it would be costly if it append to my D800e

          • T.I.M

            In English (or Russian) please.

          • kevin

            as a computer programmer, i think it is very unlikely to get virus to effect your dslr in daily use. I think the only possible way to get virus is when you upload your file from computer to your camera or when you update your firmware. and that virus has to be designed for your dslr to work.

            if i were to write virus, i would include the virus in nikon update firmware . then i would upload it to torrent. i would have people download and use it without knowing it contains virus.

            thats why i would not want to download firmware update from torrent.

      • arizonaSteve

        Has their ever been a documented virus for Nikon or Canon cameras?

      • You realize that a virus can only work on a system for which it was designed, correct?

  • I’d rather they drop the price than include something I wont use. 16gb that’s it??

    • Derek

      Why wouldn’t you use it? And why do you care that it’s “only 16GB” if you aren’t even going to use it?

      • Anonymous

        Because he just wants to bitch… πŸ™‚

        • komalkumar

          +1 πŸ™‚

    • TT

      Some folks are not happy unless they have something to bitch about….

  • ISP

    WOW this is very cool !
    But remember…. Sony is probably the one we should say thanks… Fo them, having some XDQ cards in the market with pro bodys is a vrey BIG marketting move !

    We all talking about this… and happy about it !

    So thanks Sony ! And thank you Nikon for comming back so strong after a very hard 2011 ! πŸ™‚

    • ISP

      Ho yes… and sorry for the typo !

  • Rich in TX

    I hope us D800 buyers get something free! (right)

    • T.I.M

      @Rich in TX
      I just hope I’ll get the camera…..

    • Rob

      Well if you ask me your getting a $10,000 body for $3,000 with the D800 so i guess your getting $7,000 free if you think about it that way.

      • T.I.M

        I’m calling my wife right now !
        Thank you brother !

      • St.

        I still wouldn’t mind to get a Capture NX with my D800.
        In fact I think Nikon should include that with their Pro cameras and keep NX view for the prosumer ones.

        • +1 Another thought however, just buy the NIK software suite and be done with it!

          • St.

            I do have Nik’s collection and use that in Lightroom. Just to get all screwed up with the new LR4. None of the Nik’s plugins work anymore. I called Nik and Adobe – they know about the issue, but no real solution yet. The Adobe guy said after they have the solution they will release a patch.

            You can follow the status of the problem here:

            • jorge

              I just downloaded LR4 to my Mac and I tested each and every of my entire suite of Nik software. They all work just fine.

        • The comment at the top of this article says it is only rumour that the D800E comes with Capture NX, but it is absolutely listed with the camera in the UK, so it’s a fact. This I am absolutely positive is the case worldwide too – it’s part of the premium cost of the D800E which in my view made it an even more attractive upgrade from the ‘standard’ D800.

          Nikon have been super smart with these announcements, both with the packaging of the XQD card and software which should help erase any moire in the tiny number of shots they will affect…they are covering all bases beautifully for me.

          • ken

            I’m sure the new capture NX does a hell of a lot more than moire control and should be included with both D800 and D800E versions, imo.

            Part of the premium cost of the D800E is not the s/w you get with your camera……if they are supplying a Moire Control specific Capture NX with the D800E .only.. it makes you wonder and makes me thankful i just got a D800….

        • Jorge

          Capture NX came in my D300 Box back in 2008. When I purchased my D700, I bitched at Nikon that Capture NX couldn’t open my NEF files, and they gave me the full version of Capture NX2. Pretty sweet deal from Nikon. But my point is it came bundled with my D300.

      • I find your maths interesting. The way I calculated it, we were getting a $3,000 body for $3,000.


  • That is what I am hearing from someone in Europe who received one.

  • shivaswrath

    you guys do realize it’s Sony giving these away?

