Rumor: Nikon D700 discontinued in Canada

Update: all Canadian dealers received an email yesterday from Nikon that the D700 is discontinued as there is no stock nationwide.

Nikon D700 was listed as discontinued in Japan over a month ago, probably because of the new battery regulations in Japan. In the US, the price of the D700 dropped by $500. The latest rumor I received is that the D700 is also officially discontinued in Canada:

I work at a small photo retailer in Canada, and we just received word from our Nikon rep that the D700 is no longer in production and is officially discontinued in Canada. Nikon Canada is out of stock of bodies and won't be getting more from Japan. Subsidiaries in other countries may still have stock in warehouses but this stock will not be replenished.

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  • Denis

    looks like D700 is really discontinued in Canada.
    I ordered D700 couple weeks ago and today on March 7 I got a call from retailer saying that D700 is officially discountied and no longer available in Canada and therefore they cannot complete me order.
    It sucks!!!

    • This is strange, since Nikon said numerous times, that the D800 is not the official successor of the D700.

      Nikon, what is going on? Is the D700s coming? Is a FX-D400 coming?


      • nebus

        i have heard the same from Nikon – perhaps the D700/D300 successor is looming. It is very possible their product lineup needs a change and consolidating the d700 and D300 successor is a good idea (as long as it’s FX).

      • xscream

        Well I believe we still have a BIG SURPRISE coming? Or was that the megapixel count of the D800? I haven’t heard of this big surprise since the announces anymore. I’m really curious what it is!

        • studio460

          I would venture to agree if, in fact, the D700 really is discontinued. I just think Nikon is giving some breathing room for the D4 and D800 product launches. It would be odd for the product line to remain with these two price-point gaps. If Nikon did their job, they’ve kept two new 2012 bodies under super-top-secret NDA:

          D400: DX; 16.1 MP; $1,599
          DXXX: FX; <24 MP; $2,699

          If my prediction holds any water at all, I would guess a mid-summer announcement; early fall shipment.

          • Andrew

            I like your thinking, but let us expand on it:
            D400: DX; 16.1 MP; $1,599
            DXXX+: FX; 16 MP; $2,000
            DXXX: FX; <24 MP; $2,699

            I added the DXXX+ because the holy grail for many photographers is extremely high ISO. This camera will essentially be the D4 in a D800 body. Such a camera will make a lot more money for Nikon than the awesome D4 monstrosity. The current D800's ISO is turning out to be excellent, and noticeably better than the D700 (surprise, surprise!). But it is only human nature, we want more. And besides, the DXXX+ will give us the video performance of the D4 – this is the camera to live for, and anything else is a compromise. Yours truly.

            • studio460

              A $2,000 FX body is never going to happen–not from Nikon anyway. If it does, I’ll eat my hat . . . and buy one. A D700-like sister body to the D4, IF it happens, I wouldn’t expect until the end of 2012. Like, December 31st kind of “end,” at the earliest. Historically, Nikon appears very focused on differentiating their pro product line–they’ve priced their new flagship FX body at a point only pros can afford.

              That said, I am surprised at how low the D800 was priced. However, I think the real-world noise performance of the D800 will be disappointing. I hope I’m wrong, but look at any of the D800 samples, not illuminated with pure-white light, the ones with magic-hour blue sky, or deep-hued, gelled lights. The chroma noise in such images is quite high. I just don’t think you can cram 36-million pixels into a wafer that small and produce D700-like noise levels. I shoot a lot of magic-hour stuff, and that deep blue sky is like an automatic noise-generator–very different than lighting some charts with a white light.

              I have one particular ISO 1000 image, shot on a D7000 that looks incredibly good–it’s a high-key scene of a girl’s face, with every bit of the frame lit up with artificial white light. If you saw only this image as a representation of the D7000’s high-ISO noise performance, you’d be insanely impressed. But shoot that same D7000 at blue sky in broad daylight, and even at ISO 100, there’s visible chroma noise. Turn the dial past ISO 800, and shoot the sky at magic hour, and look out!

            • Henri

              the D800 will be a at least a stop better at high ISo then the D700, because it has little to do with pixel size, it will only be a little more visible then with the D700 , but when you downsample it to the D700 size, it will perform amazing.

          • R!

            Wrong guseessin guys,I suggest:
            -D6000 DX swivel /tilt screen 24 mpxl spring/summer
            -D 8000 DX 24 mpxl:for spring/summer
            -D400 DX 24 mpxl 11 fps:for fall / xmas
            …and for the D700xs that evrybody wants 2013 summer!!!!!
            Maybe we will see a D400 fx 16mpxl body with 7fps ,but I doubt it,really you think Nikon wants to loose the sales of the D4 right now.
            If the sales of the 5DmrkIII are bigger than the one of D800 ,we might see something like a D800s before 2013.

          • Jim W

            Uhm.. I think this is spot on. If I had to guess, it’d be exactly this.

            They can’t release another FX body with the D800 and D4 so recently released IMO, especially cheaper than the two.

            Though I have to think it would be more towards Christmas. November announcement?

          • PHB

            I find it rather hard to imagine that the Nikon FX range is going to consist of only two cameras that both cost more than $3000 and the cheaper one is a 36MP resolution monster.

            On the other hand, they might well be re-organizing their line because the old one didn’t make a lot of sense either.

            The D7000 is almost but not quite a replacement for the D300. It is a better size and weight but the feature set is aimed at the prosumer, it does not have all the D300s toys.

