Nikon D800 available for pre-order at BestBuy

BestBuy is also taking pre-orders for the Nikon D800, but the actual listing is buried in the site - go to and search for "D800" of for the SKU "4827167". The Nikon D800E is not listed.

Full list of pre-order options available here.

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  • I don’t know of any photographers who ACTUALLY buy equipment at bestbuy. lol


    • Dennis Chan


      But now that the new Nikon pricing policy is in effect; i dont think the different among stores are as big as the old times.

      • paul

        Unfortunately they won’t make it the same price globally.

        D800 US = $3000, UK £2,400 ( $3792)

        D800E US = $3300. UK £3,300 ($4,266)

        all at $1.58 to £1

        • prices in EU and UK are with tax, in US without. That makes part of it. Second part is the extended warranty you get.

          • franzi finkledoodles

            in the german-speaking world, our prices (taxes) are higher as well – but i’ll take the excellent health care and rail systems over cheaper camera gear any day.

            • Rob

              I mean, you do realize you could buy better private health insurance and plane tickets with the difference in prices you pay every year, right?

            • economypilot

              Franzi you are a cog in the wheel of a life manufactured for you by your government.

              If they say jump for your new D800, It sounds like your answer would be, “Yes sir, and how high sir?”

            • ere

              There is some truth to what you say Franzi, but it is not so absolute. Governments waste money and have little accountability.

            • Pete

              Just leave it, Franzi.
              And everybody else: Don’t mention the war!

            • bobbi

              franzi, I’m an American and I’m with ya.

        • Zeb

          You can’t buy it from Best Buy in the UK as they’ve gone bust!

          D800E is £2,689.95 from Jessops, not £3,300 – Don’t encourage them to put up prices!

          Roll on Yen devaluation.

          • could be a common issue: people talk about prices, but don’t know where they come or get from. and reseller may think..ok well, why not.

        • Pkr

          Paul the D800E US = $3300. UK £3,300 ($4,266) is $5,214

          I feel taxes, and like a lot of people, I get hit with 40% in my salary, then I pay another 20% on what I purchase. But taxes does not count on the difference between the two models,

          D800 US = $3000, UK £2,400 ( $3792)
          D800E US = $3300. UK £3,300 ($5,266)

          That is almost £1000.

          Think yourself lucky if you have “excellent health care and rail systems…..” The quality is poor here.

      • Art

        Yes, now with the new Nikon pricing strategy, is there much advantage of buying from a camera store v.s. Best Buy? (Well, yes service but the point is that the new pricing strategy might come back and bite the independent shops the new pricing strategy is supposed to protect.)

    • Dan

      That’s really funny! Cuz that’s where I got my D7K….a whole day before it was officially released. And that’s where I’ll prolly get my D800 if I decide to get it. Won’t have to worry about all this artificial pre-order shortage hype. No different than new car sales tactics…..”It’s the last one on the lot and somebody already made a down payment on it.”……yeah right!

    • Best Buy…uh…so strange…

    • John

      Hey, I wanted a D700 towards the end of last year and B&H was on backorder. I saw that Best Buy sometimes carried them. I called around NJ, PA and DE and got the only one in all the Best Buys in the Delaware Valley and got it that day. Never, ever thought I would buy a high end camera at Best Buy.

    • Luth

      Prices at best buy and elsewhere:

      D800: $2,999.99
      D700: $2,699.99 almost same price for a quite old 12MP camera (quite laughable)

      Sony A900: (Sony the ones who equip Nikon with their sensor): $2,699.99

      Who needs 36 MP anyway, what for ? Problem with Nikon, they go from 12 MP and 16 MP max to 36 directly without even considering 18 or 24 MP (largely enough for any pro or amateur). But still they are more expensive than the competition (Sony and Canon)…

      The future new Sony FF: let’s wait and see before buying any Nikon overpriced gear

      AS for the difference between the US and EU prices, you can create/rent a US post box on some US websites, let deliver the product there and then redirect in Europe without any price difference.

