Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Nikon D800

Those are the first pictures of the upcoming Nikon D800 DSLR camera. The specs so far are exactly the same as reported previously (there are some new updates in this list):

  • Smaller and lighter than D700
  • Resolution: 7360x4912 (36MP)
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • Slightly larger display
  • Excellent video quality, better than D3s
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • AF identical to D3/D700
  • I still do not have a date for the official announcement

Picture of the back of the Nikon D800 after the break:

In case the servers melt, go to

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  • Marco

    800 iso for this 36mpx?… 1600 iso pictures like a iphone, such a shame nikon.. i will not buy your new camera

    • Roger

      real shame is that you dont know what you’re talking about.

      • chrisq.

        shame is, he does, squeezing that many pixels on a sensor of that size is going to need some crazy processing to reduce noise above 800 iso for sure.

        • The pixel density is exactly the same as in the Nikn D5100 and D7000.

          The noise should be the same, if not better (newer, better processing in a more expensive camera, maybe with Expeed III 🙂

          • Marco

            So we can say good bye at d700 high iso performance… my bye nikon as failed

      • Marco

        you too.. go and play with your mac please..

    • sade


      • Hendog

        +1 This camera is not for me, I’ve been holding out for a d700 replacement with similar or better noise (as one would expect for an upgrade) 36mp is just stupid, gimme 12-18mp with properly good high iso IQ. And no, I can’t afford a D3s! I hope Nikon will stop farting around and give us a D800s at the same time with lower mp’s. Pleasse? Might just buy a bargain d700…

        • Magnus

          (or used D700)

        • I found Waldo!

          “I hope Nikon will stop farting around and give us a D800s at the same time with lower mp’s.”

          You might want that, but I bet there are plenty of people wanting the D800 to be more like the D3x…

          what Nikon (and Canon) need to do, is to make 2 Pro Cameras and 2 Semi-Pro cameras…
          one aimed at studio and landscape use with high megapixels
          another for sports, low-light and action photography with low MP

          either way, I am going to get a 5DMk2 and cut all the crap out… much less fanboy nit-picking arguments on the other side

          • nah

            yea get the three year old camera that can barely autofocus, and no definitely no such thing as a canon fanboy…

    • +1 not for me

  • Sam Rantwell

    God it’s ugly… Not what I expected…

    • Bernd


    • RR

      Very UGLY and Very SMALL

  • NikonD800fan

    you idiots the photo is purposely distorted slightly to conceal any identifying features so the informant wont get caught, most of you people complaining won’t buy anything anyway, have you even bough a camera in the past few years? do you even own a D3/D700? I do and I’m buying the D800

    • Philumix

      I’ll buy it at once if the VF is better than my current D700’s i.e. 100% and of the type you can accurately focus manual lenses through it . OTT I could do without the video features. Best. Philumix

  • George Lien


    I had waited for too long that I had to get a D3S first.

  • rocky

    Where is the rest of the camera? Looks like 1/3 of the body is missing!

  • I have never read so much BS as I have in the comment column! All D8oo cameras in the field now are required by Nikon to have these areas taped and ardent hidden from casual observers. And yes, they have been in the field for some time – and more than one version. The black rectangles are NOT necessarily the result of bad PS. I teach PS CS5 at the college level and see no obvious screw-ups as so quickly pointed out by the many nay-sayers. Makes me wonder.

    • I

      If you teach it does’t necessary mean that you are good at PS yourself, you just have to be better than those who are taught.

      • I who?

        he is good at PS. check out is site. where is yours?

      • zack

        If it has significantly better video than D7000 then I’ll buy it.

    • Lawrence

      You say the black rectangles are no Photoshop? And you teach photoshop?

      The rectangles are completely sharp, floating on top of a half out of focus picture of a certain Nikon body. And completely flat, although they are laid out on edges and buttons.
      And the body has almost no straight edges, the grip is not sharp and the viewfinder is way too small to be full frame.

      Tape? No photoshop? You’re kidding, right?

      • Michael Houghton

        No, that’s not what he said. He said they weren’t necessarily because of bad photoshop work, which I took to mean that they aren’t being used to hide unconvincing logos. They are simply quick redactions (perhaps to hide contributor-identifying marks), and they don’t have any bearing on the believability of the rest of the image. He didn’t say that these particular black rectangles were tape.