            A relatively straightforward way that t Nikon could re-org its line is to introduce a ‘Professional’ version of the D7000 with the D300 features added back in and match it with an FX version.

            I want the D300 feature set but I dont need the robustness of the all-magnesium body.

      • fiatlux

        Perhaps the D700 replacement is the 5D MkIII 😉

        • argh, I love the Nikon handling, I love my D300s, D700 & lenses. I’ll stay with them.

          It’s all about photos, not specs.

          • JV

            +1 about photos, not specs

          • jabilson007

            +1 photos, +1 specs

            • jabilson007

              oh and -1 on price!!!

        • R!

          Canons prices sux!! 3500$ DUHHHHH!24 & 28 mm F2.8:900$!!!!!!
          new flash 600$!!!!really It is expensive to folow the fashion!!!!!!

          • R!

            +you got to buy the new I pad to look cool with your Cannot,without sdcard reader at 699$ for the 64 go!!!!
            Really we are people not milk cows!!!!!!

          • R!

            My pro gear are:Nikon D 800 2899 $ /euro
            Sony vaio 500Go USB 3.0 599
            transcend 64 go 1,8 ssd 119
            =3600$ (5DmrkIII)

            Sandisk 64 go 95 mbs sdxc card + 189
            50 mm f1;8 + 249
            85 f 1.8 +539
            16 35 vr +1319
            70 200 f2.8 vr +2000

      • jablko

        Back when the D7000 came out, I remember many posts here and elsewhere saying unequivocally it was NOT a replacement to the D90, but a new category, with quotes from Nikon’s press releases and interviews to prove the point. In retrospect, I think we can agree that was wrong, perhaps based on the wishful thinking of those who didn’t like the D7000’s higher price tag.

        This seems like history repeating. When Nikon says something isn’t a replacement for something else, but is in a new category, that doesn’t mean they will be issuing a “true” replacement or continue building the old one. It’s their way of saying the new technology is far beyond an incremental upgrade, but you’re still welcome to buy up their stock of the out-of-production models.

        Anything is possible; maybe we’ll get a D710 or something like that. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

        • Soap

          Back when the D7000 came out, I remember many posts here and elsewhere saying unequivocally it was NOT a replacement to the D90, …. In retrospect, I think we can agree that was wrong, …


          How does this news reenforce that belief of yours.

          The D7000 fits in perfectly construction and feature wise between a linear extrapolation of the D90 and the D300s, and the D400 (D9000?) will fit in between a linear extrapolation of the D300s and the D700 – likely a FX D7000.

          The D800 isn’t a replacement for the D700, it’s 1.5 steps up, just as the D7000 isn”t a replacement for the D90, it’s 1/5 steps up, and the D400 (D9000?) won’t be a replacement for the D300s, it will be 1.5 steps up.

          A gap was created between the D5000 and D90 lines and everything else gets a boost.

          This is more evidence of that old theory I state above, not less. If the D700 had stuck around as filler for that pricepoint it might have indicated no new body, or a D400 DX coming in below the D700. With the D700 gone, and that huge price gap there…

          • The price points are a curiosity. D800 = D3X remplacement yet occupies the $3K price point. D7000 fills the $1K price point. Seems like a DX D400 will probably be a likely fill for the $2K price point.

            Looking at price points it seems like the only price point not covered is the $7K – $8K which also is not a D700 replacment.

            I said DX sensor for the D400, because I “believe” (eg.. I don’t claim I know) there’s a very large market for a true Pro grade crop sensor body. I’d be ecstatic to be wrong on this, but most rumors seem to support the theory. 🙁

            • Andrew

              I don’t remember this rumor site claiming the D400 will have a DX body.

            • Michael

              D800 is NOT the replacement for D3x.

            • Paul

              @Michael: It might not be the replacement for D3x, but it makes it a bit … well… obsolete.
              Kind of the same story of D300 vs. D2x…

            • Ernesto Carlotti

              How right you (were) are, given new D500!

      • ajp_mirc

        Wow. I read the same interviews with Nikon marketing reps and they did say the D700 was a continuing product. But, just checked on my supplier’s website ( and it is no longer listed online. Same with the other major suppliers.

      • At the Focus On Imaging show in Birmingham this week the Nikon reps (UK) were at great pains to say the D700 was going absolutely nowhere and would remain IN PRODUCTION alongside the D800…. The D800 is not a replacement for the D700. I heard it over and over, these aren’t random comments, these guys are towing the party line of what they are being instructed to say by Nikon Central to the public.

      • Andi

        It’ Time for an ‘FX-D7000’, let’s call it D600 🙂

        • Andi

          … or may be an ‘FX-D5100’ – I would like it 🙂

          • Marc W.

            Or an FM2D that’s FX. (I’ll keep dreaming)

    • Dan

      Canadians don’t lie! So the D700 is EOL.

  • Jeff


    • gt

      Nikon Employee: Sir, the customers are demanding an updated and improved version of the D700. Should we build a light weight, full frame, high ISO capable camera with 100% viewfinder, dual card slots, and live view?

      Nikon CEO: NO PEON. IN FACT, TAKE AWAY THEIR D700 AS WELL. now bring me a goblet filled with the blood of 10 fan boys

      • trialcritic

        That is the funniest comment I heard so far.

        Most of the negative comments for the d800 are due to people investing a lot of money recently in getting a d700 seeing Nikon releasing a new product.

        • Jim W

          D700 is still an amazing product, and is very different from the D800. Anybody who bought a D700 should be very happy.

