After “I AM COMING” meet the “THE BIG HANDS”

Those post cards were received today in Europe with links to the website The speculation is that the sender is Nikon, especially since they have done something similar in the past.

Now I want to hear all the "Big hands" jokes 🙂

The first two "Big hands" videos are already on YouTube:

Via Journaldugeek

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  • rhlpetrus

    What does this mean?

    ” “Canon hat sicher die unsichtbare Kamera erfunden 🙂 #thebighands”

    • georg

      “Canon hat sicher die unsichtbare Kamera erfunden” means: “Canon sure has invented the invisible camera.” or “Canon has invented the invisible camera for sure.”
      Maybe my english ist not quite correct.. :-p

      • rhlpetrus

        Then this is about Canon, not Nikon …

        • TCD

          Or that person is saying that Canon has done the invisible camera commercials before?

        • georg

          No, that could also be ironically, or just a guess of the person. It’s completely open to speculations – that is the only intention which is clear.

          • rhlpetrus

            But would a Nikon ad piece mention Canon like that?

            • Flo

              I guess the page integrates more ore less automated tweets with hashtag #thebighands

            • what

              Big hands = small camera… ?

            • exactly, those a random tweets for the hashtag #thebighands, click on them and you will see the source

            • georg

              I saw a tweet which mentioned Nikon, too. So the game is open.. 😉

              What I know: I don’t like these “retro-style” photographs.

          • Guest

            As a german I also think it’s ironic. But I don’t understand this. It doesn’t make any sense here.

            • I think the tweets are hand picked, I tried to get one but it does not show. It is interesting that they included the Canon tweet.

            • rhlpetrus

              Ok, mayeb it’s about the Nikon ML launch then. Well, they are making this very big if that’s the case, the BH thing is all over, just check google.

            • MJr

              *hand picked* by the big hands !

  • Uh-oh. Lol.

  • plug

    Have I come first?

  • Alfonso

    So size matters? Maybe for this campaign is better: the big feet!

  • Niels

    Wow, i can’t wait to see the newest DSLR from Nikon 😀
    They must have some crushed braincells to come up with a new design for DSLR camera’s, that fitt in the shape of those hands 😛

    • plug

      Perhaps they have some sort of cramp? After all this does follow their “I Am Coming” endeavours.

      • Andre

        I thought they looked like they were cramped up as well, this might be the start of a new patent idea called the Coolpix Cramp.

        • PoBoy

          What, your hand never gets a cramp after waiting so long to get to the “I am comings” part?

    • KT

      It has nothing to do with any DSLR, it’s a reference to how small the mirrorless camera will be that your hands will look huge or so big in comparison to the small camera you are holding.

  • disco

    now this is getting a bit creepy…

  • Interesting… I like the music used for the first video, kinda amusing how they put them up all over the world with no real explanation of who, why or what.

    • Darkness

      Can’t remember a camera company doing anything like this before. Cool.

  • rhlpetrus

    BTW, the colors are not anything looking like it’s coming from Nikon. What about that reference to Canon at the bottom? Maybe this is about the 5D3, or is Canon coming up with their own small ML system. Canon is pretty quiet recently.

  • Those hands look more like the hands holding a new mirrorless camera, for dslr it would be logical to place your left hand under the camera….at least in my expirience…

    • Daniel


    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Your left hand would then look like it’s stroking a shaft. That won’t go well with “I am coming.”

      • Robert Falconer

        I’ll just say it: both marketing faux pas on Nikon’s part – at least when viewed by a North American audience.

        • Darkness

          Explain why?

  • richphotos

    You know what they say about people with big hands……

    • zoetmb

      They need big gloves.

    • iamlucky13

      They find the small grips of the Canon Rebels uncomfortable?

    • PoBoy

      The hands look like they are measuring something, ‘look, it’s about this long and that big around’. Wonder what it could be?

  • hi

    Do we need big hands for a 2,7x sensor mirrorless camera? 😉

  • Gil

    Actually, this is quite logical (and sad). They want to show how small can a DSLR be when it is mirrorless…. Don’t get your hopes up for the Dxxx replacement for now… I wish I am wrong but I got tired of hoping…

  • oh snap, it’s nikon placebo camera… and what is best… it’s lensless and mirrorless same time.. and yes… you can mount any lens that you imagine… oh snap…

    • twoomy

      You’re on to something! A lensless camera will be the next big thing! Just think how much smaller you can make it.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        A lensless camera is an old thing. I even took shots with cameraless cameras. All you need is box of paper with a (pin-) hole in it.

