Nikon D800E priced at $3,300? (unconfirmed)

Nikon D800E

Nikon D800E

I am not 99% sure, but it seems that the price of the Nikon D800E (the version without the AA filter) will be $3,300. The only reason I am not sure is because this is kind of cheap... If true, this will place the regular Nikon D800 at $3,000 or maybe even slightly lower. FIY: when in stock, the Nikon D700 sells for $2,700, the 24MP D3x sells for $8,000.

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  • Rex

    Fingers crossed…thats the best pricing news I’ve heard all along!

    • Ditto

      • NotSurprised

        Why do people keep saying, “Because that’s kind of cheap” and talking up the price of consumer photo gear?

        Its not cheap — only 1% of photographers in the world will be able to justify the cost of this product (world — not Western nations).

        The lower the price = ever increasing more sales.

        Nikon should never be thought of a Leica (in terms of pricing strategy), and the day it thinks itself that way will be the day that Canon finally wins (Canon will always remember its base, due to other core products in the conglomerate).

        • NotSurprised

          Besides… isn’t most of this this technology pretty well mass-produced from the D7000 and D3X and Sony?

          Its not really “revolutionary”, so much as targeted/incremental.

          The price should not be extreme either.

          • Andrew

            No, most of this technology is not mass produced in the D7000 and D3x. Do your homework before coming to conclusions about how lack of “revolutionary” or “incremental” this camera is. And by the way, neither the D7000 nor the D3x have the Expeed 3 image processor, among many other things.

        • Andrew

          This is pro-gear! The D800 at $3,000 replaces the D3x at $8,000. So comparatively speaking, it is cheap. If you want a less expensive, professional quality camera, then buy the D7000 which sells for $1,200. But if you say $1,200 is cheap, then I can point you to DSLR cameras costing only $600. Now to people who earn no more than $2 a day, to them, $600 is not cheap. So my point is, what are you arguing about? The word cheap is relative; the Admin was not speaking to every person in the world. This camera is not make for every person in the world!

        • Andrew

          NotSurprised, the only reason why you are “NotSurprised” is because you do not know nor understand what you are looking at. No pun intended!

    • Paul

      We can hope.
      If this is true, D700 prices will surely plummet.

      • nir.exe

        D700? what do you think will happen to the D3X?

        • enesunkie

          $8,000 —->$2,500

        • Rob

          I had already been cringing watching people pay around $6000 for used D3x bodies in the past few weeks. I hope they were all rich or professionals.

          • enesunkie

            I guess a D3X is still a better investment than Kodak stock!

    • loveit

      Oh, man. I’m gonna file my tax return and some cash 😉

    • RRRoger

      I would not be surprised at a lower price.
      The D800 will be competing with the 5DIII
      The Rumored price is $2700 for the Canon.

  • d

    Cheaper than I was hoping!
    Shame about the specs, but hey.

  • pabs

    Bring it on!!!

  • I really, REALLY hope so. If this is the case, I could upgrade from 1 D300s to a D800 and a D700. That would be marvelous.


    • Bruce

      Why a d800 AND a d700? No-one knows that the d800 won’t be able to match the d700 for high ISO. Best just to wait and see before you write it off!

      • I can see the advantage in having both, even if ISO performance is identical (though unlikely. If you’re a studio/wedding photographer, it would be nice to have the D700 at the wedding where you’d have 8fps (with a battery pack or a simple menu hack) and a D800 back at the studio with the killer resolution.

      • …and I take so much pride in the fact that I always close my parentheses…

      • I wasn’t looking for two equal cameras. I was looking for complementary cameras. The D800 will surely outperform everything in production besides the D4 (and maybe even that) as far as video is concerned. And the D700’s noise levels outperforms every camera besides the D3s, and is cheaper than the D3.

        I will get the D700 for events, the D800 for video, macro, wildlife in crop mode, studio shots, and landscapes.

        With these two, everything is covered.

        • rhlpetrus

          D800 will outperform D700 re high ISO performance, images at same printing size.

  • Daniele

    I don’t think $3300 is a cheap price honestly…this will make the camera almost £3000 in UK (included taxes, VAT etc….)…u can get 2 D700s with that price

    • Daniel

      Oh really? For all the D800 offers, you think it’s expensive? Maybe you should have gotten better grades at school so that you could afford this tool. It’s an amazing camera at a bargain price. Get real!

