Interview with Nikon on the future of the Nikon 1 system

Nikon 1 concept accessories

Nikon 1 concept accessories

Few key points from a recent dpreview interview with Tetsuya Yamamoto (General Manager of Nikon’s Development Headquarters within its Imaging Division):

  • Nikon is pleased with the success of their mirrorless system, especially the J1
  • The Nikon 1 sensor is capable of 2k and 4k video recording, those functionalities may come in future models
  • Future cameras will have improved hybrid AF
  • Nikon is considering manual focus for future V1 bodies
  • Nikon is planning to introduce faster lenses for the CX mount
  • They are also looking to implement in-camera RAW files editing
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  • I am waiting for Nikon 2 🙂

  • MrGabe


    2K AND 4K?!! All while my D7000 can’t do 60fps at ANY resolution.

    • Hamuga

      Well the Nikon 1 will do 4k at 2fps in the update.
      So no worries.

      • yo

        4K video is not hard. their sensor can do higher. the problem is current memory card technology as well as an AVCHD standard format. We just got the AVCHD spec for 1080p60 and sony is the first one to implement (ironically the mighty 7K canon 1DX can’t handle it). So by the time a 4K standard gets agreed on for AVCHD, there will be cards fast enough to accomodate it.

        • Jeffrey Gorissen

          Why not use H.265

  • Great news. The Nikon 1 is quite an awesome camera, and to see that Nikon is taking the idea so seriously means some really great things are in store in the future. Also, the 1 series give Nikon a safe forum in which to test out and refine useful new features that will make it into DSLRs, which is great news for us DSLR users in the future.

    • Ugg…I hate this strategy…it’s exactly what Microsoft does. Use your user base to beta test and release patches as problems inevitably come flooding in. Since when did R&D labs become unsafe places for testing? I feel sorry for all the soccer moms who threw away their money on this mediocre camera.

      • Worminator

        Well, the soccer moms are the people who are likely to be quite happy with these cameras. It’s the photo-snobs who are unhappy, because 1) it doesn’t have enough “serious” controls, and 2) it has, relative to m43/NEX, much wider DOF, made worse by the absence of anything resembling a “fast” lens.

        So, basically, put out a Fuji-style retro form factor version of the Nikon 1 and a “Pentax Limited” style 18 mm f/1.9 metal prime lens and problem solved.

        • STRB


  • Even as someone who loves using Nikon products, I must say that this entire lineup of cameras is a blatant cash grab. Multiple colors? Check. Pointless Accesories? Check. Unjustifiably high price? Check. I mean look at the above picture: Are they hocking a SCREEN to go on top of the MAIN screen? Man that’s just ballsy…comon’ Nikon, we aren’t THAT stupid! And look at that pathetic LED light which I assume is for video. I’m a photographer and even I know that light isn’t going to cut it. You need a LED panel the size of a V1 just to get a decent illumination. Oh, and what’s this I’m reading about a sensor that can record in 4k but for some reason doesn’t??? This means that they intentionally released a crippled camera in hopes of making MORE money off of future models. This is bull…shit…

    • benS

      why so much hate ?
      simple solution – dont buy the Nikon 1 if u hate it so much 🙂

      • El_Pickerel

        ^ This. I’m too busy with my D7000 to complain about a system that’s not bad for what it is, and might evolve into something cool / bring new features to DSLRs.

        • chimphappyhour

          And yet you did just complain about it. Odd. Guess you’re not as busy as you thought.

  • kulturindustrie

    I’d love to know whether they will update the auto-ISO functionality by a firmware update in current models, instead of implementing it in a later products only. I think the interview is not very clear on this point.
    This would improve the model’s automatic use for its main target group a lot, since they probably won’t use S or A modes…

  • FM2Fan

    I think this is great news – the more systems are sold the more R&D is available for the other product series. Just think of it: if the new sensor in the 1 series can do 2K and 4K, then you might ask – what can the new sensor in the D4 and models subsequent to D700 do? … Nikon is obviously investing heavily in video to counteract Sony and Canon. Next stop: RED

  • Aaron Shepard

    There’s an error in this report. They’re not considering manual focus, they’re considering a manual setting for AF type.

    • Yep, just wanted to point this out, too. Manual focus is already available and realized in the only possible way (since the lenses don’t have any focus controls): through the camera.

      A feature that’s really missing however is the support for fully manual lenses through adapters (think of M-mount lenses). Unfortunately, the shutter of the Nikon 1 cameras is locked until a lens with CPU (native or through FT1) is attached, unless you shoot in full manual mode. It shouldn’t be any problem to add metering support for adapted lenses, too.

      — Markus
      — Nikon lens reviews,

  • jodjac

    What beautiful little cameras. I love them.

  • Jim

    If there won’t be distinct dials and buttons for PSAM, Shutterspeed, Aperture, WB and ISO at least on the V1, I don’t care whatever Nikon’s plans for Nikon 1 and however fancy the specs are.

  • I’ll probably never get one of these, the sensor is just way to small for me to get excited about getting one of these cameras, Nikon should be thinking about releasing something like the new X Pro1, but I guess they are scared of taking sales away from DSLR’s.

  • yo

    if they cut the price in half on lenses and bodies I may consider it. but as of now, you’re paying the same and getting less compared to m4/3.

    I guess it could be worse. they could have released a coolpix with a fixed lens and and apsc sensor. who’d so such stupid thing…oh wait canon.

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