Nikon D800 vs. D700 body and grip comparison plus a poll

Just a quick comparison of the Nikon D700 and the D800 pictures from yesterday. I had to publish another post to continue the discussion (yesterday's thread got almost 1k comments).

Many readers are asking me if the picture is real. To the best of my knowledge, it is. Previous polls have always been very accurate when a questionable picture is posted online, let's see what will the results be this time (direct link to poll):

How about the external battery grip? The back view of the D800 grip doesn't look like the current MB-D10 or MB-D11 models:

Front view

Nikon D800 grip

Nikon MB-D10 grip

Nikon MB-D11 grip

Back view

Nikon D800 grip

Nikon MB-D10 grip

Nikon MB-D11 grip

For more side by side comparisons check Ron's blog, Lumenatic and those files: -1- | -2- | -3-.

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  • Fake ON

    The image is definitely a fake, Please observe the shape of the little Red piece on the grip just below the dial. Compare that to all Nikon DSLR’s.It looks like a Piece of gum thats stuck.

  • Rodolfo Paiz

    I don’t think this image is real… or at least, not all of it. I can see very clear differences in lighting, focus/DOF, color, and noise between the body and the grip. There has surely been SOME photoshopping done here. However, I’m perfectly prepared to believe that the D800 is real and will be released fairly soon (before the end of the year would be my guess), and that its specs are reasonably close to what’s been rumored.

    The one thing that I would guess/hope is inaccurate is the AF engine. I don’t think Nikon would reuse such old technology, regardless of how capable it is… they must have been working on improvements for the last four years. So the sensor on the D800 is the 36MP big brother to the D7000’s 16MP sensor, the D800 has the 2K metering from the D7000, and it has an EXPEED-3 processor like the V1/J1. I’d expect to see a new AF engine with more cross-type sensors, different spacing, and the same contrast+phase capability from the Nikon 1 (but mo’ betta’).

    Why would it have the same AF engine as the D3/D700/D300? Makes no sense to me.

    • nobody

      Because Nikon will put their best AF engine only into their flagship camera that will cost at least twice as much as the D800? Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Ole

        For me, it makes perfect sense, too… what is this camera for? Studio, landscape and DSLR-Movies. None of these need sophisticated AF technology. But you can save some money NOT to bring the newest and most expensive AF-technology with this camera. And, btw., Nikon is still AHEAD of their competitors (esp. CANON) in terms of AF. And we need something new for the D4…

        • obican

          By AHEAD do you mean it front-focuses all the time?

          Just kidding 🙂 But I don’t think Nikon AF is any better than Canon AF, Canon is especially better in lower light, where Nikon hunts all the time.

          Nikon might be better than Canon with their AF Assist solution, almost anything would be better than a series of annoying flashes.

          • bobby

            good point. I too use canon for their low light autofocus.

            • Ken

              which canon are you talking about ?. i got myself a d700 about 6 months back cos my 1d3 and 5d(old one and the mk2 is just the same) let me down in low light, guess what now i get pretty much all those pics in situations which my canons use to search for focus ,and that too with my d700 and the lowly tamrom 28-70 lens,must admit it´s a really slow combo, but aint gonna dish out over a 1000 euros for the nikon 24-70. for me it aint worth it.:-)

  • tom

    Looks as a cheap rubbish

  • tom

    Looks as a cheap rubbish comparing to D700

  • Mattfaiz

    Could this be the D400? DX.

    • Vertigo

      I wish it was, but the eyepiece shape is clearly FX.

  • ben

    looks like a fake. why the Nikon & model logos have been covered up.

    • Anon

      Because it’s Canon? hihihi

      • burak


        • quick


          • kyoshinikon

            “deep” hahahahahahahahohoho

  • Thomas

    looks fake to me. The af-on butting reads af-on on the mb-d11 on one of the photos…but ae-l and af-l on the other….how come?

  • CadenceSF

    The sweeps on the top part of the camera body looks very similar to Canon’s EOS-1.
    The back view makes this more obvious.
    Compared with Canon EOS shapes, I think most Nikons have a more square looking designs.

