Another Nikon D7100 typo?

This is the second appearance of a Nikon D7100 on a major document (see the first one here) - Adobe listed the D7100 as a new camera in red in their Camera Raw 6.5 Read Me PDF document (see page 3):

This could be a typo because Adobe added support for the new Nikon Coolpix P7100 in that version of Camera Raw. I do not expect the current D7000 to be refreshed before the summer of 2012.

Thanks for the link Steve.

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  • OMG, finally! A FullFramesensor in a camerabody that I can carry with me!

    • T.I.M

      If the D7100 exist it will not be FX.

      • The D7100 will be the long awaited digital FM2/FM3 remake for all the minimalists out there. No rear display, no useless buttons and dials. Just pure camera. Oh and if you wondering about the sensor … it will be a 12 MP X3 sensor similar to Foveon, but with the technology Nikon patented 18 months ago. FX, of course.

        • T.I.M

          @Sir DH
          You need to stop the cocaine.

          • canapé

            or give that very same cocaine to the nikon management

            • Bjrichus


          • hand it over ese.

      • IntelligenceEstimate

        Just give me a new generation Nikon that has NO video and NO live view.
        Totally worthless features and a complete waste of money to me. I’d much prefer a D400 anyway but that’s died a death recently?

        • Demarcus

          Sorry, but just because it’s a waste for YOU, doesn’t mean it is for EVERYONE. Nikon won’t make a camera to suit the needs of 1 shooter just because they’d like it to be that way. If you want a upcoming Nikon with those features, I think you’re SOL.

          • Franco DMD

            ONE SHOOTER???? He is not alone buddy! I can assure you that like him, AND ME!, we don’t need that kind of stuff. They should make a camera like that for the people that use their photographic cameras for photography… wait isn’t that what they are supposed to be for???

            • Anon

              Two of you maybe but not me.

            • CHris

              Funny that still photographers should say that can’t live without live view or video nowadays. Before digital became the mainstay for professionals, a photographer had only Polaroids to preview their work, at the very most. And cinematography was a different specialty altogether.

              My take is that still photographers don’t need a lot of the extra features common nowadays to make good pictures. But if you’re a photographer wanting to make videos too, well, that’s another story.

          • IntelligenceEstimate

            Dear Demarcus,

            I was just expressing MY opinion. I didn’t expect such a critical reply but more a constructive one. I can reassure you that I have been able to work out, long before your insightful (lol) comment, that Nikon will NOT be building a camera especially for me. You seem to have missed the point, a point that others have grasped with such ease. I look forward to a meaningful contribution from you, but hell with probably have to freeze over first.


        • sam

          It’s mostly software. There’s really not much savings to be passed to consumers, on the contrary making separate production run of such model could easily add costs. You can just not use those features you don’t like, similarily you don’t use many of the features of most of the software you have.

        • Hom Thogan

          There is a logic in their argument against this kind of camera:
          “Why should I pay R&D and related to features I won’t use?” the camera’s price goes up by R&D, techonolgy used (Licence of video codec, etc.) thus a camera stripped from this functions would be cheaper.

          They aren’t alone as you might think, many (including me) think the R&D of video could be better used in improving image quality in APS-C sensors class cameras.

        • Sahaja

          Even if you never use LV while taking photographs, it is still useful for fine tuning the AF of your lenses

      • D700guy

        I was thinking that too.

        • Don

          Well, make that at least 4 of us. I’ve never shot a single second of video with my D300s and over 30k clicks. I”ve used liveview once when I could not get my eye to the VF. I think my D700 shoot video, but I’m not sure. Does it? Well, if it does, I’m sure not very good.


          • Steve

            I use live view on my d700 all the time due To the 95% viewfinder coverage. Live view gives me 100% coverage for framing my shots.

            Also, I like and use video a lot (d7000). That being said, if they slashed the price, and ditched certain features, I might be pretty interested.

            • I use the live view on my D700 too – particularly for close-up shots of highly reflective surfaces where unwanted reflections have to be carefully controlled and where precise DOF and selective focus is required.
              This is all done via a tethered workstation.

              If anything I’d like to see Nikon improve their LV setup – it’s a lot better on my old Canon.

              I take the point though that a camera with fewer features could be an option (I used to use an FM2), but the suggestion that ‘real photographers’ don’t use such features is nonsense.
              It’s the end result which counts – doesn’t matter if you took it standing on one leg with a cheap compact or used the most expensive kit ever made.

