Weekly Nikon news flash #150

  • Not sure why Nikon Finland has this fake D800 picture on their front page. Somebody even photoshopped the lens...

  • Nikon updated their online image sharing and storage service MyPicturetown. The new features include Facebook and Twitter integrations plus newly added design templates (source).

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  • R R

    it the image was true.. that is on ugly camera body

    • R R

      ONE ugly camera body (typo)

  • Those pictures of the “white lens” deconstruction hurt me deeply. It amazes me they got it back together.

    • jk

      Really? it really hurt you deeply?… really? no, seriously…hurt you deeply??? wow you have passion man….

      hurt deeply? really?….

      • Markus

        LOL..wonder how he reacts when he sees a Lassie movie 😉

      • grow up

        jesus fucking christ, there you go again, turning a comment to a bitch fight.

        settle down or get lost.

        • Ren Kockwell


        • Lots of Redditors in here.

    • Nikon Shooter

      “It amazes me they got it back together.”

      Did you really just turn this into some kind of a backward “Canon users are dumb” innuendo?

      Canon is just a different camera system Ron, which speaks nothing of its users’ intelligence level. Your intelligence level on the other hand happens to continuously hurt our perceived intelligence level. Getting tired of having to apologize for you Ron.

      • What are you even talking about? Who said Canon? I’m talking about a $6,000 highly technical piece of equipment being taken apart and subsequently put back together again. Personally, I think the paint job looked great.

        I’m mostly amazed because it reminded me of the time I took apart my mom’s K1000 when I was 16. The screws, springs, and parts are still sitting in a bag somewhere.

        But it would seem from your inference that you’re really a Canon Fanboi in Nikon clothing. Can’t you have any fun on your own forums?

    • NoFunBen

      “It amazes me they got it back together.”

      I have pulled nikon lenses almost this far apart to fix them when a zoom bushing has fallen out of the pegs that go in the rotating slotted barrel.

      I just wish it was easier to get spare lens parts. I have to get them from other broken lenses.

      • I know there are people way more skilled at this type of work than I. I feel like I’m pretty good at mechanical work, but these lenses/cameras are just too intense for me. I’m impressed you dare dig in.

      • Perhaps you could try machining your own parts using a lathe.

        • Dan

          If Nikon doesn’t come out with a D700 replacement soon, I’m switching to Olympus.

          • That’s fine: Olympus is switching to Nikon.

  • Prajyot

    Is that D400???

    • Doug

      no stop with that: is that the d400 thing it is getting on my nerves

      • WoutK89

        I think you should learn not to get so touched by what happens on here. You are not being forced to read everything, or even react on anything. Just live with it that there are more people in this world, and that some of them would like to know more about a D400.

  • seb

    that pic. is fake place there for fan downloaded from nikonrumors but when you click on the icon you see real nikon D800 there….

  • BenH

    Wow, that Samuel Aranda photo contains so much emotion and humanity… Beautiful

    • suprchunk


      • Reaal Ninja

        Yeh! Reel ninjas dun use rubber gloves.

  • haha

    Maybe it is D800 taken with a new fisheye macro lens…

  • hexx

    it’s more similar to D300(s) than other cameras, could this be a D300(s) replacement?

  • kevin

    sorry for the ignorance. what is the samuel photo about? i couldn’t understand the plot of the story.

    • broxibear

      “The picture shows a woman holding her wounded son in her arms, inside a mosque used as a field hospital by demonstrators against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, during clashes in Sanaa, Yemen on 15 October 2011. Samuel Aranda was working in Yemen on assignment for The New York Times.”

      • BenH

        It is truly a modern day Pietà.

  • Andy Breon

    Somebody has way too much time on their hands. I’d rather be shooting!

  • Rob

    Anyone versed in Korean want to explain how they did the lettering on the white lens? Not that I could risk doing that to a several thousand dollar lens.

    레터링을 하고 폴리우레탄을 두번 코팅하였습니다.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      They use custom made transfers. If I understand correctly, they use some kind of transfer (or ‘decals’ like you used to get with your plastic model airplane kits).
      I they have a way of printing them out (special decal paper, special ink) after re-designing them in Illustrator or Photoshop.