      My salary is taxed at around 45%-50% + social charges that cover almost nothing and I still pay 60 Euro to go to a doctor,need have private pension, private insurance and live in a country with the some of the worst infrastructures and governmental services in the developed world…
      And it s not going to get better

      So 3000 $ , Pounds or Euro, make no difference, it’s too expensive anyway

  • d400

    Hey, Just looked at the d800 grips, they are not $600, they are $500 (BH) and $450 (Adorama). Still a ridiculous price though.

    • Amen!!! +1 and all that jazz. The grip for the MB-D10 D700 was more complex and MSRP was under $300. The MB-D11 is more complex and looks to be a very similar design (same power and I/O connector and knobs) yet is almost three times the price of the MB-D11? There is NOT three hundred dollars of frigging metal in there. Heck a single mg-alloy wheel for a car isn’t 600 dollars.

      • Dean

        But selling the D800 like a car may be Nikon’s strategy! Provide a reasonable price for the car then clean up on the options and add-ons?

  • Pkr

    I wonder if this is true and who it will affect?

    Pre-orders of the brand new Nikon D800 full-frame DSLR have been suspended on some US sites, apparently because the demand is too high.

    The 36MP camera was only announced on Tuesday, but already the D800 is proving so popular that several key US retailers, including Amazon, have stopped offering the camera up for sale.

    In the UK, there is no listing for the D800 on Amazon, but it is currently still available to pre-order from dedicated camera manufacturers such as Warehouse Express and Park Cameras.

    A retailer speaking to US website Slashgear said, “The item is in high demand and supplies from the manufacturer are limited. Its availability will fluctuate, and if the item is not currently in stock, we cannot guarantee that will receive additional quantities in a timely manner.”

  • Jason

    I will probably purchase the camera there as I have a best buy card that offers interest free financing. 18 months no interest is hard to pass up.

    • Dan

      i wonder if they’ll force a kit lens on you….

  • Momin

    I just hope they reduce the price of the D700 by a significant amount. I have been waiting for the release of the D800 so that the price of the D700 reduces and I can upgrade from my D3000.

    $1500 for a used one would be awesome!

  • Hhom Togan

    This is REALLY awesome! to pay 3,000 USD for a camera with the same pixel pitch of a 1,199.00 USD !!!! I love the idea of being diffraction limited at f/11!!

    Wait…. what????

    • D400

      I see the origonal replies to this post have been deleted.
      Thanks Admin! keep up the good work! Make them speak civil.

      • Rob

        Or he could just delete the posts by the troll who’s spamming that in every D800 thread.

        • Hom Thogan

          Yeah because telling you what to expect in a funny way it is trolling 🙂

          Look I didn’t invented the law of physics governing optics and light, grab any Diffraction calculator you can find online (If you don’t own a D7000 and you can see for yourself).

          I think that Nikon has removed in the D800E the AA filter to try to counter diffraction which will introduce moire.


    • I’ll just spam back with my reply to this exact same BS on another thread:

      This “argument” is similar to comparing the size of the cylinders in an engine without regards to how many of them there are. So what if the cylinder size is the same? You’re going to get A LOT more displacement and horsepower out of the W-16 than the V-8 even if the individual cylinders are the same size.

      Then to continue this car theme, you’re talking about the V-8 in a Corvette vs the W-16 in a Bugatti. There are several other factors OTHER than the engine.

      The build difference will be substantial. The amount and quality of other tech updates is substantial. But of course, most importantly and obviously… THE SENSOR IS WAY BIGGER. So what if the pixel density is the same? There are freaking more of them!

      • Hom Thogan

        “THE SENSOR IS WAY BIGGER. So what if the pixel density is the same? There are freaking more of them!”

        And how does that helps to stop diffraction if I may ask :)??? look the idea of 36 megapixels is to print big, if in an 8×10 image you´ll be able to see diffraction (5 inches distance between print and eyes) how would that be in a huge print :)???

