“Joy Ride”: the Nikon D800 promo video is out

And here is the Nikon D800 promo motorcycle video with Mark Miller that was shot in Chicago. Enjoy!

"Joy Ride" behind the scene video:

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  • Bip

    Cool!!!! Great video….

  • Jerryfish

    Well I stand corrected by the low light noise and quality of the video. I assumed, as many others did that the 36MP would hinder the ISO efficacy, but if the still images produced front this sensor match the quality from the video, this camera could be everything everyone is hoped it would be.

    I just wonder how much post processing went into the final product… comparable to REVERIE (5DII via Laforet).

    • “I just wonder how much post processing went into the final product… comparable to REVERIE (5DII via Laforet).”

      I actually get the impression the footage has been either lightly graded, or is possibly even ungraded — maybe a requirement from Nikon? Maybe my taste simply leans toward a fuller grade, but these videos always seem to have room for a heavier color grade.

      Either way, one thing is for certain: look at the footage @ ~44 seconds. If that’s straight out of camera, then the rolling shutter looks virtually non-existent. I actually can’t believe my eyes. It looks incredible, even enough to rival the RED. The D800 and the D4 look dope!

      • Nikon Shooter

        “It looks incredible, even enough to rival the RED.”

        I thought you were done with crack…
        Please get help Ron!

        • Debate my statement on a logical basis. I dare you.

          Or do you even have a clue what you’re talking about aside from being a mediocre anonymous troll? You are so awesome…Yay you!

          • Nikon Shooter

            How do you explain to a man who was born blind what color is green?

            I wouldn’t even know how to begin to debate you “on a logical basis”.

            • Exactly — a troll. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If you did, you’d have said something intelligent by now.

              Moving on.

            • Nikon Shooter

              Speaking of trolls. Only a troll or a complete moron would’ve said something as ridiculous as “It looks incredible, even enough to rival the RED.”

              Which one are you, Ron?

            • Argue on the merits of my original assertion, in context. Stop calling names, and start backing up your bullshit nonsense.

              Tell me in clear and simple terms: what about that footage isn’t impressive in regards to rolling shutter artifacts? How is it trolling to compare that scene to footage from the RED?

              Go ahead and answer those really simple, straightforward questions if it takes such a moron to NOT get what I said. At this point, I think even an 11 year old could understand respond to these questions. Prove you’re not less than that.

              We’re waiting for your mature and logical response.

            • Nikon Shooter

              Here’s an advice to you Ron: if you want to appear objective and less of a troll/moron don’t use an example of the best case scenario out of the whole video for proving your point and instead use the worst case, so your point could not be invalidated later through the use of the same set of data.

              I think I’m wasting my time educating you, since you’ve shown quite a few times how hard-headed you are (this exchange included), so I’m going to stop now. Now for the proof of my argument look at the tunnel sequence at ~28 seconds to see what the rolling shutter on this camera is really like when the conditions are far from ideal.

            • kede

              @ 50 km/h an aston martin and a peugeot as the same speed. Medit it.

            • @Nikon Shooter: Are you kidding? That sequence looks phenomenal. The camera isn’t perfectly stabilized, and yet there isn’t any jello effect to speak of, at least not that I can see. There is more play in the motorcycle’s suspension than there is in the rolling shutter. I realize I’m not the foremost expert, but I do think I have a pretty critical eye. Can you please elaborate? What specifically about the sequence at ~28 seconds looks offensive to you? I would never have an issue shooting a scene on a VSLR that looked like that. That said, If you can point out where I’m mistaken, I’m eager to learn.

              But I don’t think you will. I think you are merely a troll in sheep’s clothing. Why with a name like “Nikon Shooter” are you even here arguing against the virtues of an obviously great camera? You sound more like a Canon or Sony troll than a “Nikon Shooter”. After all, all DSLRs exhibit rolling shutter.

              Oh, and by the way: the reason I pointed out the bridge scene is because it instantly reminded me of a scene in another (cheesy, Microsoft) video I saw a few years back that was shot on RED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUawhjxLS2I @ ~1:26. Shooting bridge trusses or power poles or cars on the side of the road or fence lines is pretty common when shooting outdoors in a moving vehicle. If you’ll revisit my phrase (try not taking it out of context), you’ll see the essence of what I was saying:

              “If that’s straight out of camera, then the rolling shutter looks virtually non-existent…It looks incredible, even enough to rival the RED.”