      The lettering on any engraved parts is simply done by carefully rubbing paint back into the indents.

      I’ve sent them an e-mail to ask as I’m interested in this ‘custom’ decal process.

  • AXV

    Why would someone paint their lens white? And worse, a nikon, it will look like a canon…
    If it was against-heating in the sun why do such a mediocre job at it instead of doing the proper thing: reflective silver paint, example:


    • kevin

      it would been fantastic if the photo is shot with the D800.

    • jackie

      It’s been scientifically proven that grey lenses perform better than black ones. I painted my 70-200mm VR I grey and it now performs like a VR II.

      • chris


        btw: try changing the brand name on the body with a sticker. as soon as the body is now branded as canon, it is much more innovative and with a better performance.

        • Ken Elliott

          I added a Leica sticker and a red dot to my Nikon lenses and now they feel much more expensive, and the photos are much sharper. I’ll be selling kits on eBay soon…


          • chris

            why didn’t I think of that? great business idea 🙂

      • Discontinued

        This is not done for performance. It is theft protection done halfhearted. More guts and it was not only painted but mislabeled as well.

        I must admit this lens looks better than before. Sometimes I envy Canon-shooters for the design of their L-lenses, both the black and the white ones. The golden writing and rings on most of Nikons primes and zooms always makes me want to drop ’em.

      • Jim

        So Jackie, if I wrap my VR1 in winter white camo neoprene covers, I don’t have to upgrade? This would save me a thousand dollars.

      • Tokenhi

        I put a Canon sticker on my camera and now the AF doesn’t work 🙁

      • dave

        While I know you are kidding, that statement is actually a bit closer to the truth than you might think. Back in the ’70s, Canon switched sources for some of the lens components in their pro lenses in order to save money manufacturing lenses (not to pass the savings along to the consumer, but for a higher profit margin). Unfortunately, Canon went a little too cheap and while the lenses tested great in the lab, they started having problems in the field. A black lens in direct sunlight heats up quickly. Unfortunately, the outside heats up (and expands) quicker than the inside and that’s not good for a device with sub-millimeter tolerances. In some cases, interior parts started to delaminate (I’ve heard some claim the adhesive was substandard and other claim that the parts within the lenses were substandard – I do not know which is true, but since this was common among a number of different lenses, I suspect a combination). Canon’s solution was to paint the lenses white. This caused the lenses to heat more uniformly and a white lens wouldn’t get as hot as a black lens in direct sunlight. Canon’s marketing machine did such a good job of proclaiming the “virtues” of white lenses that Nikon and Minolta (what I was shooting at the time) had to start making their pro lenses white or people wouldn’t buy them.

        So yes, for a while, Canon’s white lenses actually were better than the black lenses that directly preceded them.

        I was at a NFL football game last year and while the pro cameras were evenly distributed between Nikon and Canon, three of the Nikon’s had white lenses on them. Today, the white lenses are so often identified with Canon that folks just assume that those white lenses are ONLY Canon and thus MOST pro sports shooters use Canon. From what I’ve seen (at more than just the one NFL game), there are more white lenses than black, but the brands are pretty evenly split.

    • NoFunBen

      a lot of “silver paint” just reflects the visible light but the IR that does most of the heating is absorbed.

  • ShaoLynx

    On the topic of the buying guide…
    D4 is listed to be refreshed in 2013 !?
    Peter, care to elaborate on that?
    Did I miss a post on NR?

    • AXV

      Really? Do you really believe that?
      I don’t think anyone is that naive, not even if it came from the Nikon CEO.

      • Hey, “Refreshed” could just mean a D4s or D4x – I that happened later in 2013, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. So really? Is that a complete impossibility from your POV?

    • I just believe that the D4 will be refreshed just like the D3->D3s

      • Money

        Based on information or gut feel? I think the D3 to D3s was a very different animal. D3S offered significant improvement in low light. We are pretty close to the limit of low light performance if not at the limit already based on physics alone, so where could the improvements possibly be to justify another release which is anything other than a minor upgrade. I’m skeptical of a D4S.