    Maybe that image is a composite of various cameras.

    • andy

      Maybe Nikon is taking a new approach like many time before. You do know that it’s common for a company like Nikon to alter design, don’t you? And who says that this isn’t a working prototype design and is subject to many changes, because it might as well be one.

  • Been there guy

    Important notice….

    This is a design concept…not a real camera.

    Thai fisherman caught that thing in his drag net, and ruined his fishing day!

  • Thanos

    It can’t be real.
    I am very surprised to see the AF area mode selector removed, especially since it’s claimed that the same AF module with the D700 will be used. I also have to agree with Rodolfo Paiz in the AF module part, regardless of anything Nikon cannot present a new line of cameras with 4-year old technology in the background, even if it is that good!!! They least they could have done (marketing-wise) is to rename it to revision 2, update its firmware and add an additional dynamic AF area mode or an additional setting on the AF point selector and claim it’s video oriented or something…
    If the specs and images are true, then I think we are talking about the last camera of this 4-year line of cameras following the D3 and not a camera in the radical new line of cameras we are expecting, including the D4…

    • Sounak

      I agree with Thanos on the AF area mode selector being removed. Why will an advanced version do that?
      But on the AF being the same as the D700, I’m not that sure. I mean, Nikon could do it. I remember Canon had done the same with theirs when they released the 5D MKII, unaltering the AF from their older 5D.
      But that would be bad. Real bad.
      All in all, I’m still not sure how accurate this info is considering these points. Usually they are, but I’m hoping they are not, because I’m hoping Nikon will do better than that.

      • Amien

        as for the AF area button, i believe they are adopting for button similar to d7k. At least i could couple the d800 with my d7k. Hooray!

    • andy

      AF area mode selector is at the front inside the AF-S/C/MF selector, as a button. Just like on D7000. Hold it and then use the dial to select the mode.

  • per

    Can someone explain why the button on the right of the flash house is so blurry compared to the buttons on the left? And what is this button?

    • Len

      The button on the right of the flash you ask about is the release to open the built in camera flash.
      That button is blurred because of the angle the photo was taken at, with a shallow depth of field. If you look at the lower buttons on the right of the image they are within the plane of the depth of field, and so are sharper. However, the buttons at the rear and in front of this plane of sharp focus are blurred to varying degrees.
      This is also the cause of the blurring of the grip in comparison to the rest of the body.

      • per

        But the flash button seems to be located underneath the blurred button. And the flash button is dead sharp, although it seems to be on about the same distance from the camera as the blurred one. Neither could the blurred button be the bracketing button since this button is placed on the command dial.

  • jimmyjojohnjojam

    I say fake.

  • ME

    In my opinion, the easiest way to tell the picture is a fake is to look at the red triangle on the grip. You can clearly see on the D700 and the rest of the Nikon SLR range that it is a squashed triangle but the D800 it just looks like a fat red line…..cant think of any reason Nikon would move away from one of the their distinguishing trademarks.

    • sirin

      ever saw d5100?

      • EiTaro

        D5100 is a fake! It’s doesn’t have the red triangle on the grip…

        • Victor Hassleblood

          LOL. So true.

  • test

    The reason is obvious to anybody who has used the D7000 professionally. Its the U-modes. They are so much quicker a way of switching the camera from one kind of shooting to another than anything else Nikon has come up with that it saves the photographer from missing the crucial moment if not daily so at least weekly or monthly. The whole point of U-modes are that they change everything with a single action, thus the af-area lever cant be a physical lever anymore. Gathering the af settings in one and the same place is also an improvement in making the user interface more intuitive. They have propobly gotten very good feedback from their field testers and users on that on the D7000 and since they want to widen the gap between the D700 and D3 ranges anyway, D800 is the perfect camera to test such a feature on a professional house.