            • Mock Rockwell

              …. That’s the lamest excuse to use live view… Of the tons of useful applications for live view there is alsways one as dumb as yours…

            • Wow – got any tips?? I’m always keen to learn!


  • Jabs

    Already told you that the D7100 is a real Nikon body already being tested out in the field and about to lay a smackdown on Canon and others.

    • LGO

      Not if the Nikon D7100 will use the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor while Canon’s new crop bodies will use the APS-C version of Canon’s new FF sensor it will use in the Canon 1D-X.

      Nikon better have something much better than the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor if it is to compete with Canon’s next generation of crop bodies which will likely have lower resolution and much improved low-light high-ISO performance.

      • LGO

        Opps … what happened? This was supposed to be a reply to another post.

        • Jabs


          LOL – Server syncing problems here.

          Don’t know what the D7100 is = FX or DX, but seriously doubt that Nikon will be using that lousy 24meg sensor UNLESS Sony is awful with their own sensor and Nikon actually knows how to properly make a sensor sub-system, especially now that they have gone for digital throughput in their new Expeed 3, they just might pull it off as ALL high meg sensors need a high throughput post sensor sub-assembly system and this new Expeed3 System is probably better than anything else out there as it has more channels and being digital, it has feed forward and feed backwards circuits – meaning two channels to check itself for errors and THUS massive constant data throughput.

          Look at the data throughput of the Nikon 1 – faster than even the D3X, which before was the fastest at pushing large pixels.

          The new Canon body DOES not even do 16bit = epic fail and lost opportunity on their part – from my perspective that is.

          Canon probably has now conceded the high end somewhat to Nikon and is now Sony chasing – LOL!

          Time for Canon to bring out another body to counter the old D3X and even worse – an upcoming D4X.

          Monster mash indeed!

          • AnoNemo

            There is no chance for the D7100. That is because the D7100 would be made in Thailand and we always some rumors 1-2 months before announcement when a product comes from that plant but not for Japan.

            Therefore we can expect something that is made in Japan but the question remains the same…when?

            • Jabs


              LOL – yeah keep believing that.

              Too many coincidences perhaps!

              I think that Nikon is rather crafty and trying to outfox their competitors, but Nature whacked them with its’ unpredictability, so only they and others close in that Industry know for sure, maybe.

              On with the guessing games then.

    • Hom Thogan

      Unless you want to be limited by diffraction at f/5.6, I see how a camera like this is a “smackdown” I would use the word: mega dumb for a such a camera.

  • burak

    i m happy for its future owners.. wish my d7000 had better video features too..

    • Calibrator

      I haven’t used video on my D7000 at all – and I thought it was a must-have feature for me when I bought it…

      • That’s what the marketing people want you to think! It’s a conspiracy!

      • JB

        I’m with you. I made one or two attempts at video and find it to be of no value to me. Let others make video cameras!!!

        • NoFunBen

          i post video to facebook all the time!

          or did you mean for pro use? LOL

      • arizonaSteve

        Well, I bought aD7000 JUST because it has video. That’s all I use it for.

  • Rahul

    The top of the line DX and FX cameras deserve to have better processing power than the 1 system cameras. D800 will solve this issue for FX and D7100 could be the answer for DX. Nikon can also use the new DX sensor developed by Sony.

    • Mock Rockwell

      How big do you need to print?? Have you done big prints in the last week? most of the people craving for Sony’s 24 megapixel sensor are only posting photos in the net… not printing so 24 megapixels is a HUGE overkill… :/

      Then people will start complaining: MY CAMeRZ IS SoFT, no shit sherlock there is no lens that will resolve that kind of resolution with some dignity… and being diffraction limited at f/5.6 will make things WORSE.

      You are really and gigantically DUMB.

    • Sahaja

      D7100 = D7000 + D5100 video

      If there is a D7100 in the works, whenever their Thailand plant gets back together, they might just start manufacturing those and forget about resuming production of D7000s.

      • enesunkie

        I think the same might be said for the D3100 and D5100. If they really have to start over from scratch and it takes them 6 months or longer to get back in production, why tool up for a body that by that time would have been throught three quarters of it normal life cycle?

