Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon (video)

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  • This is a cute idea and done fairly well, but it makes me wonder just why violence is so prevalent in our society. Flashes instead of guns. I worry about what we find totally offensive today that will become totally accepted tomorrow.

    • yeah and police in London stop photographers to label them terrorists already! i hope they don’t see that video or they’ll start rounding them up to ship them off.

    • Mark Harris

      Did anyone notice how uncomfortable those Canon soldiers hands looked holding those Canon bodies…at least the terrorists hands wont be so cramped so they can focus on torturing their hostages….lol…this video is about as good as the rest of the crap on tv or in movies now adays. Looks like these photographers have been playing too much Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 lately…lol

      • Not Surprised


        They should have just used real flashes — they wasted so much time/money on the crappy gun effects. Really stupid effects too.

        It would have been much more pure and better understood if it was the real flashes. And not holding it like a machine gun and stuff. Just snapping at fastest rates possible, or diffusing the flash, triggering remotely, etc.

        Anyway, CGI gotta get paid too, I guess.

  • Johan

    Awesssooooomee! I’ve always been waiting for a sequal to the F-Stop Ridge video. Thumbs up! πŸ˜€

  • Peace

    another violent video for gringos

    • Scott Morton

      Peace, lighten up. It’s a funny video, and I am sure no one was actually killed or wounded making this video.

      • Graduant

        you find this video funny??? I understand much more why our world is so violent. Poor you.

        • Spooky

          It’s so violent because people take things way to SERIOUS and condemn others too easy….

          • Graduant

            I take violence seriously indeed. This video is stupid that’s all and conveys a message that is not compatible with photography. This is for Geeks only IMHO.

            • cpm5280

              > ” conveys a message that is not compatible with photography”

              Given that the story was produced using photography, I have to say that I think you’re confused.

            • Not Surprised

              This movie is totally for geeks (teenagers) only.


              It is somewhat original though — so at least theres the beginnings of artwork here. The problem is that the idea was probably blatantly copied from somewhere else (guns/cameras have been humorously compared for decades).

              If this was a parody, no one can tell. Its just tedious by 1/4th of the way through.

        • Scott Morton

          Oh, for crying out loud. You don’t know anything about me, silly head. πŸ™‚

          • Scott Morton

            Oops. Spooky, I was responding to Graduant. Sorry if it seemed I was responding to you. πŸ™‚

            • Spooky

              No worries, I’ve got it right πŸ™‚

          • Sot Morron

            Who cares who you are? We reacted to your silly comment.

            • Scott Morton

              Sot Morron. Are you referring to me or Graduant? If you are referring to me, I am not sure what comment I made that was silly, but if it made you chuckle, then a smile is worth more than angry feelings. Have an awesome day, take wonderful photos and share them with us.

        • Now days? Don’t we all grown up in bucks bunny being hunted, road thunder being shot with rockets by the wolf, tweety got attacked by the cat, batman kicking bad guys ass with guns and stuff?

  • Peace2

    photojournalist use cameras to stop wars.

    • Samuel

      Like! πŸ™‚ You are absolutely right!

    • Please enumerate the wars photojournalists have stopped with their cameras.

      • Peace

        Since the Second World War, war photos have become almost commonplace. The Vietnam War proved war photography could sway public opinion against a war.

        Famous war photos from the Vietnam era include one of a little girl running as she burned from a napalm attack and one of the massacre of Vietnamese villagers by U.S. troops in My Lai.

        • Scott Morton

          Peace has a point here, but it’s also true for the reverse. Images of a burning Pearl Harbor solidified sentiment against the Axis Powers in WWII, and certainly the flag raising shot of the US Marines at Iwo Jima did more for support of the war effort than any other singular photo around. Plus, countless shots and film updates playing in theaters throughout the US helped recruitment immensely.

          • Anon

            But eventually, American involvement that ended the war.