              You do realize the RED exhibits rolling shutter too, right? All CMOS sensors do. The RED seems to be one of the best examples of minimizing the effect caused by slow readout, and I clearly stated that IF this was straight out of camera (no post manipulation) then this is VERY promising for both the D4 and the D800.

            • Oh, btw — there’s this one guy on the internet who says:

              “Rolling shutter issues seem absent. A huge plus!”


              But I’m sure he’s a nobody who knows nothing.

            • Nikon Shooter

              Wow Ron, I’m beyond speechless. I guess I gave you way, way more credit than I should’ve. At this point calling you a troll would be like giving you compliment, because trolls are at least knowledgeable enough about a certain matter to know what to say in order to get a rise out of someone. You on the other hand are so incredibly ignorant that I now wish I never bothered to ridicule you for your initial idiotic statement. You’re an amateur Ron and we are on completely different levels.

              Let me help you out with what seems to me as the common knowledge in the industry as well as in most camera-enthusiast circles: RED is not a camera model, but a company that specializes in super hi-def cameras for video production. Are you with me so far Ron? Just like how Nikon comes up with new technology every so often, RED does the same.

              Next time you try to compare apples and oranges (like comparing D800 to RED cameras), make sure that you at least use fresh apples and fresh oranges. It’s pretty stupid to compare yet-to-be-released brand-spanking new camera with some footage from several years ago.

              I’ll go ahead and simplify this even more for ya: the video you are using as an example of RED would’ve been shot with the the very first RED camera that was released in 2008. How does its rolling shutter compare to the D90’s? RED’s newest camera that was recently released does not have the rolling shutter of 2008, because the technology has matured, just like the D800’s video is nothing like of the D90’s.

              Ron, proving you wrong is like beating up a child: very easy yet doesn’t feel like a true victory because it was so easy. Please grow up already.


              So now you’re arguing that the D800 DOESN’T exhibit rolling shutter? Go ahead and sweep your initial statement that ‘the 28 second sequence is the worst case of rolling shutter in the film’ under the rug. Why did you go on a long rant attacking and belittling me personally instead of backing up your very forceful claims? That’s right: it’s because you’re crapping red herrings and straw men to distract from the fact that there’s no noticeable rolling shutter there.

              There is actually a clear case of rolling shutter that I’ve found as I’ve been looking through the footage. It can be clearly and simply identified by anyone — at least anyone that knows what they’re looking for. I’ve emailed admin documented confirmation. You’re a pro, right? Find it.

              Hey, it’s easy for you to SAY whatever you want, for instance implying that you’re a pro and I’m an amateur, especially when you’re anonymous. Go ahead, prove you are who you say you are. I have shown that I work with this gear all year round, and while I’m not the foremost expert, I’m not ignorant to the issues we’re discussing either. If you can show that you are even moderately skilled at filmmaking and photography, I’ll say right here, publicly, that I’m a nitwit. I’d be happy to do so even if only to know that I’m actually talking to someone who can challenge me on a production basis.

              What are your credentials? Where is your work? Otherwise, you’re nothing more than a kid in his mom’s basement that’s mouthing off.

              Oh, and P.S. Despite the fact that you are arguing semantics with me (no duh that the RED ONE and RED ONE MX and EPIC and SCARLET are individual models and not actually the company that produces them), my point is that the RED cameras are great examples of 4k and 5k cameras that handle rolling shutter very well. All of them. If that’s your enlightening argument that shows just how ignernt I is, then your attempts to offend me are actually hilarious, not rude. As in: thanks for the laugh, friend.

      • tifkat

        What do you think about the ‘lean’ of the bike at ~1:32? Looks to be leaning forward… un-natural to me (ie fixed in post)

        • My best guess is it’s an illusion from him leaning into the turn, and the perspective (coupled with the motion blur) is making it look like an unnatural lean, similar to this image: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/photogallerys/Hayabusa_49856.jpg

          I could be wrong, but it appears that he’s actually on an angle from the film plane (i.e. not parallel, somewhere between 20°-45°). If you look closely, you can even see what appears to be his right knee on the asphalt behind the bike.

