Poll #2: Are you going to buy the new Nikon 1 mirrorless camera?

Few weeks ago I posted a poll to see what percentage of [NR] readers were planning to buy the Nikon mirrorless camera. Those were the results:

Today I would like to see if some of you have changed their mind after the Nikon 1 is already official:

(Poll direct link)

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  • One More Thought

    Like most here, I wish this had a bigger sensor, and/or I wish Nikon would announce the D800.

    However, too many are too quick to bash this new little cam before even being able to try one out.

    Part of the appeal of this product is its quick and responsive handling, and also its video and other kind of gadget type tricks up its sleeve…like motion snapshot, smart photo selector, etc.

    This is a gadget that may have broad appeal to a mass market…it’s not for pro’s or advanced amateurs, except if they want a quick and easy second or third camera…

    • Yagion


      • PeterZheng

        Since 2007 later, the built-in of phase detection range finder method will take build-up within image sensor. As of July 2010 in Japanese published patents, which Nikon has nearly 20 patents published, Canon has nearly 25 patents, Sony has nearly 15 patents of publication, and Panasonic also has a few of patents. However, Pentax is no patent in this one side. These are also R&D for the image sensor.

        In July 2010, Fujifilm announced FinePix F300EXR camera, the phase difference detection range finder successfully achieved the built-in method on the image sensor. However, Fujifilm did not publish about the source of technology and that who is the sensor’s manufacturer.

        Perhaps, in the Nikon V1 its sensor manufacturer is Fujifilm, and not Sony? “we engineered and developed this sensor inside Nikon. But for the production side, that is done by our partner”, Suzuki Masahiro said. (Mr. Suzuki is the General Manager, Research & Development Department, Development Headquarters, Imaging Company, and managed the team that created the new products).

        I wish to see the built-in method of phase detection range finder will be into APS-c and 35mm sensors, but the OVF should not disappear at the DSLR camera, does it only remove the AF sub-mirror and complicated AF module.

        In the DSLR, this built-in method will cut short costs and heightens AF reliability, can avoid the traditional AF module’s potential accuracy error, (the original two optical planes are merged into a single optical plane), no longer need AF module’s mechanical adjustment procedure. The Live-view mode to be AF faster.

        Also, if the Coolpix P7100’s successor is a 2/3-inch sensor with the built-in of phase detection range finder would be exciting.

    • Bip

      too many narrow minded people in this world.

      I think even if the D800/D4 were to be introduced, we will hear things like, oh… should have a medium format sensor; oh… no touchscreen; oh…. too expensive, should be priced cheaper than a D3100 then I’d buy one….

      • paf


        Scrolling down to read the “I don’t want to be seen owning a girly camera” and then reading this post about “narrow minded people” made my day.

        Thanks for the laugh! Win!

    • z

      The sensor size is one thing, but this camera is so fugly. How can anyone explain that?

      Last time, I watch this video about young designers, while good looking, seem to be idiots. They first draw a black box. Then, they draw the useless “1” grippage. And they throw that design to the engineer to finish up lenses and EVF placements.


      • Steve

        The real problem is the price vs. the competition.

        • R!


      • Juan de la Cruz

        What do they know about cameras…it’s only they’re hip and coolness…in my opinion, that they can design such a camera. this very young people were born just yesterday! They don’t know anything about cameras. All they do is design and you are right., leave it to the engineers and the rest…

        • A lot of young people also want to shoot film these days. go figure. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20062810-93.html

          • z

            It’s not about age really. It’s about their incompetence. It just scares me how nikon would look lik 10years from now.

            • R!

              totally incompetence!!

            • kyoshinikon

              Also the fact that they probably never held a camera until they worked at Nikon. At least hire a designer with a photo background (there are plenty of industrial designers who know squat about photography)

    • The Great first comment of the month.

    • “This is a gadget that may have broad appeal to a mass market…it’s not for pro’s or advanced amateurs, except if they want a quick and easy second or third camera…

      You realize you just invalidated the first part of your statement by subsequently acknowledging a common reason a pro would have to buy such a camera, right?

      So, to sum up:

      1) Broad appeal with average consumers
      2) Broad appeal with consumers looking for DSLR-like features in smaller package
      3) Notable appeal with pros or advanced amateurs looking for a travel/weekend camera

      I’m sorry, but can you tell me again how, at least on paper, this isn’t a sensational win for Nikon?