          • I bought my D700 last weekend here in NL 🙂 I am still comparing it with my D7000 but what i can say so far is that i am very happy with it. Hopefully i will be able to fully test it’s capabilities in Iceland very soon.

      • chk

        LOL, i like this vision

    • jason

      good. now used D700 value will be restored

      • Soap

        Wow. I wish I could still get top dollar for my buggy whips!

  • shnapshot

    hard to model the demand – supply now

  • Edgard

    Damn… What are they thinking? I don’t want (nor need) 36 Mpx. I don’t care about video. And I don’t want to go back to Canon (i really thought I would live happily ever after with my Nikon glass), but the 5D3 right now seems to me a much more balanced camera. Shame.

    • Who wants a balanced camera? I want a camera that is top of it’s class and rocks it hard. I want a tool that is an ace at what it does.

      With that said, I also want a low-light 18-22mpx monster. We just got the high-res machine first.

      • You can use d800 at 22mpx and the iso performance looks to be much better than the d700..

        • RAW files can *only* be at 36mpx. All other sizes are JPEG.

          If you want to work in RAW, you will have to downsample later in the pipeline.

          • Anonymous

            Why can’t you save as lossless compressed or maybe even lossy and get smaller files. Too bad most photographers of today are monkeys who just want to spray and pray.

            • There won’t be much praying-and-spraying with 4fps. 😉

              Lossless compressed files are 41MB, which is totally fine and there is NO discernible quality difference from uncompressed.

            • Ben

              Lightroom 4 allows you downsample the raw file when you import it to LR4 as a dng file. Large file problem solved! and you can get Lexar 32GB 400x SD cards for about $50.

          • Royster

            Not true.
            If you shoot in the 5.4, 1.2x and DX crop mode it is Raw

            • Andy

              And what retard would shoot in 1.2x or DX with h*r 14-24 2.8 only to achieve 17/21 mm at the wide end?
              36 MPX sucks for raw-shooters with no need for the extra resolution. Period.


            • You do realize that crop modes are just “turning off” a portion of the sensor? You also realize that when you crop you reduce effective depth of field? That’s no good for portrait photographers or anyone who needs shallow DoF.

              Suck it up and invest in bigger memory cards and hard drives if you need them. Why *wouldn’t* I want more resolution? All things equal, more resolution at capture is desirable. I can always make my final product smaller.

              I think becoming more religious about deleting bad shots will help a lot, too.

              If that all sounds too hard, this camera just isn’t for you (which is totally fine) and commenting about how much it sucks isn’t going to change anything.

            • Michael

              Looks like you have a misconception. Cropping doesn’t change depth of field.

        • Mike

          Apparently with Lightroom 4 you have an option of IMPORTING at a desired mp count. This was mentioned here yesterday but I haven’t explored it. So, imagine, 36mp RAW, import it as a 20 mp RAW. Coooool.

          • While it’s not as cut-and-dry as that… this does make a lot of sense for wedding and event photographers who would really prefer to deal with files 1/3rd to 1/2 the size.

          • Michael

            There’s not much usefulness on that. By demosaicing, you theoretically increases file size by 3 times.

      • +1000 on “who wants a balanced camera?” comment. All these people that talk about a body with specs of “what everyone needs” completely do my head in. I don’t want the incredibly over-priced 5DMKIII. I don’t need ISO 100000, nor do I need “class leading” video, nor do I need 14fps, nor do I need 150 auto-focus points. Generalist hobby photographers might want all of this but the last time I looked photography was also a pursuit of many where most of these specs were entirely unnecessary.

        I shoot landscape. The D800E is an absolute dream for me – a smaller lighter body to my D700, a quieter shutter that doesn’t shatter the silence of the English countryside, 1fps would be more than adequate, the low light focus abilities superb and of course the AA adjusted 36MP sensor to enable me to print beautifully sharp A2 images off my Epson 3880. Awesome.

        People need to focus on and buy what they need – but I can’t stand this stupid short-sighted posts of “it doesn’t do it all for me so it must be crap”. Nikon look like they are trying to tick everyone’s boxes with the latest line up and in that respect are at last meeting the huge a varied consumer demand. It’s an awesome time to own Nikon glass…

        • different strokes

          Just because the D800 is YOUR dream camera doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. Personally I was waiting for a true D700 replacement which hasn’t and may not come. Will I buy a D800? No. Will I still hope for a D3S/D4 lite? Yes. So don’t come on here acting like just because your needs were met and you don’t need more than 1 fps or iso above 800 because you shoot landscape that nobody else should need it either.

          • so what gives you the bigger right to voice your opinion then?
            All you people who want a d700 replacement at the 2000 dollar range are delusional at BEST. It does not make sense for Nikon from a business perspective. They have the best 2 cameras available right now with the d4 shipping before the canon 1dx. It’s a business world not a friggin charity circus. They charge as much because they can and to be honest, you are not their target market to begin with. the D800 and D4 are targeted at different people, end of story. The D700 was a great camera but why fill that gap and have it canibalize sales of the d800 then? Fil the gap with a crop sensor cam at 2k (d400) and you have a nice lineup from a business perspective and you are STILL cheaper than the competition.. that works and watch, they will sell TONS of them even if it doesn’t fit “your needs”.

            • butt hurt

              Point out where I said I wanted it at the $2000 price point? I never said I had more of a right than anyone else to voice an opinion. I just find it funny people who have wanted a camera like the D800 get butt hurt when somebody else says they don’t want it. How does a different style camera canibalize D800 sales exactly? People who want a D800 are still going to buy it, people who don’t won’t.