        • ChrisMag

          His body position is completely normal for the kind of riding Mark does and the bike he’s on. The S1000RR accelerates very hard despite a fairly tall first gear (it’s a very wheelie-prone bike), and it’s quite easy to wheelie the bike as he picks up the throttle to transfer weight off the front tire.


      • don red air

        welcome back, ron. 12 h ago you said there is no 36MP D800, i am so glad you have changed your mind

        • There isn’t. Nikon is never going to produce another DSLR again — ever. They’re scamming us by taking pre-order money. Soon they’re going to close their factories and move to Tahiti and drink mai tais all day on the proceeds. This D800 is vaporware. It’s all true because someone else already said it on an internet forum. :\

        • BTW, my statements are not drowned in irony, because it’s impossible for anyone to know what irony really is; and anyway, nobody is sarcastic on the internet.

          • Mark_L

            Hi Peter,

            First of all – thanks for a great site!!!

            Then – it would be even greater if you could flush this Adair guy out, he is only looking for trouble and biting at everyone who does not agree with him.

            • @Mark_L

              Take a closer look. I merely corrected “don red air” as he missed my sarcasm in the previous post. The irony in my statements is meant to call out the folks who continually go nuts at the slightest problem; for instance, when, say, a massive tsunami and nuclear meltdown happens in Nikon’s home country.

              In regards to the fake “Nikon Shooter”: replying to reason with libel is pretty moronic, and if Admin wants to do something to clean up the boards, he’d get rid of the “other brands” trolls who abuse the site and real Nikon shooters on it just to stir the pot. In the meantime, what does it help to sit by and let ignternet myths like “Nikon video is inferior” carry on because nobody is willing to challenge those myths with reason?

              And besides, why are we arguing about the fact that the D4 and D800 look awesome? Because that’s all I had to say before the trolls got out of their cage!

            • Mock Kenwell

              Hello generic first time poster. Ron is actually knowledgeable and not hiding behind a pseudonym (like me). He shows his work. Nikon Shooter is a new troll poster with no cred looking for trouble.

              Ron, don’t stoop. It’s clear to all of us regulars who the troll is.

            • Thanks, Mock, for the good reminder that these guys just dig their holes deeper and deeper, unearthing zero logic (but lots of vitriol) at the end of the day.

  • FX DX

    Where is dog riding monkeys video?

    • John Richardson

      EXACTLY!!! Well, I guess I can forego that requirement (this time).

  • Trevor

    Wow. I don’t know crap about video, but I’d say the 5dmkII has big competition now.

    • d

      You mean Canon’s three year old camera that’s about to be replaced any month now?

      • Clark Tanaka

        It’s really about the lenses. Nikon needs better lenses.
        5D2 in my opinion is still way better both photo and video.
        (Well, I haven’t used the D800 but looking at the samples compared to my 5D2)

        *Please people, don’t go crazy on me if you don’t own a 5D2 or used it enough to know what it is capable of with a Canon L lens.

        • inginerul

          Nikon has the better lenses, canon still has no wide angle zoom with good corners, the new G lenses from nikon are up there and your 5D2 struggles against the D700.

          • Clark Tanaka

            So you’re a owner of both the 5D2 and D700. Then you should really know about AF speed and clarity of the two brand lenses, NIKON being slow in AF motor speed. What lenses are you comparing? The NIKON HQ in Tokyo that I’ve talked to even said so himself that they need better AF speed in the newer G lenses. About the wide angle zoom, well, 14-24 does have good reputation but that, 24-70 and 70-200 are probably the only 3 that matches by means of AF speed. 16-35L is just 2mm difference from the 14-24 and even covers wider range with faster AF. Did you have trouble with that one? 2mm more was not wide enough? By means of 5D2 struggling against the 5D2? please do explain. What are you having trouble with? Please don’t through me with spec sheet numbers because they are just numbers and does not represent real usage. Not to forget the price of the G lenses being way over priced. Which G lenses do you own?

            • Clark Tanaka

              >By means of 5D2 struggling against the 5D2?


              5D2 struggling against the D700?

