Nikon D4 vs. Canon EOS 1Dx specs comparison

Here is a another quick comparison between the Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx cameras based on the specifications provided by the manufacturers (please note that not all specs were directly comparable):

 Nikon D4 Canon EOS-1Dx
Announced January, 2012
(availability: February 2012)
October, 2011
(availability: March 2012)
Lens Mount Nikon F bayonet mount Canon EF mount
Effective Pixels 16.2 million 18.1 million
Sensor Size 36.0 x 23.9mm 36 mm x 24mm
Image Sensor Format FX full frame
File Format Still Images JPEG
JPEG, RAW (14-bit Canon Original)
Picture Control Landscape
User-customizable S
User Defined 1-3
Storage Media CompactFlash© (CF) (Type I, compliant with UDMA)
XQD Type Memory
Compatible with UDMA 7 CF cards
Card Slot 1 CompactFlash© (CF) card and 1 XQD memory type card  Dual CF Cards (Type I or II)
Viewfinder Frame Coverage  FX (36x24): 100% Horizontal and 100% Vertical Approx.
1.2x (30x20): 97% Horizontal and 97% Vertical Approx.
DX (24x16): 97% Horizontal and 97% Vertical Approx.
5:4 (30x24): 97% horizontal and 100% vertical Approx.
Vertical/Horizontal approx. 100%
Viewfinder Magnification 0.70x Approx. Approx. 0.76x
Fastest Shutter Speed 1/8000 sec.  1/8000 sec.
Slowest Shutter Speed 30 sec.  30 sec.
Top Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution 10 frames per second
11 frames per second (AE/AF Locked)
Super High-speed: 14 shots/sec.
High-speed: 12 shots/sec.
Low-speed: 3 shots/sec.
Exposure Compensation ±5 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
ISO Sensitivity ISO 100 - 12,800
Lo-1 (ISO 50)
Hi-4 (ISO 204,800)
ISO 100-51200
Extension settable: ISO 50; 102,400 and 204,800
Dynamic AF Mode Number of AF points: 9, 21, 51 and 51 (3D-tracking) One to five cross-type AF points at f/2.8
10 to 20 cross-type AF points at f/4, and 15 to 21 cross-type AF points at f/5.6. (The number of cross-type AF points will differ depending on the lens.)
Focus Modes Auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A)
Continuous-servo (AF-C)
Face-Priority AF available in Live View only and D-Movie only
Full-time Servo (AF-A) available in Live View only
Manual (M) with electronic rangefinder
Normal area
Single-servo AF (AF-S)
Wide area
Single-point AF (Manual selection)
Auto selection 61-point AF
Single-point Spot AF (Manual selection)
AF point expansion (Manual selection, 4 points: up, down, left, and right)
AF point expansion (Manual selection, surrounding 8 points)
Zone AF (Manual zone selection)
Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points 51 61
Built-in Flash -- --
Flash Compensation -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
White Balance Auto (2 types)
Choose color temperature (2500K–10000K)
Direct Sunlight
Fluorescent (7 types)
Preset manual (up to 4 values can be stored)
Tungsten Light
White Fluorescent Light
Color Temperature setting
Movie HD 1,920x1,080 / 30 fps
HD 1,920×1,080 / 24 fps
HD 1,280×720 / 30 fps
HD 1,280x720 / 60 fps
 1920 x 1080: 30 fps / 25 fps / 24 fps
1280 x 720: 60 fps / 50 fps
640 x 480: 30 fps / 25 fps
Monitor Size 3.2 in. diagonal 3.2-inches
Monitor Resolution 921,000 Dots  Approx. 1.04 million dots
Monitor Type Wide Viewing Angle TFT-LCD TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor
Battery Life (shots per charge) 2,600 Battery Life (shots per charge) (CIPA) TBA
Approx. Dimensions Width 6.3 in. (160mm)
Height 6.2 in. (156.5mm)
Depth 3.6 in. (90.5mm)
6.2 x 6.4 x 3.3 in.
(158 x 163.6 x 82.7 mm)
Approx. Weight 41.6 oz. (1180g)camera body only TBA
 Price $5,999.95  $6,800.00
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  • Dominik

    Some people clearly have no concept of diminishing returns.

    Even if the D4 matched the D3s (released 2 years ago) in ISO with a 4mp increase in resolution, that’s a significant step forward.

    Seems like there are more number crunching pixel peepers than photographers here.

    Aside from a handful of pros, I’d be interested to see the work of those who believe their photography is being held back by current technology.

    • Carsten

      +1 – many here are more impressed by numerical values than by qualites that are not expressed in numbers, like color reproduction – easily missed if you only look at 200% views to debate pixel-level sharpness.

      I wonder why there is no criticism about face recognition and the link to the metering. “Real Photographers only shoot manual”, don’t they?

      The D4 is an evolution of an almost perfect camera, I found in the spec 4-5 features that I would consider as a real help in common situations and I am glad that Nikon didn’t compromised any qualities of the D3s.

