Nikon press release: Joe McNally was using “the latest Nikon cameras” for his new exhibition

I mentioned last week about Joe McNally's upcoming exhibition that will open on August 24th. Today Nikon issued a press release that contained the following paragraph:

Based on McNally’s renowned “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001,” this updated special exhibition will feature original life-size portraits, along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with the latest Nikon cameras...

Latest Nikon cameras that can shoot video? Was he using the Nikon D5100? Nikon D7000 is currently one year old. The Nikon D3s is the only full frame camera that can shoot video and was announced in October of 2009.

Full press release:

MELVILLE, NY (August 16, 2011) – Nikon Inc. is the exclusive photographic equipment sponsor of the “Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later” exhibit at the Time Warner Center in New York. The free exhibit, marking the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, will take place from August 24 to September 12, 2011. The exhibit features more than fifty images and videos by internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally, that bring to life some of the extraordinary individuals personally impacted by the events of 9/11.

Based on McNally’s renowned “Faces of Ground Zero, Portraits of the Heroes of September 11, 2001,” this updated special exhibition will feature original life-size portraits, along with new digital images and exclusive video interviews shot with the latest Nikon cameras, revealing where the subjects are today and how 9/11 indelibly affected their lives.

“Nikon is proud to be a sponsor of the ‘Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later’ exhibition,” said Bo Kajiwara, Director of Marketing, Nikon Inc. “The still images and videos shot by Joe McNally document in compelling detail a very significant event in recent history and are vivid, powerful reminders of the human spirit.”

The exhibition includes portraits and video of everyday people such as firefighters and other uniformed rescuers, families of victims, survivors, caregivers, politicians and students from nearby schools. Some of the individuals honored in this exhibition include Firefighter Louie Cacchioli, Josephine Harris and Ladder 6 and Chef Michael Lomonaco as well as former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

“It’s been a truly amazing experience to recreate this exhibition,” said McNally. “It’s an honor to be able to visually tell the ongoing stories of the incredible people I first met 10 years ago that continue to be an inspiration every day.”

Joe McNally is one of the most widely acclaimed photographers in the world and has been a Nikon shooter throughout his career. He is globally recognized as one of the most accomplished masters of light and color and has inspired a world of photographers with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. McNally’s international photography career includes time as a staff photographer for LIFE Magazine and a contributor to National Geographic for over 23 years. He has also shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Sports Illustrated, LIFE and Men’s Journal.

McNally’s 2002 tour, “Faces of Ground Zero,” was seen by an estimated one million people. The collection and sales of related books helped raise more than $2 million for 9/11 relief efforts.

Joe McNally’s “Faces of Ground Zero – 10 Years Later” exhibition will be held at the Time Warner Center in New York City from August 24 to September 12, 2011. The exhibition is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday – Saturday and from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free and open to the public.

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  • D700guy

    Doesnt necessarily mean that an unaanounced camera was used though.

    • no

      nikon doesn’t just casually sponsor this sort of stuff. usually it matches release of new equipment

      • I agree, a lot of conflicting information about the 24th 🙂

        • PHB

          Since the timing of the exhibition was fixed, it is entirely possible that Nikon brings forward their announcement to accomodate.

          Remember that the Nikon employees were being told to cancel leave rather late in the year suggesting a change of plans.

          With the current uncertainty due to the tsunami, dropping it all at once might make sense.

          Or more likely, he just got an early evil model and used it for interviews with the subjects, or an assistant used it to film the shoot. I am thinking an EVIL is going to make a better videocamera anyway…

        • rhlpetrus

          But I doubt he’s use an unannounced camera on a exhibit that’s been in preparation for some time. Too many people would have access to the equipment and files.

  • GeorgeofSacto

    “the latest Nikon cameras” tells me he’s using more than just one model. But this would be a nice unveiling to show some serious work from the new EVIL camera.

    • KT

      Really, shooting life-size portraits for an event like this with an EVIL camera possessing a micro-sensor smaller than that in an Olympus micro 4/3

      • PoBoy

        Weren’t the originals shot with the 20″x24 ” ginormous polaroid camera? The life size ones?

