Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012

The current DX camera line according to Nikon Europe

In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012. I believe that the new cameras will all be DX models - my vote goes for Nikon D3100, D7000 and D300s replacements.

In terms of lenses, I am confident about at least two new DX products:

  • A refresh of the 16-85mm lens (it may even have a fixed f/4 aperture)
  • A new 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (see patent):

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  • neekone

    Just clicked on an ad banner on canon rumors, felt guilty and came here and clicked an ad.

    • BartyL

      In time, we may learn to trust you again. But no matter how many times you wash, you will never be free of that ‘dirty’ feeling.

      • 3 Cameras


        • My money says, D3200, D5200, D7100, then just to royally pants people, surprise D400. Most everything in Nikon’s current dSLR lineup is ready to cycle out. Of course, not included in rumor is all 87 CoolPix to be cycled out.

          • alex

            Does anyone realize that the D7000 is a better camera than the D300?

            • WoutK89

              Does alex realize that is partially logical because it has about 3-4 years newer technology inside?

            • Mike M

              While we realize it has a better sensor, that’s about the extent of what’s better about it, the D300 does just about everything with it’s sensor better (IE AF speed, Metering, FPS etc)

            • jodjac

              Hi Mike – do you realize that the Nikon D7000 comes with a new TTL exposure metering with 2016-pixel RGB sensor, while D300s has the older 1005-pixel RGB sensor.
              The D7000 also has base ISO of 100 (vs a base ISO of 200) and has a higher native ISO of 6400 (vs 3200 on the D300s).
              I think the D7000 is an awesome camera in a small package.

  • Ansel Johnson

    16-85 f4 VR would be awesome. The current 16-85 is such an underrated lens.

    • what do people think of the 24-85 f2.8-4? need a new standard zoom without all the flare…

      16-85 f4 sounds great! i would be tempted if the optics are pro quality

      • VJ

        It is a nice overall lens, I bought it together with my D100. Downsides: it is not an AFS lens (so will not work on lower end bodies) and more importantly: it slightly looses focus when zooming after focusing. A review with more detailed analysis:

        • VJ
        • Ads

          Pro quality may come with a pro price….

          • VJ

            True, but the poster specifically asked about this lens. It is a bit in a different price range than pro lenses, even though it is not exactly cheap either. Not everyone can afford / wants to use pro gear all the time – some of us here have photography as a hobby. 🙂
            FWIW For the original poster: I’ve moved to the 17-55 f/2.8 DX several years ago, and while it is a great lens, I’d be weary getting a pro DX lens at this time: full frame is gaining momentum.

      • John

        Current 24-85D is a poor lens – 24-85/3.5-4.5 AFS is much much better on FX.

        I would love and updated 24-85 FX lens (2.8-4 OR 3.5-4.5), in fact I’d love a 24-105/3.5-4.5 AFS VR – it would hardly leave my D700 unless I’m shooting primes.

      • Rob

        I think the 24-85 2.8 /F4 is a very underrated lens. For example is is only slightly less sharp than a 50/1.8 set with both at F5.5-F8 on my D700 – but then name a lens that is sharper than the 50 1.8 at F8. I bet no one can

        The lens is razor sharp at 24mm F4 onwards and then tails off gradually all the way to 85mm but even there its isnt bad.

        And oh, by the way I have had 2 and the second is just slightly weaker than the first but very close.

        The only real negatives are the distortion at 24mm and the fact that its is impossible to manual focus with any great accuracy.

    • rhlpetrus

      It is too slow for proper use. f/4 would make it a much better lens. But what about a 17-55 f/2.8 update? 16-60 f/2.8 + VR, that would be something!

      • WoutK89

        Like reading my mind, even without the VR (But please keep it in there Nikon) 16-60/2.8 would be a much welcome update.

      • enesunkie

        I’ll take one too!

        • Steve

          I love my 16-85 so I wouldn’t change for another 16-XX unless it was fixed f/2.8, but then it’d much heavier so I probably wouldn’t be all that interested in that either.

          What I would go nuts for would be a 14-70 or even a 15-75 !

  • jorg

    it would be sad to bury the D3s-sensor and lots of people would kill for a D700-style body with D3s-sensor; will be intresting to see nikons new strategy emerge.

    but how can they market a budget FX-body plus a pro-DX-body? something is wrong…

    i just realised, that all the whiners here are going to whine on for a long time, because:
    next in line will be the pro-dx body. the d400-crew will hopefully shut up
    then a new low-body.everybody will throw sh$%§ at this one
    theeeennn the thrid fx-body.finally. we will hear from people who have beenwaiting for 4 years now! sadly those people will still find something amiss and wait on the next model..waiting till those D800s become cheaper…

    • bob2

      On another forum, someone claiming to be a dealer said that, per the Nikon rep, the D700 is NOT discontinued, but will result in a price adjustment. I’d imagine a D700s update with the D3s sensor (high ISO, video, high FPS) makes sense. D700s and D800 would complement each other.