      • Samuel


      • cronus yuen wai


    • tigrebleu

      I’ve been shooting with Pentax APS-C DSLRs for the last four years, and its only this fall that I ran into the limits of my gear. At ISO 3200 and 6400 in ultra low light with APS-C, image quality drops quite a bit.

      Since then, my dreams of moving FF became a necessity. I did own a D700 for a short while, but I was forced to sell it back thanks to financial issues. Since then, things got a bit better. I’ll be back to FF in 2012, that for sure.

      And while, D4 is a bit out of my reach financially, the D700 is still there, and at a great price. Too bad it doesn’t have video and it’s only one memory card slot. I’d take a D700s with the D3s sensor anytime, but only for financial considerations. Otherwise, I’d go for the D4. Even with smaller photosites, it’s probably got better high ISO performance than the D3s, thanks to 2 years of technological advance since the D3s was released. And the added 4 Mpix sure won’t be a problem, as this makes the D4 almost equally apt in sports/photojournos as in portrait/studio/ad photography.

    • Enrique Mancera

      Ok you Guys we have to admitted, at least on paper the 1Dx is much better than the D4, why? Because the 1Dx has 3 processor (Two for the camera process and one for the autofocus), you can use ISO 51.200 without pushing it to “HIGH” (Nikon’s top calibrated ISO is 12.800 that’s two steps lower), Canon also has a better viewfinder, better autofocus, a higher resolution screen, a faster shutter more megapixels, etc, etc, etc…

      • Andre

        High ISO numbers are not the be-all and end-all of it. Let’s first see samples of shots taken at ISO 51200 to see if they are usable…

        • PS

          The 1D Mk IV could go to iso 12,800 just like the D3s, but wasnt as good as the even older D3/D700 in terms of its actual iso performance, especially at ISO6400.

          Canon has used lower iso standards for determining their non-expandable range in the past, but thats not to say that it will necessarily continue, its only likely.

          If i had to bet, i would say the D4 will have better ISO performance, although i wouldn’t be totally surprised if i turn out to be wrong. This 18MP sensor is described within Canon as ‘The Nikon Killer’, lets see if that holds true or if they are just being bitchy whingers.

  • luca

    Nikon D800, but what happened? this model will be able to see the light?
    replacement of the first ads I could give birth to at least 3 children (one after the other)!
    admin you have any news about it?

  • Cris

    Panasonic Lumix GH2 is far better than these 2. Have you ever tried GH2? It is the best…

    • Mock Kenwell

      I have and you’ve got to be kidding. What a retarded statement.

      • Cris

        It is better because the other 2 do not exist…think a little before you reply and before you show to us your character…

        • Tiger1050Rider

          So the other 2 do not exist?

          Citation Please?

          In other words, how do you know that ‘the other two do not exist’?

          I am sure that an awful lot of people would be interested to know that they have been dreaming these past few days.

        • Aaron

          …But both do exist. People have held both cameras, taken photos with the cameras, and reviewed the cameras. Just because they’re not released to the marketplace yet for purchase doesn’t mean these cameras are “hypothetical” concepts.

          So – I’m going to have to agree with Mock here.

          • No

            sounds like an ontological predicament…

          • Mock Kenwell

            I have handled both cameras’ predecessors and a GH2 and the difference is night and day. It’s impossible that the D4 & D800 are worse than the D3 & D700, therefore, they are better. The OP was trolling with his statement so I obliged him with a non-timid response.

      • It isn’t retarded at all. Over at Luminous Landscape and The Online Photographer they are making a big deal about mirror-less cameras. They are light, compact and discreet. Where they give up the most ground is high ISO noise. DOF is high, which can cut either way.

        • Chill bro

          Whoever said that mirrorless will eventually replace DSLR’s is an idiot. Theyre not comparable. Sensor size, resolution, ISO performance, durability, and ergonomics are all better with a DSLR. Thats why they’re not marketed to compete with them. I don’t care which lame website or photographer is making a big deal, I’ll stick to cameras like the D4 or D700 because when I want professional results in tough situations I’m not going to care how light my camera is or if it’s in candy apple red or pink.

          • kyoshinikon

            Heck 35mm still hasn’t replaced MF in the studio for product shots and high end stuff…

          • Alexos

            Not quite. Whoever says that mirrorless can replace DSLRs now, or for the next few years, is indeed an idiot; but unless they turn out to be an evolutionary dead end, “eventually” they should – I mean, given the same image quality who wouldn’t want to have a lighter, smaller camera with less moving parts?

        • Hom Thogan

          Luminous Landscape has become really offensive to read, they not only push Sony as the holy grail of digital SLRs (which they aren’t and they aren’t selling as much as they want… the Rebels and Dxxxx cameras are still crushing them around the world) but they also have gotten really fanboyistic with mirrorless cameras…

          It seems old people are unable to hold a big camera now… Look we know you get old and quirky Luminous Landscape guys, yes we know that when people get older they get the idea they know better than

          Dear Luminous Landscape team: stop the fanboyism and crazy stuff, yeah you love Sony, yeah we already know you love Sony, stop pushing it, whenever they have nice performance above ISO 200, a normal and decent hot shoe and a really comprehensive line of top lenses THEN we can take the brand seriously, Sony has only “played” to be serious camera maker for professionals.