        • Dimitrii1130

          There will be improvements in low light performance in the next years. Nevertheless i cant imagine that the d4s will be released in 2013 . i believe that there will be a small d4 – d700’s real successor. maybe they will call it d4p and so they wont have a problem with a new name.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    While the 220 degree fisheye does not fir to any modern camera, I still wonder how you ever shoot with it without getting your shoes into the picture.
    That might not even work when lying on the floor and shoot straight up.

    • NoFunBen

      must be some way to make it work with live view. does the mirror stay up on the d800 in live view?

    • mikils

      And how on earth shooting lying on the floor and shoot straight up (e.g. at 90° degrees with body axe) is different from standing and shooting with the lens parallel
      to the floor?

  • Federico

    Admin, in your nikon buying guide nikon d700 is listed as already update. This means d800 is the real successor of d700? No hopes for a true d700 replacement in 2013 maybe?

  • T.I.M

    The 200mm f/2 white is crazy, so much work !
    Now I want mine in white !
    (I had the 300mm f/4 in grey, beautifull !)

  • MB

    I always suspected that most of teasing fake images popping on the net before new camera is announced are actually made by Nikon.
    It seams that there is something in this story and that someone at Nikon Finland made a silly mistake bu publishing this unreal thingy on their web site.

  • jjj

    So you can buy a cheap lens and probably spend more in having it painted white.

    And we wonder why there is world hunger….

  • Nokin

    Admin, how about adding the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) in the buying guide. That would make it a little easier for comparisons than clicking through the links to see the NDFP (Nikon Dealer Fixed Price).

    • I am not sure I can get the MAP prices at all time. I also think the MAP is usually the price you see listed on the website.

  • Ray

    From the google-translated lens-painting link:

    “Nikon buggers sell a lot of technology rather than tweak the Phoenicians”

    See, this here is what we’ve all been on about for some time. If Nikon had paid more attention to phoenician tweaking instead of messing about with the 1 series, we could have had the D800 and D4 months ago. I’m moving to Canon where my phoenicians will be fully tweaked.

    • BartyL

      Sure, go to Canon and waste your time tweaking Phoenicians. Nikon users will always enjoy superior Assyrian alignment, and Babylonian operation second to none.

      (I have to admit to feeling less comfortable with my Nikon gear now that I know about the ‘buggers’ though.)

  • kökkö

    Why Nikon Finland have fake D800? Because here in Finland is fake sensation. Fake doctors, fake nurses, fake teachers etc 😀 They are in the news at every week. Write “valelääkäri” to Google, translate these news and you understand.

    “Vale-D800” in Finnish.

    • shawnino

      I blame the Swedes on the West Coast for all of that 🙂

      Or Hesburger. Fake burgers.

      • jorg

        <3 Hesburger!

  • WengerIsMad

    Re the DXO test, From the Nikon website…..”Nikon 1 mount optimized optics: two aspherical lens elements ensure superior resolution and contrast.” Begs the question; superior to what???

  • jodjac

    Is it March yet?

    • T.I.M

      Is it April 12 yet ?
      I have a feeling that the D800e (e) will be OUT OF STOCK until christmas…
      That’s remind me the F801 in 1986

  • 120-300 OS for Nikon

    Looks funny more solucions call Kai from Digitalrev he can do it in Pink too but Lenscoat has enough solls for that.but looks good on the 200mill

    • Calibrator

      Don’t ask him to handle the 200 mm, though. He may accidentally create a new lenscup from it…

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    A few pages further down, those wacky ‘paint job’ Korenans do something that is actually rather awesome:

    They take a standard 50/1.8 (sadly a Canon..) And REVERSE build the optics back into a modified body shell while maintaining full metering AND AF.

    Basically turning a standard 50/1.8 into a Macro 😀
    That’s pretty need.
    The mention it hunts for focus now and then due to the very shallow DOF, but it all works and the sample pics are pretty good.