        • The EXIF data from one of the recent pictures (shot on August 3rd, 2011) on Joe McNally’s blog (posted August 9th, 2011) shows a shot of a firefighter (presumably for the exhibit) that was shot with the Nikon D3X. THE camera in the Nikon lineup for shooting life size photos. This could be false EXIF data or (imo) accurate, as the release states “this updated exhibition will feature life-size portraits,” then, “…ALONG WITH [new pics and vids] shot with the latest Nikon cameras,” leading one to believe he shot the new additions to the exhibit with a mix of cameras old and new.

          Joe McNally did a promotional video for the D3 (it’s on his website) back in the day. So he already has a track record releasing the high-end professional models. He also doesn’t have much sex appeal like a Chase Jarvis (sorry, Joe, you need to workout or something maybe). I would think Chase Jarvis would be the candidate for EVIL promotion (or even another new, young (and cheaper) photographer, or Ashton). I think Joe McNally would appeal to the professional/semi-professional photographer (and an older generation, apt to make larger purchases), and would therefore be a more likely candidate for a D4/D800 camera.

          Much of the chatter has led us to believe Nikon wants to WOW us. This is in-line with an EVIL release. But I think it is also in-line with them bringing their professional DSLRs up to snuff with HD video finally. It’s never been quite as good as Canon’s yet and there was that invitation with the director’s chair. That promotional advertisement also stated “something even Nikon Rumors doesn’t know” and of all the things we’ve ‘known’, the EVIL has been the closest thing.

          As fun as it is to dissect, I wouldn’t place my money on any outcome as of yet, but fingers crossed for FX releases….

          • Steve

            Maybe Nikon got smart about NDA and programmed pre production cameras to carry the same exif data as current models. Not likely, but maybe. Or maybe that is the “one” image he chose to post to his blog because it was a d3x shot. Lastly, exif data can be manipulated (but I doubt it was in this case).

            • I thought that too – that obvi he’s going to upload the pic shot with the D3X because he’s not bound by a NDA. So confusing (I mean I’m thriving on the confusion right now because it’s better than radio silence)…. still hoping thought………..

        • C.Bronson

          I highly doubt that Nikon would unveil the ‘EVIL’ camera on the victims of 9/11. They wouldn’t be that stupid.. Would they?

          • Ray

            “Faces of 9/11 – brought to you by EVIL”
            yes I can see how that might be viewed as insensitive…

          • sade


          • I highly doubt Nikon will ever use the term EVIL officially. Coolpix X810 doesn’t sound unpleasant.

            • I think X810 is just a code name, the final model name will probably be different.

  • Ryan

    Let the frenzy begin

  • The invisible man

    And what does that mean ?
    An other possible date release in the upcoming near futur rumor ?
    I still think that Nikon will show the D800/900 before the end of the year.

    • AnoNemo

      I think Nikon will milk the 12MP for another year.

    • ja

      just an idea as none of us have an idea of what is to come next week ,
      could we see a double release of the D4 and maybe D4v (V for video)which is taylored more towards video. of course this is all just an idea , but everything comes from an idea ?

    • Ke

      “An other possible date release in the upcoming near futur rumor ?”

      21st of September.

  • Yay, I was right to sell my D700 after all. All toes crossed.

  • shane

    Hmmm…. latest models….. there must be a suprise FX camera in the pipeline for the 24th!!! well I’m hoping anyway I seriously need a d800 🙁

    • FM2Fan

      selling a D700 is probably too early – it is a very durable camera and will last 2-3 more years

      • jake

        except the popup flash part ,though.

        I hope the D800 comes without the annoying cheap popup crap.

  • Well, the EXIF data on the stills for the new ground zero project that he’s published so far all show either D3s or D3x.

    • KT

      That means the new EVIL sensor is capable of 36 MP at a minimum.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Makes sense. D3x is still the latest Nikon one would want to use for life-size.

    • Robert

      I checked the exif data on the first day the photos were posted. Not all the images were D3s and D3x…many had no exif data at all which makes me believe they did not want it shown because its the new camera.

      • That’s a good point – why did he hide the EXIF data only on some images?

