Nikon mirrorless camera: 12 bit RAW files, 1440k dots TFT EVF

Few more small details about the Nikon mirrorless camera:

  • The electronic viewfinder will be 0.45 in. 1440k dots TFT display with diopter and brightness adjustment
  • The camera will have 12 bit RAW (NEF) capabilities
  • The frame coverage will be 100% (obviously)
  • SD memory card (obviously)
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  • manarianz5


  • Tom

    I look forward to learning more tomorrow.

  • Boring.

    • Al dudorino


  • amien

    12 BIT only ??? Tiny sensor ??? Nikon should apply a patent for a “Back to the Future” camera !!!

    • dgreene196

      I took a quick glance, and I can’t find any current mirrorless camera shipping that offers 14-bit RAW as an option. Maybe the NEX-7 will offer this.

      I’m not sure 14-bit RAW is something that’s desperately needed at this level of equipment.

      • enesunkie

        “I’m not sure 14-bit RAW is something that’s desperately needed at this level of equipment.”

        It’s not.

      • MJr

        *Maybe* with eagle eyes and a 4 digit $ monitor with 100% Adobe RGB accuracy the difference could be visible. So no not really …

        • Danyyyel

          The difference will not be on this for sure, but what will be seen above all is the P&S Nikon look against proper DSLR like type of shoots of the other mirrorless. This won’t need 400% magnification unfortunately for us and everyone else, plain a simple.

          • amien

            The difference of 12-vs14-vs16bit is clearly obvious in terms of color-tonal transitions. If you shoot raw & process your pictures, you get much more latitude & with less sky banding.

            • Robert Falconer


            • PHB

              Also means that you can underexpose your shots to avoid blow outs and then recover to get an HDR like effect.

            • amien


      • J-Man

        12bit capture will be fine, just keep post processing @ 16bit or greater, that’s when lower bit files fall apart and you get banding.

    • Foolishcfo

      Back to the Future is right! Maybe they’ll name it Calvin, Calvin Klein. Come on Nikon, give us some new pro-SLRs! You can do it!

      • amien

        Lol, I got your joke, in the French version of Back to the Future, Marty calls himself ” Pierre Cardin ” 😉

  • The invisible man

    Mirror or mirrorless will not change anything for me.

    BTW, Nikon repair service is BAD (I mean bad, they don’t have a clue of what is a lens front focusing problem).

    • FM2Fan

      sure? I’ve experienced the opposite: knowledgable, customer centric – passionate about repairing gear

      • The invisible man

        Cool, what’s his (her) name ?
        Thank you !

      • Levi H

        Agreed, I’ve experienced a really great focusing fix on my old D90. They bent the metal strap holder at the edge of the camera in shipping or something, but it focused dead on when I got it back!

        • scurvy hesh

          Thats on UPS. those guys are Savages. I get daily UPS pickups and as much as I like my driver he can do some gnarly stuff with packages. I had a F3 I sold to a customer in New York and After I handed it to him he tossed the box in the back like a basketball. Good thing I pack my cameras with absolute care. because they would get annihilated by these guys.

          • Ronan

            Amen! UPS is tough on their packages… lol

    • scurvy hesh

      better switch to Canon now.

      • Reck Konwell

        Haaaaaa … At last ! Bye Bye !

      • Jesus_sti

        What they have more ?

    • Do not know about you but I had good experience with them. They are very nice people.

    • I’ve experienced a frustrating situation once, I sent in a coolpix P&S in for repair once (about 5/6 or so years ago), and it took THREE months before I got it back. During that time, nobody knew where it was, gah it was frustrating.

  • Ren Cockwell

    This blows. Everything out of the water.

  • MB

    12 bit RAW is just fine (best monitors and printers today have only 10 bit range).
    NRW is also 12 bit but what is file extension to us?

    • Jesus_sti

      You know that … epson print 16 bit color ….

      • rhlpetrus

        I’d like to bet that no one here is actually able to see or get anything from the extra 2 bits the dslrs carry over the satndar 12 bits of yore.