  • Anonographer

    A D7000 with tilty swively screen.. Nice……………

    • D7000 Fan

      No!!!!!!!! not the swivle screen!

    • Anon

      My thought exactly.

  • Maybe this is the announcement that the Thailand tragedy delayed… this is precisely something that would be made there.

  • D

    Tentative Poll: Is anybody seriously considering selling (or returning) their (recently acquired) D7000?

    • I’m going to be seriously considering selling ALL my Nikon gear if this is the next body Nikon release. They need to update their f**king professional equipment!

      • bobby

        who cares?, one less whiner on these boards

        • Eduardnic


      • John

        Don’t worry, you don’t need pro equipment looking at your website. Any P&S will do for you. Read some photography books n take some classes and then you might progress to the D40 levels. Now say thank you for this advice. You’re welcome!

        • That’s pretty harsh don’t you think? He didn’t say he was going to sell your gear.

      • What’s with all the vitriol towards John? Who did he attack personally?

        • Andrew

          When you attack a man’s toy, you attack the man!

          • Then said man is in fact no man at all.

        • Andrew

          Also, his language does not befriend him to many people.

          • His language, while coarse, only expressed a sense of frustration that he had towards Nikon. Why is that so offensive?

    • Selling it all to fund a switch to Canon, if you didn’t get the implication. 🙂

      • jk

        Really? Selling it to switch to Canon, thanks for the clarification of a concept that has been beaten to death.

        So are you pro? What do you currently own? It is a shame you cannot be competitive with Nikons current offerings. Have you considered taking some camera classes or workshops? Hopefully your photography improves.

        • Josh

          Looking at the work on his site he does need classes. Maybe then she will finally understand photography and stop whining for the latest and greatest.

          • Ken


            if you’re a pro, there is enough Nikon out there to do what you need to…anything further can be obtained by professional video equip or a different brand… trot on…

          • Troll beater

            Post your work then you vaginal stain!

          • Mock Rockwell

            Hey at least he has balls to show his face, unlike a couple of dumb jackals who hide themselves in anonimity to criticize the photos of other people, let’s see post a link to your photos, most likely John is going to have better photos than you!

        • Jabs

          *** WARNING ***

          Canon Troll – alert

          Set phasers on ERADICATE – lol

          Whoops – wrong show.

          Where are my Daleks?

          At Starbucks ogling the Coffeemakers!

          • Iris Chrome

            Where is my sonic screwdriver? 😉

            • Bjrichus

              As someone who earns a proportion of my income from shooting photos (with Nikon gear), there are times when I feel like poking one up that big dark space at the back end of Nikon management but then, we are only about 10% of the entire marketplace for Nikon cameras, so we don’t really count, now do we?

            • Jabs

              LOL – Old Dr. Who shows on PBS in America.


          • Bjrichus

            Daleks…. I remember them from my yoof.

            I am in the generation that hid behind the sofa. Classic.

            By the way, my Dad pointed out the backdrop that wobbled every time anyone walked about on the set…

            • Jabs

              Yeah – me and my children used to watch that show and they probably thought that I was crazy and that it was the worst special effects show that they saw on TV, then.

              Campy humor to me and idiotic story, but funny. A guy in a British telephone booth who is a “time lord” and can’t figure out how to stop things from happening to him or around him – LOL.

              They preferred the original Transformers cartoons with BumbleBee, Megatron plus Star Scream, Thunder Cats also plus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Shredder.

              Who can forget Inspector Gadget and Mad Cat or Penny and such.

              Gadget I will GET YOU – MADD CAT!!!

              Pinky and Da Brain too – What are we goin’ to do today Brain – same thing we do everyday.

              Scooby Dooby Doooo – LOL.

              Yeah thanks for the memories.

      • Thom

        Dude, you need more than pro equipment.

    • NikonMick

      Bought a D7000 on 18 March 2011, returned it 2o March 2011 for a D3100.

      Couldn’t be happier.


      • NikonMick

        D, if you’re serious in your question, namely “Is anybody seriously considering selling (or returning) their (recently acquired) D7000?”, I wrote a full account of my D7000/D3100 experiences at the D3100 forum at Flickr.

        Only 700 words 😉

        Mick the Verbose

        • Image

          I own the D7000 and the D3100. I also have a D300S with plans of buying the D700 replacement. With that said, the D7000 blows away the D3100 in form and function. No contest!!! The D3100 menus are very bad compared to the D7000 and D300S. It’s always a pain going back to the D3100 after being use to the other cameras. It doesn’t act like a typical Nikon. I’m glad you couldn’t be happier but the D7000 is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better camera all the way around.