      • One More Thought

        Ron: thanks for quoting me…while my wording may not have been the most articulate, if you read my entire comment you will see that I agree with you…

        This camera has the potential to be a real winner for Nikon…

        • 100% unadulterated fail on my part. I am drunk on sleep deprivation, and looking back I’m terrified to say I completely misread the entire thread you spawned.

          I’ve been seeing a good number of negative posts here about these cameras, so I guess I blocked out your positive vibes. To the points I made, I think they still speak for themselves.

          As for your comments, I concur. 🙂 Thanks for setting me straight. Now it is clearly bedtime.

          • PHB

            Moreover, this is the FIRST camera in a system, not the last. Same for the lenses.

            Looking at where technology is likely to be in five years time, Nikon’s small camera is still going to be small, the Sony, Pentax etc will still have huge lenses. By then the light performance may well have grabbed a couple of extra stops giving the CX line parity with the D3s (and meaning that the D5 or whatever can take pictures in total darkness).

            Nikon has pitched this camera to be the natural first serious camera after an iPhone. They are looking at the millions of people who want a better camera than a cameraphone but don’t want to have bulk. I think the Pentax fails on that. The Sony camera is small but the lenses are huge due to the sensor size.

            The negative crowd would not be satisfied by anything less than an FX sensor with twenty f/1.2 lenses on the first day. They just don’t get the fact that the professional line does not make money. Its the coolpix line and the consumer DSLRs that earn the money. The professional line is a halo effect operation.

            Another point that nobody seems to have taken the slightest notice of is that the Expeed3 processor is blazingly fast and that the D400 and D4 will almost certainly use the same processor or better. Traditionally the top of the line camera has had dual DSPs.

    • I agree with you. People are being a little too harsh. The market for interchangeable lens (IL) camera isn’t limited to professional and camera geeks. My wife and family are not comfortable using my DSLR. When we go on trips I’m always the one behind the camera and never in any of the photos. A smaller format IL camera is just perfect for family vacations where the bulk of a DSLR gets in the way.

      Having said that, I think the V1 and J1 fail to deliver in two ways (I’m sure others will find more).

      1. Styling – this shit is ugly. I was hoping for a more retro styling and manual control knobs. Something more like the Fuji X100.
      2. Compatibility. Why the hell did Nikon have to invent yet another format. The CX format is Nikon proprietary. If they had released a micro 4/3 camera then we could have availed ourselves of the many already good lenses released by Panasonic and Olympus.

  • gebravo

    VV Sony NEX 5n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not just no, but Hell No!

    • R!

      I say f… no!!!!

  • NG42

    To those who say they are going to buy, why not just buy a high end compact like the Olympus XZ1 for far less money?

    • If XZ-1, Coolpix 995 is better.

    • Because it’s cool. You can’t change the lens of a high-end P&S. Oh, and I voted no. I don’t have the money to spend on something because it’s sorta novel.

    • Essenobi

      because video sucks on those cameras you mentioned

  • Adam J McKay

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. At this rate, Nikon should just give up. This is getting to be pathetic. A point and shoot with interchangeable lenses? The sensor is way too small, the video specs are garbage, the Sony NEX-5 is leagues ahead of this and the 5n is out already. If they don’t drop one of the most impressive DSLRS ever within 6 months I think they have sealed their fate.

    • Yagion

      Nikon 1 systems & NEX aims at different things. Nikon 1 aims at being compact.
      You’re asking for DSLR, that’s also different…. sigh

      • Adam J McKay


        • Yagion

          How is NEX 5/3 smaller than J1? Pls enlighten me

          • Lonnie Utah

            Sony NEX-5N 110.8 x 58.8 x 38.2mm, 269g
            Sony NEX-C3 110 x 60 x 33mm, 225g
            Nikon 1 V1 113 x 76 x 43.5mm, 383g

            So yes, the NEX is smaller and lighter than the V1.

            • That’s not what he/she asked, Lonnie.

            • Lonnie Utah

              @ Ron: I was on my mobile and mis-read it.

              Nikon J1 106mm x 61mm x 30mm 277g

              Sony NEX-5N 110.8 x 58.8 x 38.2mm, 269g
              Sony NEX-C3 110 x 60 x 33mm, 225g
              Nikon 1 V1 113 x 76 x 43.5mm, 383g

              So the J1 is less wide (3%) and less deep (9%), but taller (2%) than a NEX-c3 . It’s also heavier. I’d call that a wash….