            • xlaburu

              Come on! Take it easy, photojournalists are not such saints nor such devils, we work according to our own conception of the things that are going on, just the same as any other person in the world, we also get manipulated, and state things that may not be as true as we think. I think it is a pedantery act to afirm that photography is for stopping wars as much as for helping them, they are as good or as bad as the circumstances that they are done and the people who do them. No need to go to WWII to find images that would trigger a war. Though an extreemley sensitive matter for the US viewers, all the images of 9/11 triggered two wars as well as images of those wars also have made people grow in awareness of the uslesness of these and how many innocents have suffered from them, inclueding many coalition soldiers or their families. Photojournalism is just an other key to knowllage of what happens around us that has to know to be analized by the viewer since it is, by no means, imparcial.

    • CS

      + 1

    • jacob

      No ! Because it’s their job and they make money out of it, and fame too if they nail a good/lucky shot…which gives them more money.

  • Jose Artigas

    Ha ha ha ha very good, the best part is when Pocket Wizard radio doesn’t work. That is true! When you most need these radios in your work, they fail. Hahahahahahaa.
    The same thing happens with the SB-900, it overheats all the time even when you upgrade its firmware.

  • Anthony

    OK! Awesome video, but why Nikon is the bad guys? hum… Canon boys will never stop running after Nikon don’t they?

    • Boing Ronkwell

      A friend has confirmed that by putting the Canonistas in Arab terrorist headgear, the producers of this video have alienated a large quantity of funding sources for future Canon products.

      There’s going to be trouble after this….

    • Anon

      Because this clip was taken using Canon 5d mk 2.

  • pgs

    Pubertal fantasies. Waiting for a next clip with another shootout next week.

  • Zoot

    That is the worst case of SB900 overheating I have ever seen.

    • Leroy


  • AnalogMachine

    I’m Arab and Nikon Shooter and I’m feeling freakin’ offended with this video! And sorry if you think that I don’t have a sense of Humor!!! :S

    • I am a cracker and Nikon shooter, and felt extremely unsettled by this.

      1. I am a 31 year old young art dude wearing high tops. I don’t take myself too seriously
      2. A lot of pros use Canon. A lot use Nikon too but we are the minority from my perspective. As a Nikon user I have to try and stay cool headed when my girlfriends asks me why all the pros she see’s use canon. Now I am being called a terrorist by this video…(I am sure the people who made it would say lighten up) but they are being extremely irresponsible sheep. Maybe they are being as irresponsible as USA has been with going to war with the world. (except it’s just cameras πŸ™‚

      anyway, I got more than a few F bombs for these kids.

      • omg, it was probably like:
        “hey; let’s make a battle between photographers shooting with their cameras
        – yeah, but how do we create teams
        lets just do it brand x vs brand y
        – ok, what type do you have?
        -dips on the good guys team for my canon
        aw man”

        it’s a ‘fun’ video, not to be taken seriously, if you do however, you’ll be a pessimist forever, and that’s just sad..

  • What a nonsense Totally tasteless. The video made by ignorant peasants for the same kind of people…. Mind boggling how uncultured we the North Americans are! If those in charge of the production ever went to the Opera house or a museum once or twice in their life, they would not even think to do a primitive video like that… What a waste of money… I have both systems which I use to create some pleasant images. How retarded you have to be to turn the beautiful instruments into something senseless again and again! Kill.. kill… kill…

    • Photo for me is sort of hunting anyway. I feel my blood pulsing making good shot.
      Aren’t you feel some sort of excitement?

    • As pointless as it was, it was still better than the movie Transformers 3 with it’s campy one-liners, or Twilight with it’s twinkle fairies that pretend to be vampires. Compared to those movies, these guys deserve an Oscar.

    • nikonlover

      So anyone who doesn’t defer to your tastes is an ignorant peasant? Nice logic there.

      The hunt metaphor applies to photography (for passionate shooters at least), hence it shouldn’t be that surprising that its literalisation is amusing to some of us.

