Rumor: no new Canon DSLR cameras in 2011

There will probably be no new Canon DSLR cameras announced in 2011. Usually Canon and Nikon release new products just few weeks apart (sometimes even days apart).

I still have not received any conclusive evidence that there will be a new full frame DSLR from Nikon any time soon. Judging by the number of events organized by Nikon for the upcoming mirrorless camera, I seriously doubt that they will announce a new pro camera overnight, without any media preparation (like they did with the 40mm macro and 50mm f/1.8 lenses).

There is a very good chance for at least one more announcement in 2011 after the mirrorless event on September 21st - in the past few years Nikon always had new products introductions in the October-December timeframe.

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  • no new canon – no new nikon but lots of crying nikonrumors readers…

    • Vandyu

      So, Canon is getting ready to spring its new mirrorless lineup instead? Has there been a rumor about it?

      • there have been some rumors about a Canon mirrorless camera:

        • That’s it. I’m switching to Canon. I’m sick of waiting for a new camera from Nikon.

          You’ve taken too long serving the pro segment of the market, Nikon. I’m going where I’m appreciated, as indicated by monthly releases of new cameras that are relabeled on each successive release so they sell better than the last identical model.

          I can’t believe Nikon would neglect such an important market when all the while Canon is clearly so much more attentive to the needs of the pros.

          See ya Nikon, I’ve had enough!!!

          • Ric

            Send me your glass

            • nikonlover

              you beat me to it!

          • Jabs


            LOL – satire fer shizzle.

          • Trev

            Hahah Good Riddance!

          • @Ron,
            +1 — Nikon never should have let a little Tsunami slow progress or disrupt production. An October anouncement is just unacceptable; a case of too little to late! Why wait when I can have the plethora of offerings from Sony, or Panasonic, or Olympus, or even Canon for that matter.

            Sarcasm Intended! — Unlike many, I got it! 😉

          • Stephane

            This is about Canon, not Nikon !!!

          • The invisible man

            Wait till the end of the year.
            I have a feeling that the D900 will be on top of any DSLR on the market (36mp, Full HD at 60fps, ?)
            Just be a little patient.

          • Robert Falconer

            Are you being sarcastic? 😉

          • Your hilarious Ron. I’m with you, lets all just mock the whingers! ROFL 😉

            • I’m not kidding. I just listed my Nikon stuff on Craigslist this morning for anyone that wants it (doubt it will sell even discounted):

              D3s: $800 (piece of crap 12mp “creativity killer”)
              D700: $10 (maybe I’ll get lucky if this toy camera is worth the price of a burger to someone—maybe)
              D7k: $2,138 (If Nikon shooter is dumb enough to shop for this camera, they’re probably dumb enough to pay more than market value—losers)
              70-200 2.8 VRII: $200 (doesn’t even shot at f/1.4—even Sigma can shot at f/1.4)
              85mm PC-E: Trash Can (not worth the effort to sell. Always WAY too soft on the edges and the lens body seems lose or something)
              3-SB-800 speedlights: $pawned them off on a friend (the same amount of power as the Canon flashes but in a smaller package. This has got to be dangerous or something)

              I think I’m just going to loose the rest of the stuff in the river. I can’t wait to get my brand new 5dMkII. I ordered it this morning, and will be putting the proceeds of my Nikon sale toward new bags with “Canon” embroidered on them (in red).

              Finally, I’ll be free to be a photographer instead of a Nikon dupe. At least Canon understands that as elite photographers, we need regular updates to our gear. Goodbye forever, NiKonArtists!!!

            • Ren Kockwell

              Quite the modest proposal, Ron. But I have a soft spot for whingers.

            • I have a soft spot for Whingers too. Their burgers are sweet, but their whings can’t be beat.

          • arjan

            me too. i’m thinking also to switch.
            it’s not that i can wait, but i hate it when i don’t know how long i must wait.
            if they give a date i can wait, but now we wait for something maybe never comes.

            • I agree. It’s never going to come. I’m convinced Nikon is going to shut their doors on December 25, 2011 just to show the world how much they don’t care.


            • Chris

              Funny thing is, i don’t know any pros who whinge like Ron does. They just take the BEST shots with what they have, many of whom use older bodies, lenses etc.


            • It’s hard to believe anyone still reads this site who doesn’t know that is the most sarcastic thing written by anybody here, me included, to date. I think even the Leica people know my reputation for baggin on the wheeengers.

              This spelling is getting really out of hand. 🙂

    • jo1

      Good to know,

      I am satisfied with mine anyhow 😉

      Good also for the value of the camera – nothing is worse then a new model for the used market price – I hope that the replacement cycles are more in the range of 5+ years in the future instead of 1 year for the consumer grade xxxx cameras that get a new color every now and then.
      BTW – IMHO it’s all about the lenses and not about the camera. As long as the pixel count is not below 2x Mpixel I am absolutely fine with my Camera 😉

  • Jabs

    WOW – seems like Canon might be hurting more than even Nikon and that is sad to me, as I like the rivalry. I even have a Canon camera too – shhhhh – don’t tell anyone!


    • Steve

      I don’t think anyone will care – this may be Nikonrumors but the rumor ( or lack thereof ) is about Canon not Nikon. How about a site SonicankonRumors ? It could recycle the lack of rumors from three sites – woohoo !

  • Jadewatcher

    Given their past and evident marketing tactis, Admin, do you really think Nikon will take a step further and anticipate their opponent’s move? Sadly, i think not. Fact is, after all this waiting for a new camera in the pro lineup, the surprise effect fades away inevitably. By the time a D4/D700 successor will be announced, they may just find out that everyone was waiting for much more than they actually delivered.

    • I do believe Nikon and Canon schedule their announcements with the knowledge of what the opponent is doing.

      • Tony

        They know what they don’t know.

        • flownlead

          This reminded me of the fatboyslim song.

          They know what is what, But they don’t know what is what, They just strut. What the f***

        • Reilly Diefenbach

          There are known knowns; there are things we know we know.
          We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.
          But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin, I’ve been saying this for awhile now. Nikon cannot produce anything without sony’s sensor. Logically, why on earth would Canon be in the hurry to deliver new FF when
        1) Nikon will not have new sensor (from sony) unti 2012 and
        2) Nikon cannot even deliver enough of its current D700, D3s, and D3x models to the dealers while the 5DII is awailable.

        In the meantime this NEX-7 with a good Zeiss lens is looking better by the day. But I think this does not bother Nikon either since they will release a mirrorless pretty soon that
        1) almost has the same resolution as the new iPhone 5 (10mp vs 8mp)
        2) does not have GPS (iphone has one)
        3) does not have any wireless connectivity so if you want to share the dog and cat pics you will have to use your computer and/or iphone

        Great job Nikon, this is the best way of getting rid of your valuable users. Just make sure they wait years and years.

        • Yes AnoNemo, you have been saying this all along. At some point there was a rumor that Nikon will start producing their own sensors but I never heard anything since. It is scary If Nikon relies 100% on Sony’s sensors.

          • AnoNemo

            I have no problem with the sony sensors in Nikon cameras. Apparently sony developed the viewfinder of the NEX-7 together with samsung (or shared technologies and/or maybe manufacturing). My problem is that Sony at least provides some kind of roadmap about their product plans. Nikon is just quiet and we are guessing.

            • diffrn’t strokes….

            • Jabs

              Different strokes for different folks NO matter how weird your stroke is – lol


              Completing the old gag or line.

          • Jabs

            The D3s is NOT a Sony sensor and maybe the D3100 is not.

            It thus has already begun!


            • Worminator

              Nikon just asks Sony for a special batch once in a while with minor changes made to Nikon’s specifications. Nikon does not “make” sensors.