            • Exactly. My question is, when lenses are considered, then what? (I can’t be bothered to do the research on all the systems) 🙂

    • Bip

      This is a SONY guy trying to bash Nikon.

      • z

        This is NIKON guy get bashed tried to say “We build this camera from the ground up…”


  • KFR

    Well if i would like to buy a nice and shiny paperweight this thing might just do grrrrr-aaaaatee BUT as lately I’m reviving less and less Mail and more and more E-Mails Nikon just missed this one by ten years. But I’s not that much of a tragedy because even as an Paperweight this thing would have been ugly, to be honest.

  • Jack

    Already got dslr, x100, and s90, I’m still in market for compacts with apsc size sensor and interchangeable lens. The sensor size kills it, so no.

  • Iris Chrome

    I voted maybe. Although I would have said yes had the system been priced more reasonably.

    • Yagion

      +1. Price is keeping me away.

      • PHB

        Wait till we see the price on the shelves in Costco.

        It is a prosumer camera and will sell at a discount to its MSRP, just like the D3100 and D5100 always have.

        The MSRP is the same as the D3100, if the discount is the same I will buy one.

        Taking a D300+lenses on a 3 day business trip with less than an hour of shooting time is simply too much weight. The V1 will be more than enough as a walkaround.

        If you look at the specs they seem to have been aiming at the size and weight of the Olympus XA which was on of the smallest 35mm cameras ever and sold by the million for over a decade. It even looks like they took some of the styling cues. I used to love having that in my pocket.

        Put the pancake on it and it is not much larger than an iPhone. Its a bit taller and much thicker, but still distinctly pocketable.

        • Bjrichus

          I tell you what… Next time that I need a compact P&S, if they are on sale at Sam’s Club or Costco for $399 then I might be tempted. Depends on what the others in the P&S market are up to then…

          • Iris Chrome

            Bj, ok we get it. You don’t like the Nikon mirrorless. That’s fine but don’t you get tired of bashing it in every comment you make? I know I am. There is a difference between voicing an opinion and trashing a product at every other opportunity.

  • pdc

    No, absolutely not, and being well into m43, cannot see any benefits (even as a present for my wife).
    However, if Nikon were to produce an EX mirrorless (2x scale of the CX optics, 1.35 crop factor), I would be all over it, as I have kept the best of my Nikon glass. Until there is a MILC system based on larger than APS-C sensors, I’m not interested, and I will continue to focus on video with the GH2 and subsequent Panasonic m43 cameras, as opposed to stills.

    • Sahaja

      There is already a MILC system based on a larger than APS-C sensor with very fine optics – it is called a Leica M9

  • Yagion

    I think Nikon is living up to its title “King of ISO” again

    Drooling to imagine what D700 replacement will be like

    • derWalter

      :O wish my d300 could do this!

      • GeofFx

        I really don’t understand the focus on high ISO noise. You wish your D300 could do what? make a piece of bread look like it has a blueish purple mold growing on it and make eggs look like there is purple goo coming out of the bottom?

    • Jabs

      Looks great too and this is the lower end model.

      A little too bluish purple to me, but probably wrong white balance or such.

      Don’t know!

  • Bip

    I know for a fact that women seem to like this one better than an entry DSLR due to the size. They can put it in their purse.

    I think it is targeting women.

    I would buy one for my wife and occassionally “borrow” it from her. I don’t want to be seen owning a very girly camera.

    • paf

      Absolutely! There is some kind of notion floating around that mirrorless cameras appeal to women more than men. This line of products just clearly shows it — look at the colors? WTF happened to digicamo? Sure beats the pink one or the apple white color… (btw… I wonder if the pink one comes with matching fuzzy dice for your car with Nikon logo on them).

      I’d be curious to see another NR poll — are you a male or female reader. Marry that with the “Will you buy =The One=” and see the correlation.

      Of course I would add a third option (undecided) for some….

    • MK

      Agreed. In fact, Nikon Direct (Nikon’s official online shop in Japan) is selling these bags for V1/J1. You can even get some cash coupon if you buy V1 or J1 together with one of the bags. Go figure.



  • Eric

    You forgot one:

    5: “Are you freaking nuts? I might as well buy an x-ray camera that can see through clothes I saw in the bubble gum wrapper!”