      • Manifesto

        I wouldn’t exactly call it a bargain, but I’d say it’s fair at $3-3.5k. Any more and you’ll have people just dropping the extra cash for the D4, or going to a lower end system.

        • Andrew

          The D800 (36 MP) at $3,000 replacing the D3x (24 MP) at $8,000 and with arguably much better ISO, and you do not call that a bargain? Wow!

      • paf

        “Maybe you should have gotten better grades at school so that you could afford this tool.”

        lol… not much of an insult, much less of an educated response.

        No, $3000 USD is not cheap considering average household income level — even in US where it is around 4,200 a month before taxes. So no, it’s not cheap if you put it into a perspective that an average american family survives a month just on one of these cameras.

        That is not to say that it won’t find it’s market — it will sell because there is a market for this even at 3K. It’s definitely “top shelf liquor” — and there is nothing wrong with that.

        • pabs


        • Jeff

          I don’t think that $3k is expensive, and I am by no means wealthy. I would call it “mid-shelf liquor”. Also, average household incomes are not a good yardstick by which to set prices. They aren’t selling a Ford Model-T, “Accessible to every American!”. They are selling a tool that has its own place among an array of other camera bodies at all performance levels and prices. I think the price is spot on.

        • aahkam

          Who cares about your American Average Income? Do you think every GREAT STUFF must be AFFORDABLE to the *BIG AMERICAN? The GOOD tools are for people who needs it and not a piece of silverware to label your status. Face it. Get CoolPix if you can’t afford.

        • Andrew

          Actually, you are making the wrong comparison to help argue your point, though I understand what you are trying to say. But let us put it in its proper perspective, this camera is for professionals who will purchase it as an investment to make money. So to “many” of them, knowing the cost of pro-gears, this camera is cheap.

          Now we have to understand that the word cheap does not necessarily mean affordable. Winning a discount on a brand new luxury $50,000 automobile that would end up costing you $10,000 is by most accounts considered cheap. Yet if all you have is $1,000, then that cheap car is still not affordable.

          • paf

            Ah, finally a reasonable response!

            Undeniably the camera is aimed at pros (a business tool) and serious hobbyists (serious as in ones who will spend this kind of money on a hobby) — and no, the average “50K american family” won’t need this camera. So I think we are on the same page.

            On the biz end, the camera is actually probably one of the lowest expenses so no point in dwelling on this at all. On the hobby end — well, while it is not that much more higher priced as the D700 with a boat load of new features, the overall cost is still higher setting the gap between DX and FX further, leaving lots of hobbyists who want an FX body with a higher price tag (and no, let’s not use the “buy used” argument here). So yeah, to the OP’s point – it’s more expensive than D700 (but yeah, it offers more).

            Now – photo biz aside, statistically cost of D800 has enough value to provide a family of 4 1/12 of their yearly needs – and in terms of real value, it is a lot. Heck, globally, 3000 (plus tax) USD is a lot no matter what economy we talk about. So the argument is valid WHEN considered outside of the photography circles.

            As to my stance on the cost of D800? Love the progress, love the specs – I totally accept the price (it does offer a lot compared to other brands) although I do think that there should be a FX body for under 2K. And if we will never see one — oh well, I will fork over 3K + when I (finally) need to move to FX format.

      • XLRT

        I had fantastic grades at school. So I’ll get the D4 for low light and the D800 for studio work. And with the rest of the money I’ll get two nikkor 70-200/2.8 (one for the D4 and one for the D800) and give the sexy waitress who works in the restaurant nearby a generous tip to impress her (sadly I won’t be able to impress her with the D4/ D800 because she’ll gonna ask me why I carry this silly stuff around instead of shooting pictures with my iPhone).

  • why?

    I told you guys 😉

  • jodjac

    When can I put my order in? I have been hanging on NR’s every word and thread for the last two years!
    Can I please get my D800 now?
    I’ll come back to visit, I swear…

    • Me too! LOL I remember when it was rumored to come out for Christmas last year, then March, then May, then August, then November, then January, I’m ready! So excited!

    • In approximately 12 hours. lol.