    Bundling is marketing/economics 101 – and Sony’s famous for it! (think PS3 losses)

    BUT, put into perspective, they’ll OWN the market, and clearly they’re colluding with Nikon, so that when the D4s/D5 are out, the dual XQD won’t be a heartattack for pro’s…

    And the revenue they’ll make on $200 cards…(lol)…

    • PeterO

      “Bundling is marketing/economics 101”

      Absolutely. And here we have another missed marketing opportunity by Nikon. Don’t just give them away – trumpet the fact that you are giving them away for free and take the opportunity to convince the world (whether it’s true or not) that this is the future of memory cards. No, people aren’t suddenly going to buy D4s to get the free card, but the seed will have been planted about XQD being the future.

      • FrankieB

        I would not buy a D4 for the free XQD card and reader, but I would buy an XQD card and reader for a free D4.

      • arizonaSteve

        I am completely serious when I say this: They need to come up with a more consumer friendly name for the XQD cards.

        • +1,000,000

          I *just* stopped having to look up the initials to make sure I got the right ones in the right order. I’m tech savvy and it took me several weeks!

        • Jabs

          How about ‘Fast thing’ or ‘tha thang’ – lol

          Yeah, better name would have been better but in time, we will all get it right.

          Beats “Ice Cream Sandwich” for that Android Updated OS.

          Maybe DXF – oops sounds too much like an old file format for that 3D Program!

          XFC – Extra fast card – LOL – sounds like KFC or a chicken joint.

          I am sure that they had edumacated and Market savvy perfessionals intercolute and come up with dat dere name – right yer honor!



  • Ray

    Ironically, the reason XQD cards aren’t available yet is because all existing stock is sitting in D4 boxes. πŸ™‚

    Of course, nice to see even an unexpected freebie has seen some people complaining…

    • A last minute deal that led to D4 delays? Hmmm….

      • @Ron Adair, most likely the XQD cards were planned all along, but Sony couldn’t deliver as promised and caused the delays of the D4. Most likely we will never know…my fear is that the other giants, SanDisk and Lexar won’t join Sony in producing XQD cards and Sony will price gouge us down the road like they have always done on their propriety shit! With Sony, they continue to play that game since the Betamax days!!

        • I agree. Sony has a clear history of screwing the customer for a chance at low-hangning profits. Not too wise from a long-term brand strategy standpoint.

          I, too, hope to see other (reputable) players enter the field of XQD. Otherwise, it’s a dead tech.

      • ActionJunky

        You seem to have issues with anything that doesn’t meet your approval or needs. If it really bothers you that much, maybe you should spend more time booking gigs, change to another brand, or design your own camera.

        Good luck,

        • “You seem to have issues with anything that doesn’t meet your approval or needs”

          How would you suggest I respond to things which don’t meet my approval or needs? Buy them in droves?

          Besides, I’m madly in love with the D4 and am happy to receive a free XQD card and reader. I’m not complaining about the delay, just positing.

  • Goldie

    It’s a deal to help Nikon compete against Canon. Nikon gets a 36 meg sensor at a more competitive cost, Sony gets its exclusive new technology promoted.

  • Very smart move on Sony/Nikon’s part when introducing a new format.
    I do appreciate it, thanks!

  • I see where my separate order for an XQD card at B&H “has been sent to the warehouse” so they’re obviously in stock and sending it out. Be nice if they include one with the D4 I ordered (whenever it may come), but the 16M XQD has obviously hit the market.

    • …um, 16G XQD card.

    • Ray

      I also see my order on the 32GB XQD card now showing “Processing”. It has shown backordered since I placed my order in January but changed last night…

      • Ray

        Status just changed to “in stock and sent to the warehouse for shipment” This is for XQD 32GB card and card reader…

      • And I see where my credit card has been dinged for the XQD order. I ordered the D4 on the day it became available for pre-order at B&H, now we’ll see if I’ve gotten lucky. (as a low non-NPS member)

    • Yup, the XQD order at B & H is going to the warehouse…. now for the D4….

  • sam

    Any body knows when the non NPS is going to start delivery in the U.S.?

    • Levi H

      Not soon enough that’s for sure!