      • BartyL

        I find it difficult to believe that a Japanese manufacturer would continue to make a camera they can no longer sell in their home market for much longer (but stranger things have happened).

        I am highly doubtful that they would spend resources on a significant update without re-branding it. If they were going to add the D3s sensor, video etc they would most likely update the power supply to incorporate a battery they can sell domestically.

        • Dr SCSI


        • Ralph

          Don’t they just need to redesign the batt compartment and batt? How hard can that be?


      YEAH, jUSt what I said like week ago (somewhere else … :-)) – just letting the D3S sensor without giving us a chance of buying it in the ´d700 similar body´ at much lower price (in fact d700´s price, NOT neccesarily d800 price!) is a poor WASTE of … of senzor …

      Just imaging smthg like d700s (d3s sensor) with the new 85 f/1,8, current 50 f/1,4 & IF smthg like 20-22-24-25-28 @ f/1,8/2 (together with 70-200) would be awesome & all together probably much cheaper then the d4 body alone (as is often mentiońed nowadays – semi/pro 🙂 …).

      Interresting Nikon´s year nevertheless & wish them all to be without any unpredictable problems (mostly of natural kind …),

      • I mentioned this in other threads but, what I think Nikon is missing in the FX line up is a 24mpix model with ISO performance and price positioned directly between the D4 and D800. This would be a nice balance between D4 ISO and D800 mpix. In my mind, 24mpix is the sweet spot. Just make sure it can buffer 20 – 30 raw frames and shoot 6fps while using the same battery as the D800 & D7000.

  • i need nikon d7100 !!! :=)

    • rhlpetrus

      Why? Just curious. What do you miss in the D7000?

      • lpbck

        masterpiece button =)

        • PeterO

          Hilarious, where do I get one of those?

          • Dan

            9-frame exposure bracketing

      • Hendog

        Full frame!

      • The d7000 needs 20-30 buffer for raw frames and 5 frames for bracketing not 3. These are the only refinements needed in the D7000. The D400 should have 9 bracket frames.

        Otherwise the D7000 is near perfect as is IMHO.

        • @DavidWheelerPhD

          I second these changes. I also want the ISO performance of the D4. Will accept low mPix for high ISO. Leave the DX format. I use the D7000 for my travel photography.

          Drooling over a new 18-300 mm if the optical quality is better than the currently available ones in this focal range. The current ones have bad performance at 300 mm.

  • yo

    D400 is long overdue. But I think nikon could throw a 5DIII competitor in the mix to make canon stumble. Something like a D4 sensor on a D800 body. fast fps. good AF. in other words, a true D700 successor and not a new line of high MP. Or mix it up with a 24MP sensor instead. D710 or D800s maybe? As much as I like 36MP D800, it wouldn’t be my first choice if I could get something similar to the rumored 5DmkIII which is said to be 22MP and 7 fps.

    • kenneth

      If they put a D4 sensor with fast fps then the D4 won’t sell.

      • Greg

        I don’t think that’s true, or they could price it so they don’t care which sells. There is a price at which a D800 body with a D4 sensor would make the company as much money as the D4 does.

        There are certainly technical capabilities that the larger body style permits, but mostly I think it’s a preference of the photographer– smaller and lighter versus dual grip, rugged and sealed.

        I find it kind of strange that there are these two orthogonal specs, sensor type and body style, that we can’t decouple… It’s like saying you can have a laptop running Mac OS or desktop running Windows– choose.

        What I don’t know is if Nikon is losing any sales because of it. If they’re not, then it’s certainly cheaper for them to only produce two models. Seems to me though that they’d move towards two body styles, two sensor types– pick your poison.

        • Dan

          Well, they almost lost one sale. I don’t really want the 36mp and don’t really want to spend $6k either. I would prefer a D700 replacement.

          • Neil Maughan

            Totally agree with Dan. I won’t be buying a D4 (just too much for my budget) nor will I buy the D800 as I don’t need or want 36mp (but the D800 is great for those who do). I would buy an improved D700 with the D3s I know quite a few others who think the same…so if Nikon were to do this it would defo sell – and not take sales awayfrom the D4/D800.

            • Fredbare

              Add another to your list of D700S purchasers.

            • Fredbare

              better still, a D30S – D3S sensor in D300 body (for weight advantage).

        • Zeke

          Exactly. Nikon can well afford to compete with itself if doing so results in more revenue / market share.

          I would love to see a D4 Compact. Basically a D4 minus the lump on the bottom, with whatever reduction in frame rate, etc. that may require.

