Weekly Nikon news flash #127

What Nikon's mirrorless camera should be (thanks Chris):

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  • So the 50-150mm has a MSRP of $0?

    • (Can I get 7?)

    • Stageshadow

      The Sigma 50-150 os is nowhere to be found!
      There is no release date or price …
      Nikon could release a 50-135 vr even before this lens hit the shelf!

    • STRB

      The new 50-150/2.8 DC OS is just stupid. Same weight and size as a full-frame 70-200/2.8 with stabilization? Where’s the advantage? For a lens like this, I rather have 50mm extra on the long end, than 30mm on the wide end.

      • STRB

        I see now that the weight spec (as reported by dpreview) has changed to “TBA” or “780g” (depending on the page). But dimensions remain the same (almost identical to the 70-200/2.8 EX DG OS).

        From the pictures it looks like the same lens.

      • Muchachito Ehehe

        Cheaper, I guess.

      • Muchachito Ehehe

        Also, the 50-150mm is for APS-C sensor, not FF. So, I would expect this to be much cheaper.

      • preston

        Portrait photographers using DX would much rather have the 30mm at the wide end, making it start at 75mm equiv rather than 105mm equiv.

        • KjellDell

          Yep, would love it.. 50-150 is a perfect range on DX for kids. Very curious about the price…

  • The concept camera looks very nice ! Would be a great one to compete the Fuji X100.

    • preston

      Since they’re the same thing, it’ll be like the Panasonic LX5 competing with the Leica D-Lux5.

  • texajoe

    R1 looks cool. And with DX it should have good quality. But it would look to funny with my 24-70 and SB-900. Would consider it for the wife.

  • nice mockup!

  • Man, what a way to make a concept camera… take a x100, color it black and name it nikon!!!

    • Jo

      … add a pinch of Leica

      • Anon

        and slap a SLR lens on there!

    • Anonymous

      It also looks a lot like the Samsung mockup that is coincidently named R1? (see photo rumors). I’d say that is a fantastic looking camera. Yeah, put me on that waiting list too.

    • iamlucky13

      Meh – the X100 photoshopping is just the aesthetic part of the concept.

      The main detail of substance is the use of a DX sensor, so that F-mount lenses will adapt to sensible fields of view, and for better noise performance compared to the 2.7X sensor.

      And the concept differs substantially from the X100 in that it’s an interchangeable lens camera.

      A lot of us want a camera like this.

      Unfortunately, it seems it’s too late for our feedback to be of any value.

  • Jo

    Nikon needs a good product line up to show at IBS.. If the D700 replacement has for goal to replace the 5Dmk2 or 3 for videographer, that would be the right place to announce it. Isn’t it ?

  • Chris P

    Interesting poll result from ‘Focus’. The D700 is nowhere to be seen, which tends to confirm a theory I have that those who own one are too busy taking photographs with it to visit sites holding polls on the best camera; they already know the answer. 😉

    • Gareth


    • Anonymous

      That Focus magazine looks interesting. I wish it was translated better in to English. Ha ha. It’s has lots if interesting articles, including one on Fukishima.

    • preston

      Good point about the D700! I was too flabbergasted to see that the D7000, D3100, D300s, and D5100 were all ranked as ‘better’ cameras than the D3s to notice that the D700 was missing! I guess we can thank the price/performance ratio for this, but then why is it still higher than every camera from every other manufacturer?

    • paf

      Proves that any form of ranking is pointless.

  • kongqueror

    Concept looks very nice. However, my first thought after seeing it is that all these retro looking cams are starting to look “generic” – the M9, X100, X10, rumored Samsung R1, and now this ( of course, it’s not official Nikon concept). It does look good though.

  • David La Roche

    I almost had a little moment when I saw that R1 camera concept.

    Needless to say, I was disappointed to realise that this was fictional :C

    I would pay cash money for such camera.

    • PanThomas

      Same here. I would buy it immediately. Too bad that it’s not real.