            • Btdown

              Who would pay 2k for a crop censor camera? That’s crazy…If they think they’re going introduce the real d700 successor as some high end dx model, that’s even crazier. I cancelled my d800 preorder because it just is not a d700 suitable repacement (for me).

      • Jim W

        “With that said, I also want a low-light 18-22mpx monster. We just got the high-res machine first.”


  • mo

    Nikon USA Just sent 10 cameras to my store today.(ace photo)

    • ben

      on slow days we get rumors like this to fire up the fanboys

      • Slow day? Wait for my next post 🙂

        • Sahaja

          We are waiting …..

        • studio460

          Aha! I knew it! They’re coming . . .

        • xscream

          Has it… indeed… begun?

        • random

          The new rumor is rumored to be posted! I bet it’s one of those unofficial announcements of the official announcement! Yei!

        • PC

          Don’t wait too long before sharing. Getting an itchy trigger finger on a new D700; don’t want video, don’t need 36MPx. D700 in stock at several outlets in UK, but for how much longer?

          • Btdown


        • PeterT

          We are still waiting… !???

      • Andrew

        Ben, just wanted to say hi. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Mike

    A rep in Canada informed me that the camera is not discontinued.. But according to NR, what the Nikon Sales Reps tell me isn’t true, so who knows!

  • Is there a D300s/D700/D7000 successor announcement tomorrow?
    What if Nikon just so managed to keep their lips sealed so tight about new cameras which could be announced within a week?

    • Tuyo

      @elph, I like the way Nikon front because it’s keep me checking out the different between their old product & latest cam

    • Tuyo

      @elph, I like the way Nikon front because it’s keep me checking out the different between their old product & latest camera

    • vitamins

      Nikon will announce D400 in September 2012, I cannot mention the source of this information. If you’ve invested in Nikon lens then use the D7000 till September, if not and want a top end APS-C then get the EOS 7D

      • Ron Benson

        Top end APS-C??? I’d go for D7000 anyway. It has a superb low light focus ability, very handy control lay-out and a better sensor. + it can control external flashes. It has 2 cards, equivalent viewfinder, autofocusses while in movie mode, etc, etc, etc… 7D is out by today’s standards, same thing for D300S.

        • Michael

          Yeah, the 7D is about as good as D300s. The D7000 seems to exceed the D300s in some way, and is much cheaper, so buying the D7000 is a much better idea.

      • PeterO

        vitamins, you sound so sure about that. What other info did your source divulge: FX or DX, 16 or 24 MP? After the long delays of 2011, it seems to me that Nikon would want to get as many new products out as soon as possible. Judging from the comments here and in other forums, there is a pent up demand for the D400. Why wait until Septmeber when they could be selling boat-loads now?

        • Michael

          Because the D800 is tempting and they hope not to decrease D800’s sale by introducing D400. Moreover, there’s a lot to do every time you release a camera. They have already release 2 cameras, releasing another camera will only delay stuffs.

          • PeterO

            Michael, I get that launching a new product like a D4 and D800 requires a huge investment in staff resources, but I really don’t think that the people waiting for a D400 are automatically going to consider the D800 at almost twice the price. Also, the DX factor is a BIG deal for a lot of bird/nature photographers. Sure you might say that the D800 allows you to crop but it still doesn’t give you the frame rate these people seem to need. Although not one of them, I often read here how passionately they describe their need for just that. Unfortunately Nikon is again displaying their “clarity of message” with the D700. Is it discontinued or not? In Japan yes, in the US it’s supposedly $500 cheaper, in other parts of the world – who knows. At the trade shows they tell us that it will continue along side the D800. So which is it? Or is this an indicator that a new camera is just around the corner and there’s no one left in marketing to sort out the D700 mess?

  • Anders

    Even though the D800 was not supposed to be a D700 successor, I could not understand how the D700 was supposed to remain in the lineup alongside the D800 after seeing the high ISO-comparisons…maybe with the exception of being able to use RAW in time-lapse.

    • +1

      And think when people realize that Lightroom 4 will automatically down sample your DNGs on import if you like… You’ll just need bigger memory cards.

    • David

      Price I guess. I think a lot of people would like FF but can’t afford it.

      The d700 having a generous price drop would be a great camera to have in the lineup

      • Brian

        My initial thoughts on the D700 price drop was that they were clearing stock (of both completed cameras and components) of the “old” model now that the D800 was arriving. I believe this more than ever now.

        .. but heck.. I also believe that the D800 IS meant to replace the D700. I know many don’t agree with that…. but it’s what I think.

        • gt

          It might be nikon’s intention to replace the d700 with the D800…

          but its not a successor in terms of specs or targeted users

          I don’t understand what market research Nikon is relying on

          • Fredbare


          • Andrew

            I don’t agree. You don’t need much imagination to know that the D800 does not replace the D700. The D800 is more in line with the D3x than the D700, since both the D3x and the D800 have extremely high megapixels (24 MP and 36 MP respectively), unlike the D700. It makes more sense to push the D700 replacement to a 16 MP sensor or slightly higher. And besides, Nikon says that the D800 is not a D700 replacement. What more data do you need to form a conclusion? We start making errors when we start imagining things beyond the facts, and apply them to rational judgement.

            • Michael

              I believe that D3x is not supposed to be replaced by D800. I think the D800 is likely a new line – prosumer high megapixel camera.

