What camera are you waiting for?

I am just curious what new Nikon camera the majority of [NR] readers are waiting for? Here is a quick poll:

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  • HalbVoll

    Neither. I’m waiting for a D7000s with 720p@60fps…

    • Frank

      +1, if you include on-board GPS (or Bluetooth connection to existing GPS sources), exposure bracketing with 5+ steps, and a swiveling LCD screen.

    • Same here! Though the 3 year old 5DMK2 is apparently still superior.
      There’s other features I ask of the D7000 as well, I’ve sent multiple emails to Nikon, everyone should too.

      • Bert

        you can send emails to Nikon?

        • Tony

          Think so,but it might go right into there junk box (-_-).

          • Nah, I tend to get replies, usually the “we’ll forward this to R&D”. If enough people and pressure comes around, they may support it…

      • Superior? In the paper not in the real world, right?

  • The invisible man

    I’m waiting for my D900

    – 18+ MP
    – 100% viewfinder
    – 3.5″ LCD
    – double SD cards (yes I changed my mind, no CF cards)
    – Better dynamic range and nice high ISO
    – tru HD video at 60fps
    – NOTHING ELSE, especialy junk like wifi

    Thank you Mr NIKON, I’ll vote for you next year !

    • I would prefer SD cards as well, but I would like know what your reasoning is.

      • The invisible man

        I like the CF card I used in my D700 but I released that the gold contact pins are INSIDE the camera, for some reasons (micro hard dirt in the CF card holes) the pins could break, and, because they are inside the camera it could cost alot to fix it.

        • AnoNemo

          besides, samsung announced some heavy duty composite SD cards. You can run over that one with a tank

        • mikils

          oh, I see, you REALIZED that the gold contact etc… I still would keep the CF cards thank you.

          • Global

            I don’t particularly like CF cards, because they are a pain in the butt to use. If the camera has under 20MP, I think it can run on SD. 3 years ago i would not say that (because of price issues). But cameras did not go up in megapixels as fast as FAST memory came down in price.

            Ergo — the next cameras should have SD cards.

            If there is a sudden and dramatic increase in megapixels, then CF cards will make more sense. Right now, however, double SD makes sense (and a very good camera buffer).

            • SD cards are nice and all, but they’re CRAP for build quality and dependability. When you can apply minimal pressure and see the entire card bend, that’s not good. Especially with 32gb or 64gb of data inside. These are consumer cards, and should be treated as such.

            • SD cards are too small for most processionals I know. Too easy to lost.

    • C’mon, don’t you want to be one of the first in J’Ville to get your hands on a D4, with me? You know you want one.

  • Niclas

    I would prefer a D9000 with the D4’s sensor in a compact body (and a dedicated AF-on-button)! 😉

    • NikiN

      It’s over 9000!!!


    • per

      Hear, hear!

  • Scott

    I’m waiting for a fullframe 6×6 digital back for my Hasselblad that’s under $5000.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      I would even pay for a CFV-50 if it only was truly FF (56 by 56mm). 49.1 mm and it’s horizontal orientation makes this back completely useless to me. It is nothing but a pain in the ass for any kind of shot that is neither double page nor a billboard. And the fu#king crap-factor …
      I own the 50mm CFi and have rented the 40mm CF for some jobs. Both do not really give you the feeling of having much of a WA-lens anyway. V-System stays a film system and will most probably vanish before this is going to change. Shame! I have the FlexBody as well.

      Enough moaning.

  • I’m waiting for a DX format 2MP camera with full 1080p and no line skipping. 🙂

  • Ric


    With all the Nik plug ins native.

  • Spotpuff

    MP doesn’t matter at the numbers they’re at now. If you can’t make a sharp 12MP picture 18 or 24 or 30MP isn’t going to help you.

    I’m waiting not for a camera but better DX lenses. Nikon really abandoned the DX line to cheap zooms.

    • Al Dente


    • The invisible man

      We won’t see any good fast DX lenses comming or a D400 body, DX is now amator market for Nikon.

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you use FX lenses. You’ll only need a ultra-wide DX (e.g. 10-24mm), then the rest can all be FX.

        • IanZ28

          Completely agree !

      • Apooo

        The invisible man is right about the DX lenses but Nikon will still have to support the upper end DX market with a replacement for those not going to FX format just yet. The DX format will eventually go to the wayside just like APS film … Anyone remember that format?