  • Eric

    Sorry for the double post:

    4: No. I’m selling my Nikons and getting a Leica M9p and Noctilux.

    • more money than sense

    • That $20k you’re preparing to invest in your kit camera sounds like it’s pocket change to you. I propose you send me your gear fedex gratis, and I’ll make sure it is treated well.

      • PHB

        At this point it is getting hard to distinguish the people making negative comments from the people being sarcastic about them.

        I think the real gripe for most of the negative people is that it is not big enough or expensive enough for them to flash about. They needn’t worry, we can be certain that Nikon will be bringing out a gold plated version just to catch their business.

        Alternatively, buy the black one, take off the case, strip it back to bare metal. Give the inside a spray coat of clear laquer and then gold plate the front. Polish to a nice shiny color and I am sure that the local pimp club will be thrilled to give them the coveted ‘Pimp of the year’ accolade when they see it.

        I may be making a trip to Taiwan in a few months, anyone know if the price of electronic gear is more favorable than the US? Might be worth picking one up while I am out there.

        • You’ll notice my response was tepid—I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was being sarcastic.

          Pimp of the year. Classic. Canon is for chimps, but Nikon is for PIMPS!

    • Jabs

      You are buying a camera that is worse than a cheap D5100 and you now expect anyone to validate your intellectual prowess and reasoning?


      Come back to the 21st century perhaps!

  • nycphotobro

    The camera actually may be pretty good. However, I know what I want like many others and this just isn’t it. Therefore, I will not be purchasing this camera. I too and awaiting the arrival of the next DSLR and hoping for a new FF!! I have a D40x that takes beautiful images, however I’m in need of better AF and low light performance and a camera with a built in focus motor. So thanks Nikon for the new camera but bring on what you know your customers really want!!! We all know you can do better than this!

  • Scott

    Impressed, no. But I don’t think we are the intended target market for this camera line. I would like to see the performance.

    Me, I want the D4X.

    • PHB

      Lets see, D4 is almost certain to be 24MP. So a D4x would be 48MP.

      That would mean almost exactly the same pixel size as the Nikon 1. So it would be ISO 3200 or 6400 tops. But thats not bad since the medium format digital cameras only manage 800. They are strictly for studio shooting.

  • LOL

    Nope, Nikon failed IMHO. They could have brought out a nice retro rangefinder style cam (basically X100 with interchangeable lenses). But no, they had to bring out a P&S with exchangeable lenses aimed at the hip tokyo crowd.


    • RR


  • mshi

    Nikon misread the demand and will suffer accordingly from the flop.

    • Anonymous

      Time will prove you and the other Nikon naysayers wrong. Look at the high ISO performance and consider that it is intended for the slightly advanced novice user, it will be a KEEPER.

  • Juan de la Cruz

    The mirrorless camera is only for those people who have lots of money…and doesn’t know a thing or clue about cameras.

    • El wrongo.

    • R!

      …..the nikon one fo shure is nonsense,Sony also to big lenses M4/3 iz perfect to me ,I just dont carry compact anymore with my dslr I just use it as a compact and a camcorder , that don’t carry anymore also by the way.

  • DX2FX

    Poll#2 result doesn’t surprise at all. Majority of NR readers are matured photograhers already into DSLR for a long time, obviously won’t be interested in this type of dinky gear..

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at that little sensors performance at 6400 ISO.


    I think it is pretty good.

  • ktmglen

    I’m going to wait until the system is more mature. If it’s successful and the lens road map materializes, I can buy one later. No need to rush in. They’ll make more. The AF on this will be great for action shots, but I seldom shoot anything that moves. The camera is also quite a bit bigger and more expensive than I thought it would be. Looks like it will be a Canon S100 for me.

  • One More Thought

    This seems like it would be a fun camera; I don’t know if I would get one; I’d have to try it out first, but it will be better than the naysayers would have you think.

    Speaking of which, I’ve never seen such whining and complaining for no good reason. The reality is that 99% of the complaints are not really about the new cameras at all; they are simply the result of disappointment that Nikon has not given them what they want and released a new FF dslr. But so what…deal with it; it’s not the end of the world, and really it doesn’t degrade your quality of life one bit.

    Please…how can you judge a camera that you haven’t seen or held? Also, if you don’t want one, just move along. No one is forcing you to buy it, or to even try one out or look at one.

    It must be nice when your biggest problem in life is that Nikon has not released a newer camera at the upper end of the price scale, and you have to make do with only the D3s or D3x or D700.

