Weekly Nikon news flash #121

  • Nikon Pro Philippines video:

  • The history of Nikon video (in Portuguese):

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  • Last video is in “Portugues”, not spanish 😉

  • dgs

    I don’t get the horror story???

  • ShaoLynx

    Japan’s been hit by another major earthquake.
    Fukushima region.
    They’re right to geographically spread their production capacity.
    Now adding Brasil, good strategic planning.

    • It was a Magnitude 6.4 (Shindo scale). I live fairly close to Fukushima, so I got a good dose of it. Woke me up just before 4am this morning.
      03:54 M6.4 http://tenki.jp/earthquake/detail-7303.html
      04:05 M4.0
      04:12 M3.3
      04:33 M4.7
      04.43 M2.9
      06:25 M4.3

      Fukushima’s a good place to have a nuclear reactor or two, eh?

    • I think the diversification of Nikon production has proven to be brilliant. Canon has taken a real hit on their production by centralizing so much of it in Japan.

  • @dgs well to understand that mate, you would have to first get 24 f/1.4 and then watch it fall apart! 😀 If I am in that position it would look like a horror story to me for sure!

    • Artur Kozłowski

      it’s not falling apart, more like a strip-tease…

    • another anonymous

      i got it more like strip of broken lens as i think nobody will disassemble such expensive lens while it is ok

  • Why canonists are not reporting about damaged Canon gear?

    • Canon User

      …to rule out the competition 🙂

      • kyoshinikon

        Most of the Canuts I know arent photographers but “camera collectors”. Only getting shots that are easy to get . One speck of dust on their “L” lens drives them into hysteria…

    • Discontinued

      OK you two have trapped and cornered me. I am going to spill the beans and will provide all the information to answer Slow Gin’s question. I confess:
      1. I am not shooting Nikon. I am associated with Canon. The only reason to come here is to monitor the status of Canons secret operation and to watch out for signs of trouble.
      2. Of course Canon’s gear is falling apart as much as any other. In fact much more often. All Canon users have an agreement to keep that a secret or are forced to keep it secret. The ones who do not obey are regarded as a risk for the OPERATION WWLI and just vanish or get threatened till they step back in line.
      3. What kind of secret operation is this. WWLI stands for World Wide Loss of Imagery.
      4. How was WWLI supposed to work? By ruling out the competition as a first step. The MP-race was part of WWLI as much as the attempt to hide weakness of Canon’s gear. Step two was to stop production and service of Canon itself. According to plan all the remaining Canon cameras, be it photo or video, would have fallen apart soon afterwards. 70% within 12 month and the rest within 2 years.
      5. Who is behind all this. It’s Conan. He wants a world that is free of any kind of imagery by 2022 and wants to paint all red by himself.
      @Slow Gin, you have just saved the world.

      • LMAO! 😀

        That’s why I reading NR. Portion of humor is almost guaranteed.

  • Wow, $4,000 for the 180-600. The K-mount version will work on modern digital bodies (no problem with the barrel flange in this one case), and it often much cheaper.

  • broxibear
  • Artur Kozłowski

    That camera shoot-out is awesome! That’s THE way to do gear tests and comparisons! Gather pros, listen to their comments, and show the stuff LIVE, instead of writing more articles. The future of reviewing?

    • Art

      Yes, I agree. The camera shootout was incredible. I was amazed at how well the D7000 did in comparison to the Cannons. To my eye, in many instances the D7000 actually did better. However, the D7000 still fell (significantly) short in comparison to the dedicated video cameras so we aren’t there yet in terms of overall quality.

      OTOH, the Cannon cameras have proven that you can get production quality video out of a DSLR. The RED was really a standout. You really have to appreciate it for its incredible performance. It also serves to show where we are headed. It will be another cycle or two (or three) before DSLRs catch up. Eventually as technology improves, we will see our still cameras compete with pro-video cameras. (Or, we will be using pro video cameras as still cameras as the two camera types merge together.)

      • Karlosak

        Agreed, enlightening comparison. The D7000 did really well, on par with Canon 7D (though it has the advantage of a newer technology and better sensor). The only weakness I found was the terrible moire in the red dress (the worst of the pack) and a somewhat noisy output in the low light scene with the car – there probably was no noise reduction, or the algorithm wasn’t good on the Nikon D7000. Otherwise the color and dynamic range was very good.
        If Nikon provides a better codec on their next generation bodies and improves the noise reduction algorithms, we will have a winner!
        The most eye opening test was the scene with spices – here one could see, why the pro cameras cost as much, they performed on a different level altogether. The Arri Alexa and The Red One were IMHO the best during the shootout.
        Art, the DSLRs will never catch up, until they utilize a tailored sensor specifically for video. Every video capable DSLR has to downsample the captured image data for the output stream, which reduces resolution and creates artifacts. On the other hand, if DSLRs manufacturers provided a RAW video stream, the quality would be much closer.
        Now, where is my D800, Nikon? 🙂

        • Art

          If only they had a pre-release D800 to run their tests on. 🙂
          I agree regarding the RAW stream output. This would improve the sharpness as well as allow for post production cropping. (The RED sensor isn’t that much smaller than an FX sensor which I’m told allows for post production cropping and zooming.)