    That said, i am a bit confused about the D800 picture too. Somehow the picture doesnt really ad up in my mind. I think admin has to have very good reasons to post this with such confidence. Later on, maybe we’ll get to know whatever he knows and we don’t. Making the arument that it has to be fake because of the lack of af-area lever on the back, however, is stretching it quite a bit, it is an expected development sooner or later.

    • Thanos

      To be honest I don’t own a D7000 and haven’t used one for a photoshoot, but i know that (on AF-S mode which I mostly use) when the AF sensor focuses on the wrong subject with a flick of a thumb I can go and correct it, regardless of my finger size, the lens I’m using and any support I use (usually monopod). I have trouble switching between AF-S and AF-C as it is, but that doesn’t bother me as this is a secondary function, where subject selection for focus is crucial!! Moreover using two actions (press and switch) rather than having a dedicated switch greatly increases the time required for this crucial action!! Finally it should be noted that the use of the lens requires the use of both fingers and thumb, which means that switching modes requires even more time and “pause” of one action, with the risk of moving the frame and missing the shot!!
      This design may be ok with the D7000 and the very common small light lenses they are fitted with, but start using large, high aperture telephotos and it sounds impossible…
      At this point, I would like to quote the 70-200mm f2.8 user manual p.23: “Be careful not to hold the camera body when the lens is attached, as it may cause damage to the camera (lens mount). Be sure to hold both the lens and camera when carrying.”… Unless one has supernatural hands, I think that this instruction is conflicting with the idea of the D7000’s design and always keep in mind that Japanese people (the designers) commonly don’t have huge fingers.
      My personal thought is that such a design will stop me from buying one… if i wanted a complicated disappointing user experience, I would have chosen to buy a Canon….

  • Darkslide

    I can’t say if the picture is real or fake, but if the blurb suggests that the D700 replacement is smaller, than it seems perfectly reasonable to think that the MB-D10 wouldn’t fit and that they’d have to make it smaller too.

    As to the top of the pentaprism housing (which looks wider) – this also seems a reasonable evolution if we consider that we’re finally going to have a 100% viewfinder.

    Can’t decide – but it’s be nice if it were true…:-)

  • Simon

    If D800 is suppose to be smaller than D700 why did you make D800 bigger than D700? Obviously you are trying to manipulate opinion to favour D800.

  • Martin

    When the image is modified in ps (levels limited to the “dark” part of histogram) we can see uniform noise, with regular for high-iso color “pattern”. Over all image. IMO it’s real.

    • Sebastian

      finally someone has actually RUN one of the many standard checks on fakes. and it came back negative.

  • Nick

    The grip has to be a new design for this model. The new video record red-coloured button is situated by the shutter release on the main grip. It would stand to reason that they would replicate this on the grip. It’s interesting to see the video/stills switch on the rear of the body. I imagine the video functions of the D800 will feature heavily in Nikon’s marketing campaign. With video so heavily featured on the body are we to assume 1080 60p? Personally, I’m waiting for the D400, but I like what I’m seeing so far in this FX model.

    • pavel

      why would you shoot vertical video?

  • S.

    looks like both D700. just shot at the different angle. its a fake one.

  • per

    To me the best proof of it being fake is the sheer ugliness of the thing. Sitting next to the stylish D700 the camera looks ridiculous. This must be the ugliest thing coming out of a laboratory since the Hulk. After making the most beautiful cameras, why would Nikon suddenly start to produce bigfoots?

  • I’m just not sure on the ergonomics of the shutter release. It looks like the shutter release is more on the front of the grip than is usual, what this does is move your thumb higher up the rear of the camera making the access of the controls there, more awkward. I think it’s either a prototype which isn’t fully sorted, shot from a strange, grab shot angle and tweaked to get a more ‘realistic’ perspective or is just a hoax. I think the latter is the least likely as a sophisticated hoax would look far more accomplished than this. You only had to see the level of skill shown for the design your D4 competition run earlier this year on NR.
    Prototype grab shot I think is most likely. This gives Nikon a bit of buzz but license to amend.

  • Carsten

    What I strongly dislike with all new camera is that the video feature takes up space that had been previously used by controls for photography – Now that the MP race is over, can we start to build still cameras again?