              Point: Nikon has used Sony sensors for years now and it’s worked out fine. Sony (cameras) get a small window of exclusivity, but the field soon widens to include Nikon, and Pentax, so the consumer can take his or her pick.

            • Jabs

              WOW – Nikon has been making sensors from before Sony was even a thought = get real.

              D3s sensor = made by Nikon and Nikon said so.
              D3X sensor = made by Sony to Nikon specs and then the electronic sub-system MADE by Nikon, as they do that as their Prime Business too.

              Big difference or Sony would have a camera with the D3s sensor in it – duuuh.

              Hence NO D700s, as Nikon made it for their top of the line camera, the D3s themselves.

              Let us see WHO makes the D4 sensor then.

            • broxibear

              Nikon designed the sensors in the D3 series bodies but they were manufactured by Sony.

            • Jabs


              Sony is a Contract Manufacturer of other people’s designs – Nikon included.

            • Jabs

              Maybe that applies to the old D3 series BUT not the D3s.

            • GeofFx

              Maybe Nikon would partner with someone like Fujifilm to produce their sensors? I can dream right?

            • Jabs


              Nikon already did that years ago and thus the first digital bodies then maybe in the 90’s.

              Would be nice though, as Fuji makes some great sensors as I have a Fuji camera and it really is great in bright light, that is.

          • RichST

            Admin, do you have any clue just as to who IS doing the sensor for Nikon’s mirrorless? It just doesn’t sound like a Sony project

            • I have no idea who is making the sensor form the mirrorless camera. We will find out soon.

          • EnPassant

            As I stated earlier it is mostly a matter of economics. Using a Sony sensor is cheaper than making oneself. Except for a massmarket camera like D3100, or Pro camera with big profit where the customer pays for the extra cost. A company is all about making money. Therefore it will make the choice that seem to be the most profitable. Even if it means waiting for Sony to produce the sensors for Nikon AFTER they have enough of them for their own cameras! Not that it bothers Nikon at this moment as they just will release their own massmarket mirrorless concept. This is just not the time for DSLRs or related products as they would drown in the marketing of the mirrorless system.

        • jk

          “valuable users”..hahah

          perhaps whiners, who can’t make due with the already adequate line up of cameras and lenses.

        • Jabs

          One comment to perhaps penetrate your ‘thick’ skull.

          Nikon is perhaps focused on the emerging markets of the World, as in TINY cameras at a certain price point, as most of the rich Nations are now POOR or financially strapped.

          You make all this fantastic gear and your customers are now unemployed = you are an idiot of a Company but deeply loved by clueless spec chasers.

          AND don’t get offended, as your often repeated mess is tiring and boring too.

          Go buy a camera, please!

          ANY camera and go use it, please, pretty please – lol.

          • Bip


        • Bip

          The argument doesn’t make sense.

          Canon is not current way ahead of the competition against Nikon. The DSLR sales are not too far apart.

          If Canon can introduce a technology better than Nikon and pull way ahead of Nikon (in term of image and sale), it will.

        • Jabs

          What came first – D7000 and D5100 or the Nex-7?

          Look towards the DXO Mark for my proof now as to what is what and not at you – lol

          There is no Sony FF, Nex, Alpha or Canon body that even comes close to a D7000 or a D5100 in photographic image quality = you are blowing smoke at idiots, too!

          • Joel

            Dude are you kidding me? Have you seen the image quality from the A850/A900 at ISO 100? It’s dynamic range and resolution utterly destroys that of the D7000. The only camera that has arguably surpassed it is the A77 and that’s yet another Sony body.

            • Jabs


              What are you on? (sorry)

              Ever heard of DXO mark?

              Ever seen the scores of ANY Sony body?

              D3X = the best in 35mm DSLR’s and then D3S and then Pentax K5, D7000 and no Canon’s or Sony’s even close = reality.

              I would never buy either an A900 or an A850 over a D3 or a D3s, as not some idiot, but a real shooter who LOOKS at the files myself on my own gear, plus long time shooter from the film days using slide film mainly, as in Fujichrome 50D Pro Velvia, the sharpest film ever including beating the venerable Kodachrome, as I shot both and still have the chromes myself from both films.
              Even Fujichrome 64T (Tungsten light response) is sharper = my findings.

              I don’t know much about the A77, but seen some of the Nex 5n files plus downloaded and examined them myself under Linux Studio 64bit and the output is OK, but not great, as the D7000 and D5100 looks better to me and even the antique 5DMK2 beats it easily, hence you get what you pay for.

            • AnoNemo

              The nice list of cameras including the mighty D3x all have SONY sensors.

              Just to put it context for you, without sony you could not enjoy D3, D3x, D7000, D5100, D300, D300s etc. But I guess it does not matter for you as for you no matter what Nikon does it is fine. Even if Nikon will not release a new fu***n’ dslr for the next 10 years while sony and canon releases new and better models you would be fine with that.

            • AK

              At least jpegs out of 5n


              beat the crap out of D7000/D5100 … 5n easily has one stop better jpegs

          • Jabs

            There is a HUGE difference between manufactured by Sony and designed by Nikon and designed by Sony and ALSO manufactured by Sony = you are an idiot.

            D3X = Designed by Nikon and manufactured by Sony, as a CONTRACT Manufacturer of sensors for many including Sony.

            Same for D3, D700, D7000

            D3s = Designed and Manufactured by Nikon – same as D3100

            SAME as Global Foundries which which spun off from AMD to now be a Contract Manufacturer making processors and such for others and EVEN AMD too.

            Thus, your often repeated nonsense here makes us know that you are slow or idiotic.

            GET a brain, please!

            WHY do you hate NikonRumors and Nikon so much?

            WHY then are you here?

            Do you think everyone here does not know who you are Zzzzzzzzzzzzddrrr?

            • AnoNemo


              Are you done with offending others? What is wrong with you? If you cannot argue in a respectful manner then you have nothing to do here.

              If I were NR Admin I would ban you. There is absolutely no need for calling people names. I am sorry but I am not going to go down that low level route and offend you just because you have different opinion. Let me leave this job for you and I hope you really enjoy it!

              NR Admin, can you ban this Jabs person because he is getting out of control.

          • Jabs

            I don’t pay attention to Imaging Resource, as I myself can test a camera or even the files from it BETTER than them, as they are amateurs and flawed in their tests.

            I look to the PROS as DXO Labs and not people with an agenda or none of the prerequisite SKILLS to photograph and test things properly.

            HAVE you sen those lame Test Targets?


            Amateurs and poseurs too.

            They need a real photographer and some capability too PLUS some eyes to differentiate between what is a BLURRED image from what really is FINE details = blind as a bat.

        • Joel

          EnPassant is dead on the money here. Nikon are by far Sony’s Semiconductor’s largest client (far larger than Sony’s imaging division), so its almost without question that Nikon’s engineers have a great deal of input into the design and specification of what sensors are produced by the partnership.

          Nikon do not currently produce a great deal of their own sensors as it’s frankly too expensive to tool up to compete directly with Sony and Canon at this point, and with Nikon’s vastly greater sales in comparison to Sony’s it makes sense for Sony to maintain a good standing with them. This however comes under threat once Sony’s DSLRs become more popular as they’ll be able to elevate the price of their sensors sold to Nikon, therefore making their own cameras more appealing.

          This is something that Nikon need to be very cautious of and will no doubt one day (hopefully) result in them being completely self reliant for all hardware in their own products.

          • Jabs


            Great, but so far all in theory and not fact.

            Sony is a Contract Manufacturer of sensors or a Sensor Producer on their own Production equipment.

            Nikon DESIGNS sensors for a living and are the best in the business, so they probably don’t need to worry about anyone, as already at the top of the heap.

            Eventually, YES, Nikon will drop Sony and do their own thing and this ahas already started with the D3s and D3100 sensors designed and made by them. One is a low end sensor and the other the best sensor on the market.