        • andy
          • Geoff

            ty for the link

          • rhlpetrus

            I can show you a real image where recovery of shadows make a difference. That’s not the point, we all know 14 bits will provide for better tone control. The point is: how will that look in a final print? I still bet people won’t be able to distinguish it.

            • …alright, let’s see it. I have yet to see an actual useful images where it made a difference. Only extremely unusual test situations.

            • rhlpetrus

              That’s exactly my point, the situations where you see the difference, and there’s one, are quite artificial.

            • Jesus_sti

              The point are … when you need 14or 16 bit for recovering shadows it’s make a difference in the final print. That the difference !

          • rhlpetrus

            Thanks for links, but at day’s end, the difference will likely be lost on a real image printed. I have seen interesting tests where shadow recovery in the D7k is better at 14 bits. But the final result is not useable.

            Moreover, this sensor is likely to go at most up to 11-12 EV DR, so that 14 bit ADC would not impact that much on the tone gradation of even at the extremes, would only make system slower. It looks like it needs all speed it can deliever.

            • Exactly! It’d be nice if the information was there, but they’d have to increase SNR another two db to make using anything more than 12-bit worthwhile.

              I hope they do! …but until then it’s just more fud and marketing bullshit, instead of what we need which is: better af, better SNR at higher ISOs, more res, more accurate color.

              The sensors are already producing DR that rivals film (in my opinion), but in camera processing is still in the stone age. If the mfrs improved in camera handling of the full DR, video would look better too.

              There’s not much left up to go for most things, so here’s hoping processing gets some much needed attention.

            • rhlpetrus

              Check this DR test of pulling shadows, 14 bits work nicely, 12 shows a lt of color shift:


            • rhlpetrus

              And here is a 16EV image with heavy recovery:


    • The invisible man

      My four 21″ Samsung monitors are running at 32 bits (NVIDA dual video cards).

      • nofunben

        32 bits total not per color channel
        12 bits is per channel giving 36bit total or 4 bits more then your monitors

        • MJr

          PWNED !

        • The invisible man

          Ho !
          No wonder, I thought my tomatos were not ready but it’s just my monitors that make them look green !
          The red was not 100% red !

      • Pdf Ninja

        Memory layout is completely different from color depth. 32-bit video actually means 8 bits per channel (24 bits per pixel). The remaining 8 bits are only used for padding. In other words, Red byte, Green byte, Blue byte, padding (unused). In some cases the 4th byte is used for transparency (alpha channel). Also, most monitors can only display 8 bits per channel at most. The cheap TN panel displays are 6-bit.

      • Jabs

        Your 32 bits = added up bit structure and NOT real bit structure.

        R – 8 bits
        G – 8 bits
        B – 8 bits
        Alpha Channel – 8 bits

        Total = 32 bits

        You then have a 24bit monitor with an 8 bit Alpha Channel capability as in using a consumer Video card.

        It is perhaps a Windows limitation and even present in OS-X which are 32/64bit, but not Linux 64bit, hence why I often say here – I USE Linux 64bit for its’ higher native Bit Structure plus higher Bit Structure Engineering Monitors.

    • Jabs

      Here is a little wakeup call for most of you here, perhaps:

      Click on EACH individual camera and then look at their Bit Structure.

  • Ren Cockwell

    This is super. Everything out of the water.

  • D40? lol (No Mirrors)

  • Only 20 hours left

    • actually more like 8 hours till the US announcement

      • Essenobi

        The countdown timer is different that what you’re saying … so it seems a bit odd unless there is something happening at the countdown timer as well. Any thoughts Admin?

        • What

          When Nikon is really excited…

          Nikon is able to experience multiple “comings”.

  • Another 20 hours and we will see what happens 😉
    It looks interesating for long exposures and hand held on lower shutter speed.

  • okay


  • Hans

    No new CoolCraps this time? C’mon Nikon – there are a lot of colors left (cyan, purple, …).

  • coco

    holyshit, nikon actually think it’s going to work – just saw some real sample of the Pentax Q – fuck, it better than the shit you can take with a fucking smartphone – that it.
    From the specs the only fucking shit that nikon can beat is that pentax shit – unless Canon decide to come out with worse shit than this. Holy fuck – what’s their plan? Chapter 11

    • Zorro

      Well spoken.