          • NikonMick


            It’s simply “horses for courses”, and whatever one’s needs are.

            As to your remark that “It doesn’t act like a typical Nikon”, I agree.

            My Nikkormat FT-3 behaves in quite a different manner and the menus on the D3100 are different to those on my Coolpix 4500. But the D3100’s menus are an improvement on the D60’s, and none of this prevents me from using a D700 occasionally.

            There is no “typical Nikon”.


  • Alex

    I assume that D7100 and D5200 will share the same 24mp DX sensor.

    • the glass dude

      what on earth would you want a 24mp DX sensor for?! the resulting pixel density would overwhelm all but the most expensive pro lenses available! even canon has finally realized that and abandoned the MP race…

      let sony give their trigger-happy buyers give many little freaky features to toy with. their optics couldn’t even satisfy a 10mp sensor…


      • The invisible man

        @the glass dude
        I need a 72MP, to be able to check with my 600mm f/4 if the astronauts brought back their poop on earth or if they left it on the moon.

      • Carsten

        Sony has some decent lenses, don’t be mistaken by the non-Nikon price tags. Alas, the G class satisfies even this need…

        I am 80% sure that 7100 is a typ0 – unless they yank out a swivel screen – many like the 60d for just this feature

      • D7000 Fan

        16 is stacks. Want more? go FX. Give us 24mp in another. . . 10 years?

      • Alex

        It was a prediction, not really a wish. D7000 shares sensor with D5100 and most likely D3200, D7100 sensor uses 24mp from Sony, and shares it with D5200 and D3300. I just think that’s what Nikon is going to do.

        • Sahaja

          Don’t you think that 24mp sensor might be in a D400? Unless Nikon have a sensor of their own design planned for that camera.

          Anyway this terrible flood in Thailand is surely going to affect all of Nikon’s DX DSLR and lens production for months. Meanwhile they might need to re-think their future release plans.

          Since DX production has been devastated and not likely to recover for months I think, even more than ever, Nikon need to release their new FX model(s) ~ sooner, rather than later.

          Canon are sure to try and take advantage of the lack of Nikon DX cameras – and Nikon simply cannot afford to let Canon try and eat into their FX sales as well.

    • David


      Absolutely correct, it is not about what you want or I want, but this is what it will clearly be. D7000 used Sony’s 16MP sensor from NEX5N and A55. D7100 will clearly use Sony’s newer 24MP sensor from NEX7 and A77. They will update the video to 1080p/30 or maybe even /60 like Sonys do (if Sony gives them the technology, Sony might like to keep 1080p/60 to themselves, but even 1080p/30 enough to compete with Canon). My other prediction is fps are increased from 6 to 7fps, so it looks good on specs sheet. And increase the MSRP to about $1499.

  • Sebastien_M

    Admin: What about D800 on 26 october? I CAN’T WAIT MORE :'(

  • almost or a year old D7000 already has an upgrade? i doubt…

    • Andrew

      It is not necessarily an upgrade. Nikon may elect to sell both the D7000 and the D7100.

      But if the D7100 is an upgrade, then it will make sense. In a recent interview posted here at NikonRumors, a top Nikon executive said that Nikon is going to be more aggressive in coming out with regular updates. This makes sense. When you are ready to purchase a new product, it is better to have technology that is only a few months old than a few years old. That does not make your 1 year old camera outdated. I have a D80 and I have not upgraded it all these years. It still takes beautiful pictures.

      • Sahaja

        I think that policy of being “more aggressive in coming out with regular updates” is under a few meters of water right now.

        I think they’d be happy if they can produce any APS-C DSLR’s before the end of February.

  • Armando

    No way, I just planning buy my first pair of D7000 and now we’re talking about an D7100?

    Seriously, I don’t think adobe has mistyped it (and that the rumor comes twice)

  • Boba Fett

    If there was a D7100, why didn’t they list the D800 as well? No matter what model comes next, I really hope they improve video functions. Can’t be that difficult when even Canon can lead this market 😉

    • MysterF

      Canon has a great history in pro video, maybe the reason way they are leading the video segment.

