Weekly Nikon news flash #144

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  • PhotoGradStudent

    That remote looks promising! Gotta see if it’s D4 compatible!

  • Ball_Lightning

    The remote control looks indeed very promising and due to the small size of the receiver it could very well be D4 compatible.

  • Shkacas

    Amazing 1000mm lense and that Moon/ISP shot.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      +1 it looks surreal

  • ShaoLynx

    Well, as it happened to be: just some hour ago I took a shot of the moon myself.
    My gear was rather different, though: 70-200 VRII, TC 2x, and… my Nikon 1V1 (+adapter).
    Simply out of the hand. Result pretty much OK. No space station, though 😉

  • Isn’t it rather old news that you don’t necessarily need the latest equipment (let alone a DSLR, sometimes even a mobile phone camera is enough) to take great pictures?

    • There’s this really old technology out there where (strange as it may seem) you take photos with a big wooden box thing, onto strange bits of plastic, and with some mysterious use of the dark arts you can get these amazing pictures out! And you don’t even need batteries! 😉

      • dave

        Actually, these boxes are so old, they don’t use plastic. Rather they use sheets of gelatinized animal intestine or (the really old ones) glass coated with poisonous chemicals.

    • mervis

      Agree. Although I don’t see anything very remarkable about the winning shot.

      Sorry if that sounds dickish.

      • Paul

        No, I agree. It’s nothing to write home about.

        • So where are your award winning pictures then?

      • Worminator

        Not dickish exactly, but you’ve exemplified a common, worrying trend to “flickerize” photos: basically taking photograph’s worth as the “interestingness” of the thumbnail image.

        Landscape photos with lots of texture and detail such as this one simply cannot be fairly judged at anything less than full size.

  • Eric

    ROFL.. I like the post from the ISS link.
    “In fact, this picture was taken two days ago by a Nasa photographer using an ordinary digital SLR camera – a Nikon D3S – as it passed above Houston……”

    Guess with the D4 out, the D3s has been relegated

    • Sam

      I feel so inadequate with my D700

  • alex

    Wallimex adapter is just Tilt, it doesn’t Shift as you say in the title

  • Carl Feather

    Regarding the railroad photo, the foreground is distracting to me. A long panorama crop would have been more effective. Still, I have a special spot for the D200, although I no longer own one. It was a dandy body for low-ISO work and had wonderful skin tones, unmatched until the D3/D700 came along. Even the D7000’s skin tones don’t begin to match those of the D200.

  • Sam

    In all honesty I’m not that impressed by the railroad photo

    • hashbang

      I’m not impressed either. There is nothing wrong with this photo, but the winner of the contest? It looks ok, but not spectacular.

      • Calibrator

        a) Winning can be a very relative thing considered the subjective nature of an art competition
        b) The contest was open to Arriva employees only
        c) How many of those did actually enter the competition with how many images?
        d) Most of us here haven’t seen ANY other entries – it could be the best image *by far*…


        e) It doesn’t say anywhere *when* the photo was actually taken!
        The D200 may not have been long on the market…


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