            • WoutK89

              Canon 24-70 II in my opinion is also way overpriced (2400$)

            • Mock Kenwell

              What good is fast AF if it’s inaccurate?

              I bought several 5D mkIIs for my video department. They’re affordable, they travel great, and the video/still capability is exactly what we need. Nikon ket us down and we couldnot wait. But had they made a D700s, there would be no contest.

              Low light files are cleaner out of the camera. Now that Nikon has updated it’s pro primes, that’s no longer something Canon can crow about. The zooms, as you’ve noted, are as good (in you opinion) or better (in mine). Though the issue gets overblown, Nikon’s AF is more accurate when it matters, especially in low light. Nikon’s build quality, sealing and ergonomics are head and shoulders above the 5D, which feels much cheaper to hold. Finally, manual controls, menu options and interface make more sense on the Nikon.

              If Nikon released a D700s today, our 5Ds would be on eBay tomorrow. We kept all our Nikon glass so switching back would be easy. My crew prefers Nikon.

              Why do you Canon tools prowl around here? This new camera must be killing you all because you’re here in droves. Must be bored waiting for your 5D Mk III. The D800 was announced later and will actually be available sooner. Hilarious.

            • Clark Tanaka

              Hello Mock Kenwell

              Thank you for your comment on my opinion. Please do note that my initial comment was based on lenses. Especially the New G lenses. I too shoot with both Nikon and Canon, and I love Nikon bodies including what you mentioned about ergonomics etc, etc. That’s why I commented, I want better lenses from a Nikon. I would love to see your work with the 5D2 and regarding the AF accuracy against speed, with my experience (being a street snap shot shooter), missed way too many shots because it didn’t focus in time. I’ve compared my 35L against the 35 1.4 Nikon and tested but the speed was slow and from what I hear from lot of people including my self, people thought 5D2’s AF is off sometimes reason being because of the high- megapixel count. Even a slightest motion blur will show. Are you pixel peeping and seeing that it is not accurate compared to the 12mpixel? Glad you kept your Nikon lenses and I’m sure you used them with your 5D2.
              This guy on vimeo talks about Canon lenses and man, his videos are awesome.


              Again, I never said the D800 or the Nikon bodies are bad, in my opinion, I wish the lenses had faster AF. They sure are accurate. Even Kai from Digital Rev who is known to be a major Nikon fan said it himself. laugh. I love that guy.

            • Clark Tanaka

              Hello WoutK89

              We’ll know once we use it. If it’s good, it isn’t over priced. Same goes with anything.

            • Mock Kenwell

              I think we mostly are agreeing here. At the end of the day, most shooters are simply not good enough to realize the subtle differences between a D700 and a 5D MkII. They’re both pretty amazing pieces of machinery.

              The differences emerge under heavy, stressed and repeated use. In those cases, our 5Ds will miss with more frequency, especially if we’re focusing off-center. We shoot a mixture of once and done and directed work—stills and video—for myriad clients. Nikon AF is a touch slower, but it seems to result in greater accuracy, especially off-center. And unless you’re shooting race horses or F1, the faster AF is negligible for our use. and some lenses, particularly the newest G lenses, are just as fast. To sum up, I prefer accurate focus that’s a touch slower over faster focus that can totally miss on occasion.

              To me, Canon has always been more daring, willing to make risky lenses and bodies with pros and cons. This has resulted in some great lenses and some lousy ones. Nikon is more conservative. If they can’t make a lens or body that meets their discerning quality standards, they just won’t build it.

              Our 5Ds have been beaten up pretty well–busted connection doors, dusty VFs, low tolerance joins, frame fractures, etc. I expect a Nikon body would have fared better, but on the whole, I can’t complain too much. Apart from one prematurely dead shutter and a body split from an 18″ drop. A little gaffer’s tape solves most problems. Good shooters can make 5Ds sing. But my guys would still prefer Nikon.

          • Clark Tanaka

            Hey Mock Kenwell

            Thanks for commenting back:) yeah, I totally agree. It all comes down to preferences and I’m not trying to argue with you or anyone, we like what we like and unless we are on the developer’s side, we just have to pick what is provided.