    • scurvy hesh

      wow thanks for the sincere, thoughtful comments.

    • Funduro

      LOL, coco what’s your real name? Tony Soprano? Hate to be a Nikon rep and meet you in a dark alley.

  • The invisible man

    If I can’t sleep tonight it will not be waiting for the mirrorless camera, but because of my $1800 14-24mm (new) lens that just came back from Nikon repair and still have the same problem, front focusing.

    So, Nikon, double check your lenses before selling them instead playing around with new junk cameras.
    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Send it back again. If you are a pro, you maybe be able to get a loaner.

  • dgreene196

    So it looks like the EVF will be roughly equivalent to the one offered in the Olympus VF-2. So that’s to add a couple hundred dollars to the cost of this camera compared to EVF-less mirrorless cameras (ala EPL-3, GF3, NEX-C3).

    But if it comes as a somewhat different form factor than the current EVF-containing mirrorless cameras (DSLR-like or rangefinder-esque), it might offer a somewhat unique package. Looking forward to all the specs, and I’m still hoping for a relatively pocketable option vs. what is currently available.

  • coco

    less than day before Nikon ending his duty in Photography History

  • Ric

    This can only mean Nycon Capture NX3! Whoot!!!!!

  • coco

    I will miss Nikon while try to sell my nikon shit – hopefully will have enough to get a sony A55 or 65

    • Ric

      Send my your glass.

      • Glass Hawk

        Naw, you don’t want his kit lens.

        If he’s really considering a Sony, he can’t have decent glass because there wouldn’t be anything equivalent in the Sony camp. *evilgrin*

        • Anonymous

          +1… you hit the nail on the head.

        • Jabs


          Yeah, that is why they are selling their Nikon gear – they don’t have ANY lenses to speak of nor do they need a wide variety of lenses, so they love camera bodies only.

          Plus they are now going backwards in both bodies and lenses.

          Real genius too – lol

          • Steve

            My D5100 and 16-85 and Tamron 60 f/2 will be on Ebay soon, plus some other stuff. I’m going Sony a65 and zeiss 16-80.

            • Jesus_sti

              You have buy a Tamron lens ?

    • Chris P

      I now see why you picked the name Coco, you’re a clown.

      • Jabs

        No – that’s ‘KOO-KOO’ as in kooky!

        Sticks index finger at temple and does a ‘circular’ move to indicate – sick in da head – LOL!

    • scurvy hesh

      OH REALLY?

  • rhlpetrus

    12 bit is more than enough, only possible D7k and D3x sensors need 14 bits and I doubt anyone here is actually able to use that …

    • Jabs

      Look here and see why Nikon is so good.

      Click on the individual camera and see their Bit structure.

      Tell us how many Nikon’s are 14bit then?

  • Here is my calculation:

    13.2 x 8.8 mm Sensor -> 3:2 aspect ratio.

    1440k dots = 3 * 480k pixel.

    480k px= 800 px * 600 px screen.

    I am supposed to judge composition & framing based on a screen, that has less resolution than my tv? that sounds like a bad idea. (thogh my good old D700 only has a 921.6k screen which means 640*480. not good either)

    • WoutK89

      Here comes the shock, your TV is probably 100 times larger than this EVF…
      0.45″ EVF with 800×600 px

      • yeah, but the EVF will be right at your eye, taking probably more of your eye space than your TV. This is more important than size, it’s magnification.

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    Let’s just put this in perspective. The last major announcement was for a d3100…in red.

    going to opt for sleep tonight.

    • broxibear

      No Up $#!t’s creek…wake up. It wasn’t just red, it was Ferrari red, it was Dorothy from the Wizard Of Ozs’ shoes red, it was the red from the cherries in the cherry pies in Twin Peaks…ok…it was just red, go back to sleep.

      • The invisible man

        now because of you he will dream all night about the lady in red…..

        • Jabs

          OR – now dream about the famous cover shot of I think, by Jay Maisel on that fantastic CTI recording – ‘Cherry’ by Stanley Turrentine.

          Look it up and LOL, too.

          Red too.