          Nikon sells add-on vertical grips for their smaller bodies (and apparently Nikon believes that D800 owners in particular will be willing to pay _quite_ a lot for that privilege), so there’s no reason to believe that customers wouldn’t pay extra for a D4 over a D4 Compact.

          If in the unlikely event all the pros buy the cheaper D4 Compact instead, then all the more reason Nikon should be making it.

        • Wow, all good points of view and this further supports my cry for a third FX model with 24mpix in a compact body.

          If the D800 ends up with similiar ISO performance to the 5DmkII then it will defeat that model, but will not likely compete against a 5DmkIII since its unlikely that 36mpix sensor can yeild performance equal to ~22mpix at the same sensor surface area. This is why we (I) would like to see a compact FX in the 24mpix size with slightly better ISO performance than the D800 (which may be about equal d7000 since they are close to the same linear pix count on the sensor). Basicly modernize the D3x sensor and put it in the D700 body while positioning it as an affordable place like the D700/800 and I will be happy to buy a battery grip.

          • To follow up on my own comment, there have been posts in other threads that the D4 super high ISO capabilities are truly mostly useful to sports photographers. While the market for high mpix landscape photographers may be more, its still a somewhat narrow set of photographers that can truly make use of 36mpix, so 24 would be the nice sweet spot for the mid market masses. It would be the model of balance in specs.

            OK, I am off my soap box now. 🙂 for now…..

      • WoutK89

        People that need a D4 already bought one on pre-order, people that want one, will wait what Nikon does with the D700 line. So what if the D4 doesnt sell after a while, you will be selling those smaller cameras and still raking in the money.

      • Dr SCSI

        Faster FPS isn’t the only reason pros would buy the D4 body over a D800 outfitted with the D4 sensor. Verticle grip, added video features, better shutter, more buttons, weight and balance and overall feel are several selling points that shouldn’t be underestimated. I’ve owned both the D3 and D700 and there is definitely a measureable difference which goes beyond the price tag. Unfortunately, on paper, neither the D4 nor the D800 is the ideal camera for my liking. Nikon could very easily market and sell a D700SX model if they wanted to. Just strip out the video features of the D800 and D4, but add the D4 sensor, better CPU, AF sensor, and 91K meter.

        • AMEN! I love the new cameras, but I don’t care about video (just me I know), so I can’t help but feel disappointed. I think their is a market for a high-end camera without video.

          • Ren Kockwell

            If that’s what you want, they’re already here. Video is the new market. The latest crop have modest improvements in other areas, but video is where it’s at right now, love it or hate it.

            If I didn’t need the video, I would buy two D700 bodies and never look back. It’s a better camera than most of us will ever be a photographer.

            • @Ren Kockwell, I understand that there is a market for video enabled DSLRs. I just wish Nikon would create a camera only DSLR for photographers and a video enabled HD-DSLR for cinetographers. They could badge one camera the D4 and the other D4C (“C” for Cine). Charge $5200 for the D4 and $6000 for the D4C. Then they could sit back and watch what the market does in response. I would be willing to bet that the D4 would far outsell a D4C by a factor of 2:1 or greater. Consider This: The D90, D7000, D3S all do video and have been out for some time. How much video content do you see out there vs. stills? Oh, I can hear it now, “but Nikon doesn’t do as good as video as the 5DMKII and that’s why we don’t see Nikon video content out there.” I call bullshit! Of all the 5DMKII’s which were sold, how many of those buyers are creating quality video content vs. quality photos? I would bet there are 10K great photos created on that camera for every 1 great video. Saying that video is where it is at, is just like all those saying 3D video is where it is at. Its marketing hyperbole in which countless consumers blindingly buy into!! Now I am certain, that there will be some pros out there that figure out how to incorporate quality video with their product offerings to differ themselves from the masses, but for the most part, countless D4 users will probably create a video or two, and never do anything with them except let them occupy disk space. I agree the D700 is a great camera, but its ISO is lacking for the type of photography I enjoy doing; I was hoping the D4 & D800 offerings were going to be an improvement (i.e. two stop ISO gain, DR, 100% Viewfinder, faster processor, max 50% more pixels, and improved AF) to the D3&D700 and not completely new cameras sporting video features I could care less about.

            • vertigo

              To Dr SCSI, there no reply on your comment: That would be kind of stupid though, just to see what the market decides they’re going to make two different cameras 1000 dollars apart just for an experiment. It’s far easier to just put the video in there and make one camera. You might not think it’s useful, and I didn’t at first, but it is. I’ve taken numerous photos of events happening only to realize it’d have been better if it was just a video. There’s times where it’s useful. Additionally, people ask me to take video for them a lot now.