            I wouldn’t have cared to test out the new Nikon G lenses if I wasn’t interested and they gave good results but simply in my opinion a bit slow on focus which I just wished they were faster since the 3 zoom lenses are capable of it. (the Tokyo HQ guy agreed that if Nikon can make those zooms, why not make the focus speed faster on the newer G prime lenses.) I would buy it right there if they had the same speed.

            Both Canon and Nikon are great, I know there’s the whole NIKON FAN CANON FAN debate but like you said, if your crew feels better with Nikon, Nikon it is:) I gotta try out both the D4 and the 1DX along with D800/E or the 5D(X) and see what I like.

            Thanks man.

            • Clark Tanaka

              Just to add, I just wished there were more people who would actually try both and really see what both brands are capable before saying they only like N brand or the C brand:) But I’m sure in the other hand, lot have and have decided which I totally understand.

  • very well done video, low light looks to be pretty good.



    GREAT VIDEO!!! 5++++

  • Cool video, but odd choice for Nikon. Hookers, and a kid getting born? May turn off some viewers.

    • alf

      Yeah, we definitely want to avoid all aspects of real life…

    • Yeah I agree. The content was a bit weird for a generic promo video, but it makes it more like a real video I guess. It was not the kind of video that most still photographers would be shooting though I imagine, as compared to doing wedding videography.

    • Greg

      All I can think of is that they were trying to show the dynamic range of the camera– seedy night life of faces in the shadows to bright delivery room.

    • Kate

      I was thinking of GTA lol

      • B2

        Good one. The begining indeed looked like a sequel 🙂

    • I don’t think this video is aimed at the general public, they will get their localized, smoothed over stuff.

      This, I would think, is aimed at more serious cinematographers, showing how it performs under difficult conditions, doing difficult shots (low light, high contrast, quick pans etc.).

    • Andrew

      I was initially shocked myself, but that’s me. In contrast, it lets us know that we all need to work a lot harder to influence kids to make the right choices in life…

  • Why is this not in 1080p?

    • ithurtswhenipee

      I’m guessing so they could do 60 fps.

  • I was 90% sure that it would have some shots of my office or even be filmed in front of it and this video confirms my fears!


    Oh well, all I know is next time I hear that they are closing streets in front of my office, don’t care if it’s another dumb commercial! IT COULD BE THIS!

  • Hmm, I find the ISO noise looked a bit film grain, kinda cool. Gets me excited to see all the video options on the camera!

    • I agree, the low light performance looked stellar. Even the “grain” look in some of the extreme scenes looked very acceptable and appropriate. (I’ve seen worse “noise” in big budget production films.)

      • I agree — had a “nighttime 24” quality to the footage, and they shot on film stock for pretty much the entire series. It looks really great, and if some of those noisier shots were natural light (alley shots, etc) I would say it puts the 5d firmly in its place for low light (not that that’s saying much). 🙂

  • Farting Farmer

    Better switch to Canon if you want to save on memory

  • disco


  • F

    Wow, they really drove the point home about how great it shoots video in low-light.. looks amazing. The behind-the-scenes/making-of video is also very cool.

  • thegregferris

    You think they would have spent a bit more time spell checking the end credits, given the budget…

    • thegregferris

      but yes, low light is pretty freakin’ good…

    • ithurtswhenipee

      And given the end credits was 1/3 of the video.

    • stoikee

      You actually watched the end credits?

  • nicholas W.

    I really thought see more shots of the bike tearing it up through the city. The stunt motorcyclist was crazy awesome and I wish they did some camera rigs to show that a tad better (up high looking down, slowing the shutter, riding next to him to smear that background, etc…). I did get my expectations a little high though.

  • Montyr14

    So ridiculously awesome. Gritty, no lies or embellishments, very raw feeling, possibly what the video is to convey about the D800.

  • Captain Howdy

    Wow, excellent-low light video.

    Anyone looking for a low-shutter count 5Dm2 with 24-105L? 🙂

    Hey, Nikon I’m back!