        It’s worth noting; that just after the introduction of Canon’s full frame 1Ds DSLR in 2003, the biggest question was “when is Nikon coming out with their full frame camera?” At the time, the Nikon Rep said point blank “There are no plans for Nikon to come out with a full frame DSLR.” Nikon visa be the Rep, repeated this for several years. Everyone ran out and dumped (traded) their 35mm film lenses for DX lenses and for a moment, it really looked like Nikon wasn’t going full frame route. Nikon supported their intensions by quickly releasing a few pro quality lenses right after making their statement, but the day came in 2007, 4 years later, when Nikon introduced their first full frame D3 body.

        It wasn’t that long ago that Nikonians alike felt betrayed. I got that sick feeling in my stomach thinking about all those people that traded their hard earned full frame film lenses for cropped DX lenses that are now going to have to re-buy full frame lenses.

        Since the introduction of the D3 the “pro” or “high end” DX lens offerings have been few and far between.

        The market is currently divided into two categories of users, namely an “advanced” FX group and an “intermediate” DX group for lack of a better word. I speculate that line will eventually blur and push towards the FX format for everyone as the prices come down. This will likely happen in Canon, Nikon and Sony markets with Canon being the first to price down the FX or full frame cameras given there aggressive nature. That leaves Olympus and Pentax alike to play catch up to the FX leaders.

        Of course we’re a few years away from this scenario but take this anyway you want…

  • Al Dente

    I’m waiting for lenses, actually. As a stills only shooter, all of Nikon’s current cameras are more than good enough for me. Now if they’d just give me some DX lenses – 50-150mm f2.8(with tripod collar), 135mm 2.8 micro, 16mm 2.8, and a 60mm 2.0 – I’d be quite content.

    • The invisible man

      I also like my pastas “Al dente” but I prefer FX cameras.

    • Worminator

      A bit OT but yeah, for wide angle you are basically looking at the 12-24mm and 10-24mm zoom lenses. A 15-16mm prime would be nice (aka Pentax), but clearly not in Nikon’s playbook. Their opinion: just buy the zoom lens.. 🙁

  • Abaham Collins

    I’m waiting for a D700 replacement so the price of D700 will fall.

    • The invisible man

      The D700 is already out of stock……

      • Abaham Collins

        I intend to shop the used market.

    • Landscape Photo

      I will/need to sell my D700 & Nikkor 10-24mm DX lens to finance a D800.

      It is about 40k shutter hit and has a fairly good shape. Sensor is devoid of dust. It should fare somewhere between $1500-1800

      The 10-24mm was for my previously owned D300. I’ve kept it up today to see whether next DXXX-type replacement is an FX or DX, as it might have done well on a D400, but I won’t need it anymore. It may make another $700-800 to come close buying a D800 🙂 Hope it won’t be above $3000

      • The invisible man

        @Landscape Photo
        I will/need to tell my wife she is pretty 5 days in a row to finance a D800.

        • Nikonff&dxuser

          Lol. Me, I just keep taking pictures of my kid and wife and she keep saying wow! That way, she would not even question if I asked to buy D800 when it’s available coupled with the 24 1.4.

    • Global

      I’m going to be so disappointed if the D800 is 24MP, but doesn’t have D3S low-light ability — I would much prefer a D3S + Video in a D700 body……… than a 24MP hog with poor sharpness and difficult or the same low-light as now.

      12MP is enough to deal with — so more must come with benefits. I’m thinking 18MP max for D800 + D3S low-light ability…… tsk. I wonder if thats what the D4 will be.

      • JP Dyno

        That’s exactly what I’m after. I was going to buy a D700 late last year, until my friend showed me his D3S low light capability. I figured I’d hold off in the hope the successor to the D700 would be as good. If not, I may just purchase a second hand D3S instead.

    • +1

      I too intend to shop the used market for a used D700.

    • Apooo

      I’m not sure if this happens everywhere but at least here in Canada, Nikon will deplete stock of a given camera, like the D700, so it will never make it to a “clearance price”. It will just disappear off the market. Used is usually a good way to go.

  • Frank

    Internet polls serve no useful purpose. Internet polls with badly structured questions and/or answers are even worse.

    • plug

      They are fun, that is their useful purpose. The statistical value of the result is, I agree, seriously doubtful.