      • Andrew

        You think the price drop on the D700 is great? Wait until Nikon comes out with the D700 replacement, the price will really take a skid them! Nikon said clearly that the D800 is not the D700 replacement, so my thinking is that a D700 replacement should be expected in short order. I believe Nikon has dropped the price of the D700 to make room for the D700 replacement. I am expecting the D700 replacement announcement in August and its delivery in September 2012.

    • JohnnyD

      because high ISO performance isn’t the only criterion. Many shooters, including me, also value small RAW file sizes so that Lightroom/Aperture does not choke when downloading and processing and editing lots of files (D700 raw file is 8-12MB, while D800 is well over 25mb), and a faster frame rate (D700 is faster than D800). Not everyone is dealing with just a few images at a time, and so a low MP count with FX is very important.

      • Sahaja

        Keep your D700 then and use the money you saved for an upgrade to buy a much faster computer.

  • Stacey

    I REALLY want a D700 at the newly announced 2199.00 (new) price or a refurb if anyone has an offer.

  • Grizzlycool
  • Twaddler Belafonte

    D3s sensor + d800 = d700SuperCool. Make it so. or D4 sensor? hmm

    • Ren Kockwell

      Sure, and at D7000’s price please !

    • B!

      While this sounds ideal you guys are smoking the wrong twigs. Nikon isn’t going to jeopardize D4 sales any time soon.

  • ::Taps::

  • Nikonnut

    Nikon had 3 fx camera’s before and so will have 3 fx cameras now.

    d3s, d3x and d700 has become d4, d800 and d???

    wait for it guys its coming soon, the lower priced low light fx wonder!

    • Discontinued

      >> Nikon had 3 fx camera’s before and … <<

      Wow, you've just discovered a pattern. I've never seen it that clear. Nikon always had 3 FX and always will. Next time be kind enough to provide the upcoming numbers of the national lottery alongside your nikonish wisdom and predictions.

      • Nikonnut

        Hey man it’s just fun speculation but hey Do you really think Nikon will stay at only 2 fx cameras for the next 2-3 years? I highly doubt so. Canon might but that’s because they specifically announced that the 1dx is the combination of both 1d series.

  • H.T.

    Perhaps the D700 will reincarnate as D400?

  • Brian

    I suspect the d700 replacement will be the d400 with d4 sensor perhaps in sept after the Olympics. Then nikon will have matched up big and small bodies with their most all round sensor in the d4 & d400. Which sets up for future generations of d5 & d500.

    The d300s replacement would maybe be the d8000 I’d guess. Perhaps also in September. D400 full frame and d8000 24mp.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Sure Sure … Once again, D4 sensor and electronics, in a D800 body at the D7000 price !

      The only time it happened was with the D3 / D700 guys … And I don’t think Nikon will make the same “mistake” soon …

      • gt

        Ironically, the only “mistake” nikon is making is not supplying such a camera. I already know several wedding photographers who are choosing to slowly transition to Canon for the 5D III.

        Low weight, high ISO capable, dual card slots, full frame and 100% view finder — its precisely what they’ve all been waiting for….and they can get two for the price of a single D4

        • Rob

          I guarantee Nikon’s marketing department knows a bit more than you on the subject. The only “mistake” they made was releasing the D700 so soon after the D3. They won’t repeat that mistake.

          • +1, I totally agreed, the d700 was a mistake, its a beast of a camera and nikon was force to released back then to counter the 5dm2, in a way they shot themselves in the foot for releasing it so soon after the d3. They will not do it again this time around.

          • jorg

            it was no mistake , it was very smart. they opened the FF-market to everybody, not just professionals. stroke of genius. everybody is hooked to FF since then. now FF is completely in the market, they start to differentiate the lines.
            high mp almost-pro body – 30% buyers
            high iso ultrafast pro-body -10% buyers
            only thing missing is the almost-pro-do-it-all-FF – 60% buyers.
            of course, this model comes the latest, no surprise here.

            • Gorgon

              >> everybody is hooked to FF since then

              Lol. Not at all. FX is still just a few percent of the total market.

        • glenn

          you cant compare a d4 to a mkIII………..
          thats a total other ballgame, djeez, use the cameras what they are made for.

          and as far as weight is concerned……they differ 50grams……thats huge,lol.

          Lets see in the near future which one will be the most popular one, shall we…
          Nikon’s gonna steal a lot of canon people also with its medium format Mp sized d800.

          • gt

            Are they really that different though? Are they nearly double the price different?

            The D4 is closest thing the Nikon line has to a 5D III like camera

            The $2500 you save on a 5D III can buy you quite bit of great glass.

            I’m not planning on jumping ship any time soon, but I really hope Nikon can create a similar camera at a similar price point. Because otherwise, my needs simply can’t be met for $3000. I can’t shoot a wedding with 36MP raw files! It slows down editing, eats up memory, and is generally inefficient.

            • St.

              I so much hate when someone is talking, talking, talking…. and not thinking first.
              Can you hear yourself?
              Did you try D800 AND MIII? Did you compare the quality of the images? Did you test the speed of uploading and editing files? Did you perform a memory check to see how much memory both processes need? Or you just guess? Guess?? Guess???

              “…The D4 is closest thing the Nikon line has to a 5D III like camera…”

              Did you finish 3rd grade?
              The difference between D4 and MIII is AS MUCH as between MIII and D800 – with ~ 1/3 more resolution.
              If you cannot appreciate the Revolutionary camera, as D800/D800E is – please go and complain in Canon forums of how much you want the MIII to drop down to $3k to fit your needs….
              Blah…. spammer!

            • gt

              you’re a blind fanboy.