  • I remain mystified as to why removing the AA filter would justify a higher price assuming both cameras are 36 MP. I suppose Nikon will tell us there is some special sauce in the electronics, Bayer filter or micro-lens.

    • …I’m not convinced that there really are two versions. I think, from the Brazilian press release, something else is afoot. We’ll know soon though!

      • Some have speculated that the version with an AA filter has a sensor the same as or similar to the one in a D4.

    • rhlpetrus

      Possibly true, so that lack of AA filter has little impact on final image.

    • Andrew

      Ron Scubadiver, I think the reason why removing the filter will cost more money is simply a volume issue. Products that are produced in lower quantity or volume typically cost more. The cost to manage the production and distribution of lower volume products is typically more; you find this in all areas of commerce.

  • That would be awesome. A D800E for $3,300 is amazing. I’ve been wanting to see 30 MP at under a $5,000 price point for several years and this would be it. It’s not a medium format back like I was hoping in a perfect world 🙂 but I’ll gladly forgive Nikon for that shortcoming 😀 Especially since a Nikon is so much more flexible (and lighter!) than a medium format camera.

    • Also, as a practical matter the smaller D800E pixels of today (or soon thereafter!) could well equal the quality of the medium format pixels of 6-7 years ago. Can’t wait to find out 😀

  • prozumers

    I’ll wait for the final spec to decide if it is worth switching from my D700. Price wont be the only contraint but final specifications surely would be something to consider. A few more hours of waiting!

  • kyoshinikon

    Absolutely love the price I am hearing!

  • jeffspot

    oh please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please be true 😀

    This talk of $4000 for the AA version is a nightmare I’d like to wake up from. If truly $3300, I will be pre-ordering the non-AA one.

  • J0rge

    If these prices are true, it would be an excellent decision by Nikon because the D800 could reach both professionals and advanced amateurs. At $4k they wouldn’t sell that many and there would be a huge gap between the d800 and the d7k.

  • Mike

    I’m on the fence with this camera and price has nothing to do with it.
    1. Why go with a compactflash option. Give me a break. Old shit technology. Stick with SDHC, SDXC or the latest XQD. They introduce a D4 that uses XQD and then afterwards introduce a camera that doesn’t??? WTF?
    2. Two versions? You’ve got to be kidding! An AA filter can’t simply be a button that you click on the camera? Give me a break.
    3. The price definitely isn’t cheap that’s for sure, but more than double the D7000!? Is it really THAT much better??? I doubt it.

    I just loveeeee all this needless speculation btw, when in reality the jackasses over at dpreview have been using it for 2 months and know every freaking detail already and could certainly help out the enthusiasts. Let the masses get the info from the normal channels I say.

    • In short, yes. It will be THAT much better. Not to mention a sensor double the size, but all of the new video specs, the full magnesium body (not sure if the D7k is full magnesium or not..), fully weather sealed, the brilliant AF, metering, and WB detection of the D4, etc, etc, etc. There’s tons that make it double the price. Namely the sensor.


    • CK

      an AA filter could not be a button away…it is a physical filter that resides in the sandwich of filters that sit in front of your sensor.

      As for CF vs SD/SDHC/SDXC vs XQD, lets face it, the CF format will be around for a while yet, with Lexar releasing their 1000x cards and only Sony producing XQD at the present. SD/SDHC/SDXC has never been popular amongst professionals, this camera is still aimed at the enthusiast to professional market, most of which have CF cards already, so why mess with your target market? If it is a single slot and they used XQD there would be many disappointed people (but a very happy SONY).

      Go buy your D7000, from the points you raise you surely cannot comprehend neither the advantages of this camera, the FX format nor the target market

      • Luis

        I much prefer the larger size and much better durability of the CF format. They are harder to lose and alot harder to break than SD when you are under the time gun and moving quickly. I would welcome a metal cased CF sized card that simply doesn’t use pins, though. I have already cracked a 16GB SD card and a second died (probably cracked inside). In the almost 20 years ( 9 of those last years on D-SLRs ) I have shot with CF cards I have yet to have one fail or break on me.

        • KnightPhoto

          @Luis “would welcome a metal cased CF sized card that simply doesn’t use pins”

          I think you just described an XQD card 😎

  • T.I.M

    Sound good, maybe some $$$ left for an extra SB900 !