        I’ve also looked at these images in some detail and while the focus plane is definitely odd, I can’t see anything that wouldn’t be explained by that and some sharpening.

    • GregS

      You may or may not be right; I can’t say. But it isn’t sufficient to say “I’m an expert. Take my word for it.” A judge would be wiping away tears of laughter as he struck your testimony from the record. Please explain the apparent perspective problems, like the front command dial seeming to be at a different angle than the rest of the camera, and the many differences in appearance between the camera and the grip.

      • Michael Houghton

        The apparent perspective problems and all the other weirdnesses (like odd plane of focus) could be adequately explained if this photo was shot at an odd angle with a wideish lens, roughly corrected for perspective and then very poorly cut out of its background, with marks that might identify the unit’s owner then roughly blacked out.

        Playing with various levels of intense unsharp masking I can see no evidence that that this image is a composite, or locally edited in any clever way; I’m certainly not any sort of digital forensics expert but I’ve taken enough quickly grabbed, badly focussed photos in my time to be unwilling to attribute it to anything other than that.

        • Lawrence

          Why defy logic? Why do you find your explanation with odd angle + wide lens + perspective correction to be more obvious – even when it can’t explain the majority of odd things? More obvious than all the typical dodgy PS clumsiness that is very evident in the picture? The sort of images which have passed here a zillion times?

          Another poster says it is because a telephoto lens is used.

          • Visualiza

            I can’t wait to hear from people like you when the camera is officially revealed.

            Instead of being an arm chair Photoshop expert and telling us why it’s so obviously a shop job, why don’t you go ahead and recreate it yourself? If it’s such a poorly done composite image then it shouldn’t be that hard to replicate, right?

            The amount of people that come here to complain about this photo being fake is just staggering, especially in light of the very few who are actually concerned with the real life performance of the camera. You can definitely discern the difference between the photographers and the neurotic, obsessive forum dwellers.

          • Michael Houghton

            Well I think the odd perspective on the left is more likely to be the result of a wide-ish angle lens, but it depends on the perspective corrections applied, if any.

            I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is a fake. I too will wait to see what happens when it’s released. If I am wrong, I will come back and say so… look forward to seeing you then.

            Give me a list of the ‘typical PS clumsiness’ though.

        • Michael Houghton

          Also note that I said ‘could’, repeatedly. I’m not certain, I’m just saying that I think it’s much more likely to be weird and real than fake, and I’m more inclined to attribute it to weird bad photo than quite difficult fake.

          I look forward to you being right (because the thing is ugly!) as much as I look forward to being correct that it isn’t a fake.

  • I

    On the sides of camera are obvious signs of work with “liquify” tool. Lines are not straight they are with small thumbs, really bad PS work

    • Nikonmoaners

      You are sad and misinformed. They are more likely marks from masking out the background, not liquifying.

      A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!!

      • I

        Anyway it means bad work, whatever

        • Leif

          Which also means that the person would never be able to ‘shop the camera from different pictures of other cameras. It’s more or less a proof of it being real.

  • Lots of trolls on this rumor.
    Wish there was an area of NR where only serious NR fans could comment not a bunch of nay sayers.

    • JY

      I think NR Admin should update this post like confirming the picture is NOT FAKE and start deleting any post that endlessly questioning the fake pictures. Its getting very annoying when every second post are about it. The discussion should have been discussing the possibility of other untold features or what the D4/D400 might be.

      • MASTB8

        This is the best comment I’ve read all night

      • GregS

        Yes, by all means let’s delete all points of view other than yours.

    • Vandyu

      Agree that some just seem to lineup in hopes of being first to say “I won’t buy.” That is their choice. Nikon will still be making the finest professional cameras in the business.

      • Hendog

        Yep, just swallow everything Nikon throws your way. We are consumers and have the right to demand the best of a large corporation. Nikon and other such companies must be criticized. Technically, 36mp is obviously going to be way worse IQ/high iso wise than 12mp with the same tech. We’ve been waiting for years, I think we have a damn good right to make a fuss if this camera is simply not what we want. For some it may be great, but it doesn’t seem like a logical progression from the d700. Do not like what I am seeing so far.