        • R!

          I’m tired of wedding photographer thinking they’re all that ,most of the time they sux!!!!!!Pro gear are not maid for you only ;and really not maid thinking about you making money and bad quality flash pictures .

          • gt

            I think you meant “made”

      • Brian

        In that scenario I’d expect the d400 to be the same price as the d800. D8000 would be $1900-$2000.

  • Why did the words of Whitney’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ just come to mind?

    • Discontinued

      ‘Cause she died recently ? ? ?

      • ISP

        LOL ! 🙂

    • BartyL

      Couple of weeks ago I was in Bourke (outback New South Wales) for a family function. Wandering around the town taking photos, I chanced upon a broken 45RPM vinyl record. Took a snap without looking too hard at what it was, just concentrated on framing etc. When I uploaded to my laptop at the end of the day I found it was “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by … Whitney Houston!

  • Peter Visima

    The D700 is definitely discontinued in Canada. There will be no further shipments to dealers. And as for Camera Canada having them in stock, I doubt that very, very much. Buyer beware!

  • st22

    It is funny listening to all of the comments about different cameras. Nikon is NOT going to reincarnate the d700 as the d400, they will maintain a PRO DX camera AKA the d400 or whatever and there WILL be a d700 successor …..what will the specs be? Who knows…but it will have video (obviously), will have more resolution, and better noise performance. When? who knows but hopefully somewhat soon. What some of you are forgetting is that there have been some major problems like flooding and such, which has slowed some progress…so my guess is this…….d4 d800 d700s? d400? and then the amateur cameras…..the question is when….not what……

  • Henry Ford

    Get over it folks. The D700 is dead.
    The D800 file sizes are larger, if you want smaller, there’s probably used D2H around at very low prices.
    There might eventually be a faster frame rate version coming – say with the D4 sensor, but it would be a dumb move for Nikon to even hint about that now, when they’ve just released the D4. I can’t see a big market for a D4 if Nikon released an 8fps camera with the same sensor, the same AF system, more or less the same everything except the grip – at half the price.
    Hopefully there will be a “D400” coming, and it won’t be FX.
    Next move will probably be from Sony, with the 36mp sensor. It might be mirrorless,
    And finally, if anybody thinks the 5D III sensor will match the D800 at low ISO, at high ISO, or for resolving power, they’re dreaming,

    • Rob Nourse

      No… the 5DIII won’t match the D800, it clearly outperforms it. Plus the frame rate is high enough for sports which means Nikon has no prosumer FF low-light camera beyond the studio princess D800 while Canon does.
      I shoot indoor hockey and gymnastics… I switched from Canon to Nikon a couple years back because of the D700 and I’m happy with it. But when the time comes to replace it I won’t be looking at the D800. I want the D4 sensor in the smaller body and if Nikon won’t sell it to me then I can already see Canon will.

      • St.

        And how exactly it outperforms it????
        I appreciate your love in D700 and understand your point. And probably for what you’re doing you will still be happy of using D700 vs. D800. But face the facts.
        See this quite full comparison between the two cameras:

        It seems that Canon “outperforms” only “looking the surface” – without even think in details about what actually each camera has.
        Check the site and see yourself – which one would you buy after you read the comparison?

      • WS

        Canon fan boy take a hike and burrow yourself in canon-fantasy land. moron

      • jabilson007


    • biho

      As far as I know that Nikon has picture sizes S,M,L except for RAW. I think it might be a good idea to have a firmware that offers the smaller sizes to RAW files too not only jpegs. So, those who are daunted by huge RAW files can choose smaller sizes; medium size in D800 would be 18 MB.

  • D400

    A $2000 full frame mini D4 is not going to happen. It would have to be too stripped down. I don’t see how it could be any cheaper than the D800.

    But imagine, the D400 having essentially the same high iso as the D700, but being DX.

    I didn’t think it possible but the D800 is changing my mind.

    So everyone who wants the D700 ISO with the D7000 DR and DX reach, with high FPS, and <$2K may get their wish.

    If you absolutely want a mini D4, I think you might just want to hibernate for a year or two.

  • Henry Ford

    Rob, the 5DIII sensor will not outperform the D800. The D800 will have less read noise, higher base ISO DR, as well as higher resolution.
    Don’t bother arguing it ain’t so.
    Wait for DXOMark figures. You are in for a surprise.

    • glenn

      +10000000000000000 🙂

    • jabilson007

      Doesn’t matter much to me because the D800 can’t go over 4fps in FX mode. They were so close on this one IMO. May still get one, but the list of recommended lenses, sheesh!

  • Henry Ford

    “But imagine the D400 having essentially the same high ISO as the D700, but being DX”

    Yep. That’s possible. Raw data analysis of the D800 in DX crop mode shows that “photographic dynamic range” is equivalent to the D700 in FX mode.
    D700 fanbois don’t understand that since the D700, Nikon/Sony have ramped up QE to close to 60% and significantly reduced read noise. Fx product cycle is slow, the D3s being the only improvement from the D3/700 until now.
    Not so in Dx, where the D90 improved on the D300, the D7000 improved on the D90, and we’ll probably see very soon the 24.3mp dx sensor improve on the D7000.
    Between the old D700 and the D800, all those gains have been in one step.

  • John

    So do you think the $2199 was just a fire sale price to clear out remaining inventory? I guess it doesn’t make sense then why Amazon is still selling at $2450. Just find it odd that you can’t find any available stock at $2199.

    • B!