        • Can you post some links to those pictures? How’d the quality look? Shot with a large sensored FX or a small sensored EVIL? Also, could you tell if there was flash used in those pictures? I imagine he would try to stay somewhat true to the limitations of the camera and not rig up off camera lights to be triggered by the EVIL’s on-camera flash. In the firefighter pic dated August 3rd, 2011 (with D3X EXIF data however) you can see the off camera flashes reflecting in the chrome fire extinguisher to the left of the firefighter (in addition to being able to simply see there is well-diffused professional lighting in the shot).

          Pic here:

          Can you tell if there is off camera flash used in those shots? I agree that the EXIF data would be stripped for a reason.

          • bart b

            Maybe somebody can make a phonecall to the New york firefighter Bill butler and ask him what kind of camera Joe McNally used 🙂

          • PHB

            How do you think you are going to be able to tell?

            Sensor size is only relevant on the F-mount. The EVIL camera will have wide angle lenses with a completely different design. So the comparison is going to be between FF DSLR and something like the Leica M8.

            On a DSLR a large sensor reduces the constraint of the mirror sweep, that is all. It is not negligible, the 14-24 performs far better than the 10-24 or any DX lens could expect to.

            On an EVIL format there are no pre-existing constraints. Consider two designs that are identical except that on one the sensor is twice the distance from the lens and twice as large. Is there going to be more light falling on the larger sensor (no) is there going to be a difference in the image produced (only that it has to focus at a different point) is there going to be any difference in the sensor technology (only that the impact of minimum feature size will mean that there is a slightly lower proportion of wasted space.

            Any difference between a small and a large sensor is going to be irrelevant compared to the difference between retrofocus and short focus wide angle lenses. Leica gets better results from its wides because they can use a different design, not because they are considerably better at lens design.

            • FX cameras produce better DOF, higher dynamic range, and perform better in low light. These differences are definitely perceptible in some pictures.

        • Discontinued

          “(…) why did he hide the EXIF data only on some images?”

          I still can hear you laughing. Hiding EXIF really is a good one. Keeps up hope, hype, speculation and traffic on NR.
          Honestly, you are very well aware that EXIF rarely makes it through a professional workflow. If there is any EXIF in other shots it just means, these shots have not been through it/are not optimized yet but have been judged as good enough for a preview.

          D4 in some EXIF, found in the world wide web means nothing. No EXIF means even less. Period.

          You’ve had a fairly good coverage of Sony news and rumors recently on PR. Then it stopped. Meanwhile Sonyalpha Rumors posted (15th of August) that Sony is “lobbying for the next FF cameras (to be released in 2012)”. Rated SR5 btw.
          Don’t you think that Sony’s sensors and timetable are somehow related to what Nikon does or is able to do? I am not suggesting anything here, just curious what that highly rated SR-rumor could mean for Nikon’s timetable, plans and coming cameras.

          • Discontinued, it’s all speculations. I doubt Joe McNally will post a picture on his blog without any post.

            FYI the sensors of the D3, D3s, D700 and D3100 are made by Nikon:

            Regrading the Sony rumors, there is a lot of info floating online, it doesn’t mean that everything is correct and I have to report it. I pick my stories based on the information I have.

          • jake

            many many sites and papers say that Nikon and Sony sensor relationship might be over after the D7000 and D5100 models.

            the d3100 has renasus sensor and the D700 and D3s also Nikon designed renasus produced sensors.

            and the new 2.7x one is rumored to be a Aptina sensor.

  • I would be pretty darn surprised if he were using the D5100.

  • Kenneth

    Let it come!! 😀 D800!!!!

    • Bip


      • Victor Hassleblood

        D911 ! ! !

        (sorry couldn’t possibly resist it)

        • Rahul


          • PoBoy


  • broxibear

    Probably the COOLPIX S9100 ?

    • The invisible man

      Please be quiet, let us hope and dream about our next FF.

      • broxibear

        So this isn’t him talking about the camera he’s using ?

        • Bryan

          Haha, awesome!!!

        • aetas

          You know, what else can you say, its nikon.
          This is my quote of the day. Thanks for the link+)

        • The invisible man

          I watched the video but did not get the joke, coould you explain it to me ?
          Thank you bear.

        • Just A Thought

          Great comeback to a great reply post. You and The Invisible Man are priceless….

        • Kevin


          That was both awesome and horrible at the same time.