            It is Sony the learner who is watching Nikon the expert and not the other way around at least in photography – LOL!

            In Video, then the roles are reversed as Sony is The PRO at that, but then their real Pro gear costs more than 10 D3x’s – so some perspectives, perhaps.

            Sony Broadcast and Cinema gear is more expensive than even RED by a wide margin too – lol.

            • AnoNemo


              What Coolaid are you drinking? Do you understand how many sensors sony make? I am not just talking about the dslrs. I am talking about the phone, laptop, security camera, industrial, scanning, medical etc. sensors. Massive volumes and money compared to the tiny dslr segment. This enables sony to develop sensor technologies, manufacturing technologies, and data manipulation/transfer as well as optics for those. Do you really think that Nikon would be able to develop all the technologies along with manufacturing processes to produce couple millions of sensors? The answer is no. Just look at Canon and you’ll see that Canon is unable to match the technology behind these new sony sensors.

              Nikon is good but not God in sensor making. Nikon is excellent tweaking an already existing technology. It is like a tunning company.

              If you don’t believe me just list the number of sensor patents filed by Sony and Nikon. This will explain it to you.

            • Jabs

              Earth to Zzzdddrrrr,

              Volume and capability are NOT the same.

              Volume = Sony

              Capability = Nikon

              Grow up and learn to spell in English.

              You left the 12meg mantra and are now on the NikonisLateandUseless mantra.

              Who cares – take your swill elsewhere and go get some Therapy for Hate induced bile thrown for no apparent reason.

              You seem to hate a specific group of humans from a certain country for sure – WHY?

        • DioCanon

          I would add not only Iphones, but every phone and almost every compact camera out there!

          • Jabs

            I have not seen ONE phone that can equal or even outdo a cheap Nikon L22 and I have tried them myself, pal.

            The L22 costs $80 US dollars in America versus how much do these phones cost?
            My daughter and sons with their fancy phones call the images from my L22 – HD images as compared to their images shot at the same time in the same scenarios = reality.

            Yeah they (some smartphones) do HD video but have you seen the quality or the lack of it?

            WOW – Retina display and all the techno-babble!

            Hence, a useless or clueless comment of their own dreams or wishes.

            TRY a few years and then tell us that again.

      • Robert Falconer

        Absolutely. I suspect their CEOs golf together on weekends and plan out how they’re going to dominate the market.

        Remember that these two companies have a relationship that dates all the way back to the early ’40s. Nikon made all of Canon’s lenses until 1947, after all.

        I still anticipate official D4 / D800 info from Nikon before year-end.

  • Frager

    I cannot understand that we don’t hear any rumors from nikon and canon. I don’t think hat both company has managed now to keep new products secret. And we have olympia next year in london. If they have products we should have heard something yet. So, I think “no new dslr bodies”

    So I am getting to realize that I will get no new camera this year, still use d300, but I need a body for wildlife with low light …

    • there are no rumors because nothing is finalized at that point

      • KT

        I kind of suspected this is where things were heading from the lack of solid leads by the end of August. I can understand the tsunami wreaking havoc on production facilities in Japan but what really puzzles me is that they never tried to plug that hole by utilizing the D3s/D3x sensors in a slightly refreshed D700 successor to be sold at a price point midway between the curent D700 and D3s/x. Right now most people are holding off on buying the current FX bodies in anticipation of the next generation models. Actually, most owners of the D3s/x/D700 are trying to sell before the new FX models (D4/D800 etc…) appear. A refreshed D700S or X would have addressed this need very well and bought Nikon 1 more year of loyal customers. Right now someone at Sony Camera headquarters is rubbing his hands in glee and smiling ear to ear.

        • EnPassant

          It is to late now for a D700s/x as i am sure nikon will relase “D800” next year just before Photo-Kina. The reason Nikon did not come out with such an offer in 2010 was propably not to steal sales from their own profitable D3s and D3x bodies. The release of D700 with the D3 sensor was a different matter as the D700 opened a different market for FX-enthusiasts and Nikon already knew that D3 would get the s-upgrade next year..

        • Bip

          The question is why those users sold their camera?

          What is needed that currently doesn’t exist in the D700, D3S, D3X? Video capability, higher MP?

          If one really needs a camera to take pictures, the above are not good excuse to hold off the purchase.

          • Joel

            No professional is going to sell his D3X, D3S or D700 before the replacement bodies are out and have been tested. We’re talking about people maintaining their income here 🙂

            But if you’re talking about enthusiasts who sold their camera bodies in expectation of a model refresh coming through, then perhaps you have more money than sense 🙂

            • Jabs


              +1 and don’t forget classy idiots too!

              Speculative genius and E-Bay ‘thousandaires’ or ‘millionaires’ too.


            • Robert Falconer

              Hit the nail on the head.

  • Up $#!t’s creek

    so much for the expression “no news is good news”

    personally can care less is canon is not releasing anything, just hoping nikon isnt following suit.

  • grantourismo

    This is not true, nothing on rumor pages are ever true, canon will announce a new ff before october ends. Thats not a rumor, It´s a fact =P

    • broxibear

      You mean the rumour about Nikon and Canon merging isn’t true ?

      • Raff

        How about the merging of Nikon Rumors and Canon Rumors?
        : )

        • I cannot even imagine the comments on such blog 🙂

          • Jabs


            The servers (Canon and Nikon Rumors) would fight each other, if both blogs are on the same computer.

            Hence like – no web site access.

            ‘Be careful what you wish for, as you might get it and then it kills ya – ouch!’

            • I hope we never get to that day 🙂

            • Jabs


              Maybe they will sell you that web site too and drive you crazy for free.

    • I would like to know more about this new Canon FF camera.

  • D800 Buyer

    When the D3s was announced, Canon IMMEDIATELY followed-up with an announcement of their own (I forget the model), so Nikon could claim to be the only camera-maker capable of ISO 102,400 for just a very short time. Since ISO 102,400 is really just a “boost” setting, I wonder if Canon made a last minute adjustment just to keep pace.

    Is it possible that Nikon and Canon are playing a game of chicken with their upcoming announcements — each waiting for the other to announce first? Could this Canon rumor be a false leak from the company, just to provoke a response (or lack of response) from Nikon?

    • exactly, they always announce major products just few days/weeks apart (ok maybe not always, but usually)

      • InfraRed

        In most western countries, competition authorities call this behavior “collusion”
        Definition: collusion takes place within an industry when rival companies cooperate for their mutual benefit.
        I sincerely hope one day Samsung will file anti-competitive claims against these two. We can’t expect any Japanese company to do that.

    • Jabs

      YUP, they sure did.

      It was called a Canon 1DMK4 and it is a DX Pro body that seems to have had that High ISO ‘tacked on’ to thwart Nikon, or maybe Nikon got wind of their plans and gave us a real version of that in an upgraded camera called the D3s with a sensor designed by them.

      That camera was supposed to embarrass Nikon’s older D3 and D700 line but Nikon the shrewd competitor that it is, surprised everyone. I am not sure which one came first, but Canon was aiming to dethrone Nikon in framing speed, AF performance and low light capability and Nikon wiped the floor with them in all those areas, so Canon is perhaps now very cautious and leery of Nikon – lol

      On to the D4 series fight now!

  • Rob-L

    I think this lack of announcements and new cameras may be due in part by the earthquakes that occurred a few months ago in Japan. They may have spent all of there efforts in getting/keeping existing cameras into production and put the newer cameras on the back burner for a while.

    • James

      The lack of announcement is due to Sony. Sony has given both Canon and Nikon a well deserved kick where it hurts. I believe that both Canon and Nikon realise their usual incremental upgrade of their DSLR lineup will not cut it. The same happened when Sony revealed their 24MP A900 in advance. Suddenly the Canon 5DII got the 21MP sensor from the 1DsIII.