            • @vertigo, the building of two different cameras with different features is not that difficult. i.e., D800 and D800E are perfect examples. Nikon could EASILY create a D4 and D4C. They would have nearly the same layout, except for a couple of button functionality differences, a rubber plugged audio port, and labeling. On the inside, it would also be nearly identical, with the exception of different circuit boards, one outfitted with special purpose ICs for AV capture of the various codecs, and one without. If Nikon has a production capacity of 5000 D4 cameras a month, they could very quickly determine what the market PREFERS by observing sales data for the two cameras. Again, I don’t disagree that an in camera video capability is a nice feature for those who need it and use it. I am just saying there are numerous photogs out there that could care less about the HD-AV feature and just wish Nikon would spend those development efforts elsewhere. Another perfect example, you would buy the D4C version, and I would buy a D4 SANS HD-AV. That right there is 50/50! I guess ADMIN could take a poll to see what others might say. Back in the day when film was in, (here come the die hard’s comments) we had 35mm film and 8mm video. Which one do you think won the popularity contest? Now of all the 8mm films which recorded in the public arena, how many of them were GREAT productions? Again, go back to all the current cameras which shoot video, quoting a little old lady, “Where is the BEEF?” The power of a still image that is well captured, is like an executive summary, where the observer sees all the important details and is held captive. Video has that ability, but I personally think it takes another kind of vissionary and master of that craft, with a lot more effort, to convey the same story in a powerful way. Both have their place, I just don’t think it should be in the same device. Much like a Swiss Army Knife with many capabilities, its master of none.

          • +1

            I am right there with you in spirit Sparky. I personally could not care less about video, however I can see how at this point not including video would be suicide marketing so I like you will continue to ignore it on my camera bodies.

      • Talkontar

        The myth of d700s cutting d4 sales….
        Think about it. How many d4 units are they going to sell? Not that many in absolute terms. And small quantity = large production cost. If they use the same sensor in different body production cost lowers and Nikon sells more units with larger profit margin.
        Cutting d4 sales will actually bring much more profit to Nikon. They have to bring smaller FX camera with top HiISO becouse most likely new Canon 5d and new Sony FX will be just that – HiISO 24 megapixels. And Nikon will be alone with too many pixels for anyone to use and with lower overall IQ. But unfortunatly Nikon is slow thinking and they got themselves into MP race while this race is already over. There will be small FX HiISO from Nikon, but late in 2013 almost year after Canon and Sony offerings.

    • Jeff

      I thought I heard that the D800 could go down to 15 mp
      Would that not do ?

      • WoutK89

        Do you know the differences between a cropped and a fullframe camera? A cropped camera still has the characteristics of the high MP sensor, while a low MP fullframe camera has better low light characteristics. Also, when cropping you loose the FoV of the fullframe sensor.

    • zoetMB

      I’m usually a proponent of having products at all price points as long as it doesn’t make the offering confusing. But I’m not sure that there’s enough of a high-end market between the D800 and the D4 to make it worth it. It would have to be at around a $4500 U.S. price point. So what would it have to make D800 users pay another 50% without eroding sales for those who don’t need to care about price and therefore buy the D4. Although having said that, Apple’s policy is that they’d rather compete with themselves than with others, so they don’t worry about cannibalization from their own products and Nikon might not (or should not) either.

      But I think when all is said and done, the bodies will look like this:
      D3200 (D3100 replacement): $700 w/ lens
      D5200 (D5100 replacement): $900 w/ lens
      D7100 (D7000 replacement): $1300
      D400 (D300 replacement): $1995
      D800: $3000
      D800E: $3300
      D4: $6000
      D4x: (high pixel version of D4): $7500

      That does leave a bit of hole between the D400 and D800. It will be interesting to see if Nikon wants to fill it. And I suppose one can make the case that Nikon needs a DSLR at the low end at around $500, although I suppose those users might be driven more towards the Nikon 1 line even though that starts at $650 list with a lens.

  • Kenneth

    Kinda too soon for a D700 upgrade, right? I’m very happy with my D7000 although I wish it would have a higher buffer in RAW (6 fps don’t mean crap if the buffer can’t handle it).

    I bet there will be a D300s replacement.

    • PHB

      My thoughts too. I think it more likely that the cameras would be D400, D9000 and D3200.

      The D9000 being the D700 in a prosumer body for a lower price.

  • haha

    I have both D300 and D700. I wish the 3 bodies are D700s, D400, D400E.

    D700s to get D3s like ISO capabilities + video like D7000.
    D400 to be D7000 + slight MP bump + more fps
    D400E to be D7000 + more MP but less fps

    However, wishes are just wishes. In reality, the more probable guess are D400, D7100, D3200 or D4x basically D4 with higher MP.