          And if you want a real mirrorles camera Luminous Landscape guys then the Fuji XPro1 is going to bitch slap with a polaroid back all the NEXs, EPs, GFs, GXs and GHs with so much brute force their children are going to be be born also bitch slap with polaroid backs too.

          (and I’m eyeing you too the online photographer…don’t you get cocky and think you have been saved from my hobo wrath)

          • Mock Kenwell

            Hobo wrath. Lol.

            BTW, GH2 is great for video, but frustrating for stills.

    • truepic

      WTF. These models from Pana are just toys. I hope your playing or you really have no ides

  • alex
    • MashingTheGas

      Thanks for the link, Alex.

      Can’t wait to do my own in February.

  • broxibear

    I’ve never understood why so many get their knickers in a twist over Canon versus Nikon.
    The vast majority of Canon users will not be switching to Nikon because of a particular new model and the same applies to Nikon users. For working photographers switching brands is very, very rare. A few high internet profile photographers may have switched recently, and somehow that’s percieved by some as a movement towards a particular brand…it isn’t. All it shows is that a particular photographer is switching for a particular reason. Those reasons could be anything from sponsorship, a feature they need, weight or a number of things that are personal to that photographers way of taking images…it’s not a case of one being better than the other, it’s one being better for that particular photographer and the way he or she works.
    Wealthy photographers, whether professional or amateur, can always afford to switch brands whenever they want, and for whatever reason. Most photographers are not wealthy enough to do this even if they wanted to…if you became a photographer to become wealthy you’ve made a mistake. Those very new to photography might switch, but as they progress they’ll be less likely to.
    I’ve got two friends who are also working photographers, both well known in their field and both Canon users. One is an F1 photographer, the other a photojournalist (he doesn’t like being called a war photographer so I won’t call him that lol). One has always been a Canon user, the other switched from Nikon to Canon before the D3 came out because he couldn’t wait for Nikon at the time. They both know that my D3 is better for stills after a certain high iso than their 1Ds and 5Ds but that doesn’t matter, they get the best from their cameras…that’s what it’s about.
    Some people keep mentioning the Olympics, have a good look at the next big sporting event, from NFL to Swimming most of those photographers are Canon users. Why?, because when the Nikon users did switch before the D3 they stayed with Canon.
    There is no better or worse, circumstance, personal preference and cost are the reason photographers use Canon or Nikon…this better than notion is a waste of time.
    Find a camera that’s right for you and the way you take images, Canon, Nikon, Leica or Sony it doesn’t matter.

    • alex

      don’t forget that Canon is a big sponsor of sports events and they let photographers shoot the event with canon cameras/lenses. Where they don’t, or where nikon also offers free equipment, you’ll see almost an equal number. At 2008 olympics in China you could see more black lenses than white, google for pictures.

    • Let’s also add that most newspapers have a huge investment in one system or the other. The photographers on the sidelines are using what they are using because that is what their newspaper gave them to use. Since most newspapers are losing money, don’t expect them to be throwing money at whatever is the best system that year. The budget isn’t their. The need isn’t there. They will get by with what they have. Either system is suitable for the vast majority of the assignments they hand out on a daily basis.

      Just because you see more white lenses at news/sports events, it doesn’t mean Canon is “better” than Nikon.

      • broxibear

        Hi Rick,
        I don’t what it’s like there in the US but here in the UK there are very few staffers of any kind left, they’re mostly freelancers. Just a few months ago cnn sacked all their photojournalists
        I know some people who post here seem to think all professional photographers have massive budgets and rooms full of equipment but it’s a myth. A number of the photographers who have become well known through their blogs/websites make far more money through advertising and worlshops than they do taking images.
        It’s not an easy time for anyone in this global economic mess, it’ll be intersting to see the sales figures for these new cameras.

        • truepic

          I was at the Canon Pro Solutions event in London in October. They placed pre orders for 22 in 2 days.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Agree on all points Broxi save one. With the advent of eBay, a photog can very easily switch systems with little to no negative cost implications. Good glass is good glass on both sides of the fence and good glass retains value well. I know 3 pro shooters who switched to the D3s. Each said it was good to get a change of scenery and that it positively impacted their work. Each had his own reasons for switching, but cost was also a main driver.

    • truepic

      Well said young man…

    • Hom Thogan

      Hey Bear! Just to prove you wrong I’m switching to BenQ cameras!

  • Boing Wronkwell

    It’s a step evolution above the D3, not a revolution, which is nice but not earth shattering.

    I have no problem with anyone saying they *WANT* one, ask yourself if you *NEED* one.