    • IanZ28

      Do you say “oh snap” a lot?

  • Dork

    I seriously hope that these videos were shot on a plastic camera with plastic lenses as the quality was appalling. One was HD the other SD or at least it was converted to SD. I’m worried now that this was shot on a new Nikon and if so.. Well.. How could Nikon spend so little for their launch and even worse it could mean the new cameras are as good as a 25 year old VHS!!

  • Rx4Photo

    Looks more like “The 3 Fingers” Just superimpose a point and shoot in there.

  • twoomy


    • I was waiting for this.

    • plug

      I hope they are not your hands or you might go blind 🙂

  • Bill

    Well, if you ask me…..looking at the EXACT placement of the fingers, this is a new Double beef burger for McDonalds Europe Market advertising. Yummmmmmmmm !!!

  • The hands don’t really look like they’re holding a camera, very awkwardly maybe…

    I’l be working tomorrow night, but I’ll be sure to have nikonrumors on the desk beside me and refreshing to get the latest on the new…. D4 and D800, for sure ; )

    • the announcement is tonight, around midnight US EST

      • wooot

        What? so when will you have the real pictures here on NR? In how many hours? I live in sweden so i dont know what time midnight for you is here =)

  • Roeder

    A small camera makes your hands look big, hence: big hands.

    It’s for the Nikon mirrorless.

    The comment about Canon is a jab about how they don’t have a mirrorless coming out. (yet)

    • jps

      Or, you need “big hands” to use the new big dslr that are “comings”

  • cricce

    Looks like they have made room for the coming camera between the hands to (flat surfaces on the fingers), so I think they are going to place the camera there when it’s announced, whichever brand it is 🙂

    • good point. makes sense. otherwhise no one (and i mean normal people, not the geeks in here…) would know what this is all about

  • broxibear
    • Mark V

      Nice find! Well played, Sir!

  • Cool WHip

    When, in the last 10 years, have these massive hyped up marketing campaigns been for something amazing? It’s always ends up being a flop. Theres something floppy in those big hands.

    • andy

      It can’t be coming if its floppy

    • broxibear

      These type of teasers had their day long a go, but I guess it represents Nikon well since they’re so late to the mirroless market.
      Big hands because the camera is so big you’ll need big hands to hold it ? or Big hands will make the camera dificult to use because the camera is so small ?
      If I were a Canon I’d head round there and cover them with Canon stickers lol…or Olympus, Panasonic or Sony…a bit of brand warfare lol.

      • Rob

        I’m guessing “The new Nikon is so small, it will make your hands look big.”

        As far as the invisible Canon camera comment – probably a jab at Canon for not having a mirrorless camera. Something like “vapor-ware” would be to software developers.

  • Bjrichus

    Well, if it is the Nikon EVIL, those hands won’t be holding onto something with a F mount telephoto lens, or they’d be rather unbalanced.

    As others are suggesting, they need large hands to make up for the lack of size elsewhere…

    I am commings… Quick.. get the Kleenexes ….

  • must be something small i use my left hand as a cradle/support/zoom for the lens

  • I think i know nikons new anthem

    “Body and beats, I stain my sheets — I don’t even know why
    My girlfriend, she’s at the end — she is starting to cry
    Let me go on… like I blister in the sun
    Let me go on… big hands, I know you’re the one”

    Bilster in the sun by Violent Femmes

    • Ric


      Ya beat me to it.

  • Kevin

    IMO the order of the campaign slogans should be switched. “The big hands” then “I am coming”.

    feel free to insert other slogans in between them:

    “The big hands” “*bleep* *bleep* *bleep*” … “I am coming”!

  • Niels

    Maybe it’s a ultimate troll from Nikon; The whole world is thinking that they will announce an EVIL camera, and finally when the timer has come come to an end, Nikon will show us the latest Coolpix model 😀

    • Or maybe…. they show the D4 ? That’d be sweet payback – would troll the mirrorless folks to hell for sure – just like they ‘trolled’ the DSLR kids on 24th !
      3:) 3:) 3:)

  • Bjrichus

    I have a big nose.

    It keeps getting in the way whenever I use my SLR.