    • sirin

      i’d buy it right away.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I’d buy it too, particularly if Nikon released some small, fast, sharp primes with it. Otherwise, it’s as silly as the NEX. Still, there’s little reason a lot of these features couldn’t materialize in the 2.7x crop version. Nikon just doesn’t see the market as being that desirable with only us 5 knuckleheads buying it. And the consumer they do see buying it, they have copious amounts of disdain for.

  • Enrico

    I’m waiting the new Sigma 50-150 OS from last year, when the old 50-150 was discontinued. Then on february 8, Sigma announced this new lens, but until now, no other information was published. Now I’ve read that Sigma will begin to ship this lens on october. I can’t wait!
    I don’t want to buy a 70-200 2.8, because I don’t want to miss the range from 55 to 70.
    Plus, this lens should cost less and weight less.

  • Manolito

    I’d just take a P7100 and put a mount lens in it. Of course, with the bigger sensor inside and a EVF instead of the optical one.

  • andy

    Hmm… the 1200mm f11 is way overpriced

    Yes it’s a rare lens but the 800mm f5.6 is going for half the price and it would still be a stop faster with the 1.4x teleconverter. Maybe collectors would be interested.

    • andy

      1000mm f11 mirror lens is 1/10th of the price.

  • goldaccess

    Not an insult – but have you seen that the poll from the German magazine is one YEAR old? 😉

    • preston

      Well, it’s not leaving off any important bodies that were announced around this time last year (D7000, D3100, Canon 60D) so no harm done.

  • Dweeb

    The 400 isn’t exactly a mint collectors item.

    • Rob

      The buy-it-now price reflects that. It’s actually not a huge amount more than what a black one goes for.

  • Kevin

    Nice Nikon dream camera… ARE YOU READING THIS?!

  • Phil

    I don’t understand that poll. The Pentax K-5 got more votes than any other camera.

  • The R1 concept would compete with the Fuji X100 because it is the Fuji X100 with an interchangable lens mocked in. I think Nikon could be a little more creative than simply copying the X100’s retro styling. The Nikon CSC will be based on the 9100/8100 aesthetic would be my guess… and that is not a bad thing. I also think that Nikon’s choice to go with a little smaller sensor than the DX on their CSC is a good idea. Most of the CSC systems with a APS-C size sensor have edge detail problems and lens way out of proportion to the camera itself. The smaller lens will still allow much better performance than a compact P&S but also allow more compact lens.

    • Ke

      “The R1 concept would compete with the Fuji X100 because it is the Fuji X100 with an interchangable lens mocked in.”

      The X100’s upcoming big brother should basically be that at least. Or maybe Leica mirrorless if Fuji doesn’t deliver (although i think they will).

      • I hope Fuji doesn’t switch to an interchangable system for the X100’s successor. I think Fuji was smart to stick to a single focal length lens in the camera (set at an equiv. 35 mm) so that they could maximize the image quality for the lens/sensor combo. It does limit the camera’s usefulness to some, but makes it a very attractive niche, street camera (with better than expected macro performance). It will never sell a ton, but the images the X100 can produce blow away the CSC class at 35mm equiv.. Nikon will never make an X100 competitor, probably only Leica will, but for some they will be useful cameras. I am hoping the X100’s successor will capitalize on the success of the fixed focal length and maybe just tweak the little problems (i.e. laggy focus by wire).

        I think Nikon should stick to their 9100/8100 styling, it is effective and distinctive, giving them a branding presence.

        • Ke

          I don’t think the interchangeable Fuji will the X100’s replacement, just another camera being sold as part of the family to go with the X10 at the lower end & the X100 in the middle. That way they can offer three separate products at different price ranges.

  • d

    That’s a retarded mock-up.
    It’s as bad as half of those entries for the HURR D4 competition. Taking a stock photo of an existing camera, then poorly photoshopping out the logo and replacing it with Nikon, then darkening the whole thing does not a concept camera make.

    • I completely disagree. While it is a close relative to the X100 (fraternal twins, even), I would hazard to guess most serious photographers and wannabes alike would pine over a camera as beautiful as that mockup. I’ll tell you this: I’m much more interested in parting with $1k-$1.5k for an X100 style body, but NOT for a glorified coolpix.