  • What about a real D700 replacement? Why do I still have to wait for a 16+MP-camera with good high ISO under 6000§ ?!?
    That really makes me look for a 5D M3…

    • Erikz

      well that must mean that you don’t have a lot of nikon lenses….

      make the switch to Canon……lol

    • Norulez

      I’m waiting for the D710 (priced around $2300-$2400) and hope it comes out in April or July/August. I’m upgrading to FX from a D300 which i plan to keep because I’m tired of waiting for DX primes for portraits, etc. I already have afs 24-70 f2.8, afs 50 f1.4 and af 85 f1.4. An afs 70-200 f2.8 is on my wishlist which i can use the leftover cash from not buying a D800. 🙂

      If the D710 does not pan out, my plan B is to buy a D800 after positive reviews and a better understanding on tech or D700 or afs 70-200 f2.8. 😉

      • Ralph

        DX primes for portrait? Sheesh, what’s wrong wih the 50f1.4 or the 85f1.4 if you like a little longer? The 50 is pretty cheap. Are you just whining coz you can?

        • Norulez

          Why don’t you read my post first before you put your foot in your mouth!

          Yes, DX is a system it’s not something that you tag any camera with. I sold all my DX lenses (18-200 & 17-55) so the time came for me to move to FX for true portraits so I can keep the D300 for sports using the lenses I have now.

          The 50mm f1.4 FX that I own gives me 75mm f1.4 DX, not high enough but close most of the time.

          The 85mm f1.4 FX that I own gives me 138mm f1.4 DX, which i hardly use and doesn’t justify the +$1000 that I want to use for.

          What other lens do you have in mind, do tell?

          FYI 85mm f1.4 is a classic lens for portraits on FX so 58mm f1.4 DX would give you the approx FL of 86mm f1.4 FX equivalent give or take a mm. The rest you can read from “Portraits for Dummies” at the library.

          Who’s complaining, I was only stating what my requirements are.
          I’m hardcore into portraits with “bokeh” and f2.8 or 1.8 apertures don’t cut it for me only the 9 aperature blade f1.4’s do because they create circular out of focus highlight when they are bright enough in the image around the subject.

          Nobody has manners these days or is it just me.

          • nek wellrock

            It’s just you,..cut back on the coffee.

            And if your that hardcore,…AiS lenses are even better.

            If your subjects hold still…lol.

  • rhlpetrus

    Pretty safe guesses, D3200, D400, D7100. But the big questions are: which sensors D3200 and D400? My outlandish guess is that Nikon may bring a new sensor with V1/J1 tech, including PDAF for LV. D7100 will get a larger buffer, maybe some video update, but it’s pretty much a great deal as is.

  • LightHouse

    Can’t wait for D400. I will buy one for sure.

  • Paul

    D7000 replacement/upgrade??? 🙁
    I just bought mine.., isn’t it fairly new??

    • vitamin_s

      dont worry nikon is not coming up with a d7000 replacement. chances of D400 before august 2012 is also very difficult. there are many people talking about d400 on the internet since January 2011.

    • If Nikon bring out a D7100, how will that make your D7000 any less new??

      I bought a D700 to complement my D7000, knowing full well that D800 upgrade was around the corner. It doesn’t change the camera we already have, just the choices we have in the future.

      It’s lenses guys, they’re the real investment, camera’s are just consumables!!!

      • +1000

        If you already have a D7000 or even an “outdated” D700, but for only a few rare couple of exceptions, glass is the wiser investment over all. Pro nikkor glass on these existing cameras will have a much greater improvement in IQ than putting a D400 or mythical D700s behind consumer grade lenses. Take that $2000.00 and instead buy a 35mm 1.4g, 85mm 1.4g, or 24-70mm 2.8. I promise you won’t regret it.

  • kokso

    16-85MM F/4 VR & hopefully 70-200MM F/4 VR = Great.

    Who wants D400 with these two lenses?

    • bknv

      Yes please, that’s exactly what I’m hoping for!

  • Jacques

    I expect a D800EX lol 🙂

  • Merv

    If the prior nikonrumor post about the 24 MP D3200 is correct, maybe we’ll see all three replacements with this 24 MP sensor at minimum

  • Boy I love my 16-85mm VR on my D7000. I have a 24-70 from my D700, but I’ll tell you I love the 16-85 VR. I was thinking of keeping that lens and using it on my D800 in the crop mode. I would also enjoy a 70-200ish f4 combo set!

    • John

      I agree Jeff I have both the 16-85 on my d300 and the 24-70 on my d700 and I do love how sharp the 16-85mm lens. I won’t let it go as long as I can use it on a dx camera.

