Weekly Nikon news flash #132

  • Egami published a diagram of the latest Nikon lens patents filed in Japan:

“Photographers are passionate about the camera system that they use – and they love brand-specific advice. N-Photo is 100 per cent Nikon and 100 per cent independent, giving Nikon users no-nonsense, step-by-step advice – to help them take better pictures and buy the best kit.”

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  • EvanK

    What’s even the purpose of the 85 micro? The only advantage that it has is the price, but the slow aperture, mediocre build quality and DX only compatibility in case of an FX upgrade in the future deters me. IMHO, the 105 micro is a much better macro solution. The 40mm is a good lens if you want a standard prime that can also serve as an inexpensive micro. But honestly, I don’t see why Nikon brought out the 85 micro.

    • J C

      Because it’s affordable for DX users? Nikon has to cater to both consumers and pros.

    • Johan

      You can not expect at DX lens to make an FX user happy. The beauty with a DX lens is that is much cheaper, smaller and lighter than a FX compatible lens. The 85 micro is very sharp and offers almost the same working distance as the 105 mm so I think it is a great macro choice for dedicated DX users.

      I don’t really see the big deal with the lens being f3,5. If you are serious about macro you want to use small apertures anyway. For general purpose a faster lens is of course always preferable but you don’t get that without the trade off of a heavier and more expensive lens. I would say 85 mm micro is the Nikon lens to get for DX users who are into macro shooting.

      Many people complain that the depth of field is not short enough for portraits. Well think again, 85 mm f3,5 is more shallow depth of field than 60 mm f2.8. However having said that, macro lenses are never ideal for portraits. On DX i prefer Sigma 50mm f1.4 or the 70-200 mm f2.8.

      If there is any lens that does not make sense it is the new 40 mm macro. The working distance is almost none existent and I have yet to encounter a macro subject that I can’t shoot with the 85 mm. In this focal length the 35 mm f1.8 should be the given shoice for any DX user. This is the ultimate partylens.

      • Abaham Collins

        I have the 40mm 2.8 and I wouldn’t knock its focusing distance… it achieves super thin DoF at 1:1, a huge feature to me. Owning an R1C1 negates all problems concerning lighting.

        The 35 1.8 can’t focus close; it’s a lens with a different purpose.

        • Jan

          ‘super thin DoF at 1:1’

          you must be new to macro shooting.

          ALL MACRO PHOTOS HAVE super thin DoF at 1:1
          The problem in macro shooting is NOT ENOUGH DOF.

      • EvanK

        I disagree, the 40mm micro is a great lens if you a) want to get into the world of macro photography but can’t spend lots or b) want a general purpose prime that could double for macro work, but don’t mind the f/2.8 aperture. In my opinion, the $550 that the 85mm costs is a bit much for casual photographers who just want something that will let them get closer, plus the focal length isn’t really ideal for anything else besides macro or portrait.

      • iamlucky13

        Working distance isn’t the only consideration. It sure makes life easier, but getting up close gives you a slightly different perspective some may wish to exploit. Shots that aren’t all the way down at 1:1 won’t suffer as much from the reduced working distance.

        That’s not necessarily what Nikon was thinking when they decided to make the 40mm macro (I suspect they were thinking of Nikon 1 – the 40mm will be one of the few F-mount lenses that should adapt reasonably well to the 1 mount), but it does interest me slightly for that purpose.

    • Dentists buy d90 or d7000 + 85mm 3.5 with macro flash…

      • EvanK

        Touché, but it’s probably cheaper to bundle an 85mm micro than a 105mm micro.

    • earthrokk

      The 85 Micro is for both pros and consumers. Professional work is not always full frame. The D90 and D7000 does great photography with any lens. 3.5 is close enough to 2.8 for the price difference. If you don’t like, don’t buy it. Please stop knocking the manufactures from catering to all customers.

      Thank you.

    • paf

      Am I the only one excited about this lens? I think it’s a great lens for medical applications on DX bodies to keep the setup somewhat small and light. The 60mm has too short of a working distance and the 105 is ok, but 85 is the perfect compromise in terms of price, quality and working distance.