      • Joel

        Yep.. because I’m seeing so many A900’s out there in comparison to Nikon FF bodies 😀

        • AnoNemo

          Just wait 2-3 years and if these two idiots (Nikon and Canon) don’t change their behaviour then sony will wipe the floor with them. The only thing sony does not have is the large number of lenses but this is just a matter of time.

          • Jbas


            1. The released bodies
            2. The experience as in having made anything PRO worthwhile so far
            3. The quality or variety of lenses made over decades and still available
            4. The ability to actually make a superior camera that lasts or can be dropped and then continue to function as in NOT putting you out of Business or get fired
            5. The depth of accessories like in FEW from them
            6. A working flash system that neither them (Sony) nor Canon has or ever had
            7. A working AF system for Pros that can do what pros want to do as in get paid for a shot that actually is in focus or got the eak of the action, instead of talking about it later
            8. A working buffer for framing fast and actually be able to use the camera that does not lock up while waiting to write files to the camera’s slow sub-system or low buffer memory
            9. Dual slots for writing RAW and jpeg or even tiff’s simultaneously
            10. A 16bit RAW output file no where in sight

            AND much more!

          • Jabs

            Sorry – meant ‘JABS’

            And it was PEAK and not ‘eak’
            lol – not much time today.

          • Robert Falconer

            Just wait 2-3 years and if these two idiots (Nikon and Canon) don’t change their behaviour then sony will wipe the floor with them. The only thing sony does not have is the large number of lenses but this is just a matter of time.

            It’s possible, but I very much doubt it. Few enthusiasts and no professionals that I am aware of take Sony DSLRs seriously. Will they in the future? Perhaps. But Nikon and Canon would have to drop the ball for an extended period of time.

            Right now, Sony doesn’t have the legacy, the glass, the system or the ergonomics to effectively compete with the two heavyweights. And despite some solid efforts over 40 years, neither did Minolta, who essentially make up the expertise driving these Sony DSLRs.

            • AnoNemo


              What I see is a Sony that just 2 years ago was nowhere. Today they have at least 3-4 cameras among the best sellers. (NEX-5n, NEX-3c, NEX-7, A77 etc.) These things don’t happen from one day to another, it takes years. On the other hand, don’t forget 2 important factors:

              1) The NEX lens specs are open and any manufacturer can make FULLY functional lenses for the NEX system. I can even imagine that you will be able to buy not only Zeiss lenses but Sigma or Tokina next to the sony products in the sony store. This will address sooner the lens problem than later.
              2) Sony is much more innovative and tries “risky” products than Nikon or Canon.
              3) Sony is really fast. They already have the second generation of mirrorless. Nikon is still evaluating the market. (Ok we know it is coming)
              4) Sony invested and invests massively into sensor development and manufacturing. This will give enough volume to lower price. Now, in the long run the image quality differences will marginalize and price may become for many an important factor. This can cut serious piece out of the market share of the establishment.
              5) Sony is a bit more open so users have a bit better idea what is coming from them. It is important for many. (For example, many of us would not complain about the missing DSLRs if Nikon would have been a bit more open for dialogue.)

              To sum up, I think in 5yrs sony can become the number 1 or 2 player. Today this may sound odd but compared to where they were couple of years ago it is possible.

              Don’t forget, the threat of sony may force Nikon and Canon to rethink ….

            • Jabs

              @Robert Falconer

              You know what is evident here –

              Many posters equate the Sony fight against Nikon and Canon as a smartphone race between Apple and the Open Source based Google Android eco-system or a lack of it, according to your perspective.

              Apple has all the apps and Android is now gaining lots of market share from sales, so people obsessed with that and their multiple core smartphones often equate DSLR’s or cameras in general with that and thus their ignorance or wishes overpowering facts or even reality.

              Thus, I understand their points but give them little credence or thought, as dreams are not reality. I have nothing against either Apple or the Android phones, but both of them are too small for me to use for almost anything and I actually plan on purchasing either an iPad 2 or the promised upcoming iPad 3, as Apple to me gets it while the Android crowd is all about specs and NOT about the user or things functioning cohesively or even instinctively, so you see that type of thrust here and their problems of associating that or computer CPU’s with digital cameras. Ever seen the output from any smartphone camera or even the so-called HD footage on a screen other than those dinky little screens? – then LOL!

              I use a lot of PDF’s and diagrams and how on Earth am I going to view those hi-res images on a dinky little phone or even surf the Internet on a screen smaller than my GPS? Touch screens are bad enough, but now add squinting plus swiping and gestures to the mix and you have teenage ‘heaven’ and a professional crisis as in – WHAT am I going to do with this little screen ‘thingie’ while scrolling forever?

              At least the iPad has a larger screen and the Apple eco-system is large enough and varied plus there are now many Professional applications for it, so a ‘no brainer’ for me and my specific needs.

              That perhaps is the cute and spec heavy -versus- really usable that you see here and quite obvious when you read certain posters comments here.

              TAKE down the old established ones and bring in the new = their madness disguised as a coming of age mantra. I don’t care as not some obsessed spec-head nor an obsessed moron. I don’t jump on bandwagons because all of my friends do the same thing, as that means you have no brain yourself, but are a mere person with herd mentality and Internet dysfunction, as in your brains are the Internet and whatever Wiki-idiots say, whether real or imagined.

              Googled and fooled, Wiki and sickly = their confusion or wishes.

            • Robert Falconer

              There’s no question that Sony is getting serious with their DSLR tech, and that they want to be a contender. I suspect they soon will be.

              But surpass Nikon and Canon in the pro market? That will take some doing, and assumes that the latter two sit on their hands. Which they won’t. Count on it.

            • Jabs

              @Robert Falconer

              Thanks for your reply.

              I already see Sony as a fierce competitor but having been around when the original Maxxum was released by Minolta, I have heard, seen and touched the hype and when it fizzled, I said – good riddance to crap.

              I thus see Sony in the same boat – showboating while so far not delivering one decent Pro camera to me, worthy or any respect by both Nikon and Canon shooters. I categorize Sony as spec heavy and full of promises but nothing really delivered but merely talked about just like Minolta was before its’ demise. Maybe one day they will quit the hype and really build a great camera but nothing so far and I have looked at both the specs and the actual files from released bodies and so far highly disappointed though hoping for a breakthrough for them and the Industry’s sake, as real competition advances much.

              Sony needs to really learn from Nikon and Canon, as both are much older than them, yet they think that they are dealing with Apple who took their Walkman crown or role from them even when they did and still have better sounding gear, so perhaps trying to counter an imaginary foe while not knowing who and what they really are up against. How do you realistically believe that you can break into the pro ranks with no 200 F2, 300 F2.8, 400 F2.8, 500 F4, 600 F4 and no 200-400 F4 ED zooms? Where are their tilt and shifts, their stunning zooms or wide angles?

              Maybe they will be the ‘king of the compacts or micro 4/3rd groupies and who cares?

              All this dream about a Zeiss lens domination is just that? Have you looked at the real performance of those over-hyped lenses? Give me a old 105mm F2.5 over any Zeiss glass and then I’ll be happy, as in already owned exotic glass by others and sold the piece of crap and stuck with my Nikkors = reality.

              I have yet to see one Manufacturer that consistently makes better lenses than Nikon Pro glass over the years and that includes Leica too, hence been there and done that. I look at ultimately performance and not your hype, even if it comes from Nikon!

              My brother shoots Canon and Leica too, so familiar with them as in used his gear.

            • Robert Falconer

              Today’s Zeiss glass is actually made in Japan. And as good as it is, it isn’t better than Canon and Nikon’s best; in some cases not as good.

              Leica is a different story, though. The difference between Leica and everyone else is that every Leica optic is a stellar performer, whereas Nikon and Canon do – and have – made consumer grade lenses that are just OK, and even produced the occasional dog (Nikkor 43-86 anyone?). That’s something you can’t say about Leitz.