    • kyoshinikon

      Best reply ever!

  • i have seen the new DX model to be announced in august. well. i hope there will be more then that, is all i can say.

    • Ooooh D400 being announced? Sounds promising. 🙂

      • The invisible man

        Again !
        NO D400
        D400=D7000 ok ?

        • Based on what facts? You serve the tea at the Nikon product planning meetings? I can see a market for a pro level (NPS qualifying) DX body. Perhaps Nikon can as well. It could even have an integrated grip. We don’t know what they’ll do. There may never be a D400, or their might be one next week.

    • nobody

      D3200 or D400? Which was it that you were disappointed with?

    • I doubt that Nikon will announce a new DX camera next week, if you care to share some details, you can contact me here:

      • The invisible man

        Peter, if the D900/D4 that you promised to us don’t show up, yes I have some details for you:

        First we will make you buy a Nikon D3000 at BestBuy with all the accessories (+state taxes).
        Then, you will have to take pictures and videos with the tokina manual focus 28-200 f/4.5-5.6 mounted on it.
        Then, you will have to upload all the pictures in HR on Facebook with a dialup connextion.

        And if you’re still alive, you will have to buy one of my Test Charts.

        See, working at NR is a dangerous job !

    • Ric

      I call BS

    • SGN

      odd website link o_0 ?

    • Art

      Ok. I get that you can’t tell us about the camera — which it is, what features it has, etc….

      How about this …..

      On a scale of 1-100, how would you rate its “awesomeness” or “coolness factor” ?????

      • 1 being D80, 50 being D300s and 100 being D3x this one rates 71,7

  • nobody

    The August 2nd blog entry regarding McNally talks about a campaign launching in fall. Is August 24th considered fall in the US? In Europe that’s still summer 🙂

    • twoomy

      In the U.S., that’s right on the edge; I’d call it summer, but so many schools start fall semester that week. Bet the D4/D800 is coming later.

      • Bip

        May be D3.1/D710…… Otherwise, Nikon will run out of number for their model within the next 10 years…..

        • Hari

          I’ve always wondered about that too!

    • rhlpetrus

      I though Fall had a precise definition (when the angle between the Earths axis is perpendicular to the Sun-Earth ray and going up; that works for both hemispheres). 😉

  • I grabbed one of the photos posted online from this exhibit to look up the exif data. It was of the firefighter.

    And under camera, it said D3x.

    So either:
    a. it was a D3x
    b. they spoofed the exif, knowing people would be looking for that.


  • Lulz

    Breaking out the big guns to push the mirrorless? Lmao. Nikon really screwed the pooch.

    • gt

      how do you know it was a mirrorless that was used?

      assume something, then whine about it. typical nikonrumors reader

      • Anand

        @gt…ummm…you are a reader here too! 😉

    • LY

      Fully agree. 9/11 is too BIG & SERIOUS THING to announce only EVIL which is only fun-cam. It will be D4 + EVIL + (mayby) D800

  • Anand

    It has started…..In one day, admin has posted 3 posts related to new stuff. The news until now was slow…we almost had a draught….now the water has started flowing!!! 🙂

  • Jeremy Maready

    McNally uses the D7000 as a backup to his D3s, which he lists on his site. It wouldn’t really be a surprise for him to be using that in this instance.

  • While I’d like to believe the D800 or D4, anything current (d3s) could be “the latest.”

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Exactly, the D5100, D7000, D3s, etc. are technically the “latest” cameras. D4/D800/D400 should only be regarded as “soon to be released” or “upcoming” cameras as they aren’t on Nikon’s product list or even officially announced yet. Officially, they don’t even exist at all so they shouldn’t be regarded as the “latest”.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if McNacally was using D7000/D3x, but who knows.

  • Latest: D5100, D7000, Mirrorless Crap.



  • Stepper

    IF they’re showing off life size prints, I’m guessing there is definately a Hi-Megapixel/Full Frame camera about to be introduced.

    • I’ve had 4 foot by 6 foot prints made from a D200 and 5D mark I. You don’t need a gajillion pixels to make a high quality large print.