    • Elmo

      Get a life

    • Mandy

      “We”, at least the makers of / actors in this clip, are Dutch. πŸ™‚

      And we fucking love it! Too bad you don’t.

  • Bernd das Brot

    This is hilarious!!

  • Al dudorino


  • Excellent.
    Very good sense of two current trends:

    1. Holy war “against terror” :);
    2. Holy war about gadgets and digital photo equipment.

    Both wars artifically created to make money and both need a good laugh.

  • i don’t get it.

    • Stephen

      camera ‘shoot’ pictures

      doesn’t this ring a bell???

  • ShutterFreak

    This is one of the most Uber-R-tard videos I’ve seen!
    What a waste of talent.

  • Marco Antonio

    Hilarious, excellent spoof of hundreds of action movies from othe past few years (with the most shout outs to The Dark Knight). Excellent storyboarding ans cinematography.

  • Jk

    Fairly well done video. I wouldnt go as far as saying tasteless or is it because i am desensitised. The truth is violence is a way of life. Perhaps if we were exposed to the true harsh realities of violence we would be more apprehensive about. I just dont like how violence is made into fun.

    It is interesting how violence has surpassed nudityin being accepted. Hmmm kids can watch a person be tortured on tv but god forbid they see a boob…At least that is natural.

  • KOK Yoon Lee

    Battle at F-Stop Ridge is way better πŸ™‚

    • CS

      I agree!

  • Hendog

    This was terrible! (except for the pink p+s πŸ˜› ). Shoulda brought out the Nikon 600mm f4 oh yeah.

  • Danny

    This video is pretty well made. I found lots of sense of humor in this. Those who don’t like it can choose to ignore it. Nobody force you to watch it. And about the Arab offending thing, I think they over-thinking it. It’s just a harmless, entertaining piece of work.

    • jack

      Heaven forbid we offend a “group.” Get over it… Arab extremists are the ones in the news taking hostages, ransacking embassies and sawing people’s heads off. This is a parody, and parodies address current events. In the late 80s and 90s it was the IRA–before that it was communism. This was nothing more than a joke.

      As far as the creators/North Americans needing to “go to the opera…” you need to get your head out of the ground. You’re acting as if the rest of the world is full of these educated, well mannered gentlemen. I’d like to know where this Shangri-La is of which you speak–where Mahler and Beethoven play in the streets, men pull out chairs for ladies, people drink in temperance and give generously to all the needy.

  • Discontinued

    LOVIN’ IT.
    Admin, good timing, too. All these comments (including my own) on the D4 post got boring. I especially like the scene with the Coolpix on the staircase. Point and shoot brought back to its original meaning. Made me LMO.
    And I pretty like the fact, that the vid is rather about having fun together than some other seriously meant “this vs. that” crap. Lets face it. There is not a single shot in the world, that could be done using this but not be done shooting with the other brand. Such thinking just leaves “both sides” with a lot of casualties – obviously.

  • elmitcho

    Ridiculous! Why would anyone believe that any of those Canons hit what they were aiming at in auto-focus? πŸ™‚

    • bjrichus

      Now *THAT* made me laugh…

      +1,000,000 kudos points to you.

  • Kaze kaze

    Aww… yea… I get the overheating (SB-900) joke now, but boy, the C-camp must be jealous of the remote/ slave mode of it. What I dont get is the “equipment” the resuer team are using, 1st, being white and big is hardly camouflage at all, not to mention the “agility” went down the drain, plus 2nd, having all different “equipment” on different member in the same team will create a huge logitic headach, and 3rd, pulling your balaclava and tightening the lace on your boots just outside the location is just reckless. In comparsion, the “bad guy” is much more pro…

    but hey, it’s all but a dream… anyone care to explain to me how I’m suspose to complehen the ending? the hero knock her out in the end (having waited for all other member to be finished off) and “took advantage” of her? and what appears to be a 70-200 f4 lens he is pointing at her in the end, the seperation distrance between the film plane is say 0.7-0.8m which is way too short for the 1.2m min focus distance…

    • jacob

      Even at the right distance a Canon would have missed the focus anyway πŸ™‚

    • Alex

      euh, in the ending, the girl just wakes up out of a dream (the shootout) and a guy (a friend or something) surprises her with a birthday card. Anyway, that’s how I saw it.