    • Good thing this one is done properly, and it just simply feels people’s curiosity by what other people are waiting for. No harm.

    • @Frank

      Care to share what specifically is wrong with the poll above? I found it quite interesting. I guess one issue I might take with it is the fact that I’m interested in the D3s replacement, D700 replacement, or both—that was not an option. Other than that, I thought the data was fun (as plug says), if not even informative on a certain level.

      • Frank


        Sure, happy to do so. First, as we all know, Internet polls are completely unscientific. We all know that, right? They have, essentially, zero statistical validity. So the results are meaningless.

        Second, a poll that takes an open-ended question (“what [Nikon] camera are you waiting for?”) and provides a closed set of answers is especially bad. For example, in my case, none of the answers matched what I would say. There wasn’t even an “other” answer that would catch any possible answer not enumerated above.

        • Frank, I included only “expected” and previously rumored cameras on the poll. I don’t think Nikon will release something that is not on this poll.

          • Frank

            My general comment about the usefulness of Internet polls stands. It’s just pageview bait (that’s working well in this case, so kudos on that).

            As for the items you included as answers, 1) what little usefulness the poll has is dependent upon your accuracy in predicting the set of possible announcements (which may be good; I can’t say); 2) that’s not how you framed the poll — you didn’t say, “which of the following possible introductions I see as likely are you waiting for?”, but rather said, “what camera are you waiting for?”; and 3) by not including an “other” option, the poll is totally skewed.

            This is a minor issue, probably not worth all this discussion. People run silly little Internet polls every day. But they bug me. If you’re going to run one (and again, as pageview bait, they seem to work), it would be great if you could make it even slightly more valid.


            • I understand you getting up in arms over statistical manipulation. On that we can totally agree. But I think you’re over-thinking this one a bit. It’s a fun poll that gives us an overall idea of what folks are looking for. Because you didn’t get your own option doesn’t make it less valuable in its own, limited context. All those things you indicated should be framing the poll—I guess I assumed those were implicit. I’m betting most folks here would agree.

              Again, if this were going to be published in some scientific journal it would be a lame poll. But it’s just for fun.

        • Wow. Zero statistical validity. Really? None whatsoever? At all?

  • True D700 replacement: same sensor as D3 replacement in less rigorous body content.

  • That’s a tough one…it really depends on the specs of the new FX replacements…Could be either the D700 or the D3s replacement…

  • I’m waiting for a FM3D and a (film) F7 – by the way among these, I guess it’s the D700 replacement

  • Sorry, given the specs ( I haven’t seen them ) I’d wait for a D4. No need for more MP.

  • nikkorman

    mine is simple.. a full frame body with 1080p video – i really don’t want to switch to canon 🙁

  • broxibear

    I’m not waiting for anything.
    It’ll be interesting to see what Nikon bring with their new dslrs, but at the moment my D3 does everything I need and I don’t expect to change it for a couple of years.
    Any mirrorless camera is too late for me as I bought a GF1 and 20mm f1.7 earlier in the year.

    • Bob2

      I’m in the same boat–I’ve got the D700 and D300. Between the 2 I’ve got my dslr needs satisfied. I’d like an M9 and a Fuji X100 for street/documentary, but that will come in time.

      Still, I’d like to see what new toys Santa Nikon is bringing us this August.

  • Todd

    Waiting for the 80-400mm replacement….for years now.

    • +1

    • PAG


    • Jackie

      +3 If they came out with that this year, I would buy it before a new camera.

    • Carl

      yes, yes, yes! As for me, the zoom ration could be lower at the cost of the lower end. An AF-S 4.0-5.6/200-500 or 200-400 VRII with excellent quality would be fine.
      Just need the long end to compliment the 70-200.

    • Can Wishingwell

      +1 for a AF-Sv80-400, or a 300/4 VR

      • Can Wishingwell

        add a 400/5.6 VR

  • TBO

    Waiting for some better DX lenses… a 16-60/2.8 VR would be very nice, as an update to the old 17-55. I really hope Nikon does not relegate DX to the low-end cameras; DX has some definite advantages over FX (size / weight being top among them), but if you are forced to use either slow variable zooms or FX glass, then the size / weight savings are negated.

    Seriously considering Sigma 17-70/2.8-4 if there is no Nikon midrange zoom at the August 24 announcement.