    • Ren Kockwell


  • 120-300 OS for Nikon

    He guys need help to make an disssion for my next camera body still have my good but getting old D200 do i have to go for FX and DX body or just one like the new D800 with DX crop mode or wait for D400 ? anybody?

    • Ken Elliott

      First, I’d suggest getting a keyboard with a working period (.) key. ;D

      Then go to DPReview and ask the question there. Be sure to say what kind of shooting you do, otherwise you’ll get a LOT of responses that you won’t like.

      Nobody can tell you what camera to get without knowing what type of shooting you do and where you find the D200 lacking. Mention your budget, what lenses you currently have and what you want to be able to do with the new camera.

      Good luck.

    • MB

      If you are prepared to invest 5000$ in camera and lenses go for FX, otherwise D7000 is very nice camera …

  • broxibear

    Jared posted a Nikon 85mm F1.8G AFS v 85mm F1.8 AFD review/test http://froknowsphoto.com/nikon-85mm-f1-8-afs-review/

  • 24 f/1.4 for a song, hmmm…

  • Maybe this is another new FX camera?

    i read an interview article with one of the Nikon product manager saying we may see another new FX camera coming out this year!

  • Sam

    This is a nice body 😀

  • Why haven’t they added Canada to picturetown yet?

  • Relative newbie

    Could someone explain to me how to interpret DxO scores. If, as Thom Hogan says, the lens is only one part of overall image quality, what does measuring a lens even mean anymore? And secondly, when I was a little guy, photographers seemed to focus more on the “rendering” ability of a lens. Not sharpness, so much, but it’s ability to show 3-dimensional space, and its ability to make beautiful photos.
    The reason I picked Nikon is the way the lenses render tones, but am I crazy?

    • BartyL

      The DxO Mark scores are tied to the camera type used to test the lens in question. Compare, for example, a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AFD on a D300s and then a D3X. Resolution scores will improve, whereas distortion and vignetting scores may decline.

  • PhillipG

    In the buying guide, at least for lenses, I feel like having a “wait – update expected” category is poor guidance. Nikon’s lens release schedule seems too idiosycratic for outsiders to accurately predict the timing of new lenses, at least until the leaks start close to the actual announcement. People have been expecting updates for the 80-400mm (to add AF-S and updated VR) and the 300mm f/4 (to add VR) for several years now. If somebody has put off buying a 80-400 or a 300mm f/4 for years, hoping for updated versions, they’ve potentially missed out on thousands of photographs while they wait. In most cases, it’s better to buy a lens based on whether it’s useful to you now.

    • Calibrator

      > Nikon’s lens release schedule seems too idiosycratic for outsiders to accurately predict the timing of new lenses, at least until the leaks start close to the actual announcement.


      Nikon won’t spill the beans as to sell their old stuff (doesn’t need to be bad old stuff, but you get the point). That’s normal, however:
      The problem with “lens insiders” is that they say that lenses X, Y and Z will get updates – but often only one will get released in the near future and the others postponed to the next years. Other lenses weren’t really that expected, too, like the 40 mm DX macro.

  • Doug

    Practical joke Easter egg style IMO

  • Doug


    PRICE: £1450
    PRICE £1.000.000 (T.B.C. BTW)


    • AnoNemo

      Call the airline and ask for an exception. Sometimes they are nice and understand medical conditions. (I assume your girlfriend won’t be able to travel due to the pregnancy…)
      If this does not work, check your home insurance. Sometimes they have something for travel….

      • Doug

        i tried calling the airliner already they weren’t nice TAM airlines they are crap, i don’t have home insurance because i don’t own a house, thanks for the tip anyways Ano.

        • AnoNemo

          No no, regular content insurance often has something for travel. Besides, call your credit card company ask them whether you can try to dispute the transaction since you are way before the the flight so the airline would not incur losses.

  • American

    Apropos of nothing, are there any Brits out there who can vouch for Liux Cameras in London?

    I’m not terribly fond of buying overseas, but am considering an exception.