        Also the problem of the big sensor crammed with photosites is also noise, some of the samples showing up now have some nasty chroma noise at ISO 3200 and 6400 (something not present in the D700 or D3s) .
        You can use the example of different engines all you want but at least try to give all the details before writting:

        The difference is that the Veyron has a bigger motor yes but it is a whole different kind of technology of what you find in other W16 motors, it is a quad turbocharged W16, each cylinder has 4 valves (64 valvees in total) ,ten water cooling systems and whole different array of peripherals to make it work like it works and it is really different than other v8 motors, it was engineered from scratch to be able to do what it does, it isn’t a matter of putting to v8 together and “voila”, while it has cilinders, blocks, etc. the motor compared to a 2 v8 motor is really different because it was designed thinking in that performance.

        In the case of the D7000 and the D800 they are more similar than different, the architecture of the sensor design is the same only bigger and with more photosites but with the same pixel pitch size, that’s all. The performance of the sensor will be different because it most likely use a new image processor algorithm, however the proofs of its performance is out there already: ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 with Chroma noise (a problem of cramming to many small photosites in the sensor surface).

        The D4 will have the edge in image quality at high ISO’s and you can forget in the D800 getting the class leading image quality at high ISO’s that the D700 gave you for almost the same introductory price.

        You can download the files and see them for yourself (scroll down until you see a photo of a table with some roses, if you use chrome automatic translation will kick in and you will see a link above this photo where you can download the samples and examine them all you want).

        The D800 is designed to make big prints: how good will they be if they are diffraction limited at f/11 and with chroma noise at high ISO?

        But I still wuv you, now go and make me a sammich Sean!!!

  • US customers get to pay sales tax if they purchase from Best Buy, unless they live in Oregon.

    • I WIN!

    • Or Montana. 🙂

    • I stopped pre-ordering my big purchases for my business because I get them faster from my local shop, and I would have to claim use tax on an out-of-state purchase anyway.

      And yes I claim use tax for my business. I’m not taking the chance.

  • Super Ken Rock

    I’m so excited for this cam, O M G! I’m going to pay 3,000 USD for a camera that has the same pixel density that a 1,199 USD one (D7000) after all being diffraction limited at f/11 will be the new black in photography! YES!!! I can see it, big blurry prints (or oversharpened trying to revert the problems of diffraction).

    Why do you think there’s a version without Anti Alias? because they frigging now diffraction will be a cold hearted bitch with the normal one!

    You dumbies 🙂 I love you!

    • it is warming and calming to the heart that there is so many noob photogs like you. it makes me feel safe about my own pro future

      • frAnk

        totally agree!

        sour grapes have long after taste.

      • sirin

        you, sir, are awesome.

      • Super Ken Rock

        I still wuv you Harold, even if you don’t wuv me! 🙂 the good thing is that since this camera is going to make ALL my cameras obsolete, I can now do 2 of my dreams:

        Build a house with camera bodies from Nikon and Canon

        Have big blurry prints affected by diffraction hanging on the walls of said house


        • Steph

          Damn…’re intelligent! You’re the 99% too right!

          • Hom Thogan

            Nop, I’m the 1%, the only smart guy here! you are the 99% of silly people in the world :D.

            Nikon ROCKS WOOHO *fap, fap, fap*

    • Two of the exact same complaint by, clearly, the same person. Impressive.

      I’ve already responded twice so I’m done feeding the troll.

      • Super Ken Rock

        But I’m hungry 🙁

  • themark

    for your information, the camera is avaiable for preorder on amazon germany

  • Art

    Buy your D800 at Best Buy …. Because customer service is Best Buy’s number one priority. … That is why they are a favorite topic at the “Consumerist”

  • PPH

    We will know by April how popular these D800s are. Just need to check out how much they will sell at ebay.

    I have pre-ordered two from B&H and Amazon as soon as they opened their order. I even got a call back from B&H to confirm my order the ver next morning. They even waived my shipping charge, the shipping charge was on the website when I did my order.

    If all goes well, I can have my own unit for 2/3 of price. If it’s not popular, I just simply return the extra units. No loss there.

    I can have a grip for free (figuratively speaking).