    Perspective, people…just keep it all in perspective…

  • kongqueror

    Price the J1 under $400CAD and the V1 under $500 and it is worth a look. At Nikon’s current asking price, it doesn’t make sense vs. the u4/3, the NEX, and the NX.

    • It’s certainly better priced than the Sigma SD-1 and some people are still buying those!

      • kongqueror

        Don’t you know who these Nikon 1s are targeted for? Hint: not for the Sigma SD-1 crowd.

  • John Caballero

    I love Nikon but kudos to Sony. I am getting the A65. It has the same heart as a Nikon anyway!

  • Ruhtard

    No. I could get an old M3 for less money and it would be a better camera. So no.

  • martijn

    too expensive

    • PHB

      Since the other camera I was considering for this purpose was the M8, the Nikon 1 is much cheaper.

      The Nikon beats the cheaper Leica on the sensor specs. The lens range is almost certain to be better. Its a pity they could not build in WiFi and GPS, but that may come.

      • PHB

        The cheaper Leica being the one that is cheaper than the M9. The M8 body is still $3000.

  • Jason

    If I could afford it right now (just blown my money on a new mountain bike) I’d get a two lens V1 kit, flash and the f-mount adapter. That’s a truly pocket sized camera for family outings, and another 1.8x reach over the D300 when I’m taking wildlife shots. The 300mm/f4 on a V1 becomes like a 540mm/f4 on the D300 – or maybe the D200, which had the same pixel count.

    Nikon is offering either (1) smaller lenses to do the same job as the big ones, or (2) your old lenses and a huge payoff in reach for putting up with the size. The only thing that’s missing from the range is a truly wide wide angle.

  • joe b low

    Even beeing a D700 owner, I’d never get one of these pieces of small sensor shit as a backup or 2nd camera or anything. Especially not when I can just as well get a sony NEX that beats the nikon’s into a bloody pulp. And if I, for some reason, would want some small sensor under-achieving camera, I’d just get a canon powershot or something. Nikon is just so full of fail with this release that it amazes me that a big company can fuck up so hard.

  • Nope. I’ve got a D300 for work and an iPhone for play, I don’t need anything in between. not from Nikon, not from anyone. But if I was in the market for a P&S, this wouldn’t be it. I’d want something I could fit in my pocket. Canon S100 probably.

    • Daf

      I bought a HTC Desire S hoping that it would be good enough for play – but for me it’s lacking the creative control (mostly apperture selection) that I’d like.
      Quick snaps – maybe yes, but not the creative level up from that.

  • peter

    Have to agree w Thom Hogan and the others who take issue w the price. But for my money it would have to be below $500.00 for the V1 for me to consider it. Then, w the F-mount adapter in tow, I would have a body that could back up my Pro-sumer needs in a pinch.I could then leave the camera bag secure somewhere in a moment and take one lens (pancake?) and just slip the N1 into a vest pocket and go out to lunch w my friend or like yesterday at work, grab a quick shot or two of scout locations without having to wear my back brace ( I mean the kit bag.)

  • This specs at this price point is just goint to be a massive failure for Nikon. Anyone who can afford this camera will just be buying it for their private collection before it gets discontinued. If i had 1K to spend, it could spend it in a retro camera like the x100 or in gadgetry like Nex-5, but I’ll never spent that amount in anything who has a sensor smaller than a micro 4/3.
    I am Nikon user since the d50 launch and this is the first time I am wondering what was going on in their minds when they came out with this thing…

  • It’s not the kind camera I would buy, but that doesn’t make automatically to hate it because of that. I think we’re all disappointed because we (NR readers) were/are expecting a new FF , but I sincerely expect them to sell it and make profit profit it, as it would help the company to keep working on the higher end models and stay on the top. Good luck with the sales Nikon, sell your nice new bodies to the masses. I’m still loving my D300s and I won’t upgrade until a new FF comes out, meantime, it’s always good (better I’d say) to invest in pro lenses.

  • Glow

    Waste of time for all of us and for Nikon. I’m a DX (soon FX) user, 9 lenses (DX/FX) all I need is a small, mirrorless , compact body for my DX lenses. A street-party-fun camera with build in small pup up flash. A lots of post-processing presets for quick shooting JPGs and WIFI connection to share those pictures by my iPhone.