  • twsp

    This would’ve been way more fun if they’d just been shooting photos, which I thought they would do at the beginning. What they did instead is just stupid. See all the negative comments above, no need to add my own.

    What’s next, a video game called Canon V Nikon, with adjustable blood letting levels?

    • NRC

      Yeah, I think it would have been better with just taking photos, too. Heck, it’s called a “kill shot” – could have used the actual photo from the camera in the video.

      I call for a remake!

  • Rob Ellis

    People need to lighten up something chronic, I mean its just a funny video ffs, its okay if this was filmed with real guns and blood, rather than cameras and feathers? seriously? xD
    I for one am waiting for ninjas and their sonys to make a scene, the canikon videos have been missing out xD

  • deku

    Hasn’t this been done before?

  • rt3

    Me LIKE!
    to all idiots who does not appreciate other’s hard work and concept, make your own! let’s see how you do. but before that, can i piss and puke on your face?

    • Free World

      When we read such a brainless message we understand why you like this video

      • rt3

        are you jealous you can not make your own?

        • Free World

          There’s no FOX TV programme for you at the moment that you spend time here?

          • rt3

            FoxTV?! seriously?! that’s all you can say!!!!

            • Free World

              apparently i pointed out the right programme.

          • jacob

            Fox …really? Now you made a total idiot out of yourself. Funny that your name is “free world”, apparently your concept of freedom is sole-source propaganda feeding. Good bye communist, get lost!

            • rt3

              HAHAHAHAHAHA. No Comment but +1. Apparently, where FREE WORLD is from, it’s the only channel available. LOL.

  • Photographer

    Of course the bad are the ones wearing a keffieh.. if the USSR was still here (RIP) we would have had a red star helmet no??…easy uncle Sam addicted.

    This video is disgusting and carries a message that 99.9% of the photographers can’t accept.

    This is really not funny

  • Ali Abdul

    I’m offended that Nikon was presented as the terrorist. I stopped watching the video when I saw Canon has the SWAT guys. Screw that.

    • Gunther

      and what if it were the other way around? that would have been okay right?

      • gio


  • Art

    Some Nikon guys really need to put together a response to this….. After all, we all know that the Cannon shooters are the real terrorists.

    Any takers?

  • Kurgan

    Too bad the makers of the video forgot about one little detail: a Canon isn’t going to work in such dark surroundings, it’ll misfire every time. Canon AF is hit-or-miss anyway. Against a D700, D3 or D3s they don’t stand a chance and if the rumored specs of the D4 and D800 are 50% true, things are about to get worse for them…

    • I really wish people would stop with the BS autofocus comments, I’m sure Canon AF can work just fine in those conditions.

  • Been there guy

    dumb and dumber!

    That’s the best our education system can produce?!

  • Nhat Nguyen

    [NR] please let me share this video clip to all my buddies, I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as I am. Thank you

  • RobLS

    Some people really need to chill out. I am not for war, but to criticize somebody because you think this endorses it is just nonsense. The one thing this mocks is the Call of Duty/Battlefield games. The video was pretty well made, but to your taste is a matter of opinion. If you didn’t like it, obviously it was aimed at your demographic.

  • The Free Voice

    Guys, chillex! You can try to find a hidden meaning behind this movie, for example:
    The war on press freedom,
    The wartactics paparazzis use,
    The way a photograph can hurt people
    The battle between Nikon and Canon users

    But you can also take it, for what it is; A great community project, from the Dutch Tech website

    So lighten up πŸ˜‰

  • nikhtwey

    double Bullshit.