        • Jordan

          Not to beat a dead horse into the ground, but you have the right to buy it for the price asked. That’s about it. Nikon does not have to listen to your desires – in fact, if they’d listen to everyone, they’d be making 1,332,114 different types of cameras (by my calculation), since everyone seems to want something different.

        • jodjac


    • nah

      want some cheese with that whine?

  • Zet

    It looks more like NIKE DSLR than NIKON DSLR!!! 🙂

    That red banana thing on front is some kind of a mistake, just like in all new Dxxxx series. What happened with Nikon tradicion? What happened with triangle, symbol of perfection in Zen?

    • MASTB8

      it’s been replaced by a red banana-shape just like the D5.1K lol. Looks weird at 1st sight but it will grow on yah, it somehow gives the camera a more modern look =D

    • RR

      Agree that Red Banana thing is way too ugly, makes me think this is a fake photo, I trust Nikon wont make anything this Ugly, and small.

  • Marco

    36mpx? wow.. @ 1600 it worst than iphone pictures.
    My d700 will live for other 5-6 years

  • Shy

    What ever the sh… – chat , sorry chit – chat may say. I am ready, and the best news is that I`ll keep the D700, D700/D800 great duo they complement each other. Excellent decision Nikon !!!!!

  • instudio

    let`s wait until the camera it is announced the will we see if is true or not and then we can judge base on facts what happened here.

    • Amen to that!! plus, what about ISO, still no news on that?

  • Chrisgull

    I’m going to go against the stream here and say that the photos are real. Blur corresponds with a very narrow DOF from a telephoto lens, front shot is obviously taken from above so plane of focus would cut diagonally.

    What it acually is we are looking at is of course another question. It could just as well be a DX prototype.

    • Lawrence

      Not correct.
      Even if the pictures are taken with a telephoto lens – highly unlikely – the grip in the first picture would have been equally sharp as the back of the top of the body, because of the angle of the plane of focus, like you claim. But it is not. So there you have it.

      It would be even more unlikely that this picture was taken with a tilt-shift lens. The only way this type of focus would be possible.

      • Chrisgull

        Look again, Lawrence. The body cap clearly indicates the angle of the camera, which should tell you that the plane of focus cuts from just in front of the hotshoe down to just in front of the attached grip.

        The front of the pentaprism casing is in front of the focal plane. So is the top of the grip. Focal plane cuts through the grip part of the camera about 3/4 down.

        My guess is that this was shot with about a 200 mm focal length.

  • Moth Flopwell

    Yes..NR…you should start deleting those NAY SAYERS from Model Mayhem that are in here…Those one who talk out their mouths and A-holes…at the same time….

    I believe NR…and I know NR would not release this much info and show off a camera if it was NOT the real deal….NR has never in the past…and that should be everyone’s first clue here.

    Thanks Peter

    • cpm5280

      I think he’s probably got better things to do than filter through the 767 comments in this thread, picking ones to delete.

      But I agree – the BS comments are a problem.

  • I really like the idea of a lighter weight camera.
    I had to sell my D3 bodies because at 67 I could no longer hold them for 8 hours at an EVENT.
    The only way I could hold a D4 would be if it is made from Carbon Fibre.

    I wonder how good the 12mp DX images will be?
    All my lens including 10-24 DX should work, and I already have the Pro Glass.
    If DX mode is useable, I will be able to afford this camera.

    4fps is fast enough for me, this is what I have always used for Sporting Events.

    Why 36mp? Because they can.
    The 5DIII will probably be 35mp.
    The rumored price of 30,000 yen works out to $3300 not 4k.

    I will be the first to get one in my area, but
    It needs to have Phase/Contrast focus for Action Videos.
    It needs decent High ISO.
    I have my Auto ISO set for 12800, and it bumps over 6400 quite often.

    When do you expect the official Nikon announcement?

  • So, I did a quick overlay of the rearside of the D800 and D700 – used the viewfinder eyepice as reference.

    Size seems pretty much identical, but the rounded shoulders and slanted rise towards the prism makes it look smaller.

  • Arthur

    On the 2nd picture – how can the AF-ON on the camera be in focus and on the battery grip pretty much out of focus?

    (If it was taken with a TS-lens it would be more obvious, and the person would really be a bad TS-lens user)

    I say that at least the battery grip is fake. Not that I care much, I bought a D700 a couple of months ago and I really don’t see any reason to upgrade. Unless there would be some miracle like 36mpx + clean ISO 102400, which is impossible for now. I do want video though!