          My big question is as the still and video ends of the spectrum come together how lenses will change. For example, will the screw drive on the 80-400 keep up with people’s auto focus needs? Is it smooth enough? Would other lens changes be required?

          • Art

            Oh, it should be pointed out that the down-sampling problem of the sensor could be eliminated by using a smaller portion of the sensor while shooting video similar to when a DX lens is put on an FX camera. A frame could be displayed within the viewfinder showing the new crop-factor. Optimally, full frame video with no downsampling would be captured and the cropping applied post-production.

          • Actually, the RED sensor is considerably smaller than an FX sensor, though it’s essentially the same dimension as standard cinema (film) cameras. Cropping/zooming in post has very little to do with sensor dimensions, and most to do with sensor resolution, of which the RED has plenty.

            As far as lenses go, most prosumer lenses are a bad choice for a number of reasons, and all “G” lenses are a dealbreaker to any cines who want to control aperture easily. One of the big drawbacks to the prosumer zooms (80-400 included) is the variable aperture. It’s impossible to zoom during a shot without major variation in exposure. That means only pro grade glass with constant aperture for any zooming shots.

        • I agree, I was really happy with the ARRI Alexa and of course the Red One. I hope Nikon brings RAW video in the next round of pro bodies as well as more video options(1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps…etc.). I have a feeling Nikon is going to go hard on this next round. Really, the only thing keeping them from total domination is just a few video options for serious filmmakers. The Nikon video looks better in just about every way and has a much more cinematic “feel” than the other HDSLR’s

          It would be interesting to see Nikon and RED doing something together, maybe. They are very similar companies

      • The D7000 handled it’s own really well, as I knew it would. It made the Canon’s look silly in most areas. The only area I was slightly disappointed in was moire. It was very acceptable, but could of been better. Fortunately, nobody would really notice this issue(I didn’t on the first episode of the girl in the red dress). The D7000 had better color representation, much better DR and sharpness as well as good signal to noise. The Canon’s were terrible, especially the 1DMk4. I suspect these tests might give DP’s and filmmakers a suprised as to how good the D7K really is and that Nikon is not sleeping as some would have us believe.

  • preposturous nave

    i can get better, more ‘pro-quality’ video out of a $999 GH2 than out of a canon or a nikon.

    these are good times when $1K buys you so much motion imaging power.

    • Paul

      See last years shootout for how m4/3 compares to the competition.

      This year they decided to restrict shooting to DX and larger sized sensors.

  • ZinhaEq

    I am full of bullshit

  • That “Nikon Pro” video is kind of creepy. This whole Philippine Pro thing has sounded fishy from the start. This video just makes it seem more fishy. The audio is horrible, and the editing isn’t any better. The filming was ok from a technical standpoint, but a lot of the shots are borderline (if not immersed in) cheesy. The shots with the Nikon logo in the chair….oh man.

    This confirms my suspicions that something isn’t right here. Are these guys “campaigning” to become Pros? This feels like they got together and said “Hey, we should be Nikon pros. Let’s show em what we got!”

    I don’t like knocking other people’s efforts or work, but something just doesn’t seem right here.

    • Kat

      Hi Ron Adair!
      I didn’t really like how they made the Philippine Pro video either. But yes, they are real professionals. I’m a fan of one of the photographers, Xander Angeles. Check out his website when you get the chance. He has a studio in the Philippines and New York.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      What is wrong with you ? ? ?

      This video is made by Nikon Philippines CDSC and NOT by the photographers who appear in this promotional video. Don’t blame them.

      • You may well be right, and I’m sure the photographers in the video are great image makers. I mean no disrespect to them.

        But the way the campaign has been rolled out seems odd, and not up to par for Nikon. I’m not epileptic, but I strongly considered developing the condition while watching the video. The flashing was over the top. Different styles and tastes for different markets, I suppose.

        But the audio was the biggest shortcoming, one which undermined the rest of the ad.

        • Tony

          That’s why Nikon is sticking with photography business for now. -_-)

  • Tony

    Has anyone watched another web series on Zacuto? The “bts” series is quite good.

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