            • Jabs

              Nikon has indeed made a few dogs or even some cheap crappy glass, but I am talking about their top tier lenses and not even Leica equals that.

              Leica too has made some dogs as in their R series long lenses plus some M series glass and Leica lives by reputation ONLY to me now, as in Computer designed glass or lenses have erased all advantages of the mechanical excellence of Leica, as in their fit and finish.

              Leica indeed often has higher contrast perhaps to compensate for their lousy and outdated bodies as I see them great ONLY in black and white and resting on their laurels as in like outdated but well built like an antique Swiss watch versus a modern cheap Casio watch. One appeals to sybarites (those obsessed with exclusivity, luxury and posh or elite items regardless as to actual function or performance) and thus not my type of gear.

              I am NOT married to my gear, as it is merely a tool to make money and not interested in resale value or such, as it is the IMAGE that drives me and nothing else counts much. This image pays for the gear = how I look at things.

              Cosina indeed has TAUGHT Zeiss how to make modern lenses in the 21st Century manner via computter assisted designing and thus the same thing Panasonic does for Leica now.

              Leica is like Porsche and both now emerging from the ‘Black Forest of antiquity’ and try to produce real modern gear for elitists or rich folks only, while I prefer real performance and not mere undeserved or no longer deserved reputation as the mechanical era died and we are now firmly in the electronic era that has sort of equalized the process of creating stellar lenses by Companies with the required computer based software.

              An old 105mm F2.5 and an old cheap Series E 75-150mm Nikkor lens was shot by ME versus some fancy Leica gear and lenses of my own brother and the cheap Nikon (N200 and N4004) wiped the floor with them both in color and black and white because I use filters including polarizers and know what filters to use in both color plus black and white. My brothers and I made an interesting comparison years ago while shooting the same subjects one day to settle an argument about who makes the best gear and I won handily with my Nikon’s to their surprise. I also used my three F3’s but even the Nikon cheap bodies with a 28-50 F3.5 (not the best lens too) and a stellar 35-70mm F2.8 beat them easily as the Nikon’s were faster, more consistent color wise and the metering has always been better on Nikon’s. I shot in P (Program) on the cheap bodies and in Apertured preferred on the F3’s and got all the shots well exposed even through all the filters that I used. TRY that with any other camera then.

          • keep dreaming Nemo.

            • AnoNemo

              Yep, I do not have problem with that. 😉

            • Jabs

              The person perhaps fails to realize that you are telling them that they are on Cloud Nine, as in the old Temptations song – ‘I am doing fine on Cloud Nine’ – ‘you can be what you wanna be on Cloud Nine’ or basically LaLa land = a happy and enthused dreaming idiot lost in their own imaginary world.

              Trekkies for example!

              Fools dream about what they wish for, while wise men do with what is in front of them.

              Lost on them!

        • Jabs



          Yeah – so many that they are invisible or so well hidden that we cannot find them – WRY humor on your part – lol.

  • venancio

    Hi, Admin…
    With Canon and most probably Nikon unable to deliver FX bodies this year, any rumor from Sony or Fuji of a full frame DSLR?

      • you see, you guys should start reading as well 🙂

      • no-nikon-no

        maybe canon and nikon are back to the drawing board for full frame because of sony? personally i hate video in a dslr full frame, but many users will see it as cost savings to only have to spend for a single unit to do both video and photo. especially in a worse economy. i dont see how nikon and canon can possibly compete with the speed of the sony a99 video with slt focusing. sony has a huge edge in video research & develop.

        • Joel

          Video on a FF as compared to what, a handicam sensor? If thats what you believe then the raft of advantage to using FF sized sensors to shoot video has completely gone over your head. FF DSLR video isnt competing with handicams here, they’ve already wiped the floor with those. No, FF video is going after the RED / cinema market now.

          • Jabs


            Exactly and that is what I have been saying here for a while and they don’t get it.

        • Jabs

          Has the Sony A99 been released yet or are you merely dreaming from the rumors?

          A Pellicle mirrored A99 with an outrageous amount of megapixels and what? – 2K video for $2800.00 bucks or maybe more – OK.

          Better specs than Sony’s premium video cameras that cost twice as much and then who goes out of Business now?

          Wishes without a dose of reality = the dreams of idiots or mere dreamers.

          Wake me up when you get to Nevernever land – lol

          Will Mike be there too as in – This is It?

  • The invisible man

    From a very thrusted informator, I can tell you that it won’t be any new copy machine neither (not sure about new camecorders)

  • Nikkorthemonk

    I find it hard to believe that Nikon would not release something ahead of the olympics without solid in-the-field feedback. With new technology, six months is not a lot of time. If I was a top sports shooter and offered new gear or reliable old models I would have to go with the latter. I dont want to find bugs during a once every four year event.

    • I believe there will be a full frame (Nikon D4) announcement before the Olympics, the question is when.

      • T.I.M

        You’re right.

      • Ian

        Looking at the way they’ve been dropping announcements, as well as the logistical nightmare of moving a great deal of their staff to Malaysia, My guess Is that Nikon (and most likely Canon) is planning to come out swinging at CES. As a matter of fact looking at recent market trends I’m willing to bet that the 2012 Tech Expo is probably going to be bent towards jumps in imaging technology.

        luckily, money in the bank doesn’t go bad.

        • The invisible man

          Your money better not be in euros….

          • Ian

            No, good old US currency… But in this roller coaster economy who knows, come time to buy a camera I may be spending the lot of it on a single loaf of bread.

            • Hamuga

              Keep in mind you have to look out for the yen as well.
              If the yen keeps going to way it is, Nikon will have to raise the $ prices in the US to stay a float after the exchange rate.

    • broxibear

      Hi Nikkorthemonk,
      The London Olympics start on the 27th of July, not all the photographers are Nikon users and not all those Nikon users will be upgrading their equipment.
      I know a few sports photographers and they’re not waiting for anything, they’ll have their current equipment serviced and if new bodies from Nikon or Canon appear they’ll consider their options then.
      None of the photographers I know are concerned, they’ll shoot with what they have.

      • Nikkorthemonk

        Oh I agree, even if they released new bodies my d300 will still be with me. Sure you’ll a sea of white lenses but the pros will always want the latest and greatest of whatever company they support. I’m just saying I personally would take my old gear as gear of choice without me personally beating the hell out of a new processor and knowing that it will overheat in 92 degree weather or the beyonette mount screws fall out everytime you change the lens or whatever little bugs may follow with new technology without me solid field testing it. This is just me and my thoughts.

      • Jabs


        I personally think that both Nikon and Canon have gone after the new emerging markets, as both Europe and North America are over saturated and their money is not worth much versus the yen anymore.

        I also believe that the D4 was in trial, though disguised, at the recent World Championships in Deagu, S. Korea where Bolt got disqualified in the 100 yet he and his team mates set a new World record in the 4×400 relay.

        Hence, changed priorities since the Earthquake and Tsunami plus with the US and Europe so much in debt, then most are now avoiding them due to their financial meltdowns. Look to Asia now as the place for Rumors and perhaps plus outside of Japan also, as it too is now over saturated.

        Both Canon and Nikon are perhaps giving up established countries for NEW areas with better growth potential and this is lost on too many here.

        The world has changed and many are in denial of this fact.

        India or China represent a greater market than Europe and North America combined and like Tata Motors, the Indian Company who bought Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar from I believe Ford Motor Company, then they perhaps understand better than you and I.

        Nikon and Canon perhaps are then going after the emerging markets due to their maturing and now richer plus more numerous citizens and thus a changing of the guard worldwide.

        How many people are there in just India alone?

        How many people are there in China too?

        Add that up and see the reality of a changed world an who now has REAL money and not money certificates, as in Promissory Notes?