    • Hom Thogan

      Simply because it is a matter of cattering to different markets, many people with the D3100 and D5100 don’t want a big camera or to change to full frame, they will be perfectly happy in DX for the rest of their life. Not everyone who has a DSLR wants to be Patrick Demarchelier you know?

      • EvanK

        I do see that they’re catering to different markets which is great, I’m sure that many people would be happy with the 85mm, but in my opinion there are better options and also better competitors for the price, such as the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro. However, it relies on the body to focus so it would be MF only on the entry level bodies where the 85mm may be catering to.

        All in all though, with the 40mm now released, for the average consumer who wants an inexpensive and small entry to macro photography, I think that the 85mm would have no clear advantage over the 40mm.

    • Carsten

      I don’t like the 85/3.5 for a different reason (bokeh) – otherwise it is a fine lens, reasonably priced, compact + VR. It is a decent portrait lens when you take care of the background and a very good macro.

      It is not FX – so what, any FX body costs more than the average DX users bag – mine being part of the exceptions – I have more glass than many FX users I know.

      The 40mm Micro is not meant as a macro lens, it is a close focus normal lens. Sometimes perspective is 1000 times more important than magnification, but it is hard to see when you only look on the lens specifications instead through the viewfinder.

      I completely agree that the 105mm VR is the best current Nikkor macro, but I don’t have one for the simple reason that 105mm is not very versatile on a DX body – if it is useful in other uses than macro at all (focusing speed is a bit on the slow side)

      And now to something completely different:
      $75 rebate on the Tamron – great, give me $75 and promise me that I don’t have to use it. This lens is crap wrapped in glass and plastics. Nikon should do us all a favor and scrap the 18-200 ( and stop the patented 18-300) or ensure that they only work on D3x00/5×00 models. It is pathetic to see a D300/D7000 neutered by such a lens

  • sade

    I wish 24-70 would be f/2.8 +VR

  • The invisible D800

    Only 11 days left and still no picture of the new baby ?
    Never heard about échographie ?

    • broxibear

      This is all I’ve got http://i.imgur.com/Rn1n5.jpg
      The prism is a different shape than any other Nikon and it looks thicker…could just be nothing, if I find something interesting I’ll post it.

      • matt

        looks like something new! big lense = FX, small camera (no battery grip) = could only be a D700
        BUT: not only the prism, also this white “something” under the flash-button, where the lens-release button should be: thats different then on the D700

        maybe just anything… maybe smoke?

        thanks for sharing!

      • Jabs


        Hopefully a nice catch of an upcoming Nikon camera.

        I expect the D800 to be wide and squat and this looks just like that profile.


        The photographer looks surprised too – lol.

        D800 in Disguise – is that you Megatron???

      • Abaham Collins

        Admin is aware of this photo and has his doubts.

      • Rob

        Nothing stands out to me but the rubber covers for the front pc sync and shutter release ports. I don’t know of any Nikon camera where the extensions are horizontal and on both sides of the metal loop for the camera strap. They all seem to be below it or have one on an angle (D700) from the metal loop.

  • broxibear

    Nikon V1 unboxing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuUKLo1EI6g I know you all love unboxing videos lol

  • broxibear

    New Indian Coolpix advert with Nikon Ambassador Priyanka Chopra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlpTX1zvzPE

    • Nikon is very aggressive in India, it’s a huge and upcoming market.

  • Jabs


    Hey, you are like the ‘Energizer Bunny’ of US TV commercials – you never seem to stop working and posting new ideas, concepts and snippets of information – lol


    Thanks also for the nice shots of the Nikon1 system – really nice shots but a little over-exposed but really clear images.

    Seems like this camera has razor thin depth of field plus exposure latitude also, so one has to probably shoot with it accordingly – reminds me of slide film and the need for accuracy.

    Can’t wait to get mine and try out this new system especially with the small zoom with the aspheric elements plus I need to add some small tripods and the required polarizer. Glad that the lenses at least have filter threads as lots of the small cameras do not and thus mainly useless to me.