  • neversink

    Whoopeeeeeee… Who Cares!! If you are a Nikon shooter, then you might need the D4 and might upgrade, but are you going to change a whole system because of a minor difference between the two. I’m not!!! I have nearly 30 lenses and bodies galore for the Nikon. three digital and and five film. Should I sell my f4 500 and buy a new cannon 500… Should I sell my 14-24mm and buy the Cannon equivalent… Should I sell my 1.4 35 and buy the cannon equivalent??? How about my 2.8 7–200? Or my 105 micro? Etc. Etc. Etc.

    The answer is “no, No , NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I have so much invested in Nikon glass that it would be stupid-stupid to change systems. I have colleagues who shoot incredible photo on Cannons and we never ever say to one another, “My camera is better than yours. nah, nah na nah na……”

    Grow up people and shoot your heart out with what ever camera you have. Life is too short to quibble over which system is better….

    PS… I am on the waiting list for a D4 because I need a new body and like the idea of using Nikon glass for video. But I am certain Cannon glass i s just as good. i just happen to prefer Nikon lenses.

    • haha

      Canon, not Cannon!
      The rest is OK. Differences are marginal, but I think the build quality of Nikon gear is better. I´ve heard that in former times when the D5 from Canon came out, the inner looking glass fell out after some years…

      • neversink

        Hey ha ha.. Ha Ha!!! My apologies about the spelling….

        I’ve heard that about some of Canon’s lenses in the past, but I’ve had a few Nikkor lenses that were lemons also…. Every Canon shooter I know is happy with their system as are Nikon shooters. Nothing is perfect, nor will anything or anyone ever be perfect (except for my wife of course!!).

        • I have both systems and the Nikon glass is much better. especially zooms.
          It is true what people say about the Canon 1d IV – it is really hard to get the camera focused in the dim, low contrast light. The pictures (small detail and texture) and skin tones are better with Canon if you get the perfect focus. I have a Nikon D700 and Canon 1D IV. My Canon 300mm 2.8L IS focuses faster then my Nikon 200mm f2. Both produce outstanding images. The Canon gives more detail at lower ISO.

      • FBY

        5D , not D5!

        🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    • Just Dave

      The very best post so far.

      I Shoot on a D3 not on a D3s. I make a very good living shooting stills and video. I have replaced my shutter on my D3 once and it was at about 500,000 clicks. Has been a serious work horse for me. I also have 30+ pieces of glass. Including a 200-400 that costs about 7K. I couldn’t imagine selling off my glass to get into Canon.

      I do like Canon, I shoot my video with a Canon XF305 just about every day. Great camera and a very good product.

      All of my friends who also make a living shooting pictures do use Canon cameras and to which camera is better, it doesn’t matter, it comes down to preference and I prefer Nikon.

      I have used the Canon MK2 to shoot popular music videos in the past. I will have to say for video, its a pretty badass camera. I will be looking forward to using my new D4 and Nikon glass for future shoots.

      And to what I shoot, if you are a straight heterosexual male, you have probably seen

  • DJ Hanson

    The “Dynamic AF Mode” section needs more detail for the D4. You should list its sensors by f-atio as well. It can AF to f/8, the D1X cannot AF to f/8. This is a huge deal for nature photogs.

    • tigrebleu

      As you said Hanson, nature photogs will love this …

      If you put a 1.4x or 2x teleconverter at the back of your lens, F/8 is reached quite rapidly. Even the relatively fast Nikkor 200-400 F/4 become a 400-800 F/8 with a 2x TC. For this reason, I think a lot of wild animal photographers who haven’t invested a lot in Canon glass could be tempted to switch to Nikon to gain access to this feature.

      But I don’t think any Canon user in his right mind would switch brands for this reason alone if he has a lot of Canon glass. Same goes for Nikon users with lots of Nikon glass. Unless they’re very wealthy photographers, that is! lol

      The only exception to this is the arrival of the Canon EOS 5DII. For photographers also shooting video or wanting to expand their activities into video as well, Nikon didn’t had much to compete against the 5DII when it was released, almost four years ago.

      For this reason, a lot of photographers either switched from Nikon to Canon or added a Canon system to their existing Nikon system. For them, waiting four years to get a FF DSLR with Full HD video was out of the question.

      I know a photographer who had a D3x and D300 with a few lenses (24-70, 70-200 and AF 35-70 2.8 at least, maybe more) and he sold the whole stuff to buy a 5DII and 7D with EF 14, EF 16-35, EF-S 17-85, EF 24-70 and EF 70-200 2.8 IS. Since then, he never looked back.

      But he didn’t had a lot of Nikon glass and his D3x alone was worth more than the 5DII, 7D and 70-200 2.8 IS put together. I’m not sure he would’ve made the switch if he had owned more Nikkor lenses.

      Worst thing is, he switched partially for video and he didn’t do that much video since then … Good thing he didn’t switched for video only, I guess.