    • EnPassant

      Because it is photographed at an angle with the lens tilted down. Looking closer one see not only the grip but also the lower part of the body is unsharp compared to the top of the body.

      • Arthur

        Looks pretty perpendicular to me…

      • Arthur

        Also, the “OK” on the left is not that far from the AF-ON on the BG, but the difference in sharpness is pretty big. But both the buttons on the top and the top dial on the top-left (which are more or less on the same vertical level) are both sharp, while that dial is more to the back than the buttons.

        I’m not saying this is 100% obvious, but it is a little strange to me.

  • Bill

    I am no Photoshop user.. but this is what I looked at… and compared to a D3 in sizer.

    This overlay used to Dial, Prism, & Mount to get a close size, as the protective is different.

    But after looking at this I’m less concerned it is too small.

  • Pauk

    Re post – I am no Photoshop user.. but this is what I looked at… and compared to a D3 in sizer. This overlay used to Dial, Prism, & Mount to get a close size, as the protective is different.

    But after looking at this I’m less concerned it is too small.

    Looks ok?

    • BillyBob

      That is a good size!! I thought it would be much smaller. The overlay is not perfect but sure helps. Thx

    • EnPassant

      Very bad comparance. THe D3s obviously is presented in a smaller scale making the comparision invalid.

    • andy

      Ever heard of proportions?

    • Pauk

      Did you read my description.. Or just look at link? As I say… Different perspective and not meant to lineup. But prism, dail, and mount are close in size so a photographer should be able to conceptualize the size. It’s not tiny…

  • Paul

    Say hello to pixel binning with 36MP !!!

    Hope to see 3 x pixel bins for 12MP at super high ISO performance – or 4 x pixel bins at 9MP…

  • timmy bigbody

    almost 800 comments already. i guess we have an idea of how interested people are in this new camera.

    i’m very very interested in seeing the final specs.

  • Don

    First, Admin says to the best of his knowledge the photos are real. Let’s take him at his word. All the claims otherwise are not adding any substance to the discussion.

    Second, Admin says he has photos taken with a D800 and showed part of the EXIF data. Let’s take him at his word about this. Obviously, if he has photos, the EXIF data and the photographs of the camera they probably all came from the same source. Someone had the camera in their hands, shot some images with it, took a photo of it and leaked the info to Admin. This person cannot be identified in order to protect the source. If Admin posts the images now they may help Nikon identify the person who leaked this info. So we have to wait.

    Third, let’s all be glad the D800 is this far along. Perhaps Nikon just needs to wait for some parts to be available or final fine tuning of the software before it can be officially released.

    Fourth, comments about this or that button or anything you can see in the photos are valid discussion issues since we can assume the image it real.

    Fifth, what you cannot see from these photos will be the most interesting and important part of the camera. For example, the photos of the front and back tell you nothing about dynamic range at 100 ISO, noise at 3200 or 6400 ISO, resolution at 36 megapixels, resolution in DX mode, etc.

    Sixth, some practical use issues could use discussion in place of claims the photos are fake. I will list a few here:

    1. If you don’t want the large file sizes produced by 36 megapixels can you just set the image size to small and thereby get smaller file sizes? My D7000 has these sizes: Large = 16.1M, Medium = 9M, Small = 4M. Scale those to 36 megapixels and you would have Large = 36M, Medium = 20M, Small = 9M. No one should complain about a 9 megapixel file size. So the question is will the D800 work equally well as a 9, 20 or 36 megapixel camera depending upon the users needs for a certain photo? Just what is lost when you go down is size? I not much, most of the time you could shoot at a smaller size to keep the file sizes down but you always have the full 36 megapixels on hand for whenever you want to capture the most detail in an image. For example, would it work to shoot those wedding shots which are likely to be requested in a large size at 36 megapixels and then shoot the candid shots at 20 or 9 megapixels knowing you will not be asked for 20×30 enlargements of them? Does anyone have any practical experience with IQ lost when using the medium and small size settings on the D7000, for example, since I think this is essentially the same sensor technology?