  • Squiddy

    wowww… letdown of the night. What were the director’s last 2 films, Biker Boyz and Torque? Way to waste the use of a world-renowned Isle of Man TT rider, the most powerful production sportbike on the road, and the entire city of Chicago.
    Camera? frickin’ awesome. Price? Unreal.
    Months-anticipated video to showcase it all….? all it was missing was Michael Bay blowing shit up

    • ithurtswhenipee

      I agree. Especially after hearing the interview with the stunt driver about the filming. All of the shots of him “going fast” could have been captured with him actually going slower. I realize it was just to showcase the capabilities of the camera, but there could have at least been some story to it that made sense. Why does he slow down and stair-down the biker gang, hookers, homeless guys and some girl on his way to deliver a baby? They should have had Chase do it.

      • CR

        very true, not worth having Mark risk his life on chicago’s streets. High speed filming showing mainly low-speed sections. Well at least he had some big fun and met a few important people for him.

  • tsy

    wow, this was way better than that short film canon did for the c300

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    Reminds me of Tron:Legacy…son of Flynn. Nice video, especially considering how many pixels have to be knocked out for a 1920×1080 image.

  • OUT—-STANNNNDING!!!!! Very well-shot and scripted, very engaging story. Really shows off the low-light, dynamic range and white balance superbly!

  • Dont forget, you can output to uncompressed 4:2:2 video. So I can’t even imagine what the original looks like compared to this web sized version. Wish they would have posted it in 1080p.

  • Tim

    Impressive start to finish… this camera looks very promising – way to go Nikon!

    • ATM

      You are joking – right?

  • Gareth

    LOL, blunts, ho’s and a birth scene…

    not what I would expect from a Nikon promo video.

    • +1 Thumbs up. LOL

  • Jake Sneed

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Great video

  • Amazing.

  • Outstanding video; impressive work; Nikon has hit a home run here, I thin.

    Any link to D800 video by Shinji Watanabe?

  • Jake

    That’s my city!
    …I miss Chicago.

    Oh, and the camera was nice too.

  • Mat



  • Anders

    Indeed very impressive footage!
    Yet, narratively speaking, this video is an utter waste of money! I haven’t seen scripting this bad since my 1st year at media college.
    You have a BIG budget, fantastic hardware, tons of gritty looking extras, not to mention downtown Chicago at your disposal – and you choose to tell it like this!?
    I know: It’s about the hardware – but still, if you wan’t to promote great movie making capabilities, you should do so with a great movie! Not something a 12 year old girl cooked up in an essay …

    • kulturindustrie


    • Captain Howdy

      Agreed, under the constrains of Nikons marketing objectives, certainly better than the shit that hack Laforet puts out.

  • kulturindustrie

    The behind the scenes video is definitely more interesting than the actual promo video. 😉

  • Photagonist

    Was the video shot using D800 or D800E? Does AA make a difference when shooting in video mode?

    • Andrew

      Most likely the D800.

    • ATM

      Not in these video, it’s still gonna be 80% out of focus

  • Baba Ganoush

    Forget the camera. I just pre-ordered the bike.

    • Psycho McCrazy


  • i have the next rumor

  • KitHB

    What do hospital staff call people who ride big bikes fast at night through cities?


    • jorg

      good one!

  • Zeb

    Sepia, how quaint in 2012.

    Wobbly, wobbly camera.

    Should have used a Nokia phone.

  • Methinks Sandro should stick to making stills. And clearly most people have not seen very much GOOD quality DSLR video. Have you people even seen the 5D mk2’s REVERIE, from 2008? It’s 10x more sharp and crisp. I’m surprused at how many people are blown away by this. Maybe I’ve just been looking at too much “Timescapes” etc. footage lately, but this was either compressed to death, or poorly shot both technically and artistically. I don’t think it comes even close to doing justice to the camera, and I can’t wait to see what it does in the hands of some REAL talent.

    BTW I’m not a troll. I still have Sandro’s D3 poster on my wall, with the yellow biker shot on the 14-24mm at ISO 6400. LOVE that shot. I just think THIS was kind of a fail.


  • I didn’t rate the video much but it’s designed to show off various features rather than be a masterpiece.

    I don’t think the low light performance is all that or at least, the high iso stills performance cannot be rated from a video where one frame flips past you at speed.

    A good camera nonetheless in a small form factor. If it does a clean ISO 6400 it’s good for most things.

    • ATM

      Like how many out of focus scenes you can put in a video.