  • Kero

    24MP Sony Sensor like Sony A77
    ISO 16000
    1080P 30FPS
    720P 60FPS
    live view: aperture and histogram

    24MP Sony Sensor
    ISO 16000
    1080P 30FPS
    720P 60FPS
    live view: aperture and histogram

    24MP Sony Sensor
    ISO 16000
    1080P 30FPS
    720P 30FPS

    • Kero

      24MP Sony Sensor
      ISO 16000
      1080P 30FPS
      720P 30FPS

      • Calibrator

        I think you are spot on with the 24MP for the D400 and also the D7100 (very late this year) but not in the D3200. I’m pretty sure they put the 16MP sensor in it -which would be fast enough for the video FPS you mentioned.
        Also a D5100 with 16MP and a D3200 with 24MP doesn’t really work.
        Canon also pretty much has 18MP in every crop body except in their lowest model, the 1100D (12MP).

        Of course MP isn’t everything – the main difference will be the body material and amount of controls. I also think the D400 will get the new memory cards to enable faster framerates, in contrast to the D7100 which won’t be faster for photography (5-6 images max).
        I’m not sure if the new consumer models will already integrate GPS or if it will happen in 2013 but I don’t think Nikon can avoid it much longer. In fact they begin putting it into their new bridges & compacts – even with maps.

      • Vbj

        Don’t forget 25p and 50p. Most of the world isn’t a NTSC zone.

    • Prajyot

      But when…..????

    • SusanP

      To get that many MP into a crop sensor, the Sony A77 sensor pixels are only 3.9 microns, too small for the low light performance I would prefer to see in the D400, which will be mostly for action/sports/wildlife, and needs iso more than MP.

    • Ordep

      I believe that the D400 will have 24mp, but don’t believe that 7100 will have the same MP. Just a feeling.
      8FPS – yes
      1080P 30FPS -yes
      720P 60FPS – yes
      live view: aperture and histogram – yes, but in ISO, I believe that exceeds 16000.

  • a4

    18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 and 16-85mm f/4? Way to go, Nikon… *sigh*

    24MP D7000 and (probably 16MP) D3100 sequels are quite for sure. I doubt, however, that the D400 – if presented this year (or at all) – will have a DX sensor
    We’ll see…

  • Martin

    My guess: d700s, if only Canon 5D3 will be much better than d800 in tertm of noise.

  • TJ


    FX DX
    High ISO D4 D400
    High MP D800 D7100

    A cheaper high-ISO camera may come in a cropped sensor, but don’t expect Nikon to cannibalize its flagship again with a D700s. And if you want high-MP at a a lower price, here’s the D7100 (or maybe D8000, if they want to be congruent).

  • Snipes

    Wow, upgrade of the nikon d7000, wow I just got my nikon d7000 last year and already going to be announcement. Pretty reasonable why the nikon d300s but not the nikon d3100 and nikon d7000.

    • enesunkie

      The entry level has been updated every year except last year
      (maybe due to flooding?)
      D40 – 2006, D40x – 2007, D60 – 2008, D3000 – 2009, D3100 – 2010.

  • Rich

    How about sending in your d70 or d70s for a factory upgrade to 24mp, 10fps, 50 to 256000 iso you could leave out the video.

    • WoutK89

      Good one, however it takes much more than just switching sensors, you have to take out all electronics and replace it with something newer. So might as well just buy a new camera then.

      • Calibrator

        It was irony.

  • John

    Having just shot a few frames with my FE2 and 50/1.2 AIS – I really enjoyed the viewfinder, compactness of the camera and lens. Now if Nikon could make an FE2-sized FX camera and a new 50/1.2 AFS I’d find a way to afford the two of them . . .

  • Pat Mann

    Where are the wide primes for DX?

    24 f/2, 18 f/2, 16 f/3.5 PC?

    DX sensors and cameras are getting better and better, but they’re lacking the full range of optics to make full use of this potential. I certainly hope the D400 announcement comes with some serious DX lenses. These are TOTAL GAPS that have been there for years now, while they do modest upgrades of lenses we already have.

    I do like the 16-85, a lot, and f/4 would be a useful improvement, provided they keep the distortion down at 16mm. I assume the 18-300 is going to be optimized for video. But we still photogs could really use some nice wide primes tuned to the DX system – smaller, lighter and much more compact than FX lenses in these focal lengths. PLEASE?

  • Wow, announcing another 3 more bodies is a little unexpected O_O

    • Actually it is not if you consider that the D800 and the D4 were supposed to be announced last year.

      • WoutK89

        Are you sure about the D4 should officially have been announced last year? I can not imagine Nikon would do it so far ahead, and if so, they must have changed to XQD in the very last minute.

  • Tornadogirl

    At this point I would be happy to get my hands on a D7000…been trying to buy one for 2 months now to no avail!