    There is a market for that kind of camera, I’m sure. NIKON PLEASE WAKE UP!

  • Chris

    I won’t buy any of the Nikon 1 cameras because they aren’t what I’ve been looking for. No doubt there are some interesting features on these cameras though.

    To be honest, I’ve been waiting for a while now for a manufacturer other than Leica to make a high end full-frame mirrorless system camera in order to really take advantage of going mirrorless. If it’s going to be a 24mp sensor, then we can do without an anti-aliasing filter (which lowers resolution).

    What’s the point of going mirrorless for pros?

    For me, the key point of using a mirrorless camera is that it allows for non-retrofocus wide-angle lenses (typical SLR lenses are of the retrofocus design, which compromises on edge-to-edge sharpness). I wonder if any manufacturer has made such wide angle lenses recently.

    Natural vignettes will occur, however, based on firmware and software technology we’ve seen from high end lens and camera makers, camera firmware should be capable of eliminating such vignettes automatically if the feature was turned on, based on pre-installed lens performance profile, provided the sensor’s dynamic range can handle the push/pull in exposure levels. (I’d keep the vignettes for aesthetic reasons.)

    Barrel distortion and chromatic aberrations can also be corrected this way, if they even appear at all.

    Net result in going mirrorless for pros should be to attain very much higher image quality and sharpness, than possibly any DSLR. This is, of course, when we’re talking about 35mm or wider lenses.

  • Daf

    “Not sure yet” suggests a possibility.
    Although I voted for that – I’m more of an “unlikely”

    The quick fps is appealing as a fun slow-mo toy, but sensor size is offputting for serious imaging. Mind you – I’ve not looked at any images yet.
    Had a play with a PEN a while ago (1st one I think) and it was depressingly slow, so the Nikon being quick is a plus point.
    Also fact we can use AF-s lenses. I’d never put a big zoom on it but a 50 1.4 might be good.

    • Daf

      Plus as per many others – I have money saved for a D800/400.

      I’m unlikely to spend any money on a different camera system until I know what the above outlay will be. (Going FF will cost more as I have some DX lenses I’m likely to replace…. and some I won’t bother)

  • Jason

    When the next Nikon FX is announced, I expect to see over 100 comments on the first day stating, “just what I was waiting for, I’ve pre-ordered one” or similar sentiments. Anything less will come as a severe disappointment to me, and possibly to Nikon as well

    • Daf

      Most people will complain about the price.
      But then the suggested/opening price is usually way above what it settles down to.

  • Andrea Leganza

    My suggestion for another answer in the poll is: i don’t need any mirrorless, i need a new FF dsrl… 🙂

  • What is the magnification factor if I use DSLR lens on it?

    • Daf

      x 2.7

    • BetaHal

      x2.7 –to put this number in perspective, your typical DX 17-55 kit lens on this sensor would be something like a 50-150 equivalent on a full frame camera. A 12-24mm would be like a 35-70.

  • anon

    my gripe with this camera is that, for me at least, it doesn’t really have a place. If i want something that’s going to be a more compact camera, but still give decent image quality and good control, i’m going to take a pXXXX series. Otherwise i’m going to take my DSLR and accessories. The point of a compact camera is to be able to have it everywhere you go without having to necessarily think about how you’re going to lug it around. Yes the 1 might be small with the pancake 10mm, but you’re very limited with only one prime. Once you start adding the lenses, you need a bag, which puts you right back into DSLR territory, so i’d just take my DSLR. My other gripe is the apparent lack of manual control. Who want’s to change settings in menus? That sucks. Plus this body looks extremely uncomfortable to hold especially if you get the F-mount adapter and put a decent f-mount lens on it. I have pretty big hands and even find d90/7000 fairly small.

    That being said, i have no knowledge of phase AF or whatever, so maybe it will be extreme fast and accurate, but personally i hate electronic viewfinders and can’t go without an optical so that is another huge knock against it. I think the number of people saying they will not buy this could indicate a giant mistake on nikon’s part. Maybe Sony’s version is selling well. I don’t know. BUT if it is, that doesn’t mean Nikon’s customer base will have the same mentality about mirrorless. Nikon also shouldn’t think they’ll be able to pull most or even a lot of Sony’s loyalists, since, unfortunately, a lot of people buy sonys because they are “Sonys” and will not convert.