  • nobody

    As has been mentioned in the comments to the previous posting, this is obviously a typo. It should read P7100.

    • David

      What typo? Why would be listed next to other SLR bodies and not where their point-and-shoots are mentioned clearly in another portion of the list?

      • nobody

        What do I know? Ask Adobe!

  • Been there guy

    The mystery and misery continues….

  • Constantly Waiting

    I would be very excited if this is a true rumor. I would love to see a D7k + better video (60fps @ 1080p) + swivel screen.
    I am sick of having to use Canon’s to do video, and hearing about how Nikon will never catch up in the video department.
    Either a D7100 or a D400 should address these issues and finally match up or beat the 7D/60D.

  • Joe

    I guess it’s just a typo:

    Above it says “New Supported Cameras” => Nikon Coolpix P7100

    But the P7100 is not listed below.

    • J

      I agree – I do not see how it could be anything other than a typo….

    • Andrew

      Typo or no type, Nikon is coming out with a D7100.

      • rhlpetrus

        Indeed, next September …

  • The invisible man

    If the D800 don’t show up soon I’ll spend the money on a Saito 325 radial 5 cylinders for my plane.

  • D80 user

    In his D5100 guide v1.00, Thom Hogan writes that the D5100 shares sensor with the D7100, among other cameras. 😛 While that very well may be the case, I hope not.

  • Kostas

    it’s a typo. They meant P7100
    D7100 will be announced at least 2 years after the D7000 released

    I would love a small light FF camera (D600). I dislike anything bid and heavy

    Sorry for my English

    • NR fan

      D800 in the size of D7000 would be really nice.

  • NR fan

    Obviously it is about P7100. Why such a noise?
    D400, D800 and D4 are the most probable cameras coming soon (in any order). The problem is how much will they cost?
    I’m gladly surprised y the price of the Canon 1DX – it’s lower than the current flagship. I wish Nikon see this and apply the same price approach for it’s cameras.
    I think they shouldn’t be over:
    D400: $1900
    D800: $2800
    D4: $6900

  • Nikon Dreamer

    I find it hard to believe that this to be a typo; if it indeed was a Coolpix, I would imagine it would be with other Coolpix-es. But that leaves me (and may be others) with a daunting question: what would they improve on the existing D7000 to market it as D7100? … if it is video, then that could be achieved with firmware update; if it is tilt-screen, well, I don’t suppose that would be a case, but who knows. … what would it be then? built-in GPS? …could be. Mirror-less D7000? … probably not. … what then? aha, I got it, it would be a red D7000!

  • Eduardnic

    Woooo Hoooo! An Nikon D7100 with 24MP sensor, 7fps, 3.5inch swivel screen and kit lens DX,16-85mm f/2.8-4.5!!! Sold already all my gear and placed Google alerts !!! Coffe and RedBull…

    • David

      I say, your predictions are not far off, except I am not sure about swivel screen, Nikon may leave it to D5XXX series. 16-85 F/2.8-4.5 is a possibilty, since Sigma 17-70 F/2.8-4 has existed for a while. 24MP is almost guaranteed I think

  • JonMcg

    Yea, not a lot of smoke here I’m affraid, it just doesn’t make much sense on so many levels to come out with an incremental upgrade to essentially Nikon’s newest SLR camera.

    I’m concerned of the lack of D800 leaks. For an Oct 26th launch on such a key segment of the Nikon pro offering, I would expect to hear more. Sigh, maybe November… 🙁

  • Trevor

    It’s correct on this page:

    It is odd that the typo has been in two separate instances. Then again, if I had to type about something I didn’t follow a lot (like m43 cameras with their Gx# and E-??#) I would be pretty prone to typos too.

    • As someone who spends all day typing in information about techy stuff I know little about, typos come very easily. Add to that, superfast proof reading, if at all. Recipe for simple typos a plenty. Anyway, where’s the EOS 1DX. Still sounds like a pro crop framer to me! What’s in a name eh!

      • Jabs

        It is perhaps EOS 1D-X, as in maybe the tenth Pro EOS body.

        X = 10 in Roman numbers, as in what is Canon’s habit or the prior naming convention of their previous Pro bodies.

        Typo – lol

  • Terry

    I just looked at the actual document. The listing for the D7100 is in red denoting a new camera. The Coolpix cameras are listed below the DSLRs. This list is continued on the next page where we find a listing for the P7000. Oddly enough, it is not in red. Perhaps they do know something we don’t know.