  • Dainius

    I hope D800 will not be like this piece of soap.
    even the color of red stripe is ugly red.
    nikon is fucking with us forcing to wait so long, even including all the nature stuff problems.
    dead bored..

    • Darkslide

      I’m sorry you’re bored, but do you really think Nikon give a s*** ?
      Their ‘job’ is to produce products that do a job – does the fact that a replacement for the D700 hasn’t been launched yet actually make the D700 work any less well than before?

      Of course not. I’m sorry but ‘blaming’ a manufacturer for not doing what I personally expect ain’t gonna get me anywhere fast…

      But it’s fun to read how frustrated people get… 🙂

    • funnykid

      you are probably dead bored because that d3x you bought is still sitting on your shelf gathering dust. guess what once this d800 comes out you’ll still be bored. because it too will be sitting on your shelf gathering dust.

  • borneoaddict

    The longer the D800 waiting game gets, the more I realize I’m perfectly happy with my D700..

    • Matt

      It would be great if it had a “Combine four pixels into one” mode, reducing 36mpix to 8mpix, and gaining clean high ISO shots as a result.

      Clean 8mpix shots at ISO 6400 = useful
      Any shot at 36mpix = useless

      Doesn’t seem a completely unreasonable request. Could almost do it in post processing actually…

      • Rob

        You should invest in a calculator.

        • nobody

          It was roughly right 🙂

      • rkas

        Combining 4 pixels into one would give you 9mpix. And also, resizing the image to 9mpix instead of just having a 9mpix camera would give you about the same kind of noise, but way better details, colors, less moare etc etc.
        So in this case, more is more, except that you’ll need a bit better computer and bigger memorycards/harddrives to handle the files.

  • D7

    Its real..just pre-production model..

  • Patrick

    The grip, and only the grip, are blurry. Sign that the photo is either fake or that the grip is a post production add on…you blind people!

    • Darkslide

      I rather think it’s a sign that someone doesn’t understand depth of field….

  • Jo
    hilarious that some canon people want to change to nikon because of the d800 rumours and you people complain you want to change to canon because of some highend canon thing

  • wolf

    besides what others here have found odd: what i’m wondering about is why the display’s glass extends past the top and bottom notches (for lack of a better description). surely designwise that doesn’t make any sense? to me this looks superimposed over a smaller display – and amateurishly so. what do you think?

    • broxibear

      Hi wolf,
      I noticed that about the rear screen, that’s one of the reasons I suspect this is a prototype and not a working camera. I’m not saying that this isn’t how a final D800 will look, I just don’t think this is an image of a finished working camera.
      Here are some official Nikon D3 mockups/prototypes that give you an idea of how they can look

    • Canon User

      It is obvious you don’t own a D700. It is the same with D700, “extends past the top and bottom notches”. 🙂

      • broxibear

        Hi Canon User,
        I don’t think that’s what we were discussing. If you look at the D700 back you’ll see a tiny gap around the screen because it’s fitted into the camera back. On the D800 there’s no gap and looks as if it’s been stuck on rather than fitted into (hopefully that makes sense). To me it looks like it’s a mockup screen to show what it would look like, not an actual working screen.
        Does anyone know why they would switch the zoom (-) and (+) buttons on the back ?

        • Discontinued

          >>Does anyone know why they would switch the zoom (-) and (+) buttons on the back ?<<

          I know. I asked them to and told them I would switch if they don't. It is just logical to use buttons from top to bottom. Zooming out is rarely the first thing I want to do, when it comes to controlling a shot. Even after years it still happens to me all the time with the old layout. I really appreciate the change (if this fake comes true).

  • Latitude

    Hmmm I believe the D800 should be called “D3x replacement” not “D700 replacement”. Canon will be doing the same with the 5Dmk3 and the 1ds, which in my opinion is the best thing to do.
    I think the D700 (in the sense of being a mini version of the current Dx) will not be replaced but that in the future the D400’s replacement could just be FX, thus coexisting with the Dx line.
    The D800 with the rumored specs is definitely aimed at the “D3x market”. This will be really great for small studios and such, who could not afford to buy a monster D3x :).