        • Jabs

          ALSO – I have looked at the files from that race and the previous Olympics in Beijing and big differences in clarity, focusing and resolution, though I have not had the time to look at the EXIF data, as it probably is disguised or removed, so why bother. I use 64bit Linux for that, so don’t try it with what you probably got.

          There were also newer techniques used plus different lenses and much more, hence a newer body and lenses being used by someone else. The camera seemed much faster and more adept at AF than at Beijing and that was all that I needed to see. NOW, to determine if that was a Nikon or a Canon body, as some shots looked like the past and others looked remarkably different suggesting a new series of bodies with better capabilities were used there.

          Among improvements that I saw in the image were faster framing rates that captured more specific shots and then more follow up shots that were impossible before and also some type of a new lens that seemed to AF at a new level plus had some type of a VR that was better than anything released so far – to ME that is!

          The colors were even better than a D3 series to me and that was scary!

          There was also a hint of some new say about 100 to 135mm lens being used, based upon my experience at that focal length and it was super fast, as in grabbing speeding runners in a tack sharp manner, suggesting a new AF module. The shots also did not have the characteristic Canon Red channel weakness, so they seemed like Nikon stuff, but will again look at them when time permits.

          Don’t ask me to post them here but go look for them yourself!

          • Joel

            Do you also look at those images with a high resolution colour corrected IPS monitor? Because that’ll make more of a difference than your choice of operating system 🙂

            • Jabs


              I have better than an IPS PANEL (stop reading things on the Internet for reference pal as I already know what that is – lol) and I use 64bit Linux with better OpenGL support and functions than either OS-X and Windows as I also use both of them.

              I use a Real-Time 64bit Linux OS version (one of the only real 64bit OS’s on the market too) with the lowest latency around plus it is Color Corrected with ANY monitor that has the gamma range to support this color correction (not most LCD’s), hence way ahead of the game – as in been doing this for 30+ years from Amigas to now. I use Engineering monitors with higher color gamut than consumer based monitors.

              There are programs in Linux that read any RAW file around just about, so I can read the RAW files even before Adobe or others release their plug-ins = my reality and not guesses, so get up to speed yourself.

          • AnoNemo

            I bet that you cannot make your posts shorter. They all are book lenght 😉

            • Jabs

              Small minds think in short bursts and complain all day, while those who know better can articulate their responses as they use equipment.

              A BigMac versus a real meal.

            • AnoNemo


              Enough with your nonsense. Cut the crap out and make your posts shorter.

              Besides, your analogy did not work with the BigMac.

            • Jabs

              Can’t stand when someone is able to rebut your claims, eh?

              Well too bad – zzzddrrr.

              How you like that pal?

            • AnoNemo



              NR Admin, please ban this individual. He is trolling and very offensive with other posters.

        • lolly

          don’t forget Brazil too … even though population is not as big as China or India, Brazil has a very fast growing middle class.

          • Jabs

            Yeah Brazil and most of South America and Mexico too.

            Population is growing fast and people are getting rich from oil and other minerals plus export hubs now or even Manufacturing Centers.

            You see Nikon aiming for Brazil, right?

        • Jabs

          Maybe this report will wake you all up here from your deep snooze –

          Plus, I posted this in another area here too.

    • Steve Starr

      I agree.

      It would be foolish to announce a new FF a few weeks before the Olympics before it has been thoroughly debugged in the field which seems to take about 3-5 months as proven by their D7000 which had 2 firmware updates in less 9 months. The new one will probably have a firmware update, or two, to in that period as well. However, if a part modification is needed and the new camera has major problems, that will kill Nikon in the pro arena if the pros blow their Olympics shots for an undiscovered mechanical or electronic bug.

      They should have a lengthy lead time for the pros to get up to speed on its operation and quirks, some better operational manuals to appear to explain things better than the OEM one that often glosses over an item, and to get any firmware fixes out before they get swamped at Pro Services at the Olympics with complaints. Won’t be pretty if some bug appears during the Olympics with a new camera that requires a strip-down for some bad component or firmware change.

      Same goes for Canon if they want to follow on Nikon’s coat tails by waiting too long for a FF announcement. That could help Nikon though if Canon waits too long and their new body goes south during the Olympics. If Canon announces a new FF first and they have it debugged better than Nikon prior to the Olympics, it could hurt Nikon.

  • Davix

    See you in 2012 then :-/

  • Greg

    From my standpoint, it is not really the issue that new models are not being announced because I can wait another 6 months or so to move up to FF. I see the issue is there being no Nikon FF cameras available to buy, almost anywhere. The lack of stock leaves a huge hole for sales. At least if there were D3’s or D700’s out there, those that absolutely need the gear could get it. I see it as an unfortunate missed opportunity for Nikon.

  • Q

    Canon is ready. They just wait for Nikon to release. Canon is ready for at least D300s successor. And probably also for D700 successor. But they play the market well and knows that their modess will have an advantage to be newer than Nikon. The loser is the consumers and the winner is Sony. But in the long run the competion from others like Sony the two leaders will have more competion from others.

  • Let´s invest in top notch lenses. If you need slow motion video with DOF, go for Canon 7D, 60D , T3i, etc.

    If you need Fullframe Sensor 1080p 30 fps , go Canon.

    If you need 20 mp + for studio/advertising/magazines work, and you are on budget (not planning to invest $8000,00 in a D3x body or $15.000,00 on a digital back), go Canon.

    If you do wedding, events, corporative, simple studio portraits and books, you go Nikon.

    If you have money, go for both systems and be happy.

    That´s where to go until february 2012 or later.

    • The invisible man

      What about my S2 ?

      • FM2Fan

        If you don’t like it anymore – let me know. It is very welcome!

      • Jabs

        Buy a new Mamiya or a Pentax medium format digital camera and be done with it.

        Higher megapixels

        16bit RAW output and cleaner files.

    • Jabs

      You kinda have parts of this backwards don’t you.

      FF = greater depth of field

      DX = less depth of field but greater focal length reach as in like a teleconverter.

      Nikon also has a better FF camera than the Canon MK2 but lags in them offering 720 video, but almost no Pro complains about 720p, as you simply scale it to 1080 or beyond with Pro Software or even Hardware made for such tasks.

      To me, as a long time video shooter, Nikon looks way better than Canon in video even at 720 and there is too much software out there to do anything that each can or cannot do, so to me a moot point.

      It is photographers who are new to this that have problems or are confused and not long time Videographers or Video Editors.

      Upscaling and downscaling plus transcoding have been around for decades and used daily by everyone, so no point or advantage to real Pros familiar with hardware and software that negates all these frivolous issues.

      The stumbling block is MONEY or sticker shock!

    • lolly

      You can always rent a blad too … budget permitting 😉

      • Jabs


        Yeah the great ‘Blad – totally awesome but priced outrageously, so you need to be making some serious cash and also charge clients money and more money – lol.

        Blads have always been one of my favorite cameras but the Fuji GX 680 series spoiled me and had me looking towards them. Sorry that Fuji got out of that market but used ones are still available. Ever seen some chromes like Velvia 120 or 220 50D Pro or 64T on that body?

        Amazing detail.

    • Jabs

      You can also rent a Nikon D3X and buy a Nikon D7000 = cheaper and better than a Canon 5D MK2 in both video and stills, but alas not FF.

      Jobs pay for D3X rental and you get to keep and use the the D7000 daily.

  • Iris Chrome

    I’m not really surprised. To me it was evident after the weird Nikon news update a few days ago:

  • Dweeb

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Nikon didn’t do much when JP went into recession in the 90’s. Seems they haven’t done much since the 2008 crash.