  • shroeview

    One would think that the D7000 will be updated with the electronics from the Sony NEX 5, namely more sensor bandwidth to support higher video framerates and possibly a higher capture rate, and the new Expeed chip from Nikon.

  • nobody

    In any case, if you read Thom Hogan’s blog entry for today, you’ll have little hope for a D7100…

  • Rayman

    Wonder how they want to get the D7100 out of a building thats 2 Meteres underwater ?
    Do you guys realise that 90 % of the lenses are produced in that department…. !
    Theres snakes and krokodiles all over the place and a whole lot of
    luding going on….. ! Many of the lathed and drill parts now come from Thailand…. ; (

  • Andrew

    This is not a type. Adobe listing the D7100 is more likely to be correct than a retailer listing it in their catalog.

    • Andrew

      How can this be a typo. Adobe’s PDF states – “Below is a complete list of supported cameras and raw formats included in Camera Raw 6.5. The new
      cameras are highlighted in red.*” And guess what, the D7100 is highlighted in RED. And in addition, the D7100 will be new camera.

      Based upon the evidence above, it is just logical to conclude that this is not a typo. I am not going by my intuition, but on the facts.

  • goldaccess

    Sorry, but that has to be a typo in Adobe’s list.

    No software vendor ever gets a camera in adcance. Never ever.

    Ever scratched your head why new cameras need sometimes so long until they appear in the software? They even don’t get sample cameras for no money. Adobe e.g. just buys them on the market when they are available.

  • rhlpetrus

    It´s a typo, no way Nikon would update the D7000 now, just a year later. A D7000s maybe, better video, buffer, etc, but not a new body or sensor. It´s a best seller as is, why would Nikon change it?

    And we are not interested in that Admin, please more on the rumored D800 or D4 or D400. No diverting our attention! 😉

  • red cow

    Simple solution: it is the recently introduced P7100

  • Ralph

    D7000 in hot pink

  • photdog

    No matter if there is a D7000 successor named D7100 or the rumored D800, so far it seems as if these cameras have much more MP/Pixeldensity as the current line.
    I have to admit that I treated the position, that the next camera generation should have considerably more than 12 MP. But 24 MP at FX and 36 MP at FX is going clearly beyond my expectations/desires. Now as the on digit D cameras of Nikon and Canon seem to settle for 18MP my worries increases, that the glass could be the great bottleneck. …and diffraction as well. Maybe a while after the high MP models are out, the 12MP generation may celebrate a renaissance.
    Even if the makers come out with new lenses that can cope with this resolution, who can afford to buy all glass new while the prices for the old glass would drop very fast then.

    • Don

      They will come out with new and better glass… and much more expensive… and we will line up to buy it.

      If Ashton says I need it, I’m there!

  • Cool WHip

    Nikon is running out of numbers. Could be a typo for D710. They can’t afford to name it the D800 until new numbers are discovered or invented.

  • Don

    D7100 with 64 track sound board right under the swivel screen so you can do Audio Mixes too. Why not? Don’t you need that for movie making? How about a 7.2 sorround sound processor with 9 mic inputs for encoding sound to 7.2. Oh yeah, and a kitchen sink for cleaning up the Craft Table and it comes with an optional Powered Boom and CLS that interfaces with the Movie Set lights.

    BTW, don’t you just love all those rigs out there that turn your DSLR into a Movie Camera, but wait, after you attach all that, how do you shoot still shots effectively?

  • Ken Shaw

    everyone is getting so excited over the misprint in the camera list, speculating on a new camera.
    It is obviously a typo – on the previous page 2 the Nikon P7100 is listed as the only new Nikon camera added to this version of Adobe Camera Raw. On page 3 is the complete list of supported cameras were this erroneous Nikon D7100 is listed. It should be P7100 as that one is missing from the list – the list which lists ALL supported cameras including those added in this version listed on page 2 including the Nikon P7100. Can’t anyone figure out the obvious??

    • Terry

      Look at the next page of the document. The P7100 is listed there. So why would there be a D7100 AND a CoolPix P7100?