  • JonMcG

    What makes anybody think he’s not actually using the new mirrorless? I realize he’s obviously not going to use that for day-to-day pro work, but for the promotion I could see him shooting with that. A marketing gimmick to frankly show the public “Look, if Joe McNally can use this, so can you”, etc..

    I don’t see this as any new news to suggest an FX body will in fact be here on the 24th, so I remain quite deflated..

    • DarkNikon

      Good point!!! McNumNuts the best to promote something difficult to sell!
      Makes more sense no new FX this time. Prolly end of year 🙂

    • preston

      They will be marketing this to the mass market consumer. Most enthusiasts don’t even know who Joe McNally is (and he’s not young or particularly good looking), so he would be the last person they’d want to speak for it. After all, the statement “so easy that even a top-notch professional photographer can figure out how to use it” doesn’t really work that well. .

  • The invisible man

    No new FX soon ?

    Not a big deal,
    When I compare my old slides with what I get from my D90 I see that digital photography already improved my pictures quality x10

    I can wait few more years, perfection take time.

    • Maybe your just a better photographer now.

  • MP McDrool

    This afternoon, Joe McNally farted. Luckily, Chase Jarvis caught it on camera. EXIF data was leaked by Chase’s mum to by mistake… It was the new evil 36MP Coolflix video only P&S.

    Bored shitless by endless repetition. Game of SD card domino, anyone?

    • Chase Jarvis

      Dude, don’t drag my mum into this, ok? She didn’t know better, aw’right?

    • Chase Jarvis

      Oh and I’ll upload the video in my site on August 24th. My 106 garden gnomes are already all over the PP. Sound quality (noise) is gonna be AWEsome!

  • ericnl

    everybody just stop teasing us and rip that band-aid off in one go~!

    it’s driving me nuts this week…

  • Joe McNally

    Chase, I know you’re a fan– but, c’mon. I fire one single wet pocketwizard and you have to make a video about it? Oh well, I guess… [ I AM | FARTING ON VIDEO ]

    • nikhtwey

      There will be at least D700s with D3x sensor latest micro-lens design and video.
      for one major reason :

      This kind of update, which is a real big one, wouldn’t ask a major retooling effort-after the Japaneses disaster- and still brings value and freshness to the most wanted camera in the pro segment. neither D3s nor D3x are “that” due to “ground breaking” replacement (regarding to competition landscape in the flagship products).

      sounds naive, but hope you can get my point.

  • Ric

    Photos were processed with NX3. I just know it!

  • NikonTheAvenger

    Of course he used mirrorless camera for the life size photograph, only it was a giant Polaroid!!

  • Tony

    I think the setup is too big for only pro grade camera. This announcement should involve general population not just pro.

  • David

    What is this page in Chinese saying? Does anyone speaks Chinese? Looks like specs for D900?

  • On Joe McNally’s blog:

    I was looking at the exif data from the picture “Lieutenant Bill Butler, FDNY, Aug. 3, 2011” – “2011_FGZ_UPDATE_Bill_Butler_0137.jpg” it says.

    exif:FocalLength: 62/1
    exif:FocalLengthIn35mmFilm: 68

    But under Tiff properties is says

    tiff:Make: Nikon Corporation
    tiff:Model: Nikon D3X

    So unless he modified the exif data, these pictures were taken with his D3X.

    • I doubt it is altered, the EXIF “1.13X digital zoom” is consistent with the D3x. It was shot with a AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED.

      In the shot of Father Jordan, EXIF shows D3S with AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G ED

      All this is in line with using the “latest” (i.e. current) Nikon equipment.

    • I believe this is what I said above.

      • Bruce

        Sorry, didn’t read all the comments. I thought I was being original.

  • jerl

    My question is, if Joe is not using a new, unannounced camera, why wouldn’t they identify them? The press release would be the perfect place to advertise the “strengths” of the models he is using. Leaving out the models forfeits this opportunity to tell people what cameras they can buy to shoot “just like Joe”, which makes me thinl that they are hiding something.

    • nikhtwey

      this is a brilliant argument !

    • Nikon is promoting their brand to sell more cameras, a majority of the readers will be consumers buying DX, not top of the line D3x or D3s that Joe uses.

    • sade

      Just because not every body knows Nikon camera models. Indeed, they make it such that every body understands that the photos are taken by some “nikon’s latest cameras” .