  • Simon

    The 5DMkII was seriously crippled in the video department upon release but had it not the price would have been a lot higher so with the exception of the 5DMkII I don’t believe in free lunch. I accept that a camera’s retail price at the time of release reflect on it overall value combining everything from features, performance, ergonmics, etc. We know the 1Dx is overall a better camera because it is retail at $6,800 than the D4 which is $5,995. If you want quality it is logical to pay more.

    • tigrebleu

      Good point.

      The 5DII was (and is still) a real bargain, and the D700 was another good bargain too, although probably not as great a deal as with the 5DII.

      And yes, the 1DX being marginally more expensive than the D4 ($800 more, or roughly 13% more), so it is probably marginally better than the D4.

      But the thing that strikes me now is how close the cameras are. For someone who didn’t commit to a brand yet, both the 1DX and D4 offer great performance in almost any situation you could think of. For once, it’s not all high ISO performance (D3s / D700) or higher resolution (1D4 / 5DII), it’s both for each brand.

      Customers who didn’t invest in a system or the other now have the choice to go with the system itself (lenses, flashes, etc.), rather than being forced to go one way or the other because of either high ISO or resolution. They now can go the way they want.

      However, for those who already commited heavily into a system (lenses, especially), this probably means no difference.

      Coming from Pentax APS-C and having used both Canon and Nikon DSLRs in the past (in even owned a D700 for a short time), I’m one of these people who could go either way. The awful AF in Canon’s only affordable FF DSLR (5DII) and the lack of good ultrawide EF lenses (besides the overpriced 14mm F/2.8) always made my heart go for Nikon (D700, 16-35VR, 14-24).

      But the lack of decent video-capable Nikon DSLRs (until the release of the D7000, that is) made me reconsider going Nikon many times. With the release of the D4, I now have hope a D800 is on its way. Might be my next DSLR, if the video capabilities are similar to the D4.

  • Nikon D4 have a thermal shield, HTTP Mode, Auto flickr reduction and they claim about rolling shutter will be reduced a lot with EXPEED 3. Bla bla.

    And hey, D4 can focus great if you use f/4 lens with TC-20E III.

  • MB

    Both models are obviously designed with sports shooters in mind, this is Olympics year after all.
    Sensitivity is actually the same (ISO 50 to 204,800) and everything else is very much alike on paper.
    The only significant advantage Canon has in my view is larger viewfinder, but on the other hand Nikon can AF up to f/8 and that is the most significant new feature.

  • lagranz
    • nir.exe

      need an update

      16-35mm – not there
      sb 910 – not there
      85mm 1.8 – not there
      16mm fisheye – not there

      and the D4

  • fordstr

    Ugh, posts like these are just troll fodder. The only thing holding people back from taking better pictures is the amount of time they invest in using their camera and exercising their photographic vision. No amount of gear can compensate for time well spent with your eye glued to a view finder, whether it be Nikon or Canon.

  • Angle Asdams

    It’s obvious from reading here:

    Nikon = Fail.

    What a huge disappointment. $6 grand and this is the best they can do? These guys are asleep at the wheel while Canon races ahead. Low light performance? How gives a sh17 about that? Only an idioit would pick Nikon these days. I’m selling my Nikon system ASAP – dumping my D3s and D3x faster than you can say “garbage” – Canon is the only choice for a professional photog now and Nikon has just proved it with their crappy excuse for a pro camera in the D4.

    Thanks Admin for this great post showing us the light and the way.

    • Steve Starr

      Actually, the Nikon D4 will be closer to $6300 if one buys the $270 XQD card for it which one surely will do just to fill that odd slot and use the NEF + whatever ability as well. Add on their $170 spare battery if the life in video isn’t that good too (No video life specs yet?) and the Canon and Nikon are much closer in price.

      So Canon gets a slight win this time and their price follows. They still haven’t beaten down the D3x yet in the MP race with any of their bodies, but I have a feeling they will this time if and when the 36MP D800 comes out.

      Canon dealer’s will probably deal on the 1Dx body more so it may not be as big a difference in the end either which may make the Canon more attractive too to new buyers. More MP always wins over new buyers into their fold in the photo stores.

    • Carlos N Mendes

      “…These guys are asleep at the wheel while Canon races ahead.” Excuse me, Nikon, inc. don’t need anyone to defend them, but I must point that these guys in 2010 faced a huge tsunami in Japan and a four-month flood in Thailand. It must be take in count.


      • Nick

        Don’t feed the troll.

      • C Taylor

        @ Carlos

        Why are they asleep? Is is because they did not spy on the other guys so that they could better them in time for olympics? Where is the race that you speak of? The only reason canon has 61 focus points is because they saw the d3 and still took this long to better that. What if those 61 points don’t work as well as nikon’s improved 51? Exactly what is it that you want in a camera for it to be a great camera.

        You wanted better ISO – you got it. You wanted higher res – you got it. You wanted it in time before olympics – hopefully you get that too.

        I get the feeling that what you really want is for nikon to manufacture a camera that can detect when there is a better canon around and updates its specs automatically so that it could be the better camera, all so that you could call yourself a photographer.