  • shoreview

    The fact that Nikon is offering the instant rebate on the D7000 alone is interesting, especially in view of the supply disruptions in Thailand. Sony now has an updated 16 megapixel sensor whose main advance over the D7000 sensor is in bandwidth, and Nikon has their new Expeed 3 processor; put the two together and you up the 1080 video support in the D7000 from 24 fps to 60 and presumably also reduce the rolling shutter effect.

    So for anyone who’s into video, this D7100 typo business is intriguing.

    • Andrew

      I like your reasoning. When Nikon came out with the D7000, no one had anything close. Then Sony came out with its plethora of cameras. Nikon had to respond, hence the D7100.

      • goldaccess

        Sony is coming with it’s plethora of camera since many years now. Nothing special about that.

  • neversink

    YAWN — Excuse me for yawning…. Nikon — Just get the new camera out. Hey, I don’t use all the useless bells and whistles on the D7000 nor on the D700 (which has less junk) but maybe one day I will take a video with my D7000. I can live with it there without complaining. More important than what bells and whistles it has, is IMAGE QUALITY. Did you hear me. In all different lighting situations!!!!! It’s IMAGE QUALITY!!!!! And we all know what goes into that…..

    I need a camera that is a workhorse because I use my cameras for everything. From riots on the streets to the corporate board room to falcons flying to nudes posing to kids playing to baseball players stealing second. I do it all. And i need a camera that is up to the job. I am tired of hearing things like the D700 has better ISO than the D7000. I say baloney. Give me your live view – I won’t use it, but others will.

    Personally, I’d love to go back to film (Don’t tell anyone, particularly my clients, but I haven’t given film up at all.) Sometime I use it on shoots and don’t tell the client. Everyone wants everything immediately. I long for the days when I can go over to my custom lab (and I used to use five different ones depending on their strengths), go home and relax. Get up the next day, take a walk and come home and have the messenger or Fed Ex leave a package of proofs at my door.

    I could look at them through a loupe, throw them on a light table, have a cup of coffee, review them and get back to the client the next day (or Monday if I was reviewing them on a Friday.) (Of course, news shots needed quick turn around and I usually had to wait at a local restaurant schmoozing with my favorite gorgeous waitress for an hour or so, before I received a call that the proofs or slides were ready.)

    Yes, the good old days — they weren’t so long ago. Yes I still use film (my old F3s, Hasseys, Mamiyas, Leicas) but my clients want everything digital, so my custom labs (which have diminished in number) are happy to scan them for me almost for free, just to have my film business. Unfortunately, most clients want everything yesterday, before it is even shot .

    People have no patience these days. So I say who cares what kind of camera Nikon puts out. I just hope they put out something sooner, because my cameras are getting a bit beat up and I’d love something with even better, yes you guessed it, IMAGE QUALITY!!!!!

    PS – Sorry for Nikon’s troubles in Thailand and Japan. Tragedy after tragedy!!!!!!

  • HalbVoll

    Admin, don’t forget how the D70s came as a surprise for almost everyone.
    Just alone the the fact that the D7000 has only a 1080p@24fps and not 25 or 30 makes we wonder if this camera is not meant to be updated.

    Maybe the D7100 will have a tilt screen and a more video modes, 1080p@25/30 and 720p@50/60, the Sony cameras with the similar sensor are capable of doing that… I think there would also be a good chance that the D7000 would be capable of these modes with an firmware update.

    • studio460

      A cogent observation. Certainly, the D70s was a surprise to me, after just buying the D70 a few months prior to the ‘s’ announcement.

      Anywho, it supports the notion that a D7100 could be a likely new candidate body: a more video-capable version of the D7000 for filmmakers (who love to buy lots of Nikkor AI-S glass–good for Nikon), and continued production of the good ‘ole D7000 for still shooters. Best of both worlds, and potentially greater revenues for Nikon. The D7000 MAP of $1,199, and a “D7100,” with a MAP of $1,499, would seem about right. It gives filmmakers buying Canon 7Ds to shoot musicvideos another option, and broadens the Nikon appeal to more markets. Win-win-win.

      • HalbVoll

        Thank you.
        Actually I think it doesn’t need to stop there. If you look at some of the new features of the D7000, like the U1 and U2 mode and the dual card slot, I start to wonder if we’re about to see a D7700 in the next 12 months. D7000 body, D700 sensor with video. If the D800 is really coming at a substantially higher price level, the gap might very well be big enough for a FX camera with a sub Dx00 body… – Just dreamin’… 😉

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