    • kevin

      you can have your own for 2/3 price? HOW?

      • No SHAME

        he bought 3 cameras – when it is high demand after the first wave of shipping – he will sell the other two on eBay with huge profit…. (or at least he hope so)

    • No SHAME

      And because of people like you, buying 3-4 cameras and then selling on eBay with 2x, 3x profit – many real photographers – not necessary pros, but enthusiasts (some of them cannot afford to do what you did) have to wait for months and months….
      Well…. It’s a shame that you feel proud of yourself!

      • Rob

        It’s called the free market, and it balances supply and demand. It’s not our fault retailers are selling for less than the appropriate price to match demand.

        • Hom Thogan

          It is called being a crook who operates in the thin line of what’s lawful and ethic and what’s not lawful and ethic.

          Don’t blame sellers for your own unethic actions please, nobody is going to buy it.

    • For SHAME

      It’s people like you who ruin it for people who actually want to use the camera. Hopefully they move you to the bottom of the list so the price isn’t artificially inflated for everyone else.

      • Rob

        You probably are quite fond of socialism and bread lines. You’ll probably be upset to hear I pre-ordered two as well.

    • sirin

      so you’re proud of being on the same level as patent trolls and domain name profiteers?

    • economypilot

      Nice work there! Some of the posters obviously lack capitalist acumen… too bad for them!

      I engage in these tactics as well and it’s the only reason I am able to afford this hobby. I love your strategy and would implement it myself if I wasn’t in the process of buying a rental property (need to keep my credit score high). However – by taking the deals when I’ve been able too, I’ve built up quite an arsenal of pro level gear and if something happens to me my wife can incompetently peddle it off on ebay and I would come out even or ahead.

      Folks – sometimes if you turn your financial “common knowledge” and turn it on it’s ear you can really come out ahead and build wealth over time. It’s worth consideration before you berate someone for their ingenuity.

      • jk

        There are no feelings in business. Buying more than one and making a profit is totally legit. If someone buys it then that is their choice. As far as hindering the cameras availability to strangers on the internet…well who really cares? I am sure some of you are great people but that is pretty extreme. Some of you are so sensitive.

        How many times do you think someone has bought a piece of equipment new or used and made a little more than what they paid for it. Is that not the same thing?

        Lighten up and don’t take it as such a threat…It is not like they specifically bought your camera….now if someone bought one million of the cameras then that is a different story.

        Good for them for having the funds and the business aptitude.

        I for one do not do that, but don’t fault them for seizing a business opportunity. I am sure Nikon have participated in so much more ruthless tactics and you are more than willing to give them your money.

        • Distanted

          business aptitude…of a scalper. People like that fit the definition of a parasite pretty well. They contribute nothing to capitalism, except to add to the shortage and force consumers to pay more than the retail price. It’d be nice if Nikon could produce fast enough to keep buyers off eBay long enough for these gougers to take a bath.

          • economypilot

            par·a·site   [par-uh-sahyt] Show IPA
            an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.
            a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others.
            (in ancient Greece) a person who received free meals in return for amusing or impudent conversation, flattering remarks, etc.

            I do not think that word means what you think it means. And your scenario is the essence of capitalism… which is, inevitably lost on most

            For the record – I do hope Nikon is able to capitalize on the opportunity and keep up with demand. They have produced an excellent and in demand product, and should do their best monetize that.

  • jodjac

    Is there a place where one can check out the D800 users manual or download it?

  • kevin

    🙁 I am one of the people who has to wait for month to get the camera…

  • Florian

    does anyone know a shop that is selling the D700 significantly cheaper now since the D800 was introduced?

    I am trying to get a new D700 for around 2k or a used (good) one for 1800 (are these prices realistic/good?)

    • mp.

      I just picked up a mint D700 w/ 5k shutter clicks and a 1 week old mb-d10 battery grip for $2100, so it’s possible.

      • Luke

        grey market ! … White Market… Black Market…

        Take your pick

        $2150 …. $2350 … $1500

    • gohf

      I bought a D700 for 1800, had about 15k clicks. Box, everything a-ok.