    Just my three cents.

  • tengris

    This is absolutely real. It looks like a preprod model smuggled out and shot in the toilet with an iPhone. Light from the top and silly darkened face to make it look somehow mysterious. No Photoshop fakekiddy would ever publish such a work on any public network on this planet.

    P.S.: Just to write something serious: I’m a bit concered for the good old EN-EL4a. That grip looks a bit oppressed. Well, we will not see the EN-EL3e in any new camera anymore, but the En-EL4 series should fullfill all legal requirements.

  • Daniel

    it´s a fake photoshop something. the bluriness in the “photo” doesn´t work with the viewing angle. the grip is photoshopped to the camera having a more yellow taint and looking far to blurry for a photo loike this.

    Why woulnd´t you take a perfekt sharp picture of this camera once in front of you?

    the red grip line is the wrong red with the wrong shape. the front wheel is the wrong angle and build into the plasticpiece and not as it should between plastic and rubber. there are about 10 other things that don´t work. just take a look at the right line of the flash, that just disapears.

    sorry but it seems that somebody had a wet dream…

  • NikoNiko

    I say fake !

    Based on the absence of the ‘sacred’ red triangle that is SO important and meaningful to Nikon !!!

    • Eric Calabros

      Its prototype. They don bother concentrating on details in a test body. You will see your beloved red band as soon as it announced

      • Rob

        Actually, that’s how it is on the D5100, the newest of Nikon’s DSLRs. People are so quick to shout FAKE when they don’t know enough about the brand to do so.

        • Soemantow


        • Eric Calabros

          or they don’t want to accept Nikon as any other company may changes its designing scheme

  • Scott

    If the D7000 sensor is scaled from DX to FX size it will be close to 37.7 Mega pixels.

    • Eric Calabros


  • berntpb

    What gives the front view image away, as a fake, is the thing where you attach the strap. On the back view image the thing is laying slightly ontop of the top LCD, as it will do if you compare to a real D700/D7000/D300(s) etc.

    However, on the front view, the thing looks like it’s slightly underneath and/or behind the top LCD, in a wired kind of way. And there is now way in this universe that that thing can do that if the front and back pictures is from the same camera.

  • After deep research I have concluded that this is probably the real photograph. I recommend lighten shadows in Photoshop and view at 100%. Apparently, however, it’s just one of the development prototypes, because removal of the AF switch option is too big change – and very negative. My opinion only, I have no information from Nikon, expect one, about one month old, that new Nikon DSLR will be D800, will be very soon and it should be a big revolution (thought that’s maybe the missing AF switch??) 🙂

    • Doctor_EVIL

      AF switch as at D7000.
      Be attentive.

      • If you want to join the CSM switch to switch the AF mode, for me it’s almost the same as it would remove. CSM switch itself is very awkward, and its combination with anything really bad idea. Otherwise, with the more attentive carefully, not just the time to deal with some consumer cameras.

  • Tom

    I noticed few differences with D800 and D700
    1. The red line is bit different than D700
    2. I guess there could be built in flash if this rumor is correct,
    otherwise there can’t be such space of line on built in flash area
    3. At the same time I doubt the 3 black dots in the front. Open the front showing image in photoshop and adjust the levels, you will see the difference happens only the camera body and not on the black hidden squire marks along with those 3 dots. That means those black dots might have been put buy the same black color used to hide the brand name and identity.

  • Sigh.

    I also see hints of fake, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I need a new backup camera and have been waiting for the D800 before making that purchase. I don’t care about video and don’t want or need what essentially sounds like a 36MP version of the D700. If these specs turn out to be true, I’ll just buy another D700 (if I can find one) or wait to see if the D4 offers something I really care about (like an even more kick-ass AF system).