  • ChrisSin

    If all Nikon brings to the table is a small sensor mirrorless, ill be real dissapointed. If I wanted something portable with a smaller sensor, Id buy one of the newer large sensor point and shoots…….

    who needs interchangeable lenses on a non pro camera?

  • I still think theres somwthing major coming on the 24th. There was a report that mentioned that employees’ vacations were cancelled? Im not if they would do that for some coolpix cameras, or even a mirrorless one. Also the D700 has been removed from websites which pretty much means its been discountinued. Which basically tells us that there is no pro level camera which could currently replace D700 . Im really hoping they replace the 700. Its an upgrade thats long overdue. Still a lot of confilicting reports about the 24th of August. Lets see, im keeping my fingers, toes, legs (and anything else thats crossable) crossed.

  • InfraRed

    It’s very disappointing but it makes sense from a business point of view: mirrorless cameras are going to generate more reviews, traffic in retail stores and holidays revenue than another full frame DSLR.
    Truth to be said (and a sad one) Nikon can’t keep up with Sony and Canon. They just don’t have the critical size to focus on four markets: P&S, Mirrorless, DX and FX at the same time.

    If it is confirmed that no new high-end DSLR is announced, what would be the next likely window?

  • The invisible man

    Mirrorless camera is a joke, people who use point and shot will not buy it.
    Be ready for an other fail, like the APS, DISK, etc…

  • Eric

    Yeah, and it’s all done with the new mirror less camera, right? Because that’s all they’re announcing next week. 🙂

  • One More Thought

    This is actually pretty fun, with all the speculation and uncertainty!
    At this point, who knows? There are so many ways to interpret the data that is known…and it seems people are determined to read into it what they want.

    We will all see soon enough…but either way we’ve got great cameras from Nikon to keep us happy…and we know in the future…at some unknown date…Nikon will wow us all with some great new dslrs!

  • Jesus_sti

    Hey, NR guy … I’m really confuse because of you. It’s all your fault ! Good job by the way !

    • I am confused too – I got the same amount of tips for pro DSLR and mirrorless camera for next week, the only reason I went with the mirrorless camera is because I received some more detailed info.

      • Astrophotographer

        I think it’s a nikon conspiracy against NR! 😉
        Overwhelm you with conflicting info.

        • probably 🙂 The mirrorless tips are the only info that makes sense and matches from several sources

  • PoBoy

    Yah, it’s funny how we see the cup half full or half empty (or the sensor is either full frame or rinky dinky).
    F’inX, me so Nikon.
    I believe we have to have FX, D800 and it has to come soon.
    Surely, it will be the King of Cameras.

    • spiffy stiffy

      this made my brain hurt.

  • broxibear

    This whole thing reminds me of what Donald Rumsfeld said…
    “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”
    I think that pretty much sums up the last few months on nikonrumors lol.

  • Madetech

    I don’t really understand why Nikon would have to throw a big event to launch pro bodies… People who want/need them usually don’t need to be told that they’re coming or that they’re available.

    Some of the top Nikon guys were talking about developing a new type of camera a few months ago. I am not a video guy but if i was Nikon, i would come up with a hybrid canon xf-300(but smaller)/d700.

    I will probably get threatening letters/e-mails for writing this…

    • broxibear

      Hi Madetech,
      If the guys at Canon marketing have got their heads screwed on they’d take advantage of this Nikon uncertainty and throw out a teaser ad for the 5D Mark III on the 24th. Think of the buzz and press they’d get on the day Nikon maybe release a mirrorless and Sony release a camera everyone knows about anyway ?
      If anyone from Canon is reading this, there’s a 20% fee for this service.

      • Madetech

        That is a great idea! That would cause some Nikon top exec to commit Harakiri though…

      • C.Bronson

        They may not have to. Just remind everyone that the new D800 is just an imitation of the 5D2. With a couple more AF points.

      • One More Thought

        At this point whichever company, Canon or Nikon, comes out with their next gen mid price FF, will have an advantage. Many consumers are waiting to go FF and will jump at whichever premium brand goes first.

        However, I also think Canon and Nikon tend to know each others’ plans, and tend to move accordingly. I don’t think either can really surprise the other.