    I like to shoot it right to begin with as no matter what they say, many things you cannot fix in Post Production though you can ‘simulate it’, this is NOT the same to me!

    Seems like the exposure latitude of sensors get less as the size gets smaller to me!

    What does everyone here think?

    Also Seagate the hard drive Manufacturer has gotten caught up in the Thailand flooding tragedy too and thus laptops and such will certainly be affected by that mess there!

    • Energizer Bunny 🙂

      A reader send me a nice low light video taken with the Nikon 1, but it’s shot in a club in Europe and has nudity… NR is a PG rated site 🙂

      • broxibear

        Just stick a *NSFW* tag on it and post it…as long as the nudity involves women…nude men I’m not so keen on.
        But in saying that I’m sure some of your readers are women so what the hell post it.

        • Not Surprised

          Oh, please; human beings are beautiful, especially ones that sculpt themselves and work hard at to be — regardless of gender. Post a link in the reply pages, if its not suitable for work.

          We don’t mind nuditay. >:-)

      • Jabs


        I would indeed not post it. Already too much filth on the Internet and this is a Rumors web site, so good call.

        Yeah, the Nikon 1 is indeed a game changer, but some are disappointed as perhaps they think that this is the only future direction for Nikon because some see a mirrorless future for all cameras.

        Some even wanted an NeX clone, so broken dreams for them.

        When you get more appropriate video content, then indeed I would like to see it here.

  • Leafster

    Looking forward to see how each super telephoto zoom lens will perform.

  • Delacroix

    This show is ridiculous . What is the link with those 2 girls and Nikon products ??? NIkon is going on a bad way . Nikon 1 J1 et V1 are two years too late. Look at sony Nex products , better pictures and better price

    • Jabs

      Also different types of cameras as in YOU comparing apples to oranges!

      • photdog

        Well, I’m not so sure. As neither die Nikon nor the Sony can use DSLR lenses one have to start a new system from the scratch. Thus Nikon DSLR users could decide for Sony NEX and vice versa without the losses that one typically encounter when changing brands.
        However, to me the point is Sony decided for an APS-C sensor and Nikon for an 2.7 crop-factor sensor. So if somebody says that Nikon has passed a chance, I’ll be a little bit reserved before I haven’t seen any real-life photos from all cameras concerned. One thing though seems to be clear by now: for the price of a Nikon V1 plus lens one could get a D90 with a nice lens. That’s again apples and oranges but had I the choice just between this two options the V1 must do miracles to get my vote.

        • Jabs


          There simply are two different thrusts in the Nikon and Sony camps.

          1. Nikon is trying to bring a systematic approach that is really and sorely needed at the small camera ‘world’ as in lightweight and purposely built for a certain segment of the market plus filled with accessories that all work together.

          2. Sony is trying to give us a smaller DSLR mainly it seems, because they have no real foothold in the established DSLR market, so blazing a trail to replace the established players like Nikon and Canon.

          3. Different goals and different cameras indeed.

          Sony is like miniaturizing the body and keeping the lenses huge in comparison to the now smaller body.

          Nikon is making a new SYSTEM wherein each is in proportion to the other and then extending their capabilities in areas that Sony has not gone to yet.

          Sony is redoing the PAST.

          Nikon is blazing a NEW Trail.

          Looking backwards or looking forwards = the differing thrust to me!

  • Jabs

    A Little Update on the flooding in Thailand

    An excerpt

    Just beyond Bangkok’s northwestern border, in the town of Samkhok, floodwaters breached a wall of white sandbags several dozen miles long, submerging temples and homes up to the top of their wooden gates.

    “The problem is, the water keeps rising, and nobody knows how bad it’s going to get,” said Wasan Leekmeg, a local politician in Samkhok who spent the last few days ferrying supplies to desperate businesses and families on a wooden canoe — now the only way to get around some parts of the town.

    On Friday, a Japanese trade organization criticized the Thai government for allegedly failing to provide timely and accurate information about the situation in the central province of Ayutthaya, where hundreds of factories have been devastated, including electronics makers and automotive parts suppliers.