  • 10MP

    Well apparently it seems that Nikon & Canon are personally rolling out the red carpet and ushering in their competitors to eat away at their customer base. And if Nikon and Cannon think their customers will just wait however long they both must have their heads up each others a#%es. Kiss off you egotistical a$$hole$. Thanks for valuing and caring about your customers opinions, suggestions, and ideas…. For Canon’s sake, I hope they nail it with their version of mirrorless…. Attention: Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, we need a new FF ASAP!!!!

  • broxibear

    Australian Professional dealer ECS py this statement on their site…
    “The much anticipated end of August announcement from Nikon regarding new DSLR models failed to materialise. It looks like October is the earliest we can expect news if indeed there is any.”

    • Andre

      If you had ever been into ECS and seen the boxes piled everywhere in no logical order you might not place a lot of faith in their predictions. 😀

      Nothing against them but I really don’t think that they have any more idea than the rest of us on upcoming gear despite being relatively close to Nikon Aus. HQ and Maxwells. 🙁

      • broxibear

        Hi Andre,
        I was just highlighting what they posted, I’ve never been to Australia… everyone seems to be in the dark about new models ?

  • No D700 in stock a lot of 5D in Stock guess what? Need a FF ? 5d with glass… And that will be the market, Canon selling more, more money to invest in research, better technology soon.

    • Markus


  • Muchachito Ehehe

    How about new Nikkor lenses this year? Any rumor?

    • Raff

      I am afraid that if Nikon can’t release new FF cameras they can’t even manufacture new pro lenses.
      I guess they are still recovering from 6 months ago.

  • FM2Fan

    good point – a wide angle prime having less than 24mm focal length would be great – ZF2 is just not, what I want on a fast camera having AF …

    just wishes: 20mm 1.8 or 18mm 2.4

  • The invisible man

    Incredible !

    Since I started photography (when I had hair on my head) I always had 2 cameras bodies.
    Guess what ?

    I sold my D90
    I returned the D7000
    My 14-24mm is in service at Nikon (front focusing)
    I sold my Af-s 300mm to pay bills
    All I have now is a af-s 50mm f/1.8 and my af-s 105mm micro f/2.8.

    Maybe a good opportunity to switch to Canon ?

    • If you don´t have the money to have both systems and need a FF Body, don´t hesitate, pick-up a 5D with a 70-200 2.8 non IS, a 16-35 f/2.8 L and a 50mm (1.8 is plastic but better optics than the 1.4).

      Just if you need FF.

      D7000 is a very decent body for dx users.

    • Raff

      You reaaly are the invisible man!
      Hair disappeared first, equipment second, … what’s next?!?
      : )

      • Jabs

        Wife – lol

    • Jabs

      @The Invisible man

      NO – you need a new or better source of income and to stop anticipating the release schedules to make money on E-Bay.

      Buy a D5100 with new glass or repurchase your D7000 and some old glass = cheaper.

      • The invisible man

        I think you’re right, I need more money (heard that Peter ?)
        I’ll get a D5100, it will be a good 2nd body and make a great x1.5 teleconverter.
        This winter I’m going to NewYork with my wife for a honney moon trip (we’re maried for 10+ years).
        I’ll visit B&H and Adorama, I hope by that time they will have the D800/900
        and the 300mm f/4 af-s VR.

        • lolly

          hope you have a happy honeymoon … with the wife, I mean 😀

          • Jabs


            Seems like he likes the cameras better – poor orphaned wife in NYC.

        • Jabs

          @The invisible man.

          You are going on a delayed or overdue honeymoon and you are thinking about cameras. Yeah, been to all those places myself and great places to see so much stuff that you wife will probably be rolling her eyes at you all day, then.


          Shame on you.

          Central Park rides, trip to Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway, FOOD and more food, Grand Central Station, SoHo, Bronx Zoo, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Harlem, 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, The Subway, Rockefeller Center and all the various Shops, Shops and more Shops plus Concerts, Philharmonic Orchestras and so much more.

          New York Pizza, Bagels, Bialys and CHEESECAKE – yum!

          Ahhh – get a pretzel with mustard and some food in Mid-Town from a real Food Truck with lamb gyro and the works or a New York Style HOT DOG – yummmmm! Get some real expensive French pastry or a baguette from a real Patisserie though probably not like the ones in France.

          Enjoy yourself bub, as Taxis try to run you over plus honk at you and slush ends up in your shoes plus they look at you like some tourist from Florida without a clue in the Big bad Apple.

          Sounds like Administrator is your Boss – lol.

  • Lty

    …mean while somewhere in a secret sony base…..

    -medium format slr w/ 48x36mm sensor with next gen (nikon/canon by the year 2020) iso capabilities
    -w/ all that super 3D tracking 300point AF system
    -a full line-up of secret zeiss lenses ( with nikon/canon next gen tech including VR X, and next gen AF motors [2020 tech]), ranging from primes 24 35 50 80 105 etc to zooms 28-70 70-200 etc @ current manual zeiss lens quality (heck even better)
    -super light carbon fiber alloy body, with D700 dimensions, 70% of D700 weight

    …………………set to be released Dec of 2011 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………@ 3000+USD

    • Jabs

      And when do you wake up from your ‘Weird Science’ dreams?


      • Lty

        once a year ~_~
        I’m a college kid

        • Jabs

          LOL – what’s her name?

          • Lty

            huh? who’s her?
            Anyways my prof would kill me if he knew I have the gall to surf/comment on sites such as this instead of finishing up my paper on alternative photography processes.

            • Jabs


              Are you familiar with the US television show – ‘Weird Science’ and now a movie?

              There was this gorgeous babysitter who enticed them or they ‘created’ her on their own and things went south quickly from their dreams now becoming some sort of a ‘reality’ – look it up.

              Hence, who is she – as a question from me.


  • Armen

    But we have Sony

  • Worminator

    Olympics. Canon and Nikon will both release updated pro dSLRs in time for the Olympics. We know the date of the start of the Olympics (July 27 2012). So we just have to make a reasonable back-extrapolation from there. Half a year before, Jan-Feb 2012, would seem reasonable for an announcement, though perhaps Admin could add some historical insight here.

    • Worminator

      A red D3100 for the fall means we are not getting a D3200. D5100 is new, D7000 selling well. Nikon’s low end line up is fine, especially with sales cooling in favor of mirrorless generally, and Nikon’s own entry into that market.

      It’s only the D700 (and D300s to some extent, if you don’t subscribe to the theory that it has been de-facto superceded by the D7000 on one end and the discounted D700 on the other) that’s looking a bit weathered.

      If Nikon is not going to do a D700x (and at this point it is pretty clear it is not), then everyone is going to have to wait until after the pro dSLR announcement to see a new camera in that segment.

  • This is sad, really. I’ll quit seeking for echoes of upcoming gear.

  • chuck

    ROFL, really how sad we got cameras that can shoot HD video, print with great low noise to 6400 and some to 12800 and people are crying about no new camera…

  • benS

    wt ??? i tot NR was hacked and defaced when I saw this post… damn that woke me up…

  • Nikon doesn’t have a FF body for 1080p full manual controls in the $2.500,00 price range, thats why many people is crying. And for the 21 mp that Canon has for 3 years. It’s a matter of business and market demand.

  • C

    I hope Canon will announce first! Because Nikon must fight back with a better model some days later! 🙂 Who announce first will be the loser.

  • RR

    Man … All I know is my D3x has 245,000 shutter actuations, my second body my D700 has 120,000 shutter actuations.. Hence I want to buy a new FF body soon! But I have tasted 24 MP on my D3x and its beautiful! ( I dont want another 12 MP camera again ) Guess Im going to focus in saving religously so I can get another D3x soon and forget my video dreams for a long time..

    Please Nikon.. P L E A S E release that D800 soon, I am sure someone in Nikon reads Nikon Rumors.

  • Gandalf

    It looks like Canon and Nikon has an agreement, we do not know about ?