  • derWalter

    sb 900 made me laugh, even the pw joke was a good one!

    fairly young team, well equipped and technically really good movie.

    the girl was, well… i would have been better without her and the ending scene in her bed.

    imagine two boxes with d4 and 1d prototypes in their hands!
    oh noooo, attach a battery grip and fire what you can!!

    btw. cod made over a billion dollars in 16 days…

  • c.cunningham

    Not verrrrry interesshtink,
    and sshtoopid.

    AND offensive.

    Very offensive.

    Oh, I’m not offended by the violence, I’m just offended by all the Canon junk that they kept showing. Just when I thought the horror was over, they would show another shoddy Canon with their squeaky body panels, cheap construction and noisy, pixel-jammed sensors. Why doesn’t the interwebs have a filter for this dreck?

    BTW: I’m not offended by the mock violence since it is so obviously mock violence, I just was hoping there was a humorous point to it. The fact that I had to watch it to discover they had left the humor out of the final product is something I might have found a little off-putting.

    BTW the second: And yes, I would have been offended/disgusted if it was real violence. But it’s not. I’m aware there’s a difference.

    • Alex

      hi there nikon fanboy

  • One word “pathetic”

  • Scott Morton

    The whole point of the video is about the silly flaming war’s between users of one camera format versus another. The crazy thing is most of the fighting here hasn’t been about that, it’s been about the “violence” portrayed in the video. When you really take a step back and think it over, it is quite humorous. Gotta love it.

    • Angus McMurry

      You must be the only one to see this meaning in the above video. There’s too much cliche in this footage to forget that they us cameras AS weapons. Where do you see the image of a war between the users? There’s no war between canon and nikon users… jokes sometimes not WAR. Go back playing with your war games… Photography deserves better illustration.

      • Scott Morton

        Angus, that’s amusing to me. Thank you.

  • Karlosak

    The only good moment: at the beginning, when the I AM Nikon commercial music starts to play on radio… Priceless! πŸ™‚

  • mrs. choo

    on the one hand the idea some kind of funny. especially the compact-camera encounters. on the other hand i didn’t like the semi-realistic-style. guess i would have liked it better if the ones that were shot just had been freezed or disappeared while leaving a polaroid…

    anyway. this isn’t serious and i can’t understand all those (probably) grown ups here flaming and whining.

    ps. imho the 300mm+ guys should have been sniping and not CoD quickscoping…^^

  • nau

    Made me smile

    every one who is against violence go bark else where

    • Peace

      Thanks to elevate the debate… Please don’t vote and keep playing with your favorite war games on TV. let the adultes discussing PHOTOGRAPHY.

      • Scott Morton

        Peace, it is ironic that someone such as yourself, named Peace, would be so rude to others on a board when it is s0 uncalled for. I really hope you are being tongue and cheek. Either way, I hope you will share some of your photos. As a photographer, I love to see the work of others. Peace. πŸ™‚

        • Peace

          The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.

          ~David Friedman

          Large nations of children that’s the problem. When you find this kind of video funny… We are not far from a come back in good ol’time: send us some designated slaves in the arena to feed the lions. So funny.

  • Wade

    Weak video

  • Funduro

    LOL DSLR can’t “shoot” because memory card is full ! Great work ! Like them on YouTube. The making of gets released on Dec. 20th.

  • Pierre

    If you want to see real violence, it is not in the video, just read this thread.

  • Midnight Lost Child

    So…. the Sigma APO 200mm – 500mm would be a laser rifle?

  • Anonymus Maximus

    I am too old to find any kind of nonsense actually funny.

  • Bob

    Great video EXCEPT for the fact that it was an exact rip off of the video on Planet5d, with crappier effects.


  • Newzpix

    Photojournalists strive to tell the story of human oppression, conflict, and success. We have a hard enough time keeping safe while shooting and a hard enough time avoiding those who seek to silence the messenger.

    This video is careless and presents a negative image of photographers.

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