Nikon D4 unboxing video

As I already mentioned earlier today, the Nikon D4 is now shipping and this is the first unboxing video. I am not sure why this D4 camera came with a Sony XQD card and a reader - this was probably a local special.

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  • Here in The Netherlands ( europe) it is a special promotion and the first batch of D4’s will be delivered with a 16gb QXD card and an USB 3 card reader. I understood that these will be supplied by Nikon.

    • meanwhile in germany, dealers saying preorders on D800 starting to be delivered on end of april or first half of may

      • chris

        my dealer in germany called me 10 minutes ago to say that the first D800s will arrive 1 week later (approximately 29.03.)

    • I’m curious how long they will keep delivering the D4 with these extras. The problem with such a promotion is that later buyers will always feel entitled to at least the same amount of product for the same amount of money, no less (whether justified or not).

      • Jesus_sti

        This is why it’s called a promotion …

        • Higher end products (aimed at pros) tend not to start with a promotion I’d say, usually that happens later in the life cycle of such products.

        • Marcus

          I’d say it’s an early adopters bonus. Given the only reason they are including the cards are the fact that they are impossible to get a hold of through other channels at the moment.

          If XQD cards continue to be out of stock everywhere, I guess Nikon pretty much has to include them with every D4 sold.

  • Anonymous

    It is great that Nikon kept their dates of delivery on this one more or less on schedule. I hope to get my paws on a D800 soon.

    • JohnDoe

      They didn’t. They’re a month late, at least.

  • Ryan

    Wow. What a beautiful piece of equipment.

    Thanks for the video!

    • Jason

      this guy is rolling. d4 and d3x. $14,000 in bodies.

      • Jetfire

        My guess he makes a living with those bodies, so they pay for themselves.

      • Rob

        Well, his D3x is only worth about $4000 now. Probably less in a month.

  • Andrew


  • it sure looks like nikon supplied the sony card and reader not the local camera shop.

    • Nikon Australia is also including an XQD card and reader for its NPS allocations. Wait and see for non-NPS…

  • Frank

    Idiot could of made the video level!!!!

    I kid I kid! haha

  • 120-300 OS for Nikon

    Nice and beautiful congrets to the first putting this on the net.

  • rhlpetrus

    I wonder why these “unboxing” videos are interesting. I want to see comments on performance, from IQ to fps to af and video.

    • Nikon Shooter

      For the same reasons striptease is interesting even though you are not going to see comments on the tightness, moistness and fishiness of the product in question. Just an eye-candy without any specific purpose.

      • J

        Blood hell, you nailed it, sir!

        • J

          Bloody hell, I meant “bloody”, not “blood”! 😀

  • number 9

    I’m the 9th commenter.

    • Unyil

      “what a waste of time and space…..loser”…

  • Tomislav

    Hope the pictures at higher ISO-Settings are better that it seems in the comparison at dpreview … there the D3s seems to be performing better above ISO 6400

    • Rich in TX

      I was able to shoot a D4 and a D800 at the Nikon event in Austin today; It was a demonstration on how to make a music video with DSLR; it was a very dark room with only light coming from stage lights shining on the band. The audience members were able to shoot with the D4 and D800. I shot the D4 at ISO 12800 and then went and looked at the images. They were astonishing. They looked like they had been shot at ISO 1000. Absolutely gorgeous images. I am not at all worried about ISO performance on the D4 and I hope my D800 does anywhere Close to the D4.

      • ISO 1000?

        Which cameras ISO 1000 are you comparing it to?

  • Robin

    So the very first D4 was delivered to a Hand Model!!!

  • Nicely done. Wish he had turned it on as well.

  • Ric

    Funny how the dude tosses the papers.

  • Andre

    ahhh nice. Can’t wait for mine , hopefully this month.

  • Gareth

    LOL, unboxing. It’s like softcore camera porn.

    What’s the point, I mean really?

    • Mike

      It’s living vicariously. Like watching an exotic car being driven around the track. It’s the fruit of one’s labour after either waiting and/or saving up a hard earned dollar/euro/pound. It’s contentment and satisfaction.

    • Hendog

      Complete with porn music 😛

    • BartyL

      Well, really, what’s the point of anything?

  • Sofus Comer

    Haha, what a funny video. Some lucky dude gets to open up a D4…
    If you like magic, dont watch it. Save this magic moment for yourself, when you have it in your hands and are about to unpack your new Nikon Camera.

    • another anonymous

      haha this is for us who will not go with d4

      • Matt Taylor

        Or for those of us who can’t even afford one….

        I still <3 my D2X!

        • BartyL

          Last year I went to see a 3D film shot in the Arkaroola wildlife sanctuary in South Australia. All done using interval shooting using a pair of robotically controlled D2X’s. Stunning photography with awesome IQ. If your D2X is in good condition, then it continues to be an excellent camera.

  • another anonymous

    Yup, there were the guides in slovak language, it’s nice to see I could to have it already at home 😉 even if that is too much for me hm

  • OverExposed

    I’ll probably remember everything that happened that day I open my D4. lol :o)

  • Charles

    Interesting that the D4 box has room specifically for the XQD card reader and card. I seem to recall that all my Nikon dslrs pretty much filled up the box.

  • John

    What’s the point of the video if the guy didn’t sniff it like the guy with the Fro… Now He Knows photo…

    • jb

      Fro is a moron…that site was much better before he kicked Greg off for some unknown reason….I have a feeling its because greg knew lots more than Fro!!, now I check out Greg Cazillos website!!

  • F64photo

    To my knowledge, Sony is the only current manufacturer of the QXD card cards! they must have a thing going with Nikon!

