J&R just opened their pre-orders for the Nikon D800/E cameras

Another chance to get on the top of the waiting list - J&R just opened their pre-orders for the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E.

Other pre-orders options available here.

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  • Somehow I don’t feel ready to jump off into the land of 36mp raw files that wikk probably be 50 MB each.

  • Matt


    • If a 12 mp 14 bit raw file is 15 mb, why would a 36 mb file be five times larger?

      • …it won’t. Just multiply your average 12mp file by three. Simple math. If you’re using a compressed raw, you may see more fluctuation with detail scenes and high ISOs. Smaller compressed files might get under 30mb. Biggest compressed should be around 50mb. Yeah, uncompressed raw might get over 80mb.

        Cards is cheap. These give me about 45mb/70mb per second read/write in my D700: http://amzn.com/B002WE4HJW

        Downloading a raw file from a fast card in a fast reader on a fast computer might take a whole second. Aw geez. If you’re concerned, don’t get one.

        Also, I wonder how these will perform with it: http://amzn.com/B005VDRD4C

        • I heard the largest-sized photos can be up to 75mb uncompressed RAW.

          Anyone know how much of a quality difference between compressed and uncompressed photos there can be?

          Another thing to look at is the FPS, if the files are smaller, you’ll have more buffer to work with. Especially if you’re shooting with the grip at 6FPS.

          • Yeah, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the crop mode is almost the same res as the D7000 and the same frame rate.

  • Son Rubadiver

    But then with 36Mpx you can take street photos without a big zoom lens looking all creepy and you can crop it later to zoom on your subject.

    • bobby

      you think your funny, but really your a fucking dick

      • Ren Kockwell

        Wrong. He’s funny.

      • Jas

        Why do you have to be such a bobby d!ick?

    • Your mind is really in the gutter. Probably rotted out from too much time at dpreview.

  • Ben Hipple

    Or wait till the mad rush is over and buy one this summer.

  • Marr

    yes, 75mb RAW files lol. if you are studio photographer, no problem to connect Body to computer HDD storage, but for weddings, oh bro…. why they didn’t put two versions, one D800 (36mp) and other D800E with (12mp)

    • Fabian

      My D7000 rawfiles are about 18MB (14-bit, compressed). 18MB * 36/16 ~= 40MB.

  • Masopas

    Llorones, si se quejan, por todo hay un pero. El que no le guste que siga con la d700 yo le vendo la mía!

  • Henry’s in Canada has’em on pre-order as well now!

  • norb

    just saw the first d800 body on ebay from some italian mob. au$3,400. no ship date. strange

  • NickySix

    D800E for me – I would have taken the D800, but always wondered how much better the images may have looked if I got the E version…..now ill know. Mo Moire Mo Problems they are saying tho!

  • Justin

    E but I am scared for what I am signing up for.

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