    The D3s is the best DLSR camera for low light and sport

    The D3x is the best DSLR camera for landscape and portraits.

    Then we have the Canon 5DII – better for landscapes and portrait, than D700, and I was about to buy it as a companion for my D700, but found out, that there is noise even in base iso, and there are many reports from Canon-users about not so good AF, if you leave the center AF.

    So as I see it:

    Nikon should make a D700x with the omprovement we allready have in D7000 (DX) and D5100 – much better live view… and more, as you know from those cameras, then they still have the D700 as a small package for low light and sport (with the grip= 8 fps), but nothing seems to happen ?

    • kyoshinikon

      Also the viewfinder is darker than the Dx D7000 andthe camera really isn’t better for portraits as half of the L lenses made are soft wide open especially on the 5dmk2 and 7d

      • John

        Viewfinder darker than D7000 and half of the L lenses are soft wide open?

  • Artur Kozłowski

    Pardon my french, but F-ck-em all, I’m getting an electric violin for that money… Tired of mental masturbation over ghost cameras. Yes, I know, tsunami, recession… Doesn’t prevent new computers/gadgets from coming out every week, even freaking cars keep comin’ faster than cameras. What-ever.

  • wait all you want, nikon. i’m pretty sure my D700 will still be a stellar camera way into 2012.

  • sdfhgsfh

    Is there anything better for low light than a d3s? Is there any camera better IQ than a d3x? So why are guys crying for a new cam? You guys need more money that’s it!

    • Anonymous

      Even if I had the money, it is too bulky to lug around. D800 is what most people are waiting for.

    • Jabs

      Even if they had the money, they would still complain as it is human nature to never be satisfied.

      Ungrateful = humanity and one of our flaws, so relax!

  • kyoshinikon

    I find it a stupid marketing tactic to release around the same time as canon as it doesnt create enough competition. Just a wild guess but I think the D800 is completed; Nikon is just waiting for Canon to play a card and doing minor tweaks to it while they wait…

  • Information from Japan about D700 successor.

    I don’t know where this information should be placed, so put it here.
    It says that Nikon is ready to announce D700 successor.

    “I got information from one reader.

    It seemed to be an announcement of D700 successor around the end of Octorber.
    Additional information like lenses is not yet available.
    D3s successor is not listed. Personal impression is from the end of this year to the beginning of next year.

    The reader have hit previously ( name of D90 successor, announcement of 85mm F1.4, 28-300mm F3.5-5.6G, and 24-120mm F4G ), so I anticipate about this imformation.”

    • Joe

      The poster talked about the credibility of the source a bit. I hope it’s true this time coz I also heard that from Japan that a FF camera will come out in Oct-Nov timeframe and will ship in Dec.

      However, the info is still very conflicting. I hope it won’t fail to materialize this time.

  • Lets hope that next week yields some kind of “under promise and over deliver”. There is no reason that Nikon would not have been able to gear up for a D400 at least.

  • Cameramm

    New pro cameras before Christmas, pro photographers will Be informed by Nikon, in Stores in Jan , what to expect? Mirror less in ff Camera? Maybe Not !? Or what about shutterless?! Mechanical shutters are relict from the past, instead of Open and closing shutters , you can turn on / off the Power … Think of it

  • Interesting that Amazon is out of D3s and D3x bodies. Has that been the norm since before the last disappointing announcement?

  • Tomasz

    Canon is still 9 steps ahead. …9 Mpix, sorry.

    • Jabs

      9 megapixels ahead of the D3s and D700

      3 megapixels behind the D3x

      Two generations behind Nikon Pro bodies, as in using a sensor from their old FF Pro camera released before the original D3.

      Maybe three generations behind in AF too.

      • Jabs

        Generation 1 = D3 and D300
        Generation 2 = D3s
        Generation 3 = D7000

        D7000 might not match the D3s in AF speed but it has a newer metering system with more RGB modules, hence newer tech.

      • Robert Falconer

        And way behind in both light meter sophistication and flash control…for a long time now.

    • kyoshinikon

      2 generations behind in sensor tech and AF is right… In fact other than the video and 21mpx canon is completely 2 generations behind nikon…

      • Jabs


        Exactly right – thanks.

    • This made me chuckle, really… really did. Canon is far behind Nikon in the catagories that matter….i.e..AF, SnR, DR, Metering, Glass…..etc. Canon is exactly 2 generations behind Nikon’s pro bodies.

      • Jabs

        Yeah me too.

        It is as though you tell a lie or bogus information constantly for a long time and then it circulates all over the Internet and then somehow it now becomes a ‘fact’ or was that ‘friction’ or BS or HIS-story.


      • Robert Falconer

        This made me chuckle, really… really did. Canon is far behind Nikon in the catagories that matter….i.e..AF, SnR, DR, Metering, Glass…..etc. Canon is exactly 2 generations behind Nikon’s pro bodies.

        I wouldn’t go that far. They’re pretty competitive, actually. Canon has some strengths; Nikon has some strengths.

        Where Nikon excels is in its metering and flash systems, both of which have trounced everyone else since the early ’90s.

        On the other hand, Canon has had the edge with autofocus performance across a wider range of its lenses for some while now (though that is quickly changing).

        Both companies produce equally rugged prosumer DSLRs with competitive optics. Have for the past 40 years. Probably always will.

        I’d happily shoot either system, and in fact have, over the years – though I’m a Nikon shooter now.

        • Jabs

          @Robert Falconer

          All that changed with the D3 and D300 series release and Canon has not recovered and they got even more buried by the D3s and now D7000, so indeed he is right and DXO proves that handily.

          Canon’s best AF body is between the old 21 meg Pro body and the newer MK4 DX 18meg Pro body – sorry don’t keep up with the Canon naming conventions, as too weird for me as in most of them sound like the same thing – lol- and neither one is a real competitor to Nikon now in my opinion.

          Great that you shoot both and now seem like you have settled on Nikon, though it makes me little difference, as it is your money and your choices.

          I have read and seen many photo examples of D3s versus Canon’s two Pro bodies as to AF performance and they get basically buried in maybe 9 out of 10 tests by Nikon plus it gets worse in low light and flash or fill flash performance, as in Canon not having a modern Flash system and has always been behind Nikon even in the F3 and FA days of TTL flash and SB-16’s.

          Much respect then for you shooting both systems!

          • Robert Falconer

            To be clear, I haven’t shot with Canon in years. It was my first serious camera – back in the days before digital…and even before autofocus.

            I like Canon and Nikon equally well. I switched to Nikon in the early ’90s because I felt the N8008 was a better built, more ergonomic camera than the equivalent Canon, and offered superior metering and flash control. I’ve been with Nikon ever since.

            Either make offers cameras that can resolve images beyond the talents of the best photographers, which is my way of saying that it comes down to the photographer, not the camera.

            • Jabs

              @Robert Falconer

              Left brain versus right brain = I can’t argue with that.

              Yeah, I understand though I use Nikon because they are actually better – to me.

              I also often do not try and force my choices on others, as that is their own prerogative.

              I have yet to find or use a camera that I cannot exhaust its’ capabilities.

              I would love a D3X just to see if I could though, as it is the best of the best by far currently – lol.

  • niko.hakkarainen

    have anybody ever heard about invest japan meeting where a half yar ago there was man from camera company who says that there will not be nikon d800 from nikon and canon 5dmkIII from canon.

  • Bayinaung

    You might want to double check this: more rumours on Canon full frames coming out this year, just after this post. And, as if to validate this rumour, I found that the biggest dealers of Canon in Canada have the Canon EOS 5D mark ii on sale, at the same price at the same time. The sale discount is also rather steep by Canadian standards for a normal sale, at 26%. I am inclined to think that this is more more than a coincidence.

  • Robert Falconer

    If you’re referring to the SLR on the extreme right of the banner, it’s an F6.

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