  • GeofFx

    A numbering system that would make sense to me…

    3*00 series (low end DX)
    5*00 series (mid DX)
    7*00 series (high DX)
    9*00 series (D300 replacement becomes pro DX)

    4*0 series (low end FX, D4 sensor in D800 body)
    *00 (first number changes as the pro FX number changes eg D5/D500)
    8*0 series (High MP FX)

    D* (currently D4) (Pro FX)

    • a4

      Well I guess the “Pro DX” isn’t gonna happen since there are no pro DX lenses and Nikon are clearly showing who they are aiming at with their current DX lineup. That is most probably the reason why the D7000 arrived so beefed-up compared to its predecessors – THIS is the current “pro DX”, live with it…

      • 17-55 f2.8 is “pro” DX I think. Nikon’s first FX digital SLR came out in 2007, we weren’t all shooting junk before that.

        • a4

          Yep, you’re right, there is ONE lens from year 2003 or so. However, what I meant was “no recent” pro DX lenses. 17-55 f/2.8 WAS pro back then and is all that’s left nowadays.
          Would anyone sane buy it new(!) today? And a “pro” system around this sole lens? I seriously doubt it…

    • WoutK89

      D400 would be on a much faster release cycle than the D4/D5 if it is indeed budget FX. So you will not see a D5 coming with the D500.

  • Wilhelm

    What would the difference be between the d7000 and on a replacement of the d300s?
    I think they would be pretty close to each other, wouldn’t they?

    • GeofFx

      I’d guess a slightly larger and more robust body with more pro-like features.

    • enesunkie

      D800-like controls (no Auto or scene mode), faster frames per second, larger buffer. improved 51 point AF, better weathersealing …

      • WoutK89

        Professional connection ports (flash sync and 10-pin connections)

  • No more FX goodies?

  • Marty

    Would be nice if Nikon release the same DSLR with NO Video at all but less price!
    (via firmware? hacking proof or REC btn –>as extra Function)
    Like D800 & D800E
    but D7000 & D7000X

    sorry about my english

    • enesunkie

      Your English is fine. The D800E lacks the aa filter and costs more than the D800. I’m sure the same would hold true if Nikon made what would be a more or less limited edition DSLR without video. Like it or not, but cameras that can’t do video will forever now be in the minority.

  • Fredbare

    What about a mirrorless DX camera?
    I was waiting for this but have been completely ‘underwhelmed’ by the J1/V1 offering.

    • Ordep

      Wait for the next Nikon 1 system generation, there will be many improvements.
      To tell the truth, the current Nikon 1 series does not convince me.
      And if they do so with direct F-Mount, certainly would think otherwise.

  • SNRatio

    If there will be 3 more releases in 2012, is it clear that Nikon has decided which 3 already? While the D3100 and D300s replacements seem rather obvious, the D7000 may well get a few extra months, maybe with an s-version upgrade. And Nikon surely leaves space for a “genuine” D700 follow-up.

    The rumor is that the 5DII successor will have about 22MP and, probably, much higher build quality. A D700 successor could be aimed to provide an alternative to that, with the D4 sensor etc.

    I think a D400/”D710″ combo similar to the D300/D700 could work very well, both with ca 16MP sensors.

  • Morbidofanten

    My humble guess:
    D400 (D3s sensor)
    D9000 (D300s replacement)
    D7100 (24 MP Sony sensor)

    • Morbidofanten

      And in 2013:

      • WoutK89

        D3200 is way overdue, so 2012 for that. And IF they do decide for a 2013 release, the Nikon 1 crowd/collection will have grown and I dont think much people will buy into the lowest DX anymore.

        • Morbidofanten

          In that case I think that there will be no D9000, and the D7100 will be the top end DX. I really hope for a low end FX, a D4 “littlebrother” in the D400.

  • Vangelis Feleris

    D300s replacement (D400)

    24MP DX format
    100 – 12800 ISO, up to 204800 with boost
    Continuous drive up to 12 fps
    51 AF point, 15 cross-type
    1080p 60 movies with autofocus
    Magnesium alloy body

  • Donkey Face

    Ugh, no more DX PLEASE. The consumer market is ultra saturated with so many options, I would be far more excited to have another pro option. Right now there are technically only two choices for pro FX, the D4 or the D800(D800E doesn’t count as an entirely different camera). Something between those two or below the D800 would be welcome.

  • jorg

    another solid analysis by thom hogan today. he also thinks chances on a budget-FX are slim. on top comes the fact that nikon did NOT discontinue the D700 (apart from their domestic market-another riddle).

    so whether we like it or not, there IS a budget-FX body WITHOUT video; been there all the time. it should go down to 1800,- € including grip and just hold out for another 9 months, until nikon has caught up with the other segments. the price-drop was hinted too…

  • obviously a real substitute for the d700 is coming

  • Brian Davis

    I’d rather they send out the camera’s they’ve already announced.