  • So far, this is the best “rumor” of the D800! At $3000 for the D800, now I might want to get one IF it AT LEAST match D700’s noise performance and have BETTER DR!

  • argon

    That makes perfect sense just based on the price range.You need to make it significantly cheaper than your headliner which is D4. You should pretty much price it between d7000 and D4 which puts it in somewhere 3 grand range. This should be a solid thing for 2 years to stand against canons. Although I, as everyone here, love Nikon’s Canon’s 5D was a killer compare to d700 in price/spec range. So now Nikon has to get back on Canon

    • Well said. You are spot on.

  • loveit

    I’ll buy it if it < $3000.

    • Josh

      Here’s an idea. Make some more money. Maybe get your G.E.D.

      • Ron Scubadiver


      • Chezo

        Right. Cause nothing says I’ve arrived in life like a D800E and a framed GED.

        • Rob

          He doesn’t have it framed. He was gonna take 36MP photographs of it and post it on facebook.

  • Myles

    Oh hell yea, great news if true!! Guess we’ll have to wait a few
    hours To find out…

  • Something tells me the camera was originally going to be posted at $4k, but the folks over at Nikon saw all the groveling and “I’m not buying one at $4k” talk, and decided to drop the price. So, kudos to sites like this, THIS one being the major player, for giving the rest of us a say in the matter.


    • Rob

      Um….about that. I’m thinking that’s not quite how it happened.

      • Um… about that. I’m thinking sarcasm.

  • kevin

    I trust the admin ! he has been very consistent on the correct informations. $3300, im sold!

  • hem vaidya


    How certain are you that the price will be $ 3300 if you are not 99 %?

    • well, the picture and the price came from the same person, the picture is real…

  • kevin

    btw, i have heard that canon 5d mark III or mark X will priced around 2700. maybe the nature of competition between canon and nikon kept the price low .

    • If the 5D mk2 replacement stays at ~22 megapixels, it won’t stand a chance against an AA-less 36 MP FX sensor, for landscapes etc. Nikon could charge $3900for it and it’d sell like hotcakes…

      • Manifesto

        I doubt it. I think nikon will have a tough time if they bring the price over $3500.

        • Daniel

          LOL. You don’t know WTH you are talking about. Nikon could price this at $4,000 and it will still be out of stock for months!

  • rhlpetrus

    I doubt it, but hey, it’ll make it easier for me to get one and same for the 24-70 f/2.8 I’ll need to get with it.

  • Teteng Tigas

    Blah! D800/D800E will be surely dominated by Canon 5D Mk III. Just like how the 1Dx crushed the D4.

    • hem vaidya

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Teteng Tigas

        Compare the specs. Do the math. Try them once released. D3s and D700 were way better than the successors.

        • Bob Your Thing

          You don’t compare specs and name a winnert, silly man.

          You compare final photo image. If there is none you look at the track records from the last generations.

          So far there is no definitive final outputs to compare but base on the track records of D3X > 5D2 / 1Ds3; D3S > 1D4, its a very very good chance that the D4 > 1Dx and D800 > 5d3.

        • jon


  • Gra

    I’d be surprised if the body alone is less than $4000 in Australia…

    • Smithy

      +1 though our $ is strong, so I live in hope 🙂

    • Ralph

      Yes, because Australian distributors, Nikon Australia in this case, have had a long tradition of ripping consumers and retailers off. I just wish we could force them to sell at price parity by boycotting them. Let’s all by from overseas and send them a message.

      • Gra

        Or order through JB…

  • jack

    I’m in line for the AA version. Don’t need anti-AA, and if this pricing is right, I can add another lens.

    • Ryan

      Word, I look at my D7000 images now and rarely add extra sharpening unless I print 17×22 on my Epson. I can see why Nikon is offering it, but I imagine that the D800E will only accommodate 15-20% of the total D800 sales. I think people are loosing sight of how much detail is already going to be had in the new 36mp sensor. From what I understand, you’ll have the commercial and landscape shooters asking for no AA… Who else?