    • Same boat here. DX is well enough for my needs, I don’t care for video but I need better lenses. And that long awaited 80-400…

    • That guy

      +1 to the 16-60 2.8 but with a helping of VRII

    • rhlpetrus

      Agree, Nikon should invest a little more in pro-grade fast DX lenses, so that one doesn’t need to use the big FX lenses that also give less usable ranges. A good holy trinity, f/2.8, nano:

      16-60mm VRII
      60-150mm VRII

      Then a HQ DX body like the D7k or the coming D400 or even a D300s would make more sense.

  • Bob2

    I’m waiting for Godot. Hope he’s got a Nikon D4xs.

    • The invisible man

      I’m waiting for my wife coming back from work with the pizzas she promised us this morning.

  • Mario

    i’m waiting the f…king FX format whit Full HD videos >:(

  • Singapore

    Advanced Coolpix… really! With the D7000 my DSLR wishes were completely fulfilled, there’s no better camera that I would need. However sometimes I need something more pocketable, but I hate the IQ of these things and the flumsy handling. If there was one manufacturer that succeeded at a pocketable 24-200mm f/2.5-4.5 larger sensor compact with fast AF, a display you can read in sunlight and a sub 400€ price tag, it would be a very tempting offer.

  • Joseph

    After recently getting a Nikon S2, what I REALLY want is my D700 sensor in that body. I already have all the lenses I need!

    • MJr

      some day… some day…

  • Brian

    waiting for a digital f6 with d3x like resolution.

    • Apooo

      I’m waiting for a digital back for my Nikon FM10

  • While we own two D7000’s, I’m waiting for a D4 and D800. We will off-load 1 D7000 at that point.

  • Marcus

    Content with my D7000. Waiting to see what lenses will be announced.
    AF-S 80-400mm or 400mm 5.6 – some affordable tele options.
    Modular/ Interchangable sensor would be great, but it’s not likely.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’ve been waiting for the 20+mp D700 replacement for 2 years. I hope it has a 100% vf; even 98% of 5D II would be better than the D700’s 95%.

    Plus, it would be nice if Nikon can make a real compact walkabout moderate-wide to moderate-tele VR lens. A 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR would fit in that description. It can be bundled with D800 too.

    • Carl

      How about the 28-300? In the first place I was veeery skeptic if such a large zoom range could perform well. But in the time of that tsunami thing I simply couldn’t get the 70-200, so I tried it and in the most occasions the results are better than I thought – I’ll keep it.

      • Landscape Photo

        Yes, I agree it is a good lens but still too bulky to be called walkabout. I’d trade smaller size for the extra reach to above 200mm, because D800 will possibly offer 1.4x linear resolution vs D700.

        Still Nikon has no offer anything other than 24-85mm G or 28-200mm G in that category. Ultra compact zooms but lacking VR.

  • Tom Perkowski

    I’d like to see a full frame DSLR at the same price point or slightly more than the current D7000. And, an on-board GPS would be great.

    • Apooo

      I think your pants would sooner catch on fire. lol

  • I’m waiting on the D700 replacement, and it’s mainly due to video features. I know a lot of people hate on it, but I shoot a whole lot of paid promotional videos and I hate having to own both a D7000 and a D700 while my wife owns a D700 also. Can’t wait to just own a D800 and use it for all my gigs.

    Also, looking forward to higher ISO performance, not so much higher MP. 🙂

  • Les-Bleus

    Happy with my D700 and D90…but curios 😉

  • D300s but only if it’s full frame!

    In mid 90’s full frame could be more-or-less pocket size!
    I want to see full frame smaller than the D700 and APS-C smaller than the D5100!

    • Anonymous

      I has been debated before.

      90’s basic film bodies basically consisted of a shutter, film plane & place to put film. Add the controls, and you’re done.

      Now sensor, LCD screen, battery, electronics, flash… They all make for the bulk. A Leica M9-like Nikon FX can only be possible by EVF, which is at toddler’s phase. You can’t depend on an EVF for all conditions.

  • Lightning

    Clearly the D300s replacement. I love my D700 and don’t really need to replace it, but I need an APS-C with better High-Iso capabilities.

    • rogger


  • lolly

    I’m waiting for Nikon’s answer to Sony’s 24mp A77 … with a better translucent mirror too !!