    Will this product do well? Probably. But every new product takes development time and money away from others. Without a mirrorless, we may have seen a newer full frame line and/or d300s replacement or more improved lenses sooner. I’m not one of those “make something new now or i’ll switch” people, but it is a little irritating to see them spend probably boatloads of money to design a new camera system that nea 80% of people polled say they will not ever buy….

  • LlocQ

    If I had to choose a micro 4/3 system I would definitely go for the Olympus E-P3!Way better in terms of specs and more beautiful in my opinion..and around the same price as the Nikon V1 I think..

    Nikon what are u doing?!?! c’mon!!!
    Face Detection?!?!?Who use that?!?!
    Smart Photo Selector????YEAH…I need this one..

    I am also a D700 user (I love it)…..but I am sick of waiting….You better do a better job there..

  • Hendrik Mintarno

    All i need is 2x crop camera with latest technology to give better image quality (at any ISO speed). My E-P2 have noise in dark area even in base ISO 200.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Wow. These cameras are being obliterated on dpreview. It’s an enthusiast revolt.

    • NG42

      “Red Kockwell”

      • NG42

        Red = Ren

    • broxibear

      Hi Ren Kockwell,
      I’ve noticed on several websites/forums/blogs etc there have only been reviews based on spec sheets, a few have had a quick play with pre production models but no one’ yet had a real review.
      Based on this, why do you think there’s been so much negative reaction to the J1 and V1 from ordinary readers ?. I don’t recall such negativity when the PENs or GF cameras were announced.

  • derek

    what i need is full frame mirrorless camera and some pancake lens.
    to make lens small, 28mm f.4.5 is acceptable. no need f2.8

  • NG42

    To those of you defending this camera- I have no doubt that it will be able to take passable pictures for most people. But here’s the problem. Nikon has said these cameras are geared towards the masses. Given the slow lenses and feature set of the cameras I’m inclined to agree with them. But then look at the price! These things cost more than most DSLRs. The pricing is absolutely insane. These cameras deserve to be a huge fail. They should be $399/$499 max. Unreal. It blows my mind people are defending these things. Yes, point to some of the cool features, but always keep in mind the price Nikon expects you to pay. I’m almost certain most of those saying they will buy it are either Nikon employees or fanboys who will not do so. Just buy a high end compact. In many ways the Olympus XZ1 is more capable than these cameras and costs far less.

    • broxibear

      Hi NG42,
      I agree with much of what you’ve posted.
      The J1 with 10-30mm is £549, it’s Olympus competitor the E-PM1 with 14-42mm II is £449, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 with 14-42mm is £429, the G3 with 14-42mm Lens is £489 and the Sony NEX-C3 with 18-55mm is £419.
      These are the cameras that the J1 and V1 will be directly competing against for sales, the problem for Nikon is that the competition is better looking (I know some like the look but reading through various websites most don’t), better designed (look at the back button/dial arrangement on the Nikons) and cheaper. We’ll have to wait for the tests for image quality compared to the micro4/3 bodies, although I’m confident the NEX’s will have better image quality.
      I’m not having a go at Nikon for the sake of it, and ultimately it means very little to me (I use a GF1 as my carry with me camera)…I just feel they’ve missed an opportunity.
      I’m looking forward to Canon’s reaction. Are they going to grasp the situation and bring out something special, or will they do what Nikon have and announce a damp squib ?

    • paf

      All I can add here is that Nikon’s projections of future earnings are high – that means either they will sell huge quantities of stuff – and sell it at a decent profit margin.

      Clearly they are betting a lot on this camera. Looking at it, the most expensive part of this camera seems to be the new chip – the sensor isn’t big enough to be a fortune nor the LCD & EVF. Get the jar of Vaseline ready for you wallet – here “comes” the One. Open wide for chunky!

  • georg

    The problems of Nikon 1 are the following:

    1) Consumers don’t want to spend big bucks for such a camera
    2) Amateurs who want to be like a pro don’t want to be seen with such a girlie camera


    You will call me all bad things but 95% of you don’ t need a D4 and a Nikon 1 would be more than enough – heck, I’m sure most of you can not see a difference between a compact shot and a FX one – except in 5% when light is bad or no depth of field is wanted.
    I own a Nikon FX but I don’t want to carry the weight all the time. If light is good, a small camera is more than enough. The other 5% or when I need small depth of field I take my FX.