    2. Perhaps file size can be easily reduced by switching between JPEG high, normal and basic at 36 megapixels. Perhaps JPEG basic will be fine for receptions while JPEG high or normal is best for those photos for which large prints are expected. Perhaps that is a reason to give the photographer a dedicated button to quickly change between quality settings. Many people claim file sizes will be too large with a 36 megapixel sensor but those file sizes will be reduced when using a lower quality setting. I suspect Nikon had a good reason to place a new Quality button on the top dial. They expected it to be used more frequently than in the past because it would give some advantage with the D800. What advantage? Perhaps smaller file sizes. Does anyone know whether or not a 36 megapixel sensor would yield a much better JPEG basic image than a 12 megapixel sensor will yield a JPEG fine image? Nikon must be expecting photographers to make more use of the Quality setting with the D800 then they had with other Nikon cameras. Why? Anyone have any experience with this issue with their current Nikon? I know KR says you can use JPEG basic to save file size because the pictures don’t look any different but I have not put it to the test. Has anyone here?

    3. Apparently it will have a DX crop mode which has been mentioned to be 16 megapixels. If the D800 sensor is essentially two D7000 sensors side by side than the DX crop of the FX would be essentially the same as the D7000 DX sensor. Is that correct? If so, would a D800 be like two camera bodies (or one body with two sensors) in one? Could you use it as a DX with your DX lenses and as an FX with your FX lenses? I am thinking of an advantage for nature and wildlife photographers. When you want so shoot the animal in its landscape use the D800 in FX mode with an FX lens. When you want to shoot a close up of a bird or dangerous animal use the D800 in its DX mode with a telephoto lens to get more reach from that lens. Anyone see any problem with this? Will this be Nikons first camera to allow the photographer to get great images from both FX and DX lenses? Is that revolutionary? Can you replace a DX and an FX body with one D800 body and still use the FX and DX lenses you like most? It this camera a “two for one.” Other than the cost issue, does it bridge the FX – DX gap by serving as either at the discretion of the user?

    • MASTB8

      FINALLY we have a decent reader who can contribute some useful discussion to this topic. Thanks for the useful info on the new larger ‘QUAL’ dial. Cheers

    • The invisible man

      Files size is not an issue, I have a 5 years old computer that I build with the “top” components available at that time, I have USB 3.0 and firewire connections, NO PROBLEMS loading, recording, or adjusting a 36MP file JPEG (about 10MB)

      So if you can afford a $4000.00 camera (+lenses) don’t tell me that you can’t get a descent computer.

    • crispy bacon

      Very well said. … imperticular the parts about different file sizes settings, those concerned about hdd space, processing time etc etc then just turn the file size down, SIMPLE.

    • ericnl

      1. not if you shoot on RAW

      2. not if you shoot on RAW

      3. I don’t think there will be a X crop mode, with a DX lens, you will still have FX size photos. it’s just that the outside of the photo is unusable because it will have “vignetted” into something all black. that is why you need to crop it in software (photoshop, lightroom, aperture, etc) later, which will leave you with an unvignetted, yet cropped end product.
      you could also crop it in camera, but yet again, that will leave you with a JPG file, and not RAW.

      • Don

        Right, RAW shooters won’t be able to reduce file size with the Quality button. Anyone know any way RAW shooters can reduce image size.

        As to a DX mode, we don’t know if it will have one or not. I say “why not?” when you have that many megapixels to work with?

        • Psycho McCrazy

          Canon has had sRAW options of smaller RAW files for sometime now.

          I have my fingers crossed for a similar option from Nikon with this new camera, as a 36MP RAW file would vary from 50~70 Megabytes depending on the ISO speed.

          Not that I am too worried about computer processing power or CF/SD size or HDD storage spaces. (i5-2500K on an overclocker board, 2x 16G cards = more than 500 36MP RAWs, a terabyte free currently, and HDDs will soon get cheap again once Thailand get back on track.)

          I am also fairly confident that the lenses will also do fairly good, they are good with the D7000, only the extreme corners will be slightly dicey!

      • JED

        Every other full frame digital Nikon has a DX crop mode. They would not suddenly drop that feature just when it is more usable than ever before.

    • Pete

      I wholeheartedly agree.

    • nah

      exif data is easily fudged, and this is a RUMORS site and should be treated as such…

  • shy

    +1 +1 +1

    I agree. Some times I prefer to do something else, due to all the nay sayers. IMHO NR admin should take this serously. The level of discussions is quite low. Serously discusions about body / lens imrpovements for example is something interesting to me.