      Amazon did have it at 2199 for a little while, now with this news the price is at 2399

  • John

    Well, if the D700 is really discontinued, then there is a huge price gap underneath the D800 that needs to be filled. Will it be filled with the D400 or a “D700s”-like body.

    My thought is that it’s another D700-like body that is likely to have the D4 sensor. What better way to reduce the cost of the D4 sensor than to sell more of them? Just like the D3 and D700 shared the same sensor.

    So, D4 (16MP) and D800 (36MP) will be joined by a D4x (36MP) and a “D700s” (16MP).

    My 2 cents.

    • Michael

      That was what I was thinking. I believe the D4x and the “D700s” will come out at the end of the year or maybe next year.

  • jabilson007

    Maybe a D800S already? Please!

  • T.I.M

    Nikkor 24mm PC-E 24mm mounted on a D800: “Can not be used with shifting or tilting”
    (from Nikon tech, see at the bottom of the page)

    What ? the 24mm PC-E f/3.5 not compatible with the D800 ?????

    • Sahaja

      Not with just the camera I’m sure many would like to use for architecture?

    • studio460

      WTF? That’s re-f-ing-diculous! That was the primary lens I was planning to use with the D800! What could possibly be the problem? Mechanical clearance? WTF, Nikon?

    • Brian

      I really hope they’ve fixed this problem. How many generations is it now that pop up flash nikons can’t fully utilize the pc-e lens? How stupid.

      • Discontinued

        The 24 does not perform really well on FX when shifted anyway. I hope Nikon will replace it rather sooner than later. And please Nikon, make that replacement work with your poop-and-flush cameras. I have a D800E ordered.

        • Henry Ford

          The 24mm PC-E Nikkor will mount on the D800. The Nikon USA Q&A response is incorrect.

          • Obe 1

            It will mount with no problem. The issue seems to be the tilting and shifting.

  • Mike B

    Vistek in Toronto, Ontario, Canada still has the D700 listed on their website 7 March 2012.
    Henrys Camera in Toronto has the D700 with a lens listed on their website 7 March 2012.
    Not listed on some of the other camera shop website. If you want one new, grab it now.

  • KT

    With the discontinuation of both the D3s and now D700, Nikon has no high-ISO low-MP FX bodies beyond the yet-to-be released $6K D4. That doesn’t make much sense. There has to be a new replacement with the D3s sensor on the way, probably before Photokina.

    • D400

      Perhaps, there are some D3S sensors lying around and there will be a D700S

      I think low MP bodies is not what will happen.

      Time and MP marchs on

      People forget the D700 did not come out until a year after the D4. Also, Nikon has avoided going toe to toe with Canon on a number of cameras.

      So look for the D710 next year. If you want a camera with specs like the Canon 5D MKIII, you should buy it.

      • Michael

        I believe that it will have the D4 sensor. The D700 had the D3 sensor. But it don’t seem likely to be released anytime soon.

        • B!

          It that ever happens it will be over $3K probably at $4K, the original rumored price of the D800.

  • Jc

    I have one question for all wanting 3 fx bodies from nikon. Correct me if im wrong, but is canon offering 3 new ff bodies?

  • Jorge

    Im sitting on two D700’s. 1 D300 and have a D800 on order. My God it’s Christmas. I also have my cake and am eating it too!!

  • Jorge

    Are you in BC? Flickr, and LX5 group? Your sign in looks familiar…
    Just wondering if it’s the same 007

    • jabilson007

      Me? Nope.

  • I should be shooting

    Blame Canada.

  • Ed Yee

    It’s official, Nikon Canada has informed us that the D700 and D3s are discontinued.

    • where there’s smoke there’s fire 🙂

      • Iris Chrome

        Fire? Where? Where? :p

        • doug

          It is not fire it is just the Canon fan-girl being raped down the alley. ;p

      • PeterO

        NR, you are being very cryptic these days. Methinks you’re sitting on something BIG?

        • no, the “Big” part is over (D4+D800), the rest I believe will be DX cameras + lenses till the end of the year

  • Andrew

    [NR] Admin, the last poll you took asked people what their preference was, 36 MP D800 or a 16 MP D800. The D800 with a 16 MP sensor won by getting approximately 60% of the vote.

    You should take another poll and ask folks what they will prefer, a 16 MP DX sensor or a 16 MP FX sensor in the upcoming D400:

    (a) I own a D300 series and would prefer a 16 MP FX sensor in the D400.
    (b) I own a D300 series and would prefer a 16 MP DX sensor in the D400
    (c) I do not own a D300 series but would prefer a 16 MP FX sensor in the D400
    (d) I do not own a D300 series but would prefer a 16 MP DX sensor in the D400

    • jabilson007

      I own a D300 series and want a 16 MP FX sensor in the D400.

      There. I said it. Now make it happen.

    • DX2FX

      …a 16 MP FX sensor in the D400…

      I don’t think that will happen. D400, D500 & D600 will be DX bodies.

  • doug

    The sensible step for Nikon would be to wait until the sales of the D800 start to dip, to then launch their small body FX with a “D3s sensor”, because we all know here that the D700 was a mistake on the eyes of Nikon because it kind of killed the sales on their D3, it doesn’t make any sense if you build something just to wait for a year then make it smaller, there will be a FF low mp small body coming but it wont be with the D4 sensor that is for sure.