        • C Taylor

          correction: not Carlos, @ Angle Asdams

    • Apollo

      You sir, you are a Canon fanboy and a bad troll!

    • Andre

      “dumping my D3s and D3x faster than you can say “garbage”


      I say you’re talking BS – you are probably some troll walking around with an old 40D or the like. You wish you had a D3s AND a D3x.

      You give Canon shooters a bad name

    • Bob Your Thing

      faping faping faping all over your stupid troll face…

      can you tell I M COMING! Canon fanboy!

      All over your stupid diarhea crap cause you got fanboy shit there and stinks bad.

      Now go back to your room and wipe that shit off. Nikon has Come!!!

    • fred

      I can vouch that Angle Asdams had a D3s and D3x because I just bought them from him. They both had less than 100 shutter actuations and the screen protectors were still in plastic. What a deal!

      • Andre

        I’m thinking Fred = Angle Asdams

        Back to your bridge, evil troll

  • Clark Tanaka

    Put aside the whole NIKON FAN, CANON FAN crap, design wise (of the body), do most of you here like the D4 over the 1DX? I am a total CANON (shoot with a 5D2) guy but I like the D4 (design) better which simply makes me want to get one. lol. Yes I know design doesn’t get you the picture but when you are carrying around gears with you all the time, I would rather have one that look good on me.

  • Pixelhunter

    As many have stated, pros will not change brands for many reason. They may change from D3s to D4 in Nikon’s case if the life cycle of their camera is over or they really need incremental improvements such as video, better AF-sensitivity etc.

    For Nikon and Canon the issue are the upgraders, here is their big additional business hidden – especially prosumers coming from DX. And these folks are marketing driven and may be tempted to swap worlds due to some minor differences in comparing tables – whether that makes sense or not, it does happen. Hence, whether Canon is really better or not – they were first to market with 1Dx and the specs seem to be “better” on paper.

    More important than D4 is the launch of D800 which will determine if Nikon really has lost this round to Canon or not. So Nikon hurry up and get the pumped up beast out asap. With tons of pixels as the rules of the game in marketing are world records.

    • Steve Starr

      “More important than D4 is the launch of D800 which will determine if Nikon really has lost this round to Canon or not. So Nikon hurry up and get the pumped up beast out asap. With tons of pixels as the rules of the game in marketing are world records.”


      On paper new buyers will go to Canon between the D4 & 1Dx and salespeople may push the slight differences too. Nikon will lose the salesman’s sales spiel over Canon’s paper numbers.

      Buying two different and very expensive flash cards is also bad. I could see one expensive one for video, and one cheaper SD (whatever speed) for stills, but not two very expensive ones combined which makes memory storage really, really expensive on the D4.

      Canon only needs one type for memory and not two different ones (aside from it being old, it is also cheaper than a 32GB $270 overgrown Sony MemoryStick called a XQD. Why not a Sub-CF or mini-CF. XQD is a dumb name and the name alone could kill it off.). I suspect Sony had a lot to do with the push for XQD to Nikon as their MemoryStick was a archaic flop and they slowly have come around to other formats.

      • Allen Wicks

        “…new buyers will go to Canon between the D4 & 1Dx…”

        Nonsense. New buyers do not buy huge heavy $6k $7k cameras. And upgrading pros will stick with their existing brands.

        The anti-XQD rant is even sillier. “memory storage really, really expensive on the D4” sounds like someone currently shooting a point-and-shoot and accustomed to cheap _slow_ SD cards. Pros with $6k cameras want the best available tech for cards, already own CF and the cost of the XQD is tiny compared to the $6k camera cost.

    • Allen Wicks

      “…they were first to market with 1Dx…”

      IMO “first to market” goes to the firm with production units delivered on the street. No points for who sends out press releases sooner, and if both deliver in the same 30-day period it is tie.

      Also if one camera costs substantially more that is significant in the value comparison between any two cameras.

  • Back in 2006 I bought a Fuji S3 and I can honestly day that at the time the image quality of those things were light years ahead of both Nikon (d2x) or Canon, just the buffer & battery life that let ’em down. Fuji’s had it all over them in sensor R&D for years!

    While the D4 looks like an awesome bit of kit I won’t be rushing out to upgrade, my D700 bodies still pump out amazing image quality and are perfect for my requirements. This “keeping up with the Jones’s” crap is ridiculous!

  • alex

    why people don’t understand that 1dx will be released in sometime in march 2012?? canon marketing told you the specs many month ago just to laugh at retarded people

    it’s not important what the specs for 1dx are, you can’t find a single picture taken with 1dx today, you can’t tell if it’s better or not, basically it doesn’t exist yet. so calm down, stupid fanboys

    • Jade

      You are right people here are talking about gears not yet released, but please it is not necessary to insult the others. You are on NR website,so indeed readers are interested more by Nikon… The Canon/Nikon bashing is kind of a don’t take it too seriously or you wil take the risk to appear like the real fanboy 😉

    • Pixelhunter

      Is an Audi A6 very different from a BMW 5 series and very different from a MB E class? Look at the “war” between Windows enthusiasts and those from Apple. No huge difference in systems, is there? Branding is the key – especially in matured markets. And as the dslr market – as we witness these days – is getting more matured branding is increasingly important here, too. And branding is sometimes more about emotions than facts.