    Do you think if I purchased a Nikon mirrorless camera, that it would make my nose look smaller?

    (it’s stupid advert by the way).

  • photog

    I am coming…….you big hand——you……….

    wonder whats next……I AM ALL OVER..:(

    • Bjrichus


      (No more than that… it’s all done now).

    • broxibear

      I AM SORRY…the earthquake caused way more problems than we admitted to.
      The D400, D800 and D4 are nowhere near ready, the D4 will be announced in April 2012, followed by the D400 in July and the D800 in August.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I wish Nikon would just come on out and say it, Broxi.

    • alfred.j.kwak

      It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

  • Bjrichus

    I just realized…

    The look of the big hands web site is just like the new “Metro” user interface that Microsoft have for Windowz Phone 7 and as an option in Windows8 (I have the developer preview edition on a PC in the corner of my office).

    Now I see the reason for it all… the multi year delays in new product announcements for product lines that are really important and then when they DO announce something, everyone goes “You have to be kidding me! THIS junk is what you put out?”

    It’s a Microsoft take over!

  • canonuser,nikonlover

    Realy, now! It is for the iPhone5….

  • Prajyot

    So the Reason behind “I Am Coming” is “The Big Hands”….
    Epic LOL…:p

  • Deborah

    I think they’re breaking out a new F-series to follow sony’s nex.

  • The invisible man

    I’m wondering why The invisible man is not joking about the “big hands”, maybe his “big mouth” became “arms less” !

  • Photonut

    Whoever is doing those latest marketing campaigns should finish marketing101 first. ..

  • Melvin

    Could it be possible that the images were taken WITH an upcoming new camera? Maybe these photos show different colour or scene modes 😉 IMHO, of course.

  • Naty

    It could be great to have a super modern camera with classic Polaroid-like cappabilities.

  • the big hands = the annoying people who block your view at shows, looking at the back of a camera raised above their head

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    Seriously, no one was allowed to take vacation for 2 weeks and this is the best we are getting?

    just announce the damn mirrorless, which is no longer groundbreaking and use those big hands to make my big camera!

  • Nitah

    All the advertising campaigns showing devices in women hands, tend to suggest a “bigger” device. This is not a matter of sexism, it’s a matter of size perception to our eyes-brain system.

  • BetaHal

    A little example of some of the results (wishlist for a future full frame camera from Sony):

    MAIN TECHNOLOGY: Mirrorless FF (37%, 707 Votes)
    MAIN TECHNOLOGY: DSLR (optical viewfinder) (24%, 469 Votes)

    What about that?

  • BetaHal

    A little example of some of the results (a wishlist for a future full frame camera from Sony):

    MAIN TECHNOLOGY: Mirrorless FF (37%, 707 Votes)
    MAIN TECHNOLOGY: DSLR (optical viewfinder) (24%, 469 Votes)

    What about that?

  • Steve Starr

    Does look like a way to hold a very small and light camera.

    I don’t think Canon nor Nikon would do something like this for a pro series DSLR camera. Too limited a market for statue making. It has to be a “for the masses” camera. More Coolpixes or Sureshots or mirrorless stuff no doubt.


  • Brock Kentwell

    I’ve always said the bigger the hands, the bigger the camera.

  • Cenk

    Empty Hands…

  • Pointshooter

    I see.
    “I am coming” is after the “Big hands” has done their job. 😉

    • Niels

      Damn, you’re right..
      With big hands like that, it will leave some pretty big mess on the streets 😛

      Just imaging all those journalists, all with fish-eye’s attached to capture everything 😛

  • RevKrev123

    If you go to the website and look at the source of all those pictures, they are all from

  • Thanks, it´s the end of the mirrorless small sensor novel. Let´s focus on october now, when Canon and Nikon will show the true bodys.


  • Levi H

    At first I had lost all hope for a new D700, but the “s” in “iamcomings” could mean D700s. While highly unlikely, it would make more sense than Nikon announcing the D800 before the D4.

    Think about it, D700s with high ISO like D3s, then the new D4 comes out which is more amazing than D3s, and then D800 follows. Puts a little more life into the D3s sensor.

    I would die of happiness. Too bad it’s so unlikely, NR never leads me wrong, especially this close to an announcement.

  • Remedy

    I find these photos difficult to masturbate to. o_O

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