    • tonyc123

      They say they are the “UKs nmuber 1 authorised dealer” but I have never heard of them and I am always hunting around for gear. The 5 year warranty statement would also worry me, I would have thought that most cameras would stand a chance of a warranty claim after 5 years.
      I may be doing them an injustice but they look dodgy to me.

    • American

      Definitely a scam. Website’s only been registered since 2/3/12 to an Alex Dimirof in Boston, UK. I actually assumed the Boston address was bogus, but it looks real down to the postal code. Nothing else does though…

      They managed to get an email address out of me, but not much else…

      • broxibear

        Hi American,
        I’ve never heard of them, I lived in London for over 10 years and know many of the better photographic places around. Their address isn’t a retail shop it’s an office space, I’d stay away from them…what item were you thinking of buying ?

        • American

          Thanks again to everyone for the followup.

          @broxibear– it was a 70-180mm Micro. The showed up in the Google Shopping results. The first sign of trouble, of course, was that they had one in stock. The price could have been naive until I found out they were claiming it was new. Some specification errors, but that can happen. By the time I looked at their prices on actual in-production equipment, it was obvious they were to be avoided.

          Google clearly doesn’t filter their shopping results– don’t take inclusion in Google Shopping as an indication of legitimacy.

          Interestingly, the price has gone up since yesterday– apparently trying to find that fine line between “can’t believe my luck” and “too good to be true”…

    • Doug

      That site smells like sh”£t to me layout, also nobody can offer a no sales TAX in the uk it is against the law.I called the number every time it goes to a voice mail, trust me i wouldn’t visit their website anymore.

  • MacManX

    The fake D800 has now been replaced…

  • aznpoet

    White painted Nikon lens … why??

    • T.I.M

      “White painted Nikon lens … why??”

      To make theives believe it’s a Canon lens with no retail value…

  • Dan

    Great Samyang 24mm f1.4 is out, the 35mm f1.4 is amazing on my d700 and was s0 cheap. Cant recommend it enough

  • Zeke

    Re: The fake D800 on the real Nikon Finland web site

    It’s happened before: http://www.salon.com/2011/06/06/fos_tine_fey_sarah_palin/singleton/

  • white nikons and black canons, NO, how about striped??

  • tuo

    What is the hate with white painted nikon lenses?
    I own a white painted 70-200 vr i. What’s wrong with that? Nikon produced them (along with the white 300mm) for a short time.

    Do I have to feel “bad” now because I own a Nikon-made white 70-200?

  • Doug

    what do you guys think about the 50mm 1.2 nikkor?

    • T.I.M

      A good lens to show off, a poor lens for contrast and falloff.
      Get the f/1.4 or f/1.8

      • umm

        Disagree emphatically. I sold my perfect copy recently and managed to get $580 for it, yet I still regret it terribly, and indeed I’m on the lookout for a new one right now. It only loses a smidgeon of contrast when wide open – nowhere near enough for it to matter with digital – and the falloff is fine by standards of fast primes. The AF-S f/1.4’s only advantage over the f/1.2 is the AF. The f/1.8 AF (not the AF-S) is actually the sharpest, but its bokeh can be a little on the harsh side when shooting it wide open. I’ve never used the f/1.8 AF-S.

        But you asked about the f/1.2, which is terrific. Up to about f/1.6 there’s a little bit of veiling, but that’s nothing compared to how solid the lens is. It even works well with extension tubes, and also with a reversing ring if macro is your thing. If you have the chance of getting one, do so. It’s world class by today’s standards and it’ll be a dream for landscapes with the D800.

  • Ray

    B&H is now showing the new Lexar 1000X CF card 32GB in stock.

  • Patrick – Las Vegas

    I got an email from RITZ CAMERA that they are going to charge sales tax to residents in Nevada . A lot of orders have been cancelled without the customer’s consent. I just found out when I called Ritz camera and found out my NIKON D4 order was cancelled without me knowing! They didnt even inform me. I was soooo upset! So, they placed the order again . They told me I didnt loose my cue in the line. Gawd they messed up big time! Those of you here who ordered from RITZ CAMERA, make sure your orders are intact !

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