  • Ray

    I still think the first delay of the D4 was due to the delay on the XQD cards. Nikon worked with Sony to develop this technology, so they would be in the loop concerning delivery of the XQD, and decided to delay the D4 until they could get some stock from Sony to include in the first shipments.

    • and this is why probably they include a free XQD card with the D4

  • Dan

    This is getting more exciting by the minute….:D

  • Ray

    My order on the XQD 32GB cards and the card reader is now showing “in stock and sent to the warehouse for shipment”. This shows in my B&H account. It will show the tracking number by the end of the day, so B&H is starting to ship the new 32GB XQD cards and readers….

    • anders@kameraklick.s

      Both 16 and 32 GB XQD are now in stock at Scandinavian Photo, Sweden

  • D4Guy

    I’m hearing from Nikon Europe that this is the primary way of things:
    #1 Demo cameras for major stores.. (These have arrived)
    #2 NPS Celebs… Not many… (Most have arrived, some still on demos)
    #3 NPS… A few have arrived in some countries. More arriving next week..
    #4 Non NPS… Probably still a couple of weeks away..?

    This is not much different from the D3 launch, that too trickled a few days before you had a more constant flow.

    • broxibear

      Hi D4Guy,
      Here’s some more information to add as far as the UK goes.
      I was told Nikon Pro dealers in the UK are receiving tiny numbers of D4 and D800 bodies compared to the pre-orders they’ve taken. I was also told that although the first batch of D4 bodies have arrived, retailers are not being given any information from Nikon regarding the next shipment.
      One Pro dealer told me they don’t know if the next batch will be weeks or months as Nikon Europe B.V. are only informing retailers 24 hours before shipment about how many bodies they’ll recieve in a particular batch.
      In one way I’m not surprised, but you’d have thought a few lessons might have been learnt from previous launches … I guess it’s one of the perils of pre-ordering ?

      • D4Guy

        Thanks Broxibear, that sounds about right.. I’m NPS and got the first order in, in my country. The Nikon ambassadors gets their first, then hopefully in not to long a time I’ll se mine. A bit annoyed that the system is not necessarily fair because even if you are NPS, Nikon decides when you get yours and seem to have different rules for different countries.

  • crossing my fingers. ordered mine early january with a 32G sandisk extreme pro. a new xqd to go along with it would be awesome. time will tell. . .

  • Jeremy C.

    Just got my D4 (Canada) comes with XQD card not an NPS member.

    • Mike

      You realize how lucky you are! There are so few D4’s in the first wave. I was told by an acquaintance at Nikon Canada that the D800 will take months to fulfil the pre-order and that the “D4 is worse” in that regard.

    • KnightPhoto

      Holy cremoley Jeremy C. thanks for the tip re. Canada order is in.

      I just turned up the ringer on my phone!

  • Jennicks
    • broxibear

      It’s Β£700 cheaper in India than the UK, it would actually be cheaper to fly to India and buy it there than getting one in the UK ?
      Is the UK the most expensive place to buy a D4 or are there even worse place to get one ?

      • Magnus

        Mine was Β£5100 / $8000USD (Sweden).

      • Gotta love the Pound Sterling, and inflation. God save the Queen!

  • Jennicks
  • Stevo in Cali

    As with many of you, I ordered my D4 on January 6th. My order is with Adorama. I fully expect to be waiting for months before seeing my camera. I also expect to get the first camera shipped without the XQD card and reader. This way I’m not disappointed. Yesterday however, Adorama billed my card $50 out of the blue. I’m hoping this is some sort of pre-ship preparation, but I still expect to wait for months. I still need to call them to ask about the charge.

    • shivaswrath

      i cancelled my adorama order ages ago and manage to snag a D4 through amazon as a quick pick of the day ($5699)…I’m leaning towards Amazon getting supply first before Adorama, since they usually get stock of other items before Amazon…

    • jb

      Yes Adorama billed me 96.00 dollars out of the blue, I emailed them to see why…still waiting for a reply…

  • Powercc

    I’ve got yesterday from my dealer the message: that in Germany at first only NPS get the D4 – and at any not exactly mention time Nikon will support all Non NPS…
    That’s very frustated, because I ordered at Nikon announced the D4 – and there was no restriction about NPS vs NON NPS…

  • Blair

    Just picked mine up and it has the card and reader too.