  • thefunk

    I assume that all the people who call strangers idiots, or otherwise act in an aggressive know-all ‘jerk’-like manner, are American

    • Vandyu

      No, I hate to disappoint you. But, there are know-it-all, obnoxious jerks in every part of the world and the U.S. doesn’t have a higher percentage than your country. I’m presuming you’re not from the United States of America, but rather someplace else sharing planet Earth. So, let’s all try to get along–at least in this forum.

      • thefunk

        I totally agree, and apologies for my outburst. I was just frustrated at spending mt time looking through anything but camera information. Oh no, now somebody has to read this. arrrggghh.

  • Thomas

    Great comments, Don.
    Sure, a 36MP D800 has a 16MP D700 “inside”, but you have to keep in mind that you loose one stop of dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio when you use the smaller DX crop.

    • Don


      Ok, so you lose some DR and signal to noise ratio going to a DX crop on an FX sensor BUT what do you gain? If you have a 70-210 f2.8 lens will it become a 105-315 f2.8 in DX crop mode? Does going to DX give you an additional 100 mm on the long end? If so, perhaps that gain is worth the loss to some wildlife photographers. Likewise, if you have a 300mm f2.8 can you use it as such in FX mode and will it become a 450mm f2.8 in DX mode? If so, I could see some photographers desiring that trade off. That was my point. Lets discuss the possibilities of the D800 knowing what we do know about it rather than wast time talking about whether or not the photos are fake.

  • RR

    If its sized like a D7000 , it is too damn small for my hands, Nikon lost me on these one.

    Pitty, I wanted one so much..

    • Bill
      • EnPassant

        Be careful before beleiving what others claim. Try use your own eyes!

      • ericnl

        you can’t overlay those two images, they were shot at different angles!

      • RR

        I dont think that is an accurate drawing, I own a D3x and a D700, and my GF has the D7000 with grip wich seems almost identical to the grip in the D800 picture here, and if thats the case, the D800 is the same size as the D7000 which in my opinion and experience is way too small for me and my hands.

        That makes it clear to me that the D800 is no D700 subsitute, it actually is a whole different camera, aimed at a new target market, and different users. I dont think too many D700 users will “upgrade” to this small camera

        Cmon Nikon its about timeto stop making toys, and please attend your PRO Users, we dont want a D90 with a FF sensor, we want a Pro Camera, Pro Specs and Pro Size! Man I would be scared to mount my 70-200 f2.8 G VR II on to this toy. (it sure doesnt feel balanced when I use my GF’s D7000 with the 70-200 f2.8)

        I sense Nikon has a very Sony like mind lately… High megapixels sensors, marketing and advertising, what happened to the old conservative (and reliable) Nikon Pro Mentality?

  • MASTB8

    After reading ALL 766 comments I DON’T CARE if its fake or real, good or bad, big or small anymore…just release and ill just buy it, I am tired of waiting.

  • RedBaron

    Let’s try to get that one straight:

    D3x or D800 ? Cm’on

  • KEde

    Why hiding with black rectangle?

    • Kede

      forget it

  • Awesome job! love the smaller size and hopefully the IQ is great, price is low he he he 🙂

    • Been there guy

      This is an early April Fools joke!

  • JonMcG

    [NR] Admin

    I know you didn’t say you had an official release date, but is there any information out there that would lead you to believe when we might be able to expect to see this released?

    Are we thinking December is likely, maybe early 2012?

    • Mr. Lee

      Annouced January 6th, 2012. You heard it here first! Actually this has been talked about before.

  • Thomas

    Oops, should read: “a 36MP D800 has a 16MP D7000 “inside””

  • Camaman

    800+ comments on this post? Is that a record?
    I hope everybody clicked a commercial on this site at least once today. That way there would at least be some use from us all…

  • JayA

    I can’t believe people are complaining it’s too small. Real or not, lugging around my D3s and D3x is not fun. I want smaller with these type of features. Nikon downsized it cameras in the 70’s – Nikon FE to compete with Olympus OM1. I want smaller.