      • BornOptimist

        That’s a two-edged sword. If they don’t have anything to wow the marked, then it’s an epic fail that will be buried in the buzz from the other events.

        • broxibear

          Hi BornOptimist how are things ?,
          The really big advantage Canon have is that most who bought the 5D Mark II primarly for video will not switch to Nikon…they’ve invested in other accessories, lens etc and will stay with the brand.
          Earlier in the year I had a discussion with someone at Calumet about the 5D Mark II and was told they constantly out of stock because the demand was so great amongst film makers and colleges.
          After the dust settles I fully expect the new Nikon dslrs to be better at stills and the Canons to be better at video.

          • BornOptimist

            I eagerly waiting for the new CSC, so my interrest in D3/D700 update is more of general interrest for cameras. I have a D700 which for me is absolutely perfect. But CSC otoh has been a long (and expensive) search. I have bought several cams, and sold them again. Latest GF2 which was a pita cam, and difficult to find a buyer for.

            I concurr with you and also expect Canon to dominate video and Nikon to be the better still cam. After all Canon has far more expertise in video than Nikon.
            But to cast shadow over Nikon’s and Sony’s parade on the 24th, they need more than “just another video camera”. If they equipp the camera with the focus system from the 1D-serie, they have something far more interresting.
            Given the history of Canon, I have a hard time believing they will do so.
            What I do expect Canon to do is using a larger sensor in their next G12 upgrade (I don’t think it will have interchangeable lenses). I predict it will have a 2/3″ or 1″ sensor, and a short zoom (2.5 – 3.5x).

            • C.Bronson

              +1 Broxibear.. Nikon’s stills and high ISO are pretty much untouchable right now. But so is Canon’s video. Even their $500 T2i’s video beats anything Nikon has offered.

              I think that’s why the 5d became so popular.. It has both IQ and Full frame video. And they did it in 2008. How does Nikon counter the 5d? Do they push the MP into the 20’s at the expense of dynamic range and high iso’s? Do they try to guess what the 5d3 video will be and out-spec it?
              I think canon has the advantage in the low-end FF race right’s why: Canon has a lot of room to move. I mean they were successful with that pitiful 9 point autofocus joke. They could add a couple more points and everyone goes crazy! They can add weather sealing… They can add a better build… They’ll probably add 1080 @ 60fps and 720p @ 120fps. They can add a couple fps and the canon camp start calling it the ultimate all-purpose body.

              The D700 will out-spec the 5d3! But does it matter? I mean the D700 already shoots 9fps with 500 AF points and great high ISO’s. The 5d3 could have 19AF points and 6 fps and still win the race.

          • jake

            hey, dont forget there are many many dual or muti system users like us, shooting both canon and nikon.

            I’ll mostlikely buy both 5d3 and d800, but either one comes fast get my business first , I think I am tired of waiting, just way too long..

  • spiffy stiffy

    that’s going to be really tacky if nikon uses ground zero (and what it represents) to hawk cameras to the US market. (not that budweiser and american auto companies haven’t tried to cash in on emotions surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent wars, though.)

  • disco

    canon already has… (or will)

    if this is any indication of a preemptive strike from canon, i’m sure their sources point to a similar spec’d nikon camera in the horizon.

  • The suspense is killing me!!! I’ve been holding off buying a D3s for nearly a year now in anticipation of what’s coming next.

    Bring it on!

  • Jaws

    If you have noticed, EVIL cameras have been out for around 2 years now, yet neither Nikon or Canon have introduced an EVIL camera. They both may jump into that segment, but I’m wondering if they aren’t too high on the EVIL cameras thinking it may like another APS. Now, maybe they were both holding off until they could develop a very high performing sensor for an EVIL camera and we’ll see them introduce these cameras shortly. But considering that they need to make lenses for these that is a big investment to make which they would have to be sure it would be worth it. I hardly ever see anyone with an EVIL camera, and only know of 2 people who have them. So, I’m thinking that they aren’t too keen on the EVIL concept right now.

    • Ke

      If you hang around tourist spots you’ll see loads of people with mirrorless cameras at any one time.