    Maryland USA

    • Hey Blair, where’d you get yours? Service Photo?

      • Blair

        Pads – Yes, Service Photo

  • Nikkor

    Not a peep out of B&H, and by peep I don’t dont mean the delicious yellow marshmellow treat called Peeps. Yummmmmmmm, peeps…….

  • Brian Davis

    It’s the least they could do since I just dropped $6k on a camera….

  • charlarz

    Looks like Dury’s got their D4s in…

  • gbm

    I think this is a very smart move if Sony and Nikon are serious about promoting this new format.

    … but I’m still not sure about this format catching on.

  • Jabs

    It seems that this inclusion of the card and reader is the cause of the delay in shipment to customers – GREAT move Nikon.

    Also – do you realize that the D4 can shoot up to 24 fps?

  • jon

    i bet that this is the real reason the D4 was delayed, to get the cards and readers in stock so that they could be put in the box.

  • FF

    It is very odd that BH is silent on D4s yet smaller US retailers are already delivering bodies. BH seems to be shipping XQD and readers ahead of D4’s. Could they be playing a game knowing that a 16G card and reader are in the box and rather than risk losing the pre-order sales, ship the cards knwing that many people will not want to deal with the return and then start shipping the bodies?

    How can the largest retailer in the US have zero D4’s when others do? I am skeptical.

    • musephoto

      Well I have just heard from B&H and it wasn’t good news. To all you who think Nikon held D4 deliveries just so they could include XQD cards and readers, well please excuse me but I really think you’re wrong!

      This is very clearly yet another case of Nikon completely miss-managing the release of a new product. I just don’t understand how they could “fail to meet the demand” when much of that demand was visible months ago. I know the earthquake and flooding in Taiwan didn’t help.

      They should have waited till they really did have sufficient product on hand to come close to meeting the initial demand before giving out release dates to the world. As it is this is the second date they announced and they could not hit that. Too much to hope that heads will roll I suppose.

      Time for a rethink…. must be some cheap D3s’s out there by now….

      • Rob

        I’m sure the people who get their D4s in the first 6 months will be glad Nikon didn’t follow your advice to just hold everyone’s D4 for 6 months so that people don’t feel “left out” for not getting theirs first. And of course they failed to meet initial demand. It wouldn’t be economically feasible to make their production capacity 50,000 bodies per month for just one month so they can have that many at release. They’d have to charge $10k+ a body to make up for such a huge capital investment.

        • musephoto


          Not entirely what I meant, Nikon have messed up in the “management of expectation” department as well as communication. If you’re really only going to supply NPS or favored customers, don’t make a “general release” announcement and especially don’t make announcements of product availability in Feb and miss by a month.

          Nikon always do this and should learn that all they do is irritate, frustrate and annoy. If they need product release lessons look at how Apple have messed up in the past and how they have improved of late.

          • Jabs

            I hate to sound spiteful or even take a tone of condemnation, but what sort of reality does one have for a new Product?
            People have weird expectations of ‘perfect Product launches’ in their ‘heads’ and then expect things to go swimmingly perfect in a worldwide Product launch managed by various Divisions of a Multi-National Company.

            Well, I see that as a dream and not a mismanagement of expectations, as anyone who expects a totally new product to not have some delivery hiccups or mistakes is the one with the problem, as in not dealing with reality.

            How do you manage the unknown = the problem. How do you predict how many of an unknown product will sell and how do you deal with being overwhelmed by purchaser’s decisions to NOW buy your new Product?

            Nikon just released a totally different product times TWO – D4 and D800 and then they announce them and deliver them in less than three months or 90 DAYS, and yet people complain? Sorry, but people are dreamers and have probably never been involved with a product release in their life.