  • There’s a lot of us Canon guys who are wishing that we were gonna have something like this thing to look forward to. With the 1Dx going down in pixel count and no clear word of what the replacement for the 5Dmkii might be, we’re kind of in limbo for now. There are precious few professionals who need what the 1Dx has to offer and the 5Dmkii is getting long in the tooth. It’s been a damned long time since I switched from Nikon to Canon, and if it weren’t for the sizable shelf full of glass I own, I’d be very interested to give Nikon a look once more.

    • Great work on your site, Brad; long-time follower of your stuff.

      On the sports side, a number of long-time Canon guys have switched over to the Nikon platform during the past several years or so; there’s generally a robust market for great glass, whether Canon or Nikon.

      Of course, there’s some cost to switch; and every penny counts here. In addition, it takes time to switch.

      Interesting times; glad Canon & Nikon are pushing each other.

    • Also, a huge fan of your work and your blog, Brad. Thanks for all those informative Barron’s write-ups.

    • I just checked out your portfolio and you have awesome work!

  • Manifesto

    $3000 sounds a lot more reasonable. There’s no way I could justify $4k for this camera when the D4 is just over 6k. Personally, I’d rather have 16mp than 36mp any day as well!

    • rhlpetrus

      Get a D7000 then, it is 16MP ;).

      • Manifesto

        haha… I guess there is that option. Can’t say the rest of the specs stack up very well though. I was actually tempted to get a D7000 as a secondary camera when they first launched, but after trying one out for a bit, there’s nothing like the feel of a pro level body. Went for a second D700 instead! For video, my wife’s 5D2 still holds it’s own.

  • Robin

    Will the E version have faster frames, or better ISO than the none E?

    I know the answer, just putting it out there wither if other than the sharpness (and of course the price), there are any other differences between the two 800 models.

  • Bruno

    kit or body?

    • Body. It won’t initially be offered with a lens.


    • Ralph


  • Brock Kentwell

    Shoot. Still on the fence about AA vs. non-AA. $300 price difference makes it even tougher to pick.

    • AXV

      Do you shoot portraits(AA) or landscapes(non-AA)?
      You will need the filter if you shoot fabric (like clothing, I’ve gotten it when shooting girls in tights).

  • Derek Matarangas

    Is it weird that they never mentioned the E version on the Brazilian site, or it doesn’t mean anything?

  • Nitpicker

    Hmm… would like to use a D800E for studio/fashion stuff, but now I’m kinda afraid of moiré. Fashion, fabrics, small apertures, very deep DOF. Once shot a few portraits with an (old) Hasselblad H3D-31, it even had moiré on EYEBROWS…

  • Davo

    Where will the D800 be made? Thailand or Japan or other.
    If Thailand, it can partially explain the cheaper than expected pricing due to lower costs of production.
    Perhaps Sony’s also improved their production methods of FX sensors allowing for cheaper sensors, which would be the most expensive component of an FX camera.

  • Mihai

    I want one!

  • ter

    I thought it was announced that it was going to be 3000 euros. That would be around $4180.

  • Don

    Make it so.

  • Anyone know what the the battery grip price will be? I shoot mostly glamour/fashion photography (portrait) so battery grip is a must-have.

  • broxibear

    mansurovs is saying it’s $4000 USD ?
    Anyone got any other numbers they’d like to throw up in the air ?…do I hear a $4500 lol ?

  • Hmmm.. Yeah. I have no idea what that could be. to run $900. I can’t think of any FX primes they would stick on this that is that price, and I don’t think it’s the 24-120, as that would knock $300 off the price of the lens. Hmmm. Should be interesting!


  • Bob

    So the question then is …. is a D4x coming???

  • Chase

    This would be awesome news. I might even consider getting the E version if this is the case.

  • Luis

    pos? What’s that stand for? Professional Only System?

  • fergz

    would you pay $0.50?

  • Luis

    Looked up that word “fu?ken” and found this on

    “childish spelling for the adjectival/adverbial intensive “fuc?ing”

    “Easy way to identify you’re chatting with an illiterate &/or child. “

  • Andromeda

    Man I’m very tempted to get this but then 4fps always comes back to hit me…That is retard indeed….Even my d7k gets 6fps…wth???

  • galloon

    Niktarded: “I wouldn’t pay a fucken buck for this pos”

    So Nik, why do they call you tarded?

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