  • Art

    For what it is worth, I asked my wife (who is Japanese) about a point that someone else brought up in one of the earlier posts. They commented that they thought the D400 would not be called the D400 but the D500 partly because of the amount of time that has passed since the D300 came out but also because 4 is an unlucky number is Japanese.

    My wife said that the number 4 is pronounced “shi”. Shi is also how you say “death”. She said the Chinese characters for “4” and “death” are different but that the words are pronounced the same. I asked her if the issue was enough of an issue that a company would skip over the “400” in a product name and she said it is quite possible. I can understand this and it is a bit reminiscent of the old Chevy Nova in Mexico urban legend.

    It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    • Bip

      what about one of Nikon’s all time best sellers – the D40?

      • Art

        True. I’m just relating what my wife told me. Personally, as long as we see an announcement for the D800 really soon, I’m ok with just about anything.

    • nobody

      IIRC, the successor to the Nikon F3 was called Nikon F4…

    • preston

      I know Nikon doesn’t have a history of this, but Canon has different model names for the low end dslrs for the US and other countries. They know americans like to see themselves as badasses so they have a line of “Rebel” cameras here. In Japan a huge percentage of the low end cams are sold to women, who often like cute accessories, so the Rebel line is called “Kiss” there.

  • photonut

    “Latest” simply means the latest model of a current series. Could even be the 3yrs old D700…

  • Bip

    What is next for NR if all three highly anticipated DSLR: D4, D800, and D400 are introduced at once?

    • Canon User

      Those who can afford to buy will be very happy.
      Those who can’t afford will be complaining again in NR about the specs, etc, etc, etc, and will demand for the next replacement 🙂

  • Jimmy

    With all the conflicting rumours, I still hope to be surprised with the D700 follow up.

  • MF

    “So unless he modified the exif data, these pictures were taken with his D3X. ”

    Hahah , Illuminati…

  • AnoNemo

    Has anyone of you realized how disgusting Nikon is!!!! I mean for haven sake, 3,000 innocent people died and they use an exhibit for commercial purposes? This is not right. Promoting new equipment based on something like …

    • Markus

      So they can join the line of all the military, security companies and not to forget politicians

    • MJr

      Life isn’t a Disney movie man, get over it.

      • AnoNemo

        No, life isn’t a Disney movie but using an occasion like this for purely generating profit and sale of your products is not nice at all. Perhaps when your loved one dies and you go to the semetary and you’ll find that the gravestone has Disney advertisement on it and you don’t get a dime you may start thinking.

        I think this is not a nice move from Nikon.

        • BornOptimist

          So according to you, Life magazine or National Geographic should not cover disasters because they earn money from it?
          Good grief…

          • AnoNemo

            There is a little difference between covering an event as it unfolds and show the results. But here my friend Nikon put its banner over over this event.

            For me it is distateful for you it is fine. Perhaps I draw the line somewhere else based on my moral.

            Nothing wrong with that you have a different opinion. What I said that if I were Nikon wouldn’t have done this publicity stunt. That’s it.

            • Markus

              ***For me it is distateful for you it is fine. Perhaps I draw the line somewhere else based on my moral.

              Nothing wrong with that you have a different opinion. What I said that if I were Nikon wouldn’t have done this publicity stunt. That’s it.***

              So all the new 9/11 remembrance books, t-shirts, documentaries, coffee cups, buttons, posters, stickers which we a;ready see since the last couple of weeks are immoral?

              I don’t mind that you have a different ‘moral’ opinion, just be a bit honest with it.

            • BornOptimist

              Oh come on – this is not about moral. You just saw another oportunity to come up with more Nikon-sour-grape.

            • AnoNemo


              As said it above, if I were Nikon I would not have selected this event for promoting my new products period. We all have different opinions and I respect your point of view.

              My opinion is that Nikon could have selected something else, perhaps something more appropriate topic/event.

    • preston

      Don’t be ridiculous. This is a capitalist country. There is nothing wrong with creating an exhibition to recognize the heroes of that tragic day. Nikon using it as a marketing tool is hurting nobody. I have a friend who knew someone that died on 9/11 that is excited to see this exhibit. And he’s not saying “How DARE they not make every company and person involved in this completely anonymous! They want people to recognize them for their beautiful photographs – disgusting!”

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