    • lolly

      Btw, I’m not waiting for a D300s replacement … I expect D400 to be fullframe … like a few other people I don’t need fullframe … I still have my trusted F5 🙂

    • lolly

      As the Sony A77 deliberate leaks come out I think A77 may be my next camera … again Nikon will be too little, too late 🙁

  • sirin

    holy cow. 2,5k votes for the D800. i sure hope Nikon produced enough units for the preorders.

  • Anonymous

    28-200mm VR please !

    Nikkor 28-200mm G is tack sharp @ f/8 even on the corners of an FX sensor. I don’t mind its plasticy look. Only if it has a VR. A lot necessary after 70mm mark.

    Again, 28-200mm VR please !

  • That a D700 replacement takes the lead is no surprise. There have been several DX cameras and two D3 sized cameras, but the right sized D700 trudges along for over 3 years now.

  • Waldorff & Stattler

    Not waiting for a new camera-but waiting for new DX primes / zooms(50-150)

  • Worminator

    I am waiting for a full frame D300. A smaller, cheaper D700.

    Where the D70 split into the D80 and D50-D40, I guess I”m hoping the D700 will do the same.

  • Johnnyblues

    I’m waiting on new DX lenses (17-55 w/ vr, anyone?). It’s about got-deym-time.

  • BenGie

    I just want a damn nikon underwater point and shoot like the lumix ts3!!!!

  • If Nikon doesn’t release the D400 soon I’m buying 2 D7000’s. That’s just what’s up.

    • Anonymous

      2 D7000 at the same time. Are you up to 3D filming? 🙂

  • logandiana

    I am waiting for the D400. I am moving up from the D80. One thing that I hope it has that no one really ever mentions is the integrated vertical grip. Thom Hogan predicted this as a possibility and I hope it’s true. Of course I’ll buy it anyway even if it doesn’t. I just hope I don’t have to wait until next year, I’ll end up spending my money on lenses again.
    As far as resolution, ISO performance, etc., anything would be an upgrade of what I have now. Basically I want a new updated D2xs.

    • Apooo

      That’s a nice leap in upgrade. I like reading Thom Hogan but unfortunately the integrated vertical grip has traditionally been a “Pro” feature like on the D1, D2, D3 and upcoming D4 series. There will be a D400 grip but it won’t be integrated rather an option. Not unless Canon starts offering integrated vertical grip on their advanced dslr but it will still take Nikon 2 years to get one out

  • rhlpetrus

    Reading the results, Nikon should bring the D400 and D800 now, not D4. But the logic is different …

    • Carl

      No wonder. The D3 users had an upgrade already with the high ISO D3s and high pixel D3x. Now I just want to happen again, what happened when out of the D3 there came a D700.
      Thus I’d like the D3x sensor, higher&faster buffer and some of the actual developments: sensor cleaning dual SD card and the like. This could have happened already 2 years ago – the technology was there.

  • waiting for D700 replacement like many .

  • theman1050

    I’d like to see a D7000 in D300 body + 60fps video and 8fps still.

    So basically just combine the D300s and the D7000 at the D300s price and I’m sold

  • ter

    waiting for a D3x upgrade, maybe a D4?

  • Dweeb

    Just a camera that takes advantage of the electronics revolution, not something more akin to a Nikon F (and without the great interchangeable viewfinder and back) with a chip in it.

    No reason Nikon can’t make interchangeable HP finders and screens again or put GPS in the body instead of milking us for that current Rube Goldberg contraption. How about user defined image aspect ratios?

    I fear that apart from a few more MP and video a new 700 will just have a few dongles like the D3’s 4×5 cropping mask on the screen and dual memory slots that should have been in from the start. After 4 years, Big deal.

  • Chuck Akers

    I am actually waiting for both the D300s replacement (I need two) and the D3s replacement (just need one of those.)

  • Dave

    Waiting for a full size pro body crop sensor 24mp, 102400 or better ISO, 1080p video with constant auto focus. Also infrared assist light for focusing…and most importantly 10fps

  • portence flatulencia

    i’m waiting for a FF mirrorless camera that isn’t from leica.

    we’ll get one eventually – it may take 10 years or so, but as digital VFs and processing gets faster, we’ll eventually move away from the mirrored camera.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea on prices?

    My estimates are as below,

    D4: $5000-7000
    D800: $2500-3500

    • Anonymous

      D400 (if materializes later): $1500-2000

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