Nikon do Brasil Ltda. established

In addition to the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens, tonight Nikon also announced the establishment of their official presence in Brasil (as previously reported here). Full press release:

Nikon Corporation (Makoto Kimura, President) is pleased to announce the establishment of Nikon do Brasil Ltda. This new sales and service subsidiary has been launched to fortify sales of imaging products, beginning with digital cameras, and instruments, beginning with microscopes and measuring instruments, as well as to enhance after-sales service in Brazil. Operations commenced on April 25, 2011.

In recent years, Brazil has shown remarkable economic growth, and, as future host to international big sports events, it is one country in which continued growth is expected for the digital camera business. Up to now, our affiliate in the United States, Nikon Inc. and Nikon Instruments Inc., have performed sales and service operations for the Brazilian market through local Brazilian distributors. However, with expectations for further market expansion, Nikon has established this new sales subsidiary in order to expand its operations in Brazil.

Our primary goals in establishing this local affiliate are to strengthen and expand our presence in the Brazilian market and to improve customer service with a system integrating all aspects of our business in Brazil, from marketing to sales, customer support and after-sales service. In addition, we believe that strategic marketing and effective advertising will lead to increased sales and greater permeation of the Nikon brand, further increasing Nikon's presence in Brazil.

Company overview:

Name Nikon do Brasil Ltda.
Address Avenida Paulista, nº 37, 3º andar, conjuntos 31 e 32, Edificio Parque Cultural Paulista, Bela Vista CEP 01311-902, Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil
Capital BRL17.8 million (approximately ¥810 million)
Representative Director Koji Maeda, Managing Director
No. of employees Approximately 45
Primary activities Import, sales and after-sales service of imaging and instrument products in Brazil
Start of operations April 25, 2011
Annual sales target Approximately ¥4.5 billion in the first fiscal year


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  • ob1

    nice logo


    • Banned

      Good luck to my Brazilian friends. When you’re done paying your 100% tax on electronics you will have your $8,000 D90 stolen at gun point in the street or at home. Brazil Rocks… NOT!

      • Daniel

        I´m brazilian and hate to say that he is right about it. We pay a lot for imports and i had my d40x stolen at Sao Paulo.

      • Diego

        In Latin America we pay high taxes and overprices in electronics. This is the truth on these lattitudes. Then, take pictures in the streets of big cities like Sao Paulo, Rio, Lima or Buenos Aires is unsafe. You pay a thousand dollars and in a very short time you steal them. The establishment of the Nikon official presence in Brasil is not a guarantee, just a customer support and after-sales service. Nothing more.

        • BRAX

          I had some of my equipment stolen right here in Sao Paulo. If I didn’t have an insurance for that camera and all the stuff, maybe I couldn’t afford a new one.
          Think about it.

          • Weber

            Ok…and that doesn´t happen anywhere else? ONLY in Brazil?????

            Come on folks…

            Parem com esse sentimento de macunaíma. Aprendam a valorizar o país onde moram, o que não significa não reconhecer que aqui temos problemas; mas um pouco mais de patriotismo faz bem.

            • Diego

              Precisely that´s the matter. If you really love your country you should recognize that these problems exist in Latin America. Nothing more than that. Greetings from Argentina.

            • Banned

              Of course you can get your shit stolen anywhere. But when you get home from a hard day of work and 4 assholes invade your your home at gun point and steal everything you have and you find out that the police is behind it, and that basically you’re screwed and there is nothing you can do… Then you know you’re in Brazil. Case closed.

  • Liked the logo too! I hope to also enjoy the prices! :o)

    good news!

  • It´s very close to my house, 2 quarters. Soon i will take a cup of coffee and see what is the real Nikon Brazil.

  • Brandon T

    That’s great for Brazil. From what i’ve heard, it can be hard to get recent models of cameras/lenses in Brazil, hopefully this will keep our Brazilian friends up-to-date with the latest Nikon products.

  • kanghong

    Nikon is prepared for World Cup in Brazil!!!

  • Victor Lupianez

    Welcome to Brasil! That is such a great news! I feel a lot better now! Now I know who Will take care of my two babies when needed!
    If pehaps you guys need a photographer in Belo Horizonte or some kind of assistant I ll be all yours!
    Nikon became part of my life!
    Love the flag!

  • Fernando

    I´m Brazilian and i´m not sure if this is good or bad to us.

    I hope that new office in Brazil will bring to us a better prices and availability on Nikon products. For anyone that want an idea… a D7000 (new DX) in US costs US$ 1.3k … in Brazil my last quote was R$ 6,450.00 (about US$ 4.1K ).


      High Fernando: I´m Argentinian and the Nikon D7000 (body only) costs about us$2.000.- in Buenos Aires. A lot of taxes increase the price I guess…

    • Diego

      Best price is relative. Here in Argentina we have the official representative of Nikon for many years and we pay high taxes. Some people prefer to buy on website auction markets and risk warranty.

      • yeah but here in brazil we have one of the highest tax collection in the world. There are too many of them. =/ Everything I buy I buy from US I wish I could buy it here but I just think its too much.

  • Diego

    “Udenio” was the Nikon official sales representatives before the new subsidiary ( “Gupo Udenio”, headquarters in Argentina, is the official representative of Nikon for many years in South America like a monopoly market. ( I think this notice can benefit the brazilians market, but no other benefits expected from this new subsidiary office.

  • Sergio

    I don´t think prices are going to be lower…canon prices here are just as high…

  • Bruno Felix

    The website is up:

  • For some products, like d3, d700 it is cheaper to travel to NYC and buy on B&H than buy here!

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