  • iliku

    The top of grip and the red mark seem to be coming from a D5100 picture that have been photoshop to put the display on it and one button have been change position

    look :

  • PeterO

    Putting on my Buck Rogers hat for a moment, perhaps the lack of an AF switch is because this camera’s AF is so revolutionary it “knows” what you’re focusing on :-), or it has that gimmicky feature that follows your eye to determine focus. Either way, whether the pic is real or PSed, the D800 must definitely be out in the field for testing, which tells me it’s still months away from being on the shelves. Admin ‘s been under a lot of pressure lately to bring his audience something new. I highly doubt that he would (with such confidence) announce something if he wasn’t 99.99% sure. That would be really bad form and he’d lose a huge number of followers. Good job Peter!

  • per

    My theory is that this thing is a product of the Canon department for special assignments. Canon knows that Nikon is up to something. So they come up with this monstrosity hoping that they may scare people into preordering the D1X. Quite clever.

    • Thanos


  • cf+sd is such a bad ideea, i’m not gonna buy sd cards now, i’ve been shooting cf only for 4 years.

  • Up $#!t’s creek!

    @ admin: any way to take pics of the d700 at a similar angle for better comparison?

    • broxibear

      Hi Up $#!t’s creek!,
      Here’s something odd with the angles since you mentioned angles.
      Look at the on/off shutter release, you’re looking down on the camera slightly, hence you can see some of the top plate…but now look at the front commander dial, it’s angled up, and just to add to the confusion the red stripe is angled down ?
      Look at the three mic holes next to where the D800 text would be, they’re not round they’re mishaped as if the image was pulled out and down.
      Anyway I’m not going to bore with all the other things, as I said before it’s a manipulated image and may well be what the D800 will actually look like… without the weird photoshop mistakes lol.

  • T.I.M

    I think I’ll get a F6, I already have a Nikon film scaner.

  • Matteo G.

    Hi! I have a dream, for the new Nikon lineup.
    D4: just one model! Approx 24mpx, with hi-iso performance, like D3s or better and ultra hi speed fps (10/12 fps, in FX mode).
    D800: full-frame 18 or 24 mpx. High resolution for still life, commercial and studio shot. Street price € 2300/2800 max, body only.
    D400: entry level full-frame with max 12/16 mpx and great Hi-Iso performance, for daily use. Street price € 1400/1800 max, body only (like the old D300s)

    Stop with professional DX cameras like the D300s. There is the D7000 with a magnesium body shell and it’s perfect for amateurs and semi-pro. The future is the FX format!

  • Been there guy


  • Eric Calabros

    for those who talked about the corners of Display:

  • The invisible man

    Why people complain about the D800 not being release ?
    D3s/D3x/D300s/D700/D7000, all the “real” Nikon cameras are out of stock everywhere, so does it really matter if NR’s D800 is real or not ?

  • OsoSolitario

    As I said yesterday, I think pictures are real. I see on them just some cosmetic Photoshop work in order to prevent to show at 100% the final look of the D800!
    Body is more rounded, so we gain more space to fit electronic circuitery… and camera looks less angular and more modern (alla Canon anyway)

    But If we look with care, we can discover some design improvements:

    One of them is about rubber (chewing gum) cover on the body.
    Up to now, every Digital Nikon camera suffered about that… For me, one of most annoying is when rubber cover on the grip camera slips up to the front command dial and interferes its natural turn, becoming hard to use (weel is sandwitched between the top chassis and the rubber cover). To prevent this on the new D800 (at last!!!!!!!), Nikon engineers have dessigned a window on the magnesium camera chassis to place that wheel command, so rubber cover couldn’t touch it never ever!

    Also seem to be a new front AF selector (more secured???)… I hate that light ones that can go from MF to C or S, just brushing it with a fingertip!!

    Nikon engineers never walk on long steeps… so hope to discover nice improvements on the D800 but nothing about big revolution!

    Cheers// OsoSolitario// LoneBear

  • yts

    it’s totally a D300s grip!

  • I think that this is actually a Nikon D400; just like at the pentaprism house! in comparison to the D700 it is much more smaller! and it’s said that the D800 has 100% coverage!

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