    “Japanese companies didn’t know what was happening or which information was true or not,” said Seiya Sukegawa of the Japan External Trade Organization Thailand. “They received warnings but not enough information and not enough time to decide the next step.”

    • Rob

      Not enough information on the severity of the situation? Kind of sounds like what the Japanese government did after the earthquake.

      • Jabs


        Sounds like what happened after Katrina in America.

        Weather problems like this are mostly unpredictable or random and thus NO Government can predict or even control the effects from these various storms, as perhaps you have never been in one or seen the aftermath of one.

        I HAVE!

        Do you expect any Government entity to now blare their own failings or inability to stem the tide of destruction while massive destruction is abundant and then be concerned with taking or deflecting blame when it was NATURE that unleashed this on them and their citizens?

        Do you now expect them to make matters worse by now blaming others or angering their citizens more when everyone is already suffering in trauma?

        Then perhaps you have little understanding of or experience in the reality of traumatic destruction on us human beings!

        Maybe things took a dramatic and unexpected turn of events that surprised everyone as NATURE often does – thus no or little time to react, as storms move at speeds beyond what most people comprehend.

        It happened BEFORE you could react = the problem often.

        NOW, who do you blame for this natural occurrence?

        That is why they have Disaster Insurance and Disaster plans for AFTER the fact.

        Talk before – react and do something after it occurs. NOT arm chair jockeying but real work and later for the ‘blame game’ as it already occurred and thus useless to try and figure out WHY anymore but now time to clean up plus placate human and Business loss plus suffering.

        Perhaps you learn that!

        • Rob

          I guess you missed the point of my post. The Japanese government is complaining about the Thai government covering up the severity of the flooding after the fact. It’s hypocritical since they did the exact same thing regarding many aspects of the tsunami’s impact in the first weeks after the fact. Pot and kettle.

          • Jabber

            Don’t worry.. Jabs seems like to put others down to make him self feel important. You’re not the first person he’s “missed the point” with.

            • Jabs


              Who cares as people are dead and homeless plus traumatized while you try and put me down.

              Shows your priorities perhaps.

              Me, I am nobody and like it that way.

              What are you?

          • Jabs


            I got your point PLUS your attempt at irony but you do NOT have evidence that shows the Japanese Government purposely hid the drastic events and fallout.

            Earth to YOU – if I have a dangerous situation and then I panic my own citizens, then I am a fool and like the ignorant and well meaning dolt, who cries fire in a packed building causing a stampede that kills more persons than the fire itself as the people rush out – what have you accomplished?

            People like you are arm chair jockeying a dangerous situation and thus perhaps clueless.

            The Internet does NOT mean that you have a real grasp of the situation but merely have SOME information plus hearsay.

            Guess! – when you are NOT involved and then deal with the stark reality of a dangerous situation WHEN you really know or are learning in constant updates, what is going on plus how to protect your own citizens from PANIC and even more loss of life in an ongoing and fluid situation.

            Trauma Professionals 101 – learn that please!

            The real irony to me is that BOTH Governments were dealing with a fluid situation and that both situations affected Nikon plus the citizens of both countries have been devastated with Japan seemingly worse.

            You might be trying to imply – as you did, so was done to you and I reply – heartless human plus armchair jockey and hater!


          • Jabs

            REREAD – it said:

            On Friday, a Japanese trade organization criticized the Thai government.

  • Bry

    The Fotomag app is no longer available. At least for the iPad. Perhaps cause I just upgraded to ios5?

    • it’s still available for me, try again the link above

      • ShaoLynx

        Yep, still works.
        Cool app.
        Hey Admin, any chance you can make your site compatible with Forum Runner? Quite snappy, works like a charm and gives the reader an even greater sense of control and navigation. You even could integrate your other blogs.

        • My understanding is that Forum Runner is for forums, and NR is a blog (of course we also have a forum). I have tried a iPhone/iPad compatible theme in the past and did not like it.

  • up $#!t’s creek

    damn…. nikon’s new pricing went into effect and the world didn’t end

    • bah.. nikon factory got flooded though.