      I just wonder if the camera can take still pictures, or these is, like the D4, yet another new Nikon video camera.

  • Admin —

    Have you seen this video yet?


  • Phew,-tough-crowd.

    • +1 The video showed the camera off in a difficult to capture environment. It looked pretty good, it wasn’t a masterpiece, it’s a promo video to show off the capabilities of a camera. It looked OK to me and would cope with anything I threw at it judging by what I’ve seen.

  • So we have another still camera that shoots video……wow. I’m not sure what nikon is promoting here unless it is riding a bike in a dangerous fashion.

  • TokyoAce

    Fantastic footage! Can’t believe the tools we’ll have in a couple of months for stills and film at a great price range! I’ll be checking out the D800 here in Tokyo at the Camera Photo Show (Feb. 9th thru 12th) at Pacifico Yokohama in a couple of days. If there is anything you want me to confirm, let me know…

  • Mathias

    It’s interesting to see how effectively Nikon avoids fast horizontal panning. I guess there’s a reason for that.

  • glenn

    GREAT footage.
    Definately some talent there.

    ADMIN !
    Just wanna say THX 4 all the effort you put into this site its amazing and
    when time is there its BLAZINGLY FAST too !!

    A NR-fan 😉

  • Psycho McCrazy


    The only thing I don’t get is why in heavens does the riding jacket have the Rupee (Indian Currency) symbol on the back???????

  • Watched both videos and I still want one! Just need to do my homework now – D800 or D800e? We shoot quite a bit of fashion some of it with heavily textured materials. Would love the extra detail, but don’t really want to be spending hours removing moire. Pre-order for this looks a bit more thoughtful than with all the other Nikons I’ve owned.

  • jb

    there’s a typo in the credits. produciton instead of production. nice vid. weird story. D800 seems to deliver

  • VM

    Big crew, big budget, disappointing result. This could honestly be an ambitious student film. 1000 low-light shots of a motorbike, then in a bright room, then in golden hours. -Ok great, you showcased the camera can shoot in different settings (with a big budget and big crew *cough*). Though it has been known in history that a good story can be put to great visuals….Just saying. To be honest, though it’s impressive that a camera can shoot in those low-light conditions, the shots they took weren’t all that inspiring. We shouldn’t have to be satisfied with a mediocre video merely displaying the technical capabilities, the content itself should be compelling. It looks like the director saw Reverie but doesn’t have the creative or artistic aptitude (or heart?) to deliver anything better. What a shame. It’s not a terrible film, it’s just a disappointment.

    • glenn

      lets us see how you do it better than , bigmouth !

      I know nothing bout film , but this seems VERY decent for a DSLR ,
      you’re still buying a PHOTOGRAPHIC camera, not a VIDEOCAMERA.
      If it would be as awsome as any 10.000$ videocamera out there everybody would buy a d800 and there would be lotsa unimployement except within nikon…
      Seems silly to me to want EVERYTHING in 1 cam, like i said whining is easy, bringing solutions or innovating things aint!

      • VM

        ‘I know nothing bout film’ ……Alright.

        Right honourable sir, please re-read my comment and alter your reply according. -You missed my point.


        • glenn

          Right than……….
          What is it that YOU expect from a D800 than?
          Bearing in mind that it is a photographic camera . . .

          And tell me what you think ‘inspiring shots’ look like…

          Maybe i’m still missing your point, maybe its because my native language isnt english. It still looks like you are not satisfied by the d800 video performance and i cant still make up why. . .

  • ElPadre

    i’d be much interested to learn what ISO they used. i’d say if 6400 looks this good, this is a frakking winning camera. if it’s 800, fuhgettaboutit.

    btw, one reason nikon will always have better IQ than canon: it’s the way they handle digital noise. on most of their dslr’s, up to 2 stops down from top ISO rating the noise remains very much film-grain-like. and that’s commendable.

    but why oh why did they take SOOOO long from having the world’s first VDSLR (the d90) until the d800 to come up with a dslr that’s also a good video camera? sorry, canon wins in video.

  • R!

    Great commercial film ,I can tell this is with the D800 non E version , I wonder how the film texture will be without the anti aliasing filter of the D 800E model It might be revolutionary!!!!Nikon is definately back.

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