  • cfeather

    Still no D700 replacement? The D800 is not that camera. I’ll wait it out for the D4 sensor in a D700 body.
    And no 28 f/2 or 24 f/2? Such a huge gap there.

    The D7000 needs a focus upgrade, but I’m betting the upgrade will be to 24 mp and more noise and even softer images.

    Too bad Nikon is buying into the high MP mania.

    • SusanP

      Agree with you completely on the D7000.

  • If they release a ‘D700s’ there’ll be a lot of angry D800 buyers out there. I’ve settled on one, as I’ve been waiting to upgrade my D300, but I don’t really need the MP – I’ll be downsizing 90% of my images.

    And yes, I could have upgraded to a D700, but that came out just after I bought the D300 and I’ve been waiting for basically that camera with video for the last three years.

  • stef

    I was about to pull the trigger on a used D700.
    I’m coming from a D90.

    I’d love a 24Mpx HIGH ISO / no video/ replacement of the D700.
    That would be worth the wait.
    (D3s sensor?)

    Not sure if it’s realistic, but the lack of video might reduce its cannibalization of the D800.

    • a4

      Sounds great. Not very likely, though 🙁

  • MJr

    I’d buy a D7100 with 16-85mm F4 ! Maybe.

  • Ordep

    I dream that the D400 be a FF camera with affordable price. A entry level FF camera. C’mon Nikon you can do it. But not more than a dream.

  • tjay

    Sorry, I cannot believe what I read about the lenses. We´re a group of nature photograph friends that wait since a horrible long time for an update of the 80-400 lens and it´s understandable why Nikon ingores this customer requests so long. Could it really be, that so less people want´s to have here an update? They make one patent after the other but, patent´s makes no good pictures. And in the meantime exists really enough wide angle lenses.

  • Rob Ueberfeldt

    The hard sad facts (sorry rumors) of life, 2012 will bring us
    D400 (dx)
    Will be interesting to see what the MP counts are going to be on the new DX cameras. 18-300mm with a high MP DX camera will probably let people save on buying a lens that goes to 400mm.

  • Carlos Sampaio

    D7000 RIP

  • Art101

    I’m anxious to see what the D400 will have for specs. As much I love my D300, having video, more pixels and better low light noise will cause me to upgrade.

    Also, has anyone seen 100% crops of the D800 side by side with the D800E? I’d like see how much difference there is, and will be curious if we see a D400E.

  • kokko

    Sony A57 is coming with the new 16MP sensor. D400 with it should be nice.

    16MP DX
    ISO 100-51200
    8-10 fps
    1080p @ 24, 25,30 fps, 720p @ 60
    51 af point
    Magnesium alloy, viewfinder and lcd screen from D300s, 2 memory card slots

  • happysnapper63

    I have zero interest in full frame. But we have 5 Nikon SLRs and a couple of coolpix here between us, with lenses and we will be adding a 300 2.8 vr in the summer. I am becoming concerned that what we are going to get in the future is whatever sensor sony decides to produce, rather than a Nikon strategy, such as we observed with the 12mp great, compared to the competition, ISO era. The D7000 is a very capable all rounder for some one who shoots a bit of everything, the D300S is great for buffer capacity and speed of use (sensor a bit naff though compared to a modern 7000), neither needs 24mp.

    I am assuming that the shuttersped – 1/focal length x crop factor guidline will need to revised as the pixel densities increase, and that VR will need to be updated likewise if full resolution images are to be usable. This would seem to indicate that in the future sensor shift tuned to the sensors density will out perform lens based VR…….One also assumes that eventually as the densities increase, one will need VR to get to a 1/focal length x crop factor usable situation rather than VR permitting one to shoot significantly slower……this will also need to drive an increase in ISO capability that out strips the density v VR effect. The concern is we are passengers on Sony’s sensor wagon.

    Good news. Lets hope the D300S replacement comes with auto focus at f8, and a 3 x converter follows shortly afterwards. mmm 300 x 3 x 1.5 and modern SLR ISO capability, licks lips….

    Anyone done the math ? There was a lot of noise around needing to user faster shutterspeeds when the D7K was launched, I have not observed that my self, hence I believe I would not notice that if I did borrow a D800 for a day or two.

  • slick2000

    D7000 replaced ?
    no way… it’s waaay to early (came out in 2010)

    so for me it’s D3200, D400, and D700s

  • zoetmb

    As far as lenses go, Nikon’s oldest AF-S lens (aside from the micros and teleconverters) is the 300 f4.0, which became available 11 years ago. I would expect they would address that relatively soon (although in Nikon time, that could be three years from now.)

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