  • for macro 105mm vr FTW

  • broxibear

    It’s not a technical comparison or review, but here’s an interesting article comparing images shot using the Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS and Nikon D7000 (click start slideshow)…
    No one’s suggesting an iPhone has the same image quality as a dslr but many will question their need for a compact or dslr when they see the real life differences between images.

    • photdog

      Its truely an amazing development: I guess with the iPod the iPhone and the iPad Steve Jobs changed the world more than any given president did in the same timeframe – at least as far as the change of behavior is concerned. Since the iPhone the young generation grow up with these smartphones and the iPhone haves set a lot of standards even to the extend of the limits of expectations: it seems like “what the iPhone can’t do, is not necessary to do”. If the iPhone can deliver these photographic results, what the heck do I need a separate camera for. Well, yeah the pros might need the DSLR stuff for their work…
      And often enough one can observe, that it is not just about another technology but there is also a different preference in subjects, subjects that are more suitable for this technology. Maybe there is a change in consumer-behavior altogether, with different priorities like “Where I have been with my friends” “What we/I have experienced” etc. The purpose is rather sharing to attract “new friends” than creating art. A landscape without people is rather perceived as boring and sophisticated photography makes lonely as it generates different and difficult opinions – not easy to find common ground…
      Come on, even we “old dogs” changed our behavior with the technology available. Nowadays we put an eagles eye on sharpness while in analogous times we had let some shots pass which we should have trashed if measured with the same leveling rule as today.

      Maybe that is why makers throw all into constructing new camera systems like NEX and NIKON 1 to have at least something when the market of simple P&S cameras is lost to the smartphones.

      While here in NR we almost exclusively talk about technology, I sometimes wonder where photography itself goes in the near future. Could we end up in finally having the most sophisticated equipment for photos which will be a remote niche…

      • Jabs


        Quite a thought provoking post and conclusion.


        It is often said that with newer and better Technology, you lose the ‘soul’ of photography as you forget what is machine made and what is human made from human talent.

        Newer gear makes what was almost impossible or impractical in the past – now commonplace.

        Has the human evolved or merely the equipment = my summation of your post.


        Yeah – the new iPhone 4s is great but for smaller screens mainly, though still it is pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

        New generation too of humans with different thrusts and thus one has to step up one’s game with better gear or be run over by the machines used by the masses – lol.
        Terminator anyone?

        Da rise of da Machines!

        Usually in Technology, the base capabilities rise while the boundaries of possibilities increase also at the higher end, so I don’t see smartphones taking over but merely giving everyone more options plus more spontaneity and new looks to images.

        Can you teach an old dog new tricks- YES sereeee!

        Can you make a machine think – NO sereee – but they are trying to – lol

        As smartphones rise, new markets are created at the top, but indeed it might get lonelier at the top as in it becoming a niche’. Machines won the popularity contest then as cameras become a commodity!

        REAL talent is not affected but the base of users are broadened and real photographers now have to become better and more distinguished in their differences from the technophiles with ‘cute and capable’ gear = our challenge as photographers and now videographers or cinematographers.

        Welcome to evolving technical change or progress.

    • Carsten

      Meaningless comparison – no consistency in white balance, exposure (almost all DSLR shots appear overexposed), worst: No compensation for the aperture ( a DX has to be shot at ~f/8 to achieve the same DOF than an iphone.

      A blind man compares yellow and orange…

    • Comparing the iphone or a P&S camera with a DSLR in bright light and at low resolution won’t show a big difference, what a pointless test ! I’m not even talking about DOF differences.

      I would like to see shots indoors. And displayed at a bigger resolution than VGA-ish.

      I guess that would look pretty different.

  • Hhom Togan

    The Tokina 17-35mm f/4.o seems like a nice option to the Nikkor VR version. You should review it if you can please NRadmin *wink, wink, step on your foot and do secret handshake*

  • Nathan

    What’s up with the pole dancing at an official Nikon booth? I know it’s an art and it’s quite hard to do, but at a photo show? I was expecting a strobe effect with all the flash units going off, but I didn’t see that. Also, just watching the video made me want to fling a dollar bill at them.

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