    • ericnl

      a D700 is smaller than a D3s or D3x because of the lack of the motordrive.
      this D800 would be even smaller

      • nah

        motordrive? ermmm these are not film cameras…

  • RoxC
  • Onji

    It’s sure better than D700 (based on pre-specs). The photo above, as I examine it, MAYBE distorted. So let’s stop assuming that it will really look like it. I don’t like small cameras too but what can we expect? Technology wants to make our life easier right? So making a high-end DSLR with a smaller & lighter body can be considered as improvement.

    Basically, if you don’t want the upcoming one, then stay on your gear. Nikon doesn’t require you to buy all new gears from them. Photography is more about the photo not only the gear.

  • Ruhtard

    Looking at the mount, it looks like there is another removable piece there… I wonder if this thing is equipped with a larger sensor or something?

  • Hybris

    I love it!
    im gonna get me one!

    well done NR!
    a scoop

  • Darth_Duster

    Where’s the AF mode switch??! I cannot live without that. Also it seems the industrial design suffered a bit.

  • photonut

    I hope it’s significantly smaller AND lighter than the D700 !

  • Phil

    Stop whining about the size people. The size is not materially different to the D700. See here for yourself:

    • +1 Super post!

      Now where do I buy one?

    • Nikonier

      i hope this picture ist serious and true. I don´t want to hold an little camera in my hands. I am using actually a D200 and it fits perfect in my hands.

      If i would like to buy a toy, i would switch to Canon.

      C´mon Nikon, make my day!

      PS: i am from germany, sorry for my bad english.

    • RR

      I sure hope you and FStoppers are right about the size

  • Opinion…

    Yesterday I took 4 bw shots with Linhof and developed them in an expired developer. On the days like these I wish I had something light and small to give myself a temporary break (even though I only shoot for pleasure). 36 MP is fine with me, since my scans can be up to 800MB. 800 iso is also more than enough. All I’m asking for is a shutter speed dial and a shutter release button:)

  • Spacedog

    I would say the AF mode switch is built like the D7000 version: You can see it on the right side of the front picture: a switch for AF/MF and in the middle of the switch axis is a small button to set the AF-fields in combination with the dial wheel. I got it on my D7000 and first i couldn´t get used to it, meanwhile i love it!

  • Azmir

    What’s going on? Admin says its a fake?

  • Senfield Mortimer

    This is kind of sad really. The floods have left nikon effectively gut-punched for this year’s holiday sales season. If they were the parket leader of Canon, this would be devastating… but for the underdog, it could prove decisive (a game ender).

    So what do you do for damage control ? If you cannot release a camera… relaease the vaporous aroma of the camera you planned on releasing. (before the floods made it impossible)

    And as for the size – when you look at the trends in Nikon’s features and prices… do you get the impression that they are chasing after the “Pro” market ?? or rather the upper-mid consumer market ?

  • Dino B

    Oh man, Admin i think this site could use a troll filtering algorithms. 🙂 , cant say Nikon ever disappointed and I’m sure they wont this time, besides if how smart would it be form marketing standpoint to give you an D700 replacement at like 18MP and ISO performance of 2 stops better than say the D3S… I for one would buy 3 of them and never upgrade again

  • Sanfield,

    Canon and Sony are in the same boat (submarine).
    They all have damaged factories.

    An affordable 36mp Nikon will really hurt Leica and mid format camera sales.
    And, yes, lots of rich consumers “must have” one also.
    Depending upon it’s flexibility, lots of Pro’s may also want one.

  • …many rumors.

    I guess we all have to wait for the announcement to be sure.
    If the D800 will look like that, than there was no improvement in style. The body looks chunky as hell.

    Cant wait for the announcement. Nikon should hurry up.

  • goldaccess

    To all the nay-sayers:

    What if the camera suports 3 main modes:

    1) High-Reolution. Full 36 Megapixels.
    2) Low Light. Real sensor-base pixel-binning. Reduced resolution by factor 2 per axis.
    3) Crop. Having a so to say Build-In-D7000 with you.

    I would find that very interesting.

    • Don

      I am all for a low level pixel binning option, if it works.

  • fg

    Is that all what Nikon buyers care about?
    No honestly, these comments are very disappointing and I guess I figured out why.
    It’s simply because anybody can comment!
    I suggest NR admin requires a valid membership from those who want to comment so serious people don’t have to go through all this stupidity… No offend for those who posted valid and constructive comments.

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