    I don’t know why people are always mentioning the small sensor as a bad thing – hey you! Small sensor means small and light camera and lenses! At least if your name is not Nikon. 😉

    Don’t moan about sensor size. Moan why Nikon makes a CX sensor but the camera and lenses are as big like m4/3!!!!

    Don’t call it a girlie camera because it is small or pink. I’m climbing mountains with my camera gear, I want to ged rid of every single gramm! Call it a nonsens consumer cam because the lenses are so slow – you get the same image but lighter, smaller and cheaper with a Canon S95/S100 compact!

    I was really glad when I hear Nikon will build a mirrorless cam. Yes, at last! Mirrorless is the future, the mirror is just a kludge because when the mirror was introduced we used film and film can not be looked at like a LCD. I hope the D5/D900 will get rid of that mirror crap, then I buy an upgrade to my FX.

    So I’m not really interested in D4/D800. They sure are faster, have video functions, more MP and/or better light sensitivity. No revolution, just improvement. They sure will get a little bit bigger and heavier for you folks who want to show your neighbor your big thing.

    I will buy the next Nikon FX only if it is smaller and lighter than D700. Everything else is nice, but not really important.

    I’m really sad, that the Nikon 1 don’t come up to my expectations. Size and weight is too much for that sensor, lenses are too big, and too slow. They have no Nikon CLS flash support and slow flash sync. I really thought I can get a small and light Nikon cam which can be used with other Nikon gear. Sadly, that’s not possible.
    Ok, it’s the first try. On the other hand it is a revolution (for Nikon) because they introduced not only new technology but a complete new system.

    Now I lean back and wait. Wait for an improvement of Nikon 1 (comes in 3 years), wait for the deleting of that mirror crap on FX format (comes at the earliest in 6years). Until that I buy a Canon S95/S100 as a supplement for my Nikon FX system, and go out shooting with both of them.

    • kyoshinikon

      They would lose me as a customer If they got rid of the mirror. Even the SLT viewfinder of the Sony a55 strains your eyes after a few hours (and It produces an image nowhere near as good as your eye still can do especially in dark situations…)

      • georg

        You are right — now. In 2-4 years electronic viewfinders are as good or even better than optical ones. You get what the sensor sees – new sensors will see more light than your eyes and future electronic viewfinders will give you a resolution high enough to focus – if you still want.

        Think of that:
        -) No mirror noise
        -) No mirror vibrations
        -) No dust from air of the mirror flap
        -) No mechanical parts and wear
        -) No fps limits of the really big and slow (FX) mirror
        -) Smaller, lighter

        Technology won’t stop – I hope we can get rid of that mirrors as soon as possible.

        PS: After watching the development the last 2 years I decided to stop buying FX lenses. The next system(s) I purchase will be mirrorless – first a small one CX or m4/3 and then FX/full frame. I will step over any D4/D800 or whatever comes (next) if it still has a mirror. D3S and D700 are more than enough anything I shoot.

  • henry o

    Dear Nikon,
    I have two kids, mid 20’s, that want a camera for Christmas. They are tired of point and shoot and want something more complicated to play with, but don’ want the bulk of a SLR. So a mirrorless camera would be great.

    I have waited to purchase their gifts until your announcement on your mirrorless system. I will now be buying the Olympus EPL2 because your offering is of lesser value as a camera than the EPL2,yet costs far more.

  • kyoshinikon

    Nikon Do you see the 19,000 customers who wont buy your camera… While we haven’t even been able to try it yet, I suggest that next time you put a larger sensor in it…

    You lost me because there are no Aperture or SS controls on the body. However you didn’t lose me as a customer because I use your Dslr and Lens system…

    • kyoshinikon

      And lower the price too…

      • broxibear

        And if all still fails…stick a red sticker on it, cover the Nikon type with Leica, add a zero to the price and it’ll sell like hotcakes…maybe lol.

  • AG

    A question to all these bashing the camera because of the small sensor: Why is that GoPRO is the most used video rig for any action videos? It’s certainly not because of it’s tiny-winy sensor…

    Todays market is not IQ, but capability and usability driven… And these little suckers from Nikon look awesome feature-wise, I’m actually considering unloading my D7000 as V1 is more capable for what I need it for and, most importantly, it’s considerably smaller….

  • john

    It may not be a bad camera, but no and no way I am going to get this camera
    I need a camera with good picture at 12800 ISO and I don’t have any spare money of any other thing else

  • J

    As Whitney Houston would say: “H to tha N”

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