            IF Nikon held up the release due to a lack of new cards and readers from Sony plus then included them FREE in their released Product, then that is a management of expectations TRIUMPH and not a failure, as failure is having a product and not being able to USE it due to the associated part being not available at launch (in this case the new card and reader) = something BEYOND Nikon’s control.

            Sorry but I am a realist and not some ’emotional dreamer’ waiting for a Nikon D4 or D800 to pop out of nowhere and satisfy me while not looking at the logistics of Manufacturing and delivering a product to so many diverse countries and users worldwide.

            WHERE are the Sony, Canon and other announced Products that were/are affected by two disasters?
            Who is first to Market? Nikon, Sony or Canon?

            BTW – this is not a personal attack, but more people need to calm their enthusiasm with a dose of reality!

            Here is the reality of Nikon, Inc based upon their past practices – Nikon usually releases a Pro product after quite a bit of Product testing via real users in many areas of the world. This includes large Corporations, specific users like Pros, Armed Forces, Journalists and Sports photographers – for example, I believe that the shots taken at the World Championships in Korea last year (2011) were taken by a Nikon D4 being pre-tested for the Olympics.

            Therefore stuff happens and all Corporations have to deal with that. Management of expectations thus is NOT by you, as that is your perceptions as to what YOU wanted to happen and since they are the Manufacturer of the product, then they release it and deliver it WHEN they can or feel that it is ready for the intended Market. If you don’t want to wait, then be an in the loop Product tester or Manufacture your own gear or live in Utopia (in your head too – LOL- sorry).

            Stuff happens = REAL expectations as the rest is maybe your dreams or unreality in this case. Sorry, but enthusiasm or love does not mean you get as you wish but management is the process of dealing with the unknown or unexpected problem and then FIXING that with the least amount of disruptions, not living up to the ‘pipe dreams’ of people – CRAP happens in the real world.

            Ask Apple about its launched new iPad?

            • musephoto

              Lets try this….

              Nikon annouce a product release on a given date and create my expectation that it will be available, in my hands, at that date or very shortly afterwards….

              Nikon create the expectation and fail to deliver (not just Nikon).

              Example of doing it right = Apple iPhone 4s.

            • Jabs


              I answered both your comment at the end of these posts and now here.

              Basically the iPhone 4s was a real problem and thus not a good example, as it was forever delayed.

              The iPad 2 would have been a better example and the original iPhone 4 was launched on time but was flawed by antenna issues, if I remember right.

              Hey, I have been following Apple since the original Lisa and have owned and still own Apple’s, so wrong person to tell this to – LOL.

              Everybody screws up and thus the one who screws up least is what I deal with, and not software or dreams.

              More stages in the pipeline = more things to go wrong, hence K.I.S.S or keep it simple stupid – lol, which rarely ever works and is replaced with Patience or deal with reality.

              Where is the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 then???

              Where is Intels ‘tick tock’ strategy now and why are their newest released products now flawed or they have not released the successors to them? Technical person here, so examples mean little to me more than a pointless argument as technically well read and astute too.

  • ActionJunky

    This is an outstanding move by Nikon and Sony. I did not pre-order a D4, but I still want to thank Nikon and Sony. I do have concerns about the longevity of the XQD. Sony does have a history of developing technologies that are not widely adapted and then migrate to obscurity.

    I did pre-order the D800. Will it come with an 8MB Eye-Fi card? Wouldn’t that be nice. I am a little less concerned about the longevity of USB 3.0 on the D800. It will be widely adapted by PC users because they just have to have it. However, Apple has cast the vote in the direction of Thunderbolt. I have to believe that Thunderbolt will be more widely adapted. Maybe there is a converter out there, or I will just have to purchase a Thunderbolt card-reader.

    Back to the point…


    • Jabs


      There is a widely promoted misconception that Sony developed the new card.

      Actually the new card is a NEW Standard developed by a consortium of Manufacturer’s as a new specification and ratified in 2011 to replace the older card. Nikon and Sony are contributors to this updated spec card and others can produce it, as it is a NEW Standard and not a Sony only Product.

