Nikon 1 sample videos

Some Nikon 1 sample videos via Engadget:

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  • foxpictures

    wow, that’s impressive I have to say, opens up a whole new world of creativity

    • creativity comes from new gear???

      • foxpictures

        only 😉

  • Eric Calabros


  • Rahul

    Videos/pics in limited lighting conditions are conspicuously missing. This always happens with small sensor cameras.

  • Rahul

    Size does matter and Nikon should be aware of this. Why Nikon? You were shouting ‘I am coming’ ‘I am coming’ so loudly that everyone thought that the reason behind this scream must be something big. Sure it looks elegant but when you open it (lens) you see that it has a small one (sensor). It is the most important part of the body so it should have been bigger. Instead, it is 2.7 times smaller than the normal size. How is it going to satify anyone with this size? Number of ‘f’ per second is not going to compensate for the small size.

  • Rahul

    Anyway, I am hopeful that the future DSLRs (even the entry level ones) are going to get much imporoved autofocus system.
    Nikon is showing off the future planned lenses for Nikon one system which has never happened before. I am a bit worried that It will put DSLR lenses on low priority. Nikon, for God sake, please provide us affordable portrait (85 1.8G, 70-200 f/4) lenses. Do not screw up the DSLR users for the mirrorless system.

    • stillvideos

      Since we are playing on the I’m coming bit… Then let me add this.. It’s not the size that matters.. It’s how you use it. And the quality seems good enough for the size of this thing 😉

  • plug

    Looks promising, but the small sensor means that the depth of field is quite high.

  • Huggs

    Screw the IQ. That music is annoying.

  • Cool WHip

    Everything looks awesome when it’s in slo-mo and you’ve paid actors to…act. But seriously, looks really good…except the last one.

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