          • Jabs

            Sorry – the photographer was the great Pete Turner and not Jay Maisel

            Just looked it up too.

            Loved Stanley Turrentine’s albums especially ‘Sugar’ and all the Live sets too – like the CTI Freddie Hubbard’s Red Clay Live at I think Fillmore West – great jazz artists too, but those CTI recordings had some very risque’ covers as in Salt Song, some with Grover Washington Jr as in naked and just graphic images that pushed the boundaries then in LP cover art, but the CD covers were smaller and not two page spreads, so less impact than the 12 inch LP covers.

            Kodachrome REDS too.

            Da Sugarman = Turrentine
            Red Clay = Freddie Hubbard – the Studio set and the Live performance with George Benson too.

            Great stuff.
            Turrentine played with many greats including George Benson on that great CTI album – White Rabbit.

            CTI’s thrust and sound was like Nikon’s thrust then – irreverent, daring and producing unreal gear as in totally different and now we have this NEW and revolutionary camera – WOW!

            Nikon is on its’ game for sure, but people are going to complain, as they are clueless and think that ONLY Apple or now Sony gets it, while Nikon designs as well as BUILDS fantastic gear and often has pushed the boundaries of technology so far ahead, that their competitors are left gasping – like NOW.

            Nikon 1 = this indomitable Nikon ‘spirit’ that has innovated over decades and still people don’t get it.

            IT IS simply a quest for excellence in a largely mediocre world = clueless people wanting pretty spec. heavy crap recycled yearly to please them and then they sell it eventually on E-bay to gullible morons and now make more money, as they are obsessed with DOLLARS and not real performance.

            iIdiots for sure.

            End of rant too – LOL!

        • broxibear

          At least he’s having nice dreams of a lady in red…i’m still having nightmares about a dwarf in a red suit

          • Up $#!t’s creek

            ooh… cherries, twin peaks and women in high heel shoes, gonna be a good one

            Thanks guys!

      • Ric

        Audry Horn lipstick red.

      • Ke

        Pentax actually did team up with Ferrari for a red special edition for one of their cameras.

        • Jesus_sti

          Pentax are the best for color camera !

        • Patrick

          I just saw a Japanese girl carrying a pink Pentax dslr with bright yellow card slot cover in the 34th st ny subway today. At first I thought it was a new d3100…looks like a toy!

  • i am comings

    Sony EVF = 2.4 million dots
    Nikon EVF = 1.44 million dots

    1440k sounds like so much more than 1.44 million.

    • MJr

      Well, a compact P300 sized camera has a little less room than the NEX-7 doesn’t it, and i don’t see you comparing the actual dimensions that might very well result in quite similar pixel-density.

      • i am comings

        I was merely pointing out why I thought they decided to go with 1440k instead of 1.44M.

  • 10MP

    Nikon!!! You Lose!!! Go Home!!! We don’t want your pathetic, fad, joke of a mirrorless!!! Canon & Sony will listen and give us a real camera!!!!! I may be wrong, but I truly think/hope Canon is going to come to our(Nikon fans) rescue and give us a moderately priced full frame and then the joke will really be on Nikon. Check it out for yourself on CanonRumors website….It’s dubbed the “Nikon Killer.” And we’re talking about 12 bit raw files? Come on…

    • Ke

      I may be wrong, but I truly think/hope Canon is going to come to our(Nikon fans) rescue and give us a moderately priced full frame and then the joke will really be on Nikon. Check it out for yourself on CanonRumors website….It’s dubbed the “Nikon Killer.” And we’re talking about 12 bit raw files? Come on…

      Yeah, there were rumour about a Canon digital rangefinder floating about for about 5 or 6 years too. You might be in for a wait.*

      *That said, if they do come out with a cheap FF camera, I’d gladly switch. Not that I expect it to happen any time soon.

    • rhlpetrus

      Again, this is a smaller sensor, likley 11-12 EV only of DR, so why waste bits on it? 12 bits/channel is more than enough for good quality imaging.

    • Jesus_sti

      Yeah Yeah Yeah … I’ll belive it when i’ll see it… probably never !

  • Jabs

    A quick question!