      The card has no contacts to get snagged, bent or break in the body and is more like an SD card than a CF card (think of it as a mini-SSD or mini-solid state drive) and then realize its’ significance in speed and durability.

      It’s the newest Standard and quite a bit of headroom for more speed is in that card, plus it has more throughput than any card currently on the Market. Lastly, it is not a BetaMax, Memory Stick or such a product but a genuinely ratified Standard that many Manufacturer’s contributed to the design as a way forward in next generation cameras – Nikon just got one body that uses it out first and that’s all.

      Sort of like PCI to PCIE and then PCIE2 or PCI-3 – or Wireless, Wireless G, Wireless G+, Wireless N, Wireless N+ and the newer ratified Standard (forgot the name).

      Therefore Industry Standard ratified ISO item that anyone qualified to Manufacture, can do. Nikon ‘haters’ are the ones trying to start confusion through fear-mongering, as in Blue-Ray versus HD-Video and BetaMax versus VHS.

      Idiots, frauds or both basically trying to neuter the D4 in sales or momentum via this new card!

      • musephoto


        I did reply Jabs but it seems to have been removed…..

        • Jabs

          @musephoto – LOL

          Yeah weird stuff happens here to replies as it is now towards the end of the Subject and I responded.

          Anyway, I understand your enthusiasm and thus many people wait until the dust or excitement of a new release settles before they buy, as the initial delays or uncertainty drives them crazy.

          Enjoy your new Nikon as done that already, so perhaps jaded by that.

          Stuff happens = my motto in life now!

      • Kind of a distinction without a difference, really. Yes, it’s an open standard. But nobody is (or has expressed interest in) making them outside of Sony. And your comparisons to PCI or WiFi standards fall a bit flat since every one of those standards is already being used by dozens of companies when they’re finalized.

        I’ll be using them (well, definitely if my D4 includes one, but I’ll probably get one or two even if it doesn’t), but I’ll remain skeptical about their future until either Lexar or SanDisk is making them.

        That isn’t trying to kill the momentum (I hope others start making them, and that they do succeed in becoming widely used), it’s recognizing a poor situation for the consumer. Frankly, I don’t think it was a good idea for Nikon to support the card without more manufacturers on board. But we’ll see.

        • Jabs


          I do agree with you but it is Nikon who usually takes the risks of using new Technology and it usually pays off for us and them.

          Because it is an SSD (solid state drive) in a new form factor, it probably will be successful due to sheer speed alone but who knows in the long run.

          Compared to anything on the Market currently, it is like night and day.

          BTW – Wireless N stood in draft mode or N Draft for maybe a few years while they argued about formally ratifying the Standard officially, so that is why it is relevant. Wireless N came after Wireless G which became 54G later and now they have Wireless N+ (something) and the arguments are still ongoing. Basically 54G, then N-300G and then N-450G speeds and more arguments plus more infighting before something is formally ratified.

          Welcome to technology ‘hell’ basically, as Manufacturers compete and Countries compete to thwart the efforts of others = today’s reality.

          I expect people like RED and others to eventually use it and then Nikon to expand its’ use while Canon sleeps on it.

          Basically Nikon usually takes the chances with cutting edge ideas and others lag behind and wait for Nikon to fail.

          Ever heard of the F3AF or the FA – well Nikon was laughed at then, but look now – all cameras have derivatives of these ideas today. I also owned both cameras myself from when they first came out too, used them extensively and loved them, as they pointed clearly to the future.

          The D4 is of that same mold and thus revolutionary camera SYSTEM like none other on the Market leaving Canon again behind in real world forward thinking features.

          Latest Canon Pro body only wins in faster Ethernet speeds but dropped the ball considerably on other features in my opinion. Camera user and buyer here for years!