      That mockup is downright sexy. And that’s a tribute to how well designed the X100 is.

  • broxibear

    Think the mirrorless will look more like this http://i.imgur.com/YPfqG.jpg

    • close, maybe a bit taller

      • vinman

        Ugh, I hope not. While I fully get the main of whatever this camera does is take decent images, it would be nice if it had a little personality. I’m all about pragmatism and simplicity in design, but that’s just an ugly bit of kit, there. It’s got less design flair than the back of my iPhone. The mockup pictured, however – that’s a nice looking design. Yes, I know it’s largely an X100. Look at all the rangefinders from the early ’60s through now – once the design was properly evolved and all the craziness vetted, they all shared a very similar overall look. That wasn’t by accident or a result of simply copying good design – it reflects the design that just works best.

  • The only thing that is missing is what we really want to know about. Somewhere after this endless parade of consumer stuff, we hope it will be there.

  • @Admin

    Who was it that sent in this R1 mockup? Does he have a website?

      • The Nikon R1 concept mockup came from Samsung? All I can see at those links is a photo of some Samsung stuff, not a Nikon labeled ripoff of the X100 design (a very very tasty one, that is). 🙂

        • No sorry, wrong thread. This one was sent by a reader.

          • Thanks, Admin.

            Speak up, Chris! Did you do this mockup? I want to know more!

            • chris

              Hi, yes. I did this mockup. I have to say this though:

              1. I did it for fun. (Too much time on my hands.)

              2. The point of this concept – simple classic body, big (proven) sensor.

              3. I didn’t mention the lens collection, but I had an idea that there shouldn’t be a zoom lens for this R1 concept, but all prime lenses – 18/3.5, 24/1.4, 35/1.4 (standard), and 50/1.4. Obviously, for them to be AF, the construction will have to be rather large. But imagine if we can live with AF (I can), the lens chassis size can be reduced. Further, since this is a mirrorless system, it will make sense to have non-retrofocus lens arrangement – for edge-to-edge sharpness, and (for romantics) natural light fall-off.

              4. Of course, this is a Fuji X100 rip-off. I just love that camera. This version is an improvement on what the X100 started. (I read somewhere that the X100 might have involve Nikon at some point. The sensor certainly seems like a recycled D300 sensor.)

              5. Most importantly, this R1 concept is about going back to how we first fell in love with photography. While technique and equipment are important, making beautiful pictures is the joy of the photographer. I felt that the Fuji X100 was made with this in mind.

              6. As in point 1, this is just for fun. It’s how I imagine my casual everyday dream camera would be.

              Enjoy. (Or not)

            • chris

              “But imagine if we can live with AF (I can), the lens chassis size can be reduced.”

              “live without AF”, I meant.

            • Love it. Thanks, Chris.

              I inquired because even though it’s a mashup of a few different cams (I spotted the Leica shutter, for instance), you have clearly given this mockup an attention to detail that makes it believable. I was curious what else you do in your free time? 🙂

            • chris

              I’m a photographer. 🙂

            • Mock Kenwell

              Love it Chris, though I would have stolen a bit more of the look from Nikon’s old S class of rangefinders, and, being more of a Contax vs. a Leica guy, I’d still want AF for sure.

        • Got confused because Samsung’s rumored retro camera is also called R1.

  • Matt

    I’d pre-order that R1 tomorrow if it were real. I’ll be disappointed if the Nikon EVIL camera is really as small a sensor as the rumors indicate. I’ll probably get a Fuji X100 once they’re in stock at list price and not marked up, but I’d really prefer interchangeable lenses. Big sensors in small bodies is a good development. Nikon could hearken back to their rangefinder roots (I did like the old-style Nikon logo on the mockup). The equivalent of the old Contax G1./G2 film cameras would be ideal. Nikon risks introducing the equivalent of the Pentax Auto 110 SLR instead. Maybe their market research shows something different (have they not noticed the availability situation on the X100?), but that R1 mockup hits everything I’d look for in this sort of camera.

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