    Does the Sony EVF in their new A77 have a brightness and also a Diopter adjustment?

  • rhlpetrus

    It’s looking like this is actually a compact hybrid, with a lot of emphasis on video abilities. The AF will be the key point. If it delievers for video, Nikon may have a winner for the many that are going from stills only to good Q video + good stills.

    • Jabs

      OR – maybe a mini RED Epic of sorts = brilliant!

      Cinematic shooter with a C-Mount lens sized sensor and still shooter via still image capture, as in NEW Era in photography.

      We’ll see soon, perhaps!

  • John

    I bet the IQ of this 10MP sensor will be just fine – I had hoped for 12MP, but if 10MP was workable on my D80, then this should be too. I’m sure a 12MP model will come out in a year or so.
    12bits is also fine. I usually shoot 14bit NEFs with my D700 because I sometimes really have to push the files to bring back shadows and/or highlights – and 14 bits DOES make a difference. Nikon probably thought that there was no use for 14bit files with this sensor and they are likely correct.
    The 1.44K EVF is equivalent to that in the Panny GH-2 if I recall correctly. I just used one today and it was also very nice.

  • InfraRed

    Keep that toy in your big hands, Nikon.
    I don’t need
    I don’t want

  • Dean Forbes


  • nik

    mirrorless fullframe pls

  • Eureka

    Hurray! This is exactly the camera I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I am completely serious.

  • SUMO

    I think the camera will be really great if @ $499 or less.

    • dgreene196

      Since the P7100 retails for $499.95, I think a mirrorless with a larger sensor, and a relatively good EVF is going to cost a little more. Or a lot more. I’ll be surprised if Nikon is willing/able to set a list of price less than the Samsung NX200 ($899, which I still think is a little high).

  • humm … hopefully an F-mount ^^

  • Nau

    hm… if they have under water enclosure for this one (that doesnt cost more thn camera) that would get my attention

  • mshi

    When are they going to release professional mirrorless bodies to replace D3x?

    • Jabs

      Why would Nikon do that AGAIN?

      They already did that years ago with various versions of their Pro film bodies from maybe the F2 to F5 and Canon also did that before and like the new thrust, they are all crap as in NO real advantage except maybe in video.

      You lose light, you lose maybe some accuracy and then these things actually have a stationary mirror though most are called ‘mirrorless’ in error.

      DIRECT electronic viewing of the sensor output on an EVF and/or an LCD/LED screen MIGHT be a better term too!

    • Shy

      I suggest to wait for Sony, hopefully Nikon wont do that to a D3x 🙂

      • Jabs


        LOL – You mean commit hari-kari (suicide or a self induced mortal wound that kills you) = Sony would make a camera like that to brag that they can and then idiots would now champion it as a D3X killer for $2000.00 – yeah right.

        Thanks for the satire and you made me laugh for sure.

        Small body to now mount your 200-400 F4.0 ED-IF VR on – real genius too !!!

        An iPhone with a huge Pro lens = iIdiot

  • Ahhh Nikon continues with proprietary RAW
    and only one fixed lens … can t say that I am expecting much


    • Jabs

      Perhaps you now name one camera RAW format that is not proprietary?


  • I was told the Nikon mirrorless camera will be the best looking from the bunch. Very clean, minimalist design. Can’t wait 2 see it in 2hr.

    • YesforFF

      best looking – Sorry but I am not plan to fuck my camera.

      • Melvin

        +1 hahaha maybe sleep with it a little?

  • Kenneth Leong

    I am getting one 😛

  • Tonny

    there will be D800 for sure as some local supplier just say they deliver a package of D800 yesterday. wa ha ha….

  • Trevor

    I love the specs, I love the size, I’m just waiting on price. If the low model (J1 I believe) is more than a D3100 (black or red) retail ($699) there is no way. I think $549 / $649 would be reasonably positioned between Coolpix and DSLR.

    I’m way more interested in the J1 than the V1 anyway. I’m not sure I understand the point of an EVF and an LCD without a flash. If this is for P&S work anyway, I want to cheap flash and the LCD will do fine. Then again, maybe V1 really is for video where you wouldn’t want a flash.

  • Trevor
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