  • Trav1

    I highly doubt the D400 will be an FX camera, and I doubt there’ll be any more FX cameras coming this year. Also even tho they said it the D800 isn’t a D700 successor it is! There’ll be no D700s or anything else I’m pretty sure. A cheaper FX camera wouldn’t be a good move, Sony learned that the hard way and it would make no sense putting out a camera that will hurt D4 sales. The D400 will be a great camera but I’m almost certain it will be a DX model

    • No Name

      For Nikon would be clever to produce D400 with D4 16MP sensor and ISO sensitivity like 5DMkIII and 6-7 frs. If D700 is out of production at the moment Nikon users are not able to buy normal every day camera for normal price, normal size and weight and normal night and day use. D800 is not normal every day use camera…

  • Jakob Ivarsen

    If something is official it can be verified and therefore shouldn’t be listed as a rumor! Get in the game!

  • Sebastian

    On one hand, Sony has a DX sensor ready to stick into a D400. Pretty convenient, not to mention that Nikon’s use of the sensor probably has been negotiated before by the two companies. A new 16-85 DX zoom also only makes sense with new DX camera.

    On the other, I could see both Canon and Nikon getting rid of the pro-DX line to encourage DXrs to upgrade, because then they also need to upgrade most zooms and all short primes. And as far as I understand both D700 and 5D2 cannot remain in the market forever because of these bizarre battery regulations, so that means new bodies.

    • B!

      I am pretty sure these so called “bizzare” battery regulations apply only to newly developed/released products.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    A 24mm DX will be restricted either by diffraction & optics, or both.

    The sensor will outresolve the available DX zooms under f/8 (fact even with 16mp) And when stopped to f/8, then diffraction will kick in (another fact). Only feasible by FX primes around f/4, which means shallow DoF.

    Different ways to obtain soft images 🙂

    DX has already reached its practical limits at 16mp. It will be only good for a limited range of photography (e.g. wildlife). There is Sony 24mp NEX-7, but… No, thanks.

  • David

    2011 – waiting for the new FX : d7000 is very interesting and light while d700 is still great but old…..summer holidays with digit compact and my old F301

    2012 – D800 ok but I shoot on travel …landscape but if I shoot also F1 or MotoGp…I see again on summer holiday still with my lovely F301 and rolls of dia. Why do we may have news of a new car in advance but for a D900 (FX) we cannot ???

  • Personally I don’t see why Nikon would keep the D700 in production when that capacity can be used to deal with the demand for the D800. Especially as there seem to be allot of envious Canon users contemplating the switch.
    Hopefully Nikon release a FF D400 with reasonable MP but cheaper than the D800, tbh if they keep ISO performance the same as D800, then I will be more than happy…

  • I believe the D700 is done with. I also believe that Nikon is doing this so people who want or I guess wanted a D700 would have to save a little more money and go for the D800, pushing all those new FX buyers for their new baby. I’m also bitter that I bought mine months before the price drop.

  • This appears consistent with the story that Nikon is only building the D700 until they deplete their inventory of parts. Nikon says the D700 is not discontinued, but it looks like it is on life support. Japan is a different story due to the battery regulations.

  • Grant

    We haven’t been able to buy one here in Canada for months now.

    Here in Calgary there were 4 “D700 Wanted” ads on Kijiji last time I checked. When a used one does pop up for sale it’s sold within hours for usually over $2000. I was outbid on eb@y several times, the winning bids were outrageous (around $2000 before shipping).

    I had to buy mine from KEH a few weeks ago – $1950 in EX shape with a 6 motnh warranty. Not a good deal at all, but I didn’t want to wait any more.

  • Focus

    yup seems like a few Canadian retailers have removed the D700 from their websites. On a brighter note, several of them have also dropped the price of the D4 by $300 matching the US price of $5999. Which is only right since we are at parity.

  • B!

    Amazon reduced the price by $500 only to bump it up by $200 due to no stock availability anywhere else. Last chance to get the D700 for those who still want it. 4 left as of this post. Looks like it’s going to be stripped and moved to archived section in the US any time now.

  • GrumpyDiver

    Of course there are always the realities of the production and sales situation. You have a brand new camera and have a situation where the demand outstrips the supply. If you were in Nikon’s shoes, which camera would you produce?

    I would imagine that the cost of producing both cameras will be similar; they would have roughly the same number of parts and somewhat similar parts costs. As well, the production tooling; moulds, dies, etc of the D700 are pushing 4 years old and may need expensive refurbishing. Also, why would they push out a camera with a much lower profit margin; the D800 is selling for list price, and people are be looking for a heavily discounted D700.

  • Denis

    I see most of the posts are off-topic.
    So a little bit about this topic itself.
    I am just back from Vistek Canada (Calgary), they have assured me that D700 is not discontinued and Nikon is still producing them and they are expected to have several bodies at the end of March and only one is pre-sold. So I am second in the line and will wait till end of the month. Hopefully, there will be good news for me, I keep my fingers crossed!

  • Martin

    I hope there’ll be a replacement of D700 soon.

    Gimme a cheap and light construction (mirror prism will do), but with flash, 700 grams would be nice. Don’t need fancy AF system since I use center point mostly. 16 Megapixels would be perfect. Lots of manual buttons all over the body appreciated, plus a lot of customization, especially concerning Auto-ISO and bracketing. Price point 6 months after introduction should be 1800$ max. I’d need expensive 1/1.4 lenses anyway, plus the 70-200, so Nikon would still make their cut.

  • Not Discontinued!

    Just contacted Nikon Canada about this, wondering what camera they would recommend if i want to do to full frame but don’t what the high mp of the d800. The recommended the d700 and added:
    “The D700 has not been discontinued, although I do understand that stock levels are low. “

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