  • hope has finally arrived. cannot wait until my gear is finally here, in the US, that is. i too was confused about the new card and reader in the box. maybe surprise treat from nikon/sony for marketing purposes. when i finally unleash my super nerirific unboxing video, we will soon find out. lol.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Porn. Even the music.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Are you any relation?

      • Ben Kockwell

        with u?

        • Ren Kockwell

          both hell no

        • Ken Bockwell

          do i know you?

          • Mock Kenwell

            Mom, stop hacking my accounts.

            • Mom Kenwell

              Sorry son.

  • Pro Nikon Shooter

    This looks like my D1 but it takes 2 batteries and 2 cards, is that why it’s a D4? Is it any better than my D1?


      considering your name is “Pro Nikon Shooter” you tell me.

  • Fernando

    This video made me puke rainbows. I sure don’t need a D4 (have a d700), I sure want a D4. More now that someone else has one. That’s the purpose of the video. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • norbs

      ‘puke rainbows’ ???

      now that’s an ambiguous statement of contrasts……


        yeah, well the video made ME barf flaming rainbow butterfly’s

  • It lives. Eek!

  • Banksie

    I would have tossed the strap away along with the cardboard packing. Nikon makes the ugliest and nerdiest straps in the universe. Who in their right mind would attach a camera to a strap like that? Probably somebody who would wear a Nikon hat or T-shirt, too……..

    • “Who in their right mind would attach a camera to a strap like that?”


      • BartyL

        “right mind” is the phrase you seem to have missed.

        (I JOKE, I JOKE! Look, it was just there for the taking…).

  • Aaron Shepard

    This is really funny. A video of someone taking a camera out of a box.

    The Internet has come to this.

    Next thing you know, we’ll see a furor over an Olive Garden restaurant review.

    • BartyL

      Hmmm, I gather you are new to this whole internet thing?

      • Qnaln

        I think so. He used his real name too. He’s probably 90.

  • Zoron

    Lets see some high iso samples bro

  • Best camera porn award of the year.

  • Mike Lowery

    He has some hairy European arms.

    • Josh

      It’s actually a ‘she’. Those European women don’t like to shave.

      • Wilson

        Well said + 16.12

      • Sofus Comer


    • Taras Chaban

      Maybe Nikon is trying to entice more female costumers than again that’s allot of fur to like.

  • BT

    I’ve suddenly lost my appetite for a D4….must me that masculine and hairy forearms and hands. I guess they couldn’t afford a sexy female hand model.

  • I hope mine also come with a XQD card and reader!!!! Since this make me feel more worth on US$6600 in Hong Kong!!!

  • kg

    Will UK get a XQD card in the first batch?

  • Nikon D800 box spotted at Nikon Malaysia:

    • infraRed

      Hmmh… No seal on those boxes?

      • Robin

        Demo unit boxes.

    • Levi H

      Dang, makes the D4 box look HUGE. The D4 will be my first full pro body camera. I love the D700, but I’m really excited about the step up!

  • Blair

    I hope they offer that “promotion” in the US too, would be nice to get a memory card are reader thrown in ;-), I had already pre ordered a couple XQD cards bu tI doubt they will be here before the body arrives.

  • Tommy

    Well, that’s disappointing! I expected some Japanese cheerleaders in school outfits poping out from a box with such a price tag!

    • BartyL

      I think you’ll find the D4 is too conspicuous for ‘upskirting’.

  • infraRed

    Hmmh… No seal on those boxes?

  • krasna a draha hracka

    • doug

      indeed it is my friend

  • SoftonDemand

    Peter thats not your D4?

  • John

    These unboxing videos with no voice track are pointless. Great eye candy, but if the guy can afford a D4, I’d hope he’s got a head on his shoulders to provide some intelligent commentary.

  • neversink

    I fell asleep on this unboxing video…. For those comparing it with porn, I doubt I would have fallen asleep on porn, no matter how tasteless it might have been…..

    Oh well… Think I’ll make my own erotic unboxing video when my D4 is delivered!!!!!!

    • Don’t do it bro.

      Gross. I do NOT want to see your video.

  • Val Thor

    Hardpore Corn.

  • MichalK

    I just received my D4 now.

    Also came with the 16 GB XQD card and the reader.

    Nikon does this for NPS members as a “bonus”, at least here in Australia…

    Its a Nikon initiative, nothing to do with dealers (ay let here in Oz)

    And no I wont be doing a Unboxing Video, but will be doing a Wedding Video on saturday and will be shot entirely on my D4s…


    • Fred Muller

      God ! you allready have the ‘S version


        well…you know how it is in australia

      • MichalK

        ..ah sorry, the “s” stands for plural…

        I got 3 of them

        • Fred Muller

          I see… 😛

  • M01

    unboxed here too,
    In the article it says package will come with one 16GB XQD and a card reader.

  • Taras Chaban

    Delivery… Unboxing… Probably fell out the van ;p

    Kidding very exited for all of the owners of D4’s
    I’m riding this one out with my trusty D3’s
    Again very exiting times!

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    Just reading in DPreview that Nikon will no longer supply parts to non Nikon authorised repairers. I like Nikon gear but that sucks.

  • malchick743

    Just one 16GB XQD plus reader and no bundled NX2 license key?

    And, other than NPS ppl and the previleged press goons, no more free goodies when sold to the public Joes?

    So the ordinary end user has to shell out another few hundred bucks just for the XQD card and peripheral. Bad move.

    • jorg

      did you see somebody unboxing a D4 w/o QXD + reader yet?

      • anon99

        It will be soon… wait till the first batch is over

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    Just reading that Nikon will no longer supply parts for repair to unauthorised repairers. I like Nikon however that is not on.

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    Didn’t mean to post twice…

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