      • Discontinued

        I AM BRANDY

  • combined

    like i said before. Canon should just buy Nikon.

  • I agree that you don’t need the latest body to take great photos. Look at published photos that have been out for many years using older technology. The skill and vision is far more important than the equipment. Professionals no doubt appreciate improvements in noise reduction so they don’t need to spend as much time in post production, but for the rest of us, including myself, we will benefit as technological improvements in the pro bodies quickly trickle down to the consumer bodies.

  • Fritz

    On specs, Canon 1Dx sounds better but if you’re with a Nikon system full of NIKKOR lenses then get D4! It’s more expensive to switch to another brand and just get the new pro body. Just imagine buying the 1Dx and a new line of L lenses, even you sell your Nikon stuff, you won’t get that much.
    One of the reasons I prefer Nikon because of the F-mount, the low-light shooting capability and the better focusing system etc.
    It doesn’t matter what brand you are using, it’s the photography skills you must be proud of.

  • Delacroix

    What about synchro Flash speed ??

  • Michael Durant

    Camera up!!!!

  • Gary

    So …

    What is it that you’re unable to do well enough today, that you’re hoping to be able to do with a 1DX or a D4?

  • Sven

    I have just noticed the price of the new WT-5 WLAN Transmitter on 877 USD. IMHO completely ridiculous. Does anyone knows whether Canon charges a similar absurd price for their transmitter?

  • mikephotog

    I don’t know why people keep saying on paper canon is significantly better. i only see a few things…
    1. 12 fps vs 10fps for RAW with auto focus on.
    2. more AF points, doesn’t necessarily mean the system is faster or more accurate
    3. higher resolution screen, can help with seeing sharpness and focus for video
    4. two more megapixels… lets be honest, thats almost negligible.
    5. Larger viewfinder magnification, again a little easier to see.

    Doesn’t sound like a blowout to me, especially if you shoot video, because Nikon has about 4 epic features Canon does not.
    1. Headphone jack for monitoring audio.
    2. clean HDMI out (I will never use, files are too huge)
    3. ability to crop up to 2.7x magnification while still shooting full 1080
    4. remote control of focus/exposure/recording with ipad/iphone with the wireless transmitter.

    In my opinion, Canon just made another great, solid quality, up to any task camera. Nikon came out with some innovation here.

  • Rich in Tx

    canon sucks

  • Joe Barrera

    I am an older guy,have always been an amateur, very seldom do I get work for profit.
    I wont go too long, but many years back, I was scubadiving usine a NIKONOS with the Nikonos flash…The shots were all done at approx 80ft depth in Cozumel. I shot for 6 dives in 3 days. I got lucky, a local magazine put in an article with 3 of my better shots. Where I had the film processed, they bought some 16×20 to frame and show in their studiol So In my case I got lucky as I was coached by an unwater pro for a couple of intense hours,;which Helped be in the right place at the right time. My first decent nikon was a d200, which served me well. This forum on comparing the Nikon and Canon are always controversial….Tigerblu, in my opinion had the best post concerning the Canon and the Nikon. MB makes some good points alsol
    Gentleman if you have this level of camera,,best canon best nikon most are forced to stay where they are…The prices of accesories, lenses, flashes and other pro accessories,make it almos financial impossible to switch,,Lose a ton of money on a trade or outright sale and on rebuying everyting a pro needs, the number get big. Occassionally a well healed pro has disposable funds to do such an exchange. But the vast majority, if only having minor issues cannot afford to make such a push.
    I have a pro friend of mine,a wedding Photographer,An excellent photographer specializing in wedding for many years, realized the Canon system does have some uses not avaliable on Nikon. And ever time he looks into such changes, the financial crossover barier is not in his feaasible range.
    I say re read the comments in this discssion, thread. Except for the few well healed, if one thinks it is worth it go ahead,,but I expect after 6 months they will see what they are missing and revert back to theirnikon or canon. The ones that stay for a year, Still learning mimiscule differences. A small percentage will blown away and stay on th Cannon side/I feel the two companies will havd upgrads and ssessories in the short term which will show everyone all their fears were for naught. My rookie opinion add avaliable top options to what you have and stay home.The D4 is a masterpiece,,above my pay grade.

  • jim

    1D-X Exposure Compensation is ±5 EV (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps) not ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.

  • joe

    Exposure compensation on the 1DX is ±5 EV (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV steps) not ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.

  • WhyAskWhy

    I have been Nikon user over 20 yrs. when Canon 5DM2 came out, I tried to switch to Canon. It didn’t work out because holding a Nikon is more comfortable than Canon for me. I only had 4 Nikon lenses at that time so I didn’t sell any of them. D4 sound very good except it might be too heavy for me. Waiting for the D800.