  • Steven Georges

    Now we know why Nikon put an SD card in there. 😉

  • Want a D409

    Help – Admin as we move past the D4 and recently announced info on the D800, there are many who are keenly interested in the price point and capability of a replacement D300s.

    Any insight or new thinking would be greatly appreciated on the behalf of many non pro shooters who are seeking to make purchase decisions based on your rumors!

  • F64Photo

    The D7000 is a half-frame camera (APS) with 16 MP, and the D800 is a full-frame camera (24 x 36) at about 2X pixels (36 MP), so the resolution should be almost EXACTLY the same, but with twice a many pixels! So, where is the problem? Now you will get about 1.5X pixels per picture width and length than you had before!!! And, the photos look great,; go to download a sample photo on the Nikon site!

    • Hhom Togan

      And the problems the pixel density of the D7000 sensor has: Same level of diffraction.

      Also I hope Nikon has invented a nice way to counter chromatic aberrations in the sensor or the image processor because it’s gonna rock to see purple/magenta :).

      The photos look “ok” but compared to the D700 samples they seem less sharper out of the camera.

      Go figure :).

  • Edit Reject

    Not sure what the knock on Best Buy is. Yes they may be a big box store and yes their staff is for the most part not that knowledgeable but if you know what you want and they have it, there you go. I have bought a couple of cameras from there before including a D7000. Order it online, pick it up at the store and walk out in a couple of minutes. Done. One even had a bum LCD screen and they exchanged it no problem. I remember when there was a pre-order fulfillment issue with many retailers (Amazon, B&H) for the D7000 and people were finding them at Best Buy, canceling the pre-order and selling the kit lens for cost. That being said, I would be surprised if you can walk in and get a D800 off the shelf when they are released. That sucker may just be the Cabbage Patch Kid of DSLRs!

  • d70

    Are the availability dates for the d800/d800e official or not official? Anyone knows? I’m hoping the d800e will ship with the d800 and not tree weeks later.

    • Luke

      Will Any D800s actually make it to the shelves of camera stores ??? or will the whole world be sold out before the release !

  • sorry to put this here.. but I guess this link alone will be interesting for those who looking for low light performance of the new Nikon D800.. maybe this link can be included into next post in NR ?!

    • pegdrgr

      Interesting that they imply the D800 only shoots 6400, then say the D4 shoots a magical 208K. If you going to talk about native in one you should talk about native in the other. Also they didn’t address the ability to dramatically improve the IQ when down sampling the 36MP to a more comparable 12 or 16MP.

      • Hom Thogan

        The downsampling logic is one of Dpreview’s most dumbie arguments, look what good will be downsampling a 36 megapixel image? you are paying for that size, so compare it directly like it is from the camera!!!. If you are going to downsample to make things “equal” then why bother buying the D800? buy a D700…

        At ISO 3200 and 6400 I see much more chroma noise than with the D700/D3s files (which for me are a benchmark of full frame clean files) . The 1Dx files at ISO 1600 are way more clean but I still prefer the D3s/D700 files.

        • pegdrgr

          I understand your point, however from a functional standpoint I disagree. Yes at 1:1 on both you have more noise in the D800 image, but at functional print size limit they are not comparable. You will get a print 14.2 x 9.4″ at 300 dpi from the D700, vs a 24.5 x 16.4 from the D800. To directly compare them functionally you need to do something like lower the DPI of the D700 image to less than 200 and print it at 24.5 x 16.4. This will dramatically increase the appearance of noise and then you can discuss the appearance of noise compared to the D800.

          If the resolution of the two cameras was the same, or even close, your argument would hold up better. However with this large of a jump in resolution there is more to it than just looking at the images 1:1 and comparing them directly, IMO.

  • Jeff

    I just placed a pre-order with Best Buy. Their 18 month no interest terms were too good to pass up. I didn’t want to risk having to wait until perhaps mid-year or later for the next batch to arrive in stores. Best Buy availability was listed the last week of March.