  • A friend of mine pre-ordered the 5dmk3 and showed me a high iso sample so i did another check for high iso samples. I myself am waiting for enough money to buy the d4 or something, currently shooting with a d700. So i came across this webpage,

    and guess what, they have both 5dmk3 and d4. only thing i find surprising is that the 5dmk3 is cleeeean at high iso, in shadows seems cleaner than the d4. could this be possible? if 5d is like this, what about 1dx?… the d4 is cheaper, some could consider it inferior because of that, i mean i’m starting to think that they’re in different categories, like 40d was against 300d. although almost equal, 300d was leading in some aspects like weather sealing, etc.

    • Rob

      Those are .jpg files straight out of the camera. The 5DMk3 uses much more noise reduction than the D4 at high ISO. Even though it has fewer MP, the D4 has much more detail than the Canon because of the NR. If you didn’t notice this in the shadows or in the threads, it’s clearly visible in the text on the Proportion Scale (between the brushes).

      • actually they have raw files, i’m just looking at them right now, there’s no excuse. nikon is 0.3 underexposed, but still, 5d looks really good…it has a little more grain, but…it has more mp so that’s to be expected. so check the raw files directly, forget the jpgs. i switched to nikon because i wanted a FF and wouldn’t spend 2500 euro for a camera that had low iso banding and bad focus (5dmk2). This is the camera that canon should have released 3 yeas ago…

  • Sean

    Non-NPS member in California. Got email that I will get my D4 tomorrow from Ritz Camera. Unfortunately had to pay state taxes ($500) because Ritz became a CA company between the preorder and delivery. I’m going on nearly 4 weeks of shooting later this month and didn’t want to risk having to wait until June with my ole (but very trusty) D300 if I had cancelled and gone with someone out-of-state. Some things are just rare enough to suck up the extra cost, and the D4 is a very rare bird right now.

    • AMusingFool

      Glad to hear this. Mine is on order from Ritz, but haven’t heard anything. (And yes, I did order it Jan 6th)

    • Rob

      You still have to pay tax if you get it out of state. It’s just Use Tax instead of Sales Tax, but it’s the same amount.

  • RobUK

    This is great news – my dealer phoned me up today to say my D4 will be delivered tomorrow. They got 5 from Nikon, 2 are going to a large press agency (they wanted 20!), and the other 3 to the first 3 on the pre-order list, apparently I was number 2.
    If I get a free XQD card and reader that will be ab fab πŸ˜‰

  • Crimed

    Australia, Germany, Spain, Holland, India, Eastern Europe, California (also a foreign country). So what is Nu Yawk already – chopped liver?! Fuggedaboudit.

  • broxibear

    D4 Unboxing NPS Priority Colorado, US

  • Camaman

    The second I saw those boxes included in the package there were no doubts that it uses a Sony sensor! πŸ˜›

  • william moore

    I just received an email from Ritz Camera that my D4 has shipped and will arrive on Friday.
    And I orderd my D4 one week after it was announced

    • sharyl19

      Well I order first day Ritz started pre orders but canceled when they tried to charge me taxes, so now I am stuck in back of the line at B & H

  • D4

    Had the D4 delivered today (Netherlands). No XQD card or reader, though.

    • Rob

      Was the box sealed with the Nikon sticker when you got it?

      • D4

        No, it wasn’t. I didn’t see a Nikon sticker, either.

  • comparo

    I’m off to a photog get together where there will be a D4 and D800 for us to play with! …as I wait for my own D4 to arrive.

  • rbranan

    picked mine up today, came with card and reader–which is nice since dealer didn’t cards yet.

    • rbranan

      forgot to mention, mine was in SF bay area

      • lightwriter

        Which dealer in the SF bay area? Are you an NPS member?

  • Tibs

    Just got an email from Nikon NPS that they shipped my D4 overnight. It will be in my hands Friday March 16th! The Sony 16GB/Card Reader is a nice touch if its included. Can’t wait to shoot as I am heading out to the Tetons in 3 weeks!

  • Dan

    So silly question. Amazon tells me I’m getting my D4 on March 22nd. When do they typically update the delivery date (assuming of course the camera won’t be delivered on that date which seems to be the consensus here). Is it after the date has passed? A couple of days beforre? When??? I’m tired of clicking in anticipation arrrrgggghhhh!!!!

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