  • WhyAskWhy

    Canon buy Nikon? I thought Nikon is a divison of Mitsubishi that makes almost everything. From car, electronics, train, ships to satellite.

  • AlexSSE

    Will somebody switch wrom D3, D3s to D4? Please describe why you will /w’ont

    • kingj

      In my opnion, I feel that not as many people would switch from a d3s to the d4 unless they have to have the latest, or they may feel the few upgrades in the newer camera will help them in the short run (til another camera with more comes out). But, also I can see some d3(non-video) owners making the switch to a more affordable d3s mainly for the high ISO capabilities. And some may switch to a d4 for the ISO, maybe not so much for the video, but also for it being newer technology, and higher mp.

      But, I feel that Nikon hasn’t listened to some photogs request to build a camera like the d3s, d4 but without video.

  • kingj

    I’m somewhat reserved to make the switch myself, I originally owned a D3s and thoroughly enjoyed it. I sold it and the Red Scarlet happened to come out, which was my original goal to purchase years ago. But I haven’t jumped on the Scarlet or the D4 bandwagon, even though having the d4, I’d be “at home”. I’m curious what 204,00 ISO would look with 1.8 lenses or so. And one of the main reasons I haven’t made the switch yet, and I might be wrong not to, but I’m waiting for them, or anyone, to develop a camera of which you can pull a still from a video and it would be just as good as taking a picture with the same camera, i.e. 12-megapixel still images from video, and since it’s video, with frame rates above the current shooting rate of <14 fps.

  • Clark Tanaka


  • Enrique Mancera

    Ok you Guys we have to admitted, at least on paper the 1Dx is much better than the D4, why? Because the 1Dx has 3 processor (Two for the camera process and one for the autofocus), you can use ISO 51.200 without pushing it to “HIGH” (Nikon’s top calibrated ISO is 12.800 that’s two steps lower), Canon also has a better viewfinder, better autofocus a higher resolution screen and a faster shutter more megapixels, etc, etc, etc…

    • Jones

      This almost as stupid as putting 11 on an amp volume dial thinking it will be louder.

  • Ansel Adams.

    I have to say… Technology aside, this has to be the ugliest camera I’ve ever seen. It mirrors the appearance of a big black veiny penis. Anyone who wants to put that in their hands and put it to their face must have ulterior motives. It really is repulsive. And I don’t mean that in a small way. I mean that in a very big way. Ugliness aside, this camera has every quality a modern day photographer would need,want, or care for. If you aren’t getting better photos with this camera, you’re probably just a bad photographer. And should probably spend a little more money on some art books, photography books, and spend a little less time reading owner manuals. Your photography technique is seriously lacking, and no amount of money can buy you the essentials to composing a well thought out photograph.

  • pmac

    its so funny that every one moaned waiting for this to be released,then when it was moaned that its not good enough.
    come on how do you actualy know this, no one bar a few pros have had these in there hand to try properly. i will wait until the masses try these before deciding if its not a step up from the d3s(not that i will bbuy one anyway)

  • Hom Thogan

    Hey NRadmin, we love you, we really do, but we don’t need to see which is better because it is a really subjective valoration, *yawn* don’t put fillers please :D, we don’t need filler material :), we will love you even more if you d0n’t put this kind of stuff.

    If you continue to do it I will switch to a BenQ camera!

  • Eric

    Seriously please, who’s got a good guess on D4X timing? My D3X, along with the rest of my Nikon lot, was robbed from my home two weeks ago.

    • Jade

      D800 is your solution: FEB 2012

      • Eric

        Thanks Jade, that’s what I’ve been thinking too. Only snag is insurance – I have to replace the “D3X” with either it, or it’s replacement (D4X?) before 2013. That’s why the timing question. Thanks for answering

  • anonymule

    Both are pretty kick-ass, if you ask me. Whether one is better than the other or not, I think people are missing the bigger picture here. It sure is pretty exciting to be a photographer right now, whether pro or amateur, the possibilities are almost limitless. Imagine shooting at 12,800 ISO like it’s normal!

  • I am a D3X Owner. Need a another body and seriously considering D4. I like the Full size network and the WiFi Option would be great when i do onsite printing.

    –Not happy with the 2 different memory slots thou.

  • No Name

    I think that first time in history of digital cameras Canon made better camera than Nikon, on paper for now. But it’s not very important. Important is that Canon 1Dx is huge improvement on Canon 1D MarkIV but Nikon D4 is only 3-years technical evolution from Nikon D3s. What does it mean? That means that tipical Nikon pro user don’t have any reason to upgrade from D3s to D4 at the moment, but Canon pro user do. I’m Nikon pro user and when I talk with Canon colegues they have wet dreams about 1Dx, they are very impatient at the moment to get that body. I, like lot of my Nikon colegues are not so much impressed with D4, actually, I’m not impressed at all…

  • some one

    just canon 😀

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