    I’m especially interested in using the 800D for aerial photography. Being able to shoot 35mm and get medium format detail is a dream come true for me. I opted for the D over the E version because with aerial photography patterns on the ground are often very noticeable and highly likely to produce the moire effect in many situations.

    Happy image making everyone. IT’S GONNA BE FUN!!!

    • Jeff

      I meant to add that my Best Buy order will be shipped. Store pick up was not an option. I would be very surprised to see the D800 on any store’s shelf any time soon. It looks like every store will go through their pre-order alotment in a few days. And I can’t say that I’m a bit surprised.

  • Nikomac

    When will Walmart open their pre-order?

  • JC

    Why would anyone buy from Worst Buy, especially if you live in Chicago and get tax 10%

  • Derek matarangas

    I just ordered The d800E, I was tired of not making up my mind. I do a lot of real estate and fashion and beauty. I think this might be the best for me since I want to get as close to medium format as I can.

  • AlexsanderBB

    I preordered D800@ local Henry’s Photo store Canada -$3,149.99 (+13% TAX) but…with 2 years warranty (!!!)
    The D800E goes for $3,449.99 (+13% TAX)

  • 800E
  • AXV

    ! ! ! B U M P T H E D 8 O O P O L L T O T H E F I R S T P A G E ! ! !

  • Mike

    I really can’t understand the hype about this camera. Sensor far to big and certainly one of the most ugliest cameras Nikon ever came up with. It looks like the concept has been rushed out just to beat Canon and to deliver “something”. The right side of the camera is been cut so desperatly in order to make the camera smaller and lighter.Why! And that funny button on the edge ………..horrible…..

    • neversink

      You are crazy….

      Have you checked the samples on Nikon’s website. I would if I were you. The detail is incredibly sharp.

      I am getting the D80… I don’t like moire, although their should be less of it with the 36mp AA filter removed on the D800E

      • neversink

        oops — i meant the D800 not D80

  • Okay.. but how about that D5100-sized FX D400? When will it be released?

  • neversink

    In many states, it s illegal t ask for any type of id when purchasing a product or to record any personal info.
    The laws vary from state to state

  • broxibear

    Nikon targets to produce 30,000 units of D800 per month…
    “SENDAI (Japan): Japan’s Nikon Corporation, one of the world’s top camera producers, is targeting to produce 30,000 units of D800 and 5,000 units of D4 camera models, the company’s latest, per month at its factory here”
    “With the current 1,600 workers, the factory is producing one unit of camera per minute on a daytime shift with each unit of the D800 variant produced every four hours and the D4 variant every five hours.
    Saito said the Sendai factory, which also produced the D3x and F6 variants, still sources some components for the camera production from Nikon overseas plants including Nikon China.
    Some 1,600 component parts are needed to produce each of the D800 and D4 cameras, the 30-odd media representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia were told when they toured the Sendai factory”

    • Sendai Worker

      OK, me sendai worker, working lots to make shiny new cameras! rlly tired puf, puf!

      Y u buy so much a lot cameras?ur fault me going to see son until he graduates from university! (him 3 years old now).

      K thnx bye!

  • jk

    First we whine and complain about the camera not being released and then we over analyze about how to buy it.

    Funny group here…lol

  • Johnny 5

    If anyone feels brave on my upgrade situation — amateur landscape photographer here who also likes to shoot family, friends, and cityscapes about 1/3 of the time. I’ve licensed a couple of photos but nothing to make a living off of. D800 or D800E?

  • John Richardson

    Here is a high price for ya:

    Nikon D800E Pre order

    At: 2,690.00 GBP = 4,238.05 USD !!!!!!!

    Let the price gouging begin.

  • Ole

    Anyone knows if the D800 will be significantly better than my D70? (yes, not D700 but D70).

    If so, I might consider D800 😉

  • Mike

    You would have to be a complete retard to buy anything at all from best buy. Their customer support is shit, their return policy is shit, their staff is shit, in fact everything about them is pure shit. Just try buying a camera and opening